Jamie “Boo” Birse released two new ISOs for the KDE and miniKDE editions.

Stable ISOs were replaced with “Revision 1” ISOs, mirrors and on-disk.com were contacted and now.

Revision 1 fixes the bug from Stable where the installer would crash if the user chose a manual  partition scheme.

This time last year, Ada was released: Linux Mint 1.0.

Most Mint users arrived after the release of Barbara, Bea, Bianca or even Cassandra. In fact, a lot of people never tried Ada at all. If you have some spare time and a free partition, why not try it out?

We guarantee you it won’t stay on your computer for long. But it might be an interesting experience and it will show you what the first ever released of our distro looked like 🙂

Note: The installer in Ada isn’t that stable and we strongly recommend you use a virtual machine 😉