mintInstall 5.1

5 little improvements were added to mintInstall 5:

  • A progress bar now appears when mintInstall is refreshing/loading
  • A new button called “Versions” lets you see the packages and repositories defined by the mint file, and for each package the available and installed versions.
  • The error message shown at startup was replaced with an information message asking you to refresh the application.
  • All tables now show rows with alternate colours
  • Email addresses are hidden within reviews ( shows as j…

If you missed the announcement about mintInstall 5, read here:

MintInstall 5.1 is available in Romeo. If you don’t have Romeo enabled you can get the debs from here:

Let us know what you think, report any bug you may find and have a lot of fun with this brand new mintInstall.

To translate mintInstall 5.1 into your own language, use this forum thread:


  1. The 5.1 deb didn’t work for me. I got a message saying “Error: dependency not satisfiable: mintsystem.”

    Do I have to install this through terminal? I just double-clicked the deb in my Downloads folder–I thought that was how you were supposed to do it.

  2. More: when I try to install in terminal, it refuses because supposedly I need mintsystem >= 5.3, and I only have 1.3. But AFAICS, 1.3 is the latest version available. Not sure what’s going on.

  3. Nice job.
    This time refresh has been very fast.
    Just one think to improve for non english users, with french language, and perhaps others, categories remain in english.
    I don’t see the ability to translate them in the link above.
    Any idea ?

  4. Well, categories come from the portal.. so it’s not software per say, it’s data. However, we could think of a filter which would translate known keywords.. and we could guarantee that this works fine with the default portal (mint’s one). I take note and we’ll probably implement that for mintinstall 5.2.

  5. Isn’t it wonderful to be able to make a suggestion on a feature in a distribution and know that the head developer not only hears what you have to say, but may very well implement your suggestion within a week or so providing it has merit? That’s what Linux Mint is about. The improvements we now see in mintinstall 5.1 are a perfect example of this. It’s no wonder why so many people are nuts for this distro. There’s a very special chemistry going on here between the Linux Mint user community and the development team and is unlike anything I’ve ever seen or experienced before. Kudos to you Clem for cultivating such an atmosphere and for inspiring users to become active in making this product better and better. What you are doing here is very special. We the users see it and acknowledge it as so. Thank you!

  6. rlindsey0: You need to install mintsystem 5.3 first.

    Tom: The support, the feedback, the ideas, the promotion, the momentum… the community provides what make this distribution successful. This should be an IT law: “Its community is a distribution’s most precious asset”. To best tools we’ve written were designed or based on ideas coming from the community. And even when the idea actually comes from me, it always gets better once confronted with user feedback. 5.1 is a perfect example of this, it’s an “immediately better” version, straight after 5.0, thanks to only one thing: the feedback given by the people who tested 5.0.

  7. I agree wholeheartedly with Tom Wyker! Thank you Clem for the versions button, and the other improvements as well. I am simply amazed at how quickly you have managed to implement the suggestions from the community.

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  9. I tried installing linuxmint5 on my T6212 emachine. It runs a Athlon64 3200 processor and won’t go past the log in screen. When I try to boot from live CD it asks me for user ID and PW. AT LIVEBOOT. I tried everything. root, guest. nothing worked. i’ve read this is an inherent problem with ubuntu. Any suggestions? All are greatly appreciated. Should I try a different mint versino? 4.0 works great, however with linuxmint5 and ubuntu 8.04 It doesn’t allow me to boot from liveCD and get past the login user ID screen.

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