News Update


  • We’re currently addressing the “Black Screen of Death” bug and re-spinning the 32-bit ISO which is likely to be released sometime this week as “201101” to avoid confusion with the current ISO. This bug is preventing many people from running the live CD.


  • The forums were moved to a new Cloud Server running Debian in 64-bit. Among other advantages, this allows us to “resize” the server and add or remove RAM to it remotely in less than 10 minutes. We’re currently experimenting for 3 days with different amounts of RAM to decide how much to allocate to the server and to reach the perfect balance between performance and cost. The servers were running successfully with 8GB RAM yesterday. They’re running with only 2GB RAM today and they’ll be using 4GB RAM tomorrow.
  • The Community Website is now running on its own in our Canadian server in Toronto.
  • We lost our development and testing server in London.
  • A second Cloud Server was allocated to host our public archive (which was previously in London).