Monthly News – November 2018

Many thanks to all the people who help our project financially. Donations are up again, more than 500 of you sent us funds in October and we now have 129 patrons on Patreon.

The BETA release for Linux Mint 19.1 will be out this week. We’re counting on you to help us find bugs and to help us fix them, so that we can raise the quality of the release and get to stable before Christmas.

Some of the new features were described here on this blog, others will be unveiled tomorrow. This is an exciting time for all of us and we hope you enjoy it and have fun with the new release.


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A total of $11,535 were raised thanks to the generous contributions of 538 donors:

$300, Tamas H.
$200, Harland F.
$200, B
$163 (3rd donation), Jack B.
$150 (3rd donation), Don P.
$141, Frederic B.
$128, Hector G.
$109 (3rd donation), Uwe P.
$109 (3rd donation), Naoise G.
$109 (2nd donation), Peter A.
$109, Torsten P.
$100 (3rd donation), Markus S.
$100 (3rd donation), The Incredibly Useful Company Limited
$100 (2nd donation), Mountain Computers, Inc
$100, Christopher H. J.
$100, Symeon V.
$100, Dave M.
$80, Gops S.
$65, Gladesoft, Inc.
$60, Ray M.
$54 (4th donation), Jan-Albert V.
$54 (3rd donation), Daniel S.
$54 (3rd donation), J. F. .
$54 (3rd donation), Juergen S.
$54 (3rd donation), Michael S.
$54 (2nd donation), B. S. aka “disfit”
$54 (2nd donation), Schultz M. L.
$54 (2nd donation), Jeroen V. B.
$54 (2nd donation), Karl H.
$54, Daina E.
$54, Ansgar M. aka “Nicky”
$54, Gildas M.
$54, Alexander V.
$54, Barbara E.
$54, Bernd B.
$54, Cédric D.
$54, Nilo V.
$54, Gebhard M.
$54, Nicolas H.
$50 (28th donation), Anthony C. aka “ciak”
$50 (11th donation), Thomas T. aka “FullTimer1489”
$50 (9th donation), George H.
$50 (7th donation), Warren A.
$50 (7th donation), Carl G.
$50 (7th donation), Anonymous User
$50 (6th donation), Douglas J.
$50 (5th donation), William W.
$50 (5th donation), JimM
$50 (3rd donation), Fred W.
$50 (3rd donation), Dave K.
$50 (2nd donation), Robert K.
$50 (2nd donation), Charles W.
$50 (2nd donation), Don P.
$50 (2nd donation), Victor I.
$50, Dragonaur
$50, Brett L.
$50, Samuel L.
$50, Illusion Labs AB
$50, Field Services USA aka “Jim”
$50, Mark B.
$50, William R.
$50, Donor
$49, Martin S.
$44 (2nd donation), Ugo J.
$44 (2nd donation), Thomas B.
$42 (4th donation), Martin K.
$40 (4th donation), Darin W.
$40 (2nd donation), John B.
$40, Mark O.
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$39.69, John P.
$38 (2nd donation), Nico R.
$35 (8th donation), Real F.
$35 (6th donation), Jeff S.
$35 (2nd donation), Andrew C.
$33 (104th donation), Olli K.
$33 (5th donation), Lars-gunnar S.
$33 (5th donation), Bruno N.
$33 (2nd donation), Rafael S. A.
$33 (2nd donation), Erkki J.
$33, Peter K.
$33, Barbara B. aka “Camilla”
$33, Alexander L. aka “Lexolas”
$33, Thorsten K.
$33, Bert-henry S.
$33, Sieghart F.
$33, Fabio V.
$33, Philippe F.
$33, Hugues C.
$31, Daniel C.
$30 (25th donation), Kouji Sugibayashi
$30 (7th donation), V. Mark Lehky aka “SiKing
$30 (4th donation), Bruno Weber
$30 (2nd donation), Michael M.
$30 (2nd donation), Kamil R.
$30 (2nd donation), Oscar R.
$30 (2nd donation), Doug K.
$30, 裴 丰硕
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$27 (7th donation), Ralf D.
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$21.73, Adam Champken
$20 (26th donation), Kouji Sugibayashi
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$20, CF Style Inc.
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$20, UFO
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$20, 唐 伟杰
$20, Alan B.
$20, Dennis H.
$20, David R.
$20, David S.
$20, Eldrid K.
$20, Wendy C.
$20, Paul S.
$20, Luca D.
$20, Dean S.
$20, NomP
$20, Roy K.
$17 (4th donation), Daniel G.
$16 (21st donation), Andreas S.
$16 (9th donation), Robert K.
$16 (4th donation), Harm R.
$16 (3rd donation), Isidoro L.
$16 (3rd donation), Zahari D. K.
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  1. Quick note about wine: We’re planning to bring back what was removed upstream (metapackage, menu entries, mime handler) to make it easier to install Wine.

    Quick note about touchscreen support in Cinnamon and display rotation: We’re chasing two separate issues. We were able to reproduce the fact that touchscreens/touchpads were rotated correctly along with the display and we should have a fix for this soon. We’re still trying to understand the cause of wacom buttons being ignored when the laptop is in tablet mode.

    1. Thanks for your very helpful support of Wine. I use it several times a week for a few Windows programs for which I have not found a comparably convenient Linux equivalent: most notably for InCharge!, a wonderful financial database program that was originally written for OS/2, and in which I now possess 23 years’ worth of invaluable financial records. BTW, this program is still available from:

    2. I have to say though, that for what Linux Mint costs us (nothing) the support we get is great value for money. Also I reckon that in some small way by asking questions and pointing stuff out we will be assisting the team. I am enjoying the trip with Linux Mint very much and have even gone so far as installing cinnamon from an Ubuntu mini ISO (installed the base only and went from there), I muddled through adding repos and installing from command line from a blank screen and ending up with a nice looking working desktop. When you do this you can see how much thought is put into cinnamon and how its going to go from really good to awesome.

      We use Mint only in our house and I tinker with Cinnamon and Nemo on a “messing around with machine”. I hope one day something I say or do can be used by mint. One thing is for sure I’m learning a lot from you all. Last thing I promise, When did any one anywhere use an OS of any kind that didn’t need patching/fixing/updates.

      Thanks Team

  2. HI Clem,

    I’m using Linux Mint 19 Cinnamon and I’ve got a tablet PC. The accelerometer is working but I’ve got problem with the orientation of the screen. Left/right orientation is swapped but normal/upside-down oriention is right. Do you think it is a bug in Cinnamon and do you think that Linux Mint 19.1 can solve this problem ? Can I check it with Linux Mint 19.1 beta ?


    1. Hi Dupo,

      Yes, it would be handled by Cinnamon itself (to be precise, in cinnamon-settings-daemon, the orientation plugin would detect physical rotations and ask the xrandr plugin to rotate the display). There is no fix in the BETA at the moment in this regard. What we’re working on is the fact that the touchscreen digitizer isn’t rotated along with the display when applying a manual rotation (as opposed to one that happens using the orientation plugin). Your issue sounds different… you’re saying the display itself is rotated the wrong way (left/right). Can you describe exactly what you’re doing, and what’s happening? A priori, from what you said, it sounds like an orientation issue.

  3. Dear Clem, since mint 19 (with previous versions and in lmde3 this does not happen) some web pages of text only are no longer presented with the characters and with the usual layout (columns of text with fixed space). To get them I have to manually set mono-space characters in the Preferences section of Firefox . But this interferes with some frames of other pages. I thought that with 19.1 the problem was solved, but it still remains. How can I solve the problem? Thanks for the reply and good work. Gian Piero

    1. Hi Gian Piero,

      This should be controlled by the web page itself and/or by Firefox. Are you sure this is specific to Mint 19? (Note that LMDE 3 is running a different version of Firefox).

  4. Dear Clem:
    It gives me great joy to know that we are close to a new version of Linux Mint.
    I would like to ask you the following: In other distributions it is possible to make the taskbar more transparent, when will there be such a possibility in cinnamon?

    1. It’s the same in all distributions, it depends on the desktop environment. In Cinnamon, the panel transparency is directly controlled by the theme.

    1. I would not download from any source but Linux Mint repositories unless redirected by clem or other developers. be careful on downloads from any other source

  5. I use Mint-19. Unfortunately, there are some problems with touchpad (Dell E7490). A lot of error messages i2c-DELL081C:00: in kern.log

  6. For the 19.1-Beta release, will there be an upgrade path from 19.0 (i.e., a pointer to the new repository, apt-get update, apt-get dist-upgrade), or will this entail a fresh install? I’m hoping for the former…
    PS: I know it’s an upstream issue, but am I the only one whose Intel 865G (a Graphics Memory Controller Hub) is no longer supported (built-in video) in LM 19.0? Xplayer/VLC/smplayer/etc only work in full-screen mode, which is unacceptable and keeps me running LM 18.3 as my regular desktop.

    1. Hi Jonathan,

      Can you install va-driver-all and see if that makes a difference?

      You’ll be able to upgrade from 19 to 19.1 using the update manager.

    2. Thanks for the suggestion. It’s now installed, but no joy. Smplayer and VLC in fullscreen/maximized-window; Xplayer hangs, then crashes. Good thing LM18.3 is an LTS release! 😀

    3. Hi Jonathan,

      Send us a backtrace for the crash. There might also be error messages in the output when run from the terminal. This is likely to be a video acceleration issue.

    4. Hi Jonathan,

      This is the wrong place for it. Please open your issue at The trace you provided isn’t what we need. You can use mintreport to extract it properly. Here in the blog you mentioned something about going fullscreen… you should indicate this in the report and explain exactly how to reproduce the issue so that the developer looking at it has a better chance of reproducing it.

      Last but not least, for an issue like this one I would recommend you add GPU info (inxi -Gxx) and codecs installed (dpkg -l).

  7. Hi Clem, I have the same version of firefox (63.0.3) also installed on mint 18.2 and mint 18.3. and here I do not have the problem I was talking about above. On lmde3 is installed the ESR version . But even this one, once installed on mint 19, gives the same problem. I conclude that the bug is in mint 19 and 19.1. Thank you, Gian Piero

  8. now I’m using Mint 18.3
    I have to change hard disk and I take the opportunity to switch to Mint 19, I install 19 and update later to 19.1 or better to wait for version 19.1 directly?

    1. Broncos, the upgrade path using update manager is safe and they do not release unstable versions, sure a glitch here or there but nothing that will mess things up too bad. If you are worried, install 19 and do the updates and install of other software. Then go to the menu , system tools, TimeShift, TimeShift will save your system setup, after Time Shift do the upgrade to 19.1, if something goes bonkers you can always go back to 19 with no issues by restoring with TimeShift.

  9. Hi Clem
    Am interested in your comments about touchscreen and rotation issues. I have a Surface 3 (non-pro) tablet (4GB ram, 120gb HD & Atom processor) and would love to escape from Win10. One of the other issue encountered when trying to use LM on the Surface is the inability to see battery status in the usual way.
    Is it likely that LM19.1 will finally offer a fully functioning LM solution on the Surface?
    Love LM19 on my Dell Latitude d430, but would like the extra portability of the tablet.
    Thanks for all the team”s efforts over the years – haven’t found a better iteration of Linux.

    1. Hi Bill,

      I know Michael worked on battery status improvements for Cinnamon 4.0. Afaik it’s mostly related to gaming controllers and wireless mice, but it might help you as well. Let us know how the BETA goes. Note that the touchscreen fix isn’t in the BETA, it will come as an update.

  10. Hello, Clem!
    I’m excited for the 19.1 release! Today also marks my 1 year anniversary of using Linux Mint 😀

  11. Clem, Thanks for today’s great news about the imminent release of the LM 19.1 Beta!!

    Once again, many, many thanks to you and your excellent team for the best Linux distro of all!!

  12. Hi Clem
    Great news, looking forward to testing it. I really appreciate your and the teams’ hard work.
    Has the issue of the missing hibernate option in the shutdown menu been fixed, and is hybrid sleep back in the power options? (They both disappeared when I upgraded to 19 from 18.3)

    1. Hi Nigel,

      Commits such as brought better support for HybridSleep. That said, whether or not it’s available in the menu.. that’s not up to Cinnamon itself, but to systemd. You can check this in dbus (with a tool like d-feet). Head over to org.freedesktop.login1 (on the system bus) and run CanHibernate() on the Manager. If it doesn’t say “yes”, it’s an issue between logind and your computer.

    2. Hi Clem

      Many thanks for your quick reply and very helpful response. It does seems to be a login d issue (still present in 19.1). It was fine in 18.3 so I do not know what has changed, I will google around and see if I can find a solution (machine is a skylake i7 6700K with z170 chipset and 16gb RAM

    3. It’s not a logind issue. The Hibernate option was intentionally removed from the menu for LM19. The base distro Ubuntu 18.04 doesn’t have it, either. I don’t know their ultimate reason but things that come into play are a change to creating a swap file instead of a swap partition by default and also the installer setting up less swap space on systems with lots of RAM.

      Technically both LM19 and 19.1 are still able to hibernate. If you are using a swap partition, as you likely are coming from 18.3 where that was still the default, you can follow this guide to enable it:

    4. Thank you for the info, much appreciated. As you suspected I had originally upgraded from LM 18.3 with a swap partition, so did a fresh install without one (in case that was the problem) and it hibernate still was not there. So I reinstalled it with a swap partition. I tried sudo systemctl hibernate and it failed to work until I installed uswsusp, after which I could hibernate from the command line. I had found that link you kindly included and that fixed the problem once and for all. I did not know that it had been intentionally removed and had thought it was a bug. Thanks again

  13. Hi Clem,
    I have been collecting old Windows XP and VISTA computers to re-purpose them using Linux Mint. Since there are a lot of different ones involved, I have standardized on LM xfce 18.1 for the default. This seems to run well on 99% of them, and some I’ve been able to move up to other distros, including 18.3 Cinnamon, 19 xfce, and so forth. I’ve found that, since many of these have 1 – 2 GB of RAM, Core 2 Duo cpu at best, and old bios versions, Cinnamon takes up to 5 min. to load and run, especially on LM 19. Will 19.1 be “old hardware” friendly, or am I going to have to stay with 18.1? And is there a link you can show me that will help me speed up these old machines if I go with 19 and/or Cinnamon?

    1. Hi David,

      I would suggest to remove as many services as possible, anything you don’t need. For instance, if you don’t have a printer, you can remove cups. Use the system monitor to see what’s using resources and check “systemd-analyze critical-chain” to see what’s taking time during the boot sequence. For low specs I would also suggest to stick to Xfce, it’s our lightest environment, not only because it doesn’t do as much as the others, but also because it’s the most modular desktop (you can remove some of its components more easily) and it’s not using that many resources.

  14. Hi Clem,

    Can we please get an easy way to change refresh rate in display settings in Cinnamon? Currently Mate and Xfce editions have the ability, but Cinnamon does not and seems to require using the terminal.

    1. Hi Kenn,

      Please open an issue for this in cinnamon-control-center. Include arguments and a rationale for why this is needed nowadays.

  15. Hi Mint team!
    I’m loving 19.1. It’s visually better, indeed. Great work! One thing I think could be enhanced: we’re able too choose a Y theme color, with matching icons and controls, but the menu highlight color remains mint green… Couldn’t it use the Y theme color for the highlight? If not what file should we edit to change it? Thanks!

    1. Hi Rui,

      Menu highlight should be colored too, make sure you’re changing the Cinnamon theme as well. If it’s stuck on green, log out and log back in (though, you shouldn’t need to do this).

  16. Hi Clem,
    Worked like a charm, I hadn’t change the Cinnamon theme… Now it’s unbelievably easy to use the color that best suits my favorite(s) wallpaper(s). Thanks to all the team!

  17. Just installed your coloured Mint Y Themes and Icons from your repo. Very good indeed. Thanks Linux mint Team. Looking forward to the upcoming release.

  18. I would so hope that one day, I could throw you folks some cash, but being on Disability, unless I win a Lottery, it issn’t going to happen.

    But I do want to thank you folks at Linux Mint immensely for the great Operating Systems you folks produce. I go around both Installing and telling People how good Linux Mint is over Windows Operating Systems. And after I have installed Linux Mint, either with a Grub2 install or as new OS, people Thank me for introducing them to a better Operating System.

  19. On my 2 Computers (really3,1 in storage) I have both a Windows OS and Linux Mint 19 Sara Cinnamon. On my desktop, I Windows 7 Pro and Linux Mint 19 Sara Cinnamon. I find Linux mint starts up faster and shuts down faster than Windows does. I also love the Update Manager in Linux Mint, it beats Windows updates by the Proverbial mile. And recently, we purchased our now 2nd Android Box (first 1, lightning took out) and is running a version of Linux.

  20. Some of the changes in Mint are very disappointing, and i am sure there is going to be a lot of complaining. Who asked for default Nemo icons that are larger than KDE? Its not clear other than running Welcome Screen to change the Mint interface. I can’t imagine who talked Clem into this. 90% of the folks would have been happy with the Cinnamon speed increase and fixing the various memory leaks. As well as fixing issues leftover from the previous 19 beta — some of which are still not fixed.

    1. I think a lot of people are misunderstanding this. As far as I know, that additional support is only for customers who actually pay for it. I doubt this will affect Mint in any way.

  21. Good news about WINE. I’m still on 18.3 for my main machine. The only issue I’ve had in a long time is an installation failure: when I tried to install Syncthing from the Software Manager it failed to resolve dependencies (“fixed” by running Timeshift). Can’t think of anything else I’ll need to test if I get time to try the beta.

  22. Thank you, Clem and Linux Mint, for new release!
    Linux Mint 19.1 installed on the desktop AMD+Nvidia – uptime 6 hours and counting but still can’t find any problems 🙂 It’s working fine and what a pleasure to use new Cinnamon!

  23. Hello Clem!
    While running the LM 18.3 I was enjoing my new scanner (Epson Perfection V550 Photo). Once upgraded to the 19, to my surprise, I have completely lost it :-/ I have tried the impossible to recover the situation, but the error message was always the same: “Impossible to send commands to the scanner. Check status…”. How about retro-compatibility while upgrading? I need to use it. On Apple it works beautifully. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

    1. This bug has been reported in
      The work around is as follows (I just tested this out with a V300 Photo Scanner)
      1. Install the iscan-software from the Epson website
      2. sudo ln -sfr /usr/lib/sane/libsane-epkowa* /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/sane
      3. Create an udev-rule /etc/udev/rules.d/79-udev-epson.rules
      with the following content: ATTRS{manufacturer}==”EPSON”, DRIVERS==”usb”, SUBSYSTEMS==”usb”, ATTRS{idVendor}==”04b8″, ATTRS{idProduct}==”*”, MODE=”0777″

      Restart you computer. Power-on the scanner. The first time I started the epson-scan-software I got the message Scanner not found, but the second time all went well.

  24. Thanks all for the new release. I’m waiting excited the official version 19.1 with Cinnamon 4. I can’t be working with the beta release but I’m keeping me informed with all last news! Greetings.

  25. Hi Clem,

    Will 19.1 come with an updated version of LibreOffice? The LibreOffice version that comes with 19.0 is, and there’s a problem linking new spreadsheets to an external file (the option is always greyed out and thus you’re not able to activate it). If I poke around various forums this is a known bug in LibreOffice Calc and supposedly has been fixed. I can get around it by taking an old LibreOffice Calc spreadsheet which was created from an older version of LO Calc and gut it to my new application, but I sure would like to be able to use this external file linking feature from a fresh, new, spreadsheet.

    1. Hi Paul,

      No, LibreOffice is maintained by Ubuntu (18.04). That said, you can install the LibreOffice flatpak from the Software Manager. It’s currently at version

    2. Clem,

      Done. I’m new to flatpak, but it seems easy enough to manipulate. I can see the external file link option activate-able in libreoffice, Thanks!


      PS Thanks for updates to WINE in 19.1. I’ve kept my laptop running Mint 18.3 just to have some obscure Windows astronomy programs available in WINE there. I’ll put 19.1 on the laptop in due time.

  26. Прежде чем выпускать новые баги, то сначала старые исправьте: в Менеджере программ пункт меню – [Программи- рование] – БАГ, должно быть [Программирование].
    Вот из-зи таких вот мелочей портится настроение 🙁

  27. I hope this works better on the new Ryzen CPUs because i couldn’t instal 19 on my laptop with Ryzen 5 2500u. Thanks for your work i will always support Mint because i really like it.

  28. 19.1 looks nice so far! One bug I’ve found- When I right click on the panel and then click on “Panel Settings”, the panel resets its size to the smallest width immediately.

    Thank you for adding the “Remove Old Kernels” button!

  29. hi guys. u r doing great job. Mint 19 is awesome. I use mate edition only in this edition on my old laptop works screen brightness control. Would like u to fix it if possible. It’s not critical, because mate is awesome DE.
    My laptop is lenovo ideapad. 2011year. with nvidia 540m. 6gb ram. intel corei5.
    Thanks in advance.

  30. Hi will this fix the graphic issue with AMD A10-7300 APU boot up psychedelic colours before desktop finishes loading which stopped me from installing from 18.3 which does not have this issue my desktop with nvidia works fine with mint 19 thanks for the great work if this could be fixed ther would be a lot of happy AMD A10-7300 APU and other versions AMD

  31. Linux Mint 19.1 beta Bug: after new installation and installing latest updates i tried out the new function “clean old kernels” after that the Kernel app doesn’t show anything anymore.
    I miss also some translations in the Update Manager “Select” and the included entries are not translated to english to german
    Select = Auswahl
    Clear = Leeren
    All = Alle
    Security = Sicherheit

  32. I installed LM19.1 and I really like the new features/refinements I discovered: taskbar app grouping, remove old kernel, new folder colors.
    One issue I notice is that the desktop icons grid/sorting menu is missing (reproduce, right click on desktop)
    Can we please describe the recomended settings for nvidia driver like full pipe composition in relation with Cinnamon vsync?
    Does not make more sense to have vsync and hidpi setting in display rather than in general?

    1. The desktop settings have changed a bit. In the right click menu choose “Customize”. This will give you access to those settings.

  33. Case1, I run LM 19 MATE live CD on the Acer Aspire A717-72G-72PV laptop , my laptop hang when wifi connected or when i shutdown or restart by menu quit item, if i after restart laptop and open a terminal then execute a command “sudo init 0”, that hang again, just only mouse can move… until I press power button to switch off.

    Case 2, I click install linux mint, all processes can completed if i skip connect wifi or else hang as mentioned above. When install completed, I input my username/password and click login, the screen turn to blank and hang as mentioned above.

    Case 3, The Grub 2.x.x seem not supported xfs file system in UEFI mode, when I run the Grub command “ls (my device)” then the result is unknow file system if my “/” partition is xfs format, such as situation can not noraml start linux mint.

    Just provide above 3 cases for you for reference.

    sorry, my english is bad, if have any inappropriate. I didn’t mean to offend you.

    I like the Linux Mint.

  34. Hi Mint Team
    I use Thunderbird email every day. I use it on few computers with mixture of Mint and Windows. Thunderbird is very unstable in Mint. I have to always exit and start again. It hangs up or freeze quite often. In Windows it’s much more stable. I hope the new release can fix this problem. I prefer to use Mint much more over Windows but still use Windows because of this unstable problem.

    Thank you.

    1. I use Thunderbird on Mint 18.3 Cinnamon every day and have never had an issue with it (on a machine with 8Gb RAM). My wife uses it on Mint 18.3 MATE with 2Gb, also daily but less intensively, and has never had an issue. I suspect your issue may be something do with an extension or some other software. (I also run Thunderbird on Windows 7. For me there is no difference, nor has there been AFAICR over several Mint and Thunderbird updates.)

  35. Note: The release was postponed by a few days. The ISO filenames were incorrect (they didn’t carry the “-beta” suffix). Although it doesn’t really matter, correcting this now prior to release is the right thing to do and will avoid confusion later on. Sorry about the mistake and the inconvenience.

  36. With updated kernels being automatically installed, you can have a lot of kernels in a relatively short period of time. Would it be possible/feasible to have an option in the Update Manager to automatically delete older kernels when a specified number of them have been installed? Deleting old kernels with Update Manager takes a long time, as update-grub is run for each kernel deleted. Yes, I know there are other ways delete the kernels, but I suspect many people don’t care to go to the trouble of figuring out how.

  37. I tested out the Linux Mint 19.1 Cinnamon Beta and the Menu looks awful, is to big in height and width… idk why didn’t you made it half of the screen instead (please look into it and make it “normal” like the old releases).

    The old releases are much more appealing to the eyes, I doubt I will ever use a new Linux Mint version again.

    1. In the old version of the menu the height wasn’t configurable and it depended on the number of favorites you had. We now have a scrollbar for favorites and a configurable height for the menu.

    2. Dear Clem, the Shoutdown, Restart, Lock Screen button in the Menu are small and blury… it would be nice if was an option for the clock font to set a custom font size because is to small with the new look

    3. Hi DeS3,

      Can you send me a screenshot of the blurry buttons? Please specify the icon theme and resolution and if you changed anything in the theme settings or fonts.

    4. Oh sorry, I forgot to reply about the calendar applet. We’ve been thinking about text size a lot… and we’ve bumped into technical and design constraints. As it is now the text size is dictated by the theme. In 19.2 we’re hoping to work on this a little more. In the team, Michael for instance, is interested in allowing the calendar applet to use multiple lines. We could also think of a font size preference. This won’t happen in this release anyway, but we can definitely come up with something for the next version of Cinnamon.

  38. On my Cinnamon Beta install, I still don’t have the ability to install the newer Ubuntu kernels. This is the fix I am waiting for most

    1. Oh I see, but I remember that the point releases of Mint always had the ability to install the newer Kernel of the Ubuntu point release. Has that feature been retired?

    2. They both share the same upstream repositories and kernel versions. I.e. when a new kernel is available, it’s available in both Ubuntu and Linux Mint. It’s not tied to any point release, so you’ll see it in 18.04, in 19 and in 19.1 alike.

  39. I could not install Cinnamon 19.0, as I signaled in the forum, because good drivers for my Nvidia GTX 1060 were not available. Thus, I am now with Debian Cinnamon 9.6 and Kernel 4.18.0. The computer (a Santech C67, equal to Clevo N860EP6) works but without optimizing the double video card structure (it has an Intel UHD 630 too) and the movies go jerkily. Do you think that 19.1 will solve the problem? Is it possible to load nVidia drivers? In Debian I didn’t succeed.

    1. Hi Sergio,

      I’m using a GTK 1060 as well, on kernel 4.15. I’ve never had any issues with it. I’m on nvidia-396 right now, but 390 (from the repositories) worked fine and 410 seems to be available from Can you describe the issue you’re experiencing?

    2. Hi Clem,
      thanks for answering. The start of the image of Tanja worked and the installation too (but the restart had to be stopped because it got hanged). Then the boot from the hard disk remained hanged. In fact, there were three drivers missing: video, audio, and wifi. I asked for help in the forum, but I did not receive any.
      You may find all the details at the url:
      Eventually, after many attempts, I succeeded installing Debian 9.6 with Cinnamon, but yet I have problems with the video card (the movie is jerky) and the shut down freezes before shutting.
      Tell me how to communicate directly, thanks for helping me.

  40. HI Clem & Dev Team,
    First of all, thanks for this beta release of Mint 19.1. Overall it’s brilliant (as usual). I’ve have it [Mint 19.1 Cinnamon] installed on two laptops since Sunday on one, and Today (Monday) on the other. I think I’ve found a bug. Booting the live disk, and also after installing, my 2G and 5G wifi networks show up and I’m able to connect fine, but after installing the first batch of updates, my 2G network disappears from the list, and won’t show up even after refreshing/rescanning the list. This is happening on both laptops. The one is a HP Envy TS 15, and the other is a HP Omen-17 an007na. This was never a problem with Mint 19 on either of them.

    Keep up the excellent work. 🙂

      The problem of the ‘disappearing’ 2G wifi network as outlined in my previous post, seems to have rectified itself on both laptops. No sure when or how, but wondering if switching off wifi and then switching it back on again, plus a reboot may have something to do with it. Both machines are now showing 2G and 5G networks and connect to both okay. Question is: why did the 2G wifi network on both machines initially disappear after installing the first batch of updates?

    2. Hi Lord Mozart,

      Thanks. The first thing I’d like to know is if this is specific to Cinnamon, and in particular, if it’s specific to the network applet. The way you find out, is by looking at the network settings. Is the 2G network absent only in the applet? or also in the network settings? If it’s absent from both… does it show up in “sudo iwlist scan”? Next thing to try is to remove the network applet (this should expose the network-manager systray), and see if it’s absent from network-manager as well.

    3. Hi Clem, as mentioned in my second (update) post, my 2G network is now showing up and connecting just fine now on both laptops. I’m not sure how or why; whether turning wifi off and back on and/or rebooting was what fixed it. I just suddenly noticed after some time using the system connected via a cable or 5G wifi, that 2G started showing up again. How long it had been doing that, I have no idea. I’ll have to do a Virtualbox install and see if the problem reproduces itself, as I don’t want to wipe and reinstall what are now rock-solid stable installations on both laptops. I’ll try your suggestions if I can reproduce the same problem, and I’ll be sure to let you know the results.

    4. Clem, I ran the live disk on the HP Omen laptop, and installed the updates before checking the things you suggested. Again, 2G disappeared from the Network Applet, but was still visible in Network connections. However, it also disappeared in Network Manager. I ran “sudo iwlist scan” and both 2G and 5G showed up in the results. Now for the kicker. After all that, I looked at the applet again, and the 2G network was visible again. It seems it’s only a temporary thing, but this never used to happen at all, and only happens now after installing the initial batch of updates. You might want to take a look at the update and/or any of the dependencies that also get updated. I hope this helps.

    5. I ran the live disk on the other laptop; the HP Envy, and installed the updates. Again 2G disappeared from the network applet, but this time while I was actually connected to it. I decided to do your suggestions in a different order, so removed the network applet, and found 2G was visible in network-manager systray. After restoring the applet 2G was visible again, so I didn’t even get to do the other checks you suggested.

    1. Hi Parotta,

      We’re stuck on this because of marco. MATE 1.22 will come with the support we need to allow dark apps in Mint-Y. Once this happens, hopefully in 19.2, we can start shipping with dark apps by default (xplayer, xviewer maybe). We’ve no plans to make Nemo a dark app, but I suppose it could be a configuration option. Don’t hesitate to create an issue on for this.

  41. Hello Clem!
    Thank you for your kind replying. My answer to your question is yes.
    My scanner (just to remember: an Epson Perfection V550 Photo) worked fine just thanks to the driver you mentioned; nevertheless, the bare and raw facts are that, with LM 19, I have a dead scanner, because that driver simply does not work.
    With all the due respect and coming straight to the point, I would say that it is not enough for me (and maybe for many others out there) to know that “it is a know issue”…
    While on one side I’m well aware of the fact that Ubuntu is not a creature of yours, on the other side the heart of the matter is that it’s simply NON ACCEPTABLE that just for keeping update my OS, I be forced to throw away an expensive and useful piece of HW.
    As I said in my previous intervention, what happened to the (once) golden rule of the backward compatibility? She died too?
    What place do final users occupy in the ranking of the “target” of a company when it decides to update a distro? Are they still important, as supposedly they should be, or are they just those that simply have to adapt and resign themselves to other’s choices like a flock of sheep?
    Once it was called: “customer’s CARE”, in the narrower and more authentic meaning of the term.
    Forgive me if I have taken the liberty of being a little long, but it is only the second and even the last time you will read me…
    So, leaving then aside Windows 10 for the reasons we all know, with regret I fear that I will be forced to switch to Apple, an OS that does not leave its users on foot overnight.
    Is there perhaps another choice? Unfortunately not. So, goodbye Linux…
    Bonne chance à vous, M. Lefebvre!

    1. Good luck with Mac OS Walter,

      I’m sorry I wasted time trying to help you. You should have told me from the very beginning you were a quitter. I look forward to talking to another Epson owner and I hope he’ll be more interested in troubleshooting this issue than you were. Maybe together we’ll understand the problem better and if we’re lucky we’ll be able to come up with a solution. So far, we’ve established that this scanner “didn’t work” and that the driver was installed. Good talk.

    2. In case helpful,
      While helping someone else setup an Epson scanner, after some digging, found a firmware file (from Epson) was required, as well as driver install. Without the firmware file, the scanner was invisible to the OS.

    3. Walter M. Perhaps this company has a Linux driver for your printer?
      You could contact them on their site and see if their drivers work with your printer. In the past I tried their driver and it worked great. They gave me a short free trial period, and after that you had to pay, but it was the best Linux print driver I’ve ever used. Even the ink level feature was present and functioning well. I hope this helps!

    4. “I will be forced to switch to Apple, an OS that does not leave its users on foot overnight.” (Walter M.)

      Boy do you have a lot to learn. Until switching last year to Mint as my primary OS I was a loyal Mac user, since a Mac Plus in 1986. Their business strategy is to leave their users behind, at least every five years. Specifically they stop making available OS updates on hardware at about 5 years. This includes updates to their apps as well, as they are tied to OS releases. Then they pull support for the older hardware from Xcode, such that devs have to put extra effort into supporting their apps on old machines (which they rarely do). And of course security updates are not published for older OS releases. If you want to buy into the Mac then be prepared to replace a very expensive computer every five years; I won’t. Also, their “security” measures increasingly lock out access to system directories, first by hiding them but then by preventing changes (requires a change in config in the UEFI to override). The latest Macs have a secure boot with no provision for installing any Linux (no way for Linux distros to make an acceptable key) – this may change I suspect. As for drivers, Apple left me holding the bag when they removed support for (non-USB) serial printers from CUPS; fortunately I was able to undo the damage (no thanks to Apple) so that my investment in a PostScript laser printer wasn’t ruined. Trust me, the grass is not really greener over there…

      Clem gave you (Walter M.) good answers; it is you that needs to practice good netiquette.

      BTW thanks Clem et al for all the good work. I’m looking forward to installing 19.1 stable from 18.3 this Christmas – best present this year 🙂

    5. I have a wireless printer/scanner, Epson L405. Never have problems installing and using it with Mint 19. Drivers for both printing and scanning (separate .deb files) are found on Epson website. I just install the .deb files and works without any problem.

  42. “NFS mount not visible in Nemo left menu. How to reproduce: install nfs-common, mount NFS folder” is fixed in LM19 and LM19.1. This issue can be removed from the Roadmap.

    1. Thanks Andrey,

      They won’t get in 19.1, we’re in BETA phase. We can consider backports for 19.2 though. I’ll add this to the roadmap.

  43. Installed 19.1 / XFCE on Asrock B450 Pro4 machine, CPU Ryzen 3 2200G.
    I already noticed this on Mint 19, but there seems to be a delay in keyboard handling. It definitely lags behind compared to 18.3 and 17.3 (on the same multiboot machine). I tried a USB keyboard and PS/2 keyboard.

  44. I’d like to make a financial contribution but don’t want to use a credit card, PayPal or other on line service, only my bank. So please give us an International Bank Account Number (IBAN) to transfer a donation to.
    If you keep refusing, well, that’s your problem then. I have tried but to no avail.

    1. Sorry Gerard,

      We’re on Paypal, Patreon and we accept crypto-currencies. It wouldn’t be viable for us to deal with our bank for donations, it would take us all day, I’m not even sure we’d be able to account for the origin of the funds. It’s better we don’t, even if it means receiving less money. We’re funded to focus on the distribution after all. You can help us in other ways. I hope you’re not frustrated by this. Just by using Linux Mint and enjoying it, you’re helping us already.

    1. Thanks Marcos,

      You’re the second person to say this already, I’m not sure we can touch text size this release, but we’ll have a look.

  45. Wow. I was cheering my broadband to download faster and then my DVD writer to write faster. Install went well and now one of my production i7’s is on 19.1 (The other awaits the final release and is on Mint 18.3). The only bug I ran into so far was installing the oxygen theme pointers in synaptic… at the end it complained about not having access / permissions to some file (sorry, didn’t make a note of it) – but everything works fine. Cinnamon 4 is FAST and the system is vastly snappier than 19 (which was sluggish). Nice selection of backgrounds, I’m giving each a day or two from here to enjoy them – thanks to those who contributed images. And a BIG thank you to the Mint Team on another high point release of Mint. This one is going to be hard to beat and really leaves other distros in the dust.

    1. Hi Jake,

      What do you find faster/snappier in particular? We’ve been working on it for so long it’s hard for us to get an objective look at it. Initial benchmarks indicate we regressed a bit on app-launching (although we’re patching this this week), but according to what was changed, we should be doing better in terms of RAM usage and input lag (at least on NVIDIA). Nemo definitely is much faster now 🙂

  46. Hi team, just started playing with 19.1-beta (cinnamon 64bit) on my test box. A few observations:
    – I think it looks good, and the extra mint-y themes/icons will be appreciated by many.
    – In “Modern’ desktop layout the User Applet doesn’t appear in the panel and has to be added manually
    – In both Traditional or Modern layout, the text in the Calendar Applet is too small. Ditto for other applets that display text such World Clock Calendar applet.

    1. Update. I did a clean rebuild and the User Applet did appear in ‘Modern’ layout this time.

      My comment about the Calendar text being too small remains valid.

    2. Hi Tony,

      The removal of the user applet was on purpose. You can add it of course, but we didn’t think it was needed anymore. The logout session dialog has a switch user button, you don’t change your password all that often, and the avatar (though it’s not a thing of the past) is no longer visible in the display manager. The other options are provided by the menu applet.

      We’ll have a look at the text size. I’m not sure what we can do about it, but we’ll have a look.

  47. Hi Clem and team
    Can you tell us exactly what the “Modern” layout button actually does? It obviously makes changes to theme settings, but presumably it also enables some other settings – eg so that the grouped-window-applet switches on?
    I ask because I have a large bash script that I use to customise a new build to set up my preferences and additional software on multiple machines, and I’d like to have that “Modern” layout activated direct from the script instead of having to remember to select it before I run the script. (Is there a command I can use to access it?)

    1. Many thanks Clem, I appreciate your reply.

      I can see now that the Modern panel/theme configuration is the default so I can just leave it that way, no scripting needed 🙂

  48. I have just tried Linux Mint 19’s MATE BETA release and the overall thought is really positive:

    – the new Mint-Y Theme is amazing and fully customizable;
    – the OS works perfectly as usual with a really low RAM consumption (almost 620MB at startup);
    – I love the new wallpapers which are, in my opinion, so amazing to use on your desktop.

    Thus, I cannot wait for this new release and I believe it will be successful as the ones before. Really good job, Clem!

  49. Some odd behaviour with Nemo on my test box – AMD Ryzen3 1200 quadcore with a NVIDIA Corporation GF119 [GeForce GT 520] PCI graphics card & 4GB RAM.

    I prefer to use Nemo in List view. If I create a sub-folder (eg in Documents) and change the zoom slider to make entries a bit larger, when I collapse and re-expand the Documents folder the sub-folder icon is truncated. And if I reduce the zoom, the spacing between those entries shows too large.
    This persists till I close and restart Nemo.

    normal appearance:
    after zoom larger and collapse/re-expand:
    after reduce zoom and collapse/re-expand:

    This happens both with the default video driver and with the nvidia-driver-390

  50. After a standard install, I ran Driver Manager and chose to change from the default nouveau driver to the nvidia-590 driver. Rebooted and all good.

    I then switched back to the nouveau driver, and rebooted.

    When I now go into Driver Manager, it says I have manually installed a driver and it will not allow me to select either the nouveau or nvidia-590 driver.


    1. Hi Tony,

      In case helpful. When that happens, I’ve found best solution is
      apt purge nvidia-*

      After restart you should be back on Nouveau, then re-install NVIDIA driver

  51. The new modern window list is ugly on left/right/top panel with the Mint-X theme.
    It’s nice on the bottom panel though.

  52. Where do all these people get 19.1? I’ve looked and all I’ve found is 19. According to your commentary, 19.1 beta is yet to be released/made available.

    Also, will 19.1 xfce be as “old hardware friendly” as 18.1 xfce?

    1. Clem indicated in another post that It isn’t released officially yet because the ISO files were inadvertently missing the “beta” label in their names. That is being corrected and when the newly renamed files have updated on the various mirrors worldwide, the announcement will be made. Might be a few days yet.

      I had already downloaded my copy of the ISO from my local mirror, like some others have done. There is a list of mirrors at … but maybe wait till the announcement is made.

    2. Thanks Tony W.
      where do we find these other writings by Clem? Is there another blog or a Forum thread?

    3. Thanks for the link.

      I can’t find a link to the Main archive on the page. Just mirrors. I use on my software sources on update manager, the main. It’s in the US where I am. I figure its best to use the Main archive. Well the Ubuntu one is in Great Britain, the only one in the country for that, as far as I can see. So I use one from the US for that. if it has archive in the name and not mirror, I suppose that’s best, I don’t know if there are more mains or just one? And all the others are mirrors, even though mirror is not in the name?

    4. @Richard:
      The list of Download mirrors is for downloading an ISO image so you can burn a DVD or USB stick to boot a new build. You can download from any mirror you like, but the closer it is the faster the download (probably).

      Which repositories you use via Software Sources to keep a built system up to date is a separate matter and up to you. Software Sources will let you choose a local repository from the dropdown lists and wioll show you the comparative speed of the items in the list..

    5. Thanks Tony W.

      On my software sources scans, every time I do it different ones are fastest speeds. It scans my country 1st. I pick one of the higher end speeds. But of the highest speed ones, I figure the Main is best. It says is in the US. I don’t know exactly where it is within the US or which one is the closest. I guess the, where the iso files are I guess, is also in the US. But I can’t open that one. I can try to do a search on it. I don’t know where in the world the 2 “worldwide” ones are.

      I’m waiting for the stable to come out anyway.

  53. Linux Mint 19.1 is looking great. I think I found a bug. The time/date applet in the panel does not increase in size when you increase the size of the other applets. It stays small.

    1. @ Paul L:
      Yes, the calendar/clock text is quite small. Clem commented in an earlier reply that “We’ll have a look at the text size. I’m not sure what we can do about it, but we’ll have a look.”

  54. Hi Peter

    No there isn’t another blog. Just scroll up this page a bit till you find a post from Clem timestamped December 3, 2018 at 1:42 pm. I only noticed it a few hours ago myself.

  55. On a 4k laptop screen scaling is nice, but the country flag for the keyboard is very small first. If you move the cursor over it it becomes proper size.

  56. Some remark
    LM 19-19.1 include old version Gimp (2.8)
    Gimp 2.10.x is released! Please you replace the old gimp for new gimp.

    Right click in panel — Modify panel — Move panel -> Top…
    Open Menu — Quit, Logout, Lock screen is missing. (Should by Cinnamon restart, then it is visible again)

    Nemo — bach rename I miss very much

    Open Nemo — Create New Folder or Create New Document — Right click the new folder/document
    I miss very much: “Link to Desktop”
    I know there is a way to go: Make Link — Copy/Move to — Desktop, but “Link to Desktop” it would be easier, or Make link to –> Home, Desktop, Documents … Browse

    System settings — Desktop — Trash –> ON
    Right click in Trash on Desktop — Properties — Change the Trash icon
    Trash icon not work anymore, does not indicate if it is full, or empty and can not be reset.


    Nice work!

  57. Hi Clem ! Just upgraded to 19.1, great work !
    I really appreciate the improved icons spacing in Nemo. Could this improvement be brought to the desktop icons as well ? This would be especially useful when using the biggest icons size : the spacing is huge.
    Cheers !

  58. I can confirm such icon truncating. Icon is back to normal if you change zoom a little but it is truncated again if you collapse and reopen the sub-tree.
    Seen on 16 GB RAM, driver nVIDIA 390.77, GT1030

  59. I must say I’m impressed. I never managed to get correct performance on the desktop when using Nvidia drivers. KDE for instance is butter smooth constantly with everything except Nvidia cards. (not just moving windows but everything). Gnome is extremely slow with Nvidia cards. Cinnamon is the only big desktop which doesn’t seem to feel slower with Nvidia proprietary drivers. Still there is obviously sth wrong on Nvidia’s side.

  60. Just finished a manual upgrade (Cinnamon) from 19 to 19.1 in a test environment.

    Clean and fast upgrade. No errors reported in the terminal window.

    Fast reboot.

    Nemo response is just “Very Very Fast” whilst accessing a live home partition.

    Removal of redundant kernels is a great asset.

    Thanks Clem and team for yet another magnificent release.

  61. A couple of issues I found while using wine in Linux Mint 19.1 (which weren’t a problem in 18.3).

    I did a clean install of Linux Mint XFCE 19.1. Then I installed wine-development and wine32-developlment (version 3.6).

    I tried WinDoom 0.96a (which you can download from and it didn’t recognize any 8-bit color mode, so it is basically unplayable. I could play it just fine in Linux Mint 18.3 with wine 1.6.

    Then I tried Quake 3. I can launch it and it plays OK, except that it appears to be much brighter than normal. Probably some gamma issue. This also didn’t happen before.


  62. hello the new update of the system will be within a week after correcting the failures and increase the performance of each program or I’m wrong, for that reason the stable version will come around December 10?

  63. Hi, I’ve got a problem with my brightness-control for my intel-card. I can’t adjust it by control-keys or software brightness-control. I need to add conf-file: “/usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/20-intel.conf”
    As described in some blogs, etc. Is it possible to implement a fix for this problem or is it a concern of the “debian-base-system”, etc.? So far, great work with LM-19.1 pretty good and stable for beta! Keep it up!

  64. hello a small suggestion for the 19.1 system to look even more modern should leave the default oxy-black theme for the mouse pointer, which has a very modern kunai tip style. I leave a screenshot to see how the pointer is, I hope it works for them. I’m sorry, but I have problems with the increase on the Internet, but when I can upload the capture or review the repositories and see if it continues to be successful in your project.

    1. The mirrors should also make the SHA256 hashes available. Copy the link location, paste in you browser, and delete the name of the ISO file. Then the link points to the file folder of Mint 19. Download the hashes from both mirrors. If they are identical, the difference is likely due to one site calculating in decimal, the other in binary. You can choose either. If the hashes are not identical, something is seriously amiss.

    2. I just realized something. The second link points to version 19 while the first points to 19.1

    1. Same here. Screensaver settings are all there but no screen savers to choose from. The area in the screen saver “window” is even missing.

  65. Hello, I’m already really excited for this release but I have 2 questions.
    1) Is it possible to open a new window in the modern layout by pressing Ctrl- or Shift-Key while clicking on an already open application?
    2) Is it possible to change the color of the mouse-hover popup? The yellow combined with the Mint-Y theme looks really weird.

    1. Thanks for the quick reply.
      I mean the little infoboxes that show up when you hover over an object that gives you any detailed information like this:
      I think that the color doesn’t fit the overall theme, it’s not 19.1 specific but just came into my mind.

    2. Hi Clem,,

      For ‘1)’,
      Changing middle click default from ‘Close last focused window in group’ to ‘Launch new app instance’ solves this, provides great usability, and appears to be default behaviour on Windows for many years, also (unless mistaken) is the default on Icing Task Manager.

      Above change also solves a corner-case issue seen with ‘Close last focused…’, e.g. middle clicking on ‘Files’ when no window is open causes a … not responding Force Quit/Wait requester.

      Will wait for official announcement post to report other issues/observations.

      Thanks for a wonderful 19.1 release (already installed as a VM, and directly on 2 machines)! 🙂

    3. The thing about the mouse hover popup has bugged me for a while, but since it doesn’t really affect the functionality of the system, I haven’t brought it up. But I do agree with @Tobiplayer3; it would look much nicer if that popup matched the theme.

    4. ah… the tooltips. Ok I get your point.. they’re matching the GTK tooltips, then again these might be defined by the corresponding Mint-Y GTK theme. What color(s) would you have in mind?

    5. I don’t know how Tobi feels, but as I said in my other comment, I’d like it to match the theme. If you use a dark theme, it would look better with dark background and light print. I know on W10 using Arc-dark, it is the reverse of the menus: light background, dark print. In fact, it is identical to this webpage. Yellow just looks…incongruous? I think that’s the word I’m looking for.

  66. About Kernels module in Update Manager – it’s pity that installed mainline kernel is not available in the list:
    (I’m using linux-kernel-utilities )

    1. Kernels update module is working fine when I installed new kernels from command line:
      (mintupdate 5.4.4)
      It seems that the problem was present only while using a script “” from linux-kernel-utilities.
      Though I’m not tested with UKUU, but it seems that new Kernel update module is working as expected.
      Thank you for providing new functionality in it!

  67. Boa tarde equipe do Linux mint.
    Gostaria de fazer uma observação a respeito do relógio que está muito pequeno deixando o mint visualmente estranho.
    Dêem uma olhada nosso, acredito que poderão resolver facilmente

  68. I was using Mint 19 until I found out firejail was not working. It works in LMDE3. Now in LMDE3 apparmor is not enabled, it is missing in grub. I had to add “apparmor=1 security quiet” in the grub file to get apparmor to work. I would like to try Mint 19.1 if firejail firefox would work.

  69. Desde hace muchos años disfruté de Mint KDE, al desconinuar este entorno por parte de ustedes por lo cual decidí pasarme a NEON KDE, y creo que no me arrepiento para nada del cambio, gracias por todo.

  70. Hi,
    Maybe I missed something in the documentation, but how exactly do you upgrade from 19.0 to 19.1 beta?

  71. My apologies, Clem; thanks for the “how/where-to”. Done! I ran “xplayer –debug filename” and, once it had finished crashing, I added the gzipped crash file and mintreport-derived stack trace to my previous “Xplayer Crashes When Attempting to Use #108” (status: closed). I hope this helps!

  72. 19.1 Cinnamon is very pretty and works fine for me.

    One small adverse effect: the window list of the old panel had a ‘close all’ command that would actually close all opened documents. With the new panel, ‘close all’ closes only the windows for the application in question. It would be nice to have a ‘close all’ that actually closes all documents and windows in the window list. Perhaps a key combination?

  73. M. Lefebvre,

    Oh my gosh… what a rude answer you gave me…!
    Anyway, to those words I have chosen not to reply. It’s not worth it.
    You must be a very busy person, perhaps too tired, and you might have read my first message in a hurry.

    A sincere thanks to Dave B and John M for their hints on the matter.

    Walter M.

    1. TBH it’s not actually rude from what I see. You briefly outlined a problem with your Epson when running LM 19. Clem asked if you’ve tried a new driver. You responded by saying you’re not taking it any further and will be going the Apple route instead.

      I’d imagine he is rather busy at the moment, and it does seem rather pointless even asking about the Epson in the first place if not prepared to work together analysing the issue. Hopefully you don’t need to, for example, plug headphones directly into the mac, or USB connect the printer, otherwise you might need some earlier generation hardware (or spend more money).

      Me, I’m looking forward to installing 19.1. If I run into any insurmountable probs I’ll revert to 18.3 which I’m currently very happy with.

    2. Walter,
      You have forums and hexchat to troubleshoot your issue with LM 19.
      Yet in the midst of feedback on a beta release 19.1 you decide to post your issue.
      Clem told you it was a known issue – in other words, there is no point in Linux Mint duplicating the work that those upstream are doing on fixing the issue. That would be an incredible waste of resources.
      Despite telling you it was an upstream issue, (so you should be looking in Ubuntu forums for possible workarounds), Clem took time out to search for a driver. After you tried it and it didn’t work, so you just said you’re off to try OS X because they don’t leave users behind.
      You could easily have kept researching on Ubuntu forums and posted back possible solutions here. The lads on the team here are probably doing a lot of their work voluntarily for us users, but you couldn’t reciprocate in any way!
      I know if i was on the team, and had spent hours killing myself to get out a beta release and someone took your attitude, I’d wouldn’t be as courteous as Clem was. Maybe you need to look at your own post first before judging.


    3. A free to use OS, and countless hours gone into its making, I cannot complain. A shame you feel that way Walter. Best of luck with the OS you settle on and have a great new year in 2019.

  74. Hi Clem .. many thanks to the crew! I installed 19.1 last night and hit the Asus UEFI boot problem. Once by that (easy), I was greeted with a Samba that worked perfectly! I installed all my favorites and it was a dream! Love it! Still can’t figure out why toilet flushes everytime I hit the return key? (just kidding) Thanks again … LarryR

    1. Thanks Larry,

      Credit should go upstream for Samba, it didn’t come from us. Can you elaborate on the ASUS UEFI issue?

    1. Thanx gerry, but that link is just for Cinnamon. I like to try Mate version. Any suggestion? Thanx.

  75. Hi Clem,

    Would it be possible to add an option, so that we could define active and passive windows ourselves?
    For example (and sorry for comparison with Windows, which I haven’t been using for about 10 years) in Windows 98 (and until today I guess), I could set active window title bar to have 2 colors like red that changes into yellow (left to right), and passive windows to have for example green to blue colors.
    Meaning, could we choose ourselves the color of the title bar, plus could this be 2 colors (or other options as well, like some image, decorative design, etc.).

    Also, would it be possible to choose a color of the, hmm, how shall I call it, “main color of the nemo where folders resides”? Normally it’s white (very bad for eyes, too bright), or dark grey (in Mint Y Dark). But why we cannot choose color for ourselves, like light blue or green, other shade of grey, etc.?
    I tried with better or worse ‘hacks’ reading through some forums, but no options is simple and sometimes solutions have other unpleasant side effects.

    I’m not saying, that we should copy solutions like that from windows, but it does have quite good and simple solution to change colors of almost every aspect like in here:

    Maybe we can use some of those options?
    We have quite good options in “Themes”, we can setup icons (though, there is no button that says “click here to choose your own icon for folders”), and other options, but we cannot set colors ourselves, icons (I know we can copy/paste it to /usr/local/share/something, but the point is, it should be easy for non-techy people as well).
    I think, it would make quite simple for adjusting Mint to everybody’s liking, but also from practical perspective, it would make better difference between active/passive windows visible, better for eyes when changing white background color for nemo and system menus to other color (I remember about RedShift, but still, it would be even better for our eyes when background is adjustable), borders of each window and it’s color plus thickness, etc.

    Hope, I didn’t get too messy in expressing my view and that it could bring more user friendly touch for others.
    Best regards,

    1. Hi Martin,

      Assuming you could color titlebars in the settings… it wouldn’t work with every themes. It would be a can of worms for us design-wise. Look at Mint-X and its gradient titlebars.. how would that work? If the theme had a 3 color gradient, the settings would need to provide three color controls?

      You idea about Nemo is implemented in Caja (in MATE).

    2. Hi Clem,
      Thanks for reply.
      Gradient title bar was just one of the options I mentioned, but what I wanted to point out, is to simply have more options to adjust our desktops.
      To have the possibility, to make it more… well, customizable/configurable. To each person could have it the way they want, instead of having only predefined schemes.
      One could set colors the way suits him best.

      This would include (but not limited to):
      Windows – border lines (thickness, color), title bar gradient (2 colors, etc), main window color (which is set also for documents, nemo, etc.), pick a color for all the aspect of the window.

      I imagine, it could be hard to change it right now, as you probably didn’t have it in mind when designing Cinnamon. But, since you redesign many aspects of Cinnamon and programs you include in Mint, maybe there could be a chance to have it in ToDo list and apply when time comes?

      Best regards,

  76. Dear Linux Mint team,
    I am very sorry for the long post, but I took the opportunity to test 19.1 and I would like to share my observations from a couple of hours of first impressions. Thank you for your hard work! Other than point n.1 these are all not too serious, but I hope they can help you in some way. Thank you once more for your time and work. <3

    1) Serious oversight:
    In System settings, when I click on "Input method", the "Language settings" open instead!
    When clicking on "Input method" in the start menu, it works. Japanese also works fine.

    2) Start menu too big:
    Start menu doesn't auto-shrink – too much space between the lock and favorites button and unused space under "Places".
    It should minimize the necessary space between the buttons on the left side (between lock and favorites) leave just a little bit of extra space to differentiate, and the space under "Places".

    3) In Applets:
    The "window list" applet (when switched to modern) looks as if it's added and broken.
    When switching the panel modes, the other applet should be taken out of the list of added applets to resemble reality, because it really is not visible anymore. When Modern – "Grouped window list" yes, "Window list" no, when in old vice versa.
    But it is very good that it is currently possible to have both at the same time. In modern, I wanted to add "window list" but I first had to take it out and than put it back in. I like the result, but it is not good to have applets look like broken from the start.

    4) Inconsistent group window icons:
    When I open from menu preferences for example Colors and than Date-and-time, they get grouped together and the group "Settings" keeps the last opened icon, regardless of which window is currently active, even if that window gets closed and doesn't exist anymore. Colors than still have the icon of Date-and-time.
    Either the group icon should change together with the active window, or once the window group "Settings" gets created, it should get the Settings icon and change back only when one last window is left open.

    5) Redshift icon:
    In the modern icon theme LM19, it was previously white, which made it visible on the dark panel. Now it is black and it is not as visible and doesn't blend in with the other symbolic icons.

    6) Start menu spacing:
    I would like a tiny bit more space between the start menu and the following "Grouped windows list" icons, like with "panel launcher" or "window list" that have a bit space to their left. To differentiate themselves from the start menu which is special and different, not a program.

    7) New panel settings (just opinion):
    Difficult to switch panel mode (old and new) once outside of welcome screen.
    There should be a place to change the panel setting outside of just the welcome screen, it should be in the panel settings itself. Ultimately it should be possible to recreate the old view by just adjusting the sizes of the new panel settings. But I couldn't get the systray icons to the same size. 22 seems slightly bigger than before (or is it my imagination?) and 16 is too tiny.

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for the feedback. I can reproduce it all, except for the redshift icon… it’s a symbolic icon. It looks white to me on top of the dark Cinnamon Mint-Y-Dark panel.

    2. Hi Clem,
      I checked the Redshift icon again. You are right, under Mint-Y it’s white as intended. It became dark under the “New-Minty” theme from the additional skins. I like the dark black + green it provides in 19.0. Mint-Y dark seems as dark in 19.1 which could make “New-Minty” obsolete that way. That’s good.

      PS: Reading all the posts here and taking them in consideration, you are a hero Clem, you should get on the Mintcast as a guest one day, would love to hear you speak! ^^ Happy holidays <3

  77. Great work Team,
    I’m really impressed. I didn’t think i would like the new taskbar, but as i now use it vertically on the right hand side, i don’t miss the application names being omitted. Also, the time now appears when the taskbar is vertical, it wouldn’t appear in 19.
    I am having finding an issue with the brightness application – unfortunately I’ve no other distro on the laptop to see if it’s specific to LM19.1.
    I have a monitor connected to a Dell Latitude E4310 laptop via DVI to HDMI adapter. Within the Display application, my monitor is recognised perfectly.
    $ inxi -G
    Device-1: Intel Core Processor Integrated Graphics driver: i915 v: kernel
    Display: x11 server: X.Org 1.19.6 driver: modesetting unloaded: fbdev,vesa
    resolution: 1366×768~60Hz, 1280×720~60Hz
    OpenGL: renderer: Mesa DRI Intel Ironlake Mobile v: 2.1 Mesa 18.0.5

    Opening the brightness application, I can only reduce the brightness of my laptop, and not of the external monitor. Looking at these links ( and I thought maybe i could install ddccontrol to change the brightness of the external monitor. But ddccontrol -p didn’t work …

    Is there another application you could suggest? I don’t this code that rotanibod posted here will work – that might make the laptop brighter 🙂 –

  78. Thanks to Clem and the Linux team for this upgrades!

    I tested the beta and I want to make some comments related to the defaults.I must say that the changes related to enhance the contrast (and the new Mint-Y colors) are very much appreciated. It feels much snappier too. Congrats!

    Now, some nitpicks… I allow myself to do this just because this release has very cool improvements on the customization side, and the “look and feeling” is a central point of this release.

    1) The notification area icons will look more elegant if is set to 22 px. by default (even so, will be bigger than the defaults on Linux Mint 19.0).

    2) The Menu is huge by default showing two big empty gaps. If you set to 200 px the “minimum height of the favourites section” and remove one “Favorite” (let’s say Firefox, that already exist pinned on the panel) I think can look way better:

    3) With the modern layout, the Menu icon (the Mint logo) looks blurry compared to the “crisp” icons of the grouped applications taskbar, but maybe this is just misperception of my side.

    4) After you move the bottom panel to a side, you need to restart Cinnamon because the menu session icons get lost:

    Thanks again to the Mint team for this great work!

  79. Bonjour Clem,
    Tout d’abord merci pour votre travail et celui de toute la team LM évidemment. Cette réalisation LM19.1 est encore une belle réussite et toujours plus proche du besoin de l’utilisateur.
    Parmis les nouveautés j’apprécie beaucoup la possibilité de grouper les fenêtres avec la nouvelle applet.
    Il y a un soucis chez moi avec cette fonction lorsque j’utilise plusieurs espaces de travail, elle n’est pas utilisable en fait. En ajoutant un ou des espaces de travail, on perd le fonctionnement des fenêtres groupées dans le premier espace qui devient incohérent. Je dois préciser aussi que lorsque j’ajoute l’applet “Liste groupée de fenêtres”, le message “erreur lors du chargement de” apparait comme pour l’applet “liste des fenêtres” installée en même temps que la première. Merci à vous.

    1. Bonjour,

      Il y’a une option pour montrer les fenetres de tous les espaces de travail.

      Le probleme de conflict avec window-list etait un bug et il est desormais resolu.

  80. Congratulations to Clem and the Linux Mint team for Linux version 19.1(beta) of Linux Mint and for your work. I tested the Cinnamon version (Cinnamon is my favorite desktop) and I like what you did. additional icons and windows for the Mint-y theme, new control panel, adding an option to remove old kernels). Linux Mint is comparable to Windows now and even higher to this one (snapshots of system like Windows, more ergonomic menu on Linux Mint than on the latest Windows 10, …). I think your are on the right way. The only thing that I hope to see one day for the next releases of Linux Mint would be a tablet mode or similar for the hybrid pcs (tablet pc) like we can see in Windows. It will be great. I would like to say to Clem that my orientation problem come from iio-sensor-proxy and systemd. I must use a quirk for systemd to make it work.

    Otherwise I found bugs on Linux Mint 19.1beta Cinnamon (64bit) Live-DVD I made :

    – System settings -> sound -> sound -> volume:0%
    The volume is set to 0% but I hear the sound. When I move the volume cursor from higher to lower (under 1%) volume is set to muted. So I think there is a bug. I think you must check this part.

    – System settings. When I double click on the icons (users and groups, software sources, printers, language settings, driver manager), it opens 3 times the same window.


  81. I’ve been testing the 19.1 beta (64bit, Cinnamon edition) and I’ve come across one bug.
    Keyboard shortcuts for switching to a TTY (e.g. Ctrl+Alt+F1) don’t work, at least not from within the login manager. Furthermore, when pressing the above keyboard shortcut the graphical “tty” (where the login manager or DE is running) stops working as well, except for mouse cursor (which can merely be moved around while the UI itself is unresponsive). The only way to get out of this is to simply force-shutdown the whole machine with the power button.
    TTY keyboard shortcuts still work on LM 19.0.

  82. Hello Dear LinuxMint Team,
    I tested 19.1 beta cinnamon 64bit on my chinease X5 minipc ,this is few result.
    1. HDMI Sound not work .everything on setting panel looks fine but no any sound.By the way,It works on Ubuntu 18.10 and fedora 29
    2.usb ethernet Samsung Galaxy j2 (SM-j200GU) connection setting look fine but no internet.It’s works on Ubuntu 18.10 and fedora 29
    3.Wfi access from this phone is ok ( while un plug usb ) ,i can connect Internet. But when plug usb ,no internet.
    By the way ,erverything works on Ubuntu 18.10 and fedora 29.
    4.When i connect the above mobile phone to use as Hotspot,the Hotspot not works . No any others phone or pc can access the Hotspot. This Hotspot function on my minipc still not works on Linux Mint 19, 19.1beta Ubuntu 18.04 ,18.10 ,fedora 29

    Thanks for reading and sorry for my non-native English

    This is my brief system info

    Intel Atom x5-Z8350
    AudioDevice Intel HDMI/DP LPE
    genericNetworkDeviceRealtek RTL8111/8168/8411

    1. Hi Kruba,

      If you find the cause of the issue(s) we can maybe intervene and think of a solution. Try to see if it’s specific to the desktop environment, the kernel etc..

  83. Really nice additions/optimizations!! Thanks!!!

    The only bug i found so far is that “Lock/Exit/Halt” buttons sometimes disappear from start menu, and they don’t reappear. I couldn’t find a reason, but it seems to be related to panel tweaking, once it’s the only i’ve messed around.

  84. Hi,
    Linux Mint 19 and 19.1 Cinnamon on every boot right at the beginning give me pop-up “Cinnamon just crashed…”. 18.3 and previous versions work fine. What can I do? My system data: Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core 5200+, Memory: 3.7 GiB, Graphics card: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] RS690 [Radeon X1200] (prog-if 00 [VGA controller])

  85. Great release guys, really nice new functions and improvements!

    The ‘grouped window list’ applet is indeed a really good idea. Combined with a big panel can be used as a mac style dock. It probably needs a little more polish, but since it’s a novelty, that’s well understandable. It crashes sometimes when one tinkers with the panel for a long time (but nothing too serious – it just disappears ;).

    The ‘system-shutdown’, ‘ system-log-out’ and ‘system-lock-screen’ icons don’t scale properly on big panels (50+). Instead of 48px icons they are upscaled (blurry) 32px. It might also be a nice feature to be able to ‘pin’ them down in the aforementioned applet.

    If we choose the ‘keyboard’ applet to be represented by a flag icon for different layouts, it makes other unscaled symbolic (for example 16px, symbolic size – max) icons blurry. Interestingly it doen’t happen instantly but after hoovering on the flag icon. After changing the layout to a different language using the applet icon, the other icons get back to being crisp, after a hoover on the flag they get blurry again. It must be a minor bug and hopefully an easy fix.

    Keep on doing the great job! Cheers!

    1. Changing the icon-size* value to anything lower than 22px seems to fix the keyboard layout flag icon problem.
      * cinnamon.css – line 1446 .applet-icon -> icon-size

    2. Thanks, let us know more about the crash (you might see something in .xsession-errors).

      We’ll check the icons. We already know about the flag size on hover in HiDPI but we’ll have a look at why it impacts the other icons. Hopefully fixing the flag icon should fix everything 🙂

  86. Using 19.1 beata on laptop – so far love new panel revamp/resize.

    – I think someone already mentioned the session icons being lost if you move panel.

  87. I’m using a top panel and the Mint-X theme.
    The grouped window list looks ugly and broken in this combination.
    It looks good on the bottom panel.

  88. Hi folks!
    First of all, congratulation Mint team! 19.1 is going to be awesome with the modern desktop layout.
    I have a small suggestion for the clock applet in the taskbar for the modern look. In order to fill the empty space as clock font is vertically centered between icons, I have set a custom date time format like ” %H:%M%n%d/%m/%Y” (date format given as example is the most common in Brazil, but could be any other depending on regional settings). Please see the extra spaces in the beginning of the string. I used it to force an approximated centering of time compared to date below. It would be nice whether the text in the panel is centered by default or a discrete option in the clock settings in CSD, so %n makes a new centered line.


  89. Hi,
    Xreader 2.0.1 still can’t turn epub pages, only the 1st page is displayed or stuck inside the chapter.
    I just found the same problem described in the GitHub issue #182 (1st paragraph) for Xreader 1.4.4.

  90. Install went smooth and I am up running with out any issues as my main machine. Ryzen 7, Nvidia 1060, 32 gig ram on 2 2K monitors. Panel Icon size was a bit large so I moved it down to 32. Installed several programs and played around with themes and everything seems to be running well. Only issue I can see at the moment is that I have to set a static address on the wired network, otherwise it will not go to any web pages. Wifi works like a charm when I have to use it. As always I’m very impressed with development

  91. Hi Clem,

    When the list of open documents for an application does not fit on the screen, can a scroll bar please be added so that the first opened document can be selected?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Ovari,

      Where do you mean? There’s a few places in the OS showing recently opened documents… can you describe how to get to the one you’re talking about? or show me a screenshot?

  92. – Love the new coloured dark/darker THEME options!

    – MENU overhaul is great, but default expirience would be more visually pleasing at 200px height for the favourites.
    Fast scrolling through the “all applications” category by holding down the arrow key still brings one cpu core to 100% and the performance to a stuttering halt for a few seconds.

    – Not a fan of the new “MODERN PANEL” workflow, but it may be a nice sidepanel option.
    Definitely needs a better streamlined way to open additional windows of the same app.

    – Nice that you bring back WINE quality of life.
    May I suggest that you also change the default file descriptor limit according to this so that Steamplay/Proton titles run without problems out of the box?

    1. Hi,

      – It was changed from 400 to 300 in 4.0.4
      – itzexor is working on this (performance loss and dropped frame on category switch anyway in the menu), I’m not sure whether this is will be for 4.2 or 4.0 yet though
      – You can press Ctrl while clicking to launch a new one (this was added in 4.0.4)

  93. HI Clem, would love to see the “no flickering” nvidia fix with the next version of mint 😉
    Keep up the good work.

  94. Hopefully this v19.1 works well on Xfce as while v18.3 worked fine when closing the laptop lid and then opening it back up to resume use, v19 Xfce etc (Cinnamon works fine) it’s basically shot and never resumes. this is on a 10 year old HP DV5-1002nr laptop (my backup computer). because I would prefer to use Xfce but currently only Cinnamon works properly as I am not sure, off the top of my head about MATE, but I think that one worked with the laptop lid closing/opening but just did not care for certain things in it.

    maybe ill use Clonezilla on my current v19 Cinnamon and then clean install v19.1 Xfce and see if it works soon.

    1. A reply to my previous post about v18.3 working and v19 not working when closing laptop lid and then waiting 10-15 seconds and then opening lid post.

      but basically without actually installing v19.1 I am pretty sure it does the same thing on Xfce as v19 because I can boot off the USB device with v19 Cinnamon and close the laptop lid and open it and everything works as expected. but doing that same thing with v19.1 Xfce it has a black screen and never wakes up after opening laptop lid.

      I assume a fix for this probably won’t happen? ; or is there a chance?

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