MintBox 2 available in Europe

MintBox 2 is finally available in Europe and can be ordered directly from Amazon:

This is great news for European customers as they no longer need to order from Israel or from the USA, thus saving on customs and shipping.

Note about stocks: Some of you already spotted it on Amazon. We had to delay this announcement as we ran out of stock. This is the 2nd shipment, but as I’m writing this, there are only 4 units left in Germany, and they’re already gone in the UK. We’ll get in touch with CompuLab regarding a 3rd shipment. If you’re interested in this product and can’t get your hands on it, please contact CompuLab for info on upcoming stock.

Update from CompuLab: “Next shipment to is scheduled for Sunday 23-Mar. It is expected to be available 31-Mar. UK and DE is actually served by the same warehouse in Germany. We are still working on the listing at Amazon UK, but UK residents can order anytime from”