Linux Mint 9 “Isadora” released!

The team is proud to announce the release of Linux Mint 9 “Isadora”.

Linux Mint 9 “Isadora”

New features at a glance:

  • New Software Manager
    • 30,000 packages
    • Review applications straight from the Software Manager
    • APT daemon
    • Visual improvements
  • New Backup Tool
    • Incremental backups, compression, integrity checks
    • Backup/Restoration of the software selection
  • Menu improvements
    • Editable items
    • Transparent menu
    • Always start with favorites
    • “Add to” shortcuts
  • Desktop settings
    • Changes apply immediately
    • Additional options
  • Better look & feel
    • Backgrounds
    • Welcome screen
    • Update Manager
  • System improvements
    • Windows installer
    • Husse quotes
    • USB Creator
    • Default software selection
    • Local repository and Gnome-PPP
    • Apt hold/unhold/held commands
  • Project changes
    • Community Website
    • CD & DVD
    • Community Editions
    • OEM installation disks
    • USA/Japan distributors disks
    • 32 & 64-bit
  • Upstream improvements
    • Faster boot
    • Long Term Support

For a complete overview and to see screenshots of the new features, visit: “What’s new in Linux Mint 9“.

Known problems:

  • Moonlight
  • Upstream issues

To get more information about these problems and their solution, read the “Known problems” section of the release notes.

Important information:

  • Java and
  • OEM disks
  • Distributors disks for the USA and Japan
  • Tomboy Notes
  • Local repository and Gnome-PPP

To get more information, read the “Important information” section of the release notes.

System requirements:

  • x86 processor (for both 32 & 64-bit versions)
  • x86_64 compatible processor (for the 64-bit version)
  • 512 MB of system memory (RAM)
  • 3 GB of disk space for installation
  • Graphics card capable of 800×600 resolution
  • CD-ROM drive or USB port

Upgrade instructions:

  • To upgrade from a previous version of Linux Mint follow these instructions.
  • To upgrade from Linux Mint 9 RC, simply apply any level 1 and 2 updates (if any) available in the Update Manager.


Linux Mint 9 is available for download in 32 and 64-bit via torrent and HTTP as:

  • A live CD
  • A live DVD (containing the same software as the live CD plus Sun Java 6, VLC,, F-Spot, Samba, additional wallpapers and ttf-dejavu)
  • OEM installation disks (for manufacturers, to pre-install Linux Mint 9 on computers without setting up a user account)
  • US/Japan distribution disks (for magazines, companies and distributors in the USA, Japan and countries where the legislation allows patents to apply to software and distribution of restricted technologies may require the acquisition of 3rd party licenses)

To Download Linux Mint 9 visit the download page.


We look forward to receiving your feedback. Thank you for using Linux Mint and have a lot of fun with this new release!


  1. please, add .img so we can install it from usb to netbooks…just restoring .iso to usb or using special software doesn’t really help, it is not bootable…

  2. lol, wont boot on my Clevo laptop and Mint 8 is installed and running on it. Freezes on init casper after select to run mint on grub.
    Very sad with this thing

  3. Nice, but I think I will stick with Helena because Ubuntu 10.4 (which Isadora is based on) seems too buggy to me and Helena has not let me down so far. Maybe Linux Mint 10 will make me want to switch. 🙂

  4. A hearty congratulations to Clem and co. on this, the ninth release of Linux Mint! 😀 Excellent work!

  5. Thanks for the local-repository and GNOME-PPP, a great solution. I need wvdial to connect to my edvo Novatel Ovation U720 usb modem. nm doesn’t work anymore!

  6. Thank you for listening to the feedback and providing the extra DVD edition with Java, VLC etc. I have made a small donation.

  7. Very exciting! I have really high hopes for this one as you spoiled us before 🙂 Off to download then 🙂

  8. Congratulations. I will hopefully be upgrading in the next fortnight or so. Currently dual booting Windows XP and Linux Mint 7, but I want to spend more and more time in the Mint environment.

  9. Linux Mint 9, Red Dead Redemption; been waiting for these 2 gems for a long time, and now both are out at the same day.. what a great day is today.

  10. Fantastic! I tried the RC and it had a few bugs, but yet it was awesome! So I am very anxious to see what you have accomplished with your finished product. Many congratulations for all your hard work and creativity.


    though its based on ubuntu its much better den dat and i love it!!!

    actually we have have been kind of publicising mint to our friends who still are in the world of windows and have no clue wat linux is!!!

    its very good!! tryd the rc!! its really worth it!!!

    continue with the GOOD WORK 🙂

  12. Dear Mint Team
    Thanks a lot for another cool Mint. I use right now the 9RC with not much problems. As allways 😉 this is the best distro! The next I need is the »Mint Server« 😀
    Today I get a lot of updates so I think I’m ‘up to date’
    …and I ♡ the new community website – thank you Clem & Team for all your work.

  13. its 6:30 pm here, just came to know about the release. my free usage starts from 2 am tonight. i swear I’m not going to sleep tonight

  14. A lot nicer than Helena,

    I used to get a few freezes, click buttons that just did nothing sometimes.

    So far so good, Nicer looking and more responsive

    Thanks so much 🙂

  15. Thank you so much for new Linux Mint 9 version. I am just downloading, and I am already sure that will really enjoy as soon as I install it on my system.

  16. I’m hoping that the KDE versions will be along shortly?

    I’m downloading the Gnome version right now… but it’s only as a backup – I need Kdenlive.

  17. Woohoo, Linux Mint 9 is out! No doubt this version will rock like all the rest.
    Great job team

  18. Looking forward to this release.
    I downloaded and installed Lucid while I was waiting for Isadora… Lucid is ok once it’s running… but what a pain in the backside it is!! For such a hyped up release, I was very disappointed at the black screen and grub issues.
    I like the way Mint release “when it is ready/complete!”
    Thanks to all the team for all their hard work and efforts,
    Husse is smiling 😉


  19. Glad, glad, GLAD!

    Isadora was really being expected (and not just by me)!

    The DVD version containing Java and VLC is *definitely* an excellent choice. For the people who suggested – and the people who accepted it – my congratulations!

    Are you planning to develop a LXDE version, just like Helena?


    Mauricio Camara
    Manaus, AM, Brasil.

  20. Thank you, thank you very much for released. Mint 9 is very fun, elegant and very useful. I like Linux Mint 9 “Isadora”!!!!
    Thank you clem and guys!!!

  21. Hi the 32 bit version runs fine on my system but the 64 bit hangs at Freeing initrd memory: xxxxk freed after the startscreen of the live cd and dvd (md5 fine burned on several drives ) googled some posts about it but there was nowhere a solution

  22. Been using linux for a month now after a virus wrecked my Windows System, Linux Mint is my favourite system, well done to all the Linux Mint team for producing such a great piece of software free of charge!

  23. Hi Team,

    thank you very much for this fantastic distribution, and especially Mint9. 😀

    What about the tool to localize the iso file in our language ?

  24. WHOOHOO! Now to get ahold of a USA disc and work around my country’s draconian and greedy intellectual property “laws” to get this distro in as many American homes as possible.

    Why? Because Micro$oft’s no longer good for home computing. I don’t care if hackers waltz onto my computer and take, say, media files or game programs, but I DO care about them grabbing my financial info off of a system with security that makes the Maginot Line look like Supermax.

    Linux Mint will safeguard my home laptop. Window$ can be relegated to being my HTPC’s OS. (Can’t do full HTPC with Linux in America yet on account of CableCards and digital cable, but ATI seems to be working on a solution.)

    Apple? So long as the distro works with iPods, iPhones, iPads and surplus G3s/G4s, Steve Jobs can go iF*^% himself.

    Now… what to do about netbooks…

    Oh, and Clem? We’re about ready to launch over here – we’re just waiting to hear from you! 🙂

  25. Hey, cant get the mint 9 disc to boot on my acer aspire one (netbook).

    It boots up fine and loads with the little green dots and the mint logo but eventually it gives up and hangs there. Then the disc stops bothering to read anything.

    I checked the MD5 hash before I burnt the ISO, and the disc boots fine on an old desktop but no luck on my netbook.

    Any ideas?

  26. I have a serious issue:
    I cannot make data CD/DVDs automatically open and browsed in Nautilus upon insertion. Although I’ve modified my /etc/fstab and set Nautilus’ behavior to browse media upon insertion, there is no success. The system sees the removable media in “Computer”, but they are not mounted and they won’t open.
    I need your help badly!!!

  27. Wow, very cool Linux Mint 9. I’ll probably use Linux Mint 9 is a main OS on my computer. Thanks Linux Mint, for having indulged Mint Linux users by continuously improving all that exists

  28. YaY is the best release yet this is Ubuntu without error and with better good looking and tools 😉

  29. Up and running nicely thanks, shared /home /opt with Gloria. Install was really smooth, no issues yet (NM is running fine) and some nice new features in there, congratulations on a nice distro.

  30. Clem and All team thank’s for release linux mint 9 isadora “MAJU TERUS PANTANG MUNDUR”.

  31. Great job. I will try this, but really, I wait the KDE version. I hope it will be released soon. And congratulation for your work! Are there any plan for the KDE version release appointment?

  32. Thanks to all the members of the Mint team. I’d become an user with Gloria and i was quickly convinced that it’s the best OS a man can get. Thanks again for your work! And i’m glad to say: Portugal also uses Linux Mint! Downloading it now… ;)… 38%…

  33. Congrats on releasing Mint 9. From what I can tell it’s much better than 8 was. I’ve already upgraded my uncle’s computer, and I’m planning on putting it on my Desktop when I get home.

    Thanks, keep up the good work!

  34. Dang! Linux Mint! Did you fix those hangs (freezes) on Linux Mint 9 because 8 really pisses me off !

  35. Thanks a lot Clem and everyone else involved. Been waiting for this release every since the announcement. Its downloading at the moment and I can’t wait to get it installed.

  36. Let the Penguin rock !

    This is a lucky day for me and many, many people round of the world.
    Clem has hear what the users want and bring differnd ISO,s on the mirrors. My deepest respekt for Clem and the other people who create this fantastic operating system !!!
    And Husse was inside too – very, very nice ! This is a good way to honor this great work for all Linux Mint users.

    Thanks once more for your great work !

    Greetz from Germany : Uwe

  37. Sticking with Mint 8 for now because of the horrendous Ubuntu 10.04 which Mint 9 is built on

    Can we have Pure Debian as a base in the future please. At present it seems as though Mint is handicapped by Ubuntu and what a poor distro. it is becoming if Ubuntu 10.04 is anything to go by


  38. Take a bow Clem and the team. Mint 9 was good as an RC version and I don’t foresee any problems with this final release. The golden rule applies perfection takes a little bit longer. (like a good single malt) Slainthe.

  39. Darn, I wish I knew about dpkg and ext4 issue before I installed Isadora. :/ Other than that everything works great! 🙂

  40. Nice, just installed linux Mint 9, compared to ubuntu 10.04 LTS its WAY BETTER. Seems the freezing issues from lucid aren’t common in this release(probably because Mint 9 is using a different kernel version).

    So far I loVE IT!!!!

  41. Ok, downloaded from distrowatch web. Did not notice it was DVD .iso only. They have only DVD .iso links. Now I have to download CD…

  42. Mint is just awesome! Love it and will be using it as the primary OS on my rig! Great job, Clem and team! 🙂

  43. just ran mintupdate on my RC box and all is right with the world!! thank you Clem and all at LinuxMint!!!!

  44. I installed Linux Mint 8 a month ago, and really got turned off when I used Synaptic. It said that the package source could not be authenticated or something of the sort. I’m sorry, but I don’t get those warnings when I use Debian or Ubuntu, why do I do when I use Mint? Unacceptable, sorry.

    I can’t wait for your first Debian-based release though, that should be good.

    Top marks for presentation though.

  45. Great job! Running it flawlessly on my laptop right now. Everything worked right out of the box just like it should.

  46. Goood. deluge is running

    That will be a busy week, to install it on the family’s computers. At least one more windows(R) blown in the wind.

    thank you team!

  47. I’ve waited for Mint9 so that I could run the greatest and best, but I found I can’t install my Canon iP1600 printer ! It works great in Mint5LTS and Mint8, but not now, so back to Mint5 for another year (unless someone can solve the iP1600 issue).

  48. Mint 9 suffers from same sickness as Ubuntu 10.04… the missing boot logo after video driver installation really makes a bad impression. Like a broken product… come on you can do better than that.

    The inability to change display brightness after video driver installation also makes it unusable for *any* type of notebook or netbook…

    *sigh*. Wanna think about an inofficial Mint 9.1 release with these issues solved? Would be very happy about it…

  49. i’m really kind of bummed that the upgrade tool was left out this time. Burning a live CD is easy and all but VERY, VERY wasteful. not everyone’s system will boot from usb and so unless we want to add another CD-r to the rubbish cycle(believe it or not not everyone will take a burnt CD from a complete stranger)were left out!

  50. Got an old rig (AMD Athlon 64 + 1gb RAM DDR 400 + GeForce 6200 TC) with a busted PSU and CMOS batt getting a new lease of life this couple of days when I’ll get around to it.”Wubi”ed Xubuntu on the other lappy last week I like what I doodled with and people suggested Mint so I’ve been waiting for an Ubuntu 10.04 based one.Glad that it’s arrived and I just done unetbootin a USB stick ready.Gonna be my 1st serious signup to the penguin army so I’m psyched 🙂 Good job to the team and longtime community y’all rock!

  51. Thanks! For days I come every day to see if there were the last stable version, and finally is here! Now I can format my PC and put only Linux Mint! Thanks to you I’m a fan of Linux! And my mother… she knew nothing about computers, and now she use Mint without problems! Thanks for your work! Linux Mint is simply the best!

  52. Why dont u ppl release kde version along with this gnome crap, can anybody tell when this kde version going to release this version looks like same as past version ,not interested in this but waitin for kde one , relese it soon plz

  53. GREAT! i’m so excited! soo… if the KDE edition is now official, does that mean i won’t have to wait all that long for it? 😉

  54. I tried to install Isadora from a USB stick (unetbootin) and installation always freezes after I choose my keyboard layout. 🙁

  55. For anyone having problems with resolation during boot, after installing a video driver. I have posted in the tutorials/how-tos of the forum, a how-to which has link with instructions on fixing this problem.

  56. Already up and running! It’s noticeably faster than Mint 8 on my system especially when it comes to graphics. Haven’t encountered any serious problems so far…

    One thing that annoys me, though, is the wasted space between the icons in the indicator applet. (See Is there any way to fix it?

  57. So… if there are no updates in the Update Manager, does that really mean my system is up to date? Because the last time I updated my 9 RC was like 5 days ago.

  58. Hi,

    I have tried twice to install the new mint version via CD and both times the partitioner will not show any partitions whatsoever. Do not have this problem with any other distro thus far?

    If I try during USB install, the installer hangs at the keyboard install portion.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  59. Hi Daniel,

    Just was going through the blogpost, and Clem has already mentioned how to do that:
    “To upgrade from Linux Mint 9 RC, simply apply any level 1 and 2 updates (if any) available in the Update Manager.”

    Great work Clem and team…

  60. Excellent work Linux Mint team!

    I’ve gotten everything fixed up on Isadora. The only thing I didn’t like was how Java wasn’t built in. But, oh well. The OS is solid.

    Now I get to sit back for the next 3 years and enjoy not upgrading.

  61. Unless I’m mistaken, full disk encryption using LUKS / cryptsetup at install time from the LiveCD is still on my wishlist. It’s the only thing keeping me from switching from Ubuntu 9.10 to Linux Mint 9 on all my machines for good I’m still using Ubuntu 10.04 on my dev laptop, and it’s a total clusterf*(k of an OS). :-/

  62. Hi Guys
    I tried Isadora 9 yesterday. after installing it when I tried adding panels there wudnt be any panel visible. but wen i logged out and again logged in, i had all the panels on the screen. also after the install when the computer rebooted fine and came to login screen but after entering password and hitting enter, it doesnt log in instead shows a shows a window that says” power manager is not responding”. i get three options in that. so i wait and then it boots to the homescreen. sometimes this window doesnt show up @ restart but other times it shows. I am using the isadora 9 dvd with extras.
    If it is a bug and if there is a solution please tell me.

  63. I’d like to point out that I have not testing LM9 on my desktop yet (I am waiting for the KDE release for that). But I LM9 x64 seems to be booting faster on my laptop than lucid did on my beast of a desktop.

    Overall with my laptop, the experience has been awesome, I was disappointed that apparmor or SE Linux was not included by default with this distro…I would like to see in future releases that security not be put as a second priority and it would be great if SE Linux would be pre installed in the release as security is extremely important to me.

    (paranoi woot woot)

  64. Great news indeed.. me and my wife are great fans of mint.. converted by Helena and drooling for Isadora.. thanks and kudos to the team from the other side of the world. syabas!

  65. Very good release!! Top notch! The best out there! Runs fast and no problems!! Great work guys!!! LOVE IT!!

  66. hi i tried isadora 9. boots slower than lucid. cud not make new panels. the panels remained invisible till i logged out/in. also after login screen i get a window that says” power manager is not responding”. if i wait i get to the homescreen. sometimes i dont have this power manager window in the beginning. using the isadora 9 dvd wid extras. any help??

  67. Unfortunately I am also having the same boot problems as a few other netbook users. ie:

    On booting, I get the green options screen which I select the boot from live CD option. The next screen takes a long time and eventually appears as follows:

    Loading /casper/vmlinuz………………
    Loading /casper/initrd.lz…………………

    And that is all I get. The CD stops reading and it just sits there.
    Hopefully there will be an update. Otherwise I will have to stay with Helena for another 6 months. That’s also OK by me.

    I hope this helps.

    Thanks anyway to the Mint team for all your efforts.

    Best Regards,

  68. As a satisfied user of Linux Mint 7 (Gloria) and tired of doing the six month upgrade, i bypassed LM8 and decided to wait for LM9 since it is an LTS release. I have monitored the website with great eagerness for this release. I am so impressed with the Linux Mint distro that i have decided rather than download it, i will buy it from the website. For all the hard work done on Mint by its developers, it`s well worth the price in my opinion. I would also suggest that all dedicated Mint users do the same. I,like many who have posted here am also awaiting the KDE version as i am a KDE kind of guy at heart. On my main machine i run Gnome and KDE side by side because i do like to switch desktops from time to time. Also i find software performs better when used with its native desktop. So,i will be placing my order soon for LM9. Finally, i am so proud of the fact that i do not have to decide which version to choose from. There is no Home, no Ultimate or Professional versions…….Just Linux, and with this distro it`s Linux with that Minty Fresh Look and Feel !!

  69. Grok install fine on my brothers, Maybe you have a hardware problem? Some
    info mite help you fix it!

  70. You guys always make Ubuntu into a cleaner, meaner machine. You’ve done it again.

    I was running Ubuntu 10.04 after I found a workaround for the NVIDIA driver refresh issue. Now, I just have to figure out how to get SLI working.

    So far, rock solid Clem. Great work on another exemplary release.

  71. Used the new backup tool (easy but not trivial to install in Mint 8), did a completely new install, and everything is currently running great, thanks again Clem!!!

    As with the last release or two, this one simply would not work right with my laptop’s wifi card, which is an Intel 3945abg PRO/Wireless chipset. Worked great with mint 3.1-6 (maybe 7, I can’t remember), but no more. I understand this is a Ubuntu problem, but for Pete’s sake, it has been known long enough and affects enough people that it should be fixed. The work-around is to install wicd and uninstall the included gnome network manager. I can do it, if I work quickly with my limited connectivity, but Mint/Ubuntu/linux newbies would certainly find this to be a deal breaker and go right back to M$. for the record, wicd works great, seems to be more flexible, and should be considered for inclusion into future releases.

    Attempts to install from USB flash drive failed while saving my /home partition failed miserably. They sort of worked, but things were missing and messed up. Then, other attempts to install via USB totally screwed up my wifi, and transferred changes that I had made to my persistent USB setup, which was unexpected. I thought installing from USB would do a totally clean install, not include changes I had made to the install medium.

    In the end, my fifth (or sixth?) install attempt was from CD, worked fine, then I installed wicd and removed the included network manager. Now I’m happy, except that I will have to install software again. Next time I will wait for the upgrade tool, which has worked well for me in the past.

    I am still 100% sold on Mint being the absolute best OS available. Install and Ubuntu-wifi issues aside, I am completely confident this release will continue to run rock solid, and it includes almost everything most of us home users need. Much better experience than any other linux distro I have tried, which includes all the major ones since 1997 or so.

  72. i’m Mint-converted since the RC, and grateful to the Mint Team for all the good things !
    Thanks for all the hard work (and for having listen about Java).

  73. I really like how easy it was to do a fresh install. Thanks a lot for all your hard work! Everything’s up and running smooth.

  74. I’m having issues with splash screen. Why is its resolution is too low, I cant see the mint logo properly n the part of it which appears is not at the middle.
    And the important thing which I liked the most is its tremendous boot speed. It took just 20s to load n to become stable
    Great work

  75. Thanks Clem & Team. so not so much change from RC, I am not downloading the ISO then just update my RC

  76. @Glok

    Launch Startupmanager from the start menu > administration >
    change the resolution to 1280 or 768 and 24 bits color and you will
    get the Mint logo e slogan again. Restart the system to things take effect. Change that Mint Generic Default wallpaper to another one
    with a Mint brand by 96works. Linux Mint will be completly a branded
    operating system. I like it this way.
    Now my friends at my home tonight again only said: GREAtttttttttt!
    Running Linux Mint x64bit Edition DVD install.

    Congrats Clem.
    Keep up the good work

  77. In the upgrade instrunction I read:

    A “package” upgrade consists of the following steps:
    -Pointing APT to the repositories of the newer release
    -Asking APT to perform a full upgrade

    Ok but, how? Can we have a cleaner explanation please?

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  79. Probably more a forum question … BUT: would burning the ‘DVD’ image onto a 800MB (90 min) CD work? I would try to source these locally as I now such CD discs do exist.

  80. Gotta ask this one: under Desktop Settings->Windows there is an option “Don’t show window content while dragging them”. It’s seems it’s not working, unless by “dragging them” you actually mean “resizing them”?

  81. Awesome!

    I had to stick with Felicia until now, because Gloria and Helena weren’t compatible with my laptop ACPI system. But Isadora IS!!! As far as I’m concerned, it fixes some other bugs of Ubuntu Lucid Lynx, like sound on my system, which hadn’t worked at all with Ubuntu but now it’s working out of the box with Isadora.

    I’m very grateful. Thanks!!!!

    (Of course, I will make another little economic contribution).
    Sorry for my English.

  82. >For anyone having problems with resolation during boot, after installing a video driver. I have posted in the tutorials/how-tos of the forum, a how-to which has link with instructions on fixing this problem.

    The point is: this is really UGLY solution. No matter what you say, it didn’t happen on Mint 7, it didn’t happen on Mint 8. I cannot show Mint 9 to people with such an UGLY error. I cannot even recommend it, because people will encounter this stupid error afterwards and not all of them want to fiddle around because of this stupid bug.

    It also doesn’t change anything on the “display brightness” applet, which doesn’t work anymore. This is a total deal braker.

    I hope , that when Ubuntu 10.04.1 is released (which hopefully has fixed both issues), the Linux Mint Team will make a Linux Mint 9.1 version. I need an answer for that, because for now this release is _broken_.

    (Don’t get me wrong: I am able to fix things in Linux and also know the command line tools, but these are basics which need to WORK without issues!!!).

  83. Just finished installing mint9, I did a fresh install and I am Very Very impresses by this release, there was 2 problems that really annoyed me in the last 2 releases in that I could not get the wireless nor my sound to work on my laptop, my laptop is a HP DV6 Model the sound is intel HDA and the wireless broadcom wireless sta driver, now I can say both work excellent and I am sure an awful lot of people will be glad to hear this. The only Minor (as far as I am concerned) problem that cropped up was my mouse wouldnt work,(My laptop has 2 usb ports on each side of the laptop) I accidentally found out that if I have another utility plugged in on the same USB side as my use mouse plug is in, then the mouse does not work, as soon as I remove the item (No matter what it is) the mouse works, you can plug the utility on the other side. So now my 3 spare USB ports are effectively reduced to one spare.

  84. First of all, many thanks!!! i’m using Mint as my main OS for 1,5 year since felicia 😀

    About boot splash bug, for me, it’s ok, i can fix it easily.
    But, for FIRST IMPRESSION, i agree that this is a serious bug, and this is really bad.


  85. Can’t resist posting again, just installed the RC and applied level 1 updates on my machine with nvidia 8600 GPU. Works great. One quick and great improvement I noticed is, compiz has become snappier the animations are quick and for the “expose” (pick windows?) effect the key shortcut has been changed to an easy +W (Wish this could even show minimized windows like KDE).

    There was a time when I did not try out Mint since I didn’t like the logo, when I first came to know about Mint 3 on some Linux magazine. But now its very difficult to think of any other distro.

    Fantastic job Clem and team. Congratulations.

  86. My experience with this version hasn’t been a good one. The boot splash screen is located in the bottom-right corner. After five minutes, what comes on the screen is completely illegible and yes, I have an Nivida Gforce graphics card. This version of Ubuntu/Linux Mint doesn’t work with the HP Pavilion dv6000 laptop.

  87. Version 9 gets even better than version 8, which got better from version 7 which also got better from version 6 that also got better from version 5….get the point? FANTASTIC WORK!!! I love it!

  88. I tried to install Isadora from a CD and DVD and it freezes after I choose my keyboard layout.

    I’ve tried also with a USB stick and freezes too :/

  89. Great that you made the release guys, really kudos for that, but I’m very disappointed that Mint 9 has the same issue like Ubuntu 10.04 RC/Final release, mainly the black screen issue on some graphicards:

    It’s a real shame that such thing is in LTS release, which suppose be the working one. Please provide some fix for that issue, otherwise you will have many disappointed users & newcomers. Such things can really turn off people from using Linux.

  90. works great on a dell mini 10 and on a acer aspire one D150 – both netbooks — everything works ok (acer with some tweaking to make the card reader work – but that is so in all distros)
    it is my favorite distro at this moment – the only thing i dislike is the software center — it is too slow – in mint 8 this was better
    now we can only install/remove 1 item at the time — i prefer synaptic to install – but everything else works great — it is even faster than win 7 on my dell netbook

  91. This is the best Linux Mint release yet! If there’s any distro that will convert desktop users to Linux, Mint is surely the one! Seeding the torrents, baby, seeding!

  92. clem I LOOOOOOOOOVEEEEEEE YOOOOOOOU 😀 the pulseaudio problem that i had on my laptop gooott fiiixed. i dont know what you did. but on ubuntu the problem is still there. mint 9 fixed it. amazing release. keeep up teh great work. in my books linux mint should be NUMBER 1. better than anything ubuntu offered. i always go back to mint no matter what. been using mint since mint 5. and i love it. thank you. software center is amazing it even includes dropbox. i did have to go out and add sources myself. HATS OFF FOR THIS GREAT RELEEASE. truly the best linux distro out there.


  93. hi I wish to ask what happen with the compiz fusion because there is less effects on it?

    Anyway this distro is awesome

  94. Je suis très heureux de ces nouvelles …

    Il est très clair que tous auront le LinuxMint qu’ils veulent sur l’ordinateur.

    Mes sincères félicitations à vous, M. Lefèvre, et l’enthousiaste équipe LM qui a été vous soutenir!

  95. Shutdown doesn’t work. I’ve seen this on the recent KahelOS as well. Two lights flash on the keyboard, and the monitor is blank, but still powered up (gray, and sucking electricity). Ctrl-Alt-Del does NOT respond. A single click of the power button does NOT work. I have to resort to holding the power button for seconds to ultimately power things down.

    Today I tried it again – same problem. Then I rebooted, and shut it down without logging in – it worked just fine. I rebooted, logged in, then after waiting a while, logged out (not shutdown – just log out) – same problem as when I try to shut down.

    This is a little worse than KahelOS, because I can log out, then shutdown with success).

    This is on a Dell GX100 Small Form Factor with 565MHz “coppermine” / 512MB RAM

    Thanks, Kurt

  96. Problem with Mint 9 i386 DVD iso in a vmware machine.

    I put this into a vmware player install under Vista.

    All is well except it will not accept a password for any operation. So I cannot Update or add any applications as the password box does not work.

    For example the notifier in the bottom tray tells me there are 66 updates for download. Click to do this and the password box appears, enter the password and click OK, the box disappears but nothing happens. It appears to have been abandoned. Same for Package Manager etc.

  97. FYI, for those of you who had trouble using multiple monitors with Nvidia drivers on Ubuntu 10.04 (Like I did), give Mint 9 a try. Setup went as expected and the Compiz settings worked flawlessly, creating a very nice desktop… Thanks to the Mint Team for all their hard work!

  98. Thank you.

    I am downloading.

    I hope this release will fix the problem with my nVidia 8400M GS.

    I am using HP Pavilion dv9000.

  99. Amazing!!!

    the Linux Mint did not work with my T410 – the display is black, I can hear the login music, but the Mint 9 works perfectly out of box!

    Did not check the webcam, but all others I can feel worked greatly!!
    Thank you Clam!!

  100. Many thanks,Clem & team.
    If we had been expecting Isadora with such anticipation, don’t blame us…You have offered an OS that has been loved ever since it was launched.
    Great job,everyone.

  101. correction for the #190, Linux Mint 8 did not show install screen, but Linux Mint 9 is fantastic!

  102. Would like to thank Clem and team for this release, will be downloading it shortly 😀

    <3 Mint my best distro ever.

  103. Installed and very satisfied. I am on Linux Mint in last 3 years I guess. This version looks pretty stable. I really like new Software Manager. Thank you Clem and the rest of Linux Mint team.

  104. The new user guide for Isadora could use some clarifications and corrections (spelling and grammar). I had begun to compile a list of “issues” I have spotted in the guide. If Clem or whoever is in charge of it is interested I’ll email what I discovered. The user guide will make a more professional impression on people once it has been cleaned up.

    I found no mention of ext4, only ext3 in the section on how to install. Does this mean that ext3 is the preferred (more stable) file system?

  105. I had a little trouble installing Isadora from a bootable USB flash drive, but persistence paid off. Isadora is great! I’m running it right now. There were a few issues that I encountered with Helena, but these are all fixed in Isadora. Thanks Mint team for a great LTS release. Your dedication to quality really shows. Clem For President!

  106. Thanks for mint!
    For years I’ve tried to get along with linux as a system – this is really the first one I’ve found to be a joy to use. You converted me to linux for sure! I cannot express how great mint is for me. You guys rock!!

  107. Well, Okay its been released. It looks pretty smooth and cool. I’m still annoyed however that the mintmenu when the transparency is set to 0 disappears entirely and takes the icons with it. Its like someone said on the bug team, the icons and menu background should be on a seperate graphical layer. Its not a major world ending issue but I’m kinda surprised it made it into the final release as it seems so trivial to fix.
    Also the network manager, though it is definitely there is NOT detecting my three USB. Instead it shows up as a drive and a cd, just like it does in WINDOWS.
    Except windows can actually install it.
    Ubuntu 10.04 and mint 9 can’t.
    So the evil empire just got one over on you.
    Bad bad bad.
    Lets face it the internet connection is probably the most important element of a computer and I said of mint 7 wireless and mobile are cracked, its just wired modems that have some problems. two out of three aint bad.
    Now dongles are a problem so this is is a big step back for the distro.
    I now join the chorus suggesting we have a purer debian base as this was a change made in Ubuntu and it was an unwelcome one.
    OK said my piece, I’ll be checking the security system now and I’m afraid if the changes are not to my liking I will be using mint 7 as my mainstay OS for the next 6 months.

  108. Ok you FakeRaid fans, here is a fix that has worked

    Step 1 attempt to install as you normally would, that will create the mapper entries

    Step 2 first attempt to install fails, close the installer program

    Step 3 Start install again, do not press install yet at the end

    Step 4 go to /dev/mapper you will see your raid partitions ending in “p1” “p2” “p5” or something similar

    Step 5 either rename those by removing the “p” or create symbolic links for an extra measure of safety

    step 6 Now you can press install and everything should install correctly

  109. Ok – I’ve downloaded the 32 bit DVD and tested that – works like a dream.

    Installed to the HDD and a further download of sufficient KDE to run the bits I need… and the drivers for my printer – a Brother mfc6490cw – and it’s the biggest disaster I’ve ever seen!

    Applications are incredibly slow to start up…., from completing a print spool to starting to print is taking over 3 minutes (what on earth is it doing?)…. and in general, the system feels like a supertanker in handling, when compared to a racing power boat!

    It’s possibly the worst experience I’ve ever had with linux – considering I’ve been using Mint since version 3 – and it’s making me think that my salvation is to go back to Mint 8 and then wait for the new release of OpenSuse 11.3… or I might just bite the bullet and go straight to OpenSuse 11.2 and have done with it!

    What on earth has happened?

  110. I do not even installed Linux Mint on my PC just yet but hearing such good reviews on it, i just had to download it and try it…..SEXY SEXY OS. LOVE THE MINTY NICENESS
    GO LINUX MINT. I might not even use windows 7


  112. Ok – several reboots and waiting long times for applications to startup… and it’s not ‘quite’ as bad. It’s still not good – a 7 page DOC file (created in OpenOffice) took about 2 minutes to import… which is surely wrong?

    The printing seems slightly better with plain text – but graphical documents still go into a limbo……

    I guess I’ll give it a few days yet and see if There’s a reason for the performance hit.

    On the other hand, from a cold start to the login is about 20-25 seconds (2,2GHz Turion X2 with 2GB Ram) – which is acceptable.

  113. As much as I appreciate Linux Mint 9 already being released, it saddens me, that the dire needed, not so trivial driver fix for everybody, depending on an USB WiFi adapter based on Ralink’s vastly popular RT2870 chip, didn’t make it into this release.
    Meaning: unless there is Ethernet access as well, those people are screwed, not being able to get online; not with the LiveCD/VD, nor after an installation.

  114. Thank you for Clem to make best distro. I’ve problem with installing printer Canon PIXMA IP 1880 series and 1980 series. Can anyone help me to solve it? TQ.

  115. A great release. Ubuntu 10 just didn’t work when booting live with a persistant casper partition after doing an update. Mint Isadora solves all those issues.

    Agree with the fellow about the wifi drivers, seems like popular chips that are used by every man and his dog need user effort (but that’s no linux distro has ever claimed to get that right)

    Congratulations. My Persistant live SD boot time has gone from 3 minutes 40 seconds to just about a minute! hehe. It’s no hard drive / SSD 10 second boot, but a vast improvement 🙂

  116. mint9 DVD installed.Good.I have been using Mint8 Helena, Mint8 KDE, Now Mint9. I always struggle to update softwares in Mint series.I can’t update many software and can’t install new ones with Mint9.With Ubuntu10.04, installing the same software without any problem.Server problem?

  117. Hi,

    Everything seems to be perfect with LinuxMint 9.

    My question here is why LinuxMint 9 is not a LTS version?, will you have a LTS version in the future?.

    Thank you in advance for your response.

  118. Just checked out your new release ISADORA. In have tested live CD and USB as well together with all hardware, it all works flawlessly.
    Thanks Linux Mint Team for your great work.

    M. Andersen

  119. Clem, team, guys – greatest thanks for the 9.0!!!))) It’s a happy day)

    Now, is it possible to upgrade 8.0 to 9.0 the same way as 7.0 to 8.0 (command line way) or i should following this – – tutorial in any case?) THX again for the PERFECT release of the PERFECT distro!!!)

  120. Mixed feelings.

    It’s a nice distro, but I don’t see that much improvement vs Gloria.

    And it’s really painful to see that the Mint team seems to be afraid anyone could notice it’s linux … “Open as administrator” instead of “Open as root”, “Safely remove drive” instead of “Unmount volume” … meh

  121. Here we are trying LinuxMint 9 DVDLive …
    On my machine everything looks and sounds very well…
    We wait a few days to get organized
    and make the proper installation
    Greetings to everyone!

  122. Teşekürler.ben çok sevdim bu işletim sistemini.bana göre en kararlı ve en hızlı çalışan sorunsuz bir işeltim sistemi…
    Rem bellek ve işlemci kullanımı süper .şuan mint8 kullanmaktayım


  123. Due to Low Graphics Mode unable to run Compiz from the LiveCD as I have been able to since Mint 3.1 (then Beryl). Card is 256mb Nvidia 6200

    Advise please. So far Mint 7 and Mint 8 better but it is Ubuntu 10.04 at fault I am sure.

    Anyone interested as a side project I replaced all the Mint 8 packages with Mint 9 on a Helena installation. It all works PERFECTLY so there is a message there somewhere I am sure !

  124. Is the nvidia driver problem solved ? Cause on the Rc version when you where prompted to install official driver, after installation and restart your disply was really messed up.

    This is important for my migration from windows. I think I will give it another chance/try as the Rc version gave me a kernel panic error and made me switch back to windows.

    Thank you 🙂

  125. SESDE sorun varsa synaptic packege maneger programında arama kısmına alsa yazarak aratın gelen sayfada
    bu paketi görürsünüz (sl-modem-daemon)paketi kaldırın biter


  126. Hello, I downloaded the Isadora ISO and used unetbootin to create bootable USB and it works. Its simple.Use this link for the unetboootin download:

    Thank you so much Linux mint group. I am in Africa, Ghana and likes Linux mint very much. Linux Mint has been my number one OS and I am seriously converting many more of my friends to use Linux Mint.We all LOVE Linux Mint.

    Thank you

  127. “Anyone interested as a side project I replaced all the Mint 8 packages with Mint 9 on a Helena installation. It all works PERFECTLY so there is a message there somewhere I am sure !” – does it mean that “old” way (rename repositories in sources.list, sudo aptitude update and so on etc.), working for upgrading 7.0 -> 8.0, will work with upgrade 8.0 -> 9.0?

  128. @ Besieger

    What I have done is taken Linux Mint 8 and replaced helena with isadoa repositories so the sources list looks like this using this method

    Open the Terminal

    sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list

    deb isadora upstream import main
    deb karmic main restricted universe multiverse
    deb karmic-updates main restricted universe multiverse
    deb karmic-security main restricted universe multiverse
    deb karmic partner
    deb karmic free non-free

    Save and Close

    Back in the Terminal

    sudo apt-get update

    Update the Mint packages using Synaptic NOT Mint Update

    Apply all updates except for


  129. @ Besieger

    To sum it up you can have Mint 9 running with Karmic (Ubuntu 9.10) repositories.

    Therefore avoiding compltely the dreadful Lucid (Ubuntu 10.04) 🙂

  130. OS/2 USer “As much as I appreciate Linux Mint 9 already being released, it saddens me, that the dire needed, not so trivial driver fix for everybody, depending on an USB WiFi adapter based on Ralink’s vastly popular RT2870 chip, didn’t make it into this release.
    Meaning: unless there is Ethernet access as well, those people are screwed, not being able to get online; not with the LiveCD/VD, nor after an installation.”

    Yeah I have a RT2870 USB wifi stick, had to resort to using ndiswrapper, haven’t found a native Linux driver that works with it yet (not even rt2800usb or rt2870sta). The problem is that ndiswrapper bombs randomly and I have to reboot in order to get back online.

  131. I am quite disappointed of Linux Mint 9 as I experienced many hang (freezed) since I installed it.

  132. @sookster54: If I remember correctly, one a desktop that had a wireless USB dongle with the RT2870 chipset, I think I had to blacklist rt2x00usb, rt2800usb, and rt2x00lib. This will force rt2870sta to be used.

    If it still doesn’t work, you can compile the rt2870sta module from source. Download the source here:

    There’s tutorials out there on getting this wireless chip to work.

  133. Shutdown Update : I reinstalled, but with a 111MB /boot and a Swap Partion of 1111MB and a 3333MB /home with the remainder (about 4444MB) as /. Well, I’m thinking it’s the Swap, but now it seems to work OK. When I initially installed, using the default/auto, it only provided about 450MB of Swap – I have 512MB RAM. Anyway, now I am really waiting for the LXDE edition, but this Gnome is working very well for me now. My Belkin Wireless B/G USB dongle works great !!!
    Thanks again, Kurt

  134. Backup Tool still has the same Bug. Saving your Repositories works the first time. Will not ever work again after that. No matter what you do.

  135. Upgraded my laptop and desktop from Helena to Isadora. Great release! Thanks to all involved for making this an awesome distro.

  136. Pingback: LinuxNov
  137. Great distro, having issues with the installation disks on a x64 machine though. Both the CD and DVD gives the same error. Diskfailure or Harddisk-failure = error no 5 ?

    Well I installed an other OS and that worked fine so it has to be the disks…

  138. As I read in the Mint forum and elsewhere, there are still HUGE problems with Atheros WIFI card, like the AR9285.

    I just bought a new Sony Vaio E series, and I was waiting for the release of Linux Mint 9. But with that Atheros WIFI still not working out of the box, I’m not going to install.

    I don’t understand why the MadWifi drivers are not compiled and available for Linux Mint directly in that new release. No Internet working ? Come on…

  139. I hate the windows 7 bundled on the T410, too many no-use softwares, services, I too 3 weeks to clean them, just to make sure I have enough space to install Linux Mint, initially the Mint 8 did not work with the GMT 5700 intel video chips, so I have to wait until Mint 9 is here.

    Now, I will not touch win7, unless I use Citrix or play games – I can play some with WINE though.
    Mint 8/9 is always faster than windows, except the 3dgames.

  140. flan_suse, nope no luck. Still stuck with ndiswapper. 🙁

    D-Link DWA130 RevB (USB ID: 07d1:3c13)

  141. Downloaded Mint 9 DVD , when completed file wants to copy to CD.

    The Main problem I have is Mint 9 DVD when booting up goes into
    a sign in screen. Asking for user name cancel or log in, after
    trying a user name clicking log in it goes into a password after
    trying a password it tell you ( authentcation failed.

    Question what is the password

  142. to CDS@#221, let me share a tip, you can use the software source, and let it find the fastest/closet server from you, and the update/install software will be fast.

  143. You guys got a lean and mean O S I am very proud to use since a few weeks ago. I am very happy to have joined a great group of guys.
    I M E A N I T

  144. Clem, Just a small point about your initial posting, you’ve got the system requirements round the wrong way.

    System requirements:

    * x86 processor (for both 32 & 64-bit versions)
    * x86_64 compatible processor (for the 64-bit version)

    The 32bit CPU will only handle the 32bit version
    The 64bit CPU will handle both 32bit and 64bit versions.

    Just thought you might want to update this for newbies who maybe thinking of using Mint for the first time, thanks.

    P.S. look forward to using the new mint distro in up and coming months, thanks & much appreciated everyone’s hard work.

  145. Used to be a UBUNTU fan. Think I’m becoming MINT. It is more focused to end users to make things usable, friendly, time-saver. Just install and GO::::)))))

  146. I am somewhat surprised to see comments relating look and terminology used – I give 10/10 for both look&feel and user friendliness – where I have serious hardware problems.
    There seems to be a tendency with most Linux distros in favour of “art” – I have read about some notable Linux guy calling for focus on that a few years ago like for a great global project – but for me what has been achieved with for example KDE is overkilling. On the other hand I am looking forward to the time when some other notable Linux guys call for another great global project hand in hand with hardware producers whose hardware we purchase not for a song to make their pieces of plastic and copper to be of any use on an OS of the user’s choice.
    As for appearance I left everything as default; not that I am very picky about it anyway, but I really appreciate attention to this kind of detail.

  147. hello people, good edition but please answer me when is going to be ready the lxde version please.

  148. @ Besieger Re: Mint 9 running with Karmic repositories

    I posted on here the full instructions on how to do this and the moderators pulled it

    I have been using Mint since 2006 and I am thoroughly pissed off to think I have been denied offering the people an alternative to being tied to Lucid

    I am very disappointed in the Mint team if they can’t accept constructive criticism

  149. kudos to another great build. very sleek and refined. fast moving and no hiccups yet. i feel this is the best linux distro for ease of use and design.

  150. Since embracing Linux Mint last summer, this is my third variation. I began with Gloria, continued with Helena and, as of yesterday, am running Isadora. First impressions? It’s superb! Like both its predecessors, it leaves Windows (which the family still uses despite my hints) looking like an unholy mess. It also seems to have cured the minor bugs that affected both Gloria and Helena. No matter what I tried, Gloria would not run Google Earth properly. Helena did, but had its own annoying quirk in that it would only play sound at a very low volume. Happily, Isadora has no problems with either function. There is, however, a minor, intermittent glitsch that has affected all three versions. On booting up it goes into a loop about half the time and presents me with an endlessly flashing cursor instead of displaying the dual boot screen, requiring me to restart the machine manually. I suspect that this may be an issue with my motherboard (Asus M2N68) but I don’t really know as I am not particularly technically-minded. Also, when I first installed it, it wouldn’t shut down on demand – but it seems to have sorted that problem out for itself within a few hours because it shut down last night perfectly. My son had been on Windows in the interim period and maybe the reboot sorted it.
    I switched to Linux after being hit by three major Windows viruses in the space of a year (one of which was so severe that I had to replace the hard disc). All I wanted was an operating system that wasn’t wide open to attack from the bad guys, that ran quickly and reliably, that looked nice and didn’t cost Apple type money. Mint ticks every box. I am now looking forward to Julia, or Joanna, or Juanita – or whatever she will be called – because, presumably, that issue will include Gnome Shell. Bated breath.

  151. im having problems installing mint 9 when i run the disk it shut my screen into sleep mode would love to run 9 but i need help?

  152. 32 and 64 bit, both don’t show up in my AMD machine. I boot from USB and CD. After a long wait, only a black screen shown. I guess it comes from my digital cable for the monitor, I may test with the analoge one. But it is just a guess, LM can not be so weak at this point. After 1 year using Mint, this is my first time to see this bug. Anyone has suggestion?

  153. Great work as usual, the problem encountered during installation of the RC, with ‘Grub2’, are gone, now it’s all perfect. Awesome job. Thank you so much, Clem, thanks to the Mint Team too 😉

  154. Impossible to start on my Laptop (Fujitsu-Siemens). The disk boots and ends with a black screen for ever. (Ubuntu 10.04 behaves the same). Can’t even see what it looks like ! LINUX MINT 8 HELENA does perform superbly ! I need to remain faithful to Helena, but what about long term future ?

  155. It seems that everything is ok. Working few days and very satisfied, installed all necessary software I need for everyday usage. Thanks again.

  156. Ok – I have to be able to use Skype as part of my business…. and found that it was barely usable on Mint 9.

    I’ve now removed Mint 9 in favour of the old reliable – Mint 8 KDE – and skype is working fine, OpenOffice is behaving like it should… and I’m just glad to have a reliable system again.

    I’ll wait for Mint 10 to come along in 6 months time…. and think about upgrading then… maybe… when Ubuntu have got the bugs out of 10.10……

    PS – this is the difference between those of us who use linux for business and those who like playing with new shiny toys…. – I’m staying with my old reliable…..

  157. 250. Becky

    I tend to use 8 when 9 is released, 9 when 10 is released etc
    just to stay on the reliability side of things, if reliability is important to you then I’d recommend doing similar or sticking with the LTS versions and only upgrading between them after the initial release & updates.

    T’is my humble opinion anyway… :o)

  158. @ Becky

    what exactly doesn’t work in Skype? Did you consider asking for help? – I’ve been running it on mint 9 the whole week, no issues whatsoever (besides the easily fixable webcam issue when running cairo-dock)


  159. Hi all! I was using Mint7, tried to install Mint8 but encountered some problems with wireless mouse and keept using Mint7. I tested the Mint9 RC, all malfunctions with Mint 8 disapeared and, when Mint9 was issued, I adopted it inmediately. Mint9 is a very good OS.

    The way I use Mint9 in different computers, for instance a desktop box and a netbook, is by adding my favourite apps to a basic Mint installation, then building my own live ‘distro’ ISO with the help of ‘remastersys backup’:
    and finally installing this new own distro ISO in the next computer. I use a bootable USB pendrive in which I just copy and replace the previous files of the ISO when I build a new release, then I can install it to a netbook, just booting the distro based on Mint9 with my bootable pendrive.

    It seems a long process, but when I need to install ‘a clon’ of the Mint based distro again, the installation process, with all my apps already installed there, take barely 5 minutes. Faster than any recovery process. Nothing to compare with any other OS…

  160. Hi Mint team just want to say thanks for the awesome work on the new release this is now my second release after being liberated from the microsoft drone factory, and to be honest I will never look back! Im in the armed forces (infantry) and spend alot of time fixing friends IT dramas Mint ins now their prefered choice of OS and im slowly working to convert the world!

    Thanks again!

    If you ever need owt just ask!

  161. @ Becky

    If you are using the 64bit version of Mint, you may have some problems running Skype, as there is no native 64bit version available.

  162. Virtualbox users may find that using Mint 9 (or Lucid Lynx for that matter) has issues when detecting and loading USB devices into your Guest system. And that is after you install the PUEL version (not OSE), and also when you install Guest Additions after your guest OS loads up. There is a bit of discussion over at the Virtualbox forum on this, so beware of versions 3.1.8 and 3.2. I’m still trying to find a fix..

  163. Just a note! You took a DEAD CAT (Lynx) and made it Whole! You can look
    forward to a payment from Alaska! Hmm How much dose win 7 cost? Factor in
    That my Computer will not run win 7!

    Lets all VOTE: (USA)


    What you vote I will PAY!!

  164. @CaptHilts / r1bby

    I initially couldn’t get sound… and then I had a wonderful install of Mint 8 last night… until something I installed…. possibly virtualbox – did something to the settings… and now I’ve got a pitch shift on the mic input – to which I have no idea as to why – but I’m going to start taking bits off until I find out what’s going on. I suspect that it might be something to do with audio settings for VB – sound on the VM’s didn’t work until I set it to Pulse audio… and then the VM’s worked and Skype didn’t!

  165. Thanks Mint Team, I’ve made complete whole hearty switch from Windows for ever to Linux Mint.

    No looking back…

  166. @Becky

    Skype and Pulse don’t go together. I’m sure you can get everything using the latest Alsa drivers, including Skype and your virtual machines. Certainly it used to work fine in Helena.

  167. Install was quick, easy, and smooth, boot time is ridiculously fast (quad core w/8 gig ram), but I haven’t played around with it much yet. Nice job, LM team! 🙂

  168. Linux Mint 9 fully installed on COMPAQ HP Presario CQ71-403.

    All works fine : webcam, WiFi and its associated Led, 3D and Compiz, suspend and hibernate, etc

    Simply great…

  169. I am having a problem. I play runescape which uses java the bottom of firefox greys out and you cant see all of what you should. if you go in fullscreen mode it works ok. this worked in mint 8 wondered if anyone knows of a fix.

  170. I’ve tried many Linux packages and like a lot of them. Puppy, Mephis, PC Linux, Dream Linux, Slitaz and NimbleX have all been enjoyed by me at one time or another. Tried Unbuntu but too many bugs encountered. Linux Mint has always been good. This time you have outdone yourselves. This Linux Mint 9 is the first where all my desktops and laptops just worked immediately. No tweaking needed. GREAT JOB. Mucho kudos. LOVE IT!!.

  171. Successfully installed Isadora on Netbook and PC.

    Installation times:
    PC: 11 minutes.
    Netbook: 20 minutes.

    Beautiful interface.

    Wife loves it just as she did Helena.

    Good work, Mint Team.

  172. Can’t install Mint 9 on my Netbook (Aspire One 532h)
    There’s a problem with the resolution during boot the live cd. No way to boot completely, fails also with “low resolution mode”.
    No problem to boot, install and run Ubuntu 10.4…
    Bad work!

  173. @Patrik, try removing “irqpoll” from the line if you’re using compatibility installation. hit tab to edit it when you’re on the boot selection screen.

  174. @Patrik#263, your netbook seems to have an Intel GMA graphics card (Intel GMA 3150?), and there appear to be some problems with Ubuntu’s kernel builds (at least through 2.6.32.x versions of the kernel) for intel video cards, coming from some new feature known as Kernel Modesetting (KMS). This has been giving people with older laptops equipped with intel chips many problems in the recent months. Ubuntu’s final Lucid release may have put in a workaround that Mint Isadora may have missed out.

    However, a quickfix appears to be to specify “i915.modeset=1” (and if that doesn’t work, try “i915.modeset=0”) in the kernel boot prompt options. You can get an editable boot prompt when booting Mint’s Live CD’s by pressing TAB at the very first splash screen. Try these options first and see how that goes.

    If you continue to have problems getting it to fire up X properly upon booting, you may need to supply a working xorg.conf, which is tricky to do for the live CD, but it can be done: first, specify “text” as a boot parameter at the boot prompt and see if that gets you a command line. If you are getting a clean command line, that isolates the problem to X. You can then try to mount a partition that has a working xorg.conf and copy it over to the /etc/X11 folder of the Live CD environment. If that has problems, then you can use a persistent snapshot (some thing called “casper-sn.ext2”). I will post tips on the last method if you are interested.

    If you need further help, please post your experience with the ideas above here and/or signup for the forum and ask for help there. I will check this thread over the next day or two to see if you have posted a response. Best of luck.

  175. Hi to all,
    Was waiting for 9 as I tried 8 and had issues.
    Dl’d the ISO from Ireland mirror, MD5 ok, wrote to cd, ok, put cd in drive and rebooted……..
    got big green auto boot screen, then a small linuxMint logo screen with flashing dots,…..
    then a line as follows:
    process:327 glibwarning getpwid_r failed due to unknown userid (0)

    Any ideas?
    process stopped and hard reboot back to HDD

    I really want to use this version, I’ve been stuck on 6 for a year now and it is getting well behind.


  176. I was very sad to know that the Universal version will not leave.
    I’m from Brazil and we love this system.
    This is lamentável.Vamos run out Linux Mint, for not having the integrated language PT-BR ..

  177. Having run the Live CD/DVDs of both Ubuntu 10.04 and now Linux Mint 9 with no problems (navigating, printing, listening etc.) I wonder if one has any advantages over the other?

    Thanks in advance for your opinions.


  178. Absolutely no video after boot options with the live 64 bit DVD. Even when booting in compatibility mode. Not good.

  179. @Abuelo

    Have you run the CD’s integrity test? Also just try to rewrite it to another CD at the lowest possible speed (4x-8x will be fine) and try again.

  180. @sookster54 (post 264): Thank you for your tip but it also fails…

    I think Mint is based upon Ubuntu. So i do’nt understand why this problem can apear.
    Once again for the developers: bad work, it’s realy disapointing.

  181. I had no problems displaying video w/ sound running the v. 9 64 bit live dvd on a Gigabyte MB w/ an athlon 64 CPU.

    Could anyone here inform whether any significant differences (advantages or disadvantages) between Mint and Ubuntu?


  182. My netbook is an Asus Eee 1000 H and in this computer Mint9 runs perfectly. I am writing with Mint9 in it-

    I installed it in about 5 minutes (see my post 254) with a remastered image of the OS, produced from a previous installation in an AMD-64bits box.

    My two (very different) computers run with exactly this same Mint9 OS. Is it not fantastic?

    Thanks for the well done work!

  183. Requesting improvement in “Terminal”.
    When I highlight (select) some text in terminal, it should automatically go into clipboard.

    When I right click on terminal, it should automatically paste text from clipboard.

    That’s the default behavior in most terminal clients I have used (for example, Putty, or when I work directly on command line in Solaris etc.)


  184. LM9 seems slower than LM8… windows keep fading. My laptop mouse won’t scroll, wouldn’t work in LM8 either. Mouse worked in all other Linux distros I’ve tried. LM is the best distro I’ve used, but audio inputs, mic/line in have never worked, and the mouse issue is pushing me in another direction, also screen freezing occurs and all animation effects stop, then start again. The LM menu has a lot of followers and is indeed useful, but is hard to use with touchpad. Is there a way to slow down the menu switching, even having the entire menu stay on the desktop until desktop is clicked? I use my machines for audio recoding and DV manipulation mostly, and LM hasn’t come close to meeting my standards there “out of the box”. Any suggestions for audio and firewire users of LM9, and is there a different mouse driver I can try? For most common-task computing, not many OS’ compete with LM, I just need it to work for me, and so far it hasn’t.

  185. As usualy, Mint team done the work grate.. But i want to admit, that Ubuntu 10.. was born with lots of bugs.. so, if you use Helena (ubuntu 9), stay with it and wait for more stable realse..

  186. Thank you guys so much for this OS, it boots alot faster than the last one did, and is pretty much amazing all around.

    The only thing I notice is that some online games don’t load right (ex: Desktop Defenders on Facebook.) Just wondered if anyone else has this issue, and yes I am kinda new to this linux stuff so it might just be a setting or something.

    I’ve been using Mint as my main OS for a little over a year now, and must say I’m glad to be 95% out of the Windows world.

  187. Great Distribution. First time with LM9. Have it installed on a 8GB flash drive with 4GB persist. Running the 32 bit version. Thanks for the great effort to the development team. Awesome!

  188. @ Clem, the new Upgrade Tutorial,part D2 8. choose “custom partitions…..” no such wording/option, confusing for newbies like me!

    Instead with “Prepare disk space” choose > “Specify partitions manually (advanced)” > “Prepare partitions” > highlight ext entry (existing Mint) > Change > Edit a partition > new size: leave as is > Use as: ext4 > Format: check it > Mount Point: “/”

    With quotation marks used, I just kept on searching for the exact & elusive wording “Custom partitions”, until someone in the Forums confirmed the above information

    Quick edit of that entry would save newbies a bit of anxiety 🙂
    Great tutorial by the way Clem, your work is much appreciated! Mint is a fantastic OS!

  189. Congratulations for the launch, and thank you for the great work. I installed Isadora & run it almost without a glitch.

  190. Thanks to the team for the great job! After a backup of “Helena” it took me about 1.5 hours to have a fully functional Linux Mint 9 with almost all my older applications, after a clean instalation of “Isadora”.

  191. I’m running Mint 8 helena on an ASUS laptop X58L, HDD 250 GB, Memory Ram: 2GM Celeron processor works absolutely fine! faster and better than any other linux OS I tested before on this laptop. the only issue I don’t know yet how to config. the Pcmcia slot to connect a G3… any one can help me with this issue please?
    Pesonally after I tested all the linux OS I can say Mint is the best I see around.

    I’d like to see the new version.


  192. Pingback: Ubunlog
  193. Hi to all.
    yes, after 3 downloads from 3 sites, md5sum checked, cd integrity check and start in compatibility mode 5 times, I eventually got the livecd to run.
    Then I had to power down to change to my spare HDD, reboot and guess what.. we still get the previous fail message.

    So I abandoned it.

    Its the first release that I have not been able to run since installing Mint 6, so I have try to resolve the conflicts in Helena 8.

    Not Happy At All

  194. Mint 9 doesn’t work as well as Mint 8. Mint 9 is slower (some applications and actions take about 15 seconds longer) and it seems to have a problem with the DVD-drive in my HP NC6000 notebook. The activity-led of the drive is always on while there is nothing in the drive.

  195. Thanks Everyone! I am new to Linux and I use Ubuntu on my netbook but have been using Linux Mint on my (large home bound) laptop. I downloaded the live DVD last night and this morning I upgraded my duel boot laptop to Linux mint 9. I reinstalled right over the mint 8 version. I did not use the backup tool as I did not have a lot of stuff to back up and I wanted a clean install anyway.
    It was a very smooth install, I had to hook to an ethernet connection to get the wireless driver, and thats that. It took less than an hour and I am really pleased. Congratulations and thanks again.

  196. Linux Mint 9 64bit + Xfce = perfection
    I wish for a pure Linux Mint 9 Xfce 64bit version.But I don’t think I’ll see it soon.Still the best distro out there

  197. Isadora worked fine until I installed Java . Then it refused to shut down. The green lights on the keyboard blinked, and blinked, but the machine didn’t shut down until I turned off the power. Did I break something, or did I discover a bug?

  198. @ Abuelo

    Well I am not an expert but if I were you I would give it a last chance and try to boot it from a live usb in case there is a problem with your dvd drive.

  199. I’m getting the following errors after update:

    E: initramfs-tools: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1
    E: plymouth: dependency problems – leaving unconfigured
    E: mountall: dependency problems – leaving unconfigured
    E: plymouth-label: dependency problems – leaving unconfigured
    E: plymouth-theme-ubuntu-logo: dependency problems – leaving unconfigured
    E: plymouth-theme-ubuntu-text: dependency problems – leaving unconfigured
    E: plymouth-x11: dependency problems – leaving unconfigured

    Any solution?

  200. Hi Mint Team

    What can I say ? Joined linux as a newbie with Gloria and waited until now to upgrade to Isadora. Excellent Job! All works fine out of the box ! Took about an Hour to be up and running with all my applications after a clean install.

    Thanks Team

  201. No joy! Since I was going to have erase the disk for a fresh install, I figured why not first try a module upgrade. I did the backup and then tried a module load because going from Mint7 amd64 to Mint8 amd64 went well. Not so for Mint8 amd64 to Mint9 amd64 – trashed the system. Next tried a fresh Mint9 amd64 install and after the install finished without error, the system would not boot. Loaded Ubuntu 10.04 amd64 and same thing. Looks like a Ubuntu issue that migrated to Mint also.

    Not happy!! especially since Mint8 was working well. I should have left well enough alone but I wanted to move to a LTS version.

  202. Any quick fix available for this error message after updating ?
    E: initramfs-tools: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1
    E: plymouth: dependency problems – leaving unconfigured
    E: mountall: dependency problems – leaving unconfigured
    E: plymouth-label: dependency problems – leaving unconfigured
    E: plymouth-theme-ubuntu-logo: dependency problems – leaving unconfigured
    E: plymouth-theme-ubuntu-text: dependency problems – leaving unconfigured
    E: plymouth-x11: dependency problems – leaving unconfigured

  203. Marvelous. My Logitech mouse works. It also appears that two screens are now supported. Installation was as easy as the last few versions but it seemed much faster. Congrats to all those who made this happen.

  204. I installed linux mint 9 yesterday and still don’t have any using problems. I had problems with wifi in mint 8 and looks like 9th solved everything. Thanks, Linux team, very fast and awesome operating system

  205. Love Isadora! I had some issues with sound volume with Gloria, evidently due to the Intel chip sets Toshiba uses in their laptops. But, I got a bunch of help from the forum, worked through things, and lived with the result–less volume than the (hated) Vista norm, but acceptable.

    Isadora, OTOH, handles the Intel sound chip exceptionally well, I love the sound! I think I’ll wait till next weekend to install…gives me something to look forward to!!!

    Great job Clem et al!!!

  206. I’m working on LinuxMint 8 now. Need the system stable because it is in my office.
    Have tryed on my private laptop ubuntu 10.04 but it failed at boot (xubuntu too). Had on it ubuntu 9.xx and worked great.

    Now I think about the upgradeing system in my office, but if it fails like ubuntu at home, then I have a lot of time wasted. Can’t afford it now, so will stick with 8 for now, but maby it a while I will try to upgrade to 9. Just scared with the ubuntu problems.

  207. I love Mint. Will have to stay with Mint 8 untill the wireless problem for the Asus 1000H wireless chipsets is solved. It looks like this is a Lucid problem.

    Unfortunately Isadora is based on Lucid so I will have to wait untill Ubuntu solves it or hopefully the Mint team will solve the problem.

    That would be a bummer!

  208. Installed Isadora this weekend – installation went very well, as usual.

    But …

    There are some really shocking bugs in ubuntu 10.04:
    – problems with printing of .pdf files – other documents print just fine. Workaround: first do a “print preview”, then pdf-files will print immediately.
    – not possible to copy audio cd’s with brasero. Installad gnomebaker; this program does its job.

    Both problems are reported on the ubuntu forums.
    I can’t believe Ubuntu released an OS with 2 such basic functions not working … very disappointing.

    Your work is really appreciated here. It’s sad your work is spoiled somewhat by crappy ubuntu releases.

  209. hmm.. hmm I tried LM9 on 3 different kinds of computers, sigh I am kinda disappointment in LM9 even for Ubuntu 10 too because Helena LM8 has not let me down with wifi cards on dell laptops, even has not let me down with ati graphic card on my sony vaio pc, swell yea…

    let.. look at the hoods.. hmm dell inspiron 2 gb ram 30 gb hd and the wifi will not run to connect with my wpa password, so it has wrong driver for wifi, even for dell xps it will not find and see none of driver for the wifi card!! even its 64 bit!! come on clem? and now go on with this sony vaio this will not reconizge ati graphic cards.. unlike lm8 helena has gone really smooth on all 3 computers so I ll stick with LM8 man.. that ubuntu 10 has bad influences on new LM9 perhaps?

  210. I have windows and ubuntu 10.4 in my pc with dual booting mode, I want install Mint New release in my pc, could you please advice which (Mint or ubuntu) is best Operating system, and guide me how to uninstall ubuntu and install mint



  211. After I had read the upgrade tutorial I have decided to not upgrade until after school is finished. The 8 version works great too you know.

    I will be testing with an live-cd after I have graduated from “Gymnasiet” (swedish people know what I’m talking about).

    It will be intresting to see how this laptop will handle the Isadora.

    Oh just for info: Lenovov X60. The 8 version works great on it but the pen-function tends to fuck up the mouse after you have used it. Also to use the Special scroll on it you need to make an file. The negative of this is if you press the middle button to quickly while browsing on firefox it will open a new tab. I hope Isadora have adressed this issue and got a fix for using the middle button on it. (Not demanding it, just saying it).

    Anyways I’m eager to try out the new release. Oh yhe I forgot to mention the wireless works great too, aslong you don’t put the computer to sleep or close the lid. In that case it will dissconnect and try to reconnect when you log in again. (D-link DWL-G112 C also suffers from this problem. Don’t know if it’s intended or not)

  212. Forgot to say that the file must contain an certain code. It will apply itself (an idiots point of view) to the mouse-functions of the laptop. Search the google for it.

  213. Mint 9 keeps freezing on me

    Never had this problem with Cassandra,Celena,Daryna,Elyssa.Felicia,Gloria and Helena

  214. I commend Clem and the Mint team for a great distro and I didn’t have a problem installing Mint 9 with Mint’s style Wubi installer though I was hoping to use up to half the HD’s space (up to 30 GBs can be used).
    Yes Ubuntu 10.04 was buggy as heck but sure glad there was another entity like Linux Mint to clear it all up :D.
    I’m also hoping for Mint 9 XFCE version to run on my older desktop.

    Thanks again and continued success 😀

  215. Mint has been going down hill ,Gloria 7 with some XFCE downloads and a little work on it was by far your best O.S.Helena is ok but it freezes up to much and Isdora’s a mass buggy, is its name, Gloria is your best.Change is not good just for change we dont need you to kick out a new os every few months if you thing it makes look up to date your wrong Ive got mint on three out of four computors.GLORIA THAT IS, PLEASE DONT STOP THE UPDATES your all we got out there.Even with the problems on 8 and 9 your better then Ubumtoe ha ha or mikey 7. I got a free computor from mikey there os 7 didnt run on A new HP . GET THE DRIVERS FOR ATI NO LINEX WILL ON ATI

  216. Using Mint 9 and is fantastic! Glad to see you release when its stable, i.e. not like Ubuntu who release every 6 months even if its completely buggy.

  217. @gumBO

    Thanks for the tip about skype and pulse not working nicely! I’m also running the x32 version of Mint – and I’ve currently risked going back to Mint 9.

    At the moment… which is liable to change by random acts of the gods… I have a functional system with one glaring problem… which is getting OO-Writer to actually open a one page document under about 3 minutes…. when the original document was created with the OO-W from Mint 8 about 2 weeks ago!

    What fun we’re having……. not…..

  218. dude! what an OS! 🙂 i jus installed luvin it! 🙂
    cuming from ubuntu its a welcome change from th boring brown..
    and many more things like native support to download and use chromium google products etc..v nice indeed!

  219. Hello!

    Only for share the info, seems like LUBUNTU had published a new iso and it dont said beta in the file, the image is recent from may,3-2010.

    I downloaded it and install on a test partition, and this thing make ubuntu like a LIGHTNING!!!… my machine is a old Toshiba P35 with P4-3.2Ghz and is awesome the speed diference in my old machine, and also seems pretty stable (since the Lucid current status).

    I wonder that would be incredible a MiNT 9 version based on this for a wonderfull extremely fast version of the already GREAT MiNT 9 system.

    Below is the link of the ISO:

    and the info of Lubuntu development current state is easy to find by google.

    Hope that may help if could be possible a new flavor of our Incredible MiNT!

    Best Regards to all!

  220. Linux Desktop has finally arrived!

    I keep checking back to linux every year or so (for the last 7 years) to see how far it has come. Well, I just installed Mint 9 on my wife’s dell laptop as a vista replacement and it is fantastic! Responsive, good software for most common applications (messenger, office, email, internet browsing, music, video). Mint does a great job of getting around having to stuff around with getting dvd’s working etc. Everything worked on first install, mouse pad, speakers, battery indicator, wifi…this has always been an issue with linux…getting the bits and pieces working, but now it seems most issues are resolved.

    The best thing is the os doesn’t get in the way of using the software, where vista, dell tools and norton do. So annoying in windows getting constant popups asking you to do something you are not quite sure what. Only thing is you do get a popup asking to enter password for keyring and administrator password from time to time. Not sure if there is a way around this (eg permanently add a permission for a task).

    Great job guys,

  221. Hello linuxmint team, how ever thanks for all, I will make my first post of this distro, the traslation of the linuxmint guide to spanish ,not by me, by the way, here is the link download directly.
    And by the way when is going to be ready linumint 9 lxde please?

    Hola equipo de linuxmint, como siempre gracias por todo, hare mi primer aporte a esta distro, la traduccion de la guia de linuxmint a español, no por mi, claro, aqui esta el link baja directamente.
    y hablando de todo cuando estara lista linuxmint 9 lxde porfavor?

  222. Linux Mint 9 is super fast with smooth stability compared to the previous releases.

    However, I have tried Linux Mint 8 and Linux Mint 9 and they are improved, except that they do not work with my external Toshiba hard drive. I am sticking to Linux Mint 7 because it can mount/unmount my Toshiba with no problems.

  223. Hello!

    I would like to ask, if someone could please help and advice.

    I would like to make my MiNT 9 installtion to run about LXDE like Lubuntu version desktop lean and fast response, so I am wonder which could be the best option to do this:

    Option A: Fresh new install of MiNT 9 in HD partition and THEN add the repo of Lubuntu 10.04, and install the Lubuntu 10.04 Desktop packages. OR

    Option B: Fresh new install of MiNT 9 in HD partition and THEN add the repo of MiNT 9 and instaal the MinT 9 Desktop packages.

    Option C: Another option that would be better and that I am missing.

    My purpose is to install MiNT 9 and run it with LXDE but if possible getting the best operational full-ready sense of the original MiNT, but with the fast LXDE and the least system load of, no needed by LXDE load on the system (like processes that may be residual in the system because the previous installtion of gnome made by MiNT that may be no needed by lxde.), BUT with no sacrifice of the full functionality of MiNT.

    I would like to try this meanwhile may be possible an original revised LXDE version of MiNT 9,in case that this may take some longer time to be available and tested.

    Any advice and help will be welcome and gratefull.

    Thanks to team for so good and great MiNT 9, and rest of people around here for such good help always.

    Best Regards to all!

  224. Alas!!! seamless works on dual monitors with 9!!!! I am so very happy, you guys have done a great job!
    Dell 6400 – mint 9, running virtual box, windows 7 guest, seamless.

    now I just have to figure out how to get docked/undocked to recognize and use correct settings 🙂

  225. finally burned a copy of linux mint9, tried to intstall it, unfortunately can’t. When I put the disk in computer, it asks for password, type in what i think vistas password is(I don’t us the password) and it says passwords don’t match!!! Could anyone tell me what this means. I downloaded linux mint9 off of bittorrent. I’m so confused. How could the passwords not match, when I haven’t even installed linux on my computer yet??? Any help would be soooooo appreciated!!!!

  226. It runs better then UNR 10.04 (ubuntu netbook remix) and previous mint versions on my Wind U100. Installation from SD card without any problem, everything were detected, everything works. Flash player reproduces flawlessly, withaut frises. It’s stable, fast enough and like usually has very nice look. Especially I like the mint menu (gnome).
    Great job!

  227. I love Linux Mint but I am unable to use it due to printer problems. Unable to install Brother MFC-210C drivers.

  228. Ok – after a fews faffing around – trying to get a stable install that can run my apps without hanging every few minutes… I’ve decided to call it a day and I’ve gone back to Mandriva. It’s solid and does what I want… and it’s KDE.

    i’m going to keep an eye on Mint – because I think it’s got the potential to be excellent…. but I’m not going to install it again until after the next version comes out… and that will be on a VM until I see whether the base Ubuntu is fit for purpose!

    I’m fairly sure that a lot of the problems that people have found with Mint 9 are due to Ubuntu – and I find it unbelievable that it was an LTS release… in such a poor condition.

    Looking forward to cautiously trying the next version…. or the one after that…..

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