Linux Mint 7 ‘Gloria’ KDE released!

Written by Clem on Monday, August 3rd, 2009 @ 3:40 pm | Main Topics

The team is proud to announce the release of Linux Mint 7 ‘Gloria’ KDE.

Quick steps:

Introduction to Linux Mint 7 KDE:

The KDE Community Edition aims to provide a version of Linux Mint which uses the KDE desktop.

For a detailed overview of the new features and improvements included in Linux Mint 7 KDE, please read “What’s new in Gloria KDE?“.

System requirements:

A minimum of 4GB of free space and 256MB RAM are needed. For a comfortable experience we recommended to have at least 512MB RAM and 10GB of free space.

Important information and known issues:

For a complete list of known issues read the Release Notes.

The root password is now set as the same as the one chosen during the installation.

If you’re using Mint tools in other distributions, make sure to turn off the adjustment system by editing /etc/linuxmint/mintSystem.conf.

Download Linux Mint 7 KDE:

You can download the Main Edition via torrent or via HTTP:

Size: 1.1GB LiveDVD

MD5Sum: 60d7b284446b6fdaf58cba91446ff5ff

Torrent download:
HTTP download:



Northern America:

Rest of the World:

Order Linux Mint 7 KDE on DVD:

Our partner ships Linux Mint 7 KDE Worldwide for as little as $10. They also contribute $5.41 to Linux Mint for each DVD sold.

Linux Mint 7 KDE can be purchased as a liveDVD, as a virtual machine or as a live media (Flash/SD/CF):

Upgrade instructions:

Upgrade instructions will be published in a few days.

Feedback, ideas, bug reports:

We look forward to reading your reviews and your feedback. If you find bugs, don’t hesitate to report them at and if you have ideas that you would like implemented, don’t hesitate to register blueprints at


Enjoy this new version of the KDE edition and don’t hesitate to send us your feedback. Congratulations and thanks to the maintainer, Jamie Boo Birse, for the excellent work done on this release.

Have a lot of fun and thanks for using Linux Mint.

96 Responses to “Linux Mint 7 ‘Gloria’ KDE released!”

  1. PiEp says:

    Wonderful! Downloading it now via Bittorrent. Will leave the torrent running for the next couple of days…

  2. Žilvinas says:

    Yeah.. And KDE 4.3 will be released today. 🙂

  3. RVM says:

    I can state with no hesitation whatsoever that Linux Mint (I am currently running Felicia XFCE) is the most stable, functional and attractive OS (with a silky smooth out-of-the-box experience), Linux and otherwise, that I have ever used. Add to that the incredible power of having free and open source behind the OS and thousands of apps on tap, and you end up with an amazing operating system/distro. The Linux Mint team, and broadly the Mint/Ubuntu/Debian developer communities, have a lot to be proud of! Thanks for all that you do.

  4. Dark06 says:

    Not bad speed on Bittorrent Im downloading at 900 + Kbs not bad

    Ill keep it uploading it for the next week . AVG upload of 85 Kbs

    I guess good Operating Systems have good uploads !!

  5. john says:

    Good news. Congrats to Boo and the rest of the team.

  6. Ayon Khan says:

    Downloading . . .

  7. ebaut says:



  8. lee8oi says:

    Awsome. Can’t wait to check it out! I have been a bit intrigued by the new KDE 4.x I’m sure it will only be a matter of time when it matures enough, and becomes full featured enough to grab the Desktop throne again.

  9. Jonathan B. Horen says:

    Arrrggghhhh!!! I’ve been running KDE/4.3RC3 for the past week, and now LinuxMint/7 (KDE CE) is “only” with KDE/4.2.4 🙁

    It’s a rough life, amigos… but Clem ‘n The Guys’ll have KDE/4.3 out to us soon enough (OK, it’s never really “enough”, but we can handle it)

    Thanks, Clem!!

  10. Woodstock69 says:

    Great work Guys. I’ve been using the RC for a while but have to switch between great UI features in LM7KDERC that I am compelled to use, and the stability of LM6KDE. Hopefully LM7KDE is now stable on my system and I can stop switching.

    One annoyance though is the release of LM and KDE4.3 on the same day. I’d have prefered that you release another RC with 4.3. I can wait the extra 2 weeks…

    Nonetheless, great work and thanks for the release, keep the innovations coming….

  11. Garsin says:

    I agree with the above posters about KDE4.3. I think another respin when you’re all ready would be quite welcome indeed.

  12. crewords says:

    Good! Thanks for your service.
    I hope, Gloria KDE will be released amd64 version.
    I’m looking forward to releasing amd64…^^

  13. emon says:

    dose it support dial up connection????????????

  14. emon says:

    I love this version of Linux Mint Gloria. (KDE) and the style and color.

  15. emon says:

    tnx to the Mint KDE team.

  16. emon says:

    dose it support dial up connection????????????
    Please I need to know before download.

  17. Max says:

    WOW… Can’t wait for the download to complete… lolz…

  18. Roshan Pius says:

    I’ve Linux Mint 7 Gnome edition installed. How do i install the KDE packages for Mint. I have the Kubuntu packages, but i want to uninstall those and install the Mint Kde packages..

  19. kaddy says:

    Can you upgrade Kde to Kde 4.3 when it is released in a few hours in Mint? without stuffing up mint’s settings ofcoarse???? anyone???

  20. emon says:

    dose it support dial up connection?

  21. eselma says:

    @ emon>

    On the main menu I can see an utility named “Dial-Up Connection”, that opens Kppp.

    Hope this helps

  22. 1138 says:

    @ emon
    Try it with the live CD.

  23. Maxim says:

    64/32? I haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere. Which is it?

  24. Adam Drake says:

    Are there some packages I can download to get the full Gloria KDE experience along side my Gloria Gnome installation? I know you can add KDE to Mint 7, but I don’t think it’s the same as the full blown Mint KDE install. I’d like to have them both in one installation and just be able to choose between KDE and Gnome when booting and see all the features of both versions of the distro. Same for XFCE…

  25. Jeff says:

    does jack work on this?

  26. ebaut says:

    emon, why not? If main edition does, it will support too 🙂
    but PM Clem or Husse for 100% information 🙂

  27. crewords says:

    Good~ Thanks for your service.
    I’m glad to see this news.
    But, I’m looking forward to be released 64bit KDE…^^;

  28. Tom says:

    I recently tried the Gnome version with very good results, thought I would give KDE a shot…so far so good…main thing is getting the wifi working and it works perfectly on my Toshiba laptop. Thumbs up!

  29. emon says:

    thanks to eselma and 1138. God bless them.

  30. Hugo says:

    It has a dial up utility so it should work

    I got to say this looks and works fantastic i just wish it had the Mint menu suggestions i love how it can install packages without opening anything

    also I think its time we work on a version where u can choose your session

    For those wanting 64 bit KDE sorry there wont be any

    Just add the 64 bit packages from the repos

  31. emon says:

    Thanks ebaut also.

  32. Moon Wizard says:

    Why is it twice as large as the other editions? Props on Mint in general; my favorite distro.

  33. kaddy says:

    hey Boo…. Any chance of a respin of LM kde with 4.3? That would be friggin awesome 🙂

  34. benvdh says:

    For more info on KDE 4.3 see this thread in the forums:

  35. Cbiz says:

    I just install Mint 7 KDE in my Lenovo G530 4233-A34, but it not recognize mi WLAN (and don´t turn the WLAN LED on); Mint 7 Gnome no problem in the same Notebook.
    Any suggestions?
    Thanks for this beautiful distro.

  36. M1ch4el says:

    Thx 😉

  37. Fugy says:

    Thx Mint Team!

  38. Cbiz says:

    Just updated all 78 items per LAN, but WLAN don´t turn on. Work fine with Mint Gloria and Mandriva Gnome.
    Any idea?
    Thanks in advance!

  39. Orangepeelbeef says:

    When are the upgrade instructions going to be published? Very excited to use the new version, but not if I have to completely reinstall!

  40. emon says:

    The 4.3.0 version of KDE just released, I can’t wait until Linux Mint 8! That version should have every features. when Mint 8 will release?
    Tnx to Clem.

  41. Marco says:

    Woww Grate release, i hope nex verson o re-respin include KDE 4.3!


    You ROCK!

  42. seham says:

    thanks I am very happy (:

    You are the best


  43. mode says:

    c’mon emon

    mint 7 KDE was released just 2 days ago and you’re already asking about mint 8????

    anyway, earliest that can happen is October/November so you’ll have to chill out…relax…and enjoy Gloria

  44. diacritica says:

    Now downloading.

    I really don’t see the point of the “no-4.3?” fuss. KDE’s much about tweaking and a well tuned 4.2.4 should be more than enough for sooo many people. Not that I’m denying the need for a 4.3 re-spin but I’m sure this release will rock despite that!

    Thanks, Mint team!

  45. kaddy says:

    only problem is… when mint 8 kde comes out…. it will include kde 4.3, but by then, Kde 4.4 will be out… or close to it…. Thats why I hope there is a respin of mint with kde 4.3…. im sure theres lots of us that would be delighted to test it and report back…. its a bit of a shame that Kde is a fair bit behind in mint… because Mint gnome and kde edition are pretty much the Best distro’s available….. The only other distro I would put on Par with mint is Opensuse…. But Mint is Better for new Linux users…. and Kde is getting wayyyy more popular than gnome these days…… (whats that clem?? you want to change Mint’s default to Kde!??? I’ll Vote for that!!!!!) haha. 🙂

  46. emon says:

    Yes I agree with Kaddy…..KDE should be Mint’s default desktro.

  47. emon says:

    Linux is incomplete without Yahoo Messenger! Believe it!
    I’m lame without yahoo Messenger.
    There is no alternative of having yahoo messenger.
    Please do something about yahoo messenger for the next release of Mint 8 KDE 4.3 or 4.4 something.
    The color of KDE is the best and better than Mint’s default wallpaper.
    We like blue rather then green always.

  48. Ikey Doherty says:

    Boo, fantastic work from what I’ve seen and heard, will be trying it as soon as I can. As always, Mint retains its image of being a well-polished and managed system(s).

    @emon: I believe you do not understand perhaps the finer principles of what makes an Operating System? Yahoo Messenger is/has/will never be considered a vital component of any Operating System. Fact.
    “We like blue rather then green always.” By this you are actually only speaking for yourself and not a community, so “I”.

    @Kaddy: I indeed share your enthusiasm for KDE, in all its versions, however the KDE release of Mint is a Community Edition, and the Main Edition of Mint comes with GNOME by default

    For those asking for KDE4.3, please bear in mind its a hard enough job for developers to siphon what is/isn’t stable, and including such new and untested software, which makes up a large amount of a Linux Distribution, would be considered by many to be unwise.

    Again, great work to Boo, Clem and all of Mint, your work makes us all very happy 😉

    Kind Regards,
    Ikey Doherty

  49. manny says:

    To Emon:

    Pidgin 2.5.8 (2.5.5 will not work) will give you access to Yahoo messenger and multiplataforms. Gyache 1.2.0 will support webcam, chat rooms and voice, personally I like it better than yahoo messenger itself. There is Kopete also, you can access messenger and multiple plataforms with it, there are more tools around like ASMN… My favorites are Pidgin and Gyache.

  50. bob says:

    one I see has not changed is you can’t change the resolution I had 800×600 then I selected add software for my 32 mb video card I now have a whopping 600×480,I guess I need a 52 inch monitor,by the way I have 5 other linux systems and none of them gave me this much trouble combined.I guess Helana,Jackie,Kelly might fix it. I am so disappointed

  51. emon says:

    TO/@: Ikey Doherty is right and thanks to Manny.

  52. emon says:

    Ikey Doherty, yew r right.

  53. emon says:

    I’m a new Linux Mint user, can anyone say me what is the solution for using or what is the alternative of using corel draw and adobe photoshop in Mint.

  54. Grancuco says:

    @emon: Your best bet is Inkscape for core draw or illustrator and Gimp for photoshop. It does take some time to get used to it though.

  55. Gg says:

    “I’m a new Linux Mint user, can anyone say me what is the solution for using or what is the alternative of using corel draw and adobe photoshop in Mint.”

    Try GIMP. I can’t remember the name of the open source vector editor but I think GIMP is just as good and photoshop.

  56. Uchan says:

    @ 69
    U can use wine to emulate windows program on Linux.

  57. antemon says:

    this might seem idiotic, but does this KDE version also have that spiffy search thingamajig like in gnome (and uh…. vista/7?)

  58. Andy DCH says:

    now downloading…


  59. Andy DCH says:

    now downloading…

    good bye vista/7….

  60. cbiz says:

    Please, can somebody help me?
    Itś a Broadcom 4312, working perfect with Mint 7 Gnome.
    I repeat my both earlier posts:
    50.-I just install Mint 7 KDE in my Lenovo G530 4233-A34, but it not recognize mi WLAN (and don´t turn the WLAN LED on); Mint 7 Gnome no problem in the same Notebook.
    53.-Just updated all 78 items per LAN, but WLAN don´t turn on. Work fine with Mint Gloria and Mandriva Gnome.


  61. Timber says:

    great linux! ty to the proyect team!

  62. metamorphosuthe says:

    as for installing both GNOME & JDE, I think it’s possible (though I have not done it), by just installing one version then downloading through Synaptic the other). The only problem is that you will break the true Mint Desktop, Basically what you will have is Kubuntu & Ubuntu with access to the Mint tools. It won’t be a true Mint version.

  63. tomac says:

    @cbiz – try installing b43-fwcutter package from console:

    apt install b43-fwcutter
    sudo apt-get install b43-fwcutter

    After installation, it should ask (if I remember correctly) if you want to download a firmware for your Broadcom wi-fi. After completing this step (and probably after restarting, not sure) your WLAN should work.

  64. Stefan says:

    Which do you consider better in terms of look and performance this kde version or the xfce rc1 version?

  65. emon says:

    How to set up Monitor refresh rate at 100Hz in Mint 7 KDE? Is is possible? Otherwise I’ve to use Windows.

  66. emon says:

    How to setup administrator password in Mint?

  67. Chris says:

    Is there a Manual for the KDE version like there is with the other Mint 7 version?

  68. kaddy says:

    post your problems in the forums, not here

  69. Ramesh says:

    I have downloaded the iso and burned to a CD; I plan to install onto my PC with XP and Fedora on different partitions; what about the extra packages? where can I get them?

  70. niggs says:

    i am using intel chipset dg33TL,core 2 duo(2.66 ghz),4gb ram and nvedia graphic GeForce 8600GT 512mb SATA HD……i dont have drivers for chipset and for my graphic card……n i also dont know that is LMKDE-7 is 32/64 bit???plz help me in finding me the drivers……i m new to linux…..plz suggest me the begginer’s version of linux…if u find that LMKDE-7 is advanced for me!!!!!!!

  71. tenach says:

    I think I will give Linux Mint a try before heading off to Gentoo… been very disappointed in the way K/Ubuntu will update & break.

  72. Cbiz says:

    tomac:thanks for your answer, i just see it. I followed it step by step but my Wireless still won´t work. I´ll keep trying.

  73. Inukaze says:

    Someone can giveme the url to download the

    Linux Mint 5 AMD64 with KDE
    and the Linux Mint 7 AMD64 with KDE4

    and someone know when be the release based in the Karmic Koala but with KDE4 in AMD64 ????

    That is all, thanks you all

  74. Marc_uk says:

    seems pulseaudio is working much better (less buggy) than on jaunty, karmic, pardus,, only disappointment i have is WICD drops wireless occasionally again .. did’nt happen in ubuntu karmic. the included network manager dropped wifi badly. using WPA2 psk. ath9k.. hmm.. i may try setting wireless up on command line.. although i think its either WPA supplicant or the ath9k drivers losing the WPA.. possibly power management bug on wireless power saving routine.
    nice .iso guys.. nice work.. much less buggy than the last ‘buntu’s .. still workin on wifi drops here.

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