KDE CE RC1 Delayed

Exploder found a problem in BETA 044 which was supposed to be released this week. It’s related to language support so we decided to postpone the release of RC1 until we get this fixed.


  1. Please, let’s be patient and to comprehend
    that developers are working hard to deliver
    us a good beta(RC)version.

    I am patient.

  2. Why not skip hardy-based release and start looking at intrepid. By the time this arrives Ubuntu will be a release ahead; that wasn’t the plan. Wasn’t the idea to match with ubuntu release cycle?


  3. Right. Patience is rare virtue nowadays. And I hope KDE CE RC1 comes with the cdrom drive for Multirom enabled, or to be enabled from somewhere other than the console, you know, not every user can do it by himself/herself as if everybody had the potential of a developer. Thanks a lot for the new KDE.
    (from Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil)

  4. Could you please elaborate on the problem being faced? I saw the RC1 uploaded on some of the ftp servers. Should I go ahead and download it?

  5. This seems to be a bit of a plague – has to be looked into carefully
    Installing in another language than english gives only a partially translated system even if all the translations are there – some strange config error

  6. Please please…I love this KDE version of Lmint. I am patient….but waiting……
    Hope that it will be relesed soon

  7. Does kpackage or adept recognise the proxy settings from konqueror in Mint 5 KDE?? I am forced to use apt for installing software in Darnya…

  8. As much as I want KDE mint Flavor i moved to Mint for stability and the fact that it works. Thanks for having patience and fortitude to release a quality product. Jeff

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  10. I too can wait, though i don’t like it! Thank you for producing such a quality product and taking the pains to make sure of that quality… and a big thanks for saying “Hey, we’re not ready”

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