Community website now in BETA

The Community website is now in BETA:

A new “tutorials” module was added, which allows you to write tutorials, to vote and to comment them. The module hosts a WISIWIG editor to make editing easier. To illustrate this, let me link to a tutorial I wrote on how to upgrade Linux Mint:

This module will allow the community not only to help produce good documentation, but also to rate it and to discuss it. In the long term this will fully replace the Wiki.

Bugs are also now accepted in Launchpad.

At this stage, the website is fully functional and hosts the following modules:

  • Hardware database
  • Software portal
  • Idea pool
  • Tutorials library
  • Lesser modules: Users, countries, editions, releases, friends, messaging, subscriptions, notifications, chatroom.


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  2. Great addition to the Linux Mint arsenal. Great job on creating yet another useful utility Clem! I hope all feel encouraged to start creating their own documentation and leaving helpful feedback on the site.

    – Justin

  3. hello,

    i really need some tips here. i have a 64 bit hp pc. no problem with windows 7, but this dual boot thing is driving me up the wall. i want to install a 64 bit linux mint os. problem is i’ve had trouble finding a distro of linux that is compatible with my new pc’s inbuilt nvidia geforce gt 220 drivers.

    any advice? right now i do have my system configured as a dual boot pc..but i’m using 32 bit linux mint 7 gloria..haven’t been successful at downloading an .iso and installing a 64 bit linux yet.

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  5. Superb addition, Mint is fast becoming the de facto release.
    Keep up the marvellous work, especially for newbies like me. Can`t wait for Isadora, really looking forward to it.
    Well done Clem and the team.

  6. Like the Community Website, wanted to comment on one of the Tutorials but could not find how to do this?

    I tried to Login using my forum username & password but there was no indication that my Login had succeeded or failed?

  7. Used the fact that guests can browse w/o registering to reply to a newbie question about hardware compatibility in the forums yesterday. This is becoming a great asset.

  8. …That’s great and all…

    …But we want news about Mint 9. Will the 64-bit be released with the Main edition this time?

  9. tip to: gail robbins

    I allso have a pc like you.

    First: istall windows7,
    second: Linux Mint 8 Helena,
    third: open suse 11.3 milestone 1.
    Multiboot between theese distros every time you start.

  10. openSUSE 11.3 milestone 1 huh? I tried openSUSE 1.2 and didn’t like… I think the most of the popular ones (Ubuntu, Fedora, LM, Debian) do a much better job than Novell openSUSE. That said… this is an exciting time for Linux Mint, Clem, and the LM users/fans. Ubuntu 10.04 is coming out this month with a completely new look, it’ll be interesting to see what Clem’s strategy for the Mint 9 (Isadora?) UI will be. I’m personally hoping for a remix of the new Ubuntu themes… maybe a green-mix. :]

  11. The community website and the forums are not working for me right now – although the main site and the blog do work. Does anyone else have this problem?

  12. Clem: Thanks! So we can code modules? As I’m very familiar with CodeIgniter, I learnt PHP using it :D, also, where do we put tutorials? The Wiki or Community?

  13. Tried the site today but it appears to be down altogether. Can’t establish a server connection apparently. The site was running rather slow the last few of days as well. Probably due to humongous loads of traffic I hope? 😀

    By the way, I’ve been meaning to suggest that this blog could stand having the “Subscribe to Comments” plugin installed as it would make getting notifications of further replies to the post much easier for the readers. It’s much better than having to load up your feed reader with feeds from several single post comments sections per week (per day?) which can become rather confusing at times.

    Just my somewhat WordPress experienced humble opinion here. 😉

  14. Kirk M: I belive its the DNS, also, the comments subsribe button is in the footer, the feeds are built into the default WordPress installation. Hope this helps! I’am waiting on the community to check it out 😀

  15. @kneeKoo & concerned =
    The community website and the forums are not working right now – although the main site and the blog do work.

    SAME HERE, I Have Notified ( The Administrator ) Clem, Hopefully this will be resolved soon,
    Linux Mint Forum Moderator,

  16. A Database Error Occurred

    Unable to connect to your database server using the provided settings.

    when I try to connect

  17. He’s not dead Jim. He’s just pining for the fjords…

    Thank you for the article Clem. Essential info like this is very valuable when helping terrified users away from Windozer. It helps re-assure them they won’t lose their work between versions of the “new” OS the ‘guru’ recommended and put in. 🙂 I am very much looking forward to LM9 as it is a 3yr support. This release I will evangelize to a lot of people!

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