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I’d like to thank everybody for the feedback given on the artwork. I had to close the comments section as we were getting too many of them, but I got the opportunity to read most of them and we’re now in a position to make a decision. I think we’ll either go for Fresh or we’ll keep the same artwork as what was in Linux Mint 7. Either way, all three wallpapers will be present in the default installation and available for people to choose from.


  1. I am using RC from the start and I think the gdm login theme is not fit into mint’s darkish view. I think the bottom gdm panel and the login box could be more nice with similar dark colors like on the mintpanel on the desktop. Just for your consideration…

  2. At the risk of carrying on the debate for many more comments below… I would be against having the same wallpaper on multiple releases. I think you need to have a new wallpaper each time.

    Some people are always going to say they preferred an old one better than the new one, but that is life.

  3. Agreed! I think comment #225 on “Which dress for Helena” made a few good pointers on this matter. Long story short – New release = new art = the feeling of newness 🙂 !

  4. Just do something similar to Dew. Take a picture of the sky and some clouds, tint it green and add the logo…done. Something very similar but different enough to distinguish itself from Gloria.

  5. I second Belovedmonster’s comment. Always try a new look.

    And the wallpapers on the link that MB posted does look really nice.

  6. After giving a though at what brought me to Mint a few years before…A distribution that is quickly installed having nearly all you need at start with an elegant sober appealing look. Themes and background are made to personalize your work environment and it’s impossible to make one that meets everyone’s taste… Don’t spend to much time on this…Nice to let users give their meaning on the subject. Thanks to Clem and to all the team behind Mint.

  7. I my opinion each new release should always include all of the artwork and themes of all of the previous releases and also something new.

  8. Air Mint is just perfect, in my opinion. Nice, clean and new. But to make an impression Mint needs something more… dynamic. Not as dynamic as Fresh, thoygh.
    Well, I guess Air is close to Dew, so it’s my choice, but perhaps it’s not the best one.

  9. I disagree with the new release/ new look camps point – you are all by now probably pretty experienced linux users and one of the first things you’ll do is to change the background etc but for a noob I think Dew is perfect. It completely fits the “from freedom came elegance” motto. For someone new to linux the first impressions are always the most important – along with the fact the with mint just about everything works out of the box. The Dew look is the cherry on top so to speak for a new linux user. It instantly makes you take the distro seriously. I think it’s more important, in regards to the background, to appeal to the new user.

  10. One of the things that really turned me on to the look of Mint was that the background image was of something real, something dynamic. Dew is at the boundary between air and water. It’s constantly changing and has but a brief existence. It is part of the cycle of life. It is a phenomena that actually exists, and I can see, touch, taste, smell and possibly even hear it.

    The word Mint is like this too, and conjures up not only green, but also life and change, freshness and growth. While I like abstract backgrounds (and am currently using one) I think that, as far as first impressions go, the look should give one a sense of intimacy with life. Our world is fantastic beyond all conception. Computers can sometimes create a sense of separateness from and/or superiority over the dynamic reality that is happening just outside our doors. I suggest that the first instant that someone sees the Mint desktop should be one of bearing witness to and communing with the natural world.

    Clouds, waves, tree bark, snake skin, fur, whitewater, prairie grass, ice, moss. There’s got to be the next Dew out there somewhere.

  11. I can’t work out why we’re restricted to voting on 3 backgrounds.

    An old one, a busy new one, and a boring new one.

    And no-one seems to be willing to even modify any of them.

    By the way, i like the new logo (comment #12).

  12. This is open source after all
    you can change wallpaper and logo
    on your own

    I’m just curious with the system
    and what is LinuxMint capable of

    Okay brothers …. n_n

    but, love at the first sight ….

  13. I like fresh. I have some problems with it, though. The contrast with the icons isn’t very good, and maybe it’s a little too over the top.

    I looked through the comments here and the one on the other page. I really think Beyecixramd’s green wallpaper (the second in the links he posted) really stands out for this. It needs some tweaking–the image on the inside is a little too large and the black border is not large enough (at least the first column of icons should not overlap with the image). The resolution of the sample is also a little low for my liking. But if he did some work on it I would say it’s a much better candidate than those other three, since it has a simple “shine” and the icons on it are distinct and easy to see.

  14. When I installed Linux Mint 7, I thought it was gorgeous. Especially in comparison with the previous releases (of which I’ve never seen before), I still preferred Mint 7. I would say go for Dew and Shiki as the default theme for Mint 8, but a new release needs new artwork. I don’t think Fresh is as nice as Dew, but it still beats Johonunu’s wallpaper in this context (sorry! :P). Regardless of what you chose, I’m sticking with Mint and my own themes for a while. 🙂

    I mainly use Linux Mint because of the ease of getting media codecs compared to EVERY OTHER distro.

    Thanks guys! Keep up the great work!

  15. i think there should be mint themed artwork, i.e. involving mint, like a very pompous looking tux drinking mint tea, or a closeup of a mint patch, etc… just a thought

  16. No problem with the wallpapers, anyone can change those in the preference options. But the login splash screen has to go. Anything but Fresh! My 2 cents.

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