Mint 8 – Getting close to a stable release

Written by Clem on Wednesday, November 25th, 2009 @ 12:01 pm | Main Topics

– The translation templates were frozen and we’re waiting on translations to be completed. If you want to help, please visit the following address:

– Because of a compatibility problem between mint4win/wubi and the new Grub2, Linux Mint 8 Helena will come without any Windows installer.

– 26 bugs were fixed since the release candidate. All fixes were made available as level 1 and level 2 updates. RC1 users can apply these updates using their Update Manager. Updated translations will come as an update to the mint-translations package.

75 Responses to “Mint 8 – Getting close to a stable release”

  1. Grego says:

    I cannot wait anymore! Please release it!

  2. Djip says:

    Great, i can’t wait to install the stable version!
    For translation, i’m afraid i can’t help, my native language is already translated :/

  3. aqua says:

    me too, the italian is 100% translated.

    26 bugs fixed is very good, and NO windows installer it’s not bad. 🙂

    i’m waiting!!! 🙂 🙂

  4. Stupid question says:

    Probably everyone except me knows it: If I install the RC, will it update to the stable release automatically?

  5. David Bentolila says:

    Acabei de finalizar o Português Brasileiro (pt-BR) !!! Então Português Brasileiro Já está 100% também !!! Que venha a versão final !!!

    I just finished the Brazilian Portuguese (pt-BR)! So Brazilian Portuguese is 100% translated! Waiting final version!

  6. I Putu Yoga Permana says:

    Indonesia is 100 % translated. still waiting!

  7. pepe says:


    please 64bits 1º

    closed 32bits

  8. Pavstyuk says:

    Translated into Russian is finished too! We are wating!

  9. Micah says:

    Awesome news! Would be a great gift to have the Main Edition available to play with over our long weekend here in the states…

  10. Mike says:

    I hope one of the bugs that were fixed was the slow download speeds I’m getting. Download speed is fine in Mint 7, but in Mint 8 and Ubuntu 9.10, download speeds are choked at about 70kbs. I get 400+ in Mint 7. Looking forward to moving to Mint 8, as everything is looking so nice!!!!

  11. Robert E Kirkwood says:

    The Grub version that comes with Mint8rc, is about 5 times slower to load than the Grub version that comes with Mint7 anyone know why?

    My name is Bob and I love MINT7 and will be very reluctant to change,but I find Mint8RC1,very exiting but slow to load.

  12. Clem says:

    Hi Robert,

    Try to remove grub2-theme-mint and see if it speed things up for you.


  13. daka says:

    Will the stable release be based on kernel “.15” …… by any chance? The usb mobile modems did not work at all in “network Manager” causing nightmares for those dependent on usb mobile (3G) modems.

  14. daka says:

    Forgot to mention that (“proposed”) kernel .15 supposedly fixed this network manager problem.

  15. Brian says:

    Whats about an alternate cd like Ubuntu Alternate CD.
    I want to crypt the disk and create LVMs.


  16. Hawkeye says:

    A couple of days, a week, maybe, and then another wonderful edition of Linux Mint to explore and enjoy. The anticipation is only exceeded by my confidence in the high quality OS you will make available for public release.

    This is just one big group hug for everyone who has contributed to LM 8 so far. Other people have said the same thing in different ways, but I believe your organization, and by extension your product, is a beautiful model that combines complexity that is transparent, class exhibited in all the little things you do, and an unbelievable transparent human sensitivity in what is often a cold and distant process development and support process. Other organizations produce a fine version of Linux (none as great as LM, who,yah!), but none grasp the whole ‘community thing’ quite like you guys.


  17. dory says:

    Oooo.. Indonesia can’t wait the final release of helena.

  18. Kij says:

    Hurry up!

  19. Danang Hartadi says:

    I’ve finished reviewing and correcting Indonesian language. all set and ready to roll out

  20. ngrodri says:

    Congratulations for your excellent work!!!

    I would like the stable version of Helena included all the packages updated (firefox inclusive) and the last stable kernel (

    Thank you very much.

  21. aqua says:

    the latest stable kernel is

  22. Danang Hartadi says:

    Indonesia is waiting. 🙂

  23. Jon says:

    This gonna be awesome!!! Can’t wait for it.

  24. Napster says:

    Hey that is a good news, 26 bugs fixed. I think the Arc-wise gdm login screen is still there. I liked it the most. I’ve voted for fresh wallpaper. I think that would be there. There is no need of wubi exactly. All those windows geeks should study how to install Linux….
    I’m waiting…
    I’m wasiting…


  25. MaximRus says:

    Когда выйдет Linux Mint 8 (Helena)?

    When will appear Linux Mint 8 (Helena)?

  26. Homer says:

    When I downloaded the Gnome Games that I had in Mint 7, the Games menu did not scroll, nor did it include all the games in the set. Has this been fixed?

    Great release, congratulations to the Mint Team! With this release you have gotten me to the point of feeling guilty for not making a contribution. It will be forthcoming over out “Football/Turkey/Family Weekend” (notice the order!) here in the Colonies.

  27. Clem says:

    Homer: Yes, mintMenu got an update to fix the issue related to the Games category not appearing.

  28. Homer says:

    When I downloaded the Gnome Games that I had in Mint 7, the Games menu did not scroll, nor did it include all the games in the set. Has this been fixed?

    Great release, congratulations to the Mint Team! With this release you have gotten me to the point of feeling guilty for not making a contribution. It will be forthcoming over our “Football/Turkey/Family Weekend” (notice the order!) here in the Colonies.

  29. martinLutherKing says:

    hey guys i like your distro, but please deactivate all sound in the livecd-modus it would be great 4 all the people who use your distro on public computers like university or libraries
    hand, martin

  30. nouma says:

    Time seems very long when we are waiting for “the holy graal” 😉

    Thank you clem and to all contributors !

  31. Johan says:

    di antosan ….. 🙂

    di tunggu …… 😀

    waiting ….. xD

  32. João Fernando says:

    Não vejo a hora de poder instalar essa nova versão…

  33. Greg says:

    Happily waiting, I know it will be worth waiting for.

  34. Germán says:

    Waiting for the best Distro…

    Linux Mint, of course ^^

  35. Andrew says:

    wow i just started using mint and loving it cant wait till the stable version comes out for Helena!

  36. Danny Peace says:

    Really loving Mint 7 & 8rc1 heavenly. Please continue to keep up the great work.

  37. ipal says:

    It’s amazing,..I waiting for Mint 8,..bravo.

  38. Xoo says:

    BEAST. Good luck on the final release, Clem.^_^

  39. tmc says:

    Clem, I know you work hard on the new release. Thank you for your effort and congratulations for the achievements.

    There is a thing that I can’t keep for myself: is very frustrating to wait day-by-day for the new release without knowing the release date. This is why I switched from Mint to Arch. I wouldn’t share this feeling with you if my Mother wouldn’t still use Mint, being a big fan of it. She’s over 80…

    So, can you help my Mom telling something about the Big-Mint-8-Day?… 🙂

  40. Coach says:

    Looking forward to final release. Please add counter on main Linux Mint page.

  41. Dr H says:

    I have only been using Linux Mint 7 for a few weeks now. I was a long time windows user. I have been completely converted with Linux Mint! After using Mint 7 for a month or so, I can’t imagine ever going back to the “other” OS. My regards to the Mint dev team. I’m passing the word along and converting folks to Mint. There are 3 of us here that are now Mint users and have scrapped our W OS. There are only a couple things that I can’t run on Mint, but I have found opensource products to take their place. THANKS! I’m early awaiting the new stable release.

  42. joe says:

    will there ever be a wubi i have another pc

  43. Bob Abspoel says:


    Please, with the release, tell the people who are dependent on a 3G dongle, whether they should wait or whether it is safe to install Mint 8. Especially newbies would be shocked to suddenly be without the internet connection — without a possibility to look for a fix.

  44. DaveK says:

    Can’t wait for Mint 8, BUT, hope it doesn’t have the same problem that RC1 has, along with Ubuntu 9.10. On my laptop (Toshiba X205-9800) boot hangs for about 3 or 4 minutes just after the line that has something to do with firewire. That will be the only thing to keep me from upgrading. I may have to wait for a later release….

    Still LOVE Mint!!

  45. mog says:


    take your time because it’s important to have stable and secure operating system

  46. JMR says:

    Pretty please, with sugar on top…..release release

    I love Ubuntu (even w/ the required additional tweaks and modifications), but also love The Mint!!!!

  47. Jon says:

    It would be nice (for the release of Linux Mint 9) to have an email list to inform everybody when the release is published.

  48. Zeus says:

    Wubi/Windows Installer is critical. On some machines, you just can’t partition them, either by personal choice or by restriction from above. Wubi lets me put Mint on machines without freaking people out or endangering their precious data with “that crazy Linux stuff”. Soon, they don’t consider it so crazy and start to like it.

    Please consider a workaround.

  49. Homer says:

    Clem – I’m running mintmenu 4.9.0 and the games (just installed via Software manager) still do not all show up, nor does the menu scroll.

    Is it me? I have a fresh install of RC1 will all updates installed except for “mint-artwork-common”, “mint-artwork-gnome”, “ubuntu-xsplash-artwork” and “xsplash.” I didn’t install those as I really prefer the original Mint 8 RC1 backdrop when I log in. Could not installing any of these be an issue?

  50. IsaoHK says:

    I’m so eager to get the official Mint 8.
    Especially to test the translation.^^

  51. IsaoHK says:

    Vietnamese translation, I may add. 😉

  52. Gregology says:

    I heard from a friend of a friend that Mint 8 will be released by the end of the year 😉

  53. olivier76 says:

    Je suis utilisateur de Simple backup il s’installe correctement grâce a synaptic mais impossible de la démarrer avec la menu d’HELENA.
    a noter que le logiciel démarre bien en ligne de commande ou avec un lanceur créer sur le bureau (même commande que dans celui du menu).

  54. Abhay Singh says:

    India’s waiting for the stable release.

  55. Dutchie says:

    Although I usually use Mint in English, I just tried the Dutch installation in a virtual machine. My goodness, what an awful translation. I don’t mean to be rude, but it’s really just terrible. I mean, “Weergeef dit venster bij opstarten” is that supposed to be understood by any Dutch speaking person? “WordT een sponsEr”? “BeDoek het forum”?… Mint really deserves better than that! Also, there was still a lot of untranslated text, even though the translations page says everything was translated.

  56. Jon says:

    I also think it would be great to have Wubi included. Is it possible to include it in an update later on?

  57. ebaut says:

    yeah!!! =^.^=

  58. Wamukota says:


    you’re correct, but in the meantime all those errors have been corrected – that’s why the devs roll out a RC before going Gold. I hope to see you in our translation team as any help is welcome.


  59. IsaoHK says:

    @Dutchie: same experience here. It seems like they are still not applying the lastest translation for every languages to the packages/system yet. The available translation seems to be very old already.

  60. @Dutchie says:

    If peoples would seat down and work to improve what is not yet perfect instead only complain the work of the community probably the world would be better!!!
    You are allowed to correct and improve the Dutch language version!!!

  61. linuxuser says:

    I think it’s better to wait a little bit longer and get a stable system than make it as poor as Microsoft.

  62. linuxmintfan says:

    I think it’s better to wait for a good operating system. Take a look to Microsoft 😉

  63. Dutchie says:

    Just to make things clear: I did not only want to complain and yes, I do want to contribute to the Dutch translation. Thanks btw to Wamukota for pointing me to the Dutch site about Mint – I didn’t even know it existed! See you there…

  64. druss says:

    Ukraine is waiting…

  65. Juan says:

    I can sleep anymore… release helena…stable version NOW!!! ha ha ha

  66. miguel says:

    with dual booting(xp or seven) the same problem like ubuntu 9.10.
    no such device…
    how can we solve this problem?

  67. Napster says:

    I hope the menu bug is fixed… Its a pain on the neck to see, the menu goes weired sometimes…Its just switching among them when I get the mouse pointer to select something…!!!
    I really hope that its fixed…Its fixed…

    I’m waiting for helena stable….
    From RC1…..Napster… 😀

  68. Jaime Frontero says:

    Can’t wait! Oh man, I *need* that stable version.

    Is the Klingon translation done?


  69. daka says:


    November 25th, 2009 at 10:39 pm


    Please, with the release, tell the people who are dependent on a 3G dongle, whether they should wait or whether it is safe to install Mint 8. Especially newbies would be shocked to suddenly be without the internet connection — without a possibility to look for a fix.


    This is a BIG pain in the ass for many thousands of users of Ubuntu 9.10 …….. Please advise us whether it will be solved in the new Mint release, or advise us on how to solve it easily.



  70. V3nom says:

    take your time to release it

    like that it will bug free ;p

  71. says:

    LinuxMint is great , but i use it with win installer, i am still winxp user, so i would be really happy if you could make it work with wubi.

    Keep up the good work


  72. tt7crocodiles says:

    [quote] pepe Says:
    November 25th, 2009 at 1:34 pm


    please 64bits 1º

    I second that!
    Please x64!

  73. jaybee says:

    Please include wubi. It takes a lot of effort to partition my hard disk and stuff..

  74. Grant Wills says:

    I have been running Mint 7 in a wubi since 7 came out. I have RC1 (now fully upgraded to 8 with no problems) running slowly in Sun’s virtual box. I still need XP for my core business of Web design to run the latest versions of Adobe CS4 (Dreamweaver etc.). I also have XandrOS Presto running in a wubi type arrangement when I need a super fast boot up (about 14 seconds on my old compaq nx7010 pentium M). My old bios has lost the plot with all the partitions I have on my 160 GB internal drive. Will the new Grub loader recognise Mint 8 if I put it into one of my existing partitions? (Mint 7 and the last Ubuntu came up with an error message at boot) My old bios does not support booting from USB or I would boot it from an external drive or stick.
    Ideally I would like to run it the same as Mint 7, IN a WUBI.
    The new Ubuntu gives you the option of using the new or old Grub loader but I don’t want to go back to Ubuntu as I just love how every thing works in Mint straight out of the box.
    Thank you

  75. osckeitaro says:

    i need a try with wubi or mint4win installer, nothing more.

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