IRC: 2 channels #linuxmint and #pimpmymint

We’ve changed a few things on the IRC and we hope you’ll like it.

The Linux Mint IRC channel isn’t dedicated to provide community support anymore. The forums do that much better. Of course users are still welcome to ask questions but we would like the channel to become an active place where users can chill out, have fun, meet other users and talk about just anything they want. #linuxmint is becoming a social thing, a community chat room.

Now, the only thing you can’t do in #linuxmint is to offense others (bad language, offensive comments/topics…etc). Linux Mint is an operating system and anybody can launch XChat-Gnome or Konversation and be directly connected to the chat room. We want to keep the place safe and nice. Some users are under 18 and others don’t necessarily want to see rude talks. So for people who don’t want to have to watch their language we made #pimpmymint. In this channel you won’t have to excuse your French, you can swear as much as you like and we know you do (especially while playing the Quizz).

Xchat-Gnome and Konversation connect directly to #linuxmint where people can have nice and polite talks.

#pimpmymint is also available for people who want to play the Quizz or who don’t want to have to watch their language.

Here are a few commands for people who are new to the IRC:

/nick john (changes your name to john)
/nick john_away (changes your name to john_away, people usually do that to show they’re not here but stay connected so they can see what happened when they come back)
/join #pimpmymint (joins the channel #pimpmymint)
hello (writes “hello” in the chatroom)

And here are a few commands if you play the Quizz (on #pimpmymint, 18+ please):

!ask (starts the quizz)
!revolt (skip to next question)
!rank (show the score of the current game)
!allstars (show the all star table = people who won games)
mona lisa (submits “mona lisa” as an answer)

You can also register your name with the IRC server so your nickname is then owned by you:

/msg nickserv register john 12345titi (registers the nikname John with the password “12345titi”)
/msg nickserv identify john 12345titi (identifies as John using the password “12345titi”)

Questions and comments are welcome.
By the way, don’t hesitate to leave your IRC client run in the background and stay connected even if there’s no one or no activity. The chat room comes to life when 2 people start chatting and sometimes it can be quite interesting. You can set your IRC client to blink when things happen so it stays in the system tray until the chat room comes to life .

Have fun and see you on the IRC!



  1. You missed to say something about the server. 😉 Would round the whole thing up a little bit. And might increase the number of people finding the channel “by accident”. 😉

  2. lol so i cant play on pimpmymint if i’m 15? what about Becky? 😀

    other commands: !amok, !applause, !assimilate, !blush, !bow, !damn, !order, !hartei, !weichei, !hossa, !hug, !miss, !phrase, !relax, !roll, !smoke, !strike

  3. It would be great to get more people into #LinuxMint. Why split it into two channels when we can’t even fill one?

    It would be neat to make Pidgin automatically join #LinuxMint by default. Have Freenode and #LinuxMint as a default account in Pidgin?

  4. Hi,

    this is my first contact with mint linux

    i im just installing it but i think is is strange, you do not mention irc information here.

    it should be easy to find shouldn’t it?

    i once had an operating system where everything was hidden and where i had to do everything through the gui …

  5. they banned me for no reason which is really stupid because i helped people in the linux chat. i just uninstalled the irc and will do that on every edtion of mint i get if i even stay with mint. im kinda sore about that trying to be a part of a community to help people and this is the thanks i get well thanks for blocking my ipaddress for no reason and i could port my computer thru another network to get on but i wont sink down to the irc linuxmint level. good bye mint

  6. i like linux mint, i have used ubuntu every version since 6.06,and linuxmint is more responsive than any version of ubuntu.the software installer is nice too. thanks for a nice linuxdistro.

  7. when i go to the linux mint irc chat…i get a blank page that says, “it works”? where is the linux chat?

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