Monthly News – May 2018

Many thanks to all of you, for your patience with the upcoming releases and for your help and donations to this project.

All 3 editions of Linux Mint 19 (Cinnamon, MATE, Xfce) are currently in QA. The various bugs which were found were fixed and we’re expecting them to pass QA tomorrow. We’re planning the BETA release for Monday the 4th.

We hope you’ll enjoy testing these BETAs and we look forward to receiving your feedback.

The BETA phase for Mint 19 will be longer than usual, with a stable release planned for the end of June. A lot of code was ported to python3, gksu was removed and replaced with pkexec, MATE now supports HiDPI automatically, we’re using a brand new package base, the theme engine in GTK 3.22 is very different than in GTK 3.18 and might cause a few issues in Mint-X, and we’ve switched to Mint-Y and its new set of icons so we’re expecting many little bugs and paper cuts.

These are usually very easy to fix, we just hope there won’t be too many 🙂


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$304 (2nd donation), B. Nikola aka “Germmare
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$250, Wendy J.
$145 (17th donation), Jon Espenschied aka “xeno”
$125, Timothy D.
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$79.25 from 57 smaller donations

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  • Alexa (website ranking): 3280


  1. Linux Mint Cinnamon, miss Sylvia, will acompagny me this summertravels, for fearless computing in the road 🙂

    1. We can not wait till 19.0 LinuxMint arrives we Love you Linux Mint. It is very hard to promote Linux in USA. Since every one are paranoid of Hacking etc.. We use Linux over 10 years. We feel sorry for ignorant people in USA. How ever when we travel outside USA we promote it without fear of prosecution or labeled as hackers lol.Wake up USA use of Linux is advised badly lol.

    2. Ran Mint 19 64 bit Cinnamon live yesterday on home box. Worked flawlessly on A-10 Asus Cross Ranger board. Waiting for 19 32 bit Monday.


  2. Wow, that’s a huge list of changes. I haven’t been a beta user, but I think this time I’ll give it a try… and I hope to do not find all the bugs myself 😉

    1. If you can test the beta, it’s a big help. Just make sure you report any issues you find on the blog post for it’s release. That way hopefully we can get them fixed 🙂

    1. Not to put TOO fine a point on this, but–
      A VERY specific question was asked, with VERY specific details provided; all you have to do is follow ALL the links. How much more detail do you need?

      Have you fixed that bug?

    2. It might look very specific to you but it doesn’t establish the cause of the problem. Troubleshooting isn’t easy and not everybody is a developer, that’s perfectly ok. We’re not expecting everyone to be or for your PR to accompany your bug report. It’s hard to know whether we’re talking about a kernel issue, something in upower, or CSD itself. Knowing whether upower reacts to the power source change would help establish that, that’s what CSD uses in the background to react to changes. You can also run the power CSD plugin on its own in verbose mode to get a better understanding at what’s failing and tinker with dbus to query the power states.

      Any info you can provide about the possible cause will help.

      Testing 3.8 will also help (we linked to a commit that could possibly affect this).

  3. Thank you all of Mint team of your hard work. I will test LM 19 Beta next week and I am sure that it will be a nice OS when it is ready. Linux Mint Cinnamon is best OS in the Linux world.

  4. why do you make MATE and Xfce versions if there is already a Ubuntu flavor of that?
    do you have dl numbers for Cinnamon vs MATE vs Xfce?

    1. Hi,

      We don’t count downloads or installations.

      We’ve been supporting MATE (aka GNOME 2) since 2006. This is a desktop about 150 distributions shipped as their main desktop environment for years.
      We’ve been supporting Xfce for years also. This is also a desktop used by many distributions.
      We’ve been supporting Cinnamon since the start. And this desktop is also available in many distributions.

      Having a unique desktop never mattered to us. Some distributions/flavors also implement our vision or ship our desktop tools (or forks of them). What’s important is to keep getting better, to know what we want and to get ever closer to it.

    2. If you compared the Mint version and Ubuntu version by using them you will see a difference in how the UI is implemented. I personally like the Mint flavour much better.

  5. Thank You!
    Ummm… Can You give us a little hint about current state of LMDE3? Just a little … pleeeease? Please, please? 🙂

    1. Hi Jack,

      LMDE 3 is next, probably with a BETA in July. Almost everything that went in Mint 19 also already got in LMDE 3, so we’re ready with the base and the big components. We’ll need to test and work on the installer.

  6. Aside from the suspend affecting the touchpad waking up, Linux Mint has been great. I think because I updated my BIOS issue, the kernels may have to catch up.

  7. Great news, thanks!
    Can we install over 18.3, with just the home partition left as is? (not reformatted)
    Maybe some older config files could conflict with the new programs versions and therefore oblige us to install totally from scratch.
    Safer to do a fresh install with the beta, I guess…

    1. Hi Francois,

      You can and it should be safe (you can always use a snapshot to go back). For testing purposes it would be better to start fresh.

  8. Thanks.
    I’ll do a fresh install then.
    My Debian partition is unusable now anyway so it’s great timing. 🙂

  9. Hi, there:
    I look forward to Linux Mint 19.
    Linux Mint was the second distribution I tested after Ubuntu and was responsible for my falling in love with Linux.
    Over the years I have had a relationship of love and hate, rather a lot of love and very little hate.
    Linux Mint 18.3 cinnamon disappointed me a little because it came with bugs and I could never install my printer drivers, which I could do in other distributions. I hope all those problems have been solved, as has the increased memory consumption.
    One question, do you have any idea, in the future, of leaving Ubuntu to be based only on Debian, as has happened with other distributions?
    A hug and many congratulations to this great team.

    1. We believe Ubuntu provides the best package base. We maintain a project called LMDE which is based directly on Debian. The main goal of this project is to be ready if Ubuntu was to disappear or if it stopped being the best option.

  10. Just bought a NUC, mem, SSD and made my donation. To say that I am excited about 19 is an understatement! Can’t wait!!

  11. Is it possible to create one version (downloadable iso) of Linux Mint and let users select during installation what they want (Mate, Cinnamon e.t.c.)???

    Keep up the good work…

    1. Hi Alex,

      It’s possible but it’s not something we’re planning to do. You can also use tools such as xboot or yumi to aggregate ISOs onto a single bootable device.

  12. Hello,
    Is it possible to download testing images? I do not have very strict stability requirements I just want latest Ubuntu base with latest Cinnamon and ease of use. As long as we will get the updates after the release I have no complaints to use testing version.

  13. Thanks for bringing the update, I was indeed wondering about the status of LM19. Not that I’m in a hurry at all: I rather have a stable product than a premature release with glitches. I am using LM18.3 at home and even at work to my great pleasure for several years now. Keep up the good work, thumbs up!

    1. Hi Gabriel,

      That’s something we’re waiting a lot of feedback on. Please point out every little issue you encounter in the BETA in regards to icons.

  14. I hope the GTK issues can be resolved with Mint-X. Nothing against Mint-Y at all, but I’ve personally never been a fan of the super-flat GUI look in general. Mint-X has always been superb, and I hope it can continue!

    Thanks for all your hard work, team! You always produce an amazing distro!

    1. Hi Mike,

      Mint-X is there and functional, we’re expecting niche/small issues with it. They’re usually easy to fix once spotted.

  15. I have not tested the BETA versions before, but I will this time. I am very excited about Mint 19, and with an Ubuntu 18.04 package base we should have a solid foundation. So, this time, I will install the BETA and see how it goes. I am currently running Ubuntu 18.04 with Cinnamon 3.8 – which is nice, but not quite the same as the full Minty-fresh goodness 🙂

  16. Hi,
    Great news!

    Really hope you’ll start putting regression tests which target the resources used by the system.
    We really want Mint to be kept lean on resources and efficient.

    Thank You.

    1. Well,
      The #1 reason for me to convert Windows into Linux Mint is to have less resources spent on the system and more for the applications.

      The best OS is the one which takes as little resources as possible and let the applications do their charm.

  17. Thank you for hard working…
    I have very basic question. I know it is recommended to go clean install when there is a major upgrade. But what if from beta to stable? Do you still recommend a clean install when stable arrives onto Beta ?

    1. Fixes are delivered via updates, you don’t need to “upgrade” from BETA to Stable, you can just apply updates as they become available.

  18. Looking forward to some LM19 Beta testing. I see Ubuntu 18.04 no longer provides the option for full-disk-encryption, and am wondering if LM19 will still allow FDE?

    1. Hi Tony,

      Ubuntu 18.04 no longer provides home-directory encryption, but it does provide full-disk encryption. Mint 19 still provides both. We’ll mention some of the cons associated with home-directory encryption in the release notes (the fact that your home no longer unmounts on logout with systemd, the fact that it’s slower in most cases than full-disk encryption). We still believe both options are important. Although home-directory encryption has its limits, it’s still much better than no encryption at all, especially for users where full-disk encryption can’t be an option.

  19. Short and sweet. I would grumble a bit about the sanity of significant changes in a theming engine between a version 3.1x and 3.2x, but I suppose this isn’t the time or place.

    1. That’s just how Gnome was at the time. They have stabilized a lot since…

    2. Well, that’s something we’ve been complaining about for years.. GTK 3 kept changing with every single release, it’s been a work in progress and its adoption has been driven early, sometimes by ignorance, and later as a necessity (the push to support HiDPI in particular has become more and more important). Your timing is wrong though. GNOME took the right decision and a very commendable one. They announced a new release strategy for GTK 3 and it’s now officially stable since version 3.22.

    1. There could be in the future. We talked with the developer to know if he was open to the idea of pull requests from us and the porting of mintmenu features into brisk. He was. Brisk is very promising because it’s fast and clean. If we can port these features, keep it clean and ship brisk with full translations we could switch to brisk as the default menu. Though it’s too early to say whether this will happen or not, and how fast it would, this is something that has been considered and which we’ll look into again.

      In 19, brisk is available in the repository.

  20. Astonishing work! Keep it going, mates. I am looking forward to the stable release. I will seed the torrents for a long time 🙂

    1. Hi,

      Is this possible? Can you describe where to find this option?

      Please note also that we use some of the information provided by Paypal (the country of residence for instance). When donations are processed, this information is used to identify which donations come from the EU and which do not. This is necessary for us to comply with the tax authorities.

  21. Hello Mint Team,
    I am excited to use LM 19 and waiting eagerly for the release. I will download the beta on 4th June and test it. I am sure it will be a great release a rock solid production platform in its final form.
    Thank you guys for making Linux so simple to use.

  22. Great news! I can’t wait for the next LMDE release, this always made me a happy owner of a stable and safe OS.
    I see both Ubuntu and Debian offer also their distributions for non-x86 CPUs (ARM, PPC), are you planning something similar for Mint also ?

    1. Hi Clem,
      Thanks for all the hard work.
      So if I update from 18.3……
      Does this mean I no longer need or will use the swap partition or will pagefile be able to use the swap?

    2. That means I need fresh install more then ever. Well it is still possible to upgrade and remove swap manually, but it is a good reason for fresh install.

    3. Swap partition or file is set up in /etc/fstab, same as your other partitions that are mounted on boot. It will be kept as is on upgrade.

  23. Very much looking forward to the LM 19 release. Hope to contribute by downloading the beta version of Cinnamon to an older computer, so that I can participate in the bug hunt….


  24. Hello LM devs, a couple of questions for you:

    – has this bug ( been fixed in Cinnamon 3.8 or later? also, I encountered several issues described here: hope you will have the time to take care of them;

    – I think that I’ll test the beta as soon as it will be out, especially on my Zenbook, but can I share the same home directory with my current 18.3 install? or would it be better to start with a clean, empty new home dir?

    Thank you for your hard work, looking forward to the next version.

  25. My Cinnamon Desktop has been freezed by using VLC-Player – DVD-Playback and stocked Video’s…..

    Can’t watched any dvd’s. Please fix the Bug.

    CPU: fm2+ A10 7870k
    MB: Asrock A88m – G/3.1
    Ram: Gskill Ares 16gb 2133mhz
    GPU: Nvidia Gigabyte Windforce 1050 ti oc

    1. I am very sorry to hear you are having video playback issues Linuxfreak. I also have an fm2+ a10 as 1 of my computers and I can’t say I have ever had this issue. What version of LinuxMint are you using? Also did you install VLC from the software manager or from the internet? I have had freezing issues at times with my A10 but I found if I lowered the Memory speed e.g. turned off xmp or whatever (cant remember exactly what its called in AMD atm.) However running the memory at lower mhz seemed to have fixed a lot of freezing. Using an SSD drive too makes you notice when memory is slow or not responding. Not saying that this is the issue that you have just sharing my own experience. Also did you install mint meta codecs? Or just Gstreamer and which version of codecs are you using? Only time I really had playback issues on any hardware was when a 4k file was compressed to a MKV matroska and had so much compression my i7 couldn’t even play it 🙂

  26. Mint has three kind of DE ; xfce , cinnamon , mate ,
    I understand ;
    – xfce for the machines (PCs) of low performance.
    – Cinnamon and Mate for the normal or surnormale machines (PCs).
    My question is ; Which extra performance has Mate over Cinnamon. I see nothing.
    Cinnamon has been designed as “perfect DE layout”. Mate brings nothing extra for user.
    My conclusion ; Why to lose sources for Mate ?
    I mean ; All personal (programmer personal) craft (source) should be used for Cinnamon.
    (Not ; By mean ; Leaving KDE was /is a very good desicion by this logic.)

    1. To be honest I see also no benefits in Mate over Cinnamon performance wise. I think because many people love Mate and use it as their daily OS is the main reason for Mint team to keep Mate alive as a DE option for LM.

    2. On very low end machines, I have found that MATE runs nostly without slowdowns, whereas the very low-power CPU / GPU in these machines is a little less capable of running Cinnamon. On these machines, MATE and XFCE perform similarly, and MATE does indeed match my preference more than XFCE. So if MATE went away, users like me would be very sad that their ideal desktop went away.

      I definitely think MATE has its place in the Mint project, so long as they wish to maintain it. I particularly appreciate their effors to keeping it up-to-date, and the many bug fixes and improvements Mint contributes to MATE.

    3. Mate is my DE choice and I am grateful for the Mint Team keeping it alive! (which is why I donate and encourage others to do the same). 🙂

    4. @Bill Skiles,

      The question is, how different is Linux Mint than Ubuntu Mate?
      Anyone else could say something about it?

      If they are pretty close than I think it would be wise if the Linux Mint team would focus on Cinnamon and just make it even more polished as a better alternative than MATE.

    5. MATE is for those who miss Gnome 2 and want to continue with that traditional and well-proven desktop. Cinnamon is more ‘modern’ underneath and is a big part of Mint’s own identity, whilst using the latest toolkits etc.

    6. @Royi

      Royi, you don’t know the history.
      The first release of Linux Mint MATE was 2012-05-23.
      The first unofficial release of Ubuntu MATE was in 2014-10-23.
      The first official release of Ubuntu MATE was in 2015-04-23.

      Should the Linux Mint team drop MATE just because some Ubuntu enthusiasts decided to release a version with the MATE desktop? Linux Mint is a pioneer of MATE. What else should other developers drop just because there is an Ubuntu team doing it?

      Personally I prefer MATE to Cinnamon. I’d like it better if the Mint team dropped Cinnamon from LMDE 3 instead of MATE, but that is not a decision for me to make.

    7. To the original question. Cinnamon requires 3d acceleration and Mate does not. That can make a difference on some machines.

    8. @Royi
      I would suggest opposite: as soon as Linux Mint Mate already exists, why Ubuntu Mate should be kept?

  27. Great!

    I’ll be downloading and installing it on my production (read: gaming) system as soon as it comes out. Let’s hope we can get all the bugs sorted out quickly.

    1. It will definitely be Cinnamon 3.8, as Clem confirmed previously. I am already running this on top of Ubuntu 18.04, and it seems smooth so far! But I’ll switch fully to Mint 19 when the beta arrives….

    2. As LinuxMint mentioned above yes you just have to keep the updates up to date and it will become the final version with the updates 🙂

  28. Hi, in version 18.3, connecting my monitor via DisplayPort or HDMI, I do not get the full range, but the limited one. If I want the full range to be established, I must do it using a script and command line. Has this been requested in LM 19? It is a question that can go unnoticed, but very important for those of us who work with images …

  29. Great… I was waiting for this release… Thanks to all linux mint team for your hard work… I’ve also a question… I mean i just tried ubuntu 18.04 LTS but it has a lot of bugs like updates automatically, Screen popup shows that send system report and many more… Does mint 19 will be same issues like ubuntu like collecting user data??
    Thank u so much for an operating system like mint…. It’s the best linux os i’d ever used… I’ll definitely donate in future…

  30. That is good, glad to see the folks who know what they doing get ‘er done. Make it available on our Update manager and we we will give it run and see how it works on 3 computers here

  31. Hello team,
    I have been waiting for several months (about 5 months) but I still dont’t see Installation guide for Korean now, for web nor documents.
    Can you tell me the reasons?

    1. By far the likeliest reason is the Lack of a translator from English to Korean. Not only would a translator have to speak and read both languages, said translator ^also^ would have to understand tech items and speak whatever tech jargon is native to Korean. [And yes; given human nature, I’m sure there is a separate jargon for tech issues, such as computer operation and software development, in Korean.]

      If you can speak and read both languages, and are at home with the tech jargon, I’m sure the Mint Team could use another translator. [If you have already done so, my apologies.]

  32. Looking forward to testing.
    One bug bear i have noticed is how slow ‘Expo’ is on Cinnamon there is frame judder. However this goes away after using it a few times in a row, after of being left alone it will go slow again.

    Out of curiosity i changed the Cinnamon process to ‘High’ and the entire desktop felt MATE/XFCE level snappy, even with the effects enabled. Unfortunatley i can’t seem to force priorities easily to stay after reboot. Could you look into the sleep-idle/wake up process/state on the cinnamon desktop, it seems a lot of initial ‘lag’ on menus and scale/expo are down to this priority.

    Speaking of ‘Expo’ , if you look at other desktop environments Deepin, Pantheon desktops they have a really nice Expo effect not only that they appear more modern and usable. It might be time to give Expo a fresh feel and look.

    thanks for all the great work.

    1. There was a post a few months back. Apparently, the Cinnamon team found an issue that was slowing down window opening and closing. It has been fixed in the new version (3.8), which will be a part of LM #19.

  33. I have a issue with Linux Mint mate that I recently install on my Macbook. It always fails to shutdown. I tried every trick in the buck but no luck I always do a hard shutdown.

    On my 2004 acer I have been using Linux Mint for 4 years now. after version 16? No bugs or crashes whatsoever!!! FANTASTIC!!! Thank you!

  34. Considering that samba sharing isn’t working on Ubuntu 18.04 by default (because security), please make sure that it works out of the box in Mint.

  35. @ Clem & Dev Team, thanks for the latest update. Looking forward to downloading and testing Mint 19 Cinnamon Edition. I just have one teensy weensy little “insignificant” minor request about something that… bugs me is even too strong a word, but allow me to use it. In the final release or before, is there any chance of including the version number of mint on the default wallpaper? Currently, they just say “Linux Mint” and have the logo. Would be nice if they also sported the version number. Thanks in anticipation for any consideration given, and keep up the wonderful work y’all are doing. 🙂

    1. That’s a good idea. However if you wanted to you could copy the desktop wallpaper and edit it and add text with the version number. Most minty users just go to preferences system info and that gives you all the details.

  36. A first quick feedback on LM19 beta (x64), the installation went smooth.
    I got a “video” issue while trying to install the weather applet (a lot of colored squeres on the screen, black spots and the windows were partially visible, after ctrl+alt+esc everything went back to normal).
    I do not know how to provide more useful information’s but after I installed nvidia proprietary driver the issue did not re-appear.

    On the Themes Mint-Y controls does not have the color options e.g. Mint-Y Aqua.
    I can confirm that the interface feels snappier.

  37. Welcome window does not consider the Window Borders Theme.
    How to reproduce:
    1) Welcome window select show this dialog at startup
    2) Settings -> Thems -> Window Borders, select Mint-Y Dark Border.
    3) restart OS
    After restart Welcome window appear with Mint-Y border

    Links to new features and Release Note does not work, but probably it’s normal at this stage

    1. This is a long standing issue. Mint Welcome and many gnome apps, like gnome calculator, are client side decorated windows. That means they are drawn completely by Gtk and use the gtk theme. Including the window border. Normal windows have their borders drawn by the Cinnamon window manager. Their isn’t much we can do if you used mis-matched themes.

  38. Hello, I’ve noticed that the the version 19 beta iso is appearing on some of the mirrors. Is it ok to download and test now or should we wait for the official announcement on Monday?

    1. It takes roughly 2 days to sync with mirrors worlwide. We use that time to write the release notes, the new features page and to make the announcements. You can get a head start, but we’ll really start to collect feedback after the official release was announced.

  39. Hi,
    Another suggestion, could you move the Forums to Discourse Platform?

    It’s time to use something more modern for the Linux Mint Community.

  40. Microsoft y Mack venden sus sistemas(OS) instalados en una PC, porque la comunidad de Linux no hace lo mismo. Asi un usuario necesita una computadora, tiene la opcion de comprar una PC o LapTop con Windows, Mac o LinuxMint. Ya que los usuarios no saben ni les interesa instalar el OS. Gracias.
    From Boston USA.

  41. I think it will be a major step forward with Tara , Linux mint is the best linux os i ever tried, so many thanks for you for this new release.

  42. Here are the first bugs – Virtualbox (guest: LinuxMInt 19beta MATE -bit)
    Virtualbox Guest Additon 5.1.30 not working: No “Shared Folder”
    Folder color yellow is missing (Mint-Y)
    Sticky Notes double click doesnt highlight
    Windows Manager Metacity+Compton puts red line around app window

    1. Ubuntu 18.04 repos have virtualbox-guest-* packages version 5.2.10, so I’d recommend that one instead.

  43. To all users os Mint who do not make a conribution. We all like free stuff but, these guys have built what I perceive to be the best OS (Personal opinion). If you like me have been using this OS for the last few years free that’s great and supports them to develop a great OS. But, I personally have a conscience. So, I have been donating $2/m since March of this year. Being not a working man I have no extra funds to give.
    What I’m asking is that if you have something just a little would help these guys keep working and to sustain a project that will eventully stop if funds dry up. Please just give a little…

  44. Linuxmint-19-cinnamon-64bit-beta.iso
    .deb Cannot Open GDebi with Suite Installer
    Like google-chrome-stable_current_amd64.deb

    1. Hi –
      Maybe same type of issue : fresh install of LM 19 Cinnamon beta on a spare SSD – when opening the x64 .deb of xnview-mp, Gdebi will open, but when clicking “install’ (all dependencies satisfied)- nothing happens, the window vanishes.
      Happy to run any additional tests if necessary…

  45. GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) is version 2.8.22 in Linux Mint 19 Cinnamon 64-bit.
    GIMP version 2.10.2 is available at
    a) Could Linux Mint be released with the latest version please?
    b) Can the default GIMP in Linux Mint please be installed from Flabhub?
    c) Can the default GIMP layout be:
    GIMP –> Menu Bar –> Windows –> Enable “Single-Window Mode”
    Image showing ‘Single-Window Mode’:

    Thank you

    1. I think the same way. I expected version 2.10, considered stable, in Linux Mint 19.

    2. “c) Can the default GIMP layout be:
      GIMP –> Menu Bar –> Windows –> Enable “Single-Window Mode””
      good idea

    1. I would love to see that as well!
      But unfortunately this is something unreal…
      Still use XFCE.

  46. Please consider new Ryzen APU and CPUs. I have some issues even after kernal update (now using 4.16.3). Some time it shows only black screen. Everything working in recovery mode but there is issue with resolution, it only 1024X768

  47. 1. Open Software Manager
    2. Uninstall Thunderbird
    3. Install Thunderbird (Flathub)
    The program icon has an envelope and a blue bird. When the program is opened, the icon in the Panel is an envelope with a blue box with rounded corners. Please make the program icon and Panel icon the same when using a Flathub version.

    Are you able to reproduce?

    Thank you

    1. The same for Snap packages. I think this is because the icon is integrated in snap/flatpak itself.

  48. I tried the linux mint 19 beta and I found a bug in the installer. If you choose to erase the whole disk and install mint, the installer doesn’t create a swap partition. Everything else seem ok so far. In fact, it is pretty much awesome as far as I can tell. Good work!

    1. Ubuntu 18.04 and hence Mint 19 uses a swap file by default instead of a swap partition.

  49. I know its futile (its ubuntu problem), but i ask anyway. What about support for not soo old gpus like HD8510G ? What should i do ?

  50. Hello Linux Mint team,
    I just tested the LM19 from the Stanford mirror, getting better and better with every new version awesome.
    I am using LM since LM Olivia ver 14 or 15, first it was just a testing distro, then I replaced it as my main home entertainment distro since LM17 (gaming, movies, Netflix, music and etc), so for the past few years I am using Linux Mint even sometimes to test work stuff (I use arch for work) I even switched XFCE for Cinnamon on my Main Work Arch cause I am really used to the Mint Cinnamon DE (I think one arch distro manjaro I think the name was has a community release with Cinnamon and its one of the most popular with MATE, that proves even more the decisions on the mint team to keep all 3 desktop evn. as a good decision). Thank you again on your great work and keep up the awesome job, feedback on LM19 beta: works excellent.

  51. In cinnamon and mate, tap to click is enabled by default, with the option to turn it off or on.
    In xfce it’s off by default with no option to turn it on.
    Is this a bug?

  52. I look forward to the release of this new version 🙂

    The addition to your ISO of a tool allowing the repair of GRUB 2, in case of problems of boot, would be well for the users landa.

    Best regards.

  53. Hello, I posted a support request on reddit about the Cinnamon beta, but am unsure if the blog is seen more frequently than reddit, so may I ask what is happening about pressure sensitivity. Everything was working really well until I tried Krita. I understand drivers for devices (I use Ugee 2150) have always been built into the kernel, and am reading on another reddit thread a response confirming all possible features are included in the beta, so am very concerned as to why support for pressure sensitivity has been removed.

  54. Hi,
    I installed Mint Cinnamon 19 on several PCs. It’s looks impressive, fast and stable both on i7 16GB RAM as well as on Dual core Pentium E5400 with 2GB RAM. Thank you, Linux Mint!!!
    One point so far: there is no version specified for many Flatpak apps in the Software Manager. For example there is no version for VLC but a version for Libreoffice is indicated.

    1. The version is shown, but it needs to be specified upstream in the Flatpak remote. The Software Manager itself has no other way to know that info.

  55. I’m looking forward to the new release, but I’ll be sad to see LM 18 go. She treated me really well.
    Then again, I have similar feelings every time a new big release comes along. 🙂

    1. Have a peek around some of the mirrors, and you might find a nice little early surprise!

  56. Shutdown takes forever: “A stop job is running for Cryptography Setup for cryptoswap1” takes over 5 minutes

  57. I may be posting this in the wrong place. I am still using Mint 17.1 Rebecca because the newer 18.x version failed to connect using VPN. I don’t know if that was corrected? Thank you.

  58. Writing using the live usb Mint 19 Cinnamon 32 bit. Thanks to all the Mint Team.

    Just as a feedback: When you click on the Network Manager Icon, it doesn’t display the list of available wireless points, but when you click on Network Settings you can see and choose the one and connect. And even after you are connected, the icon doesn’t show as you are connected (the wireless usb device is Ralink 2800)

    By the way, Alt Gr key doesn’t work on any key and later I noticed that the Shift key works like Alt Gr . Therefore, I’m using the Virtual Keyboard to write some characters 🙂 Yes, keyboard is not set to my local preferences but these are the keys that are standard/universal ..

    I hope these work as feedback and sorry if this is not the correct place.

    1. I have same issue with Wireless not showing in Network Manager even though it appears in Network Manager Settings dialog (TP-LINK TL-WN321G). Likewise a USB 4G modem Huawei E5573 doesn’t appear in Network Manager unless you go into its Settings dialog. But the wifi & 4G do work if enabled that way. I will report these when the BETA announcement blog is posted.

    2. And now writing after installation. Meanwhile, for the first time in my life I’ve installed a beta version of a software and became a tester 🙂 and this is due to Mint love 🙂 And I must say that I’m so glad from now.

      The wireless icon issue (and the keyboard) turns to normal after installed. And it’s very nice to see that available wireless points are listed according to signal strength, thanks to Mint Team for listening to comments, this looks more modern.

      And the Light-Dm background is the same of your current wallpaper, i liked this, as I used to do so manually 🙂

      The boot time is noticeably better, especially on and old machine like this.

      Just 3 tiny things:

      1- Settings -> Backgrounds : On the left pane, you can’t select “Pictures” folder by clicking, you need to use the keyboard – Down key..

      2- After log-out & log-in back, the update manager icon stays there but nothing happens when you left or right click on it..

      3-Sometimes (especially after log-out & in) when clicking on wireless icon, you can see only the device you are connected to, others are not listed, and when I take the usb out and put in again, this time the issue above occurs (you are connected but no list displayed, and this time also even on Network Settings, only the connected one is displayed ) Meanwhile, the icon shows neither connected nor disconnected, but “being connected.. ” (my translation 🙂 ) (and re-scanning for the wireless points doesn’t help)..

      By the way, the first thing I did was to turn back to Mint-X (aqua) .. With no problems
      And installed Vlc, BleachBit and Gparted.. (Gparted was present in the installation iso and I used it but it wasn’t there after installation… I know this is not a bug.. Meanwhile, it wasn’t present in the Software Manager but I installed by Terminal)

      (And as a last word, after using BleachBit, total space used for the whole system is only 5.5 GB 🙂 )

      Thanks again for such a good distro.

  59. Just got the Beta from and sha256sum checked out, doubt if I had enough info to check pgp sig. First time encrypting home, firewall started and downloads went well. The switch to the new kernal should be good on restart. Timeshift wanted to us my other OS, partition so moved back to 19’s. System up only two hours. Will see about dual boot and change when rebooting.

    Running on a refurbished from Dell Optiplex 3020 with core 4 i5 processor. On install, wireless logitech mouse & keyboard worked (nice not having to dig out usb keyboad). Both batteries seem to be detected properly, good job. ms free for 3 months on 4 boxes, oldest a HP pentium 2.8 also running 3 64 bit and 1 32 bit OS (mint, cinn and xfce). Cannot wait to do updates on them also.
    Thanks for a job well done to all involved. Mike

  60. Follow up to first reply using C19-64bit Beta.
    Just restarted after checking boot of origional OS. Before closing there was a ,upper left, ? icon with root Origional OS on it. Disappeared on this screen so Good, might have to do with timeshift setup. Now booting into Kernel 4.15.0-22 which was in first update download. Shutdown and Boot seemed to be normal time for a Dell Optiples 3020 version 4 i5 cpu.
    On first boot, after install took some time to connect wilt my ISP email. Just checked again. REALLY SNAPPY! Good job.. Nice to have LibreOffice Version: on line. (hope it is also in LMDE3, updated mine there) Have 11 OS’s and retired so dont’ is sorta fun figuring out things by reading ect. other users problem solving.
    Thanks again to all. Mike

  61. Early comments: the new “Welcome” dialog has useful info (eg First Steps”. I see no DVD/CD burner is preinstalled but can be added from Software Manager. The Icon Browser utility is very handy! I installed wine (wine-stable) from synaptic but nothing appeared on the Mint menu; I had to add the menu items myself – could be a bug (I’ll report it when the BETA announcement is made).

    1. Looks like winehq has not released a version of wine suited to Ubuntu 18.04 so wine will not work in LM19 as fas as I can see.

  62. OK, look at my first two replies. When I clicked and looked a files (in tool bar, saw the following:
    My Computer (and under Devices)
    an ICON with rootMX17 under it. Highlighting it with the mouse pointer it showed:
    Mount and open rootMX17 (/dev/sda1). (That OS has a user password and a mandatory second root password).

    Not sure if this is a glitch or not, so posted for a heads up. Thanks Mike

  63. We do promote Linux in Canada without fear of being labeled as anything. Canadian have much better understandings of open source projects. We have many classes in Canada and fellowships that make us closer to people who know Linux. We have no problem or so that we have any misunderstandings between people. Either you like LinuxMint project for humanity or you do not. We even have more freedom in USA , We can put bumper stickers on cars or buses restaurants. Good luck in USA. I work for immigration and we have worked with many Linux.

  64. Strange behaviour with xed in Cinnamon19/64 Beta.
    When trying to start xed as root it takes approx. 20 seconds for the xed window to display while displays it at once.

  65. Hola, ¿Si instalo una versión beta, cuando salga la versión stable, actualizando la versión beta se convertirá estable?.
    Gracias por vuestro gran trabajo.

    Hi, If I install a beta version, when the stable version comes out, will updating the beta version become stable?
    Thanks for your great work.

  66. I have tried out Xfce edition, working great. Found two issues:

    1) To use Gdebi from Thunar, I have to become root, as it does not show the password dialog, to elevate the user.

    2) Mintupdate takes a minute longer to get updates than it did from 16.04 … I am using same mirrors as 16.04, and am in the UK.

    Overall … excellent work.

  67. Started the Live Iso, Tara don’t recognize the full Screenresolution of 2560×1440. Sylvia did it. Radeon RX560 with Acer 27″ at DVI-D-0. Adding a new Modeline with xrandr don’t work.

  68. Sounds nice! Can’t wait for the stable release! Hopefully the crazy cpu temps that Cinnamon 18.3 used to cause will be fixed in version 19.
    Is there a newsletter to subscribe to, so that when Cinnamon 19 Stable is out, I receive the new for that?

  69. My early comments are:
    When booting i get the message: “error: no symbol table found. Press any key to continue…”. I suspect it’s something to do with the Portuguese translations.

    Other than that: i love the new icons, but for video and subtitle icons they are hard to tell apart… even though they are cool and detailed examination makes me agree that it makes sense, my eyes just have a hard time telling them apart easily… i think the subtitle icon should be reviewed…

    And that’s the extent of the issues i had so far with the beta version.

  70. Good afternoon.

    Installed linuxmint-19-mate-64bit-beta on VMware Player 12.0 virtual machine. Installed programs:

    XnView MP, Master PDF Editor 5, SoftMaker Office 2018, Pixeluvo Version 1.6, Corel AfterShot Pro 3, VMware Workstation 14.1.2 Player, Nero Linux 4, Plank, ESET NOD32, Deluge, Opera, Skype, TeamViewer 13, FlareGet.

    So far everything works without problems. I will install it on my laptop in a day and continue testing.
    Great work From your team. Thank you!

  71. Just a quick heads-up on Gdebi Package installer crashing if this is the default setting. Not a big deal as I can use other managers.

  72. syslog writes about a megabyte per second to disk the log was 5gb big on my machine.
    also tara is a bit heavy on ram it uses about 900mb freshly booted should be about half.

    1. Jun 3 14:55:45 sb-Precision-M6500 systemd-udevd[564]: Process ‘hid2hci –method=dell –devpath=/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:1a.0/usb1/1-1/1-1.6/1-1.6.2/1-1.6.2:1.0’ failed with exit code 1.
      Jun 3 14:55:45 sb-Precision-M6500 upowerd[1869]: unhandled action ‘bind’ on /sys/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:1a.0/usb1/1-1/1-1.6/1-1.6.2/1-1.6.2:1.0

      syslog gets spammed with this, any idea what is wrong?

    2. On a clean physical LM19 machine (Cinnamon) my RAM usage sits around 1GB. My normal 18.3 desktop runs about the same.
      My syslog file is only about 8MB but it contains 105,000 lines repeating messages about “ureadahead[475]: ureadahead:: Ignored relative path”. No idea what that’s about. We will have a month of beta testing this time so no doubt a lot of rough edges will get ironed out.

  73. Hola, ¿Si instalo una versión beta, cuando salga la versión stable, actualizando la versión beta se convertirá estable?.
    Gracias por vuestro gran trabajo.

    google translate

    Hi, If I install a beta version, when the stable version comes out, will updating the beta version become stable?
    Thanks for your great work.

  74. What is the difference between Reports and Logs? 2 Different programs for the same thing?
    Skype systray icon looks weird it’s doubled.
    Overall impression the system works well, I like the better integration between update manager and timeshift.
    In terms of new features and desktop refinements apart the Mint-Y theme (witch personally I do not like) not much happened. Some components still lack desktop integration like calculator and welcome screen. I will say it again that I would really like to see better/nicer window effects and a the new main menu.
    Thank you for this release, it’s getting better and better.

  75. Will Wayland be supported? Because my desktop seems to hate Wayland (it lags my computer like hell then logs me off without warning and refuses to log me back on, even when I pick the login!). Please tell me Wayland won’t be supported yet, it’s not ready…

    1. No worries. It’s not supported by muffin. Ubuntu supports it even if is not default in 18.04.

    2. Be warned that many applications (eg Synaptic) do not work under Wayland. Ubuntu’s support is experimental.

    3. “applications (eg Synaptic) do not work under Wayland”!!! OMG
      Q: Is this true of all distros that use Wayland?
      Q: if so, can Wayland be disabled?
      Q: if Not what will replace Synaptic?

  76. I have same issue with Wireless not showing in Network Manager even though it appears in Network Manager Settings. Signal strength doesn’t show up . GDebi doesn’t work. It’s not possible to install deb’s.

  77. I found another inconsistency in the Themes.
    I choose Mint-Y Dark but in Thunderbird The email content it’s still white.
    BTW why not using Evolution by default? It is gtk.

    1. Not all applications draw their content according to the selected theme. In Thunderbird use Preferences -> Display -> Colors to see the available options.
      You can install Evolution from the Software Manager.

  78. Hi, congratulations to the new release. I have some questions regarding the clean install of LM 19 beta:

    1. In my current setup my home directory is encrypted has a separate mount point. If I clean install LM 19 beta, what will happen to my encrypted home directory? Will it be still accessible?

    2. Another question concerns Timeshift. What is better snapshot type? Rsync or BTRFS? When I select BTRFS, do I have to have my harddrive formatted to BTRFS, as well? Is BTRFS safe to everyday use?

    3. If there is some problem with update, setup… and I cant log in to the computer, how can I use Timeshift to restore the previously functioning state?

    Many thanks for your reply,

    1. Hi Peter,

      1. You’d have to set up the new OS to re-access it. You might get away with using the same UID, username and password during the install, but there’s no guarantee.
      2. You need the disk to be using BTRFS for it to be an option. Most people use Rsync over ext4, but this is your choice entirely.
      3. You can boot the Mint 19 live DVD/USB, launch timeshift from it and it will scan your HDDs and find any snapshots in them. You can then restore from the live session.

  79. How do we get the ia32.libs file to install? It shows up in the repository but the dependencies are not met and it won’t install. Please, I need this file in Mint Mate 19. Thank you.

  80. Thank you to the Mint group! I am using Linux Mint Cinnamon (Tara) Beta as we speak and it’s really nice! I need to find out where we should go to post comments, bugs, etc. I just loaded it on my i7-4790K and I am getting ready to load it on my Intel NUC. Thanks .. I really like it!

  81. Dear Linux Mint Team,
    I am running Linux Mint 19 beta Cinnamon 64 bit. My primary OS is Linux Mint Cinnamon since 3 years ago. And every new versions is better. I am concerned about one thing:
    In ver 17.x and 18.x the PPA of Infinality work well and font rendering is a great. But in Linux Mint beta 19 the PPA of Infinality not worked at all. Can you include it please? I always install it with:

    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:no1wantdthisname/ppa (the system accept the PPA)
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get upgrade
    sudo apt-get install fontconfig-infinality (the system can not find this very important package)

    Thank you very much. Greetings from Bulgaria.

    1. svetliof, its not possible for the Mint developers to do this.
      The person who packages the ppa for fontconfig-finality (“no1wantdthisname”) is not part of the Mint team.
      And he/she has not produced a version suitable for ubuntu bionic (on which LM19 is based).
      Unless/until that person writes an updated version for bionic, you won’t be able to install it.

    2. fontconfig-infinality is an old, possibly no longer maintained, package. Are you sure you need it? Some font configuration options are available in LM System Settings -> Appearance/Fonts. To view fonts use the LM Font Viewer.

  82. I am so looking forward to LM19!
    Having seen that donation list, I have to look into how to donate myself. You guys deserve it – and more.

    With Windows 10 being such an intrusive plague and people realizing Windows 7’s coming EOL in January 2020 I’m trying to convince more and more to give Linux Mint a shot and unless gaming is a big one for them they seem to understand that in essence they’d be better off using LM.

    Thank you very much.

  83. Cinnamon 64 bit: (1) In Libreoffice formatting toolbar, the dropdown text window is too short. (2) Repo seems to be missing fonts Century schoolbook, URW Bookman, Bitstream Charter. (I think they were in 18.3). (3) Firefox bookmarks don’t use the folder color picked in the Cinnamon theme setting.

    Looks really nice. Very quick. Thank you for another well-done upgrade.

    1. Hi Minter. My 18.3 machine does not list those 3 fonts you mention. I would guess you installed them previously from elsewhere, perhaps they came with a software package you installed.

  84. al ittle hint where to download the beta may be helpful to get more people involved in the process.
    Maybe I am blinded but I was searching for about 20 minutes for a way to get the iso…. without success 😉

    1. That’s because the ISOs have not yet been officially announced yet. But software mirrors around the planet have been getting them progressively over the weekend, so when the announcement is made sometime Mondayit will include a list of ISO mirrors for you to choose from.
      (If you know of a linuxmint a mirror close to you, look under linuxmint-packages then ‘testing”.)

  85. Bro, In Mint TARA, Cinnamon 19 has a Network issue.. In ubuntu 16.04 version, there was a same issue .. Problem is CLONING MAC ADDRESS IS NOT WORKING.. But in ubuntu 18, this problem was solved.. But In
    Mint TARA, this problem is not solved…..

  86. gdebi issue, when i try to install a package then it just close the window, it doesn’t ask for password just close

  87. Just trying mint 19, but I I see the default python interpreter is python 2.
    Will It stay ? I thought ubuntu move the LTs python version from 18.04.

    1. Most Mint tools are already ported to Python 3 though, so the things are moving forward.

  88. python stops official support for python2 in 1/1/2020.
    since mint 19 is a LTS, it means, starting 2020, the default mint python version will not have any bug fix anymore unitl 2023.
    I think it’s a bit worring because LTS are used in production.

    1. They says it. But I thing it will be longer supported. Gimp, Libreoffice, Inksape they all use Python 2 and having to plans how to do it.

  89. I am trying to install Mint 19 Beta and need to manually create a new partition. The installer is crashing every time I try and do the install, when showing the partitions, so I want to raise a bug report. I have read the instructions on raising bugs, but I cannot find the component that I should raise the bug against on Github. I assume the component would be ubiquity, or am I going about this the wrong way?

  90. Hi Linux Mint Team!
    Could you please include BTRFS as an option for default installation with encryption?
    As far as I understand the default option now uses LVM with Ext4 and LUKS. What about BTRFS? It is stable enough to use it as main FS.

  91. Hello Linux Mint Team,

    thank you very much for your work over the last few years. We are developing hardware and embedded software for Linux – on Linux.

    After Kubuntu became increasingly unstable, we switched to Linux Mint KDE and enjoyed your great work. So your decision to leave KDE also separates us.

    We need a powerful environment with a high usability and the GTK based tools and desktops are far away from required functionality of the Qt based tools and KDE. When working with KDE on a daily basis, we still feel as if we are working with cinnamon in the Stone Age, because too many functions are missing.

    Thank you again very much,
    your Fautronix team

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