MintBox 2 available in Europe

MintBox 2 is finally available in Europe and can be ordered directly from Amazon:

This is great news for European customers as they no longer need to order from Israel or from the USA, thus saving on customs and shipping.

Note about stocks: Some of you already spotted it on Amazon. We had to delay this announcement as we ran out of stock. This is the 2nd shipment, but as I’m writing this, there are only 4 units left in Germany, and they’re already gone in the UK. We’ll get in touch with CompuLab regarding a 3rd shipment. If you’re interested in this product and can’t get your hands on it, please contact CompuLab for info on upcoming stock.

Update from CompuLab: “Next shipment to is scheduled for Sunday 23-Mar. It is expected to be available 31-Mar. UK and DE is actually served by the same warehouse in Germany. We are still working on the listing at Amazon UK, but UK residents can order anytime from”


  1. What about North Africa !!! I can help you sell it in Tunisia if you want me too!but first Ihave to get one for me!lol

  2. Glad to know Mint Box 2 is going places. (literally as well!) I take every opportunity to share to all that am a very happy Mint Box 2 user (my review below)and it is my primary desktop with Cinnamon Petra.
    I have a 24 inch LED Monitor, Logitech wireless KB + Mouse with JBL bluetooth speaker as accessories. Perfect for my media and browsing needs. An IR remote would have been a great addition! Thankfully, my wireless keyboard has media keys.

    Clem – You may want to update Mint Box 2 details in Mint store site

    Edit by Clem: Ah thanks Anand. Note that Cinnamon 2.2 should feature MPRIS2 support (the sound applet already does, but so will cinnamon-settings-daemon for your media keys).

  3. @Clem – Great. Not sure if its is related, i have had issues with VLC**, Supertuxkart not recognizing my keyboard media keysin Cinnamon. But other Videos application Totem recognized and it worked wellautomatically. Since i wanted to use VLC (better subtitle search plugin), I had to disable Cinnamon global key settings (else it would conflict), set VLC keyboard short, then revert back Cinnamon settings. But faced one challenge there – play/pause is one physical button and can not set XF86AudioPlay and XF86AudioPause to one key. (not allowed in settings). So, downloaded dconf-editor, reset to default values and at last made both VLC and Cinnamon use media keys. Maybe a stupid and complex path took but it worked at last.

  4. I picked up a MintBOx 2 last November and it is awesome! Well work the price to have such a compact, fanless system, chocked full of expansion possibilities.

  5. Thats great news about mint Box 2. Having owned a mint box 1 for 7 or so months, they are a very nice computer. The thing I like is their portability and versatility

    It would be nice to see some announcements about recommended versions of Mint for mint box 1 ie legacy info and recommended versions for mint box 2. I have had great success with Mint 16 xfce.

    All the best for mint Box 2,


  6. Firstly, I am very glad to see more puters coming with Linux pre-installed on them, that is great. This looks nice and compact.

    One big caveat for me though, I have used intel processors for many years, but I first switched to AMD a couple years a go and it was a night and day experience for me. Since using AMD, I have zero intentions on going back to intel (these were always problems for me). Also a big plus is the AMD graphics cards…awesome, and intel is a big MEH, nothing special. So bottom line, as nice as this Mint Box looks, if it has a intel processor, I shall look elsewhere. YMMV 🙂

  7. @ CinnaBun: yeah, right. Particularly with Intel’s latest moves and total M$ obedience they slowly turn out to be a real threat to any Linux based system. Sooner or later we all have to switch over to AMD I guess. Just AMD graphics are a big no-no for me, the drivers are real crappola. Nvidia is much better integrated in Linux.

    MintBox II is nice, although I preferred the more boxy looks of MintBox I. But it’s too expensive anyway.

  8. Why would I want to buy this with Ivy Bridge, when I can buy the IPC2 directly from CompuLab which has a Haswell instead with better performance?

  9. @ badie: I know, right. Intel is doing some creepy things, if your running any other OS besides windows, example the integration of MacAfee (shivers) and other things that are non-windows friendly.

    I do disagree about, AMD graphics, for me they are great, there are always room for improvement. Like I said YMMV. At the latest GDC, there are major good things coming from AMD.

    I had wondered for a while, why LT gave nvidia the finger. Well, I found out for sure last year and as recent as January 2014. Testing different nvidia card setups, final results, on all counts nvidia for me was nothing but a big PITA. Again, YMMV.

    On the final point, MintBox 2 looks wise, to me is way better. I like the streamlined versus box type. I can agree with you on the price issue. Yes, too much for the type of specs (I don’t like them.), overall not very competitively priced. Should be less, even more so, because there is no windows license fee to be dinged with. But a kick back to LM is cool. Well, here’s hoping for the next release. 🙂

  10. What is the hype about the mintbox? The hardware specs are inferior to many other mini pc but the price is right up there with Zotac’s I7 and iMac mini offerings. From what I hear compulab’s after sales service is bad, too.
    Why not just get another decent mini pc and put on Linux Mint, donate the difference to Linux Mint, if you feel like?

  11. Could Compulab serve also (France)?
    It would be very nice, because for a french native speaker, it’s not easy to order safely from a website written in german…

    Compulab pourrait-il approvisionner aussi (France)
    Ce serait très apprécié car pour un français ne parlant pas allemand, ce n’est pas facile de commander sans se tromper un article sur un site rédigé en allemand …

    Edit by Clem: C’est pas facile en effet, je ne parle pas Allemand non plus. CompuLab essaye tant bien mal que mal d’approvisionner Amazon avec plus de stock pour l’Europe. Pour l’instant le lien sur ne fonctionne pas, et le lien sur est en rupture de stock. Il s’agit toutefois du meme stock (meme entrepot). Une fois le stock reapprovisionne je vous conseille d’utiliser C’est en livres sterling, mais au moins c’est en Anglais. La grande tragedie pour l’Europe en terme de commerce c’est que l’Irlande, qui parle a la fois l’Anglais et utilise l’Euro, ne dispose pas d’Amazon. Ca aurait ete parfait sinon. Je vais demander a CompuLab s’il est possible de simplement traduire le produit et de le presenter en Euro sur les autres portails Europeens Amazon tels que J’ignore la complexite du processus, je sais cependant que CompuLab a mis enormement de temps a reussir a distribuer en Europe.

  12. Got the last one on Arrived today – with foreign (maybe American) electric plug. Luckily I had one, saved from an old printer which fits. It’s a great little machine. I love it.

    Edit by Clem: Hi Jason, sorry about this. Please contact CompuLab about this so they send you the right adapter.

  13. “This is great news for European customers as they no longer need to order from Israel or from the USA, thus saving on customs and shipping”
    US: 599 USD (435 EUR)
    EU: 599 EUR

    Am I missing something? Where is the saving? It is still cheaper to order from the US and pay customs and shipping…

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