Monthly Stats – July 2011

Donations & Sponsorships:

Many thanks to the following donors and sponsors for financially supporting Linux Mint:


  • $100 (5th donation), Jordan S.
  • $100 (3rd donation), Bob Donnelly aka “rdonnelly”
  • $100, Serge G.
  • $75, Joseph C.
  • $72, Ramsey E.
  • $70, Vincent V.
  • $50 (7th donation), Michael L. aka “ddavid123
  • $50 (4th donation), Andreas S.
  • $50 (3rd donation), James Marsh
  • $50 (3rd donation), Dale R. aka “MintyCAP
  • $50 (2nd donation), Glenn R.
  • $50 (2nd donation), Ronald W.
  • $50, White Wind Zen Community
  • $40, Rebecca F.
  • $40, Graham Sivill aka “Siv
  • $40, T L. L.
  • $35.5 (5th donation), Jerry Jackson aka “900i
  • $35.5, Martin W.
  • $35 (19th donation), Pete Molina aka “pmolina”
  • $35, Philippe S.
  • $30, Gordon T.
  • $28.4 (17th donation), Olli K.
  • $28.4 (8th donation), Michael Krusch aka “MAD”
  • $28.4 (5th donation), Miguel Duarte
  • $28.4, Gerhard B.
  • $28 (22nd donation), Manuel F.
  • $28 (2nd donation), Pinna A.
  • $28 (2nd donation), Aurelien P. aka “nabnut”
  • $28, Anna K & Martin R aka “martin on #linuxmint-debian”
  • $27, Charles S.
  • $25 (9th donation), Kenny Hendrick aka “NprComputers
  • $25 (8th donation), John M.
  • $25 (3rd donation), Bruce D. aka “travtek”
  • $25 (2nd donation), Eric M.
  • $25, Srikanth M.
  • $25, Øyvind S.
  • $25, CK
  • $25, Sridhar A.
  • $21.3, Davide M. Onofrio aka “qvantvm”
  • $21, Alexandre L.
  • $20 (22nd donation), Славољуб aka “slw”
  • $20 (16th donation), Matthew M.
  • $20 (13th donation), Antonio M. aka “Rob Brill’s book-keeper”
  • $20 (4th donation), Vance R. aka “helmsdeeper”
  • $20 (4th donation), Ian M.
  • $20 (3rd donation), edinblack aka “edinblack”
  • $20 (2nd donation), Trevor H.
  • $20 (2nd donation), Robert T.
  • $20 (2nd donation), Daniel A.
  • $20 (2nd donation), Eduardo O.
  • $20, Leonardo Frazao
  • $20, Major D.
  • $20, David G.
  • $20, Erwin V.
  • $20, GeekTech Solutions
  • $20, Robert C.
  • $20, Allan S.
  • $20, Paul Y.
  • $20, Benjamin Rochefort aka “oysterboy”
  • $20, E Tech Electronics LTD
  • $20, Kim H. aka “grhdtj”
  • $20, Joshua B.
  • $20, Colin de Klerk
  • $15 (7th donation), P. S. B. aka “fixpcpaul
  • $15 (2nd donation), Herbs and Helpers
  • $15, Mats E.
  • $15,
  • $14.2 (14th donation), Paco C.C. aka “kannabix”
  • $14.2 (2nd donation), Slavko B.
  • $14.2 (2nd donation), Bruno V.
  • $14.2, Antonio P.
  • $14.2, Xavier P.
  • $14.2, Michael K.
  • $14, Sakis Koltsidas aka “sakisk
  • $12, Svein K.
  • $11.36, Mikko Y.
  • $10 (7th donation), Kiril Sotirov
  • $10 (5th donation), Tony C. aka “S. LaRocca”
  • $10 (3rd donation), Sprueche & Gedichte
  • $10 (3rd donation), Haydn P.
  • $10 (2nd donation), Astap A.
  • $10 (2nd donation), Costas Krallis aka “sv1xv
  • $10 (2nd donation), Sprueche & Gedichte
  • $10 (2nd donation), Bill R.
  • $10 (2nd donation), Richard G. aka “Trollboy”
  • $10, Thomas S.
  • $10, John S. aka “replicantx”
  • $10, Pat D. aka “pjd3”
  • $10, Johnnie D.
  • $10, Paweł H.
  • $10, Сергей Ф.
  • $10, Jay P.
  • $10, Alberto Rivera M. aka “armx”
  • $10, Richard G. aka “Trollboy”
  • $10, Mike M.
  • $9.94, Bastiaan M. D.
  • $9.8 (8th donation), Sylwia Bialczak
  • $7.1 (9th donation), Ulf S. aka “MonteDrago”
  • $7.1, Andrea D. N.
  • $7.1, James C.
  • $7.1, Martin B.
  • $7, Dalton R. J.
  • $7, Jurek W.
  • $5 (6th donation), Miljenko D.
  • $5 (6th donation), Michael K.
  • $5, Yuriy R. aka “Jhoop
  • $5, Redsandro
  • $5, James H.
  • $5, Uwe R.
  • $5, Sara A. C.
  • $5, Phillip C.
  • $5, James R.
  • $4.26, Rodriguez C. M.
  • $3, Wade V.
  • $2.84 (2nd donation), Ke C.
  • $2.84, Philipp R.
  • $2.84, Kari K. aka “Kartsa”
  • $2.5 (2nd donation), Immunolytics, Inc aka “Immunolytics, Inc
  • $2 (2nd donation), Johnny R. aka “Jraz”
  • $2, Ivan P.
  • $2, Guido S.
  • $2, Ethoseo Internet Marketing Washington
  • $2, Anil Kumar P. K
  • $1.42, Maximilian W. aka “frumble
  • $1 (14th donation), free backlinks
  • $1, Vagas de Empregos
  • $1, Snoring Solutions
  • $1, Ernesto R. J.
  • $0.73, Aaaron N.
  • $0.5, Tanner M. aka “Tannn3r”


Money raised in July:

* Donations: $2627.53 (130 donors)
* Sponsors: $1451.03 (126 sponsors)

User Stats:

Repartition of Linux Mint users across releases:

  • Linux Mint 11 Katya: 39.63%
  • Linux Mint 10 Julia: 28.65%
  • Linux Mint 9 Isadora LTS: 15.91%
  • Linux Mint 7 Gloria: 5.46%
  • Linux Mint 8 Helena: 3.69%
  • LMDE: 3.10%
  • Linux Mint 4.0 Daryna: 2.24%
  • Linux Mint 6 Felicia: 0.79%
  • Linux Mint 5 Elyssa LTS: 0.50%

Web Stats:

  • Visits: 3,364,668
  • Unique views: 4,156,997
  • Pageviews: 5,264,751
  • Page impressions: 2,814,658
  • Search queries: 9,681,254
  • Forum users: 52,851
  • Forum posts: 438,506


  • Distrowatch (popularity ranking): 2177 (2nd)
  • Distrowatch (traffic share): 1.8% (2nd) (made irrelevant by Firefox 4′s decision to hard-code user agents and most distributions not setting it up anymore)
  • Alexa (website ranking): 11,637th



  • Linux Mint Gnome and Linux Mint Xfce (both based on Debian testing) are currently being tested.
  • The Update Packs and the new Update Manager were a success and allowed us to warn the community about upstream breakages (Gnome 3 regressions, MESA incompatibilities..etc) and to adapt our technology before updates were made available to the public. The next step is already in progress and it consists in developing a network of mirrors for the new Debian repositories.
  • A quick interview was given to “My Linux Rig
  • The decision was taken to migrate our KDE and Fluxbox editions to LMDE. Going forward our project will support 2 desktops with a frozen Ubuntu base (Gnome and LXDE) and 4 desktops on top of a rolling Debian base (Gnome, KDE, Xfce and Fluxbox).
  • Our daily income went down 9% in July due to a smaller number of donations and the average price paid per clicks/impressions in advertising. July and August are traditionally quiet so these results are not alarming. In fact the slight increases observed in the number of impressions and search queries are extremely positive for us, especially in the middle of the summer holidays.


  1. Caang Says:
    August 6th, 2011 at 9:34 am
    I want to make a donation, but I don’t have a paypal. Where should I pay?

    You don’t have to register at pay pal to use it!

  2. I love Linux Mint so much..
    Hats.. off to Linux Mint..
    This really gives meaning to opensource Desktop distribution.

  3. Limit the submission of a link for donors only above a certain value, like 25$. Donations of a buck or under hardly deserve a backlink.

  4. “The decision was taken to migrate our KDE and Fluxbox editions to LMDE. Going forward our project will support 2 desktops with a frozen Ubuntu base (Gnome and LXDE) and 4 desktops on top of a rolling Debian base (Gnome, KDE, Xfce and Fluxbox).”

    Its hard to say what more you can do with the current state of Ubuntu and Gnome. Unless there’s an effort to continue (or better, rewrite) Gnome2 thru other means. Now XFCE becomes much more important.

    Moving more distros to a Debian base is good news. Right now, I find LMDE more stable than Mint 11, provided I do all updates from the command line. And a good distro based directly on Debian will help prevent the things Ubuntu is doing from becoming the de facto standard.

    I think its a failing of Debian that they’ve never made it easy to base a user friendly distro directly on their repos. They may find they get run over by Ubuntu as a result.

  5. I love where this is going, every day I enter to the forum to check if there’s a link to download LMDE. But is not… So sad… Any way. Love the see that Debian is growing and Mint is using it. Very powerful combo… Will see big changes in 2 years when Debian makes the move to multiarch. And Mint continue growing and implementing tools and ergonomics.

    Please release time…

  6. There are great reviews all over the place about LM. We are #1 during the last 3 months on Distrowatch. The community are participative and knows where are we heading. I also would like seeing more input about what is going on with KDE, I wished Boo could have the time and drop a line about it, just can’t wait to see the new release of LMDE KDE. Thanks Clem and team for your honesty and great work, I really love LM.

  7. Great news. LMDE has big chance for success. We all want stabile, secure and fast system. Debian is superior system but he needs some improvments.

    Just keep moving foward LMDE team and good luck.

  8. Excited about the KDE switch to Debian with a little bit of hesitation. I do wish there was more info on the progress of it though.

  9. Have just found Mint. Have been trying Linux desktop versions for about 15 years. Always gave up on them so that I could actually get some work done instead of constant fiddling with the OS. Then relented every year or so to try another one – always the same story.
    Now along comes Mint and everything works!
    Where have you been all my life?

  10. 4 Debian-based distros? Glaaaaaaaaaddd!!!!

    Looking forward to the LMDE [Gnome] respin!

    Thanks Clem & The Team! Keep up the REMARKABLE work!

  11. That’s nice! I was hoping that KDE will switch to a Debian base. I wish there was more information about it – like a release date for the RC. Nevertheless, i did a donation right away!
    Keep it going Linux Mint – or “rolling” in terms of KDE now 🙂

  12. I am currently a Fluxbox user and I have been happy with it. I hope the new Debian based edition works on old hardware too. Wish you all the best!

  13. Glad to hear the news updates. I’m looking forwards to trying LMDE w/KDE ASAP with the aim of migrating from Mint 10 KDE to a rolling base and better performance to boot.

  14. *with a Wiiiiidde grin*, after a three month wait i followed
    zerozero’s guide an’ read clem’s explanation of the new update pack strategy for LMDE and its now updated and stable[other than libqt4]..

    moving kde to debian? awesome!, and good riddance to kubuntu[helpful folks on the forum, but MAN that was some buggy shit]

    once again, highly appreciative of the great efforts of yourself and thy team, clem. you are quite correct, worth the wait!

  15. Really happy about the switch to LMDE of the KDE edition ; but well aware, at the same time, it won’t be an easy task, considering how “demanding” KDE can get. For instance : there are regressions in KDE 4.7.0 when using Arch Linux which is a rolling release ; but also when using a fixed release like Kubuntu : I guess it’ll be pretty difficult to maintain an optimal version.

    Or maybe you could still avoid point 0 releases ?

    Anyway, I’ll be right on board as soon as it’s available, as I do look for a way to support both KDE and Debian.

  16. Apparently things aren’t going that well for Unity
    and Unity has decided to jump onto the Mandriva branch.
    Is Ubuntu going to tote along ?
    Or is Ubuntu going to jump back to Debian ?
    And what will all this cause for our Ubuntu based distro’s

    read all about it here:

    Greets, Arend.

  17. I would like seeing more input about what is going on with KDE, I wished Boo could have the time and drop a line about it, just can’t wait to see the new release of LMDE KDE.

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