Monthly News – July 2017

Written by Clem on Sunday, July 30th, 2017 @ 3:03 pm | Main Topics

Many thanks to all the people who donated to us. Thank you for your support.

I hope you enjoyed the recent release of Linux Mint 18.2 and the upgrades in LMDE.

The development cycle for Linux Mint 18.3 was started and some really exciting improvements landed already.

The software sources tool was ported to GTK3 and now supports HiDPI.

Cinnamon gained support for HybridSleep.

The login screen is more configurable than before. Options were added for automatic login as well as the ability to hide the user list and enter user names manually (this is useful for LDAP users). Panel indicators can be enabled/disabled and now show tooltips. And last but not least, the Slick greeter now supports numlockx.

Although app stores already existed in Android and iOS and similar concepts had been developed in PCBSD at the time, Linux Mint was one of the first distributions to introduce a Software Manager. This manager is still really good but it needed attention. A huge amount of work went into revamping it, making it look modern and polishing it to give a better user experience.

We’re still working on it at the moment but I can already tell you the following:

  • The user interface looks more modern and its layout is inspired by Gnome Software. Its simpler, more consistent than before and it makes the application look much cleaner.
  • The software manager no longer uses Webkit. The only toolkit used is GTK and the entire application was ported to GTK3, to bring support for HiDPI.
  • The software manager launches 3 times faster than before. Browsing categories and apps is almost immediate.
  • The backend was ported to AptDaemon and the Software Manager now runs in user mode. Consequently you do not need to enter any passwords to browse applications, and if you enter a password to install or remove an app, the authentication is remembered for a little while so you can install or remove other apps without having to enter that password again.


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$217 (4th donation),
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$105 (16th donation), Jon Espenschied aka “xeno”
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$50 (19th donation), Anthony C. aka “ciak”
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89 Responses to “Monthly News – July 2017”

  1. Roland says:

    When do us LMDE users get a little love in the form of LMDE3?

    Edit by Clem: Probably in the first quarter of 2018. We’ll talk about it as soon as we have some news.

  2. Nomen luni says:

    Go team! Lots to look forward to even at this early stage. I really like the style of the new software centre and the increased snappiness is welcomed.

  3. Georgi says:

    Finally, attention to the Software Manager and to be more precise – about it’s speed, awesome! Great work so far, considering the fact that this happened so early in the development of 18.3!


  4. Claude says:

    Great news for the coming 18.3 !

    As long as thoses changes don’t affect RAM consumption, I’m all for the better look and speed.

    Many thanks, again, for all the work.

  5. Crewp says:

    Has work begun on LMDE3 yet ? Just wondering since there has not been much said about it.

  6. Billy Nix says:

    What is HybridSleep?

    Edit by Clem:

  7. ion says:

    It is cool that Software Manager is updated,
    although Gnome Software supports both flapack and snappy…
    and is available on both .deb and .rpm systems.

    I think that the effort of creating Software Manager is too big

  8. gerry says:

    This is great news Clem, a big thank you to you and your team for this work! I think this work to the software manager is probably well overdue to be fair.

    I have so many questions about the UI but a blog about the monthly news is probably not the place to bring up these questions! I think that perhaps when we cover a story about a new UI/program etc within the monthly news, we could put a webpage link in the story linking to the relevant discussion/thread on the LM forum where people can view their opinions. This might save the blogs on the monthly news from being hijacked.

    So well done to you and the team. Just a pity that you had to bring news about exciting developments in 18.3 so early in the cycle – some of us have little patience 🙁

  9. Roberto says:

    Don’t like that password will be remembered in Software Manager. Could be a security issue. Please allow option to require password for every software installation.

  10. AlanABQ says:

    This is fantastic! I just upgraded from Rosa to Sonya and I’m happy with the changes I’ve seen so far. I’m now running 18.2 on an HP sleekbook that originally had Win. 8 but refused to accept 10… I’d venture to say that it performs better overall now than it did new out-of-the-box.
    The software mngr. looks like it’s going to make any compatibility issues that much easier to address.

  11. Aleksey says:

    Good to port Software Manager to GTK3 and HiDPI as well, as it also has very small fonts for me too (52 DPI, 42″ Full HD monitor).

  12. Óvári says:

    Thank you for your wonderful update Clem.

    Please implement multiple clocks (eg different time zones)

    GNOME also has this feature if it makes it any easier to implement.

    This would be a useful feature in the default Linux Mint 18.3 Cinnamon installation.

    Thank you

  13. Óvári says:

    When Linux Mint 18.2 Cinnamon crashes, the dialog box ask to restart Cinnamon, which the options “Yes” and “No”

    For Linux Mint 18.3 Cinnamon, can another option be implemented to send a crash report to the Linux Mint team?

    Thank you

  14. dd says:

    This is a very good news! The calender should be also improved. Take a look at Event Calendar / Plasma Widgets.

  15. Daniel says:

    Clem, 18.2 is a solid build, congrats!

    Do you plan on eventually getting a Windows 7/8/10 type of taskbar? Integrating something like Icing-Task-Manager by default?


  16. Erick says:

    Wow. Thank you so much for this great news. I also would like to see “No Title Bar” when using Cinnamon.

  17. Suddhaso says:

    Will there be support for xorg 1.19 in Mint 18.3? If not, when?

    Xorg 1.19 is reported to have much better support for nvidia/intel dual-GPU hardware than 1.18 (including resolution of the ongoing screen-tearing issue).

  18. Nomen luni says:

    @9 Daniel-
    +1 for integration of something like Icing. It’s a great option.

  19. Daniel says:

    @Nomen I know that would be awesome. When I switch from Windows 10 to Linux Mint, it takes a while to get used to it and I always end up searching for my opened windows whereas when they’re pinned in one place I know exactly where to click. 🙂

  20. Royi says:


    Please keep the resources down.

    Above all, we want out Linux Mint to be fast, minimal and lite :-).

  21. Barnett says:

    I love Mint. I came from Win 8 and so far I’m satisfied and never gonna leave mint. The team has done a great job but I’m hoping in your next release you work more on boot up time, battery consumption and the fan speed — it never stops even if you’re doing nothing.

  22. BrunoMiranda says:

    Kudos for the usual great efforts and presented work, Clem et all.

    Two recommendations for the Cinnamon side: Cinnamon could use some more keyboard navigation improvements, and some programs (the calculator and Evince, for example) don’t follow up theming customization and keep the original gray theme that I dislike and make it hard to check which is the active foreground window and the inactive background ones.

    Minor polishments on a great solid daily driver distro that I use and thank the Mint Team.

  23. Peter E says: has been down for a few days, maybe more.
    “HTTP 502 — Unable to Connect to the Origin Server”
    has that page been abandoned?

    Edit by Clem: Thanks Peter, we’re aware of it. It’s a hardware failure on the server, we need to get a new one set up. We’ve got backups so it’s just a matter of time.

  24. Kirk M says:

    Also showing down.

  25. Patrick says:

    Thanks for your work.
    What about flatpak and snap support for Sofware Manager?

  26. Pierre Aribaut says:

    Nice work for Linux Mint 18.2, i just have 2 problems sometimes :
    – sometimes it doesn’t shut down well
    – sometimes Wi-Fi disconnect (but not often)

    These are issues know ? Any way to fix it ?

  27. Thomas says:

    I’d like to third the comments by Roland and Crewp. Please keep us updated about developments toward the next version of LMDE!


  28. Gary says:

    Love LM wish I knew what the differences between the flavors are.

  29. amon says:

    Could you take a look at Deepin’s software manager? It has a nice look. Just like its repositories, despite using a debian mirror, it has many more third-party software compared to it.

  30. amon says:

    I would suggest some modifications to the Mate, taking the matte ubuntu into compar.

    As an addition to Vala-Globalmenu

    And the addition of the brightness menu

    As well as the addition of the softwares available in the boutique store in ubuntu mate, although mint has ubuntu as its base, for some reason the boutique does not work on it

    I understand that it is a distro that tends to pass an image base, but there are additions, even if they are not enabled by default, they would be welcome.

    Thank you for your attention.

  31. ger says:

    HybridSleep, As a user who does not need to use hibernate or sleep on my machine, could an option for disabling these be incorporated into the system settings?

  32. Doc says:

    hate Windows/Mac (privacy et al). Tried several distros for Linux (11 of them), ended up with LM–only thing I miss is Windows GUI’s versus having to use Linux Terminal (huge learning curve which prevents Windows users from gravitating to Linux–especially Mint (hate Ubuntu’s GUI)—improve this and you’ll have Windows/Mac users flocking to you

    A couple of minor suggestions please?

    — Software Mgr is being improved (yay!) but can you please implement click-on columnar suggestions (i.e, alphabetize, by popular, by star ratings, by alphabet//installed, by recent installs w/dates?

    Also, within SMgr, please add an ability to “click on & run” the actual or hidden programs that are already installed vs merely “Add” or “Remove” (also versus not finding such programs installed under Menu). It takes me forever to find programs I’ve downloaded, not finding them either in Menu or Software Mgr. I usually have to scan -opt, -etc, -usr, or home files and select -run/bin or something. Or maybe I’m wrong and still have a lot to learn about LM.

    — Network Mgr needs a major overhaul: need better GUI especially for VPN add-on

    Thank you TEAM!! This is a superb distro!!

  33. Nige says:

    Great news about hybrid sleep; I leave my windows machines in hybrid sleep whenever I leave them as this is a massive time saver on restart, and the absence of this is one of the reasons I have not yet fully switched to mint. Thanks Clem to you and the team for all your hard work in all the areas, much appreciated

  34. Lumumba says:

    New icons still collide with existing icons on desktop, please fix.
    And with big icons the grid is a bit off, and there is a too big space between icons and right edge of display.

  35. Óvári says:

    @Daniel #15

    Thank you for promoting the Icing-Task-Manager.

    +1 for its inclusion by default in Linux Mint Cinnamon.

  36. ehtron says:

    Hi 🙂
    hybrid sleep.
    do you plan also setting the time for change from sleep (standby) to hibernate into the gui? eg. 2hours after sleep > hibernate.

    And check if AC or batt working? (no change to hibernate from standby if AC working?

    regards ehtron

  37. karui says:

    I’d like to second #15 Daniel and #33 Óvári.
    Please consider include icing-task-manager in cinnamon by default.
    Thanks a lot.

  38. fernando martinez says:

    wooow, i just updated to sonya and now i am wishing some other girl… this is too much 😀 😀 😀 thanks for all the grate work

  39. Injustice 2 free says:

    Thanks for sharing. This is very helpful

  40. Star Else says:

    Thanks for your work.
    What about flatpak and snap support for Sofware Manager?

  41. Dupo says:

    @Linux Mint Team and Clem:

    Do you think that an update of lightdm and the slick greeter (with all the options) could be available before the release of Linux Mint 18.3 ? Or perhaps, it is not possible.

  42. Scott says:

    Nice, I was waiting for a new software manager for awhile now.

  43. Carlos Felipe says:

    “The software sources tool was ported to GTK3..”

    and the KDE version? Will use GTK3 too?

    Edit by Clem: Yes.

  44. Justin says:

    I’m so glad you’re finally working on the software center, it looks a lot less confusing in that screenshot.

  45. Aditya says:

    Glad to hear about 18.3 so early.
    I would like to suggest that an option be given to choose destination folder for files received via bluetooth.
    Thanks Linux Mint team and Clem for your work.

  46. Robert says:

    Will we see something like Gnome Night Light feature in Cinnamon? 🙂

    Edit by Clem: No, we’ve got Redshift working very well cross-DE.

  47. larsatmint says:

    Well done guys !!!

    Finally went back to your Cinnamon Desktop after a little exploration to other DE’s and or Distros, little experences can’t hurt.
    The change to Light DM was indeed a move, and finally some bugfree
    and beautiful new appletts arrived.
    That is what Cinnamon really needed and what it makes it so great.
    So Mint is again my first choice, and I beliewe you really deserve some support.

  48. ivan says:

    May be included some gnome shell

  49. Bruce R says:

    Very well done indeed. Without MintSonyaMATE64 I couldn’t have made the progress that I have with BrucesWay, having just completed a complete re-write for the Forum. You may not be a Brit, Clem but I reckon that you deserve a significant Honour for your unrelenting work since Daryna, although I miss that of the ‘sayings’ guy may he RIP.
    Personally now in better health I must find a way to resume my donations, but do take a look at BrucesWay in the Forums sometime next week because it’s a bigger and more positive step than flirting with the Israelis in my view. (Shame that it’s free but that’s life, as Tommy Flowers&Co might have said.)

    Edit by Clem: Nationalities don’t matter much around here. There’s 3 in my immediate family already and many more in my team. I’m happy to flirt with anyone friendly and constructive if it gets us to achieve great and exciting things.

  50. Conan Kudo (ニール・ゴンパ) says:

    > The backend was ported to AptDaemon […]

    It’s great that Software Manager got a revamp, but usage of AptDaemon is a problem, as AptDaemon is dead and being removed from Debian and Ubuntu. The suggested migration strategy is to move to PackageKit[1].


    Edit by Clem: Indeed, we’ll either need to port the backend to PackageKit in 2018 or maintain AptDaemon going forward.

  51. Artem says:

    Is it possible now to cancel an ongoing install with Software Manager? This was a showstopper for me.

  52. Mick says:

    @51 Artem,

    Out of curiosity what OS are you using now that allows you to cancel the installation of an app mid progress?

    On a broader note, why would you want to anyway? Would seem safer (to me at least) to let the install finish then uninstall if you have a change of mind.

    Am I missing something?

  53. Albert J. P. says:

    Thanks for the monthly report, I see great innovations coming up especially to the Software Manager.

    Side note: my donation performed on July 13 appears to be missing.

  54. arcticsnow says:

    Hi, Thanks for this wonderful OS!

    As I use it for work in a docking station and regularly to do presentation, I constantly use additional screen to the laptop. When unplugging or undocking the laptop from the additionnal screen, I cannot suspend the OS or it won’t wake up. I am then forced the fully shut down the computer using the power button and restart.

    I do not know what can trigger this bug, but it seems to be happening to colleagues using Cinnamon too, and on couple laptop of mine. If this issue has already been raised in the past, sorry for the duplicate.

    And again thanks for this wonderful OS!


  55. Tomáš H says:

    Helloween Clem.
    Thanks for the great news.
    I want to ask when is planned to introduce the Xorg 1.19.x to LM?
    I think it is important to many people who has dual-GPU, to fix the tearing issues.

  56. rhY says:

    Been using the heck out of Mint Mate 18.2. Very, very useful. Chromium hogs memory sometimes, but it does that in many OSes. LOL. Really running great. I too would like to second the recommend up there to fix the default VPN settings/setup in network manager. Also would love a sysvinit version of Mint at some point, since I do serious work too, and systemd is not as stable still, even all this time later. But in the meantime my servers are running great with Devuan. Keep up the good work. Definitely the best Linux Desktop yet.

  57. Nomen luni says:

    @55 Tomas- Upgrading to Mint 18.2 should fix the tearing. Also see release notes for 18.2 about purging older drivers.

  58. suddhaso says:

    @57 Nomen luni – Mint 18.2 does *not* fix the tearing. Purging older intel drivers, as mentioned in the release notes, also does not fix the tearing.

  59. Nomen luni says:

    Well, worked for a lot of people, myself included.

  60. Bill S. says:

    Please fix the panel problem in Linux Mint Mate
    that causes all these errors to pop up on reboot.
    It is becoming quite annoying and others have commented
    on this bug as well.

  61. Bruce R says:

    As threatened I have just posted a complete re-write of BrucesWay in the Forums that’s based on MintSonyaMATE64, working very well as a MintToolkit from a small 16GB USBkey.
    If I were to charge £250-£1000 for my free information folk might take more notice but that’s life.
    Hopefully some Mint experts will actually create similar ready-to-use devices and get them out to Mint novices for use on host PCs.

  62. Jeppe Jaakarhu says:

    I installed latest updates to Mint 18.2 and Firefox can’t play Youtube videos any more (audio is fine though). How to fix that? I can’t be the only one having this issue, I did nothing else than installed the suggested updates!

  63. dd says:

    Systemback for Windows users that wants to make the change to Linix Mint! A fork to keep only the part with system restore it’s possible and not complicated.

  64. Arazal says:

    I would recommend an update to default apps installed. Nowadays, we lives an online world, for this reason the messaging apps are basic tools. I recommend preinstall Telegram Messenger in Linux Mint, because, it’s a very known app and has a version for linux.

    Thanks for your attention

  65. Bruce R says:

    Response to Entry 49?
    Feel free to Edit/or Suppress this response but its too important to remain silent like a Holocaust denier or ’30s Germany Surviver so I will be trying other venues to spread the word.
    From which you will gather that I am a Holocaust believer having been educated by a Hitler Youth Survivor in 1982, long before ‘The Nazis – A Warning from History’ was produced whilst Today there are too many Deniers in UK government.
    Tom Wilkinson and Rachel Weisz are great in ‘Denial’ whilst the first and possibly the new Mint Boxes are too expensive, too big, flawed and open to explosive bomb bans. My own pocket contains a tiny 64GB device complete with my entire audio collection as high quality, 160Kbps VBR2 MP£ files as well as current MPEG-4 Movies to entertai me wilst using a ‘conventional’ PC host and Printer etc.
    BrucesWay is currently out for beta testing but the information on using MintSonyaMATE64 is provided free and capable of so much more, so once again I say do take a look.

  66. Vassilis says:

    Since there is an option in settings to disable the overlay scrollbars, I think that when they are disabled, the “dotted (dashed) lines” around the containers, should also be disabled, since the always visible scrollbars will indicate the same thing.
    Thanks guys…

  67. Patrick says:

    I had a few minor bugs with Serena and a few more after upgrading to Sonya, but after getting all of the updates, the bugs are all gone and the system runs better than ever. Thank you, Mint Team!

  68. RJ Trujillo says:

    Hey Clem, any way that I help work on Mint? I’d be really interested in helping out in regards to the kernel that is shipped so that Mint can stay up to date with the latest LTS release. I understand that takes a lot, but I’m up for it.

    You can get back to me at:

    I’m really interested in helping out with the project and learning. I’m only a junior in high school, and my skills are limited, but I have made a lot of contributions to Android development. I’m just ready to get involved with something else. My time is very limited, but I can help.

    Here’s my GitHub if it interests you:

  69. Claude says:


    Do you think you could add BIOS update in Mint ?

    That would be huge.

  70. David Mackie says:

    My deep thanks to all of you ! You help me so much in my life, every day.

  71. Bruce R says:

    Sorry, for those interested 10aug2017 vintage information can be found as three less than 100K attachments at Forums/Tutorials/BrucesWay Revised whilst those lucky enough to receive the Beta Version MintToolkit on a 16GB green USBkey will find that it also contains the MintSonyaMATE64 LiveDVD plus the Version 32 Clonezilla LiveCD Source files.
    (This slow response is due to me being reduced to using my twenty year old R60 Thinkpad, identical to those used by the original Ubuntu team although updated with a hybrid drive to treble its speed.)

  72. rod says:

    Just finished a build with the new Ryzen 1600X and Gigabyte gaming MB. When I attempt to to install 18.2 I get vector 107 error and it will not install. Tried Fedora 26 and worked fine. Any suggestions? Love Mint, not so much Fedora. Thanks.

  73. Royi says:


    Great job guys, really.

    Could you update the default GCC to 7.1 and the base Python to 3.6?

    Linux Mint uses really old versions of GCC and Python.

    Thank You.

  74. Silent Warrior says:

    I’m sort of… not thrilled with this ‘hybrid sleep’, because I dual-boot with Win10 – with every major update they enable hybrid sleep by default, and this blocks the all NTFS harddrives from being mounted in Linux. Whatever advantages it does have, DO NOT use it in dual-boot configurations…

  75. dd says:

    Mozilla Joins George Soros’s Efforts In Launching A Strike Against “Fake News”.

    Firefox is not a choice now! Mint team should replace it.

  76. magni says:

    Great news mint team.
    Can you please consider a systray e-mail notifier for Thunderbird or Evolution? I do not know if this can be done easily but in the today world this kind on integration is really necessary.

    Thank you.

  77. roger lawhorn says:

    Can someone explain to me how to find an archive of every copy of firefox published for mint 17/18?

    I need to downgrade and I have very few versions available.
    Please do not go into a ten page essay about how no one should ever downgrade. Just answer the question.

  78. roger lawhorn says:

    This worked for me. I am using Firefox 47 without Multi Process Windows and am doing fine now:

  79. pipab says:

    Big Wow! (not)

    Despite a recent Cinnamon update the thing still crashes on my brand new shiny Mintbox Mini Pro. Yes I can restart Cinnamon but why does it crash in the first place? Shoddy.

    Mint? Now just a bag of old nettles.

  80. Wilo says:

    @Magni (#71) try:

    $ apt install kdocker
    $ kdocker -q evolution

    I’ve been using this for years and years.

  81. umesh says:

    महोदय जी,
    मैं लम्बे समय से उबन्टू का इस्तेमाल कर रहा था, लेकिन सन्तुष्ट नहीं था। मुझे विन्डोज जैसे आपरेटिंग सिस्टम की तलाश थी। लिनक्स मिन्ट ने मेरी वो तलाश पूरी कर दी। लिनक्स मिन्ट लाजवाब आपरेटिंग सिस्टम है इसकी पूरी टीम को जितनी बधाई दी जाय वह कम है। लिनक्स मिन्ट की पूरी टीम को बहुत-बहुत धन्यवाद।

  82. umesh says:

    I was using Ubuntu for a long time, but i was not satisfied. I was looking for an operating system like Windows. Linux Mint completed my search. Linux Mint is a wonderful operating system. Thank you very much to the whole team of Linux Mint.

  83. Simo says:

    This is great news, thank you Clem and your team for this work!. I think, it is best to allow the option to require a password for each software installation.

  84. Mick says:

    @76 Simo,

    Agree that the planned features are indeed good news, and some of the suggestions in the comments also have merit.

    I also agree with you on the SW Centre password aspect, unless the change includes a user configurable option for how long the authentication is remembered (eg: default 0 seconds, user configurable up to xxx seconds). Anyway just a thought.

  85. marlenejo says:

    Sound good update for 18.3. I am enjoying Cinnamon 18.2 very much, thanks but there still an annoying snag. Files copy to USB drives is terrible with large files. Slow and choppy. The OS struggle during the transfer. Sound is choppy and the mouse is erratic until it is completed. Tested out with XFE and it’s super fast. 17.3 had no issue.

  86. usb copy no good says:

    @marlenejo #85
    Experiencing the same issue with file copying to 1GB USB. Also it looks like the file is copied but does not copy correctly.

  87. VentGrey says:

    Any plans for LMDE 3?

  88. Mick says:

    File Management Preferences: Wondering if anyone would find it useful to have a Pane toggle button option for the toolbar. I’ve only recently realised that F3 performs this function, before that I wasn’t aware the pane option even existed, and it’s proving very useful now that I’ve found it. (Cinnamon).

  89. Monsta says:

    If you wish to get Xorg 1.19, you can install -hwe-16.04 packages:

    Of course, this will remove the default Xorg packages, so it’s at your own risk.
    Backup first. 🙂

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