Elyssa build #031

The latest ISO of Elyssa was 675MB and as it passed all basic tests I uploaded it for the team to test. Exploder is currently trying his best to find problems with it, and Husse and Wes are also giving him a hand. I won’t go through the changes as we’re getting really close to a public BETA release. I’ll document them within the release notes instead.

So far 12 points were risen. I don’t think any of them are real showstoppers. I’m waiting on some clarification and further testing on some of these points and also keeping an eye on the release of Firefox 3 RC1 (which I’d love to be present in the BETA instead of Firefox 3 Beta 5).

If everything goes fine we’re only a few days away from the first public Linux Mint 5 BETA.


  1. That’s great news! You do such a thorough job of testing I’m convinced the BETA will be fantastic.

  2. “Exploder is currently trying his best to find problems with it”…

    …Aww :3

    Greatest of luck to you, I can’t wait. And yes, I’ll be trying out the Beta! 83

  3. “If everything goes fine we’re only a few days away from the first public Linux Mint 5 BETA.”


  4. Does Elyssa have the new xorg? If so, that will be the worst of our troubles. When it works, it’s great. When it doesn’t, there is no way short of manually configuring xorg. The old dpkg tools(dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg) have been taken out of Hardy. Will Elyssa follow suit, or will the dpkg tools still be available?

  5. This is exciting news! I’d love to ask questions, but I’d rather let you keep at the task at hand. I will practice patience. πŸ™‚

  6. Sounds great, can’t wait for the release!

    Anyway, what is this about the Ubuntu LTS version adds a Beta applications? If Firefox is right around the corner after a RC1 release, wouldn’t it be better to wait for a finale release in Mint to show that it only adds fully tested applications? Ubuntu has been critizised for this.

    One thing I really missed in Ubuntu was the totally new artwork concept that Ubuntu ditched for this release, it would be great if Mint could add a theme simiular to that concept. And maybe give us the possebility to choose from a couple of themes in the first time boot application, a little like when you have intalled and boots up the system to KDE. … and also add some of the apps you probably use once or twice, like the desktop icons configuration tool. Any suggestions?

  7. I enjoy mint much, but for me any updates will be worth nothing without support for my broadcom wirelles…it’s so common hardware, but still not working out of the box. Somebody above writes that xorg is now difficult to fix – I agree (dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg now reconfigure only keyboard layout…).

  8. isnt mint just an ubuntu for lazy ppl who wanna have everythingout of the box???
    whats so special bout this mint that it takes you time to release it?
    i have used daryna, cool release, cool flavour, kinda like a themed debian, nothin more. anyway – to all fanatics out there – chill.

  9. gargoylian: right, we just take Ubuntu and replace the brown wallpaper with a black one. What takes so long is to find the perfect color… maybe you can use the time until the release to take a look at the user guide and the release notes. Who knows, you might find out we’re also changing the icons. πŸ˜‰

  10. Linux Mint is more usable than Ubuntu. And my girlfriend can use it instead of Ubuntu!!! We are making a LINUX distribution FOR THE DESKTOP, FOR ALL USERS. Not a Linux for “Human Geeks”.

  11. Gargoylian:

    […] Linux is all about taking something, changing it, and making it better for your use (and in Mint’s case, making it better for a LOT of people). If you should fall into the category of people who like Mint better than the rest, welcome aboard. If not, I’m sure you can find a distro that suits your needs.

    Best that you be on your way finding that distro rather than sit here and waste your time […].

    Just my thoughts — I’m sure you don’t mind that I express them…

    Edit by Clem: I removed a few words as they were a bit agressive.

  12. i know this is not the place to ask but will mint 5 kde edition be a kde 3.x or a 4.x ? i have been tooling around with the kubuntu kde 4 and i do like it’s look’n feel but i can’t wait for a minted version of it!

  13. mbKarlos:
    I’m just a GIRL but I run Ubuntu on one machine and Linux Mint on the other. Even my Boyfriend can use Mint (when I let him.) Mint is a great distro that’s more than just green Ubuntu.

  14. What about Elyssa 64-bit version? Will it also included in the next official release? On this moment I try Ubuntu Studio 8.04 without problems till so far. Even Firestarter works without any glitch. But with Elyssa I will switch to Mint. Without doubt…

  15. Great news!

    I think Boo (kde Developer) has told us that new version
    Kde 5.0 Ce will come with Kde 3.5.8 or 3.5.9.
    Everything is ready. He is working on Mint Tools
    (Porting them from Gtk to Qt)

    That’s what i know…

    Kubuntu 8.04 fits better with Kde 3.5.9
    Incredible and surprisingly it’s not a
    heavy-weight desktop (release 8.04)
    My opinion – there are some cons i will
    not post here in

    About Main Edition Gnome:

    Firefox 3 beta5 has been crashing now and them
    and the same when scrolling down. It gives a break
    and after a pause, continues again

    For this beta release i think firefox 3 version
    would be change to the follow one

  16. Yes, it would be nice to be able to choose from more themes at first install but themes, wallpapers and icons can be downloaded later. I am more in love with the mintmenu. Also applications can be installed later but it would be nice to be have a possibility to choose at first install which programs to install. For instance amarok or rhythmbox, brasero or k3b, mlayer or vlc or all… Imo skype should be incuded with mic-settings working out of the box.

    You might change only a few things in Ubuntu but the time, work and attention you put into it makes it different. Mint has a very nice feeling to it. I like Daryna and switch to Elyssa mainly because I am interested in the improved sound situation. It’s not yet a killer release but good enough for me not to go back to Ubuntu, Suse or Windows. So, many thanks for your efforts!

  17. Clem, that was a CLASSIC reply to the gargoil.. ALL HAIL THE MIGHTY CLEM!! ;P

    dont mind the haters .. mint is here to stay! πŸ™‚

    who knows.. one day we might have more users than ubuntu

  18. guys… can Elyssa come out with a new motto .. like instead of ” from freedom came elegance” … i’d like to see something new

    my fav would be ” ding dong the witch is dead ” .. i’d be so happy if i saw it in one of the wallpapers available πŸ™‚


  19. any news when an Xfce-LinuxMint 5 will be out? I love Mint – have been using Ubuntu but Ubuntu 8.04 has been a bit buggy for me, especially with sound/video, so I’m thinking of switching to the green Linux πŸ™‚

  20. Great!! Ehm ehm.. Not to make pressure on you, but I have a desktop and a laptop waiting for the result of your precious work! πŸ˜‰

    Keep on with Mint, it rocks!


  21. Ah well, one man’s “laziness” is another man’s “not enough time in the day, so anything that helps in that direction is welcome”.

    I recently downloaded the 8.04 iso and gave it a go via the LiveCD – I’ve only used Mint for about a month, and I was surprised how badly I missed it while giving the latest Ubuntu a whirl.

    Mint feels like Ubuntu in many ways, so very comfortable for a long-term Debian and then Ubuntu user, but the interface, the look and feel, and the “it just kinda works” aspect make it Ubuntu++ in my book.

    Good work guys, and a fine example of the strength of the Linux/OSS world. Debian, Ubuntu and Linux Mint are different entry points for people with different needs or preferences, and represent genuine choice. Keep up the excellent work.

  22. @jungar193:

    Who knows πŸ˜‰ Ubuntu passed Debian. I hope not… Not that I don’t like Mint (I only use Mint, and I’ve been off/on with Puppy), just the forums would be too crowded. :'(

    But, overall! YIPEE!!! NEW MINT!!!

  23. Wll guys what can I say. I a newbie to Linux, starded a couple of months ago. My main OS is 64bit Vista, and I run a VMware virtual machine with 4 other flavor of windows (for work tests).
    I’ve been trying Linuxes for 2 monts: Ubuntu 8.0 x64 >(now), Mandriva 2008, Kubuntu 7.10, Fedora and some special security related distros. Will be trying Open Solaris in the future

    Veredict on Linuxes: GO FOR MINT.With Gnome please. (Personally I don’t like KDE). Maybe When Mint goes 64 bit :-O I’ll dump Vista as my main OSS, that depends basically on performance, compatibility (hardware) and The QUALITY of audio (my main hobby is music)

    K E E P O N T H E E X C E L E N T W O R K !!!!

  24. BTW: Pleaseeeeee for when the beta???? I WANT to try it out!!!

    Will we be able to upgrade Daryna directly????? (I have a LOT of work Invested in customizing and installing apps)

  25. Carolyn, I think you are confused, I am not saying that Linux Mint is just a Green Ubuntu. That was said by gargolyan. Larga Vida Celena!

  26. I just converted to LM over the last few weeks from windows – yes I’ve had challenges, nonetheless, its a fantastic OS, slick, smooth, fast, efficient and very very very pretty. I just cannot thank you enough and I cannot wait for the new release. Well Done.

    Would it be possible to upgrade from Daryna to Elyssa without a reinstall?? That would be MEGA πŸ™‚

  27. I hope and pray that Elyssa will not include the new xorg file that Hardy has. I had Ubuntu on here until I upgraded, and the new xorg that’s in Hardy Heron gave me grief like you wouldn’t believe.

    When I first booted to the live CD, all I got was an 800×600 screen resolution. I then tried the safe graphics mode, which gave me 1280×1024. I then installed it, but when installed, all I could do was just 800×600 on screen resolution. GRRRR!!!!!!

    I then tried manually configuring /etc/X11/conf, and after rebooting, my mouse was completely frozen.

    I’m telling you right now, if I see this same nonsense out of Elyssa, than I will abandon Ubuntu and Ubuntu-based distros altogether, at least for the next 6 months, because what I saw out of Hardy Heron is unacceptable. Come on Ubuntu, is wanting a 1024×768 resolution too much to ask? I just pray that Elyssa is not cursed with this, too.

  28. im not a hater. if youre doing something you like then by all means – go for it and have good luck on the way. new icons btw – would be great! πŸ™‚
    just that the one thing that rattle my monkey cage is the dirty little secret of customization out there, where young ppl who by changing this and that in a few clicks develop elitism. obviously its not the case here, enjoy your release, when ill finish my coffee someday, ill dive into the userguide

  29. Can’t the package for RC1 of Firefox just be uploaded to MintUpdate or w/e? I thought Mint had a separate sever for packages. Also, Ubuntu bashers, Mint is based off of Ubuntu, so stop shooting yourself in the foot.

  30. If You are looking for some inspiration how to make Linux Mint better,
    take a look at:


    A lots of ideas about users needs. Maybe Linux Mint will be the first “perfect” distro that meets them?

    I can’t wait to test the new Linux Mint 5.0. It combines best features of Ubuntu, PCLinuxOS, Mandriva and openSuSE.

    Great work, Guys !

  31. I’ve been running Mint and Fedora side by side for about two months, and
    I’ve had the best experience with Mint.
    Bring the Mint

  32. Well we gambled and lost. We have a public install party going at our city library and had planned on using Mint 4.0 for newbies and 5.0 for experienced users. Meeting starts in 12 minutes and there is a pretty good showing. We will introduce them to gNewSense and wait a month on Mint until Firefox does its release.

  33. FewClues: Well… there is an ISO for BETA 032 in some of the mirrors, but Exploder is still testing so it might not be the one we eventually release.It’s up to you whether you want to take the risk. (Don’t…) πŸ™‚

  34. Please add padevchooser by default, without it, ubuntu’s change to pulse audio is useless…

  35. Hi Clem,
    the ISO for BETA 032 looks great, the carbon theme is great too…
    I tried on a NX6325 laptop with 2GB ram, and everything works great, comparing with Linux Mint 4 is faster (is based on Ubuntu 8.04).
    I use 1400×1050 and on boot and shutdown, the screen is not completely sized on my screen.
    ok, i have it for 1-2 days, but looks promising.
    Good job.

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