Linux Mint 4.0 Daryna

Daryna was officially released. If you haven’t downloaded it already please use the torrents. I you have don’t forget to seed for others to be able to get faster download speeds.  Enjoy the latest version of Linux Mint.

The following community editions are to follow:

  • KDE/miniKDE
  • XFCE
  • Fluxbox
  • E17

Then we’ll probably release alpha experiments of:

  • 64bit
  • Debian-Testing Based Edition
  • Fedora 8 Based Edition

The next mint tool being developed should be a tool that lets the user upgrade from one release to another.

There should not be any Linux Mint 4.1. Time should be invested in strengthening our structures, our documentation and in experimenting in different editions before we get to the much anticipated Linux Mint 5.0.

With Linux Mint 5.0 we’ll start addressing the enterprise market as well.



  1. Very good initiative, not to invest on a LM 4.1. Daryna is a very good job.
    I am waiting with interest on a well structured Mint 5.0 and remember the name for it I would like you to choose (Erika, as the woman I love the best in my real life)!!!

  2. Hi Phil,

    I know, and to top it all of it was even your birthday a few days ago, right? 🙂

    The name is not decided yet and there’s a lot of names to choose from. I’ll keep that in mind but don’t take it personal if I go for another name.

    So far the choice is on “Eryn” or “Erin” (which means “from Ireland”).. but that would break the “a-suffix” rule, so I might have to look somewhere else.. although rules are meant to be broken as well.. so …

    ah.. I’ll just sleep on it 🙂


  3. We start again from A and upgrade our suffix from A to E. As simple as that. Expect code names to sound a bit more French then 🙂

    We’re not there yet though.. (Linux Mint 27.0) 🙂


  4. If I install Daryna instead of Bea (which runs pretty well), will it use or need more ressources?
    I ‘m thinking of a system update, but I won’t if it slows down my computer.

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