Linux Mint 14 “Nadia” KDE RC released!

The team is proud to announce the release of Linux Mint 14 KDE RC.

Linux Mint 14 KDE

KDE is a vibrant, innovative, advanced, modern looking and full-featured desktop environment. This edition features all the improvements from the latest Linux Mint release on top of KDE 4.9.

New features:

For a complete overview and to see screenshots of the new features, visit: “What’s new in Linux Mint 14 KDE“.

Important info:

Make sure to read the “Release Notes” to be aware of important info or known issues related to this release:

  • PAE required for 32-bit ISO
  • AMD Radeon HD2xxx-4xxx series card
  • Additional drivers
  • KPPP
  • Ubiquity present post-install
  • Mouse integration in Virtualbox
  • Moonlight
  • mint4win
  • CD images
  • GnomePPP and local repository

System requirements:

  • x86 processor (Linux Mint 64-bit requires a 64-bit processor. Linux Mint 32-bit works on both 32-bit and 64-bit processors).
  • 512 MB RAM (1GB recommended for a comfortable usage).
  • 5 GB of disk space
  • Graphics card capable of 800×600 resolution
  • CD/DVD drive or USB port

Bug reports:

Please report any bug you may find by leaving a comment on this blog.


Md5 sum:

  • 32-bit: d26e6b4e01d89b80649e0466d0b4693d
  • 64-bit: bc547494b47db56037ae65239815b221


HTTP Mirrors for the 32-bit DVD ISO:

HTTP Mirrors for the 64-bit DVD ISO:


We look forward to receiving your feedback. Thank you for using Linux Mint and have a lot of fun testing the release candidate!


  1. Installing right now in a virtualbox. Seems okay so far. I’m playing spot the difference, and I can’t find a single one. I guess all the changes are “under the bonnet,” right? 🙂

  2. A couple of minor issues, but first congrats (and thank you) to the team for what is shaping up to be the best Linux Mint KDE release since Elyssa!

    1) The system clock is white on a very light background (see screenshot above).

    2) It’s possible that I am missing something and that this may have been done on purpose, but it seems odd to include Digikam but not Kipi Plugins.

  3. Great news! Except now I’m jealous. I want KDE 4.9 in LMDE> 🙁

    Any change we can safely do an in-place upgrade with this? I really hate blowing away a VM just to get it upgraded.

  4. Yay. Downloading now. Thank you. I should note the 64 bit torrent didn’t seem to want to work. Not a problem for me to use a mirror; just in case it happens to someone else, you know about it. Thanks again and congratulations.

  5. ¡¡¡Thanks!!!
    I really was waiting for this.
    Linux Mint KDE is perfect for those who are migrating from Windows -like me, less than a month in Linux-. I do not have enough time to learn in depth Linux, and Mint makes really easy the change.
    Downloading now (changing from lm13kde)…

    Just two wishful thinking.

    I would like to see full integration of wine/winetrics/mono on LinuxMint to make easy for people recently coming from Windows to install the few programs (including games) that are not easily found on Linux (for example, good RPG games, a good CAD -maybe I will try BricsCad-, and a few very specific utilities).

    And second, a small manual with the most common/most useful commands for the terminal specifically for Mint, for those who are beginning… just to make the beginning in the linux mint.. a little bit easy. (I know “google it” “check in forum”, but… is just a wishful think).


  6. Thanks Clem for this release. Hope die hard LM’s Gnome users give it a fair try. Is no way for me to go back to Gnome, KDE really rocks!

  7. Great! Nadia is the best release yet. I am currently running the Cinnamon version (which is superb btw…love where Cinnamon is going), but I also have a spot in my heart for KDE. I’ll probably wait for the final, but it is really great to see the KDE release of 14 coming to light. Thanks for this!

  8. I downloaded the 32-bit torrent. Unetbootin didn’t like it. Going to try a direct download now as I see mention of an issue with the 64-bit torrent as well.

  9. Thanks everybody for making this release possible. Mint KDE is my favorite distro. It’s what I’ve been using every day for years now. Also, I’ve gotten a lot of my Windows & Apple user friends to switch over to Mint KDE in the last few years. Keep up the great work.



  10. I have many KDE versions checked, seen that every version ot it was so unrealistic, unrational, uneffective that I wonder how Mint leading team (they have made such good works) are loosing time and energie on such sensless theme. KDE should be looked only as a child-toy, and taken not seriously into consideration.

  11. Great news!

    Unfortunately we have capped broadband down here in NZ… so I’m going to have to wait until it goes gold. But what it does mean is that I don’t have to keep grafting a few good apps into the cinnamon version.

    Strangely – the only thing I hate about KDE is the ‘breadcrumbs’; I liked the back arrow in the menus – it was obvious – and faster – than having to go up to the top of the menu block each time to go back up the menus…. It’s almost like Windows 8 – more keystrokes or mouse clicks or motions to get the same work done….. I wonder what idiot came up with that stupid idea……?

  12. ‘are loosing time and energie on such sensless theme.’

    What a classic! And I needed a good laugh tonight!

    There’s room for all sorts of DE’s…. and KDE’s one of the good ones! Gnome, Cinnamon and KDE are all great – but I use Kdenlive for a lot of work – and it makes sense to have it running on its native DE rather than having to graft it onto another DE with a load of extra KDE libs…..

    Anyway – some of the KDE DE gives you useful features like ‘Open a terminal here…’; I’ve not found that in Nautilus or other file browsers…..

  13. This distro is perfect for me,kde is very good,all is simple and easy to configure.I don’t like install a distro and after begin to learn how to work in it,in mint all is easy,so is in the number one

  14. My monitor goes black after 10 minutes, despite setting the screensaver to 60 minutes. Anyone else got the same problem?

  15. Please, get the Nvidia HDMI sound working out of the box !
    Or explain how to get it working.
    In all tastes of Mint.
    Thanks, H.

  16. meh

    The Kde edition of Mint doesn’t really receive any innovation as opposed to the main edition…. just another kubuntu base with a mint theme… I don’t understand why Blue Systems would waste their money sponsoring this project… anybody can take kubuntu and slap the mint additions on top and call it “Linux Mint Kde Edition”

  17. er change the green splash to a blue one?

    all i’m looking for is a KDE desktop with ubuntu repo compatibility and sensible default apps, this might be the one, cheers.

    Edit by Clem: Just a quick note to confirm that the artwork for isolinux and plymouth will be blue indeed in the stable release.

  18. Sade (#7),

    Never believe the “Minimum requirements”. Realistically, you’ll need 2.0 GB memory for 32-bit editions and 4.0 GB memory for 64-bit editions. You can get away with only 1.0 GB for the 32-bit editions but you’ll find you’ll use that up fairly quickly especially if you’re running on-board graphics that share physical memory.

  19. one more little visual complaint: the kde login screen background jumps awkwardly (probably due to a resolution resize). i just changed the splash to something else to clean up desktop login. i’d recommend removing the background, looks bad. not the desktop background, the login one.
    also Iremoved the green mint startup screen by editing grub.cfg for now.

    not sure about appearance of GTK apps (Thunderbird, Opera?) but this may be a general KDE problem, not sure if they can look better?

    keep up the good work!

  20. Still some green Linux Mint logos that should be blue in the KDE version. That’s all I have to complain about LOL.

    Thanks Clem.

  21. I am really enjoying this release! For me the application selection is perfect. My ATI graphics on my laptop works great with this release because it is more or less using compiz. I love the Cinnamon edition but it gives me a lot of problems because of the way compositing works with the ATI drivers.

    Plymouth works perfectly on my laptop and my main computer! The regular Mint logo in Plymouth looks fine to me. All of the right click features in Dolphin are great! I have upgraded KDE to 4.9.4 on both machines without a bit of trouble. The newer version of KDE seems to reduce memory use a little and it is slightly faster.

    The icons in this release look especially nice. I like the folder icons in this release, KDE’s native folder icons do not look all that great but the ones used in this release look so much cleaner. The KDM screen looks good too and I like not having to type in my username every time I logon.

    I really appreciate the work that has gone into this edition, it has gotten me to like KDE again. Lots of little things make this edition a pleasure to use. Very fine work!

    Edit by Clem: Thanks Don, credits go to Fred for the attention to detail on KDE 🙂

  22. are the latest updates to kde workspace available throw the backposts repos? im using LM13 Maya KDE 🙂

    latest update from KDE team seems to be 4.9.4. i think from a few days ago…..

  23. Every release of KDE I try has the same problem, how in the world do you move the panel icons where you want them?

  24. another visual thing (because there’s very little functionally wrong with this that i can find so far!) – whoever decided the taskbar icons should be white on a white bar? hmmm! please make them darker or something, very hard to see. this is another KDE stock problem you can fix maybe?

  25. My most sincere congratulations to the Linux Mint Team again did a great job with Linux Mint KDE. I tried the RC, and it really is brilliant. Congratulations!

  26. MintKDE 14 32bit instaler crash on VirtualBox 512Mb ram.

    Edit by Clem: Please find the cause of the crash (usually in dmesg or /var/log/syslog).

  27. noticed a nasty glitch in Task Manager (The main applet in the bottom panel). if you run an app twice, you get duplicate buttons on the task manager, these don’t work and eventually time out. looks bad and confusing for less technical users who click want to click the original app icon to return to it. i’m guessing again this is a KDE bug rather than Mint specific but anyone here have a fix?

    installer: worked fine, did a fairly complex 6 partition setup on one Vista HDD with no crashes and even intelligently spotted that i’d left one partition blank, asked if i meant to do that. full marks 🙂

  28. Oh! I have A problem with update manager…
    “Failed to fetch 404 Not Found [IP: 80]Failed to fetch 404 Not Found [IP: 80]Failed to fetch 404 Not Found [IP: 80]Failed to fetch…”
    🙁 anyone help me? Thanks!

  29. This isnt a troll but can someone explain to me why Mint and not Kubuntu?
    Saw this asked on OStatic and a superficial glance doesnt show much but a few icons.


  30. Did KDE solve the issues with Dolphin:
    Inline editing instead of the so appreciated editing window
    No longer having variable icon sizes in the left column when changing the width of the column

    Furthermore I still don’t understand why people are so eager to install this version, or any other Mint version for that matter. Half a year ago a 5-year supported LTS version was released and now everyone is shouting for a new version, a RC version btw.
    What is the use of having LTS versions when after 6 months they are dumped anyway?
    I would suggest to only have LTS versions, one per 2 year, with 5 years support. Then people really use the LTS versions for a longer period of time and the software guys (and girls?) really have time to come up with a rock-solid release, one which is tested through and through. Maybe then we will have a release which does not crash so often. It would be much better for Mint and for Linux in general when the stability of the releases would be improved.

  31. i kind of agree with the above. the problem is, if you go with the LTS, my experience is that you find loads of bugs that have been fixed in the newer release, and have to look for backports, AND you have to add loads of repos just to update your most important apps (LibreOffice etc) to the latest versions. this happened for 10.04 and 10.10 – i ended up using 10.10 everywhere because it was much less buggy. not sure what 12.04 is like but my experience has been it’s the one after the big release that works. this doesn’t reflect well on Linux either really, i’m not sure what solution is if we can’t get all app makers to continue supporting older versions. they all just seem to move on every 6 months!

  32. I have to agree with the two posters above, sorry but i’m getting sick of all these new releases coming out so quickly.


    – Flash makes CPU usage spike to 100% and only after a few minutes it goes down to about 15-20%.

    – QuickTime plugin doesn’t work (try any video on

    – Then again, Intel Sandy Bridge on i3 Processor don’t know if that’s relevant

    – Awful Gwenview slow loading bug finally rid of! GREAT!!! 😀

    – Other than that, it looks good! 🙂

  34. For me Nadia has been a wonderful version and I respect all the effort and especially appreciate the generosity of everyone involved. I have been running Cinnamon 32 on an old box since the RC and really like it but have also been running Maya KDE 64 on a laptop and am liking it more every time I use it. When the final is released I’ll switch it to Nadia KDE and be happy I have two computers because it would be very hard to choose between them.

    If I didn’t find new releases exciting and look forward to trying them out I’d probably slap on a LTS and for 5 years be doing something besides posting release comments.

  35. Installed it in VB. Sometime it does not remember my shortcut icons set on the desktop and if I tried to add again it say “this action would overwrite ‘/usr/share/applications/firefox.desktop” with itself and please enter a new file name. Even if I do so, it still does not show my desktop shortcuts. But no problem of my shortcuts set on the panel. After four-five restart it sometimes shows my shortcuts.

    Otherwise it is a good release compared to recent previous releases of LM KDE. I like the firewall (ufw) kde adaptation, it looks good.

    And yes I also agree with DeMus and Smiff.

  36. @ Smiff. But why do you always need the latest version of something? When a version works stick to it, you don’t need to have to very latest version.

  37. @Fred : Thanks for putting your efforts for smaller details. After applying ‘glassified’ theme, the details speaks for themselves, specially the details on mouse hovering on panel apps/ icons etc. and not to mention the overall theme of kde as other user reported above and the smoothness of effects. Right now this seems to be the best KDE implementation.

    This time around it seems the standard of KDE is raised by Linux Mint, so the default wallpapers does not go along nicely with this kde version. They are not required. So the workaround is on google just search for ‘desktop wallpapers hd’ and from the result pics install some good wallpaper, apply it and Wow!. Now the real look of KDE comes out.

    Thanks Fred for putting all this efforts. Regards.

  38. The side effect of ‘glassified’ theme is that widgets becomes too much transparent, so the users may not try to install it.

  39. @DeMus because i keep finding critical bugs, for example MS office compatibility breakers in LO. if you contact the app author, 9/10 they tell you to use the latest version, either because it’s fixed or to see if it’s fixed. it’s not updating for the hell of it, actually i try the LTS first.. in other words, the LTS releases may be supported for OS security updates, but not for their apps, and it’s apps that matter most to users. slightly OT sorry.

    now KDE, it runs great, much smoother than Cinnamon my old machines and still pretty, but immediately i can see 3 or 4 bugs (some detailed above) that i can’t believe got through testing, like those two glaring issues with the taskbar!

  40. DeMus

    i have the same opinion. will be better to have only the lts versions because the quality is higher and mint team will gain time. ubuntu 12.10 contains a lot of regressions and cannot be compared with 12.04. in fact in between till the next lts ubuntu has only betas.
    this new kde 4.9.4 is very good. only from the last version they correct 71 bugs. with mint maya 13 kde 4.9.4 and kernel everything is working very good and is by far the best mint lts.

    to install a new system means to have another bugs like now in this new ubuntu. who takes all the updates -kernel updates too- will have no problem with lts version. to add a repo is a matter of 1 time copy and paste. to install a new libre office is also a matter of copy and paste (2 lines) and before this to read two lines of instructions.
    veryyyy complicated!! 🙂
    a new kde means updates for apps. windows gives updates only for the system and not for apps. nothing new here.

    the sources of many bugs and problems are inappropriate installations and very old computers.

  41. anyone else having problems getting SAMBA lan printing to work (and file share access also)? i have applied all updates in update mananger. not running in a VM. never had problems doing this with Gnome. nothing happens when printing test page, no jobs show in CUPS either. hmm.

  42. I am running 13 with KDE and Cinnamon installed over MATE. Cinnamon is coming along nicely, but KDE is still the best desktop for me by a fairly wide margin. One thing Plasma does lack is a really good menu for the panel, however, which is one of the things that I do like about Cinnamon. I find the native KDE menu awkward, and while Lancelot is OK, it’s not as fluid as either the Cinnamon menu or MintMenu. Would the developers here consider porting either of these to a KDE widget version?

    Thanks for everything related to Mint; nicest OS I’ve ever used.

  43. Amazing – I’ve just moved from Mint 14 Cinnamon and I am staying on KDE! Now if they could get LMDE with KDE to work as well as this does on my machine – DREAM COME TRUE.

  44. I have been a long time fan of Linux Mint. I love the direction of cinnamon and I love KDE and long for them to merge their separate but great features and advantages. Glad to see this release and will download it when it is stable. I had heard many bragging about other OSes and I decided to compare them to Linux Mint and I have to say Linux Mint, for my tastes, is far the better experience in terms of stability user friendliness and configurability (for the less informed like myself). I won’t name the other distros except to say that they were all ubuntu based, as I didn’t want to mess up my boot configuration. Clem and his team never brag, and never over state what they have. They don’t have to, their final products speak for themselves. I love all the creativity out there in Linux, but I believe we need more joint projects and more funding to really compete, and we can start by everyone donating regularly even a small amount to this great Linux team.

  45. je n’arrive pas à installer Playonlinux Voici le message d’erreur : PlayOnLinux cannot find 7z (from P7ZIP full)

    You should install it to use PlayOnLinux

    et plus loin : Error in POL_Wine
    Wine semble avoir planté
    Merci de résoudre ce problème.
    Vous êtes formidable

  46. Option for a installing distribution russian language but after installing the distribution is mostly in english.

    You should install the packages:
    libreoffice-| 10n-ru

    And to change the settings:
    System Setting – Locale – Preffered Languages ​​-> Russian

    I do not know with other languages but I think that for beginners it would be easier to automate.

  47. above can be worked around as explained on forum for other release (install wine-gecko first, then winetricks).

    found a fairly major limitation which again is a KDE issue but you could provide a fix and thus make Mint KDE considerably better: no fast user switching! it spawns a new session every time. this is not at all what users would want or expect. i think there’s a 3rd party plasmoid (?) for this, see if the author will let you bundle that. and include it in the default desktop.

    astonishing this is not part of default desktop in 2012, and suggests that no one testing KDE shares a PC with anyone else?!

  48. I am happy with LINUXMINT14NADIA .working excellently. but now while I work on libr office writer suddenly it cuts off screen.Also while I browse net suddenly the screen goes blue and says some bugs …e tc in screen. then i have to switch off and restart again. Can some one advice me as to : (a) Is there a method of rehashing the configuration or installed features? if yes give details how to go about it.- repair the system; or update it etc. (b) I am not very expert in computers, just knows menu driven things. ( shallow knowledge). help me. even you can email me. Thanks

  49. Looks like a cool release.

    Message Indicator does not seem to work for me though neither with kopete nor telepathy. Am i missing something?

  50. can anyone tell me how to install acroread please?

    using precise partner repo, wants to add way too many dependencies.

    using portis25 ppa wants to install 16 and upgrade 4 including gimp and libcairo2, which seems a bit weird too?

    anyone tried installing official adobe reader?

  51. I just finished the installation after so many trials. I don’t know if the fault was with me, but it remained frozen after three trials. The fourth finally got successful. I am looking forward to enjoy it.

  52. KDE is the best desktop environment available and Linux Mint KDE is something special. You look at the Gnome and all the forks and variation due to its short comings whereas KDE is rock solid and fully customizable. I also never cared about the minimum requirement. A work computer should at least have 8GB of RAM if you want to do serious work. I have a Toshiba laptop with a dual core Pentium processor with 3GB of RAM and the Linux Mint 14 Cinnamon worked great on it but for my desktop that has core i7 and 16GB RAM, KDE is fantastic.

    I use Linux Mint KDE 13 for both the work and home computer for many months and I love it. Thanks for the mint team for their great work !!

  53. a huge number of level3 updates have landed in last couple of days. anyone running the RC tried installing them?
    system running well, not keen to break (also i need to learn how to make system backup!).

  54. Citrix receiver doesn’t work on KDE RC, but it does on the previously released cinnamon build.

    I’ve formatted my test bench twice and kept trying. Could be openmotif though as the interface was vanishing into my default wallpaper.

    Yet a basic install, no other software or drivers installed, this works in 14 cinnamon. I’ve then added installed kde-full to my cinnamon box, logged into that and citrix receiver STILL works.


  55. is it impossible to select main menu items using only the keyboard? also default shortcut to open menu of ALT+F1 i think is not natural, shouldn’t it be CTRL+ESC or something? thanks.

  56. to clarify above, you can navigate the menu with arrow keys, but try pressing ENTER on favourite items. nothing happens for me. perhaps Mint KDE should replace the menu, or patch it? weirdly you can select submenu items ok. also not sure navigation across all sections works either. also, getting back up to categories is weird, you have to click the little text link on the right. lots of small issues with the kde menu here for both beginner and advanced users.

  57. Great work with this release. Thank you very much.

    Bug report: Kickoff Launcher (KDE menu) -> Computer -> Software Manager doesn’t work (nothing happens), but Launcher -> Favourites -> Software Manager launches mintinstall works right.

  58. Hmm, it seems sth is broken in the current sources.list. Just installed this morning, and I cannot update anything ; it seems to look for a “nadia” sub-repo in the ubuntu repos.

    I only had 2 updates available (whereas there were more of them when starting from the dvd)

  59. Just to reply to myself : in the “sources” list, I replaced all “nadia” occurences by “quantal” for non mint-specific repos.

  60. I just installed Mint 14 RC KDE 64 BIT edition. Splash screen and login screen are not loaded. I only saw a black screen with texts, including lots of reference to “nouveau”. How do I disable “nouveau” and use proprietary Nvidia driver instead? My graphic card is GeForce 6600GT.

    Please help me. Thank you.

  61. I just solved the problems of KDM splash screen & login screen not showing up on the system with Nvidia graphic card:

    1. Boot into recovery mode
    2. Select resume normal boot
    3. sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-x-swat/x-updates
    4. sudo apt-get update
    5. system > Additional Driver then select proprietary Nvidia driver to install
    6. #sudo echo blacklist nouveau > /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf
    7. Reboot

  62. 1) The Calender highlighting events does not show the description, like it does in kubuntu.
    2) The kopete messenger does not support facebook and complete skype package
    3) they touch pad of acer laptops are not supported.
    4) I personally do not like dolphin however not too bad.
    5) it should include winehd and play on linux softwares to play windows apps

    I will keep testing and if i find any critical problems, i will post right away.

  63. mhn, seems like every version of mint has had that bug somewhere! i didn’t have problem with updates on this release though. haven’t had to mess with sources yet.

  64. actually mhn and clem, the problem is when you add repo, it defaults to nadia, not quantal. can you change this behaviour please? surely nadia is not going to work with almost any added repos, it’s an easy fix for the user if they know what’s going on but some hassle.

  65. Alguien puede explicar ¿porque las actualizaciones de “mintupdate” tardan tanto en bajar e instalarse? Se queda la pantalla de Gestor de actualizaciones estática, en modo de espera, ahora lleva 40 minutos actualizando la version 4.4.7 ayer me demoró mas de 2 horas instalando la 4.4.6, apagué la máquina sin saber si lo instaló o no; igual pasa con las anteriores versiones.

  66. As of today, this became my distro of choice. I’ve been trying to come back to KDE 4.x for about 3 years but it was never quite ready to me.

    For some reason I ignore, there are some issues I have in Kubuntu that don’t occur there. I guess that’s due to some different default settings. Or maybe to some updates that came later in the cycle.

    This is an advantage for Mint : they use the current *Ubuntu distros a few months later, so quite a few important fixes / backports have to time to arrive.

    BTW, I decided to financially support Mint in the long run. My question is the following : as this flavour is using KDE and Kubuntu, what is the added value / in what way does Mint give back ? (apart from some different defaults) My dream would be enabling to pay people to contribute to KDE and fixes / backports.

    The answer is obvious for those using Cinnamon & co, but what about KDE ?

  67. @ Smiff : actually, all repos I added with “add-apt-repository” did use Quantal by default. There was only an issue with the built-in repos.

  68. @smh weird, i get opposite problem.. built in were fine, but added ones through software sources (synaptic) use nadia rather than quantal, and so fail.

    i have a question about the updates please.. when i go to apply all leve3 updates now, it wants to install lightdm. is this normal or have i messed up my sources? there are over 200 updates, mainly taking kde components from 4.9.2x to 4.9.3x

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