Weekly Newsletter – Issue 48

Welcome to the Linux Mint Newsletter

* News about Mint

* Beta testing goes on – lots of interesting points but no showstopper found yet

* Latest wallpaper of the week

* Behind the scenes work is going on with the KDE, XFCE and Fluxbox editions of Elyssa (will take time to get them ready for release though)

* News about Linux

Open Suse 11 RC1 released

* News about IT

There will be a RC2 of Firefox 3

Security flaw in Samba – this has already been announced in the forum

Microsoft opens up a Web services protocol it developed for Vista.

Microsoft’s CAPTCHA successfully broken

* Hardware news

Wifi could be much faster

A desktop supercomputer for 4,000 Euro – the power of the GPU

* Trivia and other links

Some tips

* Editors comment

I have had problems finding good links for a few things I wanted to include in this newsletter, so its not there.

As always – if you find something I’ve missed in the newsletter please tell me – you can post a comment here

And the last days have been warm, not to say hot, so I may be more confused than normally / husse


  1. Thanks Husse. I am almost as excited about openSUSE 11 as I am Mint 5 😀 I think openSUSE 11 will get Vista’s spot on my laptop along side Mint. Maybe FF3 RC2 will give more time to fix the flash issue. The supercomputer link was neat. I wonder how they keep that thing cool?

  2. I hope you are aware about the BIG problem of Hardy Heron and Mint 5 RC with networking. Even Lan/Dsl does not work on a huge number of computers. It would be very disappointing, if the final edition of mint does not fix this BIG BUG. It is in my oppinion a SHOWSTOPPER!


  3. Thanks Husse,

    I really appreciate the contribution you make to the Mint family both as moderator of the forum and also the newsletter. Well done and thank you.


  4. I have tried openSUSE 10.3 version just for a short period of time.
    I has bad support (or almost none) to Brazilian Portuguese
    Language. Yast does not work good to run some important
    operations. (at least on my computer). I banned it.

    About openSuse 11 RC1 – It looks to bring a good hope
    to the final version. Good support to Brazilian Portuguese
    language, and the system performance itself has been running
    nice. KDE 4.0.4 in this openSUSE version (11rc1) is very
    impressive but still it shows minor bugs.

    One thing i have noticed on the last openSUSE’s releases is
    a non good and satisfatory design to my eyes.

    I do not intend to make openSuse one of my favorites distros.
    I tried that two of them above just to know what Novell’s
    partner developers and community has contributed to the
    Linux World. A week more installed and a candidate to be
    erase from my hard disk. That’s for sure.


  5. Hi!

    what about an Enlightenment version? something like the first gOS, and the other flavors of Debian/Ubuntu/Linux that are arround…

    Thanks in advance…

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