MintCast Interview

I was interviewed by MintCast in Episode 50.

Happy listening everyone:

Note: I was delighted to be able to talk to Charles and Rothgar in their last episode before MintCast switches to a new team of hosts.  If you’ve enjoyed listening to them since the start of the MintCast project don’t hesitate to let them know.


  1. I just listened to this episode this morning, great interview! 😀

    I am not sure how to contact Charles and Rothgar for feedback but they did a great job and congrats to them!

  2. I listened to that one Clem. Really enjoyed the interview, and your assurance that Mint will continue on it’s present course rather than follow Ubuntu into the land of Unity.

  3. Agreed! I was worried about the future of Mint. Glad to hear you’re not turning into a netbook. Keep up the good work!

  4. This is the first Mintcast interview I have listened to. I enjoyed the interview Clem, Charles and Rothgar and found it very informative. As I LOVE using Mint (9) and believe that it is the best OS I have *ever* used, I am delighted that the development is in such safe hands.
    I am delighted with the future improvements discussed. I will post this link to my Twitter: Lovelinuxmint
    Thanks guys.

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed the interview. — I’ve always liked LinuxMint and tested iso’s for each release for a few years, but for inexplicable reasons i’ve stuck to *buntu variations even with the dis-like of random breakages. After this interview, i’m highly considering Mint Debian edition as a primary desktop. Thank you for your hard work!

  6. I didn’t get to listen to the end, about 30mins into it.

    Bought to my attention about Unity and Gnome Shell, looked at both.
    I was more impressed with Gnome Shell.
    Unity looked like a hybrid of Win7 and Mac with bits of Linux, nothing revolutionary.

    But anyway, I’d be interested to see how this all pans out with a lot of distros.

  7. I recently turned to the LMDE Mint distro and I think that this should be the future of Mint if possible.
    By the way, what’s wrong in your opinion with the Unity interface?
    Thanx Clem and the Mint team.

  8. I really enjoyed this podcast and some of the comments you (Clem) made. It really gave me a new appreciation for this operating system and the people behind it. Thank you!

    I’m looking forward to seeing how Linux Mint 11 and 12 turn out and hoping Linux Mint “Ubuntu Edition” will be around for some time to come.

    (If worse comes to worse with Unity and Gnome Shell, there’s always XFCE which I think could really be made to work to keep the UI very similar. Anyway, just a random thought there!)

    Take care and thanks again!

  9. Listened to about a third of the podcast, understood about a tenth of that, and gave up on the umteenth “what was that?”. I don’t do rewinds.

    I just hope the next team does a better job of the audio quality. I don’t like missing out on useful information in the podcast for my preferred distro.

    A quality distro like Mint should have a podcast of no less quality. I live in hope, for now.

  10. I am non-english speaker so…
    I could not undertand everything (podcast) but enough to get the remponses meanings. Very Good.

    Debian Project Invites

    By the way, where are the Linux Mint Kde 10 32/64bit .isos?

    Anything wrong with them on the way? Still storage in the server/
    testing why? Not ready yet? When? Any news, Any information about?


  11. Dear clem, its nice to hear from you 🙂 I mean the news about mint KDE.
    At the forum everybody is asking for “a sign” from you about mint KDE. When we saw tested isos at 100% 1 week ago… we thought it will be released soon.
    Anyways, we are waiting impatiently another great release from you. 🙂

    best regards

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