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Written by Clem on Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008 @ 5:28 pm | Main Topics

I recently gave an interview to Pritesh Desai from “Help for Linux”:

I found some of his questions quite interesting as he went beyond the scope of Linux Mint and talked about other distributions, legal aspects surrounding the codecs and the advantages of Open Source for users and developers.

Happy reading everyone.

16 Responses to “Interview by Help for Linux”

  1. jungar says:

    Brilliant. Onwards and upwards I say 🙂 Linux Mint will have a bright future, I already introduced it to three of my friends who are dual-booting with mint and absolutely love it.

    keep up the good work Clem.

    p.s – cute daughter ;p

  2. Clem says:

    Thanks. Her name fits our codename policy so we might name a release after her (don’t tell my wife I ever said that btw) 🙂

  3. Helmut says:

    Very good, Clem!

  4. knuckles says:

    I would wait for LinuxMint6 be for making a decision to donate something (I’m since for a week Mint-User), but after read this interview, i have decide to make a little donation. (i think I’m the first from LUXEMBOURG 🙂 )
    I’m so impressed from the Ditribution it self, the community, and the philosophy from Clem.

    I have to say thanks!!!

  5. hamburn says:

    Brilliant. Sorry, but I can’t top jungar.

    Good words, far away from all the divas in the Linux field.
    You are absolutely right, about the worth of the community.
    In the next days I have the burden happy task to nurse the computers of my sister and her husband from WinXP to Mint Elyssa KDE.
    My way? I let them play with the Live-DVD. They are both nearly 70. But Mint is easy to use for them.

    And yes, cute daughter, congratulation.

  6. hamburn says:

    oh had forgotten, what you said about the codecs and the absurd legal situation in some countries needs my extra applause.
    Lift my hat, Monsieur.

  7. haruspexed says:

    I just say thank you Clem and all others who support Mint at all.

    This whole project is worth more than a BIG donation of money (all i can give ^^), i donate you my deepest respect.

    Best Distro, Best Community, Best Innvation!

    Addicted 4 Life ^^ THANX GUYS!

  8. elbeto says:

    Well Done!

    Clem for President!!! :):)

  9. Mike says:

    Clem yours is a very special distribution I have help folks 7 to 70 use this. To date over the 8 months I have introduced 6 folks to Mint and all are happy and comfortable with it. Thank you for all that you and the Linux Mint team have given. Mike

  10. dw5437 says:

    Mint based on Debian Lenny? Best idea I have heard yet. That is a notch above brilliant!!

  11. Dave says:

    As we baseball fans say, you knocked this out of the park. Great interview, Clem.

  12. Lantesh says:

    Great interview!…very well spoken.

  13. Cliff says:

    [Mint based on Debian Lenny? Best idea I have heard yet. That is a notch above brilliant!!] I’ll second that.

  14. merlwiz79 says:

    @ dw5437 & @ Cliff
    You should look at this post then.

    I liked the interview and greed with pretty much everything Clem said.
    @ elbeto
    President of what?

  15. Daweed says:

    Positive vibrations 🙂

  16. Deadguy says:

    great interview!

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