Linux Mint 12 KDE released!

The team is proud to announce the release of Linux Mint 12 KDE.

Linux Mint 12 KDE

New features at a glance:

For a complete overview and to see screenshots of the new features, visit: “What’s new in Linux Mint 12 KDE“.

Release notes:

  • Moonlight
  • Upstream issues

To get more information about these issues and their solution, read the “Release notes”.

System requirements:

  • x86 processor (Linux Mint 64-bit requires a 64-bit processor. Linux Mint 32-bit works on both 32-bit and 64-bit processors).
  • 512 MB RAM (1GB recommended for a comfortable usage).
  • 5 GB of disk space
  • Graphics card capable of 800×600 resolution
  • DVD-ROM drive or USB port

Upgrade instructions:

  • To upgrade from a previous version of Linux Mint follow these instructions.
  • To upgrade from Linux Mint 12 KDE RC, simply apply any level 1 and 2 updates (if any) available in the Update Manager.


Md5 sum:

  • 32-bit: d667a7cfbbdf965b07df7edcc2dbfb98
  • 64-bit: 8173538eab3c060d85e0e0b74eaf11f3


HTTP Mirrors for the 32-bit ISO:

HTTP Mirrors for the 64-bit ISO:


We look forward to receiving your feedback. Thank you for using Linux Mint and have a lot of fun with this new release!


  1. Am running the final-version already too! Yes, the best Mint-KDE yet…and in the future it will be even better for sure.

    1. @umut ulgen: The Software Manager (not “center”) still crashes for some people. We believe it’s a problem with aptdaemon and we’re looking into it, it impacts all editions though, not just this one. The Package Manager (synaptic) had a problem in the RC and this was fixed in the stable release. Other fixes include apturl and print to PDF as well.

  2. I think that KDE is the best DE on the linux landscape, and Mint the best distro… I wondered seeing the two project ignoring themselves in the recent past. Now I’m sure we can eventually have the best Linux experience ever. I can’t wait to return to home and try this so long waited mix!!
    Thanks to the developer team for your attention to all the voices in the community, not only to the obvious Gnome mainstream. Mint is unique for that. 🙂

  3. Woohoo ! Long due, really ! If you had informed me at least 2 months ago that KDE was in the works, I would have never installed Debian KDE ! I’m downloading now….

  4. Hi Clem,
    Congrats on the KDE Release! Sorry if you feel this is hijacking the thread, but we would like to know your plan for LMDE now that Gnome 3.2 is in Debian Testing! We have been waiting so long for this.

  5. My English is regular, my Most sincere Congratulations to the Linux Mint team for making this great version of Mint 12 KDE. Yesterday I downloaded and installed it (I was sorry to remove Mint 10 KDE, was really spectacular). The Mint 12 KDE works like clockwork Swiss wonderful. Would Linux Mint have to separate definitively of Gnome 3 (it is very, very bad in my concept) and put the KDE desktop as their first choice and as a secondary option to use Mint LXDE (by the way, you know something about of Mint LXDE 12?) Congratulations for this spectacular job !!!! Greetings.

  6. Congratulations!!

    Hi Clem, every release You have, I download it and try it in a spare PC, on My main system I have LMDE (Gnome), and on past days I give it a try to Dreamlinux 5.0 (based on Debian Testing) and works good too, I found One thing on Dreamlinux 5 that I like to see in LMDE, “After the Installation is completed, and on First Boot a Window pops up, that window is the User account configuration, where is asking to the User to set up: Name, Password, Root Password, etc”, that function is good, for example if, I want to give a PC to a Freind or Family member, I just Installed the OS, and the Final User will finish the User Account Set Up on First time boot on that PC.

    Thank You Clem and Mint Team, and Congratulations again for this New Release of Mint 12 (KDE).

  7. it seems really nice, except i can’t have any desktop effects enabled on my notebook with 1 gb ram, 1.8 ghz cpu and integrated intel graphics. so i tried the debian testing kde image last night and desktop effects (opengl) work with no problems, it’s a snappy system too. what i’m saying is i wish with all of mint’s wonderful customization work (a rare distro where my mobile broadband works ootb, to name just one thing), i wish the kde version was based on debian. ubuntu’s bloat is choking it.

  8. Thanks Clem. It seems I am getting late everywhere.

    So I again learned something. Hope Clem you won’nt mind, if I share it with others (Everything is already there, it is just for the users who don’nt know how to put this).

    How to put windows 7/ PCLNIUX like icon task bar, which saves some space also on panel, if too much of applications are opened.

    Okay, here we go. Go to ‘Synaptic’ type ‘smooth task’ in search box. In result it will show ‘plasma-widget-smooth-task’ for both 32 and 64 bit, install it as suits one. Now a little tricky, not much. Right click on the panel, from panel option chose ‘panel settings’. Now in the middle of the panel if you right click, it will show two options ‘task setting’ and ‘remove task’. Select ‘remove task’. Oh! what you guys have done, you just removed your task bar and your whole right hand side widgets (Calendar, network, clipboard, update etc.) now have come to the left side. Not my fault. Ok, now right click on the empty space of the panel, this time chose ‘add widgets’ and in the search box type ‘smooth task’. Smooth task icon will appear. Now drag smooth task to the left of the panel until your widgets (Calendar etc.) goes to their default location and then leave it. And with desktop effects on, you will enjoy your desktop more. If one does’nt like it, can remove it, normal task bar will also be in your widgets. And Enjoy!

    Sorry Clem. Just sharing. I just want users to enjoy it more. Will see that at least for KDE, I can put some video on

  9. although i prefer gnome, i consider this as the best kde version of mint released till date. will try it 🙂
    many thanks to the mint team for giving us the best OS.

  10. I was installing the RC last night and the repos went down, it was then that I realized the official version was probably being released. Super excited for this.

  11. Great job! This is the best implementation of KDE I’ve ever experienced! I’m curious about one thing, why did you stay with 4.7.4 instead of 4.8 which just went final last week?

  12. Congratulations to all the linux mint team!! I’m a big kde fan, I wonder if is easy to install the brand new kde 4.8 on top of that version. 4.8 is faster than 4.7 and even better!!

  13. I’m currently running LM 12 KDE RC (64-bit) in a test partition and LM 12 main edition (64-bit) in another. I haven’t encountered any problems with the Software Manager in LM 12 main edition but it still crashes in LM 12 KDE RC. Also, Synaptic in LM 12 KDE RC has never crashed for me since I first installed RC. Curious why the Software Manager would crash for LM 12 KDE and not for LM 12 main edition running on the same desktop PC. If it was aptdaemon you might think it would cause the problem in both releases. Just thinking out loud here.

    Intel Core2-Quad Q8400/4MB L2 Cache, 8GB DDR2, 1 TB HDD, Nvidia GT-430 w/1GB DDR3

    I’ve also not seen any updates from the Linux Mint side of things for LM 12 KDE in awhile. Are there any updates scheduled for the RC from the final release? Just wondering.

  14. thank you Clem for your answer.I installed the Mint 12 KDE and software manager works well. i use 64 Bit edition. and synaptic works well too. nice job and thank you again

  15. I still don’t understand why Mint KDE ?

    Mint was a really interesting and beautiful Gnome desktop (Version 12 is a bit strange)

    But Mint KDE is juste Kubuntu with few Mint tools, and a choice of utility (VLC for example).

    Mint should just be a repository alongside Ubuntu, and some media installation, and that’s it.

    Personal opinion of course.


  16. Finally!!!! please dont make wate so long next time -.- KDE is much better than gnome, just dont know why that is not so obvious for most people -.-

  17. i really really wanted to like this…but i can’t!…..ok i’m the ‘enemy’ i use windows 7 99.9% of the time but over the last year i’ve lost count of the linux distros i’ve tried….but in the end i’ve always gone back to the ‘evil one’…..why? cos when you fire up a browser internet pages look….yukkk! fonts; clarity everything just looks amateur…why? what is it that makes the difference? i’ve installed this distro as default i’ve done nothing to it….i boot up then i see…..something that’s so washed out….i reboot back into windows 7 and voila! clarity is restored! on my intel i3 laptop this distro is even slower than win7….nah sorry clement this may be a final release…..but it still needs work

    Edit by Clem: Linux is not trying to be like Windows. Why torture yourself like that? Use Windows and enjoy what works for you. I don’t like crisp fonts personally and I don’t expect KDE to be on the light side… if I did, I’d disable 3D effects and install MS fonts… It’s all about tastes, most people here chose Linux and dislike Windows, I could go on all day explaining why Windows is not a good OS for a vast majority of Windows users… the thing is, there are a few people out there, who do happen to like it and for whom it is the right choice. If it works for you, then don’t waste any more time trying to quit it.

  18. Montee, this must be a hardware (GPU?) compatibility problem. I’ve switched from Mac and haven’t experienced any of your problems. Everything is crisp and nice though I’m talking about Mint main edition; haven’t tried the KDE version.

  19. Can somebody explain to me why DuckDuckGo SSL does not share revenue with Linux Mint? I have no use for plain DuckDuckGo.

    Edit by Clem: It does. As long as you see t=lm in the URL, it does.

  20. …MINT11(main edition) was my first love (less than 1 year NEWBIE) and boy what a GREAT first choice (M11), had I tried other first prob would have felt disappointed!

    BUT had wifi probs when trying M12 so looked around and TRIED mepis(KDE) and liked it to a certain point… tried lubuntu, peppermint…and on…

    Just tried PClinuxOS today just before M12KDE (was ok) BUT then >>>

    …this MINT12KDE is A S T O U N D I N G!!! Jaw-droper from first demo-boot!!!

    thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

    PS- MINT12kde = better than M12main, even with cinnamon(MUCH NICE) or mate) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Fantastisch! Now that the blleecch gnome 3/unity mess has been so delightfully overcome(cinnamon hates my hardware so no luck there), is there any way of knowing if the kde LTS will soon follow Precise? Yes, I’m getting way ahead of myself but…my system can’t endure much more hopping! Great job! Thanks!

  22. @Montee : Fonts clarity etc. can be fixed. Earlier I also used to have the same problem, but friends in the blog taught me how to fix it. Window 7 can’nt be compared with KDE. As one is paid software and other is free. You have to accept free as it is. But certainly you can ask for help in the forms.

    Since you said please fix. Nothing to be fixed, you can do it yourself. How to make fonts better, the way I learned from others, go to ‘system settings’ chose ‘application appearance’ select ‘fonts’. Now increase the size as per your suitability. Next at the bottom where use anti-alisaing is written chose ‘enable’, now click on configure, then select in the check box chose ‘use sub-pixel rendering’ to RGB and hinting style to ‘slight’ click apply. Your fonts might be much better now. If you think fonts are better now, say thanks to @Manny and @Kirk-M who taught me how to make them better.

  23. Thanks.

    Just got done distro hopping good kde outfits for a bit to check up on some I’ve been curious with, because I really think kde is just better. Before that I’ve been using LMDE (wonderful).

    Hoping to see a KDE/Debian Linux Mint soon. I can’t think of a better combination of projects.

  24. Very nice going! I have high hopes.

    Here in the USA, the first five mirrors for the 64-bit version are apparently very heavily loaded (22:30, Eastern Time), but Yellow Fiber Networks is just fine. I mention it only because the contrast is extreme; YFN is running at around 3.1 MB/s (B=bytes), while the others were running typically at maybe 30 kB/s. (Please feel free to delete this; I don’t use IRC or IM). (All done, while I was editing before posting; I love FiOS! Affordable and very fast.)

  25. Why is it that the colors for the KDE edition are blue instead of green? The other releases use a mixture of silver and green and seems more fitting to be consistent.

  26. I’m experiencing an Amarok/Plasma crash where the task bar and the
    plasmoids darken. What’s the deal? How do I reset everthing, and is
    this problem going to be fixed? [LM KDE 12]

  27. Will try (again! many times …) another re-spin of Kubuntu, complete with KDE’s many well deserved reputations for? Hope not. Generally with KDE, I ‘customize’, then it fouls my distro properly: not reversable, not repairable. So back to Gnome2, with AWN (definitely not Canonical’s infamous, inflexible Unity). Very surprised that the Mint ‘buntu res-spins are the most popular re-spin. Hope it might be better than Ping-EEE’s re-spin of Ubuntu 11.04.

  28. Thanks! I didn’t expect the stable release so soon!
    I don’t have hopes for Compiz to be working though, or should I? It doesn’t seem to be compatible with KDE 4.7, not even with 4.8 in the current Kubuntu (I heard 4.8 is working with Compiz in Kubuntu 12.04, so Linux Mint being based on Ubuntu, there’s something to look forward to in the next releases). But anyway, I’ll give it a try now, who knows…

    “KDE is much better than gnome, just dont know why that is not so obvious for most people”
    Actually, back in Gnome 2 days it wasn’t so obvious. I personally was a faithful Gnome user for years and found KDE rather awkward and uglier than Gnome. Gnome was simple, but had all the basic options and straightforward customization, it was very elegant and sleek. But now all has changed for me: Gnome 3, instead of giving me more options, made everything more difficult to change (for God’s sake, to change an interface item I have to look for an extension, which might not even exit?. I’ve tried in vain to do a simple thing such as changing Nautilus background – actually having to tinker with configuration files, and even that didn’t work, not even for colour, let alone a pattern.) KDE, on the other hand, has become beautiful (let’s be honest, KDE3 was quite ugly) and it offers more, rather than less, options. Linux people usually like to have full control of their systems, and KDE gives them that. I can now even make KDE look like Gnome 2 if I want to, with QtCurve and other tools.
    All I need to be happy is a working Compiz, as the KDE effects offer very limited configuration and don’t work as smoothly as Compiz.

  29. Guys,
    can you do a video demo please? I have already settled with Linux mint 12. I am so happy with LM-12 now. I have done my farewell with Ubuntu which was a long time association. Enough is enough for Ubuntu- unity, shell etc.I used Linux KDE before and I liked it. I don’t want to resetting my computer again, but I am very eager to see Linux mint 12 KDE.

  30. @ Clem Thanks for the update on the Software Manager. I’m one of the unlucky ones where it still crashes after 15 seconds or so.

    Great job on the Mint KDE release. I have been using Netrunner4 along with KDE RC and both are clearly the best implementations of KDE to date.

    The just released KDE 4.8 is a fast and modern DE that does everything I want it too. What more could you ask for?

    Congratulations to both distros.

  31. congratz but i ve found some trouble when try to install this final KDE version, Software Manager always crashed. i found this when i ve using kde rc version. some one can help me ?

  32. Deepin Software > Ubuntu software Center > Muon Software Center > Software Manager

    If a unknown chinese distro can, Why Mint can’t?

  33. I’ve installed Lisa KDE in italiano: …Firefox 10 is in English. I wrote there is a XPI file to download and install, but I don’t remember where. Than, the Software Manager (Gestore Applicazioni) always crashes at startup.

    About design, I would like Dolphin with the look of the GNOME’s file manager: is it possible?

  34. LMint has made me a KDE fan! The RC version was very solid and your KDE version sits up there at the pinnacle with all of your other offerings. Hats off and loud kudos to LinuxMint.

  35. Not sure why my previous comment isn’t showing up?????

    @ Clem: Thanks for the update on the Software Manager as I am one of the unlucky ones to still have it crash after 15 seconds.

    I have been running Netrunner4 along with Mint KDErc and both are the best implementations of KDE so far.

    I have upgrade to KDE 4.8 and it is a fast, modern DE that does everything I need. What more could you ask for?

    Congratulations to both distros.

  36. great looking distro; the best! but fairly, OS still needs a couple
    of fixings, especially the plasma crash caused by amarok. But definitely
    will the best when fixed; better than LM12 reg or ubuntu unity…..

  37. Why does it always seem that the KDE version is the best? I’ve had trouble with all the others trying to get the web development tools I need installed… there’s always something that fails to install.

    However – this version of Mint 12 has installed in the VM like a dream, the tools have installed, APtOnCD has finally worked properly so that I can reproduce the installation on physical hardware…… and I like it!

    Some things aren’t exactly pretty – like the fuzzy edges to windows – but on the whole, in my list of KDE distro’s, this is now in 2nd place only to OpenSUSE.

    Well done! Things are coming together again!

  38. I have a ( stupid 😀 ) question : how can i really , which version i’m using : Mint KDE main Release and Mint KDE RC release ( of course without update or upgrade ) ? many thanks for answering !

  39. Well, this would be a great version, since now for the first time ever, my Ralink based RT2870 and RT3072 WiFi USB adapters work right out of the box, if I also had a working Desktop.
    Booting straight up from the DVD, I get the Desktop wallpaper and centred a semi-transparent window, about 1/9th of the screen area, with 4 icons lined up next to each other (HDD, Tools, Earth, Program-Window) and an operational mouse pointer, but no panels and nothing is responding to any kind of mouse-click.
    When instead I boot up with the familiar “nomodeset” kernel parameter, I have a bottom panel, where the right-hand digital clock stubbornly insists on staying with the extremely annoying 12h AM/PM format, despite all the correct appearances in the various settings screens.
    BUT, where there should be a usable Desktop, all I get to see is a pitch dark Black Hole. Program and settings windows can and do populate it, but that’s about it.

    This is an older Athlon XP-M based laptop with ATI Mobility Radeon VE IGP 320M graphics.

    Any advice/help to get rid of my Black Hole?

  40. the problem I having is that not every thing you download from the download manger work I downloaded earth but when I tried to run it i would not work then i tried the ubuntu/Debian one from the site same thing i also try downloading and running desktoprecoder this did not show up on the menu and minecraft dose not work because Java dose not add to rite click menue

  41. Wow!! I agree with all that have already said “Best Linux Mint yet!” I have just moved over from the Gnome desktop to KDE and I’m a major fanboy (can a 75 year old be a boy??) of Linux Mint KDE. I’m running it from a thumb drive – but it will after a couple of days become my primary OS on the computers.

    One thing I would love to see in future builds: I open the touchpad control and it cannot be turned off. So I have to download gpointing-device-settings to turn off the touchpad. I wish you would make turning off the touch-pad when a mouse is detected and option! Failing that I would love to see pointing-devices on the system. A little Bribery perhaps? I will double my next quarter donation the moment it happens.

  42. Imho, it would be nice to have a KDE version that fits on a CD …. not everybody has a DVD burner or an USB memory of 2 Gb or more.
    I know that it only costs about 8 dollars but I try to avoid unnecesary expenses.

  43. My experience has been great so far.
    The only problem is that Skype won’t run: it is in the repositories and gets installed with no error messages, but it won’t start because (so konsole tells me) there’s missing. In the repos there’s only libXss1, which seems to be installed (although when I want to see the installed files, it says they can only be displayed for installed packages). Anyone with the same problem?

  44. Maybe I’ll save someone some time.
    Do NOT check encrypted home directory option — it will crash ubiquity (Mint Installer) on “adding user” stage after all the files are copied.
    It is because of this old bug

    I’ve tried the workaround patch from the bug, but it did not fully apply, so no encrypted home dir for me today 🙁

    Successfully installed with home encryption disabled.

  45. Hey Clem
    Just wanted to thank you so much for this new release! I heard on the grapevine some time ago a new version of Mint KDE was coming out, and here it is! Well done, this is a great release.
    I am just having one small problem. Mint Update crashes every time I try to open it. It opens a blank white window and runs a repo update and then crashes with a blank window. I have run an update manually in a terminal using APT with no problems, but GUI (Mint Update) refuses to play ball. I am very shell-savvy and happy using terminal to do updates, but thought I should let you know about it.
    The only other problem I had was occasionally Nepomuk Indexing whinges that Nepomuk is not running. Again, no biggie.
    I think Mint KDE is definitely a worthwhile project, given that GNOME is going crazy with their loopy new desktop. I was a die-hard Kubuntu aficionado for years but have come home to Linux Mint.
    Incidentally – is there any chance we could have a photo of you (Clem) on the site somewhere – so we can see the face behind this great OS?
    God bless and all the best for the future – Shaun.

  46. Great work guys! Personally, I prefer LXDE (when is that coming up?), but you did solid job here! P.S. now that you’re number one Linux distro, I hope that you won’t have problems with funding and volunteers!

  47. Finally…
    I’m Waiting every morning for the final release…
    when i know this announcement…i just said…

    I’ll DOWNLOAD IT NOW..!!!

    thanks so much to The Team 🙂

  48. Initially I was eager to install LM 12 KDE after a few sessions with the RC version but after I finally finished installing on I discovered a few bugs.

    – Update Manager doesn’ t work properly. I tried to update several times but it didn’ t work well.
    – Installing Microsoft fonts (within package kubuntu-restricted-extras) doesn’ t show a neat dialog window (like Kubuntu 11.10 does). It only show a text based window where you need to click Yes for agreement.
    – When logging off as an user the logon screen doesn’ t appear but a black screen.
    – Opening Dolphin while playing a mp3 file causes a sound conflict.

    Too bad, I really wished that LM 12 KDE would be finally a stable KDE version.

  49. I love mint and it does most everything I need it to do. But when it comes to Games, no good so far. I tried Wine/Wine Tricks, no go. So I have to keep a stinking installation of XP on my PC. I HATE that.
    I need an OS that AUTOMATICALLY installs whatever I pop in the CD/DVD-Rom. Will that ever happen? Or am I just wishing for what will never be?

  50. Well, well, well. I first installed Debian KDE (Wheezy) and wow runs so smooth, not consuming much memory at all (never mind, I had to install Broadcom wireless driver myself). BUT, after I switch to Mint KDE 12, boom, my laptop is as slow as a pig. There are so many processes running and the CPU heats up. Probably it’s because of the bloatware from Kubuntu. Sadly I’m uninstalling. Lenovo G60, 4 GB RAM, 64-bit.

  51. To Pawel, try this. skype works for me.

    sudo apt-get install libxss1:i386

    sudo apt-get install libqt4-core:i386

    sudo apt-get install libqt4-gui:i386

    sudo apt-get install libdbus-1-3:i386

  52. It’s so nice to read about happy and successful installations of Lisa KDE. Here, mine (an eMachines T6532 refurb.) is one of those “cost-engineered” systems that borrows RAM for video, and has an nVidia chip on the motherboard that does all sorts of “..-51” things, incl. audio, as well as GeForce 6100 video. It has a single-core AMD 64, 1 GB of RAM, and a BIOS dated 2006, iirc (Urgh!) It started life as an XP (SP2) machine, Media Center Edition. There’s plenty of HD space; I tend to create bigger partitions than needed for /home and [/].

    It thrashes and becomes useless for many minutes, all too easily, when I have even a few browser tabs open, especially in Opera. It seems that apps are written as if RAM were dirt cheap. (Upgrades are downright costly for this machine!) Seems that perhaps 4 GB is a practical minimum.

    Katya (Gnome) is very stable, although I “wounded” it; I can’t change my password, nor can I reconfigure the keymap. Perhaps other things are “broken”. I tried to install a few apps (Krusader, in particular) from the default repo. — apps that weren’t mintified (orange ball, right?). I must have corrupted some kernel (module?) executables. I’d love to set up a monitor that runs checksums and warns if any executable code has changed. Also need to learn how to repair (reinstall) Katya (for now…)

    It seem to me that, in general, Lisa (KDE only? GNOME also?) has an almost desperate need for stress testing — it should continue to start up/install reasonably, even if all sorts of crazy mouse and keyboard inputs are fed to it. As it is, it seems to me that you really shouldn’t feed /any/ input to it until bootup is complete. Otherwise, it seems to become “confused”, sometimes fatally.

    Several times, the keyboard and mouse became disabled; sometimes the mouse pointer froze, but generally not so. Several times, the DVD LED blinked with a rather-steady rhythm with small variations, while the HD LED stayed lit almost totally. Sometimes, nothing seemed to happen for as long as ten minutes or more.

    Most of the time, I considered the risky Alt+SysRq+letters commands to be better than simply holding the Power button in until it quit.
    Using Dvorak really confuses here; which keymap is in use when things become this bad? (QWERTY would be understandable…)

    For one last try, I rebooted (did not pull the power cord, though), and let it settle without pestering it. I successfully set 1280 x 1024 and Dvorak, nothing else. Went up to the Install icon, clicked on it, and the mouse pointer froze hopelessly. Alt + SysRq plus some magic keys shook it loose. (It tried to reboot, though.)

    Sorry, folks! It’s a rather non-standard machine. I did file a rather-
    detailed bug report over at Launchpad concerning trouble getting the RC to work.

    I’ve just spent hours trying Lisa KDE as a live DVD, and finally decided to install it (temporarily?) because reading from the DVD is awfully slow. Well, I managed to lock up the machine several times, and after about three attempts to install it, have given up for now.

    Wondering whether this machine’s BIOS is just too old for the 3.0 kernel.

    Not sure what I’ll do/try next.

    Best regards,

  53. OK, Never got around to using KDE, I have tried it out occasionally, but have always got back to gnome. THAT IS UNTIL Gnome 3.
    I use Linux in VirtualBox, the only physical Linux is a Mint XFCE Debian I have on a notebook.
    Mint Main Gnome 3: Gnome 3 SUCKS, Mate is nice but buggy, Mint menu is NOT what it was.
    But it all works sort of in virtualbox, gnome 3 hangs sometimes (it does not on fedora 16 incarnation).
    I have a PCBSD KDE 9.0 install in virtual box so I know it works… kde i mean.


  54. I tried running LM12 KDE, LM12 Lisa and LM12 debian from Multisystem, closest I got to running was the debian version, I could get past the desktop to apps and internet, then it hangs and can do absolutely nothing but hard boot the computer. LM12 KDE and Lisa never loaded the start/menu, only the desktop which everything was inaccessible. I downloaded the iso’s from the lists here (US), then burned them to USB using MultiSystem. Other iso’s work from MultiSystem, Ubuntu 12 beta, BackTrack5R1 and Puppy lupu and slacko. I was able to run LM12 Gnome via Virtual Box but have a really old pc so it was way to slow to be effective.

  55. @joerams and @Pawel : I have the same problem with Skype like the problem of Pawel . Im using 64bit version and installed all the packages ( like joerams said , but for 64bit – without i386 ) .

    I have this problem from the first time I used Mint 12 KDE RC release … anyone help me to fix this ? T_T , thank you so much

  56. Got some sleep; caught up, somewhat. (I keep crazy sleep hours, unfortunately). Just updated my hardware database entry for Katya on my eMachines T6532. Katya is running far better than when I first reported, but this is a KDE blog.

    I’m still almost heartbroken because I couldn’t install Lisa successfully. Configuration in Live DVD mode was going quite nicely, although DVD read speed (TSST optical drive) was miserably slow* for any large amount of data. Will follow up with Lisa KDE details in a new Hardware Database T6532 entry, but will probably refer to the Katya entry for hardware details. *FiOS (Verizon) is affordable 25 Mb/s symmetrical, and I’ll probably upgrade to 35 Mb/s for only $5 more per month. I’m running at (South!) Korean data rates, and it’s just wonderful. From a fast mirror (or a good BitTorrent session), downloading a DVD edition is really fast.

    Enough chitchat, though.

  57. I wrote a detailed report in the Hardware Database of my experience trying to install Lisa KDE. The bulk of “What did not work” is an informal collection of bugs; a few might be of interest to developers. Some rather odd things happened. Please see eMachines T6532, Lisa for recent comments; machine details are in T6532 Katya.

    Still not at all sure what I’ll do; possibly install Katya GNOME where I was going to put Lisa, making an effective reinstall. LXDE? Might try openSUSE’s latest KDE. Staying clear of RedHat; RH15 (iirc) ignored my existing HD content; had expected a dual boot, wiped out all partitions, instead. I don’t hate them very much, though.

  58. @joerams
    Thanks, it is working. I was initially frightened by the huge number of i386 packages that are additionally installed, but since there’s no other way… Something must be broken in the original installer since it doesn’t install the right dependencies (I tried the package from Skype home page and it was the same package – it’s an old one, Ubuntu 10.04 version)

  59. Just a quick follow-up: The Lisa GNOME live DVD is working nicely. Will try installing it, and post comments to the appropriate blog.

  60. There are problems with ATI video drivers in the last version of Ubuntu. This problems are also reflected in Linux Mint distributions, Gnome and KDE versions. Zorin OS managed this issue somehow, allowing installation of the latest ATI graphic drivers. You should consider to revise Linux Mint distributions to solve ATI drivers related problems.

  61. This is great news. I have been looking out (patiently) for a new LM KDE release for a long time and therefore very happy that it’s here now. Thanks and congratulations to the whole LM team that made this happen.

  62. Incredible work with this release, working perfectly with an ati hd4650 gpu, i gave up windows because of it… 🙂 Thanks a lot for all the hard work!

  63. Another quick one: Mint 12 with its selection of menu types is now installed and, so far, working beautifully, on the whole. Installation elapsed time was very reasonable, and things are functioning cleanly. Updates, once installed, amounted to 330 files! So glad to have good news. (Gotta get me Cinnamon!)
    One mystery: Where’s the dialog for shutting down?

  64. Great job Clem. Have all-way’s loved Mint up to Gnome 3. KDE is great with one minor request. During install, you can not skip the Language pack downloading. It seems to me if one picks say English, then theres no need to download the rest of the pack.Pretty annoying if you only have a satellite connection. Still using mint 11 as my main.
    Thanks again for great distro.
    Sid Torres

  65. @TiZiU

    Add the KDE backports from Ubuntu to ur repos
    Then u have KDE 4.8…i installed it and it works perfect.

    I have to say that KDE is finally there where it was in Version 3.
    I never really understood why Gnome was so succesfull, to me it felt always to “limited”. Gnome 3 is where KDE4 was a cpl of years ago.

    Thx to all who made this release possible.

  66. I installed this edition 2 days ago, seems quite good so far. Aside from the Nepomuk issue others have also noticed, things work just fine.
    Planning to write a review next weekend.

    Thanks again to all the Mint developers who have worked on making this a quality release.

  67. exelente, lo estaba esperando desde hace años, pero me gustaria que fuera como linux mint kde “Elena”. Daba mejor opcion para configurar escritorioo

  68. have been with Mint since Daryna…KDE CE those days…
    had mint Helena with freq updates from various PPA…(some used by ArtistX for various graphics & multimediatools…
    Mint KDE works for me(with all my multimedia & graphics reqt)… & my 5y old son & my wife, and 65y in-laws…
    finally shifting after long and happy existence with Helena KDE…


  69. upgraded to KDE4.8 SC from PPA backports kubuntu… works nicely…

    @ Nicholos Bodley: shutdown button is under the login name dropdown(top right conrner).

  70. @ Nicholas Bodley: sorry for the typo in your name…
    you can also press “Alt + F2” and type “shutdown” …

  71. I tried to install the 64bit version on my Dell Optiplex 740 test box (yes, it’s old) and it reboots once you get the Mint startup screen in the install. Que????

  72. Hey guys….. this one is the land of perfection, I love this one. Great Job for the KDE team. How can i download videos on YouTube on KDE, any download manager that can do that?

  73. I’ve been on Ubuntu 10.10 for a loooooong time now and messing around with other distros on a test machine. THIS RELEASE made me update my primary box.

    I have had ZERO issues with it thus far, virtually flawless. I was pleasantly surprised after installing to find synaptic and a kde’d gimp already there. BIG thumbs on that one!

    You guys are head and tails above other distros, keep up the good work!!

  74. Finally, I’m off Kubuntu and back where I feel at home.

    Love Linuxmint 12 KDE.

    Software manager is still crashing regularly, but I can still get things done via Synaptic PM.

  75. am tengo un gran problema con linux mint 12 KDE no me deja abrir el gestor de programas no me deja actualizar mi sistema desde el gestor de actualizaciónes am quisiera saber si me pueden ayudar am eso estodo y ps en verdad nesesito su ayuda salu2 a todos xD

  76. Okey guys, I’m an obvious noob. The limit of my Linux knowledge is reading tutorials nad visit distrowatch daily. Besides I’ve mainly used ubuntu derivatives ( fav LM 10 ) and have gathered a bit of knowledge on Gnome 2.

    In past 5-6 months I’ve installed most well known Ubuntu derivatives (Pear, LM12, Moon Os, Pinguy ),some LXDE variants too and continue hopping. Then after installing LinuxMint 12 KDE I’m pretty satisfied, but its my first KDE experience ever.

    I’ve fixed some problems by editing Grub ( Brighness etc ) wih Google’s help but stuck at some really childish problems. Please don’t laugh at me.

    1. How to uninstall a software/application without using terminal ?

    2. Can’t make a folder on desktop or paste something. But creating under home>desktop seems working. Those are same folder right?

    3. How to hide some folder. In gnome I used to make a “.hidden” text file with simpley putting the name of the folders.

    Help is always appreciated.

  77. Sorry for writing in Pt-Br, my English is terrible.
    O Mint 12 KDE tem sim ainda algumas coisas a serem corrigidas com atualições, mas não há nada que atrapalhe a usabilidade do S.O.

  78. First KDE distro Ive liked. Installed the final release on my laptop. Its great, it has so much customizability, except it all doesnt quite work. Little bugs here and there really detract from the experience. When I power down sometime the whole desktop crashes and after waiting 5 mins Ive force shutdown. In fact the desktop just sometimes becomes unresponsive at all. Update manager says it cannot fetch updates. Weird graphical errors pop up now and then. If not for the bugs it seems like it would be nice to use. Mint 11 is still my favorite disto. Ive tried mint 12 gnome 3 and cinnamon and they just dont feel as snappy, stable and customizable as 11 is.

  79. So i managed to get this installed but grub erased everything on my slave drive during install and installed grub their -_- which is pita cause i lost some important files

  80. Hi, Psychotic.. Some help to you.
    2) In KDE, you have many ways to display your desktop: Folder View and Desktop are the basics. Put your desktop in Folder View mode, and you can easily drop any menu entry you wish, or create your folder, etc… But first of all check out if you need to unlock your widgets.
    3) ? No problem, is the same in KDE. do you try ALT+. to hide/show hidden files/folders?

  81. @Kleopatra : At first, thanks a lot for reply.

    The problem is I don’t wanna rename folders as its a dual boot machine, I need those folders from Windows as well as from 1 virtualbox xp.

    In Gnome if I made a “.hidden” text file with any folder’s name written in the text itself ( in the text body ) that folder become hidden. Here, without renaming any folder I haven’t found any solution to change the attribute.

  82. I was waiting for a long time for a new Mint KDE (I’m still using Mint KDE 10 which works fine), but it seems there are problems with my Nvidia FX5200 video card in this new release.
    I started it from the Live DVD with “nomodeset” and was able to install on my HD, I configured my wireless PCI card and applied all updates from the repositories.
    When I restart the system, there’s no graphics!
    The system hangs with orange text on black background, saying something about a SmartLink modem which doesn’t exist.
    I’m very disappointed…

  83. As a very long time user of the Mandriva/Mandrake distributions (since around 1998 or 1999), I naturally tried the latest Mandriva release. The only problem I have ever had with the Mandriva distributions was audio working out of the gate, until this latest one. It would not load or work consistently (32 or 64 bit). In a moment of major frustration, I even tried to install Windows 7(32 bit) (it could not find or recognize the network adapter or USBs).

    I remembered reading several comments by other Mandriva users about Linux Mint and decided to give it a try. I downloaded the 64-bit KDE version and everything worked (and works) with no problems what-so-ever. I am now a Linux Mint user and exceedingly happy with it. I even made a donation to the Linux Mint after about 12 hours of use (something I didn’t do with Mandriva until I had used it for almost a year.) Please, keep up the good work.

  84. I installed Lisa final when it first came out. The software manager will not stay alive and synaptic hangs every time. I have to force a shutdown. That sucks. I was really looking forward to this.

  85. @iLLUSION22:
    Thank you for the help on shutdown. I had almost forgotten Alt-F2 (my fault!). The other way, I should have explored menus more.


  86. @ tadpole1954

    It’s rather strange. It worked fine for me during the test-session,
    MintUpdate, Synaptic worked/works perfect in my opinion. The only problem I had/have is the Program-handler (MintInstall)

    But because the problem seems to be related to the aptdeamon I think it perhaps could show up in other packet-manager systems also.

  87. (Temporary question; can delete once I see repl[ies].)
    Should I restrict my questions to KDE (only) in this forum/blog, respecting the title, or is “topic drift” OK (as in e-mail Subject lines, of course within limits)? Use the Newbie Forum?
    Although I’m experienced, I still have some newbie-type questions, many about Lisa GNOME. ( For instance: [$ cinnamon –replace] gave oodles of error messages and locked up the machine.) Will reboot now into Katya (GNOME) and resume, so I can Google-translate recent posts.

    Con mis recuerdos,

  88. Guys, I tried to install Mint KDE 64-bit three times and don’t was installed. All time stopped in autoboot screen. What can be this? It’s the 64-bit version which have a problem?

  89. delfino, #122, translated by Google Translate, almost no editing:

    Excellent, I was waiting for years, but I would like to be like linux mint kde “Elena”. Best option was to set desktop.

  90. Victor Gerardo Escobar Moreno (#131), translated by Google, and edited some:
    { } show places where I could not understand.
    Better translations are surely welcome!

    I am having a big problem with linux mint 12 KDE{. It} will not let me open the program manager, and will not let me update my system from the update manager. {am –?} I wonder if I can help and {am –?}

    P.S. That’s all; I really need your help. Regards to all {xD –?}

  91. A general comment: For anyone who has a significant problem, or several problems, I suspect that it would be very helpful to know the essential, basic specifications of the computer, such as:

    Architecture and CPU type (32-bit, or x86_64 (usually AMD, afaik)

    CPU clock frequency (not the marketing hype, such as AMD’s “3500+” for a 2.2 GHz clock)

    Amount of RAM (is it shared with video?)

    ( Perhaps: ) partition sizes; Swap size?

    Better ideas welcome.

  92. Victor Gerardo Escobar Moreno (#132) posted a message that Google had trouble translating. It said

    “when I upgrade my system aprese me wrong all help please”

    This seems to say that when he tries to upgrade his system, everything (?) (goes?) wrong. Google doesn’t recognize “aprese”.

    He posted his e-mail address in Message No. 134.

    Con mis recuerdos, (“with my regards”, literally)


  93. Creto, #135, translated (from Portuguese, but not specifically Brazilian Portuguese (“Pt-Br”) (lightly edited… nb)

    Mint 12 KDE does have some things yet to be patched with updates, but there is nothing to hinder the usability of the OS.

    (I changed “atualições” to ¨atualizações” for a much-better translation. Maybe the Brazilian spelling is shorter, or maybe this was just a “typo” (typing error), which we all do, sooner or later.)

  94. To get a very nice collection of system info, run the [inxi] command; it’s included in Mint. (It’s actually an huge Bash script, about 263 kB.) If people with problems did this, it should help fix them, or at least provide help for the developers.

    Should work well:

    $ inxi -Fc 0

    F gives full info, but without too much detail.
    c specifies color option 0. (“c0” will probably work, too.)

    If you omit c0, output will be mostly really-light grey, hopelessly hard to read if your command line has a white background. Black background is assumed, very likely.

    $ inxi -h | less
    gives you lots of options and help.


  95. Lisa 12 GNOME, Cinnamon, newbie-type question:

    Downloaded Cinnamon, and the package auto-installed without problems.
    However, it seems that, once the Package Manager (love it!) is done, the UI looks and acts the same until you do:

    $ cinnamon install

    (or some similar command).

    Did that. Locked up my rather-oddball machine. Inputs dead; even tried holding the Power button for about 2 seconds. Quit with the dangerous Alt + Sysrq + letters method. Sorry to ask, but where should I file a bug report? Github is a place for professionals, and I don’t want to be impolite.

    Regards, [nb]

  96. after install mint 12, my folder view & taskbar(bottom) are transparent..

    after restart folder view n’ taskbar change to dark,, not transparent againn!! WHYY??

    n’ sometimes i click shutdown/restart the screen just change to semi-dark .. then i’m push power button,, coz wait to long

  97. Wow…

    It’s been a while since I used KDE (?4.2) but this is REALLY Great!

    To me, it joins all the nice from Gnomeshell, Gnome 2, compiz into one supper efficient environment, with all the settings you can dream of – I made the swich! (only thing I can’t really get a grip on is the activities)

    Sad that kubuntu’s resources will be cut!

    Hopefully we’ll get a KDE LTS with the mint magic at least.

    Thanks to you all!

  98. Hi Clem,
    thank you for this new release.

    I’m one of those who prefers KDE to Gnome.
    I hope in the future you may release both versions of Mint (my preferred distribution for desktop) at the same time.

    Best regards

  99. As suggested by Nicholas Bodley, here’s the specifications of my PC, referring to the video card problems I wrote in post #144:

    CPU: AMD Sempron 3000+ (1800 MHz)
    Memory: 1.5 Gb
    Graphics: nVidia GeForce FX 5200 [nVidia NV34] (using drivers 173.14.28 in Mint 10 KDE)
    Audio: VIA VT8233/A/8235/8237 AC97 Audio Controller driver
    Network: Card-1: VIA VT6102 [Rhine-II] (unused); Card-2: Atheros AR5001X+ Wireless Network Adapter (used)
    Disks: 2 PATA 160 Gb hard disks
    Swap partiton: 5.1 Gb
    Mint 12 KDE partition: 19,73 Gb (/dev/sdb5)

    This system is running without problems Windows XP Pro SP3, Mint 10 KDE, Ubuntu 11.10 on different partitions; boot loader is Grub on Mint 10 KDE installed on /dev/sda.
    It’s so disapponting that Mint 12 KDE hangs with my video card, it never happened before, and Mint 10 and Ubuntu 11.10 showed no such problems.
    Any help will be appreciated.

  100. I tested LM12 KDE in this evening from a USB stick.

    Everything works fine but I have some questions:
    On LM11 Gnome after few seconds a pop-up appear and show me that I can install/activate the ATI proprietary driver.
    On LM12 KDE I was waiting long time and nothing happened. I noticed that all the video settings are ok, graphic effects look nice but it seems there is a open source driver.

    I tested glxgears and it show something like 50-60FPS. (On LM11 I have something much higher)

    How can I see what driver is used (nothing found in KDE Control Panel) and how can I install the proprietary driver ? there is a automatic way like it was on LM11 Gnome ??

    I have ASUS laptop with ATI HD 5470.
    Till now I really like the KDE versions, looks more complete/sexy compared with LM11 Gnome.

    I’m not a gamer but I want the HDMI output to work. (they are not working with open source driver)

    Congratulations for the Mint team for this release !

  101. This seems to work pretty well with my Acer Aspire 5738Z. Loved what happened with GNOME 3 and this works so much better than KDE used to for me!

  102. Hi boys
    I have problem with Network Management setting & by Panel!
    Add,Edit and Remove network connection. :-O
    Error.. service is a feature or bug? 😉
    pppoeconf OK! my message comment to you. 🙂
    by install Networking Interface –> Not connected
    good, by by Lisa-KDE shutdown eject DVD -1 🙂
    back to Katya I like it. 🙂 OK – no KDE, I forget it.

    thanks boys and have good time. 🙂

    sorry my English is not perfect. 🙁
    /hp G62/

  103. I am just giving it a try, but the installation is extremely slow, after allowing 1 GB memory in Virtualbox. (Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU M560 @2.67GHz, 4GByte)
    With 640 MByte (512 MB required!) it halted every time I started the DVD. The mouse just stopped moving, and that’s it.
    But anyway, I like all Mints. Keep up the good work.

  104. I don’t understand why you continue to not use the same system who it is used by Knoppix for persistent live USB. It is the most stable operating system.

  105. LM-12 KDE could not be installed on Asus P8Z68-M PRO with Core i5 processor. It hangs at stage ‘install target system’ (or smth.)

  106. How long shall we wait for KDE edition of LMDE amd64? I’m anxiously waiting for KDE version of LMDE and would go with it for sure. Currently I’m quite satisfied with my LMDE amd64 GNOME edition and would stick to it till new KDE of it is released.

  107. Abouzakaria’s message (#145), the part in Arabic script, again, with the help of Google Translate:

    Thanks very beautiful beautiful KDE interfaces

    Great work,thank you!

    Google’s automatic recognition, of which language the original text was in, worked nicely. (If your first language is not English, that was a messy sentence, but probably OK, grammatically.)


  108. @Jesse, #165: Thanks much! My Spanish is not nearly good enough to handle many misspellings; that one makes sense! However, I won’t follow up on that one; need to go buy food before the sun goes down.

    @Paul (#166): Don’t worry. I think your English is good enough. Thank you for using English. 🙂

  109. I have been testing all of the current releases of Linux Mint (along with a host of other distros), and today I tried Linux Mint 12 KDE. Based on evaluations of other KDE distros, I was prepared to reject this one in favor of Linux Mint 12 Cinnamon (or LMDE Gnome or Xfce). However, Linux Mint 12 KDE has changed my mind. It is a prime example of a beautifully integrated system. Previously, I had been struggling to give Gnome or Xfce a sleeker and more polished look. Now I realize I was trying to make these other desktops resemble the Oxygen motif of KDE. Apart from aesthetics, I appreciate the excellent installer–everything went very smoothly, and I did not have to worry about partitioning the drive as I did with LMDE. Initially, I was concerned about dealing with upgrades, which is one reason I was looking at LMDE, but Clem’s excellent tutorial on using Mint’s backup/restore tool helped me make the decision to go with LM12. Moreover, Mint’s superb orchestration of the KDE desktop has persuaded me that I could indeed get my work done using the LM12-KDE combination. Linux Mint has another winner!

  110. After all disappointments (bugs) I experienced with a fresh LM12 KDE installation I gave LM12 KDE a second chance by installing kde-full via Synaptic Package Manager in Linux Mint 12 (regular version) and finally KDE 4.8 works great this time!

  111. Although I don’t have much evidence, lifetime experience (I’ll be 76 at the end of the month; midnight hacker in 1960) makes me tend to believe that Lisa KDE is a gem for most computers, but the Mint team probably just can not test it thoroughly on non-mainstream computers that have been debugged to run Windows. (I imagine Microsoft having a huge lab. with an amazing variety of machines to use for debugging…)

    Nevertheless, I expect that I´d be happy to run test versions with error (and other) logging, breakpoints, etc. (I also have very fast upload.) But, this machine just might not be of the typical non-mainstream variety. Perhaps its BIOS date (2006 iirc) tells a lot.

    Current options are:

    1) Try reinstalling (or repairing?) Katya to fix persistent, stable bugs that I can live with.

    2) See whether Lisa 12 GNOME can become sufficiently workable to be my working OS (that is, if I can get Cinnamon to install and not create almost-total lockup)

    3) Have faith, keep in touch, and temporarily run openSUSE.

    Best regards, and best of luck!

  112. Ok.. Locked Libreoffice horizontal-scrollbar maybe an oxygen theme bug, just change widget style to gtk+, finally i have horizontal scrollbar.

  113. Hi,
    I wish I could get this installed…. I tried on USB flash stick, using pendrivelinux and I get a kernel panic… When I do it on DVD – I get to the last phase of install and the installer crashes… the third attempt, I get past that to the configure the system 20% and it freezes…. but can ALT F4 out but the system in incomplete 🙁 I want mint 12 KDE…..

  114. first of all big thanx for all linuxmint, u have completed a great job; linuxmint debian, lisa and kde. i try everything and it running well on my laptop. since i’m a new user in linux, i appreciated all ur good work in making all the linuxmint variants became so easily and attractive for new user. no problems found so far; normal updates, programs esc. once again, thank you.

  115. I am a frequent traveler and cancer patient. Changed over to Linux Mint 9 in 2010 and forgot about my IT support man. Just changed over to Mint-12 and missing some features that were standard but wonderful in Mint-9:

    1) Can we have the time and date feature of Mint-9 back PLEASE!

    The time and date feature in Mint-12 is disappointing: Mint-9 displayed time, date and weather for all selected locations in addition to the present setting. It was so convenient to watch the time in different locations from my hotel-room in Singapore, and make phone calls all over the world.

    The only alternative now is to install applets in the browsers, but they are not at all convenient, and not pleasing to look at.

    2) Some sound prompts are naturally expected.

    After entering the password, a sound prompt should tell the user that the system is booted and ready for use. Same is needed when shutting down.

    There should be an option to add more sound prompts as needed by users. For example, when a download is complete. The user can then go about with other work while download is in progress. Without a sound-prompt we have to watch the screen. It is a great waste of time.

    Addition of these features, sometime soon, will be much appreciated

  116. With the news of Canonical dropping all finantial support for Kubuntu I can only hope that Mint’s efforts will shift for the next KDE release and base it on LMDE.

    Such a move would make sure that the KDE edition continues to be properly mantained by upstream while adding the benefit of a rolling release.

    And for now I am quite happy to have installed Lisa KDE on my new desktop PC, and greatly appreciate your efforts. Thanks.

  117. The installer crashes every time, regardless of options chosen, or how many times i re-downloaded and re-burned with two different dvd-rw drives. Final stable release is off par to say the least. Now my partition is destroyed and grub is done for.

  118. I really hope that the Kubuntu team will migrate to the Mint team after Canonical decided to ditch Kubuntu. Good Job Clem on this release, feels very fresh and light weight!

  119. Ok, yesterday I finally got around to installing LM12-KDE. Besides the usual nomodeset hoops to jump through because of nvidia hw, there was only one real hiccup (my fault really): A partition was overwritten. This would have been serious, but I backed up everything beforehand and used a non-critical partition.

    Six days after the official release announcement, I was surprised to see 338 updates (305 MB). This included Firefox 10.0 at 18MB and Thunderbird 9.0 at 19 MB. Personally I don’t see/use any improvements to justify so much bandwidth so often, but that’s upstream. (And I feel sorry for those with slower Internet connections.)

    Also there was 89MB of kdewallpapers. (Maybe it is a good thing that I am using that whole partition. 😉 ) Don’t get me wrong: I love having wall paper choices, but maybe an option on the welcome dialog or via Desktop Settings would be better. In trying out all those wall paper choices and seeing others that I could download, my system ate up the 2GB mem and was thrashing the HD pretty heavily.

    A couple minor points: In the middle of installing, the screen went blank–no doubt just the screen saver. But since it happened just when the installer showed “running update-grub,” I was one button away from calling an ambulance for my poor heart (kidding). 🙂

    And those Nepomuk messages are pretty annoying.

    Total installation time including downloading ISO, installing, nomodeset hoops, and updates: about 2 hours.

    Start up time on my 2.1 GHz triple core (cold boot, including login, to the point where the GUI is ready for work): 1:10

    Shutdown time: 0:21

    Again thanks Clem & Team for all your work. I hope you take full advantage of Ubuntu’s 5-year support for 12-04, then goto LMDE to the max.

  120. Disregard entry No. 174 above. I stand corrected again. My statement at No.172 above is correct, I did upgrade to LM-12 from LM-9. I had a desktop background that said LM-11, my mistake, sorry!

    I hope we will regain the time and date feature of LM-9, and some sound prompts, soon.

  121. Roj: I don’t think Canonical has divorced itself from Kubuntu. They’ve apparently stopped funding one person’s salary: that one person was the only person working on Kubuntu who was getting paid for it. Otherwise it remains the same (and just like Xubuntu, Lubuntu, etc.).

    I’ve used Kubuntu and like it, and am wondering how Mint KDE is different. Is it better in some way?

  122. Hi Nicholas Bodley,#156 sorry for my typo was actually “updates.”
    The notice and claim that everyone in Brazil is the glitches and problems when installing Linux Mint KDE 12.
    Me many of these citations were noted only when the other forum users ask for help (I personally just use the terminal).
    And one thing for me was perceived not to update the linux-image-generic in 3.0.0-15 updates causing me some problems with virtualbox, having to manually install linux-image 3.0.0-15.

    Thank you and again I apologize for the typo.

  123. Creto,

    Please don’t feel concerned about a typo. We all do them, although The New Yorker (US magazine) is almost fantastically free of errors in its articles, so it can be done. Our teaching of the written language in the USA has quite-serious weaknesses; misspellings-by-consensus are becoming established as a written dialect. However, I must not stay so far off-topic.

    What concerns me is your statement (I assume it is a Google Pt –> En translation):
    “The notice and claim is that everyone in Brazil is the glitches and problems when installing Linux Mint KDE 12.”

    What I take that to mean is that it’s the Brazilians who are the ones who have glitches and problems…

    Good Lord; that’s /extremely/ unfair! Surely, Brazil simply has to be a nation with many very-capable people; it would not be developing (and manufacturing) aircraft — Embraer comes to mind — if it did not include such people. Manufacturing world-class aircraft meant to carry passengers and freight is not something that can be done by amateurs.

    Brazil’s culture differs, of course. Brazilians might ask for help in different ways from how some other people do. Maybe they/you are not worried about negative comments, and feel free to report problems.

    Best regards,

  124. The more I think about it, the more I feel that Mint’s minimum hardware requirements need to be reconsidered and updated. Perhaps the great fondness for desktop environments that require minimal resources is related to this. I suspect that Mint KDE (x86-64) might require at least 2 GB of RAM, maybe more. Katya can easily use 1/2 GB with no “user-aware” applications running. Start Opera, open a few tabs, and you have filled up RAM. Detailed operations that take tens of milliseconds can take several minutes.

    It would not surprise me at all if Lisa KDE requires 3 or 4 GB of RAM, as a practical matter.

    Nevetheless, I do hope to run KDE, but probably on openSUSE until I get a better machine or Mint KDE can install and work well. I do expect to need at least 1 GB more RAM, though. (I haven’t yet tested openSUSE, though. It might well also need more RAM than I have.)

    Best regards,

  125. A further thought: Considering that Mint has limited resources, it’s probably not a good idea, but I do wonder whether it would make sense to offer a Mint version for older/simpler/less-costly machines. Considering Mint’s Ubuntu basis, doing that might be quite a lot of work.


  126. @grindle and roj Canonical can care less about the different desktop flavors. All they care about is money and unity. Linuxmint is funded by advertisements, sponsorship and by donations, and is doing very well, where as Ubuntu is backed by a company and is failing as I type this post. The mint team put as much effort into everything they release whether it is kde, lxde or gnome. Canonical’s main focus is on unity, radical changes, money, more radical changes, and Ubuntu tv etc. I love the Mint team because they listen to their users and community. Thank you Clem and the team!


  127. @clem if mint were to be based on arch or Debian , it will destroy ubuntu popularity… And mint will be like a Winods 7 market share wise.. :d

  128. 196. & 197. Nicholas Bodley. Hi Nicholas, Have you compared the current GNOME series (GNOME 3) with the current KDE series (KDE 4)? KDE 4 is much leaner & faster than GNOME 3. But, if you want an even leaner, faster Desktop Environment, try the LXDE version of Mint. I prefer the KDE 4 version of Mint myself.

    Creating a 2nd version of KDE Mint with Trinity Desktop Environment as the default DE would also be great, as it is extremely fast & lean.

    Thanks, Everybody!

  129. Hi, can anyone explain why Mint 12 (unlike Ubuntu or Fedora etc) is insecure by default?
    Type sudo iptables -S and the top three entries SHOULD be:
    In fact the firewall is wide open on initial installation. I know I’ll get arguments about routers being enough(!), but Mint is just as likely to be installed on a laptop.

  130. Hi Nicholas Bodley,

    I did not mean “all” people complain, you see, there are some reports of failures in the installation of Mint KDE and some also find errors or locked in update manager, I think I explained myself better now (laughs).

    I’m not saying the system is bad or is buggy mean?

    Pay us a visit on:

    Paulo Corrêa
    Moderator Linux Mint Brasil.

  131. elcaset said,
    “Hi Nicholas, Have you compared the current GNOME series (GNOME 3) with the current KDE series (KDE 4)? KDE 4 is much leaner & faster than GNOME 3. But, if you want an even leaner, faster Desktop Environment, try the LXDE version of Mint. I prefer the KDE 4 version of Mint myself.”

    I had a lot of trouble with the current Mint KDE, sad to say, so I never was able to try it out.
    It’s very good to know that it’s leaner and faster than GNOME 3; KDE has seemed to require more resources than Gnome [2].

    You are encouraging me to try LXDE!

    Two applications I really hope to use without any significant problems are Krusader and Gwenview. Krusader (from the Mint repo.) does not work well; I haven’t tried Gwenview in Katya, iirc.

    Thanks for your help and encouragement.


  132. @creto (199) said,

    “I did not mean “all” people complain…”

    Oh, surely not! I was just concerned that Brazil might be getting a bad reputation.

    “I think I explained myself better now (laughs).
    I’m not saying the system is bad or is buggy mean?”

    As we say, “Not to worry” (Don’t worry).

    Pay us a visit on:

    Will do, as soon as I submit this.

    Cumprimentos, (appropriate?)


  133. Not bad ! is my summerized comment.
    Last time i checked Kde it was v.4.2 and slow at that (unsable for me).

    On the same hardware, the Minted version upgraped to 4.8SC just rocks…
    Still a bit chubbier than Gnome2 but packed with functionalities…
    I play a lot with wine and although i take a performance hit even with desktop effects off, it is not that dramactic a drop.
    There is still some issues to iron out like gnome applications looks, but it fits the bill…

  134. These are my machine specs for my #147 post.
    ron@ron-ThinkPad-T60 ~ $ inxi -Fc 0
    System: Host ron-ThinkPad-T60 Kernel 3.0.0-12-generic i686 (32 bit) Desktop Gnome Distro Linux Mint 12 Lisa
    Machine: System LENOVO (portable) product 6374A12 version ThinkPad T60
    Mobo LENOVO model 6374A12 Bios LENOVO version 7IET25WW (1.06 ) date 03/15/2007
    CPU: Dual core Intel Core2 CPU T5500 (-MCP-) cache 2048 KB flags (lm nx sse sse2 sse3 ssse3)
    Clock Speeds: (1) 1000.00 MHz (2) 1000.00 MHz
    Graphics: Card: Intel Mobile 945GM/GMS 943/940GML Express Integrated Graphics Controller
    X.Org 1.10.4 drivers intel unloaded: fbdev,vesa Resolution 1280×800@60.0hz
    GLX Renderer Mesa DRI Intel 945GM x86/MMX/SSE2 GLX Version 1.4 Mesa 7.11
    Audio: Card Intel N10/ICH 7 Family High Definition Audio Controller driver HDA Intel Sound: ALSA v: 1.0.24
    Network: Card-1 Intel 82573L Gigabit Ethernet Controller driver e1000e
    IF: eth0 state: down speed: 4294967295 Mbps duplex: full mac: 00:15:58:7f:39:64
    Card-2 Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG [Golan] Network Connection driver iwl3945
    IF: wlan0 state: up mac: 00:1b:77:08:83:1a
    Drives: HDD Total Size: 160.0GB (62.0% used) 1: /dev/sda ST9160821AS 160.0GB
    Partition: ID:/ size: 9.2G used: 4.6G (53%) fs: ext4 ID:/home size: 119G used: 88G (78%) fs: ext4
    ID:swap-1 size: 10.00GB used: 0.00GB (0%) fs: swap
    Sensors: Error: You do not have the sensors app installed.
    Info: Processes 138 Uptime 4 min Memory 315.9/2004.9MB Client Shell inxi 1.7.7
    ron@ron-ThinkPad-T60 ~ $

  135. I use Linux Mint 11 Katya Gnome 2 64Bit.I refuse to use that Gnome3 crap. Though I am not a KDE user Linux Mint 12 KDE is the best KDE Distro I have ever tested. Great job. Thumbs up to all that took place working on Linux Mint 12 KDE. Oh yeah, and to who ever thought that using Gnome3 on Linux Mint would be a good idea, “You Suck”

  136. 2/12/12 – I downloaded the most recent Mint KDE 12 and tried to install it onto a 160GB drive. The drive was a spare and had other things on it, and I needed to get Mint up quick, so I just told the install to use the entire disk with guide.

    Well, I made the mistake of choosing the “encrypt my HOME folder” – which caused the installer to fail while setting up the user.

    I repeated the same process with the same results. I then repeated a third time, but chose NOT to encrypt my home folder, and the install went flawlessly.

    I’ve used Mint, Slackware, etc. for several years, but I haven’t ever had to submit a bug report or anything like that – what should I do?

  137. A quick follow-up about KDE on my machine:
    Lisa KDE didn’t work, but openSUSE 12.1 (live CD) was worse.
    Fwiw, it’s very nice to see that lisa KDE works well on other machines.


  138. I would like to know if the KDE 4.8 update will be coming through official respository or do we need to do it from kubuntu respository. thanks for your reply

  139. hello! for me is KDE best distro, so even Gnome Lmde is best. On my Think Pad T410 all works well. before Mint I had Chakra Linux, but I think that is Mint kde better becouse have better software support, is faster and simple for use. Best regards for all Linux users in the world. Kde is my main disiro on my laptop.

  140. I finally managed to get an internet connection (DSL) with the Live DVD, so I did install Mint 12 KDE on my desktop. The problem with the DSL connection seems to be (from what I gather) an old KDE bug — you can add a DSL connection using the Networkmanager, but the connection does not show. It happens with Kubuntu, too, which I have tried. But the problem has already been fixed in Fedora 16 and Chakra (I tried their live DVDs), so I expected the Mint edition to have fixed that.

    Unlinke Kubuntu, pppoeconf doesn’t work “out of the box” for me, in spite of the messages telling me the connection was up and running. No ping, no browsing! But I managed to find a fix et voilà, I was connected — and proceed to the installation.

    It took a long time. I have an old machine (Pentium 4, 1 GB ram) and a somewhat new graphic card (ATI radeon HD 6450) — the reason of my woes. Tried to boot the new installation, but all I got was a black screen with a white flickering white bar on top. I was expecting something of the sort: I installed Ubuntu and then Mint 12 Gnome, and the first boot always brought me a flickering screen. In the Gnome case, however, at least I had a recognizable graphic desktop in spite of the flickering — enough to set up an internet connection, get the fglrx drive and reboot. After that, everything was fine.

    The same happened when I tried to install Kubuntu some time ago, and I gave up. This time I tried harder — booted into recovery, managed to get online with pppoeconf and got the fglrx driver using apt-get. I don’t know what the problem is (no expert), but it doesn’t happen, say, with Mint Debian (which works absolutely fine with the open source radeon driver).

    Long story short, I now have Mint KDE running. It is beautiful; congratulations to Clem and the team. There are still glitches, like the DSL connection not showing, Software Manager crashing and so on. But I expect the LTS version will have them ironed out. For now, I’m going to learn my way around with KDE — I have been using only Gnome so far (and Mint Debian XFCE on my netbook).

    @NB (#271): I would like to try OpenSuse to see what it’s like, but it absolutely does not run in my machine — no doubt a graphic card issue; I didn’t manage to get X started no matter which option I tried.



  141. Congratulations on a great Mint 12 KDE
    Definitely the best yet.
    (Now I need to look for the donate button – its here somewhere, I know I saw it someplace – I’ll keep looking)…

    KDE totally rocks – thank you again


  142. So i managed to get this installed but grub erased everything on my slave drive during install and installed grub their -_- which is pita cause i lost some important files

    Thanks …

  143. Well, congrats on this from a total newcomer to Linux. Started playing around with several different distros two weeks ago, came across Mint 12 KDE on Monday, accidentally did something right in getting the Nvidia drivers installed, and lo! what an impressive result. A couple of small glitches to be sure, but there’s enough help from forum users to give me a clue about how to work around hassles. Well done!

  144. @cmrt
    Yeah, i had that same problem with all KDE distributions, after Mint 7 Gloria (KDE 4.2.4). Whatever you do, knetworkmanager is not showing your DSL connection in the list. Very annoying bug, and it’s a shame that it took so long to fix that crucial thing. Like, probably everyone’s first step after installing Linux is setting network, and you’re unable to do that via graphical interface.
    But, setting dsl connection in the last editions of Kubuntu (11.10) and Fedora (16), worked fine for me, finally.
    So it’s really strange that it’s not fixed in this new edition of Mint, but since I haven’t tried it yet, I can not say.

  145. back to kubuntu. installed this on a usb stick and says non bootable using unetbootin…redid with kubuntu…booted right up. will try when it works on usb

    Edit by Clem: This is an Hybrid ISO and it was successfully tested on USB using imagewriter. This is explained in the release notes.

  146. @cmrt (218)
    Your problems connecting to the ‘Net remind me of when I had a fixed IP address. I’ve tried a good number of distros. in recent years, and nearly all provided no help at all in connecting via a fixed IP. You had to know your networking rather well. I now have DHCP (and the IP address stays the same for weeks or months, as long as I don’t power down my router for many hours or so).

    It’s quite encouraging to see that you were able to get Mint 12 KDE running; I also have 1 GB of RAM, but roughly 10% of it is set aside for video. Perhaps my problems were caused by an outdated BIOS, or something peculiar to an Athlon 64.

    I’d be interested in trying out “debug” versions, if Mint wants to do that. However, what would be learned from such an effort might not apply to enough different machines to matter. It’s quite disappointing not to be able to run an up-to-date KDE; perhaps I need to save to get a more up-to-date machine.

    Fwiw, I ran KDE in openSUSE 11.1 for quite a while.

  147. @cmrt (218)
    Your problems connecting to the ‘Net remind me of when I had a fixed IP address. I’ve tried a good number of distros. in recent years, and nearly all provided no help at all in connecting via a fixed IP. You had to know your networking rather well. I now have DHCP (and the IP address stays the same for weeks or months, as long as I don’t power down my router for many hours or so).

    It’s quite encouraging to see that you were able to get Mint 12 KDE running; I also have 1 GB of RAM, but roughly 10% of it is set aside for video. Perhaps my problems were caused by an outdated BIOS, or something peculiar to an Athlon 64.

    I’d be interested in trying out “debug” versions, if Mint wants to do that. However, what would be learned from such an effort might not apply to enough different machines to matter. It’s quite disappointing not to be able to run an up-to-date KDE; perhaps I need to save to get a more up-to-date machine.

    Fwiw, I ran KDE in openSUSE 11.1 for quite a while.

  148. marcinolot@229

    I will agree that KDE is a bit heavier than Gnome, at least comparing it to Gnome 2. It’s also expected that the Mint version would inherit many of the same problems as Kubuntu, as you’ve pointed out.

    I’m not sure what hardware you are running, perhaps you are limited on memory or something like that. However, I would really be interested to see what you consider slow. My own personal experience so far has been that Mint 12 KDE is quite responsive, even better than Gnome 2 in some respects. But unless you run across those particular cases, I’ll would dare say that–with all it’s extra weight–Mint 12 KDE is as fast as anything Gnome had or has now. Again, this is my experience.

    I will also say that either tweaking or turning of the window fading effects does much to eliminate the heavy feeling one can get with KDE. It almost lulls you to sleep. But if one can see past some of the more obvious effects, I feel certain that many people would feel differently about KDE and it’s alleged slowness. In other words, I think the desktop effects really mess with ones mind more than they actually slow the system down.

  149. Congratulations.
    LinuxPro February issue has included Linux Mint 12(Gnome version). The editor pointed out that Mint was particularly apt at multimedia capability right out of the box.
    Since I have had problems downstreaming on demand], I tried Mint 12 live on my laptop. COD came through well.
    So I tried to install Mint 12 into my 2003 old IBM x486 desktop. Mint’s installation failed initially to recognize the NEC 15″ monitor. After a few tries and reboots, the display is now fine.
    However, the average user cannot power down the computer. Root has to do it. User switching is needed at the beginning and end of a session.

  150. @Mr. Torture (225): thanks for the comments. I haven’t tried Kubuntu 11.10 (last I tried was 11.04). I noticed it was fixed in Fedora 16 (and Kororaa), also in the last Chakra realease of 2011. Since they all came out before Mint 12 KDE, I was expecting the bug wouldn’t be there anymore. Anyway, even after installing KDE and all the updates, the DSL connection still does not show. What I noticed is this: in Fedora and Chakra, after configuring the DSL connection you are asked to store a password in Kwallet (if I remember it right). In Mint this does not happen. I wonder whether there’s a relation.

    @Nicholas Bodley (228): On the bright side of my network and graphic card problems, it was a learnful experience! I fell way more confident now about a good many things.

    As for having KDE running, I also have an old computer (my kids tell me it’s “ancient”, by I bought it only 6 years ago!). So I also have an outdated BIOS (won’t boot from USB, for instance). The only thing new is the ATI graphic card. I had an older ATI one, but it was “legacy” — no more support from AMD starting with Ubuntu Jaunty. So last year I decided to buy a new one. The advantage is, this new card does not use system RAM — so maybe this is the reason why KDE seems to run smoothly on this machine.

    Suse: it was my first Linux distro (for a few months), then I switched to Ubuntu 8.04. I would like to give it another try; I heard a lot of good things about it (especially 11.4), but never managed to get it running. I never make it to a graphic interface with live media — and I’m not competent enough to risk a text install. (Maybe sometime, one never stops learning.)

    For now, I’m really enjoying Mint KDE — it is not as slow as I was led to expect. Until now, I did not notice great differences compared to Gnome. And it looks great.



  151. Very pretty indeed! I like eye-candy and Gnome 2 / MATE isn’t doing it for me anymore, especially after using Unity. Cinnamon is premature so perhaps I will find a new home with KDE.

  152. Hi everybody.
    I’ve been waiting a long time for this 12KDE to arrive and my waiting, I must say, hasn’t been in vain since it is really fantastic, no less !

    However, after having installed VirtualBox, I’m not able to access Synaptics and/or the application manager anymore.
    I get this message :
    “Impossible de lancer /usr/lib/linuxmint/mintUpdate/ ‘show’ en tant qu’utilisateur root.
    Le mécanisme d’autorisation sous-jacent (sudo) ne vous autorise pas à lancer ce programme. Contactez votre administrateur.”

    Furthermore, when in Konsole, I cannot do anything unless I’m logged as root !
    What I get there is :
    “myusername is not in the sudoers file. This incident will be reported.”

    I have been looking here and there for answers but to no avail …

    Anyone with hints or clues will be warmly welcome.
    Thanks loads in advance.

  153. Enjoying every moment with this release.

    no issues at all. running kde4.8 plus kernel 3.3rc3 on Asus UL50VT laptop.

    prefer this release over Mint 12 gnome+cinnamon. Much more responsive

    great job guys.

    PS Will there be a Mint KDE 13 release any time soon?

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