Linux Mint 11 Katya reaches end of life

Linux Mint 11 Katya

Linux Mint 11 Katya reached end of life. This release was based on Ubuntu 11.04.

Repositories will remain open but no more updates or security fixes will be made available. Users of Linux Mint 11 Katya are asked to migrate to “Linux Mint 13 LTS Maya – MATE Edition” (which will be supported until April 2017).

Upgrade instructions: To upgrade to a newer version of Linux Mint, please use this tutorial.


  1. Note: All editions of Linux Mint 13 are supported until April 2017. MATE is the continuation of the GNOME 2 desktop which shipped with Linux Mint 11 and is therefore the recommended edition here.

  2. Are you having the plan to support the Tablets. This means touchscreen as windows RT, androids, ARM processors, OSx, among other things such as Touch screen AiO and 4K resolution in a special way. If you want to license some if my IPs for development , I would welcome you for a period of time. Thank you for a job well done. and I just read yesterday Ubuntu is now supporting Nexus 7 by just one clik. Amazing Linux , Thank you. I haven’t try but the hope is as usual DUAL OS, I wish it could boot up in native then by iconing the next time it would boot up in Linux or perhaps even Simul OS or multiple OSes running at the same time.

    Does this means the kernal will be slowing down by the kernal interface layer ? I don’t know, because I am more of the user than developer. Thank you. Khanh CEO Best Orange Development, LLC Oct 28th, 2012 15.37pst

  3. I’ll miss Katya and Ubuntu 11.04 a lot – they were my first two linux distros. I’m going to keep both running in virtual box.

  4. Katya is my first Linux Mint experience . It very good release, except
    “The Panel encountered a problem while loading ” Bug.

  5. I meet this OS by this release one year ago. Since that date, I fell in love with Linux and the free software. RIP LM 11. My Favorite release

  6. I has a sad. While not my first linux (Which was Slackware 0.??), it was the best, most usable Linux ever!

    Running Maya now, and it is just as awesome, plus better support for Mono! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Oh well, suppose I will have to upgrade to 13 now.
    Katya was my first Linux, and I have loved it.
    Cheers Mint team.

  8. It’s time to make a remaster ISO of this great OS, so I can always have a Katya ISO with all my apps..
    โ€œThe Panel encountered a problem while loadingโ€ >> ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. I love Mint13 – Maya. But, I don’t want to upgrade my equipment, and it doesn’t want to install on one of my older laptops. (no explanation, it just hangs).

    On my desktop machine, it boots from DVD just fine, and everything seems to work well, but when I install it, and reboot, I get a repeated error that the monitor settings are “out of range”. It gives me this error about 50 times in rapid succsession, and then boots without ever showing me the grub screen. Then everything works just fine. I went through grub.cfg, and just deleted a large part of the first part of that file. Now it gives me the grub screen, witihout any “out of range” errors, but it waits at the grub screen until I Hit return,twice, and then it boots nicely and runs just fine.

    I have searched the forums, and left questions, but never got an answer to this problem. Nevertheless, I am still using Maya, on my desktop, and if I could install it would like to use it on my other laptop.

  10. I knew you wouldn’t let this pass by just like that! As in the case of others, I landed in Katya after distro-hopping around about and it became my first everyday distro. It will be missed!

  11. Good bye, Katya! I am among those people who used it as the first (and only!) OS. Several months later I switched to LMDE and I simply cannot praise you enough for your excellent work. Let me express my wish that the entire Mint society will continue in this way.

  12. Hi people,

    Linux 11 is the only distribution, which is reliable working for my customers. Especially RFID and Touch-Screen drivers are difficult in Linux 12.
    Linux 13 does not boot on my dedicated fanless PC’s (cash-registers).

    I wonder if Linux Mint 14 has a RELIABLE touch screen driver..
    I wonder if Linux Mint 14 touch screen works EVERY time I start the PC..
    I wonder if Linux Mint 14 I need to put the RFID-reader in another port once a month, before it works correct (at several restaurants).
    I wonder if Linux Mint 14 can work with all the things I have in Linux 11.
    I wonder if UDEV rules are making Linux Mint 14 also a problem to my software.

    For now, Linux Mint 11 is the BEST system I ever found!!

    Bart Houkes
    C++, Java developer

  13. Katya was the best release of Mint ever.

    Yes, even better than Mint 13 Maya.

    I am now looking forward to using a distro for long term, for I am tired of upgrading every six months. Maya-Mate is perfect. Too bad it still isn’t as good and solid as Katya. I know that Mint 14 will fix many of the problems with Maya, but I also know that upgrading to 14 will bring me back to the short-term release cycle.

    My request (I hope it is valid):
    Please release a Maya Second Edition. Fix all bugs and use a newer version of Mate. A more solid Maya will be the perfect LTS.

  14. Katya X64 is the best distro I have ever used. Mint 12 and Mint 13 are no good, so I’ll wait to see if Mint 14 will be as good as Mint 11.

  15. Overwhelming sadness. Katya was the last version I had any faith in. It has been great! Now I might just move to a different distro (I was using slackware before coming into the Mint fold…maybe I’ll return there.)

    While I do understand the aggressive goal of releasing new releases every 6 months…it really isn’t very practical from an end user’s perspective. It could take me three months just to get everything back to the way I want it. I need my computer to work for me, and to be in production. Being forced from a “perfect” version is always annoying regardless if you’re using open-source or proprietary software.

    Thanks for the great Katya product though! I’m very sad and discouraged to see the security updates ending for it!

  16. Katya
    Is the last connection to the Linux as we always knew it, with the Gnome desktop with easy access to everything. With the new releases gone are the simple things that I used Like adding emblems, managing groups and a lot that don’t come to mind right now. Like Bamm and Fuzzy stated Mint needs to have a release that we can stick to and not have to go through all of the pains of upgrading to something that don’t work as good as the one we are coming from. So please consider keeping Katya’s security updates coming.

  17. @David, the security updates of Katya don’t come from the Mint team. They come from Ubuntu. Since Natty has reached end of life, then the same goes for Katya.

    The best option for now is to release a version of Maya that brings back all the Katya goodness that we can use for 5 years.

    I hope the improvements made in Nadia will be backported to Maya.

  18. LM11 was a great one, switched my mom over from Windows with that one!

    As much as I’m grateful to Canonical for all that Ubuntu has done, including getting me a working Linux system when I didn’t know anything– I realize that they are not developing for me.

    That is why I am even more grateful to the Linux Mint team for not only making Ubuntu better, but for giving us LinuxMint Debian Edition. LMDE is all I love about Debian and Mint, without Ubuntu.

    Thank you to Debian and the Linux Mint Team!!

  19. It’s high time I at least try out Maya, and this will get me to do that.

    Many thanks for the tutorial; not all distros. are so considerate.

    Main reason for posting, though, is to compare Katya with another well-known distro. that I used before Mint. That one “corroded” with time, the way an old car with poor rustproofing develops ragged edges in its body panels, especially around the wheels. The chassis tends to stay OK, as does the Linux kernel, but functions around the edges become buggy.

    Katya (Gnome) has been commendably (almost) free of “corrosion”; it’s been very stable. The only problem that comes to mind is Metacity, which has probably not been modified much (if at all) by Mint, afaik.

    When Metacity acts up, I call up a pseudo-terminal, do [sudo su] to get root access, and at the root prompt type [metacity replace &] (all without [ ]). Momentary wonders appear on screen, everything promptly settles down, and Happiness Returns.

    My main concern about upgrading to Maya is whether about 890 MB of RAM will be anywhere near to enough. Last time I checked, RAM upgrades for this years-old machine are quite costly. (I have considered putting Swap into flash disc-replacement memory.)

    Now, if I sell that antique guitar, I should be able to afford a much-better and up-to-date machine. (^_^)

    My best to all, and appreciative thanks to Clem and crew for Debian-like stability, not forgetting Ubuntu’s work, as well.


  20. sad to lose Katya as it s the one that runs best on my older Acer laptop (5002 wlmi).
    13 has issues with the broadcom modem that make it difficult to use unless I run a cat 5 to the laptop.Hope 14 will fix this issue. Even tho it puts us back into the 6 month upgrade cycle, I would rather do that with mint that try something else.

  21. Farewell sweet Katya.

    She was the fairest of the fair. A fine and stable release. Sad to see her go but that sadness is tempered with the knowledge that Maya with MATE is doing a fine job in her place.

    Thanks for a great distro.

  22. I wont be switching unless 14 is a better release.
    While the disappointing results of 12 and 13 aren’t the fault of Clem and the gang, they are, IME, not a workable solution. Hopefully 14 will have the polished feel that’s been missing for over a year now. Thank you Linux Mint team, for all that you do!

  23. This is bad news, although I’m expecting it.
    It was a very stable release comparable with winxp.
    I installed LM11A to many friends (total beginners, pensioners, migrants from the win) on the old machines and worked flawlessly.
    New releases (12 & 13) do not support hardware on these machines.
    What next?
    1) upgrade hardware? – often impossible
    2) LM13 will be tuned and added support for older machines? – maybe, it should be LTS
    3) wait for LM14?
    4) migrate to Debian?
    5) will be renewed support for LM11A (as for winxp)? – the best solution but I do not believe

  24. Just installed Mint 13, well almost. My external drives were not large enough to store my full document file, so I have had to move files to the external drive and then shrink the OS being replaced with Parted Magic, install Mint 13 in the newly available space and repeat.

    Dislikes so far are limited to the Microsoft problem of “too many mouse clicks”. The “Menu” is just an unnecessary mouse click. And not all of the apps or functions can be moved to a cross screen panel.

    Having used IBM’s OS/2 Warp from 1994 until they finally kicked the SOHO users off with total concentration on businesses, and having only a half dozen system crashes during that time of roughly 10 years, I am frustrated with the constant changes needed to keep using any operating system. It seems that all of the current crop of developers works on the theory that improvement means making is more complicated. This is backwards. Simplification is improvement, not complication.

    I for one,would be very happy to give up a 25mm column on either side of my screen to have a full list of the MENU items. It would be even better if this column was controlled by an “F” key. In this way it would be possible to keep the “MENU” open until the user decided that it was not needed.

    OH, Well.

  25. Downloading torrent now
    about 5 minutes later haha done downloading torrent
    opened Virtualbox now setting up the machine
    hmm looks familiar
    well it doesn’t work with only 512mb ram in VBox
    *goes to 640 *
    * goes to 768 *
    about 10 or so minutes later
    OH that release oh why didn’t i give it another chance
    DAMN you compiz < made me hate this release but it's so good
    awe can we PLEASE bring her back i didn't use it for long
    maybe a day or 2 MAX yeah i wish i would have use it for longer

  26. wait i thought jamaica time was 1 hour um back behind regular eastern time
    haha i just like to see the time in jamaica and it’s the same time as it is reg eastern but in new releases yeah it’s back -1h is that a new time rule anyone know?

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