Linux Mint Debian 201204 RC (MATE/Cinnamon & Xfce) released!

The team is proud to announce the release of LMDE 201204 RC with updated ISOs for MATE/Cinnamon and Xfce.


LMDE 201204 with MATE 1.2 (default environment)

LMDE 201204 with Cinnamon 1.4 (installed by default and available from the login screen)

LMDE 201204 Xfce


  • MATE 1.2
  • Cinnamon 1.4
  • Kernel 3.2
  • Update Pack 4
  • Hybrid ISO images

If you’re new to LMDE, welcome to Linux Mint Debian!

Important links

LMDE in brief

  • Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE) is a semi-rolling distribution based on Debian Testing.
  • It’s available in both 32 and 64-bit as a live DVD with MATE/Cinnamon or Xfce.
  • The purpose of LMDE is to look identical to the main edition and to provide the same functionality while using Debian as a base.


1. Is LMDE compatible with Ubuntu-based Linux Mint editions?

No, it is not. LMDE is compatible with Debian, which isn’t compatible with Ubuntu.

2. Is LMDE fully compatible with Debian?

Yes, 100%. LMDE is compatible with repositories designed for Debian Testing.

3. What is a semi-rolling distribution?

Updates are constantly fed to Debian Testing, where users experience frequent regressions but also frequent bug fixes and improvements. LMDE receives “Update Packs” which are tested snapshots of Debian Testing. Users can experience a more stable system thanks to update packs, or switch their sources to follow Testing, or even Unstable, directly to get more frequent updates.

4. How does LMDE compare to the Ubuntu-based editions?


  • You don’t need to ever re-install the system. New versions of software and updates are continuously brought to you.
  • It’s faster and more responsive than Ubuntu-based editions.


  • Although it’s using Romeo for unstable packages, LMDE continuously changes as it receives updates and new software. Compared to a frozen version of Linux Mint which changes very little once it’s publicly released, it’s not as stable. Things are likely to break more often but fixes can also come quicker. For this reason, LMDE requires a deeper knowledge and experience with Linux, dpkg and APT.
  • Debian is a less user-friendly/desktop-ready base than Ubuntu. Expect some rough edges.

Additional notes:

  • About the installer: The live installer is developed from scratch with Debian in mind. It’s configurable and it can be re-used by other Debian-based distributions. We noticed a lack in live technologies and in live Debian installers, so we’re happy to take the lead on this. If you’re a developer and you’re interested in using it, have a look at its source repository and don’t hesitate to contact us so we can help you fork it and merge upcoming changes between our two projects.
  • About bugs: Please use this blog to report bugs.
  • About the media: It comes as a liveDVD. Locales work differently in Debian and the package base requires more space.
  • Dedicated chat room: #linuxmint-debian is open to LMDE users on

Download links:


MD5 sums:

  • MATE/Cinnamon 32-bit: 20b70de983d2c832d33390c021704fb3
  • MATE/Cinnamon 64-bit: 6280daf43ba0dc410064b5d5311b0d8d
  • Xfce 32-bit: 43a5d81bab5893ff62cf5e5b703ff757
  • Xfce 64-bit: 6e591c13992dbe486825cbc339a63a19

MATE/Cinnamon 32-bit:

MATE/Cinnamon 64-bit:

Xfce 32-bit:

Xfce 64-bit:


We look forward to receiving your feedback. Thank you for using Linux Mint and have a lot of fun testing the release candidate!


  1. Great work! But will it be possible to update from the Release Candidate to the final version of the 201204 ISO?

    Edit by Clem: Yes.

  2. Idea for the final release: fix the annoying system beep, it’s hard to get rid of and reminds me to much of the BSOD sound.

  3. Amazing! I was trying to install the first version of LMDE again and having some problems… downloading!

  4. @Kas: Xorg should be 1.11 since it’s so in Update Pack 4.

    @poodle: *sigh* I really wish that beep was most annoying problem in the new LMDE 😀

  5. Wonderfull,

    I downloaded it yesterday (kept an eye on the ftp of the irish server)
    Installed it this afternoon, afterwards I installed the nvidia non-free drivers & my machine is flying like the wind.

    Cinnamon looks brilliant, MATE is OK, but it’s too old-fashioned looking, cinnamon looks a bit like gnome 2 with the elegant-theme that was out there for it.

    Thanks Clem & all others who gave away their Easter Holidays to make this wonderful 4th generation LMDE available to us.

  6. Just downloaded and installed in VMware (wanted to test cinnamon).

    Can’t login to a Cinnamon Session. It says “Faild to load session “cinnamon”” and only offers me to logout again. MATE login works well.

    any idea whats the issue?

    Edit by Clem: You’re probably missing some drivers or some virtual 3D acceleration in vmware. Try with Virtualbox.

  7. I’m using the Ubuntu based build atm but I like the idea of no new install for a long time (never say never ;)), maybe because Debian could be a new “challenge.

    My question is that I have my “home” encrypted*, is it save to just install LMDE and use my old “home” or do I need to back it up and copy all back after installing LMDE?
    Can I use encryption with LMDE as well and as easy (doing nothing but logging in ;))?

    Thx in advance. 🙂

    *It even destroyed one partition with 500gb of files because I when I reinstalled I had to switch one of my hdds and when I rearranged the order of my hdds on my mainboard it made my 500gb files partition to a crypted swap system -> all data lost. 😉
    It’s really so bad that this encryption programm (or whatever it is) uses the “old system” instead of UUID. 🙁

  8. Thanks for making an Xfce version available. Since Gnome 2 (the good one) has been killed, I will go with Xfce. In my opinion, Gnome 3 is a misadventure that just hasn’t died yet. Thanks again. I hope this comes close to the quality of Mint 10. That was a great release.

    Edit by Clem: Gnome 2 was not killed, it was renamed.

  9. OK, guys, let’s all chip in and download these torrents so we can get as many seeds going as possible! This will help reduce the burden on the servers out there…

  10. Same question as drum (comment #14). What is the best way to get a clean KDE install on LMDE? I must have mis-read an earlier post that led me to believe there would be a KDE spin of LMDE.

    Edit by Clem: Sorry about this, we did think about porting KDE from Ubuntu to Debian.. and in the end we decided not to. Personally I would go for the Xfce edition since it comes with less packages you won’t need in KDE.

  11. UPDATE: I reinstalled cinnamon, now it fails with “cant load gnome 3” or something… cant reproduce as it now simply starts simple base gnome3 layout… btw… MATE has gone ugly now -.-

    preparing to do a clean install (and then backup the vm files -.-)

  12. update #2: can’t even use cinnamon in live cd mode..

    going to burn and test if it is vmware related…

    Edit by Clem: Try with Virtualbox with 3D acceleration enabled in the options.

  13. @Clem: works feine on my Notebook. But will give IT a try with virtualbox the next days.

    Any Info on ATI/AMD drivers? I think they are not netter than the one Ubuntu uses?

  14. Clem and Mint Team, please fix hibernation issue. Hibernation dont work. I click on hibernate and when i turn on my computer again he dont resume my last session. These is the problem on LMDE on main edition Linux Mint 12 hibernation works. Maybe is problems with uuid i dont know but for me it is a big problem. Only for that reaseon i am staying with main edition. For me rolling release distros is the future. If LMDE hibernation will be fixed for stable release i will then go to LMDE.

  15. @monsta: it took me 3 tries to get the install working too, but that are issues that will be fixed anyway for the final. The system beep has remained through all versions of LMDE (and it’s really really annoying).

  16. Hurray! I have been very much looking forward to this release. Huge fan of Linux Mint Debian and Xfce.

    Once most of the kinks get worked out of this it should be great.

  17. Successfully updated LMDE 1 64-bit over the Easter weekend with Mate + Gnome 3.2.1. Thank you, Clem and team, you have produced a superb distro. I would recommend it to anybody who wants a stable and easy-to-use desktop.

  18. Just a couple of silly questions, I am planning to install LMDE, is it possible to download and install the original Gnome shell from the repos?, and is it possible to install a desktop theme I am currently using in my Linux Mint edition (with MGSE)?

    Edit by Clem: Yes and yes 😉

  19. I can’t update to the new LMD kernel 3.2. It doesn’t work and stop at the beginning:

    Kernel panic-not syncing: Fatal exception in interrupt
    Pid: 598, comm: modprobe Taited: G D 3.2.0-2-amd64 # 1

    Call Trace:

    Could anyone help me?. Thanks.

  20. marticc #33 – To get Gnome Shell, just install Gnome Session Manager from the Software Manager. Then Lgo Out. When you Log back in, you will be able to select Gnome. I’ve already got it up and running on my testbed. I’ll install it on my work computer tomorrow. Thanks Clem and The Team!

  21. Hi guys, thanks for this RC. Quick install on a netbook.

    ** related to individual packages **
    – no wireless after install. The package “firmware-brcm80211” should be included at install, so no bad surprise on some notebooks and netbooks.
    – Firefox and Thunderbird not localized during install (had to install firefox-l10n-fr and thunderbird-l10n-fr manually, no big story).
    – little bug with xserver-xorg-input-synaptics ? Pressing on the touchpad doesn’t trigger a “clic”.

    (couldn’t notice because of no beeper, but yes: burn the beep at boot with fire)
    Mmmh, no WINE. Sticking to the Ubuntu builds of it doesn’t make me happy. But if it doesn’t bring chaos with the rest…

    and… VLC doesn’t crash anymore when playing MKVs with included ASS/SSA subtitles ! (that’s actually good news). End of a long long nightmare. Drive to hell, Totem & Gnome MPlayer 😀

    ** related to desktop environment**
    – Cinnamon: wireless connection fails. Keeps trying to connect, shows “connected” for a fraction of a second, then disconnects. Sometimes, file manager quits unexpectedly (related to thumbnail on a bad file ?). Also, found no damn way to set up “what do when power button pressed”.

    – MATE: no problem so far.

    ** related to install wizard **
    Still so “rigid”, unreactive and with unreliable progress bar 🙁 No visible improvements since previous ISO.

  22. downloaded, installed, using and seeding the torrent. Thanks Clem and the team for the great work!!

  23. Hello
    For me no KDE, no more Mint. I will delete Mint tomorrow and install another Distro with the best Desktop in the world (according to me. rofl).
    Salût Clem. Pourqoi plus KDE? Je trouve ça une décision très mauvaise. KDE 4.8 est tellement bien et stabile et je changerai loin de Mint.

  24. Another strange issue : In the previous iso, my wireless usb adapter (a DWA-130 rev. e from DLink) was working fine, but now it doesn’t seem to be recognized at all. Worse, if I try to simply unplug it, the whole system dies as some debug text seems to appear on screen ,completely killing the DE. Restarting it with crtl+alt+backspace workds, but it does that everytime.

    If I try to reboot the computer normally through the start menu, it tries to shut off all process, but it can never close the network manager and simply stand there, saying it killed everything, except the network manage,r with the line saying the rebot is coming soon.

    Anyway, might be somehting wrong with the network manager, just saying.

  25. Hi fellows!

    Well, the only problem I’ve found is that GTK3 apps fonts are very ugly!
    It doesn’t happen in XFCE, only in MATE (didn’t check cinnamon)
    I tried .config/gtk-3.0/settings.ini but it isn’t working. Ideas?

  26. Very nice!
    I use the lmde and receive some updates and my system was updated to gnome 3!??!??!
    Why? The correct isn´t mate or cinnamon?

  27. Thanks very much for this release I have been trying to install 12 and cinnamon on my old pc that run 9,10 but no nvidia drivers for the old card on one the other is a intel and would not even boot from the dvd. But with this release it was a straight down load and they both work fine with out having to install drivers at all. Like I said many thanks to Clem and the team keep up the good work. Now if we can get more support from printers, scanners and such.

  28. Thanks for all your work on this! I hesitate, only because I’m installing on apple hardware and even the most basic install becomes more complicated for this reason. I have yet to get wireless to work on my apple machines with any debian distro, but still, I really appreciate all the time, effort, and thought that goes into each release.

    To those, like Arran, who keep threatening to leave unless they get things exactly their way: this is linux, if you don’t like it install KDE (or whatever de you like) yourself, or, if you really want to help out, go make your own distro. By all means voice your opinion but try and show a little gratitude for everything the Mint team is doing. I know fairly little about computing so I’m extremely happy that distros like Mint are available for me to, first, experience the linux world and, second, learn with.

    Thanks again!

  29. It appears there will be no KDE version of LMDE, which is disappointing.

    Will there be a KDE version of “regular” Linux Mint 13, with Long Term Support (LTS)?

    Will LTS be 3 or 5 years?


    Edit by Clem: Yes, we’ll continue to support KDE with a dedicated edition. It’s 3 years for the desktop.

  30. @poodle & @Monsta:
    In LMDE and Puppy Linux, sometimes you get very loud beeping sound when reaching end of characters, etc.

    To disable this annoying sound, type in terminal:

    sudo rmmod pcspkr

  31. arran #41 – Clem and his team went the extra mile to provide us with three Desktop Environments out of the box. The could have easily just shipped with one. They obviously can’t do it for all of the DE’s. If none of these are to your liking, you are free to change your DE. I wanted Gnome 3 so I just installed it. I see KDE is available, too. There’s no point in throwing it all out for something you can do yourself. Isn’t the ability to customize your OS the best part of Linux?

  32. I am REALLY liking Cinnamon so far. Great job!!! LMDE is running very well for me, as always.

    Only problem I am having so far: sleep/hibernate is not working.

    If I close the lid of my laptop, the system automatically sleeps and does not wake up. After a reboot, I still have a blank screen until I unplug the laptop and pull the battery for a second. I can not find any way to configure or eliminate this behavior. If I select “Power” from the Preferences menu, the only options I see are “Suspend when inactive…” and “When power is critically low…” Nothing about sleeping/waking when the lid is closed/opened.

  33. Hey Clem, Is there a ported version of jocky-gtk (additional drivers) for LMDE? That tool is very useful especially for installing drivers. Thank You! Very good release!

  34. I formatted and reinstalled LMDE (MATE) to search for bugs.
    Well, everything went very smooth. Thanks for this great Distro!
    The only thing that I miss is LVM support in the installer. Does anyone have plans to add this?

  35. This seems to be a bug as I have done the same on the older iso and it worked. I can not install Broadcom wl (STA) driver for Broadcom 4321.
    LMDE-MATE/Cinnamon 32bit new iso. I know about the tutorials and the Debian Wiki but it will not complete.

  36. I installed it on my notebook, it runs nicely.

    Some things I wanted to point out:

    -Under Cinnamon, gtk2 theme and window decoration aren’t well integrated.
    -There’s no option to ‘Extract here…’ or ‘Add to archive’ in Nautilus or in Caja.
    -Under Cinnamon, mouse theme seems to randomly change to DMZ-Black
    -Fonts looked horrible under Cinnamon (12.1″ laptop monitor), they where far too big (11 pt). I also set hinting to Full.
    -Under Cinnamon, if you go to change wallpaper via right click in desktop, and then go to “All configurations”, you’ll end up in Gnome Control Center, which is inconsistent with Cinnamon’s one.
    -Firefox won’t do a proper search from url bar, but do some kind of “I’m feeling lucky” search. You can make it search using duckduckgo by setting keyword.URL to ‘’ in about:config

    And some requests for future versions of Cinnamon:

    -It’d be lovely to have more than 1 configurable hot corners! (I always use both scale AND expo in two different corners)
    -It’d be great to be able to change disposition of workspaces. Having them all horizontally makes it almost impossible to see the app you want to move, if you have 3 or more workspaces.
    -Also it would be great to be able to change panel height at least, and if possible also the side of the screen (vertical panel in left or right side)

    I’ll come back if I find other issues 🙂

  37. Oh! How could I forgot!

    Could you PLEASE add Ubuntu’s kernel patch (12.04) to address power consumption issues??

    That’d be great!

  38. Perfect installation.
    The only problem is that Cinnamon (under certain circumstances) exhibits a HUGE memory leak. In a 32bit system the cinnamon process starts using 25-30 Mb of RAM and then leaks at a rate of ~100 Kb/s, so it easily reaches ~300 Mb in only one hour
    Maybe ulimint can help, or a script that monitors cinnamon process and restarts it when serious leak condition is detected. Is not that difficult.

  39. Slick! Thanks Clem.
    Having an interesting experience using a USB stick for my install:
    I use unetbootin, has always worked fine.
    This time I ran into issues with Root permissions…
    I was unable to mount any of the drives: it asked for the Root password… no go
    To make a wifi connection, my numlock would not work.
    Then after entering the security key and again it asked for the Root password… no go
    On trying to install I got the popup window saying that Root was being bypassed, but when I closed out the window the install did not proceed.
    I downloaded another ISO from a mirror, same thing.

    Then, I burned the ISO to a DVD and all is going well.
    Maybe there is some limitation to the unetbootin compatibility… no ideas here.

    Edit by Clem: I’m not sure, but these are hybrid ISOs so you can “burn” them directly to your USB stick using dd or usb-imagewriter.

  40. Clem : Today I am feeling jealous to XFCE users as they have debian based XFCE. While the KDE which is having little higher user base is not considered for debian base. I very well understand your problems for Debian based KDE. So now the Bluesystem is having LM-KDE (kubuntu), Netrunner-KDE (kubuntu) and Kubuntu itself …….

    It would not have been mattered but installing LMDE-KDE over Gnome conflicts with some packages and did not give pure impression of KDE only. Although its fast and stable. Well will try installing it on XFCE.

  41. I updated the LMDE Xfce into UP4 but when I reboot the X refused to start. Anyone knows why and how to solve the problem?

  42. Make a fresh install. Can’t login because there’s no language switcher on logon screen.

    Edit by Clem: GDM removed that option. You can replace it with LXDM though, it has it.

  43. While downloading, could someone explaing which is the best (and noob-proof) way to install Nvidia proprietary drivers on Xfce flavour?
    Thanks in advance, and congratulations for this release! 🙂

  44. Hi. Please fix the installer. If you select Belgian keyboard layout, the US keyboard is still selected in the second list box. It should be azerty, not qwerty.

  45. it says latest update pack is 4 but update pack used by system is 2 and there are no updates and the default repo is incoming not latest

    Edit by Clem: Thanks, we’ll get this fixed in the stable release.

  46. Apologize for the silly question, but there’s no obvious way to move Xfce panel on the top side of the screen?

  47. Ok. Ive downloaded the RC ISO and installed the mate/cinnamon here.

    Now I removed all the mate desktop and I want to install Gnome-Shell. How can I do it?

    I want to have Cinnamon and Gnome Shell here. Anyone?

  48. I just installed gnome-shell, gnome-session, gnome-fallback and removed cinnamon 😀

    ati 12.3 working fine…

  49. Is Cinnamon available to try out from the Live DVD? I downloaded the ISO and after booting it up, I can’t seem to find an option to switch to Cinnamon. I assume I will have to install it onto my hard drive to try it out?

    Edit by Clem: Yes, log out, select “Other”, switch the session from “default/MATE” to “Cinnamon” and type “mint” for the username.

  50. I really like the efforts in making Cinnamon a better alternative to DEs but…. hmm.. dont know… Its not my thing yet.. Ill wait for the FINAL ISOs and stick with LMDE XFCE for now…

  51. Just downloaded and installed LMDE. I like it very much and cinnamon is great! (used Linux Mint 12 before)

    Only thing i miss so far is the option to easily encrypt my /home directorys.

    Btw.: it seems to be an hybrid ISO image, so installing from USB was easy. I just wrote the iso to an USB stick with dd, and it booted fine.

  52. With Gnome 2, a user could set up a Japanese keyboard and using a scim-anthy toolbar, type either in English or the Japanese “alphabets” of hiragana, katakana, kanji, or romaji in Libre Office and in Gedit or other text editors.

    With Mate in the updated LMDE, a user cannot type in the Japanese language in the text editors Gedit and Pluma. Only katakana is available in those text editors (hiragana and kanji are the most used in everyday communication; katakana alone is insufficient).

    The problem is that in Mate the Scim-Anthy language toolbar does not load in the text editors Gedit & Pluma. It loads in the text editor Leafpad and in Libre Office without a problem, so I guess that re scim there may be lines missing or wrong in the Pluma and Gedit configuration files. After opening Gedit or Pluma, the key strokes Control+space should bring up (above the bottom panel on the desktop) the scim-anthy toolbar and the Japanese language choices; this does not happen. I know this affects very few people but always worth checking as failure to load one scim toolbar may also lead to failure to load other functions.

    Whether there are scim loading problems with Chinese and other Asian languages is not known.

    This is just a bug report. In the FAQ above, you say “please report bugs in this blog”.

    Mate with LMDE already feels like home, a worthy successor to Gnome 2. Thanks again for the team effort.

    Edit by Clem: Thanks for letting us know about this. I’d love to get this fixed, but I have to be honest with you… I’ve no idea where to start. We don’t know this technology at all nor how to troubleshoot it. Can you look at it in detail and try to find the cause of this mis-behavior?

  53. Installed MATE/Cinnamon, replacing Ubuntu on a HP G62-340us laptop. At first trying btrfs, got kernel panic, switched to ext4, boots fine again. After installing the system, installed ATI Catalyst 12.3, and got Cinnamon crashes and some mad flickering. Uninstalled Catalyst and everything is good.

    Edit by Clem: The version of Catalyst can make an awful difference. We successfully tested 12.1 on some ATI chipsets. Depending on your chipset it might work better with 12.1, 12.2 or even 12.3.

  54. Un petit mot en Français qui te fera très certainement plaisir Clem. Merci à toi et à toute l’équipe Mint.
    J’utilise deux disques un principal sous MATE (ex Gnome2) et le second sous XFCE.
    XFCE : Pas de gros problème noté, et tous les programmes fonctionnent correctement. Sauf
    – Le son doit être configuré à la main (mais cela n’est pas d’aujourd’hui)
    – Plus possible d’ajouter le Mintmenu (mais je regarderai plus en détail sur ce qui est possible de faire). Toutefois c’est pas un handicap (juste beaucoup plus facile de travailler avec)
    – LMMS utilise les ressources du pros au maximun, donnat des sons saturés.

    MATE : Question productivité j’ai naturellement choisi MATE, qui en plus semble bien plus réactif que gnome2.
    – Même soucis que XFCE en ce qui concerne LMMS
    – Impossibilité d’utiliser AWM ou Cairo dock lié avec les effets 3D pourtant activés mais qui ne semblent pas fonctionner. Je n’ai pas encore tenter de mettre à niveau le pilote Nvidia.
    – Certains icônes disparaissent (ex : boutons dans Totem) lorsque les icônes par défaut sont changés.
    – Adobe reader n’est plus dispo en FR, idem pour pluma je crois que j’ai remplacé par Gedit.
    Avoir choisi LMDE (à l’origine gnome) comme station de travail de production est un pari fou, que je suis loin de regretter, même si cela doit nécessiter encore quelques corrections qui viendront avec le temps.
    J’ai toutefois ici des choix que bien peu peuvent venter offrir. En attendant, je vais utiliser XFCE, et je ne considère pas cela comme une solution de “pauvre” 🙂

    Edit by Clem: Merci 🙂 Pour mintMenu dans Xfce il faudra que XFApplet evolue et supporte MATE au lieu de Gnome 2.

  55. Congratulations to Clem and the Mint team! As I see it, you are doing a lot of good work in a rather-short time with not all that many people.

    I’ll probably set up some torrents in the next few minutes.

    Best regards,


  56. Thanks for the wonderful OS and update pack 4. MINT LMDE was already the best OS EVER!

    From #3 above there doesn’t seem to be much difference between the previous update pack 3 “rolling distribution” vs. update pack 4 ” semi-rolling distribution”. Am I missing something? They both seem to be rolling distributions in the same capacity.


  57. Is RC missing in some of the Update Pack 4 packages? Cause update manager still shows me 334 packets for an update..

  58. Reply to Clem’s edit on # 51 above:

    Clem, many thanks for replying to my question about KDE support. I understand that there will not be a dedicated KDE version for LMDE, but that the forthcoming LM 13 LTS will have a dedicated KDE version, with 3 years of support for the desktop edition. I very much look forward to installing LM 13 KDE LTS! Thanks again for your Herculean efforts to produce so many splendid distros of linux in a timely and responsive fashion.

  59. Installed on virtualbox, no cinnamom even with guest additions and 3D on. When I try to open session cinnamon, the system gives a can’t load cinnamom message and logs out 🙁

  60. Was LMDE always a “semi-“rolling distribution? Also, I can’t wait to try the live installer out!

    Edit by Clem: Since the introduction of the update packs.

  61. Hello guys, I want just to report some not so serious bugs that I found in the clean install of LMDE 201104 MATE/Cinnamon

    As I reported in IRC, the volume control under the Sound Recorder program is still pointing to the gnome-volume-control and not in the MATE’s one and we get an error.

  62. Sorry for the 2nd comment:

    Another thing is in the information in the Update manager (Update Pack Info):

    It says that we are in the Update Pack 2, but we have a clean install of the 201104 😀 It must says that we are in 4 Update Pa

    The new release was awesome for us who like gnome 2 😀 MATE is a very good effort 🙂

  63. Fresh install, using Cinnamon.

    Update Manager/Edit/Software sources does not contain
    ‘deb debian main upstream import’ line.
    And adding it do nothing.
    Ok, finally I have found it in /etc/apt/sources.list
    It is confusing.

    In MintMenu the cursor does not blink. So it seems searching is dead.
    It is the same on Adding Launcher to Panel dialog.

    Panel orientation would be nice to set to vertical as well.

    There is no Startup Application (gnome-session-properties) in Preferences.

    There is no hint for Volume Control. All other icons have. It would be useful to show the percentage.

    In Preferences/System Info/Default Application/Web is not selectable. Although Firefox is installed. (Mail is grayed out as well. Thunderbird installed.)

    Trying to start gnome-default-applications-properties:
    The program ‘gnome-default-applications-properties’ is currently not installed. To run ‘gnome-default-applications-properties’ please ask your administrator to install the package ‘gnome-control-center’
    gnome-default-applications-properties: command not found
    But ‘gnome-control-center’ is installed.
    Same as with ‘gnome-keyboard-properties’.

    In Region and Language I am unable to remove Chinese (simplified), Spanish, British English. They were installed by default!?
    Adding new language does not work, only English selectable. Same as on Formats tab, only US selectable.
    IMO Ubuntu way is much more usable and logical in these settings. (gnome-keyboard-properties, gnome-language-selector) Should be used if possible.

    Notification balloons do not shade on mouse hover. Should not them do so?

    Trying to lock the screen (Ctrl+Alt+L):
    Couldn’t execute command: gnome-screensaver-command –lock
    Verify that this is a valid command.
    It seems that there is no screensaver installed for default for Cinnamon.

    In System Settings/Screen: it is not possible to set ‘Turn off after’: NEVER.

    Dialog ‘Adding new Launcher to Panel’ has ‘Add’ button on the left and ‘Cancel’ button on the right. It seems different from other dialogs like, ‘Add a New Printer’ or ‘Authenticate’ where ‘Cancel’ is on the right. It is confusing. And IMO this dialog really not fit into Cinnamon style.

    Anyway, thanks for this good distro. Cinnamon is really getting better and better.

  64. After a clean install of the Cinammon/MATE x64 I want to report that in the Sound Recorder in MATE, the File -> Open Volume Control points to gnome-volume-control and not in the mate’s one and it gives that error: “gnome-volume-control is not installed in the path”.

    Also the false notification for the Update Pack 2 in the Update manager but I think that is already reported

    Thanks for this great release

  65. Nice job, Clem and crew.
    somehow my laptop can only detect 1 core. I read somewhere that i should install linux-header 686.
    in package manager i saw linux-headers-686-pae , linux-headers-3.2.0-2-686-pae, linux-headers-3.2.0-2-rt-686-pae, linux-headers-3.2.0-2-all

    which one should i choose ?

    Edit by Clem: linux-image-686-pae

  66. So far, only 1 issue for me. I noticed a problem with the desktop settings tool in the MATE Control Center. When I change the icons I want on my desktop, it seems to have no effect. However, after logging into Cinnamon, my changes are effective there. Going back to MATE, I still have the icons I didn’t want. I had to install mate-conf-editor and specify in the Caja settings which icons I wanted. That seemed to work. Seems like the Desktop settings in the MATE Control Center is modifying the Nautilus settings, not Caja.

    Awesome work though! Love LMDE!

  67. a couple of issues

    1. User Accounts – unable to set automatic login. In cinnamon allows me to set it but doesn’t work and has flipped off after reboot. In Mate the radio button is greyed out. (is it a policy?)
    2. Touchpad not operating properly (maybe a known issue), I have an ETPS/2 Elantech, installed “gpointing-device-settings” then “gsynaptics” and seems to be working ok now but bizarrely in gpointing-device-settings some of the settings work in reverse!

  68. Live dvd 64 bit cinnamon I get the following errors:
    modprobe: module unix not found in modules.dep
    startpar service failed

  69. Clem – gedit is missing!!

    I’ve just been trying LMDE 201204 – 32bit in VB. All okay until I tried to change the repositories and the terminal told me it couldn’t find gedit!

    Once I had installed gedit everything worked as expected.

    I’m surprised this vital application has been left out of the ISO.

  70. I installed the xfce 32 bits and selected the portuguese keyboard, when all was installed my language pack was portuguese but i prefer it in english.

    In the last xfce build there was a language switcher, where is it now, can’t seem to find it?

  71. noticed in Cinnamon settings, fonts, that the default font is Cantarell which is not actually installed

  72. I’m interested in this, but i have a few questions first:
    – I’ve already tried LMDE and it’s in fact faster, snapier and more responsive. I also find that my processor usage is MUCH lower.
    – However i always seem to go back to the Main Edition… The reason why this happens is because i had to manually be pointing to repositories for updates, which sucks.

    In this version, does Mint already does that job automatically, or there were no changes in that department?

  73. I can’t find the startup applications. How Can I configure startup applications plz? also the system monitor applet for the panel is missing. thx

  74. Hi Clem and Mint Team!
    I don’t have words to express my gratitude to you because I am using now LMDE RC 2012 and Mate works perfectly within my poor video card (SIS 671)!
    I love LMDE together MATE!
    When I updated my 09-2011 LMDE version, I stayed frustated because I didn’t get update it properly, and suddenly comes the ugly gnome fallback mode!
    But now, with a new installation of this RC is every perfectly. Thanks very much! Good Job! I am back to LMDE!

  75. Ignoring Gnome Shell is a mistake, just saying. People are jumping ship, including yours truly. Ciao..

    Edit by Clem: We’re not ignoring gnome-shell, it’s just not useful to us and there’s very little demand for it. Like any other DE, if that changes in the future we’ll consider supporting it.

  76. Having a problem opening PDF files in Firefox. Keep getting the “GNU Image Manipulation Program” as the default application.

    This happens on the LIVE_RC session (and after installing the LMDE_RC). This was not an issue on previous installed or live version of LMDE_201109.

    Tried to change the preferences setting in Firefox (Edit/Preferences/Application and selected PDF document). The options are “Always ask/ Save File / Use GNU Image Manipulation Program / Use other …”. I do not know how/what to change for using a different program like “Document Viewer”.

    I can save the PDF file and then open it in “Document Viewer”. Would prefer to open the file through Firefox.

    AMD_64 live user of the Release Candidate version of LMDE.

    Any thoughts?

  77. Things I noticed:
    Updatepack 2 is included not 4
    ‘Network’ and ‘Network Connections’ in menu (Bit confusing)
    Icons for removable drives and network on cinnamon on the taskbar are a bit vague
    ‘Printers’ and ‘Printing’ in menu (Also confusing)
    Two ‘Terminal’ in the menu
    Overall pretty awesome and faster than a striped assed ape.

  78. Cinnamon crashes on logon every time. MATE looks great, seems very fast as well.

    Also, is there no compositing manager enabled by default? I started Compiz and got some crazy screen flickering – had to kill task. Added xcompmgr for Docky.

    Installed in VirtualBox 4.1.12 w/3D enabled

  79. What are the chances of porting the Gnome2 panel applets so that they can be used in XFCE with XFapplets?

    That was one of the things that made XFCE so great and customizable….the fact that you can add Gnome2 (and sometimes Gnome3) functionality to it, while making it as light or full featured as you want it to be.

    MATE is a good project, but will we get a version of XFapplet that will work with MATE?

    I suppose I could suggest this to the XFCE team, but in the meantime supporting the Gnome2 applets in a separate place WITHOUT affecting Gnome3 dependencies would be an easier fix.

    I dont think you would have to change anything in the code. All you would have to do is give them a separate upload minus the >Gnome3 path and Gnome2 dependencies.

    I could install them from an AptonCD disk I made, but then its dependency hell if I install Gnome3 related packages….Maybe I should learn how to manually change package dependencies. I suppose I could build it from source ….hmmm

    Edit by Clem: The best thing is for the Xfce devs to port it to MATE. Alternatively I can chat with the MATE team about this to see if they want to make a MATE version of XFapplet… last resort we can patch/fork/pin it in Mint itself. It’s probably very easy to do (a bit of renaming and changing paths).

  80. All the video player does not work well if the movie looks over samba from another computer, MATE environment

  81. Hello everyone, I tried LMDE in live mode, but the wifi does not work.
    I hope there are no problems in the kernel with Atheros cards.
    Appearance LMDE final version. thanks

  82. for people that have problems with gtkpod (it has dependencies problems here), foola 2012r1 work fine in this distro. my ipod work very well.

  83. Just installed it, and I noticed that it is pointed at the incoming repository. Should I leave that as is or should I change it to latest?

    Edit by Clem: Edit to latest. That’s a bug indeed and it will be explained/detailed in the upgrade notes from RC to stable.

  84. How do I change the window manager in MATE? I much prefer to use a tiling window manager, but I can’t get one to start (correctly) by default. I have installed dwm, awesome, and bluetile. I have had no success with dwm or awesome. Bluetile works perfectly if I start it from the command line once MATE is running, but if I have it run as a startup application then the mouse is constantly replaced by a hamster wheel, which is quite annoying. It also adds the gnome+bluetile option at the login screen, but won’t start. It would be awesome if there was a MATE+bluetile option. I really just want to know where/what I need to edit ( in gnome2 it was ~/.gnomerc ) to change the default window manager?

    It is not a big deal to just start bluetile from the command line every time I log in, but this obviously is not the best way to do it. Also I would really prefer to use dwm or awesome.

  85. Three things from me after a clean cinnamon/mate 64 install:

    a) module unix not found error on boot
    b) uvc video failed to initialize the device error on boot too
    c) error on shutdown about the /var/run that is busy when trying to unmount the temporarily folders

  86. Brilliant, at last a couple of versions of LMDE that are compatible with my rigs that I can explore !
    Both 32-bit versions were able to run as LiveDVDs, allowing initial appraisal and WD My Passport installation of the 32-bit MATE/Cinnamon version is now supporting further investigation. It’s very stable, what I had long found with Mint-10, and MATE custom Panel Additions are actually working !
    Added Sound-Juicer is different but with fixed VBR=4 MP3 encoding, whereas earlier versions permit customising to use more discerning audio quality of VBR=3 or VBR=2.
    Added Handbrake seems fine, as does added Openshot, but sadly AcidRip is no longer available, despite its DeVeDe companion being available.
    Fortunately, ZorinOS 5.2 or PinguyOS11.04 are available until October and support AcidRip and I have only just remembered that Mint-9, available until next April can be added to for such capabilities, so I guess that I’ll need to archive a customised copy of that for future quality MP3 and MP4 coding.

  87. Just this, after loads of request … respins …. thanks.
    Please update the apps to the latest versions … in the final release …. thanks.

  88. Hi Mint team,
    I just installed LMDE 201204 RC xfce 64 bit and I have some problems,
    -system/login screen lost,automatic log in function impossible
    -mouse right click problem,must press and scroll otherwise menu escapes

  89. Message à Clem : d’abord, j’adore lmde mate ! merci

    je vous signale quelque chose qui est peut-être déjà connu : “Paramètres du bureau” semble figé, on ne peut ni afficher ni supprimer les icônes “corbeille, réseau, etc”

  90. first up, great work…….but……

    installed 32bit version and having bluetooth issues: unable to send nor recieve from pc-phone (andriod)

    installed all gnome user share, OBEX* services and any other blutooth related service and no go. unable to share folders via right click option.

    Cannot start “Personal File Sharing” Preferences
    Please verify that the “Personal File Sharing” program is correctly installed.

    had same issue on mint10, but after reinstalling gnome user share and afew OBEX* services, its running very sweet.

    i would imagine the basic bluetooth and sharing would work out of the box for thiis day and age OS’s…. reverting back to mint10…

  91. thank you Clem, everything works well now
    I dont even have to install Trust tablet, it works from default ^^

  92. I installed the new Mint version by DVD.
    Installed Nvidia pretty easily (apt get as usual).
    I found the cinamon desktop ok but the menu is taking too long to bring out once you click on it. (at least on my low cpu metbook).

    But I hit a brick wall on the wl broadcom drivers installation as none of the previous methods worked for me…

  93. I have installed XFCE version and have a question.

    For example, when I open the System Monitor I see that it originates from Gnome 3. Besides, Nautilus and Gnome Terminal are also installed (although not directly visible). What is the reason behind that? Aren’t those desktops (Gnome and XFCE) independent?

    This situation creates duplications in the system. Some programs start Nautilus although Thunar is the default. It looks like I will never get rid of Gnome 3 unless I change to KDE…

  94. Tried loading this live and modprobe returns Unix mod not found in mods.dep or some such. Also I get a ton of noveau errors. That’s where it stays. Left system running 15mins, just to be sure.

    MD5 checks out. Tried re-burning another disk, just making sure it wasn’t a bad burn. Same thing as before.

    My system specs:
    AMD Phenom II 970 BE
    nVidia GTX 550 ti
    Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1800MHz – 4×4 = 16gigs

    Never had an issue like this before.

  95. Re #112 dragan99 The desktop icon recycle bin is not showing , MATE environment

    hi dragan99, it’s your choice.
    Go to Menu/Control Centre/Desktops Settings & tick Wastebin under Desktop Icons.

  96. Re #112 dragan99 The desktop icon recycle bin is not showing , MATE environment

    Hmm, that’s right. Menu/Control Centre/Desktops Settings functions don’t work.

  97. If I install and test the RC, do I have to reinstall when the final version comes out or is this covered with updates?

    This should be made clear in order to get many people to test the RC.

    P.S. Thanks for the great work.

  98. In continuance from post #135:

    I forgot to mention that the mobo is an Asus M5A97. Doubt if all that makes a difference.

    I have tried both x86 and the x64 and both have the same issue. Will wait for the final and see if that works for me.

    -Old Frog

  99. I tried, and tried, and tried more to have my ATI Radeon HD 4200 working on LMDE UP 4 and it just doesn’t work. I tried Debian testing and it is the same thing. I’m not installing compiz (I like it), but I just want to be able to work normally and quickly. With the last update it is not possible, if I open the menu it takes almost a second to open. Same thing to switch between windows or to close a program or anything… and do not think on moving a window…

    Now I just read that maybe using an older ATI Catalyst driver it could work… I didn’t want to format again, but what can I say, I must give LMDE all the chances to work that it needs.

    I noted that in Cinnamon, you can’t move the panel apps, for example I always put the recycle bin in the bottom right corner, but now it is placed in the middle of the panel and it can’t be moved.

  100. @134 – Caner

    No. Xfce is completely independent from Gnome. That’s just the way Clement and Mint team (if applicable) decided to implement that desktop environment.

    Their idea wasn’t to provide a real Xfce experience, but to develop an alternative system for people who still wanted a classic gnome2-alike look and feel.

    You’ll find lots of duplicate apps, and many programs that may not seem as the smartest choice for an Xfce environment.

    Also, to develop it they just take the Gnome edition, rip off some stuff, and add Xfce, which is definitely not the proper way to do it, but it’s indeed the fastest one.

    Please don’t judge a desktop environment by the way a particular distro implements it. Xfce is a great and super lightweight DE.

  101. couldn’t see how to change power button and close lid prefs so had to install dconf-editor to change. My laptop does not do suspend or should I say never wakes from it, so for me having it as the default is a bad idea,

  102. i used a torrent to get the xfce 32-bit iso, md5sum checked out. used unetbootin(LM12 startup disk creator refused to see the iso /shrug) to create a bootable thumbdrive/liveDVD
    installed it on my asus, 8GB usb as a hdd, no problems.

    went to use the same bootable thumbdrive and install on my; compaq presario v5208TU intel mobile 945GM/PM/GMS 943/940 GML celeron M 410@1.46Ghz 1.96GB ram Broadcom BCM94311MCG wlan mini-PCI (rev 01)

    boots, get onto the live desktop, click the install icon, wired net connects
    i use the ‘edit partitions’ button to format to ext4 both / and /home
    assigned via right-click, filled out user/admin info, click forward..
    it HANGS ON “copying /usr/lib/codecs/QuickTime.qts”

    so now i’ll try the MATE, 64-bit on that tired presario, before i try to install it on my tablet.. asus b121

  103. So far so good. I logged into Cinnamon, and everything looked fine. But I’m mostly using MATE and everything works well except that if you add apps to the panel you lose the window buttons in MATE. I re-added the window buttons and it works now. No problem installing, or with wireless, or anything else. MATE has truly matured and though some say it looks outdated, even though I like Cinnamon, MATE feels more polished and fully functional right now.
    Thanks Clem and Team, good work as always!

  104. when I am proceeding the installation, I can see you are using gparted to set up partition, but I can not find anywhere to set up swap, boot, /, and /home…etc. And you also do not have any option to automatically install LMDB. So I cannot move on, what can I do here?

    Linux Mint Debian 201204 RC (MATE/Cinnamon & Xfce) released
    Unetbootin Live USB

  105. I was hoping for lite instalation iso file. It seem like LMDE is getting bloated with unnecessary/unneeded software.
    Not all people need a full office suit and some other software. Not all people have high speed and unlimited bandwidth.

    We have software manager, people can choose what to install from there.
    Please consider a lite/basic installation iso. Don’t flame me, this is only my opinion.

  106. woahhhh CLEM. Linux Mint debian edition 2012 is GREAT!!! especially with Cinnamon… a few minor complaints but it is coming along really really well… You really should consider moving the main edition to debian in the near future with cinnamon when it is ready man… seriously… it’s time to move away from ubuntu and build upon the more stable debian testing branch… even if you offered updated applications via a repo if you wish…. I can see Lmde being a true Ubuntu Killer… and being a rolling release is very convenient for new users who want to stay up to date without reinstalling… it’s Perfect… and after a little more work with cinnamon and perfecting the debian implementation and some other minor tweaks/features…. this could be truely amazing… it is already better than the main edition in my eyes… I encourage everybody to use the Mint debian edition as opposed to the ubuntu based version… Let’s show our support for LMDE! 🙂

  107. Hi there,

    ou of topic, (and I understand the team is busy) but it has been a while without an update on the “thanks” or “project” part of the website (donors, sponsors, etc.).


    Edit by Clem: Indeed. Sorry about this, we’ll get this done soon.

  108. Hi Guys,

    Have an old install working fine on my primary machine (with Up Pack 4)…. (Luv ya work)

    Have downloaded XFCE64bit 3 times (2 different mirrors (WA Internet assoc and AARP) as well as a copy via torrent (thought id help share).. and keep running into the same prob. – MD5 Sum adds up….
    2 different laptops giving same error…
    Boots to menu – select start LM or LM compat or check integrity of DVD and they all give the same error:
    invalid or corrupt kernal image.
    If you need more info – let me know

    (West Aus)

  109. Awesome release. Works really well. Cinnamon fails when you select two panels (classic) but if you start in Xfce you can reset Cinnamon and the desktop returns. Ubuntu is trying to be everything to everybody and failing at some while LMDE is focusing on what Linux power users want and need and is succeeding on all fronts. Nothing wrong with Ubuntu but LMDE works better for me. Cheers Clem. Time to update the IBM repo’s and install scripts and add a new option!

  110. Dear Clem and the whole team! LMDE is a fantastic work!

    I’ve got only one question, I’d like to use the MATE desktop, because the cinnamon has got speed issues with the latest fglrx ati driver.
    MATE is perfect for me, but I cannot find the gnome-color-manager in the sys settings. The colormgr cannot communicate with the color daemon..
    In cinnamon the color manager works perfectly.
    How can I use it properly under MATE environment?

  111. I don like Cinnamon/MATE. Major distros using Gnome Shell as the way forward. For less powerful computers XFCE/LXDE. “MGSE” (Mint Gnome Shell Extensions) was a great idea as supplemented Gnome 3 Shell not own Shell. Too much problems with the integration that Gnome does not have,…. software problems, ….

    Mint is beginning to look more and more Ubuntu….

    I like Mint=Debian testing + tweaks to out of box distro, but… now… fuuuufffff guuuuaaaagggggg….

    Impressive work but count me out.

    My wishes:

    -No LM Ubuntu editons
    -LM Debian Edition + Extensions that complement Gnome Shell
    -LM XFCE or LXDE edition

    Sorry for my english

  112. kaddy (146) said, “I encourage everybody to use the Mint debian edition as opposed to the ubuntu based version.”

    For some of us with rather-outdated machines, if we want an up-to-date distro, Debian seems more likely to work than an Ubuntu-based version.

    Katya is working really well, but it won’t be supported forever. As well, I really like the idea of a rolling distro.

    Assuming Clem has more resources in the future, he and they might further develop LMDE so that it’s better integrated. I haven’t tried Debian for maybe a couple of years (or more?), and it had some show-stoppers, such as limiting the display to 800 x 600 years after that was superseded by 1024 x 768 (at least).

    Seems to me that Clem actually likes users(!), unlike some Linux developers who seem to hate them. Clem, it seems to me, adds touches of kindness and caring to the basics. (Opera has done that, as well.)

    Computer software, when something goes askew, sometimes provides no error messages (or other help), and in other cases, the program logic can cause extremely-misleading error messages to display. Seems to me that Clem would not knowingly release software that did such things.

    As well, countless times, I have been frustrated because some function that ought to work, doesn’t. Sometimes menu items are “grayed out” for no apparent reason. Seems to me that Clem has added some text feedback to users, in specific places, that explains things that aren’t obvious.

    Help functions are decades old (the Amiga 1000 keyboard had a dedicated Help key, almost certain), but what we don’t yet have is a command that starts a routine to analyze the current state of the software and maybe machine state, perhaps using some A.I., to explain in some detail what has gone wrong (and what to do about it), or else explain “why you can’t do that, just now”).


    I’ve been seeding all four RC’s via FiOS; expect to post a summary soon. Having Korean-rate wideband that’s affordable can be lovely.
    I really should burn* the RCs soon, and report bugs; however, our weather is current “sin-to-stay-in” (indoors), a.k.a. “shirtsleeve”.
    *To 8-cm DVD+R’s? Less wasted space!

    My best to all,

  113. is anyone else experiencing bluetooth woes? like transferring to and from pc-phone

    keep getting

    Cannot start “Personal File Sharing” Preferences
    Please verify that the “Personal File Sharing” program is correctly installed.

    installed all OBEX services and nothing works

  114. Low priority:
    BitTorrent stats, chez moi:

    Downloaded all four via BT, and let them auto-seed. At first, I did only the 64-bit versions, but came to my senses and did the 32’s as well, several hours later. Machine has been on 24 h/day for a couple of days. (ESOL: “Couple” used to mean two, specifically, as in “a wedded couple”, or thermocouple. However, it seems that people maybe 55 or 60 and younger sometimes use “couple” to mean “a few”. Implications for polygamy aren’t considered.)

    Maté / Cinn. 64:
    2 days
    Ratio 40.9

    Xfce 64:
    [Says 1 day, but that looks wrong. Was 2 days.]
    Ratio 18.6

    Maté / Cinn. 32:
    1d 19h
    Ratio 38.6

    Xfce 32
    1d 19h
    Ratio 19.3

    who should brew some yerba maté
    (All-caps “MATE” is probably too late to change back…)

  115. Someone made a comment about Mint 13 KDE with Clem saying 13 supported for only 3 years. Since 12.04 LTS is supported for 5 years on desktop and server, 13 should also be supported for 5 years as well right?

    Edit by Clem: Hi Teg, you’re right.. my apologies, it’s 5 years indeed, same as Ubuntu.

  116. My Dell laptop’s Broadcom wireless is not working with the 64bit Mate/Cinn iso. It’s been a LONG while since I have had to connect to a wired connection in order to install wireless drivers, so I hope this is just a bug. 😉

    I’ll try the XFCE version to see if it has the same issue, if so I’ll pass on Mint until after the final is released, then try again.

  117. I tried LMDE and this release is wonderful.

    Now, I have decided to use Mate only. Thus Cinnamon and its Gnome3 base are just occupying space. How do I remove them? Will it affect any of the applications?

  118. Also been wanting to ask this for some time: Is it possible to have a Linux Mint Debian Stable Edition? I know we can change the repositories from an old LMDE ISO but the Mint-specific packages depend on newer packages. Perhaps they can be backported to Squeeze?

  119. #156 jesse5567 Says:
    For those who are not aware, MATE has renamed several applications/apps from the original Gnome 2 names. For example, in MATE, the Nautilus file manager is now called Caja (meaning “box”), gedit is now called Pluma (meaning “pen”).

    Nautilus is Nautilus look Help > About
    Caja is the MATE file manager, based on Nautilus 2.32.

    Gedit is Gedit look Help >About

  120. I just reinstalled my lmde system on my acer aspire one 532h-2382. Installation with the rc mate/cinnamon 64 bit iso went with no problems. In fact, it’s just like another system i upgraded from update pack 2 to 4. I don’t think the iso needs to be an RC if you’re asking me.

    Mate works great. I’m using cinnamon though. Cinnamon is lacking some settings like more comprehensive power settings and screensaver settings (it’s a little lacking for what can be done in system settings, i’m sure that’ll change later since cinnamon is still new).

  121. @Biswarup, Wow! SolusOS looks nice from the screenshots. I’m downloading the ISO now to check it out. (Although I’m still hoping for an LMDE stable branch edition)

  122. Hi!

    Loved the Xfce 32 bit version for my Compaq Mini netbook.
    Only issue (except manual download of firmware for Broadcom wireless) is the uses the i486 kernel for the Atom N270 CPU both during live sessions and after initial install.
    Though easily changed to i686 after instal, it would have nice to get it right out of the “box”.
    But all in all a great experience.

  123. Hi Clem,
    I’ve downloaded the x64 Cinnamon/Mate.. triple-checked the md5sum. Installed to a usbkey with the dd method, and it will not boot. Copied the iso to a DVD, it will not boot. Used unetbootin to create the usb… this booted but on installation it hung forever while copying docs/cups-pdf-gutenberg (or something like that…) twice. Installed without issue in VirtualBox… I have an hp8930p laptop. Any thoughts on why this image might not want to boot for me? Thanks

  124. I think thatr Clem and some others are quite right, the days of Gnome2 are numbered, so that SolusOS’s belated use of Gnome2 has a limited future. Windows refugees should find ArtomyZorin’s free OS 5.2 a better bet, whilst Mac refugees will probably prefer PinguyOS 11.04, with both OSs support (ie security updates) running out this October.
    If like me you are a Gnome2 fan, LinuxMint-9 is a rather better bet, supported for another year. Now re-installed with grub-legacy, it will hopefully buy enough time for me to learn grub1.99 and LinuxMint-13 or even LinuxMint-14.
    Clem and the team’s brilliant work with the latest Debian variant have restored my faith in Linux, but I need to better understand grub1.99 to get more out of it. The MATE desktop is looking better at the moment, although lacking the ability to add AcidRip whilst Cinnamon is also looking better, so fingers crossed.
    kaddy’s youtube review was entertaining and inspirational.

  125. One of the things that’s missing is gnome-screensaver. I had to install it to be able to lock the desktop. gnome-screensaver was marked as unstable, but it appears to work fine.

    What am i missing so i can close my laptop lid without everything going into suspend?

  126. So…
    no lite/basic minimal iso without full bloated software suit (which can actually be downloaded from software manager)?

  127. If I use MATE with compiz – everytime I log into the desktop, I’ve got high cpu usage. I’ve found in mint forum, if I use “compiz –replace” in start up applications, the system doesn’t shut down automatically the metacity window manager.
    So everytime I have to send the “killall -KILL marco” command.

    If I add this command to startup applications, it doesn’t kill that process. How can I fix this problem?

    I think this problem have to solved in the final release.

    Thanks for the help!

  128. @Biswarup after trying SolusOS I’m not satisfied. Mint is still much better.

    I really wish for an LMDSE. But the Mint tools are no longer compatible with Squeeze (e.g., they require a newer py version). Am I the only one who wishes for this?

  129. After much tinkering i’ve found a solution for my Broadcom 4312 Wifi (Hp311 mini netbook) :

    0b:00.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4312 802.11b/g LP-PHY (rev 01)

    Next step

    $ apt-get update
    $ sudo apt-get install firmware-b43-lpphy-installer

    Reboot “et voilà !”

  130. Watching a movie with another PC, samba network, MATE and Cinnamon

    VLC crush error
    Gnome player nothing
    SMplayer load movie but subtitles no
    Totem only works well

  131. Now THIS is very, very cool. Nice job Clem & team! The only problem I’m still having is user creation. The installer doesn’t seem to be creating my default user, and I have to go into a terminal after installing, and setting up a user with adduser. Also need to throw my username into visudo so I can execute sudo commands.

    A few things that may help mke the LMDE experince more comfortable.

    Open a terminal and type:
    sudo gedit /etc/gdm3/daemon.conf

    Edit the daemon.conf file by adding these line below [deamon] section

    AutomaticLogin=your username

    Now when you reboot your computer, the username you wrote will autologin.

    For those who are in Australia, and use Bigpond internet, how about a free, unmetered repository? Oh – and in response to some above posts – this will let you install Wine too!

    This is my sources.list:

    deb debian main upstream import

    deb unstable main contrib non-free
    deb unstable main non-free
    deb testing/updates main contrib non-free

    I have commented out the linuxmint repositories (sorry Clem, no offence – I just get faster speeds from aarnet) and find using Unstable repositories gives me access to more software than Testing. I have installed Wine and all the other software I regularly use, and now have a very nice, fast and sturdy system.

    Again – thanks Clem – you have created what is (in my opinion) an absolute first-rate Linux distro!

  132. Using “system default” desktop MATE/Cinnamon RC3 system froze, could not restart or shutdown, turned power off, power on and loaded “system default” desktop and the only thing that comes onto screen is “Mint Debian” logo, no cursor, no task bar, no application launchers, keyboard is totally non-functional. Have to power-off to proceed.

    Load Cinnamon desktop at logon and system seems to work perfectly. System update report “system up to date”. Ran Synaptic Package Manager searched on Mate and re-installed all installed packages with no change. Log-off and logon with “system-default” desktop and the appearance of the desktop is still only the “Mint Debian” logo. Have to power off to reboot. No change.

    any suggestions? thank you!

  133. Thanks MATE (pun intended)… I can now live comfortably again in a “cuurent” distro with straight forward gui with old-school usability.

    Although i am liking the cinnamon menu and expose’ like feature of gnome3, and even fall back of xfce4 quite often, i’d say MATE is ultimately my preference UNLESS you can provide a xfce-menu as i really like search functionality. deskbar is worth a mention , it’s by far the best panel applet for gnome2 — maybe it can be re-tooled for xfce?

    Being a “testing”+rolling distro, things i really need are here (like the latest freerdp with NLA support)

    GREAT WORK MINT TEAM!!!! I can now wipe Mint12 and go LMDE again. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you forever.

  134. Normally Debian does NOT install closed source drivers for WiFi and Ubuntu / Mint do. Will LMDE work on my laptop (Thinkpad R60) with wifi without my having to jump through some extra hoops?
    Also any guesses on the time frame form Mint 13 KDE. (I know Ubuntu 12.4 isn’t out quite yet and Mint is usually a bit behind that, just wondering if you have an idea based on current work load when it might happen?)

  135. Is it possible to set mount points for partitions on separate disks in the installer? For example, I don’t want /var pointed to my ssd (/dev/sda) but on /dev/sdb1. I wasn’t able to manage this.

  136. Currently writing this on the MATE/Cinnamon flavor. I’ve tried Cinnamon for a little while and it’s promising, but still a bit rough. MATE looks good so far. One thing I’ve notice on MATE (maybe a bug?), when I go to Control Center -> Desktop Settings and uncheck Computer and Home, nothing happens. The check marks are gone but the icons on the desktop are still there and still functional (even after restart). I like my desktop empty except for removable drives.
    And thanks for the Fortune Cookies, I always turn it on. Keep up the good work! Thanks again.

    Edit by Clem: That’s fixed with the latest update of “mintdesktop”.

  137. Clem: Little demand for it? I find that hard to believe. You will see, the GS3 community is growing–it’s a great DE.

    Edit by Clem: We’ll keep an eye on it. Remember, we gather quite a lot of feedback from here, and so far the feedback on Gnome Shell is extremely negative. We do get positive feedback about it now and then, but most people simply don’t like it. My take on Shell is that it would have been amongst the most interesting projects if it had been an independent project.. the fact that it described itself as Gnome and that it “replaced” Gnome 2 by conflicting with it made it really unpopular. Personally, I’m delighted to see more DEs out there, it’s brilliant for people to have more choice, and with the new DEs (Shell, Unity, Cinnamon) people have even more choice than they did before during the Gnome 2 era…. with that said, it took a lot of efforts to get to the level of functionality we had before and we’re still not quite there..

  138. ok i finally was able to give cinnamon a shot.

    i was very impressed on how much better it is to use then gnome 3. i finally settled on xfce though because i just love the speed! with my ssd programs and folders just fly open!

    what i think would be cool in the future if possible. would be to have lmde the main edtion and when you install you get a choice of cinnamon, xfce, lxde, kde. not sure if that would be possible, but then everyone has it there way….burger king style lol 🙂

    hold the onions though 😉

  139. “Debian is a less user-friendly/desktop-ready base than Ubuntu.”
    Is not! Mom likes it ;D
    And requiring a brain on specific occasions is not being user-unfriendly: “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” — Albert Einstein

    Edit by Clem: It’s still requires a little more knowledge of APT and Linux than the Ubuntu base. That’s a nice quote though :))

  140. @Zorro (#198): I had the same behavior. I installed the iso in both VMPlayer(32-bit) and on my Asus EEEPC netbook(64-bit), and it so pissed-me-off that I deleted the VM and re-installed LM/11 on the netbook (should never have left!)

    I recently dabbled with Fuduntu (VM and netbook), but I was living/breathing RHEL/5 at my last job, and hey! it’s great for servers, but keep it away from everywhere else.

    (always the Optimist, I’m eagerly awaiting the re-emergence of the Macbuntu ISO project; I fully believe that the next, long-awaited version, will be based on the upcoming “final cut” of LMDE-201204, with full MacOS X theming for both the Mate AND Cinnamon DEs)

    I don’t care if Katya isn’t an LTS release; I’m sticking with it (that’s my story).

  141. about cinnamon
    the only thing i miss in cinnamon is : when i right click on deskop the menu is not like the black (or else) theme:( i know nautilus draw the menu, but if u make that menu look good, there is nothing stopping cinnamon to be the best DE out there

    Edit by Clem: That’s Nautilus indeed. You can change its theme by going into the cinnamon settings -> themes -> other settings -> gtk+ theme. From there you can make it look darker.

  142. The file manager looks different in Mate and Gnome2, using the same theme and font. Particularly, the location bar has a different color and is not separated from the Places sidebar, and the Places sidebar does not show the gradient. Here are the screenshots:



    I hope you can make them look identical using the same theme. Everything looked so elegant in Gnome2. I was attracted to the balance and elegance of Mint with Gnome2, which doesn’t seem to be in that level yet in the Mate version.

    Please make everything feel the same first before introducing changes. Thanks.

    Edit by Clem: Thanks for the detailed feedback on this. From what I can see, the nautilus and caja UIs you took a screenshot of are exactly the same.. they just seem to use a different theme. Can you confirm the themes are the same? If so we can look into the theme itself and check whether it wasn’t properly ported to MATE.

  143. i spoke too soon… XFCE4 all the way!!! due my cpu is 100% on my upgraded desktop with MATE+Compiz, yes i see there is a fix, but i also can’t stand typing pluma instead of gedit. I just really want a mint-menu for xfce.
    Thanks again.

    Edit by Clem: mintMenu is now a MATE applet, but we’re planning to adapt XFApplet to MATE… For gedit, it’s available in the repositories: “apt install gedit” (it’s the “new” gedit though.. so if you like the “old” one, you’ll probably prefer pluma).

  144. Has anyone tried the XFCE version with less than 512 MB of RAM and, if so, has it worked? I have an old Pentium 4 HT machine, which has plenty resources except it only has somewhere between 480 and 500 MB of RAM.

  145. Jonathan B. Horen@203

    Have you tried installing Cairo Dock, or Docky? Both have their pluses and minuses, but if you are a Mac DE fan, neither is a bad option. Of course, desktop integration is not absolutely perfect, but then again, they’re not proprietary like not OSX.

    Or better still, maybe you should resurrect Macbuntu, or perhaps your own Mac like DE from scratch.

    Anyway, I understand your frustration. I haven’t been able to climb out of the LM9 whole quite yet. I’ve tested all of LM’s since LM9 and LM10, and all have significant caveats for me, including LM11. And it seems like each time I give LMDE another try, some things are much smoother and are definitely improved, while a whole different set of issues are presented that I have to plow through.

    Don’t get me wrong, Clem has done loads of work, especially over the last year. To say the least, things have been insane for him–a glaring understatement I’m sure. But he has hung in, and is still busting it for us.

    My thinking is there is always going to be good arguments for sticking with the Main Edition, or sticking with LMDE. It’s just a matter of what works best for the individual–all things considered.

  146. Clem, Re: LMDE/Cinammon you are a f**king legend! Been using Linux for years and at last in Cinnamon we’ve got something that’s simple, very elegant, easy to use and very fast! You are a genius! Keep up the good work – at last desktop linux is moving forward again.

  147. Greetings!

    Following the instructions on Universal-USB-Installer- with 80meg persistent size settings, I just installed linuxmint-201109-xfce-dvd-32bit.iso on a 8gig USB flash drive from my XP Dell, and it booted up fine and looks awesomely beautiful. Only thing is the Users feature won’t allow me to be administrator and set privileges and root passwords. Also persistence doesn’t seem to take since it don’t keep my Firefox and user settings on reboot. I know this is a early version and prone to quirks, but I just had to try it out and it’s worth it! If there’re no solutions yet, can anyone please forward me to the next capable Debian-based portable USB version is? I’m a tech-newbie so I REALLY appreciate how sweatless this thing came through!

    Thanks, and to the software authors, a trillion thanks!


  148. It…just…works. I’ve installed LMDE 201204 RC on my hp a6200n desktop machine as well as my brand new System 76 laptop (don’t tell the Ubuntu folks). It works equally well on both machines. In fact, it just now updated to Update Pack 4 tonight. With Mate, it looks EXACTLY like LMDE 201109 running good ol’ Gnome 2. Cinnamon is lovely, too. I do like LMDE. It’s quick, stable and fun for my purposes. I was a big fan of Mint 10 Julia. I was less thrilled with Mint 11 and 12. So, I bounced between LMDE 201109 and Xfce desktops for a while. LMDE 201204 has brought me back home. Nice work, Clem, and whoever else worked on this!

  149. Can I blow out this update and load the last version? Nothing works now that I have updated. Even did a clean install and same thing. I just wasted two hours trying to get my Logitech Z305 usb speakers to work with the new update, to no avail. I am using mate 64. When I try to configure with Compiz nothing works and I go down to two workspaces and can not get it back to four, with out rebooting with out compiz. As much as I love Mint Debian’s prior release this one I am starting to hate… Also I have to enter all wifi login information by hand. If I try to use the automated if fails everytime.

  150. Just saw that the new LMDE RC has been released and was delighted. Will download tonight and install on Friday.
    Have been using the Linux Mint 12 since it’s release and can only say this the finest distro ever used by me.
    Thank you all who are responsible for making things easier for Internet users.
    Farid Ansari,
    Karachi, Pakistan

  151. For admins: please fix the 2nd answer in FAQ on this page.
    2. LMDE is compatible with repositories designed for Debian Testing or Debian *Wheezy*
    (not Squeeze)

    Linux Mint team is great! Thanks a lot. Looking forward to download the final release!

    Edit by Clem: Thanks.

  152. LMDE UP4 RC with MATE works very good at my old netbook eeepc901, did have replaced the LMDE with Gnome2, a 3D desktop is not good for working speed neither battery life 🙂 Some new application names and directories must be “learned” but actually I am very glad about it! THANKS!

  153. @Clem : well, now, you are really fullfilling my dreams. I really hope the momentum will grow.

    1) rolling-release but still OK for non technical users thanks to Ubuntu backports, Mint specific developement
    2) Update packs to prevent regressions
    3) Cinnamon = a mix of classic & modern elements for a clutter-free & efficient environment. I was skeptical at first but it’s pretty good. Even the “exposé” like screen combines elements of Gnome Shell & Compiz and is even more efficient.
    4) a community funded distro
    5) no waste of resource -> based on Debian, the mother of all distros

    I really hope you can, in the future, hire more people to work on the distro and tell us in a transparent way what is done with it.

    Keep up the good work !

  154. Clem, when are you going to release de final ISOs for LMDE? Im waiting for the XFCE ISO..

    Edit by Clem: When it’s ready. 68 bugs were found, we’re down to 19 today.

  155. Well, having managed to actually install the 32bit version ‘for real’ on my Core2 E5200 rig, I found it a bit sluggish, with no AcidRip in its repository. Trying to invoke a better Nvidia graphics driver failed, so I instead installed the 64bit version which is slicker and has AcidRip in its repository, but it sadly can’t be linked to inserted source videoDVDs, but under Debian I may not be entering the right optical drive source ?
    Otherwise MATE is meeting most of my ‘Keep It Simple’ needs, including bottom panel additions like the deceptively powerful Workspace Switcher.
    Having grown used to Mint12’s dual desktop on my second, E5300 rig, I can see that Cinnamon could become useful, but not yet and loggof plus logon is a bit of a chore !

    Edit by Clem: This was reported already and AcidRip was added to the repositories a couple of days ago.

  156. Sorry, typo should read ‘.. logoff plus logon is a bit of a chore to change from MATE to Cinnamon’.
    Meanwhile, added Handbrake and OpenShot are performing well with DeVeDe, so it’s a shame about AcidRip.

  157. OMG!!! Please Clem, dont release the final ISOs right now. Wait till April 28th so You can release the LMDE ISO with XFCE 4.10 final!!! :D:D:D

    Edit by Clem: We freeze the ISOs after the RC release, and anyway Xfce 4.10 isn’t in Update Pack 4.

  158. @Yro
    XFCE 4.10 won’t reach debian testing for a long time because of the code freeze for wheezy, and even if it does make it in before that, update pack 4, which is what these isos have, had xfce 4.8 in them, so they won’t have xfce 4.10.

  159. LMDE 201204RC running on my quad core since April 11th and this is the best I never tried. For peoples who find the beep annoying try this command in a terminal window:

    echo “blacklist pcspkr | sudo tee -a /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist

    After, type this command:

    sudo modprobe -r pcspkr

    No more beep !!

  160. Clem & team, great job all around. I’ve been wanting to give the Debian edition a serious try for a while now. I managed to get the nvidia driver installed as well as KDE alongside Cinnamon. I prefer KDE but I’m interested in cinnamon. The hot-corner where you can add desktops and move around programs is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a while.

    My main issue is that I can’t get gtk programs (synaptic, mintupdate) to look nice in KDE. I installed and selected oxygen-gtk but nothing has changed. I notice that in the KDE main edition the GTK theme has a blank field, what package is that edition using?

  161. Here, in Cinnamon, when i install some apps, kolourpaint, mupen64plus…
    I don’t get them into the menu. Some others i do like chromium-browser.
    However, when i try to put them in the menu, it does nothing when clicking “new item” in the menu editor (actually any button makes nothing in the menu editor).
    Which files i have to edit to tweak the menu?

    Hope this is solved soon.

    Have to say that besides for that, it’s very responsive and well done; great job Clem et al.

  162. BUG: When watching a video (using GNOME Player) the screen switched off because of the energy saving settings. Needed Change: Don’t turn off the screen while watching videos!

  163. mintInstall 7.3.3: a session-password would be nice, so that one can install many programs without having to type in the password each time.

  164. @Clem re 228 Edit – Thank you, but after installing the 64 bit version I had indeed found AcidRip to be in its repository, which I had installed, but when then entering /dev/scd0 as the Video source Path that selection turned red, with an ‘/dev/scd0 does not exist!’ error message being displayed, so as I said, perhaps a different nomenclature (or a missing dependency) is needed to make it work normally ?

  165. Hi, currently testing LMDE 201204RC, it looks great, and will probably replace my “legacy” LMDE on all my machines.
    But here is a bug report (not sure if this is the right place to report it):
    If you right-click on the menu button, select “Edit menu”, select any item in the right pane and click “Properties” (or right-click on it and “Properties”), nothing happens…
    Tested on 32 and 64-bit versions.

    Congratulations for this new release! I wasn’t really ready to drop Gnome2, but Cinnamon really looks promising!

    — A proud Linux Mint Sponsor —

  166. Further to 239 about AcidRip – It simply uses a more restrictive source drive nomenclature !
    For example, Enter ‘/dev/cdrom1’instead of ‘/dev/scd1’ and it then works !

  167. Clem, re Message 211.

    I’ll do this again, but using standard metatheme Mint-X-Metal. You can see that the theme elements don’t work properly in Mate.

    Under Gnome2:

    Under Mate:

    The top picture is how it should look. Everything in the theme works properly.

    The lower picture shows a lot of things that don’t work in Mate.

    * the separator between places sidebar and main window is too thick
    * the separator between places sidebar and location bar is absent
    * the location bar doesn’t pick up the color (should be lighter)
    * the locations in the location bar should have no box
    * the gradient background doesn’t show in the places sidebar
    * the positioning of the elements do not match pixel-wise
    * the font appears diffently

    Actually, the screenshot under Mate doesn’t look like Mint-X-Metal. It looks more like Clearlooks but using Mint-X colors.

    I will investigate this further and give you more detail as I learn more.

    Edit by Clem: I think you’re onto something here… thanks a lot for doing this.

  168. Someone may have mentioned it by now, but Cinnamon crashes when attempting to use dual monitors. When the machine is configured with dual screens (nouveau or Nvidia drivers) the desktop tries to come up then crashes back to the login screen. When configured with a single screen Cinnamon comes up, but then corrupts video and stalls the system when a second monitor is activated. Bummer. I was pumped to finally have Cinnamon on LMDE – I’ll wait patiently in XFCEland for a fix. Killer OS!

  169. I really do like the appearance and the optical effects of cinnamon.
    Nevertheless the right mouse button does not seem to work, including the context menu. First I thought my mouse is not working properly but then I was looking for some sort of dialog to re enable it. It is rather annoying not to have a right mouse button with a context menu.
    Therefore I had to fall back to Mate

  170. Having to type pluma is really distracting and disturbs my workflow. I know we can install gedit, but I would rather avoid Gnome3 apps.

    Why not let pluma provide gedit and let update-alternatives redirect the command to either pluma or gedit3?

    Alternatively, why not create an edit command? Then use update-alternatives to redirect it to either pluma or gedit.

  171. Well done but, I have found something…

    There is something strange about Mate, when I deselect everything in ‘Preferences-> Desktop Items’ the Computer’s and Home Folder’s Icon
    still remain on the Desktop.
    When I run gtkterm I have to be root, whereas on Lisa this is not necessary. ( Maybe this is wanted because of security considerations ? )
    When I was running Cinnamon on the left corner appeared a grey square, after maximizing the browser#s window one could see the background instead of the window.( as if it had a hole ).
    At the beginning of the installation from live DVD the button was German although I have selected English language.

  172. The LMDE 201204 Installer has grandiosely bug who may be have been take it on GRUB install stage. However, this does not always manifest error. It seems connected with the strange behavior of the installer and can take it if I have presence of mounted disk(s) at the stage of installing the OS.
    In the main, I get an OS that has only single entry in GRUB who indicating only that the installed OS if I take install the OS with mounted hard drive(s) and I have opened File Manager with one of the folders on the mounted disk(s)…
    Of course, we can say: ‘You fool himself’, but userfriendly Linux distributive – just who is especially distributed on LiveCD – it’s an unacceptable situation, IMHO.
    Moreover, I remember: all early Linux installers asked me for unmounting the mounted disks when detects such the situation. It’s normally behavior for them.
    Alas, LMDE 201204 has more small bugs and strange behaviors but who is non critical for robust working OS in user’s PC.
    Thank you for new Debian based Linux Mint! It’s Great Work. 🙂

  173. Adding to Abnor’s Comment 248, I couldn’t install LMDE64 without first unmounting already mounted partitions, whereas it’s automatically done for you with earlier versions like LinuxMint-9’s installer.

  174. Adding to Bruce R #249. I have two attempts to install it distros.
    On first I have strange behavior of the Installer: I have all partitions on two disks are mounted; on stage formatting and run copying distro’ file set on new partition, and I has automatically opened FM window. And I confirm to have ‘beeps’ on system speakers too… It’s very abnormal situation, imho…
    On second installation I have described on #248 situation. Difference with it are opened two FM windows: one are mint folder, and window number two has opened folder on secondary HDD. Note. I was install LMDE on primary HDD.

  175. does anyone know how to install user-theme gnome shell extension? i was hoping that will final release of up4 we will be able to change gnome-shell themes… or am i missing something? thanks!

  176. Two bugs, both related to my dual monitor setup:
    #1 On each startup, the background on my larger (1920×1080) secondary monitor scales improperly, cutting off the edges in ways it shouldn’t. When I open up the change background interface, it’s already set to Zoom. If I select another scaling option and then select Zoom again, it will rescale properly. It just doesn’t handle Zoom correctly upon startup.The background on the smaller monitor doesn’t have this problem.

    #2 The hot corner, in workspace selection mode (which I love in concept… a big improvement over the Gnome3 default!) only shows things from the main monitor. Windows active in the secondary monitor just ignored.

  177. Hello,

    32 bits tested
    Install : Fresh
    Language : French
    Desktop : Cinnamon

    Stuff :
    Builder PC (P4P800 SE, P4 3.2 GHZ, 2 x 1 GB DDR1, Nvdia 7000 series)
    Laptop : Sony VPCEA4S1E and Sony VPCF1

    Fresh Install takes arround 15 minutes. I’m connected at internet during the install.

    In live mode : Mint menu. Why not Cinnamon ? It’s a really part of Mint.

    Install in french.

    – In partitioning, 1 button is in german “Partitionen Bearbeiten”
    French or english, but german. A a bit too much languages in 1 window ;))
    – EXT2 by defaut file system. EXT4 ??
    – Buttons are in english, other parts of text are in french.
    – Button “Forward” ouch !! why not “Next” ???
    – When install is done, no auto reboot. You must go into the menu and do it manualy.

    After Reboot :

    – 5 little updates (mintmenu, debian artwork, …)
    – In Cinnamon menu : all is translated exept : “Cinnamon settings” insteed “Paramètres Cinnamon” and “System profiler and benchmark”
    – LibreOffice still in english (go to synaptic and Ok)
    – LibreOffice 3.4.5 ???? Why not 3.5.2 ?
    – Firefox 11 in FR (ok) and Thunderbird 11 in FR (ok)
    – I have installed Cairo Dock and working like a charm with Cinnamon
    – Special key works fine on laptop (volume, ect)
    – The Thunderbird’s icon in Cairo Dock is ugly
    – Simply impossible to install Nvidia driver on the desktop PC. I have tried many things …

    On Sony VPCF1, a terrific noise ! But don’t be afraid, I have teste arround 15 distros, and same on all.

    Many thanks for your job and I hope it help you.

    I have a computer company in Belgium. You can contact me if you want more tests or some help.

    Regards Clem.

  178. Regarding message 243, both were taken using 10pt “Sans” font on desktop, application, and titlebar, where titlebar is bold.

    Both were taken using Mint-X-Metal theme.

    Screenshot of mate was taken in LMDE 201204 RC Mate 1.2
    Screenshot of gnome2 was taken in Mint 11 Katya Gnome 2.32

    I suspect the difference is due to Mate 1.2 not properly doing the “include” command in gtkrc (or not finding the included .rc files).

    I need to test it further to confirm if this is so.

  179. The only “negative” observation I have about the new LMDE (xfce4) rc candidate is that cups seems to hang for a few seconds during system boot. Wow, that is a small list! It is apparently also a known issue in Debian. I also think xfce4-notifyd should be added to the xfce iso. Overall very excellent stuff.

  180. “Automatic Login” option (in “System Settings” -> “User Accounts”) works only with LightDM. But LMDE don’t use LightDM.

  181. And known bug of udisks in LMDE and Debian Wheezy. After eject CD/DVD-disk using drive button, icon of the disk stay on the desktop, files show in nautilus, etc.

  182. I have another comment about LMDE 201404 RC. The installer will only let me install the OS on hard drive sda. My system has 3 hard drives, sda, sdb and sdc. I wanted to install / and swap on sda and install /home on sdc. I can’t do it with LMDE 201404 RC or other versions of Linux Mint Debian Edition either. Is this an LMDE issue or is it a problem with all versions of Debian?

  183. LMDE 201404 RC 32-bit looks quite good on my old laptop, dell latitude D505. I tested it using Unetboot to create my usb live session.

    Mate – looks good. Could you add the ‘windows’-key to open the main menu like in cinnamon?

    Cinnamon – looks even better, BUT after using the DE for 5 min the menu’s went blank. Screenshot:
    Seems like a graphics issue, dmesg fills up with>
    [ 2258.114301] [drm:intel_prepare_page_flip] *ERROR* Prepared flip multiple times

    Keep up the good work – looking forward to the release. I’m on Xubuntu right now, but linuxmint201204rc feels faster and is way more beautiful. I like Cinnamon better, but would also live happily with Mate.

  184. I can reproduce the above:
    – move mouse to upper left corner (triggers Expo-modus)
    – text disappears in menus and dmesg fills with:
    [ 3447.920236] [drm:intel_prepare_page_flip] *ERROR* Prepared flip multiple times

    BTW: I’m testing in live session which goes into Mate by default. I simply logout, choose ‘other…’ user in login screen, then Session: Cinnamon and login: mint which does not require password.

  185. I tried to get rid of the start-up and shut-down beeps but can’t write to root using “sudo pluma” to edit the blacklist files”

    dad@1505 ~ $ sudo pluma /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base-blacklist.conf
    [sudo] password for dad:

    (pluma:2696): Gtk-WARNING **: Attempting to store changes into `/root/.local/share/recently-used.xbel’, but failed: Failed to create file ‘/root/.local/share/recently-used.xbel.VWFIDW’: No such file or directory

    (pluma:2696): Gtk-WARNING **: Attempting to set the permissions of `/root/.local/share/recently-used.xbel’, but failed: No such file or directory

    (pluma:2696): Gtk-WARNING **: Attempting to store changes into `/root/.local/share/recently-used.xbel’, but failed: Failed to create file ‘/root/.local/share/recently-used.xbel.DXM5CW’: No such file or directory

    (pluma:2696): Gtk-WARNING **: Attempting to set the permissions of `/root/.local/share/recently-used.xbel’, but failed: No such file or directory

  186. I am getting the following error when trying to run chromium.

    [] Creating shared memory in /dev/shm/.org.chromium.Chromium.9sgW1B failed: No such file or directory
    [] Unable to access(W_OK|X_OK) /dev/shm: No such file or directory
    [] This is frequently caused by incorrect permissions on /dev/shm. Try ‘sudo chmod 1777 /dev/shm’ to fix.
    So I tried what is suggested and get this.

    chmod: cannot operate on dangling symlink `/dev/shm’

    from searching around I have come up with adding chmod a+w /dev/shm to the /etc/rc.local file, but this gives me the same error as above.

    Any Suggestions?

  187. Ok, found the answer to my above problem finally. The symlink /dev/shm is pointed to /run/shm. The directory /run/shm does not exist. So I created that directory by running this command:

    mkdir /run/shm
    chmod 1777 /run/shm

    After that, I was able to run Chromium Browser.

  188. Thank you Mint 13 team!! Maya was the only capable to setup a dual boot in my EFI based machine (without bios suite)!! i’ve got almost crazy trying (for months…) to do it and now its working!!
    thank you very much!!

    Edit by Clem: You’re welcome. This is not Mint 13 though (Linux Mint 13 “Maya” will be out in the end of May)… It’s LMDE 201204 🙂

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