Linux Mint 7 ‘Gloria’ XFCE released!

The team is proud to announce the release of Linux Mint 7 “Gloria” XFCE.

Quick steps:

Introduction to Linux Mint 7 XFCE:

The XFCE Community Edition aims to provide a version of Linux Mint which uses the XFCE desktop.

For a detailed overview of the new features and improvements included in Linux Mint 7 XFCE, please read “What’s new in Gloria XFCE?“.

System requirements:

A minimum of 3GB of free space and 256MB RAM are needed. For a comfortable experience we recommended to have at least 512MB RAM and 10GB of free space.

Important information and known issues:

For a complete list of known issues read the Release Notes.

The root password is now set as the same as the one chosen during the installation.

If you’re using Mint tools in other distributions, make sure to turn off the adjustment system by editing /etc/linuxmint/mintSystem.conf.

Download Linux Mint 7 XFCE:

You can download the XFCE Edition via torrent or via HTTP:

Size: 694MB LiveCD

MD5Sum: cee9c5fe119d749cf30b82e0a53b5a75

Torrent download:
HTTP download:



Northern America:


Upgrade instructions:

Upgrade instructions will be published in a few days.

Feedback, ideas, bug reports:

We look forward to reading your reviews and your feedback. If you find bugs, don’t hesitate to report them at and if you have ideas that you would like implemented, don’t hesitate to register blueprints at


Enjoy this new version of the XFCE edition and don’t hesitate to send us your feedback. Congratulations and thanks to the maintainer, Merlwiz, for the excellent work done on this release.

Have a lot of fun and thanks for using Linux Mint.


  1. Finally, good news again. 😀 Not that nothing happened lately but yes, I’m still waiting for Mint LXDE CE and if it’s still in the development queue it just got bumped one step ahead. 🙂 I will certainly take a drive test with XFCE. 😉 Thank you!

  2. I’ve been waiting long time for it. It’s excellent distro for older machines (e.g my). Mint with GNOME or KDE causes that my computer is dying, but this version is very fast and efficient. Good job Clement !

  3. Your release could come at a better time. Been tying to get wireless running on my old laptop with Xubutu but that hasn’t been working out. So I’m going to move to Mint XFCE. Since I just love the gnome version, been running that at work, I just know this is going to be great. Thanks and Congrats on another great release.

  4. I’am using Mint 7 Main now with Gnome. BUT I WANT THE NEXT_GEN – Mint 8!!! Mint is pretty cool, very usable, very comfortable, RESPECT to the Developers!

  5. Does this version of Mint have the “branded” browsers and stuffed-up search engine links as does Mint 7?

    If not I’ll try Mint 7 Xfce, as I changed to Ubuntu from Mint 7 for this reason.

    Reply please if you know.


  6. I should tell you that I have been rolling Linux Mint 7 (Gnome) to computers and desktops at school (college) and it puts our Microsoft OS’s to shame. I’ve chosen Linux Mint as the preferred Linux Desktop Platform, because Linux Mint just works !!!

    I’m sure Xfce will work just great for some of our older computer, and I can still keep the desktops consistent with Mint. (Xfce or Gnome). I look forward to testing Xfce.

    Fantastic Distro. – Well Done.


  7. Great job, guys!
    I installed yesterday and it took me all day to get it right. Especially the xfce menu and scim. But it`s worth. I was using gnome but I`ll give xfce a try.

  8. Could someone please explain to me the relevancy of XFCE anymore? It hogs more memory than GNOME, demands most if not all of the same libs as GNOME, and has fewer friendly apps available. It has gone from being GNOME-lite to GNOME-obese in terms of resources without adding any significant functionality. It is become more of an obscure preference than something that fits older platforms. It seems that to me that if you’re going for an Ubuntu derivative, then your choices (and fewer does mean less confusing for beginners here) are either Mint Main Edition or CrunchBang–which also has both 32-bit and 64-bit editions. I’m not trying to start a distro war or a DE war, I love and use Mint on my primary system. I’m just wondering why anyone would consider using an XFCE version of it anymore unless it’s a choice based on familiarity.

  9. If you read the System requirements you will see
    A minimum of 3GB of free space and 256MB RAM are needed.
    This is lighter than both gnome and KDE, but not really light weight
    And as always it’s a matter of taste

  10. Thanks a lot for this fantastic OS. I have been using it on my AAO 8.9 since the Gnome Desktop feels sluggish on the netbook. However, XFCE paired with a Vertex SSD on a netbook feels like a much more powerful system. And with Mint, everything just works out of the box.

    I must say that Kuki Linux for the AAO is also very good and is optimized for the AAO. However, I use Mint because it looks much better.

  11. Mint has always been one of my favorites, and the Xfce version is, for me, the most desirable. There will always be those that just have to find something wrong with just about any, and everything that comes along, and to those folks, I say GET A LIFE. If you find faults with Mint, thats fine, but rather than grumble, and make comments that are neither needed, or helpful, why not go to which ever distro suits you, and just keep quiet? There is no need to make comments about something you don’t care for, just go use what ever you do care for. This distribution is one of the best, and most “out of the box ready” distros there is out there. I like it, and many, many more folks that don’t want to learn Linux from the inside out like it very much as well. So kudos to the developers, and may they long live in the Linux world.

  12. Will there be a 64Bit version of this? This is a requirement for me as my main development box has 8 GB.


  13. This looks good.
    I am messing with the gnome linux mint 7 and I can not get the thing to load to ram in live cd mode.
    I have tried all usual options (toram, copy2ram, toram=y etc.).
    What am I missing.
    Sorry to post this here but the forum had a similar question with the answer “I think it wants copy2ram or toram..)


  14. As always great work. I am try it out on an old laptop. Just seems like yesterday you all were way down on distrowatch and new to the linux community. But now you are leading the way.

    Great work and vision Clem

  15. I think epidenimus has a valid point there. I am a bit disapointed with the performace of mint XFCE on my old laptop (Dell C510, 1.2 celeron, 512ram) Same goes for Xubuntu. Sure it works fine and looks good but it just isn’t snappy enough. Perhaps there should be some guidelines to making Mint run a bit more lean. But I guess this is not the place to start this argument.

  16. epidenimus, you are right about Xfce’s growth out of the range of a light Desktop Environment but if people want it it’s best to offer it. However, as Xfce gets more and more “fluffy” I can only see a good move into focusing on something really light.

    Right now, LXDE is that option and I sure hope the Linux Mint team will be able to provide us with a Community Edition of this DE after Mint Helena, because it’s a bit late now, that Ubuntu 9.10 is so close to be released. Although I would love to have Mint LXDE 7 at hand, I think it would be too much of an effort right now. We’d better allow Mint developers to focus on getting the main edition’s tools for Helena so they can release it as soon as possible after Ubuntu’s 9.10 launch, then there will be enough time for the KDE edition, maybe Xfce if the people still want it and hopefully LXDE.

  17. Sure,Mint XFCE may not be light enough to run snappy on some old pc´s, however, I think it holds a very important place in today´s Linux world, as it is the fastest fully featured DE out there to ¨convert¨ people into Linux. I let XP users try my Mint AAO and compare it to their XP versions and not one of them has found their installation superior to mine. Sure, they always say ¨yes, but that is complicated¨, but at least they understand that, from their own point of view, it is a richer, faster, more secure experience.

    But sure, I would also love to try a Mint LXDE CE!

  18. As an icewm fan I am enjoying the lightweight (relative to gnome) of xfce. It has come a long way since I last looked at it.

    LXDE from what I have seen, is not light enough compared to icewm and does not have enough features to compete with xfce.

    I am using mint7 xfce live loaded to ram and it is great.

    I am getting ready to travel and decided a live cd and no hard drive would be the way to go considering the police state at the airport. I tried many live disros and mint wins for this mission. It may replace ubuntu on my laptop and even debian on my desktop.

    Thanks for the great software.

    One thing I like about gnome is when you click on the time you get a calendar. How would one go about setting that up in xfce?

  19. root man, take a look at Parted Magic and see how light LXDE really is.

    The latest RC of PartedMagic can run completely from RAM with only 192MB and a normal live session takes 128MB of RAM. I see a lot of potential in there.

    I don’t like IceWM so much because the menu system feels a bit weird to me. Yes, it’s just a matter of personal taste, but that’s why I haven’t used IceWM until now. I might play with it on a Debian setup but I recommend you do the same with LXDE. You’ll find out it does have important applications inside and it’s very polished.

  20. @kneekoo
    Thanks for the info.
    I have not messed with LXDE too much so I am sure there is a bunch I don’t know about it.
    ICEWM has simple text files for menus and such so it is easy to get it the way you want and just move the config files to new installs. It is very light weight and does not have a lot of the suff lxde/xfce have from what I have seen.
    It is good to see the lighter weight wms like lxde and xfce get more attention and dev.

  21. How does one install the XFCE on to the Gnome desktop. I have already added KDE and it’s awesome. I would like to add XFCE. I tried “sudo apt-get install mint-xfce-meta” from the terminal but that didn’t work!

    Any help?

  22. 🙂 Well whatta you know… I got a 7.4 ratio on Gloria XFCE torrent. 🙂 The number will obviously change till morning. Sharing Mint is one of the best things I’m doing on the internet. 😀

  23. Just curious, has anyone has tried running Mint XFCE on a netbook of any sort. Has anyone compared it to EasyPeasy (formerly eeebuntu)?

  24. eeebuntu and EasyPeasy (formerly Ubuntu eee) are two separate projects, I’ve tried both in my 1000h and finally decided to keep eeebuntu, it works like a charm but I’m also interested in a comparative review with ‘Gloria’

  25. Hellow, i love mint…. love it ….love it…. Have installed in my lappy. But i have this old box, pentium 3 933mhz ram 384 sdram, nvidia 4400 32mb. Can my old box handle xfce version ? I mean smoothly just like my core 2 duo lappy handle gnome version.

  26. New to Linux and Mint 7 has been fantastic. Have old Dell Lat D400 with 30G HD and 1Gmem. Runs smooth and all worked out of box with a tiny bit to get wless working. Only shortfall is I have a relatively new all in one Lexmark wireless which is useless to this computer – at least for now. trying to learn a work-around.

    Thanks for converting me.

  27. Has put Linux Mint 7 gloria Xfce on my laptop and became happy, not too much but at least LM dosn’t break like Windows:-) It has another kind of troubles

    I agree with all comments: Very good job, respect thanks.

  28. WTF!?!?! why is the root password bein messed with. The hole point of it being disable is so no one coud do a brute force attack on your comp.

  29. hi. ive tested the live cd. it seems that mint is very very fast, and has lot of needed plugins installed such as fash. the thing is: i dont know if it possible to have a 2 bar old fashion gnome desktop scheme. i would much aprreciate it if you guys could tip me out on this.

  30. I second Petros Masuku’s question (post #50)

    How can you add XFCE as a DE option to a linux mint GNOME install?

  31. Jack Pidwell,
    you should be able to add a second panel by right clicking on the existing panel. Then choose the last option, I think, configure or customize (I haven’t used this version yet, but it works in Xfce on other distros so I’m guessing). You should see “panel 1” with a plus sign and a minus sign button next to it. Click the + button and then choose where you want panel 2 to be placed. And then use the same right click method to add or remove items from each panel. I hope this works. It worked for me on Xubuntu, Debian, and Sabayon. I hope it works on Mint.

    I’m excited to try out Mint with Xfce now. I’ve enjoyed the Gnome versions, and I am an Xfce fan as well. I’d love to see some more JWM development (by the JWM team itself). It is very light, and looks to have potential. However, LXDE is much more beautiful looking than JWM. But that is just because no pretty themes have been developed for it yet, I believe. IceWM does have some pretty themes and is also quite sleek. So many choices!

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