Linux Mint 18 “Sarah” MATE released!

The team is proud to announce the release of Linux Mint 18 “Sarah” MATE Edition.

Linux Mint 18 Sarah MATE Edition

Linux Mint 18 is a long term support release which will be supported until 2021. It comes with updated software and brings refinements and many new features to make your desktop even more comfortable to use.

New features:

This new version of Linux Mint contains many improvements.

For an overview of the new features please visit:

What’s new in Linux Mint 18 MATE“.

Important info:

The release notes provide important information about known issues, as well as explanations, workarounds and solutions.

To read the release notes, please visit:

Release Notes for Linux Mint 18 MATE

System requirements:

  • 512MB RAM (1GB recommended for a comfortable usage).
  • 9GB of disk space (20GB recommended).
  • 1024×768 resolution (on lower resolutions, press ALT to drag windows with the mouse if they don’t fit in the screen).


  • The 64-bit ISO can boot with BIOS or UEFI.
  • The 32-bit ISO can only boot with BIOS.
  • The 64-bit ISO is recommend for all modern computers (Almost all computers sold in the last 10 years are equipped with 64-bit processors).

Upgrade instructions:

  • If you are running the BETA, click the refresh button in your Update Manager and apply any outstanding level 1 updates. Note also that samba was removed in the stable release as it negatively impacted boot speed. To remove samba, open a terminal and type “apt purge samba”.
  • It will also be possible to upgrade from Linux Mint 17.3. Upgrade instructions will be published next month.

Download links:

Here are the download links for the 64-bit ISO:

A 32-bit ISO image is also available at

Integrity and authenticity checks:

Once you have downloaded an image, please verify its integrity and authenticity.

Anyone can produce fake ISO images, it is your responsibility to check you are downloading the official ones.


We look forward to receiving your feedback. Thank you for using Linux Mint and have a lot of fun with this new release!


  1. Thank you a lot. How do I update from BETA to STABLE?

    Edit by Clem: Hi Bear, check the Upgrade instructions above, in this post.

  2. Why the torrent link is not served over https?
    Why do you even use http anymore?

    Edit by Clem: It is, the download of the torrent file is done over https. We’ll modify the URL to make it obvious/explicit.

  3. Great news! Whoohoo!!!
    Thank you very much Clem and Linux Mint Team, I was using Linux Mint 17.3 MATE, but I’ll install 18 today in my laptop and also in my mother’s macbook(
    I’ll create a blog about Linux Mint in my language: portuguese(Brazil), to help the Linux Mint brazilian users. The most part of us still don’t speak english(you can take me as example, ha ha ha).
    Thanks again, love you guys!
    *Sorry for my weak english.

  4. Great!

    Just have issues with ISO-Integrity-Check.

    I got:

    gpgkeys: key A25BAE09 can’t be retrieved
    gpg: no valid OpenPGP data found
    gpg: Total number processed: 0
    gpg: keyserver communications error: keyserver helper general error
    gpg: keyserver communications error: unknown pubkey algorithm
    gpg: keyserver receive failed: unknown pubkey algorithm

    Any idea?

    Edit by clem: Specify the keyserver if it helps.

  5. LENOVO B70-80
    StickyNotes working after update
    Bluetooth working out of box, BUT therefore no WLAN hardware detected/available 🙁 (using prop or not), wasnt problem on 17.3

    Please implement edit function for commmentaries!

  6. So the upgrade instructions still will not be posted till next month? That is what is stated according to the Upgrade Section above after release of the full version of 18. Thanks.

  7. @5 Olivier JOLY: As the post says:

    “It will also be possible to upgrade from Linux Mint 17.3. Upgrade instructions will be published next month after the stable release of Linux Mint 18.”

    So hold tight until further news!

    Thanks to the Mint team for your efforts and work!


  8. Just right on time! Thanks a bunch to the linux team.
    Same question: how can I upgrade from 17.3 to 18?

  9. 17 Jeremy says:

    “So the upgrade instructions still will not be posted till next month? That is what is stated according to the Upgrade Section above after release of the full version of 18. Thanks.”

    You sound like a spoiled brat. There is much changes in the system this time = much work to do a nice working upgrade. Keep in mind: They are very few people, working very hard in this project. For very little money.

  10. Hello everyone! I certainly appreciate that there are a lot of changes in the new version and realise that upgrade path instructions will be available eventually. To load an install disk into my machine, one has to tip it (ideally) upside down, although on its side (the non aerating one, of course) will just about do !!

    At the venerable age of 78, this is some task so I’m happy to wait for the upgrade path.


  11. Lenovo G70-80
    WLAN works – unit has a BIOS hardware switch :O)

    Not working w Compiz enabled:
    VBox VM gui titlebar not centered, MATE bottom panel not disappearing in VM

  12. In a hurry, just added mint~18.iso to grub menu of my existing Linux distro;
    Booted iso image, and, so far so good! Fast and smooth!

  13. WOW! Beautiful and so far all is well GREAT JOG TEAM. Question: I installed the 4.4.0-28 kernal but how do I activate/use it? it is installed but system shows it is still using the 4.4.0-21. I installed rebooted and no change?

  14. I have downloaded the iso file. I have performed the verification of the iso file, using the instructions — and it verified OK!
    This is seriously complicated though. Please automate this verification procedure for the next release!

  15. Hi.

    I think there is a problem with the verification keys. The key posted on the verification page is 0FF405B2 but the gpg –verify command says the key should be A25BAE09.

    Or maybe I’m mistaken and I’m doing something wrong.

  16. Is it as boring as Windows 10? All is now like MacOS – just works but all the stuff works for nowadays use. It does hardly matter.

    And why is there still no good programme for watching TV and recording – also from S-Video/composite?

    And a good burner like Nero? Can’t you just pay Ahead instead of making so many versions? Only the LTS is used by normal people (my idea by the way – knew and liked ShuttleDollar then – also to do Ubuntu was my idea – and I’m an evil GERMAN).

  17. I have downloaded the iso file two days ago from the mirror sites and installed it on my work laptop. Great works!

  18. Could you please simplify the verification process as it is far to complicated for the average user.

  19. Is this the stable release or an “RC” release candidate release? You mention in the post “Upgrade instructions will be published next month after the stable release of Linux Mint 18.” So this is not the stable release then? The title doesn’t say beta or RC, so I assume it’s stable…?

  20. I checked sha256sum and installed from USB flash drive. Installation of 64-bit MATE crashes, saying “GRUB UEFI failed to install into target”. The next window says “After you close this window we’ll allow you to file a but report using gut reporting tool…” but the Close button does not close the window.

    I created installer on another USB flash drive. Installation crashed in the same way.

    Before that I successfully used LM17.3 Mate. My HW is i76700K, ASUS Maximus VIII GENE, Kingston HyperX Predator M.2 SSD 480Gb

    torrent served over http
    maybe one of the goals of Mint 19 would be to remove reliance on http for anything (including this blog)…

    Edit by Clem: If you click on the http link for the torrent, it will actually switch to https before downloading it. I changed the links to make it more explicit. Regarding the blog, it’s planned, there are a few issues to work through and I’m hoping it can happen soon.

  22. On Desktop, right click and select “Change Desktop Background”.

    Dialog with title “Appearance Preferences” appears.

    In Theme tab, click “Customise…”

    Select from
    Controls tab: Redmond
    Window Border tab: WinMe
    Icons tab: GNOME
    click Close

    Back in dialog with title “Appearance Preferences.

    Select from
    Background tab: No Desktop Background; Solid colour; Black
    Fonts tab: Details… Resolution 110 DPI

    The “Computer” and “…’s Home” folder on the desktop show their images and names.

    Shut Down the computer and interestingly upon Restarting the computer, the images on the Desktop are showing but their names, i.e. “Computer” and “…’s Home” isn’t showing. It seems to be showing the names in black on a black background.

    Can you reproduce this behaviour on your computer with Linux Mint 18 MATE?

    Please advise how to fix?

    Thank you

  23. Set keyboard layout switcher to:

    When the keyboard layout is changed using +, the menu shows once the key is released.

    It would be appreciated if when + is pressed and released, that the menu would *not* open.

    Thank you

  24. Set keyboard layout switcher to:

    When the keyboard layout is changed using Win+Space, the menu shows once the Win key is released.

    It would be appreciated if when Win+Space is pressed and released, that the menu would *not* open.

    Thank you

  25. Heya. After years of happily running Linux Mint next to Windows. I’m running into a problem with the new Mint 18. Xserver is not recognizing my laptop’s graphics card. And the live disc is dropping me to the terminal, and just stops there at the Mint login.

    Previous versions up to 17.1 which I have used always recognized my laptops graphics card (AMD Radeon HD 6650M). What gives?

  26. Trying to use MINTBACKUP gives me this:

    ( Gdk-ERROR **: The program ‘’ received an X Window System error.
    This probably reflects a bug in the program.
    The error was ‘BadAlloc (insufficient resources for operation)’.
    (Details: serial 2793 error_code 11 request_code 130 (MIT-SHM) minor_code 5)
    (Note to programmers: normally, X errors are reported asynchronously;
    that is, you will receive the error a while after causing it.
    To debug your program, run it with the GDK_SYNCHRONIZE environment
    variable to change this behavior. You can then get a meaningful
    backtrace from your debugger if you break on the gdk_x_error() function.)

  27. For some reasons, it is impossible to select VLC as my prefered application in mate-default-applications-properties

  28. If you have a AMD/ATI Graphics card and use STEAM but STEAM will install but not run. Open Terminal and put this in it or paste it into a file and make it executable. So far all my STEAMPLAY Games work.

    LD_PRELOAD=’/usr/$LIB/′ DISPLAY=:0 steam

  29. @Erwin Bron Ubuntu were patching the drivers to be compatible with XORG. Now they are no longer doing that. AMD say they will release the Crimson Drivers later this year and I suppose then they may support the drivers or you could make an install yourself if you wanted. One of my laptops has a Nvidia card and those drivers are supported. All my other Laptops and Desktops have AMD graphics. So far XORG works really well. However like you I would prefer to use the propriety drivers.

  30. Does anyone know how to get Plex Media Server working with Mint 18 and using usb discs formated for NTFS? It used to work well with 17.3 following the instructions from this web site, but does not work with Mint 18. I have to use the same usb hard drives with Windows 10 machines, so no option for .ext4 formating, I have to use NTFS formatted usb hard discs.



  31. I tried logging in to Linux Mint Support channels through the IRC client and it says i’m IP banned (with the ISP name in front of it), but i’ve never used it. I think i’ll contact the ISP to know why…

    And many webpages won’t display text correctly on input boxes because of the Mint-Y Dark theme. How to override the theme in Firefox? It would be better if it only affected Firefox’s interface, not the webpages.

  32. Great job guys,

    Here are two problems I have if you might find time to fix them in the future

    Dell xps 13 touch enabled 9350

    1- Touch screen work at the initial start up but after closing the lid (suspend) and opening the touch screen stops working.
    2- Laptop does not come back from hibernate mode. I tried pressing power button or any other key.

    Apart from those it is great. thanks guys

  33. Hi,

    While verifying the signature on the sah256sumfiles, I’m getting a warning.

    gpg: Good signature from “Linux Mint ISO Signing Key
    gpg: WARNING: This key is not certified with a trusted signature!
    gpg: There is no indication that the signature belongs to the owner.

    Should I worry about the last two lines?


    Edit by Clem: It means the file is properly signed with our signature, but this signature isn’t signed/trusted by any of the keys that are already installed on your computer (if any). You go the key from and the sha256sums from our mirrors… so to forge all that, a hacker would need to hack both our website and our public archive server. It’s unlikely but not impossible. A web of trust would go one more step towards ensuring proper verification. It wouldn’t stop that kind of hacks, but if you were used to see a web of trust behind our key, you’d notice its sudden absence. We’ll try to build such a web going forward.

  34. Without doubt the best Linux Mint to date. Finally a decent, workable dark theme too! Absolutely loving it! Thanks for all the hard work you put in to making a viable alternative to Windows.

  35. Is there a way to have both linuxmint cinnamon and linuxmint mate desktop environment at same time or can be installed ?. As in earlier versions it was used to be.

  36. The key of key is the beta versión. I downloaded the iso Mint 18, and put gpg –verify sha256sum.txt.gpg sha256sum.txt tells me that the signature is 451BBBF2 ¿? ¿?

    So in should skip put 451BBBF2 gpg –recv-key (instead of recv-key gpg A25BAE09). Please update the web

    Edit by Clem: The web page is correct. Which mirror did you get sha256sums from? Maybe it’s not up to date. Try with the ones from

  37. {49. nyarla says:
    For some reasons, it is impossible to select VLC as my prefered application in mate-default-applications-properties

    Just in case that you are using Linux Mint 18 with an old /home directory – the previous configuration files (hidden directories/files under /home) usually cause these problems, so it’s better to erase them to avoid conflicts, and then reconfigure the system again.

  38. Very disappointed, Mint 18 is for the most part excellent, however it has a crippling fault that prevents it from being used in a professional environment.

    It needs a theme/settings where the scrollbars are:

    Always visible
    14 Pixels wide on a 1080p screen
    It has top and bottom arrows

    It is appalling that there’s no way to have proper scrollbars.

    In order to have scrollbars one have either to hack it via creating the file: (then reboot)


    -GtkScrollbar-has-backward-stepper: 1;
    -GtkScrollbar-has-forward-stepper: 1;
    -GtkRange-slider-width: 13;


    Or by installing a clearlooks theme:

    sudo apt-get install clearlooks-phenix-theme

    Come on Clem, you’re so close to the perfect desktop!

    Also a minor obvious niggle: To exit the scale function one can not click on the empty background but have to press a key on the keyboard… really?

  39. I want to remaster the live dvd to include the media codecs that were dropped. What components with apt-get do I need to fetch?

    Edit by Clem: mint-meta-codecs.

  40. “Just in case that you are using Linux Mint 18 with an old /home directory – the previous configuration files (hidden directories/files under /home) usually cause these problems, so it’s better to erase them to avoid conflicts, and then reconfigure the system again.”

    Beware that the .mozilla directory in particular may contain valuable data such as all your bookmarks, so you should not delete it, or you should export or backup bookmarks, history etc. if you care for it.

    Likewise other such directories (most of them in .config) may contain things like music playlists, torrent metadata which you can copy somewhere else if needed.
    Most of the rest is unimportant.

  41. So is this the same thing as the mint 18 beta (assuming that all updates have been applied with sudo apt-get update then sudo apt-get upgrade) or is do I need to re-install to get the final version?

  42. Also, I cannot seem to find a way to enable the ability to roll up a window by scrolling up on the top of the window… am I missing something or did that feature get phased out? I ask because I am upgrading from 13 and that is one feature I really liked…

  43. After removing samba, I get: Could not display “network:///”.

    Reinstalled samba and the error still continue. It seems the “link” from samba to caja is missiong. How can I plug them together again?


  44. What hypervisor can I use to put on Mint 18 to boot Fedora as a virtual machine? It says on the Linux Mint website not to use Xen hypervisor for Sarah….

  45. And new KDE edition installer can create LVM and install Mint into LVM?
    Just old KDE edition have a bugs and can’t do it.
    Fix it please.

  46. Ubuntu can install “Processor microcode firmware for intel CPUs from intel-microcode (proprietary)”.

    How to install it on the Mint?

    Edit by Clem: It’s in the Driver Manager.

  47. I can not get the MATE.iso version to work. It crashes during boot up.
    The Cinnamon version (on which I’m writing this) works just fine.

  48. The new dark standard desktop background is great. It’s not as strenuous to the eyes like the previous light one but equally posh. Super!
    Dark theme integration with Firefox is still problematic.
    It only works partly in one setting.

  49. @Umbra
    I am no expert but I think the Installer is exactly the same.
    I suggest downloading the Mate ISO again, verify it is clean (use a torrent), and make a new boot DVD/USB.

  50. “Edit by Clem: If you click on the http link for the torrent, it will actually switch to https before downloading it. ”
    Or someone will switch it for me before https redirect ever happens and since torrent immediately downloads/opens without showing the origin – no one’s the wiser, that they just downloaded a rooted iso.

    Edit by Clem: I assumed you were using Firefox (which shows the origin of a download before you confirm you want to download it.. if you’re worried about origins, please do switch back to Firefox if your browser doesn’t do that for you.). In any case, the links were changed as you requested. While we’re talking about security, note also that https doesn’t protect you from an attack on our servers, it only protects you from a man in the middle attack, so you’re still expected to verify the ISO with signed sums. The torrent, the sha256sum file and the page showing our key are three different servers. It’s not impossible for somebody to hack all three servers, but it’s much more difficult obviously.

  51. First, thanks a lot for continuing to develop Linux Mint, which is easy to install and easy to use more then any other OS I know.

    About Xplayer 1.0.7 (I use 1024×600 display size and big fonts size):

    1) The minimum height of the Sidebar (F9) is too high, and when maximizing the window it’s still high (not adjustable).
    So to fit the window to the screen (to maximize) the Sidebar must be closed first, which is a bit clumsy.
    Normally the Sidebar should adjust its size to fit into the screen when maximizing the window.

    2) If I click the Maximize button on the title-bar, and then switch Xplayer to Full-screen mode (F11) – it’s impossible to return to window-mode.
    (i.e. full-screen mode works properly as long as the window is not maximized).

  52. In previous versions, with gedit and pluma there is a variable (restore_cursor_position) that could be changed through gconf-editor BUT with the program XED I do not find that option, where is it? Thank you

  53. @ Shian:
    “2) If I click the Maximize button on the title-bar, and then switch Xplayer to Full-screen mode (F11) – it’s impossible to return to window-mode.
    (i.e. full-screen mode works properly as long as the window is not maximized).”

    For me Xplayer works fine to maximize and switch to fulscreen and back again.
    I have an Acer Aspire One D250, also with a 1024×600 screen. – BUT I have not changed any fonts.

  54. I posted #41 – sorry, I was wrong – didn’t understand UEFI details. Too many new things at once. It was my bad.

  55. Well Done Guys (and Gals). I shall try VERY HARD to be patient now and wait for the 17.3-18 instructions. Though a clean install would hardly be a life changing experience.

  56. I have been running LM 18 MATE.
    Two comments on Mint-Y theme:

    Skinny scroll bars are not what I need. I have to install “Traditional Green”. It would be better if this was available as a choice, out-of-the-box, as it was in LM 17.

    There is not sufficient difference between a window with focus and a window without focus. Again, I have to install the “Traditional Green” theme to overcome this. This was a problem with Windows 10 but they seem to have corrected it. Unfortunately, Linux developers seem to have copied the bad trend, instead of doing it right.

    The icons are OK but I prefer the icons in Mint-X theme.

  57. @79 tux-sven:
    For me Xplayer works fine to maximize and switch to fulscreen and back again.
    I have an Acer Aspire One D250, also with a 1024×600 screen. – BUT I have not changed any fonts.

    Thanks for helping to spot these problems, so:

    1. The Sidebar/Playlist (F9) works just fine with the default font size of ‘Application font’ (size 9-10) – yet with bigger font, as in my case, the size of the Playlist is not adjustable and Xplayer window is higher then the screen.

    2. The Full-Screen mode works just fine, even if the Xplayer window is maximized, when I use another Window Manager (Marco+Compositing for example) – yet specifically with Openbox window manager, as in my case, Xplayer does not return to window-mode after full-screen-mode if the window was maximized before.

  58. Just installed LM18 Mate 64Bit on my Dell 1545. Thanks Clem and team.
    One problem – WiFi icon stays greyed out i.e. no sig strength shows after coming back from sleep (lid re-opened). Internet still works OK. Icon was OK at first logon.

  59. @82 android4:

    Meanwhile it’s possible to customize Mint-Y-/Dark theme…:

    1) Skinny scroll bars:

    In Cinnamon Edition it should be possible to disable overlay scrollbars in System Settings -> Effects.
    In MATE Edition try to change Preferences -> Appearance -> Theme -> Customize… -> Controls -> [Mint-X] (or another set).

    2) Window with focus and a window without focus:

    Try to change Preferences -> Appearance -> Theme -> Customize… -> Window Border -> [Simple] (or another window border).

    3) The icons are OK but I prefer the icons in Mint-X theme:

    Try to change Preferences -> Appearance -> Theme -> Customize… -> Icons -> [Mint-X] (or another set).

  60. I tried to istall Linux Mint 18 on laptop that doesn’t have dvd drive at all. During installation process installer crashes.

  61. I tried this on Live environment (64bit MATE).
    Booted in UEFI mode.
    Greeted with:
    Please select a username.
    Press F1 to enter a username.

    I tried “Mint” for both username and password but it doesn’t work.

    What’s the default username and password for live environment?

  62. I would like to know If I can run LM from a bare HD? Can I use it as the sole OS in one of my HDs? would the installation be simple?

  63. Wow, it seems having run LM 18 Mate from a USB-stick has completely messed up my main installation of LM 17.3.
    The browser profiles for example were deleted or overwritten and various programs wouldn’t start anymore.

  64. Should i update to Linux Sarah from Linux 17.3 Cinnamon. I am using linux on a made for windows xp machine with intel core 2 duo on it.

  65. I’ve been using 18.0 beta on my Macbook Air for the last few weeks and it’s been rock solid!

    The upgrade instructions say that I should apply any outstanding level 1 updates. I’ve already done that but I have a bunch of level 4 & 5 updates.

    Do I just never apply them?

  66. PIX crashes when trying to save a picture file after I made some modifications to it (no matter what the modifications). The same thing happens with GThumb. What I get:

    (pix:12538): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_widget_hide: assertion ‘GTK_IS_WIDGET (widget)’ failed
    pix: tiffcomposite.cpp :749 : virtual Exiv2::Internal::TiffComponent* Exiv2::Internal::TiffMnEntry::doAddPath(uint16_t, Exiv2::Internal::TiffPath&, Exiv2::Internal::TiffComponent*, Exiv2::Internal::TiffComponent::AutoPtr): l’assertion « mn_ » a échoué.

  67. Winner winner chicken diner. Running like a smooth ball bearing and stop complaining, Clean your computer and get the dust out folks this is not rocket science. Thanks to the Mint team and I apologize for some of the posts but know the felling and hope we can group together and give them a hand. Thanks

  68. @89
    Apparently it is something in relation with libexiv2-14.
    I installed libexiv2-14_0.25-3_amd64.deb (from Debian) and no more crash.

  69. @87 KenWeilL

    When you boot from a live media, it automatically logs in after 10 seconds. There is a _small_ notification at the top right of the screen that tells you this. Just wait for ten seconds.

  70. @ 86 Shian:
    Meanwhile it’s possible to customize Mint-Y-/Dark theme…:

    1) Skinny scroll bars:
    True. However, these seem to work better in LM 17. Menta is the only option (out-of-the-box) that really works consistently across Caja, Synaptic, Character Map, Firefox and User Settings. I prefer the look of Traditional Green. Clearlooks looks similar but is inconsistent across applications.

    2) Window with focus and a window without focus:
    True. Mint-Y attempts to differentiate between with and without focus but does not do it very well. Some of the other options don’t do it at all. Some of the other options do but I prefer the look of Traditional Green.

    In my opinion, either Traditional Green should be an out-of-the-box option and/or Mint-Y needs to be tweaked to improve the differentiation between windows with and without focus.

  71. @87 Pawel:
    I tried to istall Linux Mint 18 on laptop that doesn’t have dvd drive at all. During installation process installer crashes.

    It’s usually hardware issue.
    Make sure the source and destination drives are OK, and that the laptop itself is OK (memory, drives, fans, sockets, etc).
    Touch the keyboard during installation – if it’s too hot the fans are usually bad.
    Make sure that the BIOS/UEFI configured correctly without Secure Boot.
    Make sure that the USB socket is OK, and try again with a different usb drive.
    Make sure that you choose the correct options during installation (UEFI boot, etc).

    In most cases the installer (Linux, Windows, etc) crashes because of hardware defect, or bad hardware configuration, or non-standard hardware.

  72. Linux Mint 18 up and running perfectly.
    Thanks to all that put in so much work so people like myself can have access to a truly great operating system.

  73. #88 KenWeiLL :

    Pretty sure the user name is “mint” and not “Mint”.

    The file system is case sensitive too, i.e. it makes a difference between files named Document.txt, document.txt, DOCUMENT.txt

  74. @87 Pawel
    I tried to istall Linux Mint 18 on laptop that doesn’t have dvd drive at all. During installation process installer crashes.

    Can you please list the model and make of laptop?

    Shian is correct.

    I was also thinking if it’s really old sometimes you need to go to advanced on first boot screen and select force PAE especially if it has an old not common Intel Processor. Are you also trying the 32bit version or the 64bit? e.t.c.

  75. I want to thank the Mint team for all the hard work. Mint Mate 18 – 64 bit is wonderful on my Desktop and so I made a 7th donation recently. And I put Mint 18 Cinnamon on my wife’s Desktop. However, as you know Mint 18 just will not work well with ATI/AMD graphics cards and that is what came with my HP Pavilion. 🙁

    Please Clem I ask a small favor, I have heard that the ATI folks said they may introduce a new fglrx in a couple months. And also I heard that Ubuntu will be working to make Xorg able to help. So please if either of those happens. Could you make an announcement here, so that those of us with these ATI graphics cards can join in the fun and install Mint 18 on our laptops?

    Thank you again,


  76. Ah Ha! I found the driver for my HP Pavilion with ATI/AMD graphics card. It installed beautifully and I am running Mint Mate 18 – 64 bit on my laptop right now! WooHoo!

    For anyone else, here is the link to the file:

    And here the link for the instructions (yes it works for 16.04 Ubuntu too.):

    These are from the AMD website.

    Now have fun with Mint 18 on your laptop!


  77. seriously, the verification process needs to have a real step by step that’s easy to follow. Mint is popular with recent converts, right? The verification will change all that unless you spend 20 minutes on a better step by step.

  78. Doesn’t work properly on Dell Inspiron 1012 mini.
    It installed properly but when I boot it just freezes at the start screen. 17.1 – 17.3 were working fine, never had a problem.

  79. Many thanks for the nice 18, installed in a breeze. My only bitch is avidemux is poof and not in repos. Folks sayin’ not compatible with 18. Lots of great video editors out there but they take a long time to save, 30 minutes to an hour versus 10 seconds for avidemux. I just want to chop a scene out of an existing vid and save with same settings. Alas.

  80. Well, I may have posted too soon, because as soon as the Mint Kernel was updated to, the ATI – AMD driver went crazy. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Real hit and miss with every reboot.

  81. Hello.
    I installed Linux Mint 18 (Cinnamon edition) on my Notebook (Core i5 with 8 GB RAM).
    Unfortunately the mouse is sometimes lagging … especially while using Kodi 16.1. The systems doesn´t regognize when I move the move (the mouse pointer stays on its position for 1-3 seconds.

    Does anybody has an idea why this happens? It was not the case when I was using Linux Mint 17.3 …

  82. @98 android4:

    No doubts that Mint-Y themes are more aesthetic then practical.
    Mint-X themes are both aesthetic and practical.

    The way it is now, personally I cannot use Mint-Y themes without customizing it, at least the Window-border.
    I think that Mint-Y themes should be modified to be also more practical – not only aesthetic.

    @108 cmtsij:

    I want to add that in Linux Mint 18 there is a problem with the window managers.
    For example, I use goldendict dictionary since Linux Mint 15 or 16 and it always pop-up the translation box correctly – above the current window. But in Linux Mint 18 it doesn’t.
    I must say that Openbox window manager works correctly, i.e. the same way that previous versions of Linux Mint used to.

  83. Installed Mint 18 cinnamon edition on Dell XPS and got this error

    “The ‘grub-efi’ package failed to install into /target/. Without the GRUB boot loader, the installed system will not boot.”

  84. @clem There is an ‘Arc theme’ for Firefox in the full themes addons from mozilla by Horst. Looks a lot better than ‘fat curvy’ theme the standard FF uses and matches perfectly with the Arc Mint theme.

    Could you port this or use it as standard.

  85. Great release, very beautiful.

    But when installed with a LUKS password, the place to put the password in is not accessible on boot (also not by moving to another tty). This is a real bug in this version, the first of it’s kind in many generations of Linux Mint.

  86. Well done!!
    I was waiting for this new version for a time now. Thanks to all the team. I hope to install it in a few days


  87. Please restore the media codecs that were dropped in LM 18.

    Many of us boot from live USB. The ability to boot LM from USB and have a complete OS that works, including multimedia, is what sets LM apart from all other Linux distros. This has converted a lot of Windows users to Linux. It was a major factor in the success of LM.

    Now I cannot tell others to switch to LM, because I know it too much trouble for most to run ‘sudo apt-get install mint-meta-codecs’ with every reboot.

  88. I could only Drag and Copy to folder on my Desktop.
    I remembered it used to be Drag and Paste in Ubuntu when we had Nautilus installed.
    So I installed nautilus and most of it’s add ons and now I have Drag and Paste on the desktop again.
    Is there anyway to do this without installing Nautilus?

  89. Hope this version has a better MATE (i know you’re different teams), because I’m pretty much stuck in LXDE which I don’t like much as I do MATE (Was a heavy Gnome 2.x user before that C**P 3.x came out).

    Thanks i’m with you since 16 and great versatility of Linux helped me salvage an HD-less notebook. Been running Mint installed (not live) in a 16GB pendrive for more than 3 years and counting.


  90. Ubuntu 16.04.1 will come out in about three weeks and I think that much better idea was to release betas for all 4 flavors and then to wait July 21st for 16.04.1 to release LM 18. Ubuntu 16.04.1 comes with the same kernel but it will bring more updates. Releasing LM 18 with these changes would make life easier for people that like to update the whole system. Every time I tried to do that after Ubuntu 14.04.x was released, I had the same problem because it is not so easy for the beginners to react on a few popup windows, and one bad move and your system is destroyed. Ubuntu 16.04.1 will also let users to update to the newer version of the kernel that will be in the repository after the next point releases. This is on the other hand not true for 16.04.

  91. gpg : Signature made Tue April 7, 2015 , 4:19:15 p.m. EDT DSA keys using a user ID A25BAE09
    gpg : I can not verify the signature : public key found

    gpg : Signature made Tue April 7, 2015 , 4:19:15 p.m. EDT DSA keys using a user ID 0FF405B2
    gpg : I can not verify the signature : public key found

  92. Awesome thank you Linux Mint 18 MATE running faultlessly in a Parallels Desktop 11 virtual environment hosted by OS X El Capitan.

    As always the best Linux distribution available. Been with Linux Mint since v3.1 Celena.

  93. Terminal is not coming up in Linux Mint 18 SARAH 64 Bit ISO.
    I downloaded the Linux Mint 18 SARAH 64 Bit iso (1.7 Gb approx) and created a persistent Bootable USB Key. All is working well but I am not able to bring up Terminal either by shortcut key CTRL + T at desktop or by the Terminal icon in the START Menu Programs. Is anybody else facing this issue and needs to be looked into by LinuxMint Team or is it just me ?

  94. “It will also be possible to upgrade from Linux Mint 17.3. Upgrade instructions will be published next month.”

    When you said next month, you weren’t kidding! I thought you meant “next month” like when you say to your loved ones, “see you next year” when you go to bed on December 31st.

    It’s been 5 days since the release of 18, and still no upgrade path for 17.3 users. The upgrade is usually released only a few days after the main release.

  95. when connected in wired cable, if i take off the cable and connect again, I won’t be able to get the connection working until nest reboot. Is it just me?

  96. bug report:
    i created a guest user with no permission at all.
    when switching users: Lock screen > Switch user, the mouse shows up after unlock.
    But if I do the unlock with the Enter key, the mouse won’t show up. I have to lock the screen again and use the mouse to unlock.

  97. I need samba because there are too much windows machines in my network, so if linux do not support sharing network with Windows is a broken system for me. I will not update from mint 17.3. Hope linux mint bring a good replacement for samba.

  98. When I mount an NTFS volume all files have rwx permissions. In Mint 17 and earlier it was just rw-, where do I change the automount umask,fmask,dmask?

  99. Well that went very smoothly. Sarah is a smooth criminal. I fired up a live CD, from an 8 Gig USB, and got the codecs, to make sure that all worked. Then I did an update, and thought “Why muck about? You know you’re going to use it.” So I did a clean install. First, find the mirrors, then get the codecs. Guess what? The codecs were already installed. Ok, get Chromium, then look for how to speak the magic incantation to get Code::Blocks and Xterm. Before we do that, let’s see if they’re in the software centre now. Yep! Install from there, and it all just works. Now it wasn’t terribly hard in 17.1 either, but it did make you jump through a few simple hoops. Sarah seems to have left her hoops behind, pretty much all of them. It compiled and ran a hello world console ap straight up. gcc is there, everything just works. I could get used to this… Firefox and Chromium both play youtube videos… Where’s the mortal combat you have to do to make a fresh install work? This is great!!
    On the basis

  100. Small objection – the universal help ap is called Yelp. When you close it (job finished) it can spawn a running thread that has 100% use but isn’t doing anything. Log out and back in fixes it, but that should not happen…

  101. Good job Mint Team! The BETA looked very clean and refined. I’ve been waiting to try out Mate Tweak. Because I’m a desktop artist, I’ll wait for the upgrade instructions next month. There’s no way I’m re-doing every customization I’ve done to my 17.3 desktop.

  102. Hey LM Team.
    i have an issue happening and unsure how to fix it(noob).
    i’m sorry if this isn’t the place to address this.

    i have switched the menu to the menu bar(applications,places,system).
    when i drop down the places menu and click on every thing but network, search tool, connect to server… and anything in recent documents, it automatically try’s to open into archive manager.

    i also recently install wine, since i did a fresh install of LM 18 Mate, and when i go into the Browse C Drive, that also opens/redirects into the archive manager instead of it’s proper program.

    i hope there is anyone here that can help. Thanks in advance.

    otherwise good job on the fresh OS Clem.

  103. Tried to install MATE Sarah by Pen drive, however, I got the same problems said in comments numbers 41 and 117: GRUB can’t be installed, so the installation gets broken…
    Did it happened with someone else? Might a burned media be different on this?

    Please help us, I’m crazy to use this new system 🙁

  104. @132 Marcelo

    You could install samba packages from the Software Manager or via the Synaptic Package Manager. It’s just a thought.

    As a further thought, I’d recommend Gigolo for managing connections to network file systems – so easy to use.

  105. –English–

    There is a bug in the Mint menu in version 18 MATE 64bit.
    By changing the shortcuts from one category to another, after 5 ~ 8 changes the menu is reset.

    This always happens when creating shortcuts for Google Chrome / Chromium, which creates atalhas in the category ‘other’, to move about 5 shortcuts to category ‘internet’ all disappear shortcuts, making the empty menu, as if there was nothing installed . The application responsible for the function ‘Edit Menu’ no longer opens, and all other models ‘menus’ available in matte are affected.

    How am ‘beginner’ I do not know how to proceed but to redo the system installation. Already thought about backing up menu shortcuts settings. But I gave up and went back to Mint 17.3 and hoping this is solved, at least when it is made available to upgrade from 17.3 to 18.

    Thank you for attention


    Há um bug no Mint Menu na versão 18 MATE 64bits.
    Ao mudar os atalhos de uma categoria para outra, após 5~8 mudanças o menu é zerado.

    Isso sempre acontece ao criar atalhos pelo Google Chrome/Chromium, que cria os atalhas na categoria ‘outros’, ao mover mais ou menos 5 atalhos para categoria ‘internet’ todos os atalhos somem, tornando o menu vazio, como se não houvesse nada instalado. A aplicação responsavel pela função ‘Editar Menu’ não abre mais, e todos os outros modelos de ‘menus’ disponiveis no mate são afetados.

    Como sou ‘iniciante’, não sei como proceder a não ser refazer a instalação do sistema. Ja pensei em fazer o backup das configurações de atalhos do menu. Mas desisti e voltei pro Mint 17,3 e esperando que isto seja solucionado, ao menos quando for disponibilizado a atualização do 17,3 para o 18.

    Obrigado pela atenção

  106. Did something change in udisks2 or how mounting is done in regards to fuseblk or NTFS? I grabbed the command line of mount.ntfs to compare between Mint 17.2 and Mint 18 and here it is. Mint 18’s NTFS mount command line is missing the dmask and fmask options making every file (-rwxrwxrwx). Is there a way to change it?

    Mint 18:
    /sbin/mount.ntfs /dev/sdx# mount_point -o rw,nodev,nosuid,uid=####,gid=####,uhelper=udisks2

    Mint 17.2:
    /sbin/mount.ntfs /dev/sdx# mount_point -o rw,nosuid,nodev,uhelper=udisks2,uid=####,gid=####,dmask=0077,fmask=0177

  107. @Ahab 138

    Samba was removed because create some problems with version 18, so why would install it again myself? Make no sense.
    But test gigolo can be a good ideia.

  108. I always loved Mint Mate for its stability and flexibility and this new release again is stunning. What volunteers can do ! Must make a donation in the near future.
    I encountered a few problems that i would like to share:

    – After creating a symbolic link in my home folder to a folder on another partition it is not possible to trash files from within that symbolic link. Only delete works. Trashing within the original folder works without a problem. I think this is an old Ubuntu-bug.
    – After setting my panel to Autohide warnings in my syslog appear every time I tick the panel.
    Messages like this:

    org.mate.panel.applet.NotificationAreaAppletFactory[2294]: ** (notification-area-applet:2406): WARNING **: Failed to get pixmap 18876957,1672,0

    Pid 2294 = dbus-daemon

    – I really need samba. This is what i did to configure Samba so that anyone in my network can access my shares without entering a username and/or password:

    1. With Software Manager install:


    2. Edit /etc/nsswitch.conf and include wins in the line that starts with hosts: like this:

    hosts: files wins mdns4_minimal [NOTFOUND=return] dns myhostname

    3. If necessary mount partitions that you wish to share in /home/username

    After this sharing from /home/username works for me.
    Disadvantage is that a system start takes a few seconds longer.

  109. Hello: Mr. Clem
    I have a question about replacing my operating system with Linux Mint 18 Sarah MATE or Linux Mint 17.3 Rosa MATE? I have never used Linux before, but I have read some of your comments and other comments regarding ATI problems with Sarah and so your direct opinion is important. My system is a Windows Vista Home, Dell Studio XPS 1640, with Intel Core 2 Duo CPU P8600, 4 GB RAM, 64 Bit OS, ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3670 and a WD 500 GB HD.
    Sincerely: Torrey

  110. Having intermittent problems with Mint 18 and my Intel NUC – boots sometimes without issues and sometimes hangs on boot. Any ideas of what could be casing the issues and what should/could I do to fix it?

    Done all the updates etc. Could it be the graphics driver?

  111. Understanding that it’s less flawed I installed the complete 64bit version ‘BrucesWay’ in a 9GiB partition on a 32GB USB3key to discover little improvement over the updated Beta release.
    Although Xsane works, Exaile isn’t available nor is a Freeview card driver for Kaffeine. However the Nvidia drivers are slightly improved and it seems very slightly faster whilst using /etc/sysctl.conf added vm.swappiness=5 in lieu of a swap partition.
    I guess that I will have to revert to using LM17.1mate whilst periodically checking to see if matters improve for LM18mate64.

  112. I have a computer-illiterate friend who uses Samba on Mint 17.x.
    He found out about right-clicking on a directory to share it, and accessing it from the ISP’s set top box to play the video files (on a 16:9 CRT TV no less) just using the included remote.

    So, there should be information in the Release Notes at least on how to add it back? (Samba, and the integration in the file manager)
    I believe Windows 95 had that feature.

  113. I’m having an issue with the touchpad of a netbook EXO X352 in live session. Touchpad not responsive after suspension. I had in 17.x, and I fixed it using the following link (in spanish). Is there a chance to completely fix this problem in the next release?

    By the way, Mint-Y looks really nice.



  114. Conclusion of the NTFS automounting issue (see 133 and 140).

    Since udisks2 2.1.5 the default ntfs options for dmask and fmask were removed:
    — udisks2-2.1.4/src/udiskslinuxdriveata.c
    +++ udisks2-2.1.5/src/udiskslinuxdriveata.c
    -static const gchar *ntfs_defaults[] = { “uid=”, “gid=”, “dmask=0077”, “fmask=0177”, NULL };
    +static const gchar *ntfs_defaults[] = { “uid=”, “gid=”, NULL };

    Unfortunately udisks2 does not support a configuration file to provide mount options automounting behaviour as it is all hard coded. The mount options in /etc/fstab are respected and this is fine for fixed disks but tedious for removable USB drives formatted as NTFS.

  115. I’ve been a longtime minter.
    But have one simple question:
    If i just downloaded and installed the iso, why are there soooo many updates that need to be applied instead of updating the iso instead?
    the install took me 15 mins, applying updates over an hour.

    that being said, love this version so far.

  116. Couldn’t wait for the upgrade instructions from 17.3, so I did a clean install. Everything I use works fine.

  117. Bluetooth sudo apt-get install –reinstall bcmwl-kernel-source
    Načítavajú sa zoznamy balíkov… Hotovo
    Vytvára sa strom závislostí
    Načítavajú sa stavové informácie… Hotovo
    0 aktualizovaných, 0 nových nainštalovaných, 1 reinštalovaných, 0 na odstránenie a 0 neaktualizovaných.
    Je potrebné stiahnuť 1 515 kB archívov.
    Po tejto operácii sa na disku použije ďalších 0 B.
    Získava sa:1 xenial/restricted amd64 bcmwl-kernel-source amd64 [1 515 kB]
    1 515 kB sa stiahlo za 0 s (3 515 kB/s)
    (Číta sa databáza … momentálne je nainštalovaných 257643 súborov alebo adresárov.
    Preparing to unpack …/bcmwl-kernel-source_6.30.223.248+bdcom-0ubuntu8_amd64.deb …
    Removing all DKMS Modules
    Unpacking bcmwl-kernel-source ( over ( …
    Nastavuje sa balík bcmwl-kernel-source ( …
    Loading new bcmwl- DKMS files…
    Building only for 4.4.0-21-generic
    Building for architecture x86_64
    Building initial module for 4.4.0-21-generic

    Running module version sanity check.
    – Original module
    – No original module exists within this kernel
    – Installation
    – Installing to /lib/modules/4.4.0-21-generic/updates/


    DKMS: install completed.
    update-initramfs: deferring update (trigger activated)
    Processing triggers for initramfs-tools (0.122ubuntu8) …
    update-initramfs: Generating /boot/initrd.img-4.4.0-21-generic
    Warning: No support for locale: sk_SK.utf8

  118. I am having terrible screen tearing issues.
    I am having i3 5th gen with 4 gigs of RAM and 2 gigs Nvidia 930M graphics card.
    Can anyone tell how to fix it ?
    I am using linux for the first time.

  119. This version is of no use to me on my laptop. According to all the articles I’ve read we have to wait until kernel 4.4.8 to get suspend working properly. I like to have my lid send the machine ito suspend mode when I close the lid. Instead it end up in limbo.

    I’m taking the machine back to 17.3 as that worked properly.

    Any idea when we’ll have 4.4.8 made available?
    I tried it from ubuntu 16.04 but the unity desktop broke so many applications by losing their menu that I switched to Mint 17.3

    I foolishly assumed that Mint 18 wouldn’t have the same suspend issue.

  120. Please can someone help. I’m trying to verify linuxmint-18-mate-64bit.iso but The signature keeps coming back as bad: This is wnat I have done. 1. Downloaded the key,2. checked the key and it returns: Key fingerprint = 27DE B156 44C6 B3CF 3BD7 D291 300F 846B A25B AE09 uid Linux Mint ISO Signing Key Here its worth noting that the key fingerprint has an extra space between between 3BD7 and D291 compared to the one on the how to verify page. 3. I attempted to veryfy the sha256sum.txt.gpg sha256sum.txt (which I assumed I had to make myself by suting and pasting the relvant code per the os version from the website links). The problem is it returns: gpg: Signature made Thu 30 Jun 2016 12:13:33 BST using RSA key ID A25BAE09. and then gpg: BAD signature from Linux Mint ISO Signing Key

    Basically how can I get it to recognise a signature as good then I can move on to the next part actually checking the iso.

  121. My thoughts are concerning the How to on: But my comments could apply to all how tos than LM do.

    So a little bit of background I’ve been using Linux and especially linux mint for a few years and have some familiarity (SOME) with its innerds and even the terminal. Also as an FYI Ive got a masters from cambridge and a Doctorate from oxford and so Im not exactly thick. That said, I occasionally get very frustrated at the so called ‘how tos’ which assume prior knowledge: which in effect are not a how to at all. Please bear in mind that if I had a few struggles – total newbs and the average jane and joe who are not used to searching out information have a lot more. Also please bear in mind that to google for information you Need to know what you are looking for in the first place. Thus, in short, Do not assume people know so don’t miss off ‘obvious or implied steps. Moreover, its propably even more confusing for those with a little bit of knowledge- but bnot enough- as this can lead one astray as in my case- eitherway its very confusing! This is very important If you expect to attract new people you should not assume anything. So rather than winge I would like to point out a few issues- so they can be imporved on.

    In your how to on

    1. you write open quote- Import the signing key from a Keyserver (see above). -Close quote Above- where? the link for download mirros- that talkes you to debian/lmde. Other mirros likewise to a link. Or the open quote Signing key for Linux Mint 18 -close quote. nothing to click on download- so does one cut and paste into a txt file- if so what should I call it and whatextentsion does it need. See what I mean – what is one supposed to do? It is not clear. So as it turns out you are refering to the open quote- gpg –recv-key 0FF405B2 -close quote. This is hidden away and its not spelt out what one should do with it! This is a moot point as puting just that comand does not work because it is incomplete- you assume people know to add the extra part of the command. many newbs won’t.

    After looking searching around – with difficulty given one did not know what to search for I found the information on the SolydXK site. So it turns out you need to enter the command in the terminal (which I had already figured out- but many newbs would not) just that it was incomplete. So I needed open quote gpg –keyserver –recv-key A25BAE09 close quote. Moreover, for the unitiated they will want to know where to enter the command- fortunately I have some familiarity with the terminal so clocked that one.

    So when you write open quote- Import the signing key from a Keyserver (see above)- close quote, you need to say exactly where above and how and what to look for and then what to do with it explicitly. Thus you need to write open quote- Import the signing key from a Keyserver by entering the following command in the terminal then give the full command- close quote. It might even be useful to show what the output should look like.

    2. open quote- Verify its fingerprint with the following command: gpg –list-keys –with-fingerprint close quote Again for the unitiated they will want to know where to enter the command. Moreover- you need to spell out compare it to the open quote- Signing key for Linux Mint 18 -close quote you list at the top of the page.

    3. you write: open quote- Download the ISO image, the sha256sum.txt and the sha256sum.txt.gpg into the same directory-close quote. Fine but the links for them are not provided for the unintiated. I knew to look on, but the links do not download them just a page with the information. You do not spell out that one should put them in a text file nor do you say what to call them or the extension you shold use. Again you assumne prior knowledhe. I had a rough idea and with some tinkering figured it out. Most people would not want to tinker or pheaps would not even know.

    4. open quote- Verify the signature on the sha256sum files with the following command (the output of this command should mention that the signature is “Good”): gpg –verify sha256sum.txt.gpg sha256sum.txt -close quote. Good but again you need to say do it in ther terminal and also change to the terminal relevant folder. Its good you say what you need from the output but you dont say what to do if it can’t be trusted- ie if the output is ‘BAD signature’.
    ie what do you do if the sha256sum can’t be trusted? You can’t move onto the next step. Even if you go onto the next step there are issues.

    5. Step five is fairly obvious but But you dont say what to do if they dont match, or what it means. Or if the signature doesnt match but the sum does- what does one need to do.

    In short You do not provide contingencies for the newb and too much left unsaid for new people. If you want to attract more people you need to make it idiot proof. Dont assume!

    I’m a Very unhappy bunny who has wasted a couple of hours trying to figure out incomplete instructions!

    Edit by Clem: Hi Indy, thanks for taking the time to post this for us. We’ll use your feedback to improve these instructions.

  122. I want to add- that- apart from my winge above- I have used mint for years and it is good. Moreover I do appreciate the efforts of the team. Thanks

  123. Any time table for when the KDE version will be released.

    Still using LM15 KDE and am really looking forward to getting LM18 KDE.

    Thanks for the great work!

  124. Instead of waiting for the upgrade instructions for 17.3 -> 18, I’ve installed all the applications I need/want onto my fresh LM 18 system and copied over the .{app-profile} folders from 17.3 and spent a little time adjusting a few things. It was very easy and also gave me a chance to re-think and reorganise how I arrange my installation of system and data.

    All in all, I’m very happy with LM 18 MATE and look forward to another 5 years of useful and stable computing from it. Having said that, I’m sure that I’ll be tempted by the next LTS release in two years time.

  125. I’m puzzled by the statements about samba not being included in the LM 18 stable release because it badly affects boot time. I have LM 18 beta with all updates applied and I have samba on it. My network drives (automounted by Gigolo) appear as smb://MSHOME;{etc.} Synaptic shows lots of samba related packages.

    Despite this, I see no problems with boot times. It seems no slower than my 17.3 installation, though I haven’t measured it with a stopwatch or anything like that.

    Does anybody have experience or more information about this.

    Edit by Clem: Hi. It doesn’t affect everyone the same way. Check with systemd-analyze critical-chain. Samba depends on NetworkManager-online.service. This service establishes whether a connection is present or not. On many system this is immediate. On some it can push the boot time significantly.

  126. I have been running LM from live USB (LM 8 thru LM 17.3). They all worked perfectly on my computers. LM 18, using live USB, is very buggy compared to all the previous versions I have run.

    It takes multiple attempts to log on to WIFI.

    I am unable to highlight text in PDF documents on desktop–can’t do cut and paste.

    I can download codecs using ‘sudo apt-get install mint-meta-codecs’ in terminal, but using ‘Menu–Sound and Video–Install Multimedia Codecs’ I always get an error message and failed download.

    LM 18 is the worst live USB experience ever in all the years I have been using LM.

    The codecs need to be restored, and the bugs fixed, or, I fear LM will lose its #1 position on Distrowatch within 6 months.

  127. I am unable to understand the instructions for verifying the ISO image (and I have a graduate degree)! I don’t think the average user is able to do this. The Tails OS developers have come up with an ingenious way to do this verification automatically, imo. You simply download the ISO image via their Firefox add-on, which verifies your download automatically. “The verification is based on a cryptographic Checksum downloaded from our website.” Easy!

    LM developers: How about writing a Firefox add-on that automatically verifies your download?

  128. @Clem re. 154

    Thank you Clem, that was interesting. NetworkManager-online.service takes 7 seconds to start up, for me. ‘systemd-analyze blame’ and ‘systemd-analyze time’ are also useful for summary information. My total boot time is 15 seconds and that is fine for me and is the same time as my LM 17.3 installation (according to my watch) so I have no worries there.

    I’d suggest that if people want ‘samba’ then they should install it then see if and how their boot time is affected. They can always remove it if it causes problems.

  129. Hi Clem!

    Couldn resist a full month for the upgrade path from 17.3, so installed it on my PC only (all the other computers at work will be upgraded). It is awesome, the best so far. Even the long waiting time for the Menu to unfold is gone.

    Only one thing to note: When I look for local or faster repositories, in the ubuntu probe all of them says “unreachable” or so… but after that, I can select a random one and see how fast they are updating the cache, so they are within reach. The firewall is off, internet connection is working fina (and normally slow here in Venezuela) and it never happend me before in other versions. I have tried with the default DNS and with the google ones.

    In the LinuxMint repos, on the other side, there are some unreachable, and some very slow… and as before, I can select anyone and they will work at varying speeds.

    It took a long time to update everything, because of the ubuntu repos going very very slow (the ones that I selected)… and every try includes a complete cache refresh.

    Beside of that, It works like allways, very tidy and fast.

    Thanks a lot!! If I get some more bitcois, I surely will donate again.
    Best regards from Venezuela Clem and team, and please keep up with this amazing operating system, the best in the world!

  130. @Ahah,

    I would agree with Clem, I’ve had issues with cifs/samba not mounting network drives due to the wifi not being available and it definitely hurts boot time performance. For me, it has to do with the wifi card in my netbook. Anyhow, had to do a workaround in /etc/rc.local to mount the drives.

    My 2 cents,


  131. Installation appears to freeze on my machine. It’s a Samsung NDP700 laptop. I’m trying the x64 install or Mate 18 from a USB stick. After I check the “Third-party software” checkbox and I click Continue, I just get a “wait” mouse cursor and no progress or change of any kind appears to happen. I waited half an hour. Is that normal?

  132. @ install from a USB stick that works fine I found a bug in the *Installer*.
    As allways I use gparted first and format a partition to *Reiserfs*
    Later with the installer I want to use this partition for /var.
    → but the installer don’t show Reiserfs or Reiser4fs. Reiserfsprogs are installed in LM 18 64bit Mate.

    The install works great but if I use Mint-Y I can’t change the color of the folders.
    The python-caja-folder-color-switcher is not working.
    The other extensions work like sizing or turning images.

    Thank you for this nice new Linuxmint.

  133. All right, I solved the issue I had with the installation freezing. What I did was disconnect the PC from my (slowish) Internet wifi before launching the installation.

  134. Hi I’m still getting

    gpg: Signature made Thu 30 Jun 2016 12:13:33 BST using RSA key ID A25BAE09

    gpg: BAD signature from Linux Mint ISO Signing Key

    any ideas?

  135. Come on Guys

    Id really like to install this but am getting: BAD signature from Linux Mint ISO Signing Key. Incidentally the shasum of the iso actually matches. So because the key is bad I assume that means I cant use the iso? So what do I do?

    I’ve followed your instructions- why wont it recognise it as good- is it because of the space i mentioned above or what? What should I do. Ive tried several times, gogled for a solution. I also asked for help yesterday and none was forthcoming. Either I’m doing something wrong or the details supplied online/downloaded are wrong.

    Please please help. Id like to get this installed so I can get on with work. This is all very frustrating.

  136. I’ve found a problem with GIMP in LM 18 MATE 64-bit.

    If I try to do a cage transform and create an outline of cage dots, when the last dot is placed (over the first) then the green ‘clockface’ progress icon comes up and it gets stuck before it finishes. It stays like that and I have to kill GIMP. I’ve tried uninstalling then reinstalling fromm the Software manager, this doesn’t help.

    The cage transform works fine in LM 17.3 GIMP.

    According to Synaptic, LM17.3 has gimp 2.8.16-0trusty2~ppa wheras LM18 has gimp 2.8.16-1ubuntu1.1 as the version.

    Does anyone else have this problem? Does anyone know if it works ok in Ubuntu 16 (xenial)?

  137. Thanks Clem and team! Mint was my first venture into the Linux world and you guys have IMO the best gui OS out there. Both the live USB and full install to my travel usb had no issues. can’t wait to upgrade my desktop when the instructions are out

  138. It’s more than disappointing that you have not responded to the issues raised by me and others regarding verifying your distro. Sure it’s probably because we are ignorant of some bit of knowledge but the onus is on you to tell us how to reconcile the bad signature issue. Please.

  139. @186 Ahab: I have the same problem with cage transform. GIMP freezes
    @185 Talut: same problem with signature verification, and I did everything “by the book”. However I downloaded the ISO and installed LM18. So far so good… But you are right. Someone have to tell us if the ISO’s are Ok and why this problem appears

  140. There are two main reasons for verifying the download. One is simply to check that the file downloaded correctly (integrity). The other is to verify that the file you’ve downloaded really is what you think it is (authenticity).
    The gpg stuff, involving the importation of signed sums, is the way to fulfil *both* of these requirements. If you only need to fulfil the first requirement (ie you’re willing to trust that nobody has bothered to create false iso files and the sums to match, and managed to substitute them for the real ones) you can use the unsigned sums, and check the downloaded file with anything capable of creating sha sums.
    It comes down to your threat model, but if the unsigned sums match, problems with the signed sums are *probably* “just” due to problems importing the key. Check that before re-downloading a gig and a half of iso.

  141. @185 Tault: same problem with ISO signatures. I followed the instructions one-by-one again and again. However I downloaded the ISO and installed LM18 with no problems so far. But you are absolutely right. Someone have to tell us whats wrong.

    @186 Ahab: same problem with GIMP. Cage transform freezes when trying “Deform the cage to deform the image”.

  142. RE: broadband 4G modems

    test driving 18.0 MATE on Live USB stick. With 4G hotspot connected via USB cable, I have one congratulation and one frustration.

    Congratulation: it is possible to install Broadcom WiFi driver with no Inet connection via Driver Manager.

    Frustration: Although USB-modeswitch and dataset are installed, MINT 18.0 as previous versions is not capable of switching broadband 4G dongle from CD-ROM to modem.

    Clem, please correct this anomaly so broadband 4G modems are automatically recognized and switched to modem mode. Except this problem I am extremely happy with MINT MATE.

  143. RE: old ‘add to panel’ bug

    Already since many versions there is an uncorrected bug. If using ADD TO TOP PANEL, one clicks on terminal, then the time appears instead of the terminal.
    If instead one uses ADD TO TOP PANEL, APPLICATION launcher, then goes forward to SYSTEM TOOLS, then click on terminal, things are OK, the terminal is added to the top panel instead of the time which is incorrect.

    I adore Linux MINT, thanks Clem and team.

  144. Sometimes I want to boot up to do some quick text processing and shut-down, and do not want to wait to auto check updates and also use 4G data. I realize the average user should *NOT* turn off update manager, but I wish to do this manually like I manually run fstrim; I will not forget – security updates are very important.
    How do I permanently turn off the update manager during boot-up?

    Thanks in advance for the answer and thanks so much for all your efforts for Linux MINT.

  145. How will the update be posted when it’s ready?? I am ready to update and don’t want to do another fresh install.

  146. Although everything is good with Mint 17.3 edition, Wifi driver does not work with Linux Mint 18 Sarah.

    If you use Lenovo Yoga 13, you should use Mint 17.3 version.

  147. No matter what I do, Automatic Login does not work. I’ve been using Linux Mint for years and never had this problem. Is there a fix?

  148. Can you say a day when you release a kde version or are you not working on that right now? Thanks! Great job!

  149. re. 186 GIMP cage transform freezing.

    I installed Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit MATE and GIMP and accepted all updates, just to try it. GIMP has exactly the same problem with the cage transform and is also at the same version as in Linux Mint 18.

    It seems we’ll have to wait for the GIMP and Ubuntu teams to get it fixed before a working version flows down into Mint updates.

  150. re. 199 18.0_almost_paradise

    Right click the update manager icon, click Preferences. Select the Auto-refresh tab. Try setting the first refresh to 1 hour, or whatever. That will give you an hour before it starts using up your 4G connection.

  151. I am trying to install Mint 18 on a separate hard drive and I can’t get the boot loader to work right. I have Windows 10 running on the main hard drive and earlier I had installed Ubuntu 14.04 on the spare and it worked just fine. I would turn the computer on and Grub would give the the option of loading Ubuntu or Windows. I have installed and reinstalled Mint several times now and every time I do it just loads straight into Mint without giving me the option of choosing anything else, forcing me to do a startup repair on Windows so I can boot back into it. Any help you can give would be appreciated. (NOTE: I have BIOS with Safe Boot disabled.)

  152. Excited to try but one little issue. All hardware is recognized and good to go except wifi. It sees the network but after entering password it doesn’t connect. I’ve redownloaded and reinstalled several times. Help? Btw I love LM and am currently using cinnamon 17 as my daily.

  153. I understood that all the Mint systems will have the same functions and programs. What about hot corners for Mate and XFCE? I know that there is Compiz but to start such a big program for one function is not the best choice. Please adapt this feature from Cinnamon to Mate and XFCE!
    Thank you!

  154. Thank you for Linux community that makes a very good job, I wonder why the linux does not support Java? for example on Garmin GPS, Navii extras GPS, the norwegian bank DNB, and Norsk-Tipping company and many others, which I and many others using? I have promised to myself that I am not going back to Microsoft program anymore,to keep the promise is not so easy, because of some support lack. I hope in near, but not far future your community can solve the problem.

    sincerely M.Birkaynak

  155. Tried using the upgrade instructions, on my EeePC HE1000 netbook, but that nearly borked the system. Would not reboot. So I did a clean install from a 2GB SD card; that worked. Had to physically hook the netbook to my router to get an Internet connection as the wifi card was not working by default, but when I went into the hardware manager I was able to enable it and ditch the network cable. So far it’s great.

  156. Hello! First time i’m writing (not a long time a ‘mint-er’, but after the 17.2 release, i totally forgot about windows or other linux flavours)… No big issues with mint-18 on a toshiba & an acer laptop, it’s stable, fast and beautiful (mint-y theme), only a problem with RKHunter (and that’s the reason i got back to 17.3 release, till i find out what this is). On a clean installation it keeps giving me a warning: {/usr/bin/lwp-request has been replaced by a script: a /usr/bin/perl -w script ASCII text executable}. Even after updating rkhunter [rkhunter –propupd], the warning is still there. I couldn’t find a relative answer to this anywhere (and i’m not a long time on linux as i said), that’s why i’m writing here. The logic says that it’s a RKHunter bug or something (it appears on a clean installation), but if anyone could help i’ll appreciate it… Congrats for the great work one more time!

  157. The package for Lazarus doesn’t seem to be complete in my MATE 32-bit version. It yields a program with pieces (and the lcl folder) missing.
    The older Lazarus package for Mint 17.3 works fine on the same machine.
    Mint 18 looks great otherwise.

  158. Hi , i installed linux mint sarah , how can i get drivers for my vga card Intel Gma 3650? Best regards, Romeu Monteiro

  159. I jumped on the Mintwagon at 15, and never looked back. I just gotta say, 18 ( Mate ) has so far, from a clean install, been the best, smoothest, most stable version for me to date.

    Kudos, and thanks to everyone involved in rolling out what is already my favorite version, of my favorite OP.

  160. Still not working – Calibre

    “Failed to create system tray icon, your desktop environment probably does not support the StatusNotifier spec
    Started up in *.92 seconds with *** books”

  161. udisks problem (new in LM18 MATE)?

    “Unable to mount Music (Main)”

    Sees partition that doesn’t exist, under 17-17.3 no problem

  162. I did what I guess should be called a stale upgrade from 17.3–similar to a fresh upgrade using the ISO but without formatting my / partition. I upgraded the kernel to 4.4.0-31 when it was suggested. I have had problems with 18: the whole system freezes, or it kicks me out to the log-in screen, or the screen goes black with flashing horizontal rectangles. Often this happens during GTK programs (including GIMP, not doing a cage transform), but sometimes not. I’ve verified this also occurs with kernel 4.4.0-21. Kangaroo PC (Intel® Atom™ x5-Z8500 CPU @ 1.44GHz × 4, 2GB RAM)

  163. —English—

    I found that this bug is related to the menu editor, because it happened in another distribution with XFCE to install menulibre and delete the shortcut, the entire menu has been reset!

    I apologize for saying it was bug mintMenu. Still, the bug persists. The solution at the moment is to find another way to edit the menu.

    Thanks for listening.

    descobri que este bug esta relacionado ao editor de menu, pois o mesmo aconteceu em outra distribuição com XFCE ao instalar o menulibre e deletar o atalho, todo o menu foi resetado!

    peço desculpas por dizer que era bug do mintmenu. Ainda sim, o bug persiste. A solução no momento, seja a de encontrar outra forma de editar o menu.

    Obrigado pela atenção

  164. Bug Report I Installed Linuxmint 18 on my moms Toshiba Laptop everything seems to work just fine except there is a bug in Xplayer
    when you enable visualizations no matter which visualization you choose
    none are shown while playing music totem on linuxmint 17.3 does not have this problem
    i hope Clem that you can get this fixed soon
    and i suggest that 18.1 be a bugfix release
    and one more thing i,am not impressed with the way the upgrade from 17.3 to 18 works i tried it and messed up her computer and had to do a fresh install i suggest that when linuxmint 19 comes out to have a release upgrader that works the way Ubuntu’s does
    take your time and have a GUI updater like Ubuntu
    i know that Linuxmint like to deviate from the Ubuntu way of doing things but as far as the release upgrader goes i think the Ubuntu way is better one problem many people want to upgrade to the new release but the command line is going to turn them off and even experienced users that try to upgrade via the command line will risk breaking there system and I,m sure many have broken there systems trying to upgrade from 17.3 to 18
    all in all Linuxmint is a very good operating system and I,am proud to be running it on my system as well as my moms
    and thank you all for you hard work and dedication
    and may the upgrade path from 18.3 to 19 be easier and better than this one from 17.3 to 18
    by the way i love the new mint-y theme i like all three versions mint-y mint-y dark and mint-y darker

  165. I want the multimedia support back please. I use the live distro all time for playing things on computers where I do not want to install an OS one. Please bring them back!

  166. BIG bug – bluetooth (tested on Lenovo)

    Can send file(s) to mobiles (2 tested), but CANNOT receive any FROM device.

    Installation of “old” (previous) blueman, send under “Local Services” -> transfer settings ->tick “accept files from trusted sources”


  167. This is actually about upcoming Mint 18 KDE since I don’t know where else to put my comment.

    I’ve noticed that Mint 17.x KDE is GOOD about NOT having screen flicker.
    That’s why I’m using Mint KDE instead of any other KDE. Other ones flicker. Please take your time so Mint 18 KDE will also have the best display. Thank you.

  168. @229 LMdonations: You are right! same situation here… bluetooth can sent files to mobiles but cannot recieve.

    I also encounter another problem with network manager also! The first time I boot in LM 18 all WiFi networks are shown properly when I click on the network icon. But when I unckeck “Enable Networking” (or Enable WiFi) and recheck it again, all WiFi networks dissapear!!! Does anyone else encounter the same problem?

    LM 18 is installed on a Lenovo G50-80 Laptop

  169. Bug for multi-screen Cinammon?

    Nice work on LM18!
    I just noticed a weird behaviour using two screens (Laptop and other). Second screen works fine, I can move windows there and work with those, but in extended mode:
    – second screen is always primary
    – mouse right click fails to bring up menu on the laptop screen
    – Desktop symbols and contents of ~/Desktop/* are only visible on the second screen if configuration is left:second screen, right:laptop.
    – Desktop symbols disappear (applets stay) if left:laptop, right:second screen.

    Weird. Unfortunately I can’t try to reproduce this on another computer, but maybe someone else reading this can give it a try…


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