Linux Mint signs a partnership with eUKhost

Linux Mint signed a new partnership with eUKhost. The UK hosting company is now the number #1 Linux Mint sponsor and provides our project with a powerful dedicated server for a value of $894/month.

eUKhost becomes the number #1 Linux Mint sponsor

The server is located in Milton Keynes, UK. It runs Debian Lenny in 64-bit with 2 Quad-Core Intel Xeon E5620 processors (8 CPU cores), 16GB RAM, RAID 10 with 4x300GB 15K SAS hard drives and a bandwidth of 10TB/month.

We moved the forums over the week-end, which were previously hosted in the USA on a costly 4GB RAM Rackspace cloud server. They’re faster than before and the migration is saving money for the distribution. We’re planning to migrate the Community Website next, which is currently hosted in Canada, and possibly the main Website, hosted in Germany. These migrations should improve the response time and performance of our websites while freeing servers for development and testing. The availability of a 64-bit server with as much as 16GB RAM is also a great asset for our project, as it allows us to remotely test or even respin 64-bit ISOs when needed. During the testing process, we’re often faced with ISO files featuring minor faults. The ability to test and re-spin them remotely allows us to quickly fix small issues and submit new ISO images to testing without requiring the intervention of the maintainer himself and the delays associated with uploading these images. Having both the main website and the community website on the same powerful server also allows us to implement closer interactions between profiles, community users and donors. We’ll perform tests and monitoring to ensure that all three websites are faster and more responsive on this new server and if things go according to plan, we’ll end up with a better online experience for users, closer interactions between websites, the possibility of remotely test and re-spin in 64-bit and freed resources for the development team (testing, private repositories and cloud solutions).


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  2. Sounds great! Looks like you guys are often doing things like this to improve the distribution, not just the operating system itself, but some of the “behind the scenes” stuff like this. I like that you keep us informed of these kind of improvements. It makes using the distribution more interesting to see some of these types of things going on.

  3. Just make sure you take backups. Their so called managed service claims to have backups, but guess what, no they dont!

    1. M Martin: We manage our servers ourselves. Having said that, I’ve been in close communication with the staff at eUKhost and they’ve been second to none (well… with the exception of Michael “d00p” who’s in such close cooperation with us, he’s considered a team member). eUKhost came to us with the proposal, they had the server ready in a few hours and even assisted us in making the DNS change quicker and setting up reverse DNS on our own IRC channel. Today we migrated the community website and they helped us troubleshoot our rewrite rules and ensuring everything was going smoothly. Again, no ticket, no formal request… just being there for us and helpful, and on our own IRC channel. I’m well aware we’re not a typical “customer” but after a few days of close communication with them, I find them both extremely helpful, welcoming and competent.

  4. Well this is great news, and my thanks go to eUKhost for this generous help to the Linux Mint Distro. They are not only helping Clem and his team but also all of us Mint users. I for one are very happy to see that more companies are recognising the value of the Mint Distro and the efforts put into it by Clem and his team. So thumbs up and a great thank you to eUkhost.
    For they are jolly gut fellows, and so say all of us!

  5. Big thank you to Clem and the whole team, and to eUKhost for taking the time and effort to show that you care about us.

  6. Would the “Community Website,&& the main Website,”
    be also on the same physical server ??.
    (physical failure thought, thats all)

  7. GREAT NEWS ๐Ÿ™‚

    will this also mean that the respin ISo’s will be up-to-date including all of the level 1 – 3 security and file updates ?

    i mean it would be so much better to have an updated iso to download opposed to downloading like 200mb of updates after fresh install.

    other then that, great job guys.

  8. I’ve been with these guys for a couple of years and through a series of upgrades – now on Cloud.
    Good stuff, Mint guys. As long as you keep a close eye on your server/services management, you should be fine.
    As far as hosting providers go, they’re up there with the best, in my experience. I do have to tell them how to fix stuff, from time to time. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Keep up the fantastic work!

  9. It ALWAYS helps when someone steps up that can actually do some MAJOR good! Kudos to all involved. May Mint continue to grow and thrive!

  10. Linux Mint’s server needs to be reinforced. Forums are good now.
    Startup page (front page) , Linux Mint site and Community Website, no.
    During the day here in (Brazil) they are not good for navigation.
    I have noticed it in my family’s business, and at my dad’s home.
    Late in the evening or night, with less traffic it is possivel to
    have access on the whole. Some of my friends and (uncles/Dad’s)
    employees, our book keeper have been telling me about this occurrence.

    I know you have plans to solve this great incovenience but i think that
    urgent solution should be taken as soon as possible because this fact
    is already happening for some time.

    As I think positively i believe everything will get better very soon.



  11. You should have given link to eUKhost. when i clicked their logo it is not taking me to their site.

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