How to upgrade Mint 6 Felicia x64 to Mint 7 Gloria x64


  • This upgrade path is for the x64 Edition only, from a Mint 6 Felicia to a Mint 7 Gloria system.
  • There is no guarantee that it will work for you. In fact this is quite a risky process. If you’re experienced and if you know how to troubleshoot and solve common Linux problems (in particular X11, kernel modules and APT problems) then you’re probably OK. If you’re a novice user we recommend you perform a fresh installation of Linux Mint 7 x64 instead.
  • You should make backups of all your data before upgrading.

Upgrading graphically:

  • Open a terminal and type the following commands: “apt update” and “apt install mintupgrader-felicia-x64”
  • Open mintMenu and run “Menu->Administration->Upgrade to Linux Mint 7″
  • Follow the instructions. Choose the default options. Ignore errors (in particular GPG and gtk2-engines-aurora errors).
  • Once the tool is finished upgrading, reboot the computer.
  • Eventually, if you noticed errors the first time, run the tool again (it should be faster and if things failed the first time it will resume the upgrade).

Upgrading from the command line:

Open a terminal and type the following commands:

  • gksu gedit /etc/apt/sources.list (Change all occurrences of “felicia” to “gloria”, and all occurences of “intrepid” to “jaunty” then save the file and close the editor)
  • apt update
  • apt remove mintassistant
  • apt install linuxmint-keyring
  • apt update
  • apt install mint-info-x64 (choose “Y” or “I” to install the package maintainer’s version)
  • apt install mint-meta-x64 (choose “Y” or “I” to install the package maintainer’s version)

In the terminal, repeat the following commands until both show no upgrades available:

  • apt upgrade
  • apt dist-upgrade

Then type the following commands:

  • apt install mint-meta-x64
  • sudo rm -rf /boot/gfxmenu/default.message
  • sudo ln -s /boot/gfxmenu/linuxmint.message /boot/gfxmenu/default.message

Finally, open “Login Window” from the menu, click on the “Local” tab and choose the Arc-Wise theme. (If after rebooting you get an error about the theme at the login prompt, repeat this step.)

To get GDM to play the default Linux Mint sound, open “Login Window”, click on the “Accessibility” tab, and set the sound for “Login screen ready” to “/usr/share/sounds/linuxmint-gdm.wav”.


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  3. I agree with, ebaut.

    It’s always best to do a fresh installation, instead of upgrading. Although the chances of any problems from upgrading are rare, it still happens.

  4. I was able to complete the upgrade. The apt update crashed on me a couple of times, but forcing an install on those packages worked. My wireless connection worked fine after the upgrade, but the nvidia drivers didn’t work and had to be installed again.

    Thanks to the Linux Mint Team for a great work done on this distro and the excellent upgrade instructions!!!

  5. Greeaat! Thanks!
    About a fresh installation, and losing all installed programs:
    shouldn’t the upgrade path be as smooth as possible?
    Bye from Nederland.

  6. When I updated to Mint 7 from Mint 6 (x64) or installed fresh Mint 7, both VMplayer and VirtualBox 3 froze the system. Is this due to new NVIDIA drivers? New kernel?
    This occurs on an AMD Phenom x4. I have no problems with an AMD dual core (Athelon?)

    That being said, Mint is the most stable Linux for my 64 bit hardware. Thanks so much for a great distro.

  7. The upgrade worked flawlessly on my Dell XPS1530 I had no issues what so ever, none at all.
    Im really disappointed I was looking at improving my Linux skills.

    Like they say you can please half the people half the time, but I must congratulate you on a job well done.

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  9. It worked great. The first time the tool produced many errors. After first reboot the tool produced only 2 errors! After second reboot a welcome screen was presented. Great! And there was only one error left. Thanks from Nederland.

  10. I’m trying to use the “Terminal” font. When I enter sudo dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig-config, nothing happens. This worked in 6. How can I enable bitmapped fonts in 7?

  11. Hi , im working on Gloria but i get this message after install some software , on startup i get can’t open file /usr/share/gdm/themes/Arc-wise/Arc-wise.xml … i saw in themes and it doesnt exist the folder Arc-wise neither… what i have to do to fix it??? i was looking 4 this theme but i didnt find it yet.

    Please help me

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