Upcoming releases

I’m planning the following three releases:

Friday 25 /07–> KDE CE RC1
Friday 01/08 –> XFCE CE Stable
Friday 08/08 –> KDE CE Stable

I’ll also be rolling out an R2 on Main and its new Universal Edition. Once all of this is out I’ll be experimenting with the x64 edition.

Shane is also working on the Fluxbox CE but I’m not sure how it will fit into all this at this stage, in terms of delays and schedule.

Note: The Universal edition will replace the Light Edition. It will come without codecs but with a .mint file to install them on the desktop, it will contain language packs for all major languages, a vanilla Grub (non-graphical) and it will come as a DVD.

Note: We’ll release “when ready”, as usual. Dates don’t mean much to us and that’s why we usually don’t communicate them. I’m only giving these dates to give people an idea but if something needs fixing then we’ll be releasing later that that of course.


  1. I hope the experiment with x64 edition will be successfull 🙂

    I’m wondering why vanilla Grub will replace the graphical GRUB in UE?
    Is it causing problems?

  2. Good to hear that a x64 edition is in development. I have a couple of friends who wouldn’t use Mint just because it’s 32-bit only. 🙂

  3. Elbeto: No.

    Raffael: Yes, it’s causing problems for some. Linux Mint 5 Light is already using vanilla text-mode grub.

  4. I love news about KDE Edition !

    But what for so many editions ?
    gnome, kde, xfce, fluxbox, universal ? what else ?

    Isn’t it better to focus and make really good major distros (kde and gnome i386/x64) ?

    It’s just a thought, but I hope development will go in good directions…

    Thank you once again for KDE Edition !

  5. Instead of having the Universal edition come without codecs and have a .mint file to install them, you should have a program that removes the codecs from an already installed system.
    OEMs who want to load Linux Mint on refurbished computers (in the US) might have a hard time with the codec-free version being on a DVD, since many (old) computers don’t have DVD drives.

  6. ANy plans on a Linux Mint for netbooks such as the Eee? I like the tabbed desktop environment on the Eee. Also like the look of Linpus Lite.

  7. I am very very excited about the x64 edition. I’m sensing a massive, intercontinental outbreak of Linux Mint fever!

  8. By the way—Thank You Clem & The Linux Mint Team for your hard work on this incredible, feature rich OS. I’m very proud to be a Linux Mint User and am very thankful for your endless effort to improve Mint.

    Thank You all so much!

  9. I’m really wait for mint64 version I will be very when it arrive good work thank you very much.And what new will be include in Ellysa R2?thx

  10. Yes, thanks. Hurray, no wiggly floaty twirly unstable KDE4! I’m so relieved!
    Thank you for working long and hard on these projects!

  11. Hello, I’ve switched from ubuntu to linux mint and its great. 😀 I’m happy to see your working with fluxbox, even if you don’t plan to get it done now.

  12. Mint was my first trip in Linux land, and you have constantly improved the scope and features of it. Thank you for giving me a way out of Windows. The more I learn Linux the more I like it. Thanks for making the move an easy one.

  13. nice to see KDE edition is on it’s way. Just using Suse because I don’t like Gnome. But will go back to Mint KDE as fast as I can get it.

    Thank you Clem for the hard work.


  14. I am looking forward to seeing Mint KDE. As much as I am enjoying using Mint Gnome, I am having a hard time imagining something as good and I am a KDE fan. The more I use Mint, the more I like it. This is a winner!

    Now where did I see KDE around here….

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