Opera 11.52-1100-1linuxmint upgrade

Linux Mint is currently negotiating and establishing partnerships with some of the major actors on the search market. Our purpose is to bring the best search experience to you and the technology you enjoy while participating in the income you generate while browsing the Web.

As part of this process, we’re running a test to establish the number of Opera users within the Linux Mint community.

A custom Linux Mint build of Opera 11.52 is now available in the repositories for Linux Mint 11, LMDE, Linux Mint 10 and Linux Mint 9.

If you’re using Opera, please upgrade to version 11.52-1100-1linuxmint using the Update Manager, Synaptic or APT.

Alternatively you can download the package directly:

Note about privacy: This build doesn’t track or share more information than the default Opera build. As part of the browser checking for an update with the Opera servers, it simply indicates that you’re using Linux Mint.


  1. One problem, though: I’m on LM10x64, have Opera 10.11 installed. 11.52 wants to pull flashplugin-installer and flashplugin-nonfree, since up to now I only have mint-flashplugin-x64. Will the flash thingies conflict?

    1. aelfinn: The package only “recommends” flashplugin-nonfree, it doesn’t “depend” on it. So you can install it while keeping mint-flashplugin-x64 if you want. From the command line you can achieve this with “apt update; apt install opera –no-install-recommends”.

  2. I’m failing to see how this will tell you the number of Linux Mint Opera users. It will only reveal the number of users who decide to upgrade…which will take a while since the user will have to actively use the Update Manager. I know for sure that neither my children, nor my wife will do so. (so you can add +3 to the user count for them 🙂 ) Or am I wrong here…?

  3. Great. Do this and allow people to stilll install a vanilla firefox and things will be glorious. People that want to generate money for mint can use opera. Others who perfer a traditional firefox experience can do their own thing and donate if they choose. I will. Out of frustration, i have refrained from using mint because of the firefox/google search issue. Id gladly switch back and start donating again if this can resolve that problem once and for all.

    1. @Nick: That’s exactly our point. If we reach a partnership with Opera, you won’t have to use any custom search engine. You’ll be participating in generating an income while using your favorite search engines. The scope for this particular test is to generate an income AND to improve your user experience.

      @Jimmy: We’re aware of this and so is Opera. There’s approximately 11% of our community using Linux Mint 8 or older versions. Within the 89% for whom this update is available, only a part will upgrade. Whether it’s a 10%, 25%, 50%, 75%… we won’t know. But this will give Opera a minimum figure to look at.

    1. @scyg: No, libfontconfig1 and libglib-2.0-0 are too old in Linux Mint 8 Helena and previous releases to support this build.

      @Carlos: We’re actively working on extensions for Gnome 3 (including a menu, window list, bottom panel..etc). For the KDE edition, please wait until December, at the moment we’re fully focused on Linux Mint 12. (This is completely off-topic by the way.)

  4. I want the KDE version and We’d like to see some mock-ups of Linux Mint 12.. Unity sucks, Gnome 3 shell isn’t so customizable (yet)..

  5. mint is wonderful !! i made my whole class change to Linux mint, and they love it.!! by the way i am downloading opera now, hope it suits me….

    thanks clem for such a beautiful os….. mint = genius

  6. Hi
    Great to see Mint cooperating with Opera. It would be an achievement to have the Opera Voice or Opera Speak application running in Linux. It has many uses for people with a disability including those with hearing impairment where their voice can then display written text.

    Opera Voice I recall started at version 7.6 but was only available to proprietary software users.

    Hope this can one day be available in Linux Mint.

    Cheers / Chris

  7. I used to like Opera, but have been using Chrome for a long time. Clement, maybe you could do a poll an the preferred default browser for Mint.

    Any news on a Debian based KDE? It was said to be released in Aug.

    Thanks for all your hard work.

  8. Since I like Linux Mint over other distros, installed opera and writing from it only. From my side if it helps you, I will use opera now on.

    @Clem : Let one more go off-the topic. Carlos Felipe asked about kde. I go one step forward. Take as much time for the KDE edition as you want, but it has to be equivalent to PCLinuxOS or Mandriva (KDEs), if not better. They are having the best KDEs. Otherwise, it will be of no use. I always liked Linux Mint KDE over Kubuntu and even other KDE based distros, which gets more votes. Hope you understand.

  9. Oh drat. Timing conflict for me.
    I really like Opera, and would love to be counted, but I’m in the middle of a Mint break to try/review other distributions and I hadn’t planned to come back until the new Mint 12 is released (don’t worry, I WILL be back!).
    When will this end? I could definitely install Mint 11 for 2 days and run the new Opera/Mint package if it helps out.

    1. NAS Storage Server: This test isn’t about selecting the default browser for Linux Mint (we do have stats on their popularity within our community: http://community.linuxmint.com/software/browse/6), it’s about deciding what user experience you get by default, if ads show up or not, and how the eventual income your activity generates is shared between all parties involved. Because we’re free and open source, it’s extremely difficult for us to know the size of our user base. This test is required by Opera to get a feeling of the scale of our community.

      TomG: Thank you for your support. Please don’t reinstall Linux Mint just for this test. You can install this build on other Debian-based distributions, but we’re not trying to find out the exact number of users, it’s more about the scale of things.

  10. I don’t use Opera either, then again I don’t use Google Chrome but I have it installed and do use it occasionally especially when checking changes to my websites using a browser other than Firefox. Since installing this customized version of Opera will help Linux Mint then I’ll be glad to do so. Just because I don’t prefer using Opera doesn’t mean I can’t use it once in awhile even if it’s just to help a worthy cause. 🙂

  11. Hi, Clem. I would have thought that you have at least some indication of the user base from the use of the Update Manager and Firefox on Google? (Just asking 🙂 )

    BTW: I really like the way you’re collecting and analyzing the user base. Shows professionalism IMHO.

  12. Just read this & installed Opera from Synaptic to try on LMDE so have come to this page via Opera. Feels good.

    From what I remember, Opera has always been secure and is very fast – a likeable browser but I used to have problems loading some pages.

    It makes a good alternative browser to Firefox & I shall use both (with DuckDuckGo as the default search engine in both, as although the quantity of search results is less than that of Google, the quality is far superior, and tracking without consent is an issue now.

  13. @Clem: Does that mean installing the Opera-recommended Flash packages would bork my system? Or would they happily co-exist with the x64 plugin?

    1. aelfinn: As far as I know they happily co-exist. I would recommend to remove the Ubuntu one though (the one Opera recommends to install) as it’s not running in native 64-bit. In anyway, it’s not going to “bork” your system 🙂 Worst case scenario is your Flash plugin doesn’t load, which you can solve by removing all flash packages and reinstalling mint-flashplugin-x64.

  14. I am using my long favourite and now the latest Opera 11.52 x64 with Mint11, Ubuntu, Win7, Fedora15. it’s easy to configure and Speed dial suits me fine as well as the combined search and web address bar. Mint 11 is my favourite OS though I am increasingly taking to Fedora 15. Ihat seems to successfully perform in the way I suspect the latest Ubuntu is meant to.
    I observe that Ubuntu seems to have gone off the rails especially with that awful “now you see it – now you don’t” LH toolbar setup. I REALLY HOPE Mint 12 will be more successful. I observe recently with Mint11 that Kaffeine, Me-TV and others cannot load DVB-t apps because of broken Libxine1 dependencies. And now, a Mint update has bombed Kaffeine and Me-tv out. Is this a temporary problem I ask, or have we lost DVB-t services? VLC tries . .
    Twidling software sources hasn’t helped.
    Sorry to ramble but for me Opara is the best and the easiest to keep clean.

  15. @Clem: just read your response to Carlos (this one here)…

    @Carlos: We’re actively working on extensions for Gnome 3 (including a menu, window list, bottom panel..etc). For the KDE edition, please wait until December, at the moment we’re fully focused on Linux Mint 12.

    That is GREAT NEWS! So glad to hear that…I would just love it (and i am sure most of us…lol) if Mint 12 would be Gnome 3.2 with your extensions applied to give it the classic (and beloved) Mint Desktop with Mint Menu…

    That is the perfect way to go…my wishes for best of success in getting this on for our next Mint…

  16. I see there are several reasons to start using the Opera version 11.52-1100-1linuxmint. I had not used it for years but am using it now. I’d like to help make it a success for Linux Mint.

  17. Never used Opera (have been using Firefox and Chrome for years) but will give it a try from today on. It seems a great browser.

  18. Opera is fast! I had not tried it in a long while. In the IE4 era I used Opera, but I’ve been using Firefox since version 0.6. I’m not sure I’d drop Firefox as I’m so accustomed to have its Addons, but it sure would be my secondary browser and replace Chrome.

  19. Hello. Just the reason why I’m not a regular Opera user under Mint (I don’t know how is the situation under others distros) is because video chat from gmail doesn’t work.

    In my work I’m under Win7 and I can use Opera 11.52 with no problems.

    This night I will test this upgrade…

  20. Excellent! My long favorite browser and my favorite OS hooking up for a win-win-win deal. I reinstalled Opera today.

  21. Great news! I am so happy. Opera is my favorite internet browser for 10 years. Opera is fast, safe and nice software. Clem and Mint Team, this is a smart move.

    Dear LinuxMint users please try Opera, I am sure you will like it 😉

    Thank you for Gnome 3 customisation, I hope that I will be able to use your Gnome 3 version on my LMDE soon. Please do not forget System monitor extension and Tweake tool.

  22. just to say that i had some internet problem at the time of my first comment 🙂 so opera running pretty well here 🙂 (sorry for my english)

  23. Running LMDE with the modifed repo’s from Update Pack 3, and still see an older version of Opera,but when I selected for install, it changed and did indeed install the newer version 11.52. Now to try it out.
    Thanks Clem and team.

  24. Hello. I have installed this package but the problem with gmail video chat persists. The precise message I get (in spanish) is: “Se enviará información desde esta página segura a una página que no es segura en relay.google.com. Se recomienda enfáticamente no enviar ninguna información privada”. But it is impossible to accept because the box dialog never disappears. I need to use gmail chat video but with Opera is difficult (to me). Thanks.

  25. IMO Opera is the fastest and most stable browser, and has a lot of cool features. I love Opera, and I’ve been using it on Linux, windows and my mobile phone since the beginning

  26. I’ve been using opera for at least 6 years regardless of OS. -2 lines in sources.list from now on I guess. Thanks Clem!

  27. I will try opera in my Linux Mint 11 Gnome 64 bit computer…There seems to be a bug with firefox 7.1.. At times it is logging me out…happened several times…

    I tried Linux Mint Debian 11 64 bit..after update 3 there are lots of things getting broken….Most of the software are older versions as in debian…For Example, Firefox…

    Vlc Player is unable to play videos from my home server as I am getting “VLC is unable to open the MRL” error..lot of people are facing this issue and there is no solution provided…

    Rolling distro LMDE is breaking stuff and is not at all reliable…

    Hope Linux Mint 12 will not follow the mess that is Gnome 3 (shell)…Desktop computers are not tablets and touch screen devices..Whoever has taken the decision to implement a shell like Gnome 3 shell is not listening to the users comments…same with Unity…Mark Shuttleworth is not doing his homework properly and has created a mess out of Ubuntu…

    Hope Linux Mint 12 will be usable like Mint 11 Gnome version…There are applet errors occurring at times in Gnome Version due to race conditions not being met and applets not loading (an Ubuntu bug)..Please try to correct that too…I have already converted lot of my friends to use Gnome Version 11 and all of them are happy…

    Thank you Clem and team for understanding the pulse of the masses and for a wonderful Linux Mint Menu…We love it!!!

  28. @Clem: Thx for the feedback. Just one more thing: the Opera-recommended Flash packages are for version 11.x, the mint-flashplugin is v.10. Does that make a difference, performace- or otherwise? What would happen if I removed the mint-flashplugin and installed the Opera-recommended ones? Would Firefox then automatically use the new, v.11 ones? And if I let them co-exist, would I be able to choose on a per-browser basis which plugin to use?

  29. Thank you Clem for listening to people.

    I have downloaded the latest Opera yesterday during regular system update.

    I use two browsers. One is Firefox with tree-style-tab where I have *lots* of tabs opened, the other one is for quick little things, like looking up books info from Calibre, or opening attachments, or when some other program wants to open browser. Until now I have been using Chrome as my second browser, but I will switch to Opera.

    I am willing to do *a lot* things for you, if you let me use my beloved Tree-Style-Tab plugin and my beloved default vanilla google search 😉

  30. If it isn’t against the partnership rules, you cam make a ppa for those modified opera builds, so people on other debian-based systems can help you too.

    I installed it on my ubuntu along with mint’s custom search engine.

  31. At least this version includes Google images. Thank you! Previous versions of Mintized default browsers made it difficult to start a search and then switch to only display images.

  32. I thought I was running the current 64 bit version of LMDE, but when I went into Software Manager and Package Manager, I could not find or install 11.52-1100-1linuxmint. So I donwloaded it and used dpkg -i, which worked but reported errors in the install. Opera loads and links fine though. Now Software Manager reports opera as installed but synaptic reports it as broken.

    Is there something wrong with my sources.list?

    deb http://packages.linuxmint.com/ debian main upstream import
    deb http://debian.linuxmint.com/latest testing main contrib non-free
    deb http://debian.linuxmint.com/latest/security testing/updates main contrib non-free
    deb http://debian.linuxmint.com/latest/multimedia testing main non-free

    Thanks, John (Opera fan)

  33. Clem, whilst I am fully in favour of mint looking at alternative income sources, I would be interesting in knowing just how opera intend to make money from users using their browser? If purely from ads or search then Ok providing other search engines can be used, however if there is any kind of user profiling or tracking involved then this is likely to meet some resistance and could possibly have legal implications in various parts of the world.

  34. I am a new user, and really sick of windows systems…and I have used them all. The last 2 weeks or so I have tried most of the top linux os. Most seem to be ok, but on my Pentium 4 computer, none would shutdown nor restart…had to do a hard boot every time. Once, I had Mint 11 working right till I messed that up. Seems to be a bios problem, not the os. Now in my 64 bit computer, Mint 11 64-Bit works great…such an awesome system. Even bought the Linux Mint Sticker and attached it to the front and (HE HE) removed the Windows sticker! Still using Windows 7 Enterprise on my laptop, though! Anyway, I am still learning and Mint is filling the order. I, too, will start using the Opera 11.52-1100-1linuxmint to my Mint experience. Thank you and can’t wait till Linux Mint 12 is out!!!

  35. Great News, Excellent. When up and running, is there any chance that the cursor could go straight to the search field by default when opening please?
    Love Mint.

  36. Edit to #67 above.
    Sorry Guys, My previous euphoria crashed and burned!. So many sites, especially financial/online-banking, not supported (unless I’m suffering from Newbie inexperience) not working for me, I shall endeavour but can see me drifting back to FireFox for complete web satisfaction if this proves to be not just me.

  37. Well and… Opera also happens to be the most advanced browser out there! No contest here. Perhaps now I’ll finally take the pains to make the switch…

  38. awesome, now I can continue to use my favorite browser and support mint at the same time :D. (been using Opera on all of my computers for the last 10 years, except for my low-end laptop on which I use Midori)

  39. Cannot watch YouTube with this version of Opera on some computers. Is there a quick solution when this happens with Mint?

  40. The whole reason I use Linux is it’s open source. I’m sticking with an open source browser, as well, and I love me some Firefox. Sorry Opera.

  41. I have no issues with the Mint_modded version of FF 🙂
    & am quite happy to use a Mint_modded version of OP.

    & I did the survey from opera, on it’s restarting . . . .

  42. Modded FF is not the problem, its nice and clean… the problem is that its crippled, it does not give a ‘true’ search.. WE decide what we click on based on the search results, we dont need anyone else to decide what we see or what results we are able to get… just my 2 cents… other that that.. it its not crippled I will use Mint/Google search…

  43. i read every post on this thread and found it ironic that there is a Google Chrome ad at the top of this page 😀

  44. As Johann at comment 61 asks, how do I know if I have the correct build for the test? Is it build “1100”, or does it have to report itself as build “1100-1linuxmint”?

    I use Mint 10, & have Opera installed so have their repository added to my sources. Update Manager gave me a new version of Opera the other day, but I didn’t look to see where it was coming from. Now Software Manager says I have 11.52.1100-1linuxmint already installed, but Opera itself only says 11.52.1100 in About.

  45. Opera is my main browser. But to be honest I really dislike the custom mint google search that gets installed with the package. I turned off that extension right away. I’m really glad though that their is an interest in Opera. Since I already have that version installed I’m not going to spend my time re-downloading but I did want to post just to show my support. Keep up the amazing work guys!

  46. Did the OP install. Over the weekend–that is at home–it worked fine. Since being a FF user I can’t say I was initially impressed but hey… OP works and once I ‘acclimatised’, added some extensions and got used to its look-n-feel, I was happy to continue with OP.

    However in the workplace, where I had to add a proxy, OP seemed somewhat slow. In fact while waiting for gmail and the mint homepage to load, I decided to start up FF. Whacked in my proxy credentials and FF started gmail and mint homepages almost instantly. Went back to OP and those two tabs were still empty.

    At various time during the day, I would restart both and kinda have the same experience…

  47. Keep reading, because after a bad beginning, this review will turn unexpectedly quite good. After reading so many glorious reviews of Opera 11.52-1100-LinuxMint by Mint users,I installed it from the Mint Applications Menu on 10/22/11. It just so happened to also be a day after I installed Mint 11 Main on my 32 bit computer. Opera was horrible, buggy and crashy. I worked with it for a few hours throughout the day and finally removed it, knowing I would never use it for anything. I have used Firefox for nearly ten years and love it. I have been on a search for other browsers for a new job that requires several others. I have used Linux OS’s exclusively for nearly five years with no grid backup. Opera was the most buggy anything I have ever experienced. Who wants that?
    Instead I installed and tried out Chrome and Epiphany.Both good and useful.

    Two days later, yesterday morning, out of respect to Mint mostly, I decided to try installing Opera again from another source, such as the Opera website. But before I did that, I thought to try once more from the Mint Applications Menu to install Opera. The rest is history and totally unexpected for me. For the past 24 hours, I’ve been glued to it, exploring and testing everything to see if it does what I need for work and it it suits my particular and sometimes peculiar online orientation and relationship. Within ten hours, despite my love of and loyalty to Firefox, I knew that by the end of the day, Opera would be my primary browser, which it now is.

    When I began thinking about installing Opera from the same source that provided it to me as unusable, I was musing on whether browsers and installations can have bad hair days like people do. I guess they do. I apologize for this lengthy review, I just wanted to urge any other users here that if they don’t like Opera or if it has too many bugs, remove the installation and try again, maybe even another day. I never ever thought that Firefox would be outdone. I still love it and will continue to use it for my need of other browsers, but Opera is now my go-to browser, the one I wake up to and with which I start my day.

    Thank you for bringing it to us and the work that you are putting into collaboration with Opera. It will be interesting to see it unfold…

  48. Although I am more of Firefox fan, I am very happy to see Linux Mint has it own customize Opera. I like to see for myself how fast this browser can upload. Thanks Chem, Team Mint, AND Team Opera!

  49. Back to Firefox 7 as Opera is very slow and unresponsive.

    Linux Mint Debian Edition is currently not attractive as it crashes after updates..All of us have reverted back to Linux Mint Main Edition 64 bit.

    Eagerly Waiting for LM Gnome 12 version without those annoying missing clock and update applet crashes on booting.

  50. Ain’t it amazing how the best OS and the best browser are getting together? Feels almost like a parallel dimension.

    @Clem: point ’em to Distrowatch if those biatches aren’t sure of how good you are.


  51. Thanks to all the minty users out there and the minty creators. From Isadora 9 to (missed 10) Katya 11 great out of the box.
    Runs amazing well on small amount of ram on older 2ghz machines. I pushed it onto a machine with 512 Ram and it ran quite well with a minor wait while it figured out the screen.
    Dual core 64bit with more than a gig of ram, works like a charm. Brilliant.
    So lets make money.
    So how does that work?

  52. I “need” Opera for a stable execution of Citrix Receiver Plugin for work , which proved to be unstable in Firefox ever since v.4. No problems in Opera. I will upgrade asap.

  53. I just recently looked at Opera and have installed it all over my machines (Linux and Win). I still use FF for when I need the functionality of certain plug-ins, but Opera is fast and clean. Thanks for the update.

  54. I like the browser Flash works better for me than on the others, just can’t get the gecko plugins to work for embedded media on other sites. Only seem to be able to get flash and java to work. If I could I’d probably use it more.

  55. As a LinuxMint fan since Celena became Daryna, I have ended up with Julia plus FF3.6.23, PrintPDF and Scroogle Scraper all set to reject 3rd party cookies and it has been great, so I’m reluctant to change.

    However, having recently discovered that Gloria’s unique Gparted can be used to prepare a dual-partition and thus dual-function USBkey that Isadora’s Startup Disk Creator can transform into a persistent Julia device, I’ll use that to check out the new Opera variant.

    @Clem – as ever, thank you for keeping us all informed.

  56. I just did this on my main workhorse (Opera is already my browser of choice) and went to do it on my netbook, which already apparently is using the linuxmint version. So no change needed, right?

    Opera is closed source, but really does take the Linux spirit to heart when it comes to customizability. And it is very fast.

    There is a bug somewhere though, possibly through proxies. Mine works great at work (on XP). But a colleague has the same lag problem described by the Firefox guy above. In advanced settings when using a proxy, set the connections and servers to the same number (I use 32. YMMV).

    Also, in opera:config (address bar) try activating/deactivating HTTP 1.1. Search to find it…

    Good news for me, this development!

  57. re 84 I should have said that Opera appears in the menu but will not load. I have now tried it on another computer (also with Mint 10 ) and it works fine on that. Will try it out.

  58. I use the Opera browser already a long time!
    In four years here I have always used the trial versions directly from the “Opera Desktop Team”!
    From how far I can remember, only when the transition of Opera 9 to 10 there were some conflicts and most worrisome bugs (I’m talking about Alpha versions, ie, testing)!
    I install deb packages directly from the blog as mentioned above and have not had any serious problem!
    It’s as fast as Chromium (version 17.0.912), but at the same time stable as Firefox (with respect to the Latest Firefox UX, another test version of Firefox 10)

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  60. Hi, Mint convert from Ubuntu here and with 5 converts thus far all ex Windoze users.
    Planning to recycle PC’s for Socially Isolated folk here in S West Scotland so have been trying tux flavours to find a reliable one that I can start users off with.
    Am no ‘Techie’ just an ex Radio Op’ that needs something to fill time.
    Had the Applet prob’s Kathy mentioned and some with IRQ 35 being disabled which stalls startup or freezes things at various points.
    Usually works by switching off and on again but is Bloody annoying!
    ( At 59 I don’t have time to waste!).
    Will try Opera if it helps as I have a spare box to test that is a clone of my main, If I like it I will Migrate others.
    Thanks for your efforts Clem.

  61. As an FYI, I am using the Opera version from above (it’s by far my fav. broswer), but it keeps crashing my gnome 3.2 desktop on close. If Mint 12 goes Gnome 3, which I wish it does, I hope this bug gets fixed.

  62. Sorry…not the buggy Opera….Will stick with Firefox 7.1..the best open source browser in the world. awaiting Mint 12 Main edition.

    In linux mint I am getting logged out without any warning at times. A bug in Ubuntu, Fedora etc.

  63. Up till now my main browser has been FF (force of habit) although recently I have installed Chromium for a trial. I shall be quite happy to ditch both in favour of Opera, which I have used in the past. Used to be a distro-hopper, till I discovered Mint 6, and have been a devotee ever since. Onya, Clem & all

  64. Further to #67 & #69 above. A week has passed and I have been using Opera as much as I can. However, I’m still getting the “Our web-site does not support your browser” messages on several financial/on-line banking sites.

    I like FireFox, I know it. It’s got all my passwords, favourites, bookmarks etc. and I know the key-board shortcuts to do what I have to do without drama.

    I like what I see of Opera, but sorry, I’m struggling with having to relearn everything, sort out the passwords, install the correct Widgets & Extensions just to get back to where I already am with FF.

    So a compromise. I’ll use Opera for general web-surfing and searches but revert back to FF as my day-to-day workhorse.

  65. Posting from the special, persistent LinuxMint-10 USBkey on my little netbook, running the new Opera on one virtual desktop and this copy of FireFox 3.6.23 on another virtual desktop, I can report that I will be sticking with FireFox.
    Although Opera can be configured to reject cookies, its Web2PDF is very inferior to PrintPDF and I have never been happy with Google’s ‘Terms’ and their collection of personal search data, especially as they have a poor track record of protecting such data from exploitation, and hence my use of Scroogle Scraper in the less draconian ‘Terms’ FireFox.
    However, it was an interesting exercise.

  66. Opera is very good but, to be great, it must provide me the ability to do a Ctl-C copy of a Web page that I can then Ctl-V paste into Thunderbird with the graphics and html code. As it is, I can only copy the text. I will have to continue to use Firefox until Opera fixes this.

  67. Happy to help.. Just re-installed it (as I already had the updated version) but I’m unable to tell whether I’m using the “”mint Friendly” version or the regular one….

    Update on Mint 12 is very welcome…. Though I’m running Mint 11 on a VERY old laptop (but running very well) so thank Clem !!!


  68. Nothing to do with Opera but…

    I see Ubuntu 11.10 has not been climbing up on Distrowatch.com. It’s on a full decline since the release.

    Linux Mint is really near now to conquer the first place.

  69. I had tried Opera awhile back and was not happy when comparing it to Firefox. As I and my company are avid Linux Mint supporters I tried Opera again after reading your announcement.

    I must admit the Opera experience is much better than it was. There is deffinately a culture shock when moving from Firefox, etc. It appears that many of Operas cool features and power are hidden. When using it and poking around more than once I was found my self saying “Oh.. that’s where that is.”. Or “It does have that feature.” It is fast, but one needs time to get used to the new UI and the Opera approach to things.

    I am concerned about the lack of security related add-ons and plug-ins/widgets. In fact, I was disappointed that they did not even have a “security” section in there add-on categories. Things like no-script, adblock-plus, abine, trashmail, and better privacy equivalents are minimal or non existent it seems to me. Couple that with my favorite download manager, down-them-all, and the extensibility was disappointing. Other categories that others may be interested in had rather robust offerings.

    My other experience with Opera was similiar to someone esles in that a few years ago there were issues with sites saying that they don’t support it. I currently have not found that and I believe that it is could have been overcome then if they had the option they do now that allows it to present as another browser. I found that in such cases it wasn’t that it didn’t “support” it, the stupid web coders didn’t look for it or recognize it and the default if it wasn’t firefox or IE was “Not Supported”.

    I think that other people may also be like me in simply not knowing how to make it do some simple things the way we like or are used to. For example, I was really… did I say really, annoyed at the cascading bookmark menus rather than scrolling. I Googled and found that pressing F4 and then the Star * gives you a scrollable list. This was just one but there were other things to that made me want to just drop it.

    I am still in the getting to know Opera phase and hope that its charms will present themselves as we become more familiar. I would recommend to others that may have had a bad experience that they give it a little time and patience and seek out answers to any annoyances or short comings. Then make a decision.

  70. Almost 3 weeks since Ubuntu 11.10 release. And no news/updates about Mint 12 development. At least give us some info about it.

  71. thanks for giving the update of opera in linux mint gnome 32″katya”edition..

    it is more helpful for use..

    thanking u in anticipation.

  72. I’ll glady install and use Opera from the Linux Mint repository in order to help support the Mint project! I actually find Opera to be one of the better, if not the best, web browser for Linux. I know it’s mostly closed source, but the developers give more attention to Linux than Mozilla or Google, and it’s a fast browser, very matured, highly standards compliant, and has many builtin features that require extra addons for the other browsers.

    Long live Linux Mint!

  73. Opera пользуюсь уже очень давно, и рад, что идет сотрудничество LM и Opera.

  74. Opera is the best! I have used it for over 10 years. Has built in mail and is easily tailored to individual requirements. Thank you!

  75. Thank you for a great distro. I enjoy using Mint LMDE. Opera is one of my favorite browsers, after Firefox. But unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be able to manage some, for me important sites, like https with certificate (my bank). I’m always getting error masages or it just loads a blank page. But for the day to day tasks I’ll upgrade to Opera-Mint.
    Thanks again for this great distro.

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