Linux Mint 20.3 “Una” Cinnamon – BETA Release

This is the BETA release for Linux Mint 20.3 “Una” Cinnamon Edition.

Linux Mint 20.3 Una Cinnamon Edition

Linux Mint 20.3 is a long term support release which will be supported until 2025. It comes with updated software and brings refinements and many new features to make your desktop even more comfortable to use.

New features:

This new version of Linux Mint contains many improvements.

For an overview of the new features please visit:

What’s new in Linux Mint 20.3 Cinnamon“.

Important info:

The release notes provide important information about known issues, as well as explanations, workarounds and solutions.

To read the release notes, please visit:

Release Notes for Linux Mint 20.3 Cinnamon

System requirements:

  • 2GB RAM (4GB recommended for a comfortable usage).
  • 20GB of disk space (100GB recommended).
  • 1024×768 resolution (on lower resolutions, press ALT to drag windows with the mouse if they don’t fit in the screen).

Upgrade instructions:

  • This BETA release might contain critical bugs, please only use it for testing purposes and to help the Linux Mint team fix issues prior to the stable release.
  • It will be possible to upgrade from this BETA to the stable release.
  • It will also be possible to upgrade from Linux Mint 20, 20.1 and 20.2.
  • Upgrade instructions will be published after the stable release of Linux Mint 20.3.

Bug reports:

  • Bugs in this release should be reported on Github at
  • Create one issue per bug.
  • As described in the Linux Mint Troubleshooting Guide, do not report or create issues for observations.
  • Be as accurate as possible and include any information that might help developers reproduce the issue or understand the cause of the issue:
    • Bugs we can reproduce, or which cause we understand are usually fixed very easily.
    • It is important to mention whether a bug happens “always”, or “sometimes”, and what triggers it.
    • If a bug happens but didn’t happen before, or doesn’t happen in another distribution, or doesn’t happen in a different environment, please mention it and try to pinpoint the differences at play.
    • If we can’t reproduce a particular bug and we don’t understand its cause, it’s unlikely we’ll be able to fix it.
  • The BETA phase is literally a bug squashing rush, where the team is extremely busy and developers try to fix as many bugs as fast as possible.
  • There usually are a huge number of reports and very little time to answer everyone or explain why a particular report is not considered a bug, or won’t get fixed. Don’t let this frustrate you, whether it’s acknowledged or not, we appreciate everyone’s help.
  • Please visit and to follow the progress of the development team between the BETA and the stable release.

Download links:

Here are the download links:

Integrity and authenticity checks:

Once you have downloaded an image, please verify its integrity and authenticity.

Anyone can produce fake ISO images, it is your responsibility to check you are downloading the official ones.


We look forward to receiving your feedback. Many thanks in advance for testing the BETA!


    1. Ok, Japanese with fcitx and mozc works just fine! Yay!
      Like currently, there is still the small issue with local-menu resizing on the systray, but its nothing new and tolerable. – When right-clicking fcitx (or any other app in systray that can change menu items count), the first time it opens the size of the previous item count and only on reopen adjusts. But its a minor detail.

  1. i now have 1 seed and 4 peers and the download is going at 400k/sec, so its slowly speeding up.
    thanks for the great work, i will see how the beta goes

  2. Thank you for this amazing release. Calendar events, the new Library app and manga support on Xreader are awesome.

    I didn’t like the new theme though, but I guess it was necessary to comply with recent Adwaita changes. I installed the mint-themes-legacy package, but it’s not compatible with dark mode yet.

    I could put up with the new theme, but Firefox 🙁

    Can you add .05 decimals to the text scaling factor? I’ve entered 1.25 and pressed Enter, but it still says 1.2. It’s slightly different when I enter 1.25 and 1.2 respectively. I guess it works as intended, it just doesn’t reflect it to the GUI. I think it was the same on 20.2, but I’m not sure. But I’m sure there are lots of 14” laptops out there that need 1.25 scaling.

    Thank you for your outstanding work, looking forward to the final release. I love .3 releases of Linux Mint 🙂

  3. What Flatpak version does Mint 20.3 have? I really hope it is not the outdated one from LTS Ubuntu that used to be in Mint 20.x.

    1. Hi Clem, is the new version of flatpak just 1.12, or 1.12.2? As according to the Flatpak github the point release fixed a few 1.12 bugs.

    2. It looks like there has been a mixup on our side here. 1.11.2 is actually in this BETA. We’ll get this fixed and backport 1.12.2 before the stable release.

  4. I really wish the nemo side panel retained it’s dark background. This has a soothing effect at least on my side. Now everything is too bright when opening nemo.

    1. I was hoping there would be a feature where you could right click on a blank area of the panel and select “show dark panel”. Just a thought on that.

  5. Thank you so much Linux Mint Team, the manga reader treatment is so welcome, I love it! ❤️
    Hope to see more improvements in future releases, your work is very profesional!

  6. Many fine and appreciated improvements: calendar and xapp tweaks are very welcome!
    New theming: well… it’s ok, I guess. Would have hoped for some of the fancy colors to return.
    New Window title bar: definitely to big – would be nice if you could include a slim version of the rounded corner variant since vertical real estate is still at a premium thanks to hardware manufacturers (maybe even a little slimmer than the original mint-y theme?)

  7. Small issue with ‘thingy’ : The context menu ‘move to trash’ option should be changed to ‘remove from recent’.
    Reasoning: we are dealing with quick access to work in progress files not with a file manager. It’s important be able to curate the quick access contents for good usability but permanent deletion should be left to the file manager in order to avoid accidents. Workflow regarding the ‘trash bin’ might also differ since ‘nemo’ offers options to bypass the ‘bin’ which are not consistent with what is offered in ‘thingy’ which might result in additional work for the user.

    1. Hi,

      I think we’ll need both. There’s also the possibility to offer additional content type and filters (movies, office docs, etc..) and to let users create collections or tags. We’re just getting started with thingy, we’ll see how popular it becomes and how much resources we’ll spend on it for Mint 21, but it definitely has room to grow.

  8. What a fantastic new collection of backgrounds in the Mint 20.3 Beta. Quite stunning for a dot release in my opinion. Very well done.

  9. Many “great little” improvements like the Bluetooth-toggle and ctrl-tab in Xed. Thank you very much!
    Is there a possibility to integrate iCal or CalDAV Files (local or network-based/NAS) in the calendar?

    1. Yes absolutely. I didn’t try caldav yet, but ICS works well in Thunderbird and/or GNOME Calendar. I need to push a fix actually for this, I found a bug related to ICS support yesterday.

  10. Please make the Edge version of Mint stand out more, it’s a bit hidden. Perhaps adding a note in the Cinnamon Edition section.

  11. Can you improve the fractional scaling when you work on Mint 21? I want to remove Windows next year, but this is one of the things that is annoying. On normal 125% everything is blurry. On hidpi 125% everything is good, but it kind of demands too much of the system, especially gpu, and some programs like Steam are tiny. I do not understand how this works very well in Windows and KDE, but not in Cinnamon. Is this limitation of Gnome or something else? Can it be improved? Thank you.

  12. 1. Have you fixed this bug in Cinnamon already? It’s been there since March and it’s trivial.

    2. Why did you remove the extra buttons in the window titlebar starting with 20.0? I use Shade frequently.

    3. Is there anyone able and willing to look into the desktop icons mess?
    – enable/disable a secondary monitor and part of the icons dissapear, requiring reboot or log out/in
    – resize (downsize) desktop icons or grid space and their original position will all be shuffled about
    – dragging a desktop shortcut/launcher to a panel is still an impossible dream

    4. Is there a way to set the overall (system-wide) encoding of the ANSI files content to anything other than default system encoding? Say Central-European on a Western/UTF-8/Unicode system?

    5. Is there a way to permanently disable the utterly unwanted and annoying “feature” of slow scrolling on scrollbars? (that thing when keeping mouse button down on scrollbar for more than two seconds makes the scrollbar thumb wider and scrolling becomes extremely scaled down from the mouse movement)

    6. Since you’re messing around with themes, can you make titlebar button size independent from one another so that they could have at least different widths without using tricks such as images with transparent areas?

    7. Simple Scan as the default application in 19.2 cannot ever detect my Lexmark X1900 series device, however XSane always does. Any improvements in this area, or consider shipping XSane instead of Simple Scan?

    8. Default Bluetooth application is lame in dealing with multiple adapters (their names are switched) and cannot selectively enable/disable as desired. Others suggested the shipping of Blueman as default in the past and I support this suggestion as it does handle satisfactorily enough my two adapters (one being disabled) and the connected devices, although at times it might get somehow stubborn. Would you consider this suggestion?

    There would be many other issues to question about but since I won’t be leaving 19.2 anytime soon – if ever – the above should be enough, hopefully others too might need answers to those questions.

    1. This is a post about the BETA! Is any of your points specific to something that got broken only in this beta release?
      For general issues, there is either github or

    2. Those are things lingering on since… who-knows-when (plus something new to the 20.x line). A beta is as good a time as any to fix things before the stable comes out. But is fixing bugs a priority, or cramming in useless gimmicks is more important?

    3. 1) This is not really trivial, but will have a look at its consistency for 21
      2) Client-decorated windows (the type that have controls/content in the titlebar itself) support only min, max, close and menu actions. It would be more confusing to advertise features that only work on certain windows. Shade can still be performed on legacy windows using a keyboard shortcut or via mouse click/scroll actions.
      3) Agreed this whole area is due for improvement.
      4) no idea, sorry.
      5) No that I know of, this an issue to be raised here: (good luck getting them to see any sense – this ‘feature’ drives me nuts also).
      7) Xsane is quite a bit more imposing and complicated than simple-scan, which makes simple-scan the better option for most users. While not suggesting this would be sufficient impetus for you to upgrade, do later versions of simple-scan work with your hardware?
      8) Using blueman is already being considered for 21.

    4. Thank you for replying and sorry for the delay – not getting e-mail notifications makes me forget since I got a very bad memory.

      1. The tooltip issue seems quite simple to me and since I made the small change myself in both 19.2 and 20.1/2 (VBox) at the time I did not notice any ill- or side effect. Certain applets that provide immediate feedback through tooltips when acted upon their icons (such as my Applet PYE found in the forums) would definitely benefit from having this issue fixed. Hopefully you’ll find time to test and maybe add it as update/backport for the 20.x line.

      2. Client-decorated windows are among the ugliest ideas I encountered and am trying to stay away from them as much as possible. Even so, maybe an effort should be made to port those functions to the ugliness instead of stripping the utility from the “normal” windows – which include Windows applications run through Wine. This duality doesn’t look good and for what it’s worth my opinion is that functionality should be the primary goal.
      As for keyboard shortcuts, those are too dangerous, especially for laptop users where keys are too close to each-other and accidents can happen. More so for mouse-oriented users like myself. Actions are also differently set up to fit personal preference acquired many years ago. Here’s my preferred setup:

      3. The desktop issue all in all should be and should have been one of the top priorities. Multi-monitor setups have already been a thing for years, maybe mostly in working environments but also at home. I used to have dual-view with my Windows 98SE machine about 15 years ago! Granted Windows has had certain issues with desktop icons since forever (no idea how it fares now with 10/11, wouldn’t touch ’em) but nowhere as bad as this one in Mint.

      4. Setting the encoding for non-Unicode applications was fairly easy in Windows and it did work correctly. This should be a system-wide setting that all applications should observe. For various reasons – such as compatibility with older applications and/or older operating systems – certain documents must remain ANSI and they should be correctly rendered according to the specified code page. Currently I have to resort to Windows editors under Wine in order to work with such files, an operation that has its own quirks.

      5. Blaming Gnome is easy, dealing with them as a simple user – not so much, if only for the mere fact that my browser of choice cannot deal with the WebComponents employed by the Gitlab site. Now, since the Mint team already alters various parts of code from various providers could that be something to address in Mint itself rather than relying on the upstream “specialists” that break things for the fun of it? Adding that “bullet-time” effect (yeah, just watched the “female vision” of Matrix 4) as optional (and disabled by default) in the Accesibility panel would be the most logical and sensible approach. That Caps Lock Delay mentioned below too, although I don’t know what it refers to, never stumbled upon it.

      6. You skipped this one, maybe because it’s too complicated. It deals with metacity which was supposed to be obsoleted if I’m not mistaken. No idea which version is being used currently in Mint 19.x and 20.x and also no idea if there is a newer version or if it’s being worked on at all.

      Now, if you look at the screenshot in #2 you see the Menu/Sticky/Shade/Minimize vs Maximize/Close buttons at different sizes as I want them to be but that’s only because I used a trick setting the unique button size – who in the metacity team was so limited in thinking to use unique button size?! – to a large value and using images with transparent parts to simulate narrow buttons. This looks fine to the right, but to the left there are gaps between buttons, that shouldn’t be, because that takes space from the title text especially in narrow windows (such as messageboxes etc).

      So what I was complaining about, and which is entirely metacity developers’ fault, is that unique button size that breaks the ability to set up buttons of different sizes (mostly width but also height if desired) in the titlebar. Would it be worth your effort to ask this to the metacity team, if there still is one?

      7. Simple scan. It’s too…opaque to the user, in my opinion. A couple of icon buttons with no tooltips, where important settings are hidden. No ability to preview, set scan area, select color/monchrome. Maybe that would fit a few people for quick operations but in not so long a time they may discover the need for those extra options and a new learning curve will be due along with finding a better, more feature-rich replacement. So why not provide both Simple scan and XSane from the start and let the user decide which to use (and which to uninstall, if desired) after having compared between the two? XSane is less than 2MB, shouldn’t create a noticeable overhead.

      As for whether Simple Scan works with my scanner I just realized that lately due to various hardware and configuration issues the hub that connects the scanner needs to be reset in order for the system to (re)detect it. I was only assuming it wouldn’t be detected by Simple Scan because it was always the first application I tried to start and it always failed, but XSane used to fail too immediately after and blamed it on the first one. I just tried now and SS did detect the scanner but haven’t actually tried to scan anything. However I vaguely remember having had other issues with SS much earlier, reason why I had to search for a different/better application, and found XSane. Actually it’s simple: if Simple Scan worked everytime and was sufficient for my needs I wouldn’t have even known about XSane.
      No idea about newer versions of SS, the installed one is 3.28.0 according to the About dialog and their launchpad page shows an outdated version (3.25.1) while the new Gnome management page at Gitlab is unreachable from my browser.

      8. Better later than never, as they say. Since we’re here, I wonder what the relation could be between Bluetooth and networking in the underbelly of the system. Too frequently I notice that when there is heavy networking activity (download/upload through the USB modem) the Bluetooth headphones appear to connect when powered on but they default to Off instead of the default Audio Sink, which requires fiddling with the menu and dialogs (thankfully Blueman makes it relatively easy), but after a while it becomes aggravating. Not to mention that after a (re)boot, first connection seems to be forcibly closed and amazingly the headphones receive some kind of shutdown signal at the same time. Next connections work correctly except as above with heavy network activity. This is not a fault in the headphones, all pairs (2 Panasonic, 1 Kruger & Matz) exhibit the same behavior.

      That should be enough now, been typing here for quite a long time. Hope it would count for something even if I won’t be able to enjoy future Mint versions (this old Samsung R580 notebook can’t take more than it already has).

    5. I’ve been asking and others agreed to have Themes being able to modify by ourselves.
      Things like title bars (colors, canvas or picture as background, thickness), borders thickness and color for both active and passive windows, and countless other features.
      By our comments were mostly ignored and even cancelled a few times recently for unknown reason…

    6. If you look at my recent comment above you’ll notice a link to a screenshot. There you can see a theme that nobody else has, because I ported it myself from a Windows-7-for-Windows-XP theme. Granted the screenshot is from Mint 19.2 which is my main/only machine since the left-side buttons are present in the titlebar, the 20.x Mint line having those disabled (reason explained by Michael Webster above).
      The same theme, with a few required fixes, is installed in a VirtualBox installation of Mint 20.2, and it does exhibit a minor issue with the buttons position but otherwise is perfectly functional albeit a couple slight bugs. Took me quite a while to port and fix it, all manual work.
      You are asking for an in-place theme editor that could edit all elements of an installed theme on-the-fly? I’d love to have such tool myself but I’m afraid it won’t come out anytime soon, if ever. Themix/Oomox is the closest thing to a theme editor but it’s light years away from a complete tool.

  13. Did my yearly wipe and reinstall, I gotta say I’m very happy with this update. This version has fixed a couple of issues that I have had for years and I’m I feel this is the perfect Linux Mint.
    Thanks Clem and Mint team!

  14. Is it just me, or is the window animation a bit sluggish, especially minimizing, compared to the previous release of Cinnamon? Will this be fixed, or an speed option added in the settings?

  15. I’m not happy with the low contrast between Nemo’s sidebar and the content area. A reasonable contrast is better when the only separator between the two areas is a single-pixel line. There’s nothing vibrant about a few shades of grey in a theme, so having contrast is not too much on the eyes. Sorry, this change sucks and I hope the “Legacy” theme will be distributed by default, no need to install it manually. That’s the least you can do if you decide to push the new theme anyway.

    The rest is a nice step forward and some welcome additions, so I look forward to seeing the final release.

    1. I agree. I have mentioned as well in an earlier post. The dark side panel worked well in giving a clear distinction between the main content and the side panel. @clem may you at least allow for a menu toggle to activate/deactivate the dark side panel. I installed the legacy themes but none works in restoring the dark side panel

    2. Gavin, I usually use Mint-Y-Dark for controls and I installed mint-themes-legacy just to get smaller close button with black cross which I like (instead of white cross). But I tried “Mint-Y-Legacy-Darker” theme for controls now and it works well in Nemo. Side panel got dark grey color as it used to. Please try “Mint-Y-Legacy-Darker” for the controls after installing mint-themes-legacy package.

  16. Fresh install of 20.3 beta Cinnamon and “Thingy” v1.0.2 won’t work.
    Have opened some docs, marked some as Favourites, but the thingy Library app shows nothing.
    Is there some preliminary step needed to get it going?

    1. At the moment it only works with epub and PDF
      I hope that in the future it will support office and txt documents

  17. “Legacy” theme does not show title window when has focus. It shows it only when focus is lost. For example:
    System settings, Update manager, Firefox…

  18. Hello Mint team!
    Yes, Linux-Mint is a wonderful operating system – so far – where are the settings for the window effects ??? Does the restriction of the options for the user begin now? 🙁 And why is it so difficult to develop a professional theme? The round buttons on the windows are just as difficult to reach as before and they are not in the middle either – even if it is a small thing … Cinnamon could slowly acquire a professional appearance and details are also important. If I could, I would do it myself. But just to remove the effects settings, I don’t have a reason to update to 20.3 …I would like to be able to hide the menu instead of the toolbar in applications like Pix or Xed …

  19. What Thunderbird version does Mint 20.3 have ? Thunderbird 91.* or 78.14 ? I suppose it is not the outdated one from LTS Ubuntu 20.04 that used to be in Mint 20.2

    1. Hi Exa,

      Thunderbird is still in version 78* in Beta. If it wont change in official release, you may download Flatpak version or AppImage. See my reply to François Proulx.

  20. Hi, several nice improvements, the calendar applet being the star indeed. I like the new theme, it is neat and fresh, but it seems that at least in Nemo the side panel could be dark indeed. Now too many visual elements of Nemo look very similar (titlebar, menus, sidebar) and it actually tires and makes using Nemo harder. You have to focus more to see what you want, previously it was easier. On the other hand and contrary to some voices here, IMHO the bigger titlebar looks OK, just as the rounded corners. But that’s my personal opinion. Thanks Devs for your work!

  21. It’s the best linux distro among the best! but with the exception of look and appearance. I think you guys can make it more beautiful like elementary or chromeOS.

  22. This looks great! The only thing I’m not a fan of is the new minimize/maximize buttons. The old ones were way better.

    1. I agree. It gave Linux Mint it’s own distinctive look. I don’t want my DE to look like whatever Firefox/GNOME are pushing at the moment.

  23. Hello,
    I’ve seen that by default warpinator is automatically launched when the computer starts, which seems strange and consume resources. I suggest to desactivate this, and if a user want to make it start by default, he’ll do it with the beautiful startup application app.

    1. Hello, Jacques. I remember having to disable Warpinator for both Uma and Ulyssa. I questioned the logic myself. Good call out.

  24. What is in the future for the Mint-X theme in regards to Mint 21? Would it be possible to share any plans about this? Will this still be officially supported going forward with the doing away of metacity themes in Mint 21?

    1. Agreed. I’d like to know if Mint-X will survive the metacity transition, too. I’ve never been a fan of the Mint-Y theme (or any similar flat theme), and hope the Mint-X theme remains for a very long time. In my opinion, flat = dull and ugly.

    2. Heck, after all the time spent to port a Windows theme to Mint where its main component is metacity they now drop support?! The 20.x line is already crippled by the removal of the additional titlebar buttons. Glad my notebook can’t take more than 19.x.
      Is it me or Mint is quickly becoming Windows not only in aspect but also in behavior with respect to user options…? 🙁

  25. Thanks for the beta and the request for comments.

    This is the first time I got a mint cinnamon beta and didn’t install it. It was due to the lack of theme support, I’ll stick with 20.2.

    I’m very happy with the themes I’m using on 20.2:
    window borders mint-y dark,
    icons: mint y dark aqua,
    control mint-y aqua,
    pointer oxy-red argentina (from KDE via synaptic),
    desktop mint-y dark blue.

    20.2 It looks great. Various shades of grey with dark window borders and white window titles.

    My main problem with the 20.3 beta is that I want dark window border tops with other theme elements that are fairly light. The 20.3 beta just looks blaaah to me.

    Thanks again.

    1. A few more thoughts

      (1) I’ve warmed up to the window border themes that came with the beta.

      (2) In any case, ‘blaah’ was not a polite way of describing new appearance of the free and elegant distro I’ve been enjoying for years. I apologize.

      (3) Experimenting with the themes, I found that Cinnamox Kashmir Blue provides dark window borders that I like.

      (4) The Adapta Nokto borders look dark in the selection window, but don’t result in dark borders when selected.

      So I’ve installed 20.3. Many thanks.

  26. Hello
    Just got an out-of-usual Nemo behavior. When updating a theme file, the usual behavior, in LM 20.2 (and all previous), was to ask what I want to do and I answer: merge the file. Then Nemo asks about the items that are already in the old file: answer is replace. Now all Nemo does is save the replacement file beside the one I wanted to update with the mention “copy” in brackets. I checked the settings and found nothing unusual. I found no settings for this behavior anyway. Unless I did not look at the right place (that would not surprise me). Am I missing a check mark somewhere?
    Also, when I opened the settings window there was no easy way to close it. Had to right clic on the title bar and hit “close” to dismiss it.
    This is weird behavior.

    François Proulx, Canada

    1. This seems to be happening in superuser mode. When I updated my documents and images files backups, the “copy to” behavior worked as it was supposed to. Updating a few icons files (in /usr/share/icons) in superuser mode did not worked good again. Had to delete the old files and install the new ones.

    2. More info:

      1) The missing “X” to close the setting menu in nemo was due to the theme I used. So no problem.

      2) Nemo’s behavior is back to normal when “copy to” is used instead of “move to”. Up to LM 20, “move to” worked as well but I can work with it like this. There will be the extra step of deleting the original copied files but this is no big bother.

  27. My ate & Time Settings are set to start the week on Monday, and the Cinnamon calendar applet respects that, but Gnome Calendar does not.
    Gnome Calendar 3.36.2 starts the week on Sunday.
    I cannot see any option in Gnome Calendar itself to change the start of the week to Monday. Guess that’s upstream from Mint though.

    1. Date and Time settings – “First day of week”
      Just tested it and it works just like now on 20.2.
      But maybe you are talking about a totally different applet… I couldn’t find “gnome calendar” in the download section tho… Anyway, main thing is that the default applet works fine I guess.
      I personally use “world clock calendar” but maybe I will switch after this release… I will see. I definitely need other world times tho.

    2. Im so sorry, now I see. Yes I could reproduce your issue. When I set Monday, the applet is fine, but the calendar app in the office section still starts with Sunday. I tested around a little and after change language – set system wide and re-login – the app starts with Monday.
      I would assume that this is the same even in 20.2 probably. Doesn’t seam like a bug.

    3. @Noir
      Yes I use World Clock Calendar too, helps me make sure I’m not getting my overseas cousins out of bed when I call them.
      Agree the Sunday start in Gnome Calendar is probably not a Mint issue. Just tried it on LM20.2 and it does the same. I have my language etc settings all set to English-Australia.
      I don’t plan to use Gnome Calendar anyway, but I expect to use the new cinnamon Calendar applet which will sync to my Nextcloud caldav server.

    4. @Noir
      I’m wondering if a bit further down the track the default Cinnamon Calendar Applet might get enhanced with timezones similar to World Clock Calendar

    5. Gnome Calendar goes by the current locale to determine the first day of the week. US is Sunday, and GB (Great Britain) is Monday, for example.

      I can start gnome-calendar as `LC_TIME=en_GB.UTF-8 gnome-calendar` and it will start with Monday as the first day. Unfortunately the calendar applet won’t launch gnome-calendar using this, unless it’s already running (and has been launched with LC_TIME).

      There are other ways to change this on a system level without having to globally change your locale to somewhere else, but these may cause some issues if you ever need to change locales again later. If you don’t think that’ll be an issue, you can look at this: Note I haven’t tested this, just linking to be helpful.

  28. my Realtek RTL8821CE 802.11ac PCIe Wireless Network Adapter is not working, i updated driver, however i still have no wifi

    1. I have wifi with an RTL8821CE adapter running fine on 20.2 Uma. Just install the ‘rtl8821ce-dkms’ package and it should work. I am also using the 5.13 kernel, but that was for a different issue (HDMI support). My machine is an HP 250 G7.

  29. I just noticed Celluloid is still version 0.21 from this spring, not the newest version 0.22 (with gtk4). I would also disable its “client-side-decorations” by default, to make it look more in line with the other xapps.

  30. Celluoid video player will not open DVD menus. DVD’s are an optical disc format for the storage and playback of digital video and other digital data. A DVD that has a menu that can’t be opened is useless. The migration to MPV frontends is great for many, I’m sure, but a lot of people in the United States are hopelessly stuck in the past and still use DVD’s.

    If VLC can open DVD menus , so can MPV and so can Celluoid. Do it; just do it.

    1. @CtrlAltDel
      VLC seems to be the only player that handles menus, so why not use it?
      Pretty sure mpv is a file player not a DVD player
      I doubt that celluloid or mpv are Linux Mint devs’ responsibility.

    2. I do use VLC, Tony, because it works properly. MPV frontends, of which Celluloid is one of probably 20 or more, can’t open DVD menus because MPV doesn’t have that capability.

      The people who created MPV weren’t smart enough to create a “media player” that plays media correctly and all the frontends created by various and sundry others, such as Celluoid created my Mint developers, don’t have that capability either.

      I was disappointed to see VLC, a great media player that plays media correctly, supplanted in Linux Mint by Celluloid/MPV that doesn’t work correctly. It’s like someone had a vision that is would be great to replace the default Mint applications that worked with ones that don’t work.

      A new user of Mint isn’t going to go digging through Software Manager for a program that will correctly play DVD’s. They will just switch distros because they will imagine that Mint can’t play a simple DVD correctly.

  31. Xviewer is useless as it will not enlarge documents. You can’t zoom to any higher percentage than whatever percentage your document may open at. I understand there are some cheap workarounds to “fix” this issue but, why should a user have to resort to that?

    Fix it. Do it.

    1. Hello CtrlAltDel. The supported formats for Xviewer are png, jpeg, tiff out-the-box. Try opening documents with the Xreader, as should be the default.

    2. @CtrlAltDel

      I don’t know if it’s intentional, but your tone is unacceptable. Constructive feedback should be the goal, not nasty little snide comments and commands. This is after all FREE software. You should be more grateful.

    3. @CtrlAltDel
      Not sure what you mean here. xviewer is an image viewer. Just rotating the scroll wheel on my mouse I can reduce an image to 2% or enlarge to 2000% in xviewer

    4. Xreader can not enlarge any document that you may wish to view. As a document viewer, it is useless. Foxit Reader properly functions and can enlarge documents, why can’t Xreader?


    5. Peacekeeper, simply because a piece of software is free doesn’t mean you have to grovel or be too timid to point out things you don’t like. Xreader, created by Mint developers, can’t enlarge a document.

      A document viewer that can’t enlarge a document is rather useless, isn’t it? Why shouldn’t that be mentioned? The default document viewer for Linux Mint is incapable of zooming in on a document and you would have me not mention that because it’s free?

    6. CtrlAltDel,
      At first, I thought your tone was sarcastic, using a quote from Ben Stiller in Starsky & Hutch,
      but now i realize it wasn’t sarcastic.
      Who the hell gave you the right to demand things from developers in that tone? People like you make me sick!

      Many of these developers I assume are working long hours in the run-up to Christmas, a time when many others are off enjoying themselves. They don’t even turn around and ask you to put your your hand in your pocket for their time. Instead, they share the outcome from all the long works of work at no cost. And for what, for people like you to think they can demand things.
      This is a beta release, that is they are testing the beta,
      any development work, which is what you’re requesting must be done prior to the beta release!
      IF you stop now and start developing new features, then you’re back again to issuing another new beta (or delta/gamma) release and start testing again. You will never get anything released.
      If you want to suggest a new feature, say it in the forum!

    7. Gerri, Xreader is a document viewer that can’t zoom in on/enlarge documents. It’s like a bicycle without a chain; it looks good but doesn’t do anything but look like it works. You are the only person using insults and denigrating others here; I simply asked for them to fix the product they offer.

      Xreader isn’t a new application. It’s been around for 10 years or so and was forked by Linux Mint at least 6 years ago. Because you imagine that a pdf/document reader that can’t enlarge a document is a feature says a lot about how you view things. If that’s a feature, it needs to be fixed immediately. They have known about it for years and years and it needs to be fixed before the next release.

      I suppose you would view a browser that can’t access websites as a feature also but, many would consider that a fatal flaw. I realize you are the type that is scared to mention things that need fixing on a page, this page, dedicated to letting people offer suggestions for Linux Mint but, everyone doesn’t have a meek and submissive personality like you do.

      Mint developers offer a product for free because they want to offer a product for free; we don’t have to treat them like easily breakable crystal because of that. Linux, in case you didn’t know, is all about freedom and being free. If they want to start charging as you would probably enjoy to see come to fruition, there are a thousand other distros that those who don’t want to pay, like one does for Windows, can use.

    8. Xreader has a number of limitations, which is why I simply install something that works better for my needs. But there’s no need to take a mean tone toward the developers who are working extremely hard to give you a wonderful OS. Xreader is very basic (as I believe it was intended) and gets the job done for just simply viewing a document. If you want more, find another tool. qpdfview is my go-to. Try that instead.

    9. Mike, I do use another .pdf viewer named Foxit Reader because it does, in fact, work properly. Asking the developers of Linux Mint to fix an application that they offer as their default document viewer isn’t so very outrageous and demeaning is it?

      I just said fix it, that’s all. It isn’t like I personally insulted anyone as some others have in response to my very basic request. We all love and cherish Linux Mint, I certainly do, and this very page we are all on right now is designed for people to leave suggestions on.

      A suggestion to fix it is not such an over the top statement as to shake the men and women who develop Linux Mint to their very core and make them want to stop doing what they do, is it?

      Xreader and Celluloid have serious and terrible flaws and Linux Mint has, over time, changed from applications that did work to offer as their DEFAULTS applications that don’t work. This seems to many like taking steps backwards and it’s hard to figure out why those choices were made. You have a document reader that can’t enlarge documents and a media player that can’t play DVD menus; that is not very good.

      Just a short time ago, VLC was the default media player for Mint and Celluloid has not always been the default document reader. Choices were intentionally made to make Linux Mint less functional, out of the box, for some reason.

      I just asked them to fix it, like a hundred or so other users of Mint on this page have asked for other things to be fixed.

    10. CtrlAltLDel,
      So by saying the words “Fix it. Do it.”
      this is your way of “I just asked them to fix it” .

      If you don’t understand that phrasing of words to be dog ignorant,
      I know I’m wasting my time event trying to reason with you.
      Good luck!

    11. First, it’s partly your assumption that it’s broken, and therefore needs fixing. It could be exactly what they want – a simple, basic tool for just displaying documents and not much else. If you want more, you can branch out, like you and I have already done.

      Second, to say, “Fix it” comes off as demanding, and because of my previous statement, comes off as demeaning, as if you know better than they do what needs to be done.

      If you’d like to see something changed, a simple and polite request would be a better way to go. For example, you could have said, “I’ve needed to use a non-default pdf reader, as I’ve noticed that Xreader is a pretty simple document reader that lacks some features that I need. Would it be possible to add X, Y, or Z features to it in a future version?” Something like that acknowledges that you understand that it’s a simple, basic tool, communicates your needs and why you are making the request, and then politely and clearly requests specific features without coming off as demanding. They may not agree with you, and nothing may ever happen with your request. That’s ok, too. It’s their tool to make according to their own roadmap, and other tools are available to meet your needs, as you already know.

    12. I’m not sure if I’m missing something here, but on my version of Xreader (2.4.4) I can zoom in using CTR/+ or via the app menu View option.

    13. Hello again, Cinnamon-Session-Quit. The forums have plenty of knowledgeable folk regarding pdf viewers. How about give us an assist in making a better product? I, personally, have never had a zoom problem with Xreader. It would be helpful to post your complaint along with an inxi -Fxxxrz in the Software & Applications subforum. Thanks!

    14. Mick, Xreader is lightweight fluff. It’s not meant for any real purpose and is just for show. Sure, if you have a black and white document, like a manual for a product or machine, etc… Xreader will work fine and zoom in.

      If you try to save, just for one example, let’s say a Wikipedia page as a .pdf and it has images included, forget about it. I’ll give you a test page to try out if you wish. Go to the Germanic Peoples Wikipedia page here:

      and save it as a .pdf. Try opening it in Xreader and the zoom level is maxed out at 22%, which is too small to read, by far. There are cheap workarounds to try to make Xreader function properly but, they come at a cost and only work half the time.

      For instance, you can use dConf Editor to alter Xreader’s page cache size to something over the default 50mb. If you set it to about 200mb, most pages will “almost” zoom in close to 100% but, then it is apt to just close abruptly at any time or start writing to your swap file and eating it up like it’s candy.

      It’s a poorly designed piece of software and Mint developers should be ashamed to have it set as Mint’s default. It’s not a good look for Mint, to be honest.

    15. Mike, I’m not too small to admit when I’ve made a mistake. I apologize to you and anyone else that may have took offense to what some viewed as my rude manner. I definitely made a mistake. I saved all of my .pdf’s with Opera’s built in PDF save and they do not work properly in Xreader. I saved a few with Chromium and Brave’s print to .pdf function and they all zoom big enough to see from space.

      Thanks for the tip; I thought Xreader didn’t work at all.

    16. For me Xviewer is an *image* viewer, at least that is what it is translated to in my language. It works and enlarges and shrinks all image formats with the scroll wheel, and even PDF with Ctrl key pressed + scroll wheel, although PDF documents open by default with Xreader.

      As a reply to your “Fix it. Do it.”, I am sure you can ask for a refund 😛

  32. Linux Mint Cinnamon is my first distro after Windows 7 end of life. I really like it. New life for PC, but i really miss one update. It’s about Python. We have Python version 3.10.1 on, but on Linux Mint is still 3.8, and that’s what i don’t like. I hope you will update soon to newer version.
    Good luck.

  33. Hi.
    I installed Thunar and it has the possibility of renaming files the same that Nemo and bulky AND more than this, it has the option of numbering them, even being of different length the name of the archives. Maybe it is possible for Bulky to do this someday? Nemo’s find machine is the best, quick and perfect, searching by name and inside archives. If the option of renaming where in Nemo, it would be a sublime marvellous tool.

    1. @aio: In bulky, hover your pointer over the Replace text entry, it gives a hint at how to enumerate filenames (number them).

    2. Hi, Michael.
      Imagine you have 3 archives: Isles Travel, NightLiving and Party Time.
      Then you want to rename the three into Vacations. (it should go Vacation 1, Vacation 2, Vacation 3).
      The 3 original names has no the same length so I find a lot difficult to rename them like in Tunar (there is a submenu called Numbering that renames all the 3 even being of different length in a quick way).
      The problem is that I don know to rename them quickly as in Tunar because it looks as if they should have to be the same length to do the job. Thanks.

    3. I see what you mean now, we can see about implementing something like this for the next version. As a possible workaround in the meantime, you can set “Entire filename”, turn on ‘Regular Expression’ and type .+ into the find field.

    4. Hi, MIchael.
      Thanks for this future improvement you say about renaming. It will be more productive and quick way to rename archives. The provisional solution “.+” shows what I expected, being possible to rename names with different length without attending to the length of original names. But Rename button remains gray, inactive, so I cant finish the job. There appears something about names’ collition in a red rectangle”. I can wait for the next version to enjoy this new feature when renaming. Step by step Linux Mint is getting faster, more stable, and even more productive than Windows for me now. Thanks a lot for this excellent OS masterpiece.

  34. Please make frames around thumbnails in Thingy. Now white thumbnails blend with the window panel, which doesn’t look good.

  35. Am I the only one worried about eliminating the possibility of using Mint-Y theme with window borders in Mint-Y Dark?
    In my opinion the contrast between the window title bar in dark mode and the rest of the window in the bright mode was very cool!
    Think about keeping that possibility!

  36. Any way that a lock could be implemented with the printer settings so that we can choose to have printers auto-discover or choose to manually install them?
    Also, now more than ever, we need to push forward with making Linux amazing. LTT brought some light to the Mint community but didn’t point out how much more productive it is with rolling out quality software (Read as: Win11 is still a BETA).

  37. Since LM 20 Cinnamon and further I experience the issue that closing my laptop and opening it later to continue is not working anymore. That worked like a charm in 19.3 and below. Also connecting an external monitor using VGA (yes…I know….) is not working. It might be a kernel issue although I thinks this has something to do with Cinnamon.
    I hope this will be addressed in this release.

    1. Did you try to load from live USB stick with Linux Mint Mate edition or with Ubuntu?

      This looks like a bug, the cause of which can only be found by eliminating one suspect after another. And it looks like hardware specific issue, so it will be hard to reproduce without information about your hardware (inxi -Fzx can print this information). I think so because I use LM 20.2 on HP laptop and used it on another HP laptop and had no issue with waking from suspend state.

      If you suspect Cinnamon then try to load live USB or live CD with Linux Mint Mate. If problem will remain then try to boot from USB stick with Ubuntu 20.04.

      If problem can be reproduced on Ubuntu then it’s kernel or base distribution issue. Elsewhere you will have more information to post it on the Linux Mint forum or Github.

  38. Can you PLEASE make an effort to get rid of those dumb Gnome-style headerbars? All programs should have traditional title bars, I believe.

    1. Hello, I don’t think the Gnome title bars are bad, but the implementation is crap. A bar that only shows a program title was modern 20 years ago. The downside to the Gnome title bars is that some buttons are on the right and some on the left. A system is hardly recognizable there. I think, in principle, you should be able to hide every bar if you don’t need it in a program. And I know which program I’m currently working with, I don’t need a title bar for that 😉

      (Google Translate)

    2. Hello, David. Regarding your linked article, author explicitly states: “In practice [headerbar implementation] requires a near-total rewrite of the app’s user interface, which happened for GNOME 3.0.” The reverse, implementation back to traditional titlebars and menubars, will require the same amount of energy.

      I don’t think it’s the Mint Team’s responsibility to reconstruct apps that properly use gtk libraries. Those that disagree are more than welcome to fork and introduce a superior design.

    3. There is great “Cinnamon Maximus” extension which allow you to hide title bars when windows is maximized. It also allows to hide title bar for windows in un-maximized state via hotkey, but I don’t think it’s very useful. When title bar is hidden for maximized window you can drag window from the top or by Mouse+Alt or Mouse+Meta. Then title bar will appear again.

      With “Cinnamon Maximus” big title bars make no pain and are even convenient 😉

      Though big close button drags too much attention to itself. It also has white cross instead of black (I’m talking about my favorite Mint-Y-Dark controls theme which is default dark theme). So I installed mint-themes-legacy on my test machine with 20.03 just to return previous style of close button with black cross.

      You can try mint-themes-legacy too.

    4. You mean CSD, client-side-decoration? Gnome is intent on keeping that crap around. I hate it too. There used to be workarounds to disable it, such as nocsd packages, but eh…

  39. Hello

    Is it possible to get the latest Thunderbird? Some extensions no longer work for the older one available in the repositories.


    François Proulx, Canada

    1. Hi François,

      Thunderbird is still in version 78* in Beta. In case it wont be the latest version in official release and you really need the latest Thunderbird (for me its not a big deal at all), you have at least two choices:

      1. install Thunderbird from flatpak – using mints Software manager, its in 91* version there
      2. download Thunderbird in AppImage format – its in version 91* and automatically checks for updates, however it is an unoficial release

      Flatpaks and AppImages are of bigger size and load slower compared to natively installed apps. But you have the latest version, which is updated regularly. I personally prefer AppImages when possible, they are less sized and load quicker than flatpaks in general. I tried Thunderbird in my virtual machine and it loaded about 3secs slower compared to the installed Thunderbird (with my test mail account) and the appImage file size is 82,3 MB. If you choose AppImage, I strongly recommend to install AppImageLauncher, which integrates AppImages to your system properly (creates menu item, extracts icons…), as appImage is a single self-contained file. Hope this helps.


  40. Having problems installing linuxmint alongside windows 7 on my system. The installer does not find Windows on the disk, says no o/s is installed and doesn’t give the options to dual boot. Any ideas?

  41. Add terminal console feature to Xed editor. Yes, As similar as Kate of KDE.
    While coding, switching from Xed to terminal and vise versa are so irritating.

    1. @Vishal Kumar
      That’s an enhancement request, not anything to do with the Beta evaluation of LM20.3.
      You could try the Geany text editor which does have a terminal window feature.

    1. @Ken
      I guess you are referring to the Gnome Calendar, not the calendar applet.
      That would I think be a matter for the upstream developers, not the Mint developers

  42. LM cinnamon does not have a ‘Create link’ option in the Nemo context menu unlike the Xfce and Mate editions.
    In the LTT video it is clearly shown as a missing option, as the way to create links is not very intuitive.

    1. seba: It can be added in the Nemo context menu by going to Edit | Preferences | Context Menus | Visible Entries : Selection

  43. Greetings
    I’m very glad that Linux Mint development continues. In this new version I like the introduction of the rounded corners of the windows and the dark or night mode that help protect the vision. Nemo seems like a great file manager to me. It would be nice if Nemo could “remember” the tabs you created in the current work session for the next time you open it. This would save a lot of time and effort in navigating to that location again. It is also true that there are markers but this is another alternative. To copy or move files from one panel to another there is the context menu, but if function keys such as F5 or F6 were entered it would be a good idea. Thank you.

  44. I have a question: When upgrading to Mint 20.3 will the current Mint-Y theme be relabelled as ‘Legacy’ or will it disappear?

  45. System Info provides an Upload Link which apparently uploads the Hardware/Software config to somewhere ?
    It would be nice to be able to see a Tally by OS Version+CPU of the number of PCs loaded into the database.

  46. Ansioso pela versão final! Me dei bem com essa distribuição do Linux e nem me lembro quando foi a última vez que usei o Windows.

  47. The new theme works much better with Chromium based browsers. The close, minimise and maximise buttons when not using system titlebar are no longer blurry. I have noticed some janky edges in the rounded corners though. You can see them if you have Nemo open full screen and open the settings dialogue for example. The pixels need tidying up a little if possible to give a better edge appearance. It may not be visible on high dpi screens but it certainly is on a 19″ at 96dpi.

  48. Hello. I don’t like how countries (download links) are listed in an arbitrary order: north america, europe, asia, oceania, south america, africa.
    This order is beneficial to north america and europe, while being difficult to find other countries on the list. I am on the edge of being personally offended, I imagine other folks feel the same. The list should be alphabetically ordered.

    1. Hi Mark,

      I’m sorry you feel offended by this. USA/Canada and the big 3 in EU (Germany, UK, France) make for almost 70% of our audience. We see it in traffic stats, donations and many places. That’s why we moved NA to the top and Europe is right after. I don’t feel offended to see France behind USA personally, it’s the result of a pragmatic decision. What you usually see in lists which are ordered alphabetically is that some items are placed above the list, just to include the USA and a few others, and that’s pretty arbitrary as well.

      In terms of terminology note that we’re talking about “Locations” here, not “Countries”. We’d immediately get bullied if we had Taiwan in a list of “countries”, so the name of the column is “location”. That’s just one example among many. It also allows us to group places together and to be more flexible, for instance it allows us to have “World”.

    2. I live in a poor country and my country should be in a higher place according to an alphabetical order…. but I don’t feel “offended” by that at all.
      For me it would be more serious if the distro did not have my language available {and it would not even be their fault}.

    3. Im offended that somebody took his offense seriously. This is ridiculous. And Im saying that coming from a poor country too, lol.

    4. I second Noir. In my experience, it is usually the silly academics in Western Europe or northern North America who take offense to this sort of nonsense. Could those of you please leave your agendas at the door?

    1. Hello Mark. Could you be more specific? An internet wiki is not a final arbiter of naming conventions. Are you referencing the keyboard layout nomenclature?

  49. Just a suggestion, but since Cinnamon is your main ‘jam’, you guys should put the announcement blog post of Cinnamon last, so that it comes first in the blog because it’s the most recent. 🙂

  50. Hi Clem,
    first of all I wanted to give you and all the other members of the development team my best compliments for everything you make available to us … thank you very much.
    I come to the question …. simple and short: 20.3 ETA ??
    PS: I’m using the beta version without having any problems whatsoever …

  51. clem, please add 7zip support natively to linux mint so one doesnt have to install 3rd party ui for it. right now the latest one is 21.07. it would be so great if one can get what 7-zip ui on windows offer but natively on linux using the default stuff we have now(i mean the ui we have now but add stuff so 7zip can be used like the way it on windows, can choose these or that option, encrypt, multipart, etc). 🙂 🙂 🙂

  52. i know we already can encrypt, multipart and such but there no option to choose stuff like “ultra” level of compression, dictionary/word/solid block size, hash checking/creating via context menu & etc.

  53. I am looking forward to the release of 20.3
    I have been running the beta with no problems with github. It is installed on a Dell Latitude E5430. Linux Mint 20.3 looks like a winner.

    1. @Renfer, You need to wait till 20.3 is released, there should then be an option in Update Manager to do it.

  54. I use Linux Mint Cinnamon 20.3 @ my Asus X751L Laptop with no Problems and at my old msi A7200 Laptop with no Problems Installed 15.12. and 16.12. i wondered why Mint is not coming out for Christmas.
    And i wondering why Mint is 17 Days later not Published.
    And look like the Mint Team need more time with every future release and Canonical do so many worse Decisions.

    I hope for the future of Mint that it will move away from Ubuntu and also leave Debian and build on openSuse Leap or a Redhat derivate. I no longer see a future with Ubuntu or Debian as the basic framework.
    Debian ist to much old and Arch or Manjaro I think would be less suitable as a base.
    I wish the Mint Team all the best and all the best from the bottom of my heart, but if Mint doesn’t move away from Ubuntu and Debian in the near future, then I will rely on openSuse Leap 15.4 in the future.

    1. @Andree Evers
      The release cycle is not tied to Christmas Day, or any other public holiday. Consider that maybe the developers can have a break from work over Christmas while everybody else is doing so. I prefer they take their time to get the next release properly ready.

    2. I think we get the message. You want a Debian/Ubuntu-free Linux. No need to repeat yourself. By all means go to SUSE (or whatever). If it suits better……..

      Happy New Year too all.

  55. Flatpak is bad for Mint. It’s the first thing I remove. At least you axed snap.

    Anyway, Mint is the best. Most polished distro. Amazing.

    CInnamon is king.

    Sometimes I abandon Mint and use Arch + Cinnamon because of the Arch huge repos, AUR and updated apps. It’s hard for me to say this but Arch is better than Debian and Ubuntu. I love Debian but, it’s stuck in the past. No progress since the suicide of its creator. And Ubuntu is becoming more and more a nasty corporation. I feel bad to use Mint because I no longer support Ubuntu, then I am forced to use LMDE, but Debian is tired, you know. Old apps and stuff. There is no comparison with Arch. The Arch devs must work on cocaine or something.

    Anyway, even if it’s just because of Cinnamon, which is huge, I must thank you for Mint.

    One of these days I will create my own distro, ArchNamon.

    1. Why is flatpak bad for Mint? The Flatpak Stable PPA Team supports LTS branches only and Linux Mint 20 based on 20.04 LTS. Nice try 😉

    2. Very much my situation – absolutely love Mint, but for updated software have to look to the Arches. Hey, now that KDE got dropped and LMDE is the Ubuntu insurance release… maybe… we can see at least an exploratory look from the team at an ArchMint (or MintArch)? 🙂 I would make that my choice in a heartbeat.

      As much as ArchNamon is a great idea, running a distro is hard work. So may are one-man-bands and fall by the wayside. I think of Chakra that shut down in recent days. Something like all the goodness of Arch along with all the genius of Mint would be a worthy distro indeed.

  56. I have a suggestion – if possible, can you please add the 5.15 Kernel to the update manager when 20.3 is finalized and available? The added Ryzen and NTFS support would be welcomed.

  57. Hi Clem
    Please make it so we can read and write SD Cards by default.
    System reports “read only file system”

    1. You can read and write to SD cards. Make sure the “lock” switch on the SD card is set to off.

    1. Yes we passed Christmas, but Linux Mint team never made promisses to have release Lm 20.3 before it. Just be patient and respect the developers to let them finish LM and also have a LIFE beside of making us happy. Thx LM team and have a great 2022!

    2. Hello, we need some patience. The developers of Mint know what they are doing, that’s why Mint is such a reliable distro. No need to release a half-baked stuff. I’ve been playing around with LM 30.3 beta for a week and haven’t found any problems, but prefer to wait longer to grab the official release. BTW, it surprises me that I haven’t had any glitch while using LM beta, something I never experienced with officially released distros back in my Linux past.

  58. Since I found this Linux distribution I never install Windows anymore. My everyday desktop needs already here. Lots of additional software that available for download. Even old PC can still be use with this OS. System requirements are so low. Unlike Windows 10 there are lots of services running in background that make my computer slow. Please continue update ans support for this distribution. This is so great!!!

  59. Would be really great and appreciated if this release of the Mint Software Manager would update the the OSCAR CPAP software package in its library to the latest version v1.3.0. I have tested this latest version on both Mint 19.x and 20.x (inc this beta) and it works fine. The one in the software manager is the original early release of the converted SleepyHead software. Thanks, Chris

    1. That’s an upstream Ubuntu issue. Mint doesn’t have control over most packages (they don’t have enough staff to be able to manage that herculean task). You can contact Ubuntu about that, or you can just go to the OSCAR website, where they have an up-to-date .deb package you can download and install.

  60. I’m running into something weird (not specific to 20.3). Screensaver vs Radeon, or something. It works fine on older Radeon and other GPU chipsets – but not on a recent Radeon in an Asus ROG laptop (Ryzen 7 CPU).

    Screensaver zombies the laptop. Only way out is holding down the power button. Neofetch gives me GPU: Radeon and a list of numbers 470 / something / another / 950 – so impossible to actually tell. Screensaver seems to be part of Cinnamon Settings – can’t tell what version (no ‘About’).

    Could be I happen to have the ONE dud laptop in 10,000,000. Maybe other users have encountered a similar issue. Just wanted to put it in the open for awareness.

    Thanks for 20.3 – another amazing release. The toolbox keeps getting better and Mint is always super polished and stable.

    1. Given the past history, and to leave a little leeway room, probably sometime this month (Jan 2022) and probably more towards early-to-mid January. because if we look at the release cycles from Mint v17 series to date the latest a release like this happened was Jan 27th (Mint v18.1). but putting that aside the next latest was Jan 11th (Mint v17.1).

      so while I can’t say anything is for sure, given the past history, if I were to take my best guess to try to be a little more specific, I would say there is a reasonable chance Mint v20.3 will be released within the next 7 days or so.

      p.s. the latest a Cinnamon version of Mint was released was Jan 8th (Mint 20.1) as all other Cinnamon versions from Mint 17 to date were released in December. so if this roughly holds we probably got around a few days or so left.

    1. go to home -> .local -> share -> nemo -> actions
      and create a new document named with “refresh.nemo_action”
      and copy paste this code to that document:
      [Nemo Action]
      Comment=Nemo Refresh
      Exec=xdotool key ctrl+r

      and done!
      Note: be sure hidden files is open for find .local and you installed xdtool with apt install xdotool

      useful references in that topic:

      (Sorry for bad English, it is not my native language)

    2. Can probably be done by adding a nemo action, but I haven’t explored that.
      An alternative is to use the keyboard shortcut, Control R

    3. Just had a quick web search. This is easy to add with a Nemo action.
      You create the file ~/.local/share/nemo/actions/reload.nemo_action
      containing the following text:
      [Nemo Action]
      Comment=reload the nemo window
      Exec=xdotool key ctrl+r

    4. I just love the Linux mint community. I just want to thank everyone who is a part of this great distro.

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