Elyssa KDE Community Edition RC1 (BETA 045) released

Linux Mint 5 Elyssa KDE CE RC1 (BETA 045) was released today.

Links: Release Notes 

Please report bugs here in the forums:  http://www.linuxmint.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=0&t=15612

Have fun and don’t hesitate to send us comments and feedback.


  1. Will there be a perceptible difference between Daryna & Elyssa to warrant a full upgrade, once the KDE full stable is released?

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  3. I loved the last version of KDE Mint, but hopefuly the stable release of Elyssa KDE Mint will have fewer bugs than Daryna, or be bug free. Keep up the Good work. Oh, & how about adding VLC.


  4. Given the fact this is nearly 4 month delayed compared with (K)ubuntu 8.04 I’ve lost interest and moved to Kubuntu with KDE 4.1. I’m not patient enough to wait until February 2009 for a Linux Mint with KDE 4.1. Also with a one person team (Boo) for Linux Mint KDE you are not able to keep up with major distribution so KDE will always be delayed and with potential bugs.
    Maybe when the Linux KDE team will have more than 10 engineers working full time it will be a project ready for prime time.


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  6. I just downloaded linux mint 4.0 kde but when i use it with the live cd there is this signal saying something of the KDE BUG. How can i fix it.
    I need help please1! Can somebody tell me how to fix it! It took me 3 days to download linux mint from a torrent and this is the second time.

  7. Quite amazing on the visual affect front, some minor glitches involving the KDE interface but those can be fixed quite easily, thanks boo for the release :3

  8. Should I download and reinstall, or just upgrade the system? I have the first RC1 of daryna, released a few months ago…thanks!

  9. I use LM for a while but never used the KDE version, I was blown away!

    The Live CD is very responsive and the whole looking it’s pretty, including the menu.

    I had problems enabling Compiz but I think it’s solvable.

    I will wait for the release version and I think I will move to the KDE version.

    Great job!


  10. I was pacient and waited for KDE CE 5 RC1 Elyssa release.

    Light running as a Live Dvd
    Easy rolling installation
    No bugs found yet…
    Excellent artwork

    Great job!

    Congrats Boo, exploder and the team

  11. Howdy! There is nowhere to download this from! All the download links (well, all the ones I tried, about 6 or 7) do not have a link to or mention anywhere the KDE edition. Even the md5sums.txt files don’t mention them. The torrent lists only the regular and lite editions.


    Thank you!! BTW, I *always* recommend Mint first to anyone asking “What distro should I use”. Mint is, well, what can I say, the mintiest distro. (Actually, truth be told, as far as flavors go, I’m not too crazy about “mint” as a flavor, but no one here probably cares)


  12. Oops! Never mind, found it.

    The release is downloadable from the *beta* directory on one of the download mirrors.

    It is true, however, that there is no torrent listed on the link to the torrents page.

    Thanks again! Bye

  13. Radu –

    Are your crazy? The difference between KDE 4.0.x and KDE 4.1 is that 4.0.x is pretty much totally unusable. 4.1.x just sucks but is usable if you’re willing to give up a lot of functionality from the 3.5 tree in return for some badly done eye candy and a bunch of half-baked ideas. Compare that to KDE 3.0, which met or exceeded all KDE 2 functionality on release day and looked far better, too. KDE 3.0 switched me from GNOME to KDE. KDE 4 is likely to switch me from KDE to something. Don’t know what yet. Maybe go back to Englightenment, which I used many years ago.

    Mint looks to be keeping KDE 3.5 around longer than Kubuntu will, so I may actually switch over from Kubuntu.

    Mint is looking pretty minty to me about now 🙂

  14. I think we’ve overcome most of the problems that slowed down the release. We had to find solutions for some oddities that will continue to be used so I hope the next time it’s a bit faster …

  15. I loved mint4 but it seemed to be bloated on MY system. I tried the mint5 but it too seemed bloated. I then tried Ubuntu, not really liking gnome, after a few days of personalization, I’m liking it better and better. I Ubuntu starts giving me trouble, I’ll probably try Mint5 KDE.

    Thanx to everyone in Linux land in all the distros. with out all the hard work of the front line guys and girls, we users wouldn’t stand a chance.

    Long live Linux, no matter what your flavor whether it be Mint or chocolate (Ubuntu).

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