How to upgrade to Linux Mint 18.2

It is now possible to upgrade Linux Mint 18 and 18.1 to version 18.2.

If you’ve been waiting for this I’d like to thank you for your patience.

Upgrading to 18.2 is relatively easy.

In the Update Manager, click on the Refresh button to check for any new version of mintupdate and mint-upgrade-info. If there are updates for these packages, apply them.

Launch the System Upgrade by clicking on “Edit->Upgrade to Linux Mint 18.2 Sonya”.

Follow the instructions on the screen.

When asked whether to keep or replace configuration files, choose to replace them.

Once the upgrade is finished, reboot your computer.

Additional info

  • Although Linux Mint 18.2 features a newer kernel, this upgrade does not change the kernel on your behalf. This is a decision only you should take.
  • Same goes for the choice of display manager or the software selection. Brasero won’t be removed and MDM won’t be switched for LightDM on your behalf. You can decide to make these changes, but you certainly don’t have to.
  • It is recommended to disable the screensaver before upgrading. If the screensaver activates during the upgrade and you’re unable to log back in, switch to console with CTRL+ALT+F1, log in, and type “killall cinnamon-screensaver” (or “killall mate-screensaver” in MATE). Use CTRL+ALT+F7 or CTRL+ALT+F8 to get back to your session.

How to switch from MDM to LightDM

Warning: This is not recommend for novice users.

First, install LightDM by typing the following commands in a terminal:

apt install slick-greeter lightdm lightdm-settings apparmor

When asked to select a default display manager, select LightDM.

Then, remove MDM and reboot by typing the following commands in a terminal:

apt purge --autoremove mdm
sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm
sudo reboot


  1. If Oscars were given for a job well done, I’d nominate you!
    Congratulations for your fantastic achievement!

  2. This is working great on my 5-year-old ThinkPad W520. Thanks for the work to get this out the door. I’m on the latest 4.10.0-26 kernel and it’s smooth sailing.

    I did notice that I had to enable “high contrast” in LightDM in order for it to respect all of my settings, like background image.

  3. Dear Linux Mint team. Does bluetooth in this new version work properly? I have had problems conecting to both android and iphone mobiles, including bluetooth speakers to my linux mint mate 18.1 laptop. Many thanks!

  4. Thanks to Clem and team for this release. Everything is working as it should. I know the notes said that LightDM was the default but my system is still using MDM can anyone tell me how to get LightDM to work. Also xscreensaver is still my lock screen.

    Edit by Clem: Hi, the information about LightDM is written above in the blog post. Regarding xscreensaver, once you moved to lightdm you can decide to replace it with light-locker and light-locker-settings. Again, this is a choice you have, you don’t have to switch if you don’t want to.

  5. Just upgraded to 18.2 and switched over to LightDM as per the instructions. Now the system boots straight into Cinnamon (even though in MDM I use another desktop manager), no login window, no nothing.
    Also, I get a fatal error popup saying something about not being able to start properly because ‘/tmp/chrome’ already exists and couldn’t be created (!)


    P.S.: at least this upgrade to 18.2 didn’t delete my .bashrc like 18.1 did…

  6. Great! Keep up the good work!

    I suppose it takes a while before mirrors in Europe are update.

  7. After Upgrade from 18.1 to 18.2 the Desktop Icons are gone and it is not possible to get the context menu by right click. Im on Cinnamon. What is wrong here?

  8. Upgrade from 18.1 to 18.2 went smoothly and flawlessly – THANKS for another great Version, much appreciated 🙂
    btw: Don’t forget to restart your Update-Manager after installing the latest “mintupdate” and “mint-upgrade-info” manually and restart your machine once after installing them before proceding with the upgrade or it won’t work – at least not to me 😉

  9. “When asked whether to keep or replace configuration files, choose to replace them.”

    I did not do that, I kept the current version (Shame on me!)
    Can I trigger the question/process again or how can I get the right config versions?

    Thanks in advance!
    (And many thanks for the nice update! Looking forward to try the new cinnamon desktop. I’m very interested in the impact of the technical decisions that were made.)

    Edit by Clem: You can detect them with a locate… “sudo updatedb” first, then “locate dpkg | grep dpkg-dist$”. When APT has a newer conf file and you choose to keep the old one… the old one stays and the new one is created with a .dpkg-dist suffix. Use diff or meld to see the differences between the two files. For instance “diff /etc/grub.d/10_linux /etc/grub.d/10_linux.dpkg-dist”. You can then decide to overwrite the conf file with the dpkg-dist.. in this example “sudo cp /etc/grub.d/10_linux /etc/grub.d/10_linux.dpkg-old” and “sudo mv /etc/grub.d/10_linux.dpkg-dist /etc/grub.d/10_linux”. And then if appropriate, for instance here in grub, perform additional tasks such as regenerating the grub menu “sudo update-grub”.

  10. Hello,

    the upgrade to 18.2 doesn’t appear on my computer, any idea why is it like that ?

    great work btw and thanks

  11. I have Mint 18.1 Xcfe and I can’t see the menu option:
    “Edit->Upgrade to Linux Mint 18.2 Sonya”.
    Should I wait a bit longer or there’s something wrong with my installation?

  12. @Jacek-
    It can take up to 12 hours for updates to propagate to all Mint mirrors so no, it’s unlikely that there’s a problem with your installation and the option should appear today or tomorrow.

  13. Congrats Mint Team on the release!
    The only thing I will miss in Cinnamon 3.4 is the theming possibility of having a button for the menu applet that stuck out slightly of the panel, like the orb in Windows Vista did…

  14. I don’t know if I missed the section on changing from MDM to LightDM but anyhow that worked for me, Thanks Mint TEAM!!!

  15. I’m using Mint 18.1, My update manager doesn’t show the Button “Uprgade to Linux Mint 18.2 …” I even changed the mirrors and hit refresh but nothing shows up. Is there way to upgrade via console?

  16. Congratulation to all the guys working on this release.
    I am just wondering if there is any way to manage the user autologin from system settings in LM18.2? I looked into “Login Window” and “Users and Groups” without any success.
    I found a workaround using the terminal:
    sudo nano /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf



    save (Ctr + X, press Y, Enter)


  17. One question: I see that RAM requirements have doubled from what they were for 18.1, if I have an older 32-bit computer with 1 GB of RAM (maximum possible) should I not even try to upgrade from 18.1 to 18.2?

    Thank you and the Team as always, Linux Mint is the best!

    Edit by Clem: 1GB RAM is OK (unless you mean KDE?). In any case, the requirements were bumped (they hadn’t been in a long time) but if you were running Mint 18.1 without issues, things will continue to work fine with the same specs with 18.2.

  18. What about 18.2 BETA users? No “Update” button is seen in the Update Manager. Is the only way is to reinstall the whole OS? Or beta become the official version through mere software upgrades??

    Edit by Clem: If you’re on the BETA you’re already running 18.2. Fixes are published via software updates.

  19. @ESD
    If you’re using the 32bit-Version of “Serena” then it should be no problem! It also should be no Problem to upgrade the 64bit-Version but be aware that KDE(5) is one of the more “heavier” Application, so you could thinking of moving to an “easier” Surface like XfCE. All in all: give it a try and use the upgraded system for a week or so too see if there are some lags or temporal delays 🙂

  20. Followed the new Update Manager instructions to upgrade from 18.1 to 18.2, then rebooted. On log-in, Cinnamon reported inability to load four applets: CPU temp, RSS Feed Reader, Places Center, VBox Launcher. I continued with the new kernel install and switch to LightDM, then tried uninstalling and reinstalling the missing applets. No luck; they won’t install. — Also: after switching to LightDM, I can’t find a way to remove the default user name from the login screen. For security reasons, I prefer to start-up to a login screen with both blank user name and password fields. — These problems sent me back to my cloned 18.1, which I’m using now. Just the same: thanks to Clem and everyone else with the Mint team for doing your best, and I’m sure these problems will be fixed soon.

    Edit by Clem: We’ll have these options in lightdm-settings in 18.3 (they’re needed for LDAP integration). In the meantime you can configure /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf directly.. check to see how to enable manual login and hide the user list.

  21. LM is the best distro !
    I am on the beta release version of 18.2 sonya (xfce), how do i upgrade to the release version without reinstalling ?

    Edit by Clem: You don’t need to upgrade, fixes are available via package updates. If you’re already up to date, you’re already up to date 🙂

  22. Hi guys ! Thanks for new version !
    Usual question. How to upgrade from command line ?

    Thanks !

    Edit by Clem: You could switch the codename in the APT sources from serena to sonya and use APT to perform package updates. This will apply all available updates though, not just upgrade from 18.1 to 18.2. When you’re finished, regenerate the grub menu with sudo update-grub.

  23. Is it possible to switch during the upgrade from edition: from Cinnamon to XFCE or Mate to KDE? Or is it stuck to the once choosen edition, and is a full reinstall neccessary?
    (Reinstall is easy, but not so the hassle of mailsettings, bookmarks and all those other various preferences…)

    Edit by Clem: You can install additional desktops onto your edition, but you can’t switch editions.

  24. @Andres: try this:

    rfkill list

    and if bluetooth is blocked, issue:

    rfkill unblock bluetooth

    then try connecting again.

  25. After upgrade, gnome terminal won’t launch. Looks like a locale issue.

    lee@lee-laptop ~ $ gnome-terminal

    (process:7880): Gtk-WARNING **: Locale not supported by C library.
    Using the fallback ‘C’ locale.
    Gtk-Message: Failed to load module “unity-gtk-module”
    Gtk-Message: Failed to load module “unity-gtk-module”
    Error constructing proxy for org.gnome.Terminal:/org/gnome/Terminal/Factory0: Error calling StartServiceByName for org.gnome.Terminal: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.Spawn.ChildExited: Process org.gnome.Terminal exited with status 9
    lee@lee-laptop ~ $ cat /etc/default/locale

  26. Excellent !!

    La mise-à-jour c’est passée sans le moindre problème, merci encore pour toutes ces nouveautés.

    Je suis très content de voir que le problème de compatibilité avec windows qui affichait préalablement une heure inexacte (-2h) à été résolu.

    LightDM est sympa, ça change graphiquement, il va falloir que je m’y habitue, je regrette juste qu’il n’y aie pas d’image en arrière plan, ça donne une impression de froideur, c’est un peu austère…

    Après m’être logé en tant qu’invité, histoire de tester la chose, j’ai constaté qu’une partie de mes dossiers personnels étaient verrouillés mais que d’autres ne l’étaient pas et sont accessibles en lecture/écriture !? Est-il possible de désactiver ce compte d’invité ?

    Le driver Nvidia reste quand à lui en version 375.66 (Ubuntu 16.4.1) est ce normal ? Je suis habitué en général à des mises-à-jour de ce driver d’une version de Mint à une autre…

    Bonne continuation et merci encore à vous.

    Edit by Clem: Cette mise a jour est une mise a jour de fonctionalites. Elle n’a rien a voir avec les mises a jour de securite, ou de drivers, ou de noyaux. Ces dernieres etaient et continuent d’etre disponibles au sein du gestionnaire de mise a jour. Il est possible de desactiver l’invite pour les visiteurs dans lightdm-settings. J’aimerais savoir quels fichiers sont accessibles… l’acces a /home/* est normalement interdit aux visiteurs. Peut-etre faudrait-il ajouter apparmor?

  27. The switch from MDM to Light DM is not working as described (LM 18.2 Cinnamon 64, Kernel 4.10.0-26)! When MDM is removed the system do not start anymore – so I had to apt install mdm again.
    So at the end there are two display managers needed?

    Edit by Clem: No, only one is needed. Did you make sure lightdm was installed correctly?

  28. hi;
    So I tried to reinstall today 2 both times after 18.1 update I get your sessions was blank min and can’t login now.
    I was fully updated before maybe it’s this ssd or something.
    will go back to hd install not ssd

  29. I just upgraded my old Acer 720 “Chromebook” from 18.1 to 18.2. As I would expect, everything works well! KUDOS to Clem and crowd for a great distro and an easy upgrade!

    BTW, I take the “chromebook” with me when I am traveling because it is so lightweight and runs a long time (~6 hours) on a battery charge. UPGRADING from chromeOS to linux mint 18.1 was relatively easy AND ChromeOS is no longer supported on this old laptop. My “chromebook” is much more useful to me running Linux Mint.

  30. @ Robert

    During installation of Light DM when asked to select a default display manager, select LightDM.

  31. I`am upgrade from 18.1 to 18.2, but the kernel has not been updated(((

    lsb_release -a
    Distributor ID: LinuxMint
    Description: Linux Mint 18.2 Sonya
    Release: 18.2
    Codename: sonya

    uname -rms
    Linux 4.4.0-83-generic x86_64


    Edit by Clem: The kernel isn’t related to this update. You have access to kernel updates before and after this update, with no relevance to it. Also, 4.4 is an LTS on this base, so if you’re on 4.4, the update manager will continue to provide 4.4 updates to you, and not recommend a switch towards 4.8.

  32. Hi
    Lightdm seems to take too long to start and shutdown in mate. System boots normally with upstart option from grub advanced options menu. I copied the upstart boot sequence to the default sequence and remove echo commands and problem solved. I didn’t figure out yet how to quickly shutdown the system like before switching from mdm to lightdm.

  33. I’m glad to report that mint 18.2 installed over 18.1 despite my mucking around with kubuntu ci ppas

  34. I am *so* disappointed in LightDM. The MDM login screen was simply beautiful – the layout, the structure, the background slideshow…

    LightDM is quite simply ugly in comparison.

    Mint’s development strategy, or so I thought, was not to mimic the mistakes of say GNOME or KDE who stripped functionality, who went backwards in the pursuit of going backwards. For the first time, I get the impression that Mint may be heading in the same direction.

    I know that there will have been other factors involved, most of all not wanting to support your own product, MDM, when tweaking a more standard one could “do”.

    But that’s not why a lot of us chose Mint – we chose you because you dared to go your own way, to give us an aesthetic product, to value beauty. MDM was part of that. Please don’t start sacrificing the principles that brought us here together.

  35. I have what I’d describe as a fairly complex LVM configuration and everything with the upgrade went smooth as silk. Next stop donation page.

  36. Hello,

    I am trying to switch to lightDM but when installing it i am never asked to choose a default display manager and I keep on staying on MDM even though lightDM is install.

    Any idea how to fix this?

  37. I have the 18.1 KDE version. In the Update Manager it doesn’t appear the Upgrade option. How can I upgraded?

  38. I agree with Pedro on LightDM. *shiver*

    If I wanted Ubuntu’s ugly greeter I’d have installed Ubuntu’s Uglinity. I’ve switched back to MDM. I hope it won’t break anything. Great respect for all Mint devs but this LightDM direction seems (in my opinion) like something Canonical would have done, what with the whole ‘Unity/Amazon/…’ stuff. No offense is meant towards anyone, though it might definitely seem so given how horrible Canonical decisions have been.

    Could the release notes indicate whether MDM can still be used without compatibility issues? Perhaps instructions for those who go with the ISO to revert.

  39. For those wishing to go back to MDM on Cinnamon (at own risk):

    sudo apt-get install mdm mint-mdm-themes mint-mdm-themes-gdm mint-mdm-themes-html
    sudo apt-get remove slick-greeter lightdm lightdm-settings

    I had upgraded from 18.1 to 18.2. Hope it helps someone.

    Edit by Clem: Ok, but make sure to install the new DM before removing the old one.. otherwise APT will try and fetch a random one and that can have unexpected results. I edited your post accordingly.

  40. Ugrade from 18.1 to 18.2 for 64 BytesLinux Mint MATE on Acer Aspire R3-131T went fine. Kernel: 4.10.0-26

    I used and keep using the pure GTK (no GDM, no HTML) for the login screen. So I didn’t do “apt install slick-greeter lightdm-settings” and kept MDM.

    Good Job. Thank you!

  41. @tompabes
    Thanks for the tip. I check and things are not block. How to make bluetooth work properly in linux mint mate 18.2? Dear Clem, I cannot make bluetooth to connect iphone, android mobile or speakers. Please help 🙁

  42. I’d like to suggest (again!) that when such an update is available via the Update Manager that there is notification of it. At the moment, one has to look at the Edit menu to see that an update (in this case, to 8.2) is available. It would be nice if in addition to the big tick with the words “Your system is up to date” that we get when a regular update completes, it could add text such as, “There is an update to 8.2 available. Click the ‘Edit’ menu to initiate this update.”

    Many users will have no idea that the new update is available.

    But thanks for all your efforts. Much appreciated.

  43. message when running nemo from terminal:

    tom@intel2017 ~/tmp $ nemo .
    ** Message: Init Stock Icons
    Nemo-Share-Message: Called “net usershare info” but it failed: ‘net usershare’ returned error 255: mkdir failed on directory /var/run/samba/msg.lock: Permission denied
    net usershare: cannot open usershare directory /var/lib/samba/usershares. Error No such file or directory
    Please ask your system administrator to enable user sharing.

    Have to hit ^C to get back to prompt

  44. Hi.

    I think I discovered a display bug in the network-manager applet (Cinnamon). This is happening after using Update Manager’s in-place upgrade function (from Serena/18.1 to Sonya/18.2). Naturally I upgraded the distro and rebooted a few times…

    I had set eth0 (renamed via “GRUB_CMD_LINE_LINUX”) to automatically connect to my VPN. It still does — I can see interface tun0 and my IP is really that of my VPN –, but the little padlock no longer appears on the connection icon. This is happening within VMware, but I’m sure the same would happen on a bare-metal system.

    As a test, I booted the x64 ISO of Sonya in another VM (without installing it), and configured ens33 to automatically start the very same VPN connection automatically. And then I _did_ see the padlock appear on the icon.

    You might say this isn’t ‘important’, but I’ve always found that extra indicator very useful to see when the VPN connection drops unexpectedly (assuming one opts to no longer see the (dis)connection messages).

    Can anyone else confirm this bug after an in-place upgrade?


  45. Thanks Clem and the team. I am a kind of newbie, and I would like to upgrade to 18.2 from 18.1, but, I don’t want to break my computer. So what if something goes wrong, especially considering the fact that there is a possibility of system hanging since I only have 2GB RAM? How do I roll back to Serena?

    Edit by Clem: hi Jims, 2GB is fine and Sonya doesn’t take more resources than Serena. You won’t be able to roll back after upgrading, then again you don’t have to upgrade. You’ve access to the same security updates in 18.1 so unless you’re interested in 18.2’s new features, you can decide to stick to 18.1.

  46. good work now its directly available via mint update,could you add notifications too.I will pull request the code if needed,but sucuri blocks me here

  47. Hey Clem and Linux Mint Team, I have posted about the following issue on the forum about a month back and have been too busy to investigate it further. Anyway, I’ve just upgraded to 18.2 Cinnamon. But just as in 18.1 Cinnamon, the 100% CPU bug persists! The symptom is as follows: In any Nemo window (looking at my documents, for example) my CPU shoots all the way up to 100% when I simply use EITHER the arrow keys or the mouse to select different FOLDER icons in the window. This behavior doesn’t appear to affect the selection of individual files (pictures, text documents, movie clips, etc.)…. only folders. Any ideas? Is Nemo actually broken? Other than that, I notice no other bugs or slow-downs with 18.2 Cinnamon at the moment. Thanks for your help.

    Specs: Intel Centrino 1.5GHz; Intel 82852/855GM integrated video (i915); from 2006

  48. Jims Varkey – back up your data. Download the ISO and run 18.2 on your system to see how well it works. If the upgrade fails but the livedemo worked, then you can do a fresh install and restore your data and then you have 18.2.

    Just, just, back up your data.

  49. One problem with switching from MDM to LightDM. I have an external monitor (2560×1440). The login screen is not displayed properly. It shows 1920×1080 rectangle. No problem at that resolution with MDM.

    Except the above, hot corners and extension had to be re-enabled the upgrade was smooth and quick.

  50. @clem A great release which I have already run as the Beta on a USB stick to check applet compatibility with no issues at all. (Intel Haswell Nvidia Optimus)

    Can anyone give me an idea of the size of the downloads to update from 18.1 to 18.2 as I am on a mobile broadband connection and have limited data still available and it may be several weeks until I have my home connection? Alternatively is it possible to upgrade from an iso without a full install as I also have several machines to upgrade with me?

    Edit by Clem: Hi Peter, it’s very small. The biggest chunk would be the MATE 1.18 or Cinnamon 3.4 update.. I’m not sure how big these are, but certainly less than 200MB or a full ISO 🙂

  51. Thanks for the great release. I just upgraded to 18.2 but the version info is broken – see the version string below i.e. it still reports 18.1:

    cat /etc/os-release
    NAME=”Linux Mint”
    VERSION=”18.1 (Sonya)”
    PRETTY_NAME=”Linux Mint 18.2″

    Edit by Clem: Sorry about that. A fix was released today.

  52. @Philippe:
    Thanks a lot for your help, I will try again tomorrow. At installation of MDM I was asked to select a default display manager. I selected LightDM but it starts MDM. I will repair it to have only one Display manager installed: LightDM.
    @Nomen luni:
    Press ESC (or SHIFT) at machine boot up procedure brings me to the GRUB with the possibility to start LINUX MINT in Recovery Mode. This ended up in an Terminal Mode in my case.

  53. Hello!
    Good job for Linux Mint 18.2 – Sonya.
    I have a question. How do I activate Numlock ON permanently in Linux Mint 18.2 with LightDM?

    Thank you for all.

  54. I have just posted ‘BrucesWay Revised’ in the the Forum Tutorials.

    Because it has ‘no strings attached’ and is an affordable way to ‘spread the word’ it is bound to be ignored, but ‘nothing ventured ..’
    For those unfamiliar with it, BrucesWay is a method of installing Linux on affordable, highly compatible, highly transportable (forget air travel bans) Ready-to-Use USBkeys, the only fly being that it needs Mint experts to create the initial device before they use Live Clonezilla and Users&Groups to customize for newbie use.
    So as I say in the Forums please try it and do pass the word.

  55. Upgraded from 18.1 to 18.2 without any issues. Only got one error message when upgrading from mdm to lightdm (cannot start the greeter application) – I clicked ‘okay’, the system restarted and everything was fine.

    Great job everyone involved!

  56. Dear Clem and the whole Mint-Team,
    Good job.
    I really liked the new Mint-Y flat folder icons.
    Thanks a lot.

  57. Please Clem to reintroduce the Numlock option into the Login Window window in Linux Mint 18.2 “Sonya” Cinnamon Edition. I use a lot the numeric part of the keyboard.

    Thank you very much for understanding.

    Edit by Clem: I added it to the roadmap. We’ll consider it.

  58. I updated yesterday. Update was successful. There is only one old problem (this can be connected with my graphics card – AMD ATI): the system sometimes does not boot – it stops with a black screen. I have to restart several times, and only then will the system boot.

    Thanks for the great work… as usually.

  59. I bumped to a problem: My VPN connection fails every time I try to connect it (a commercial VPN). It worked perfectly in 18.1.

    Any hints or workarounds to solve this problem will be very much appreciated.

  60. I updated a clone of my Mint 18.1 MATE 64-bit system, just in case of problems. The update itself went smoothly but there are problems with my additional panels.

    One panel had all its icons removed. I can manually put them back of course but it’s a hassle. Another panel had many drawer contents icons replaced by small grey squares. I can manually fix this in a roundabout way; another small hassle.

    A change to the drawer icons happens after a drawer content icon is used. That is transient and annoying but not a show stopper. This also happens in Debian Stretch MATE 1.16.2 but not in Mint 18.1 MATE 16.1

    These are MATE problems and not the fault of Mint but it’s something to bear in mind if you upgrade. The transient icon ‘flip’ thing in 1.16.2 and 1.18.0 might get fixed eventually.

    Also, the Raleigh scheme that I like to use for the windows has changed in such a way as to remove the major reason that I chose it – namely the alternating background shades on consecutive lines that made it easier to follow entries in a large Caja display.

    One hand giveth and the other hand taketh away 🙂

    It’s still a very nice Linux distro so thank you to Clem and the Mint team!

  61. There is a serious error in this original post to this blog

    the line

    apt install slick-greeter lightdm-settings

    should read

    apt install slick-greeter lightdm lightdm-settings


    Edit by Clem: Well no, slick-greeter depends on lightdm. I edited the post nonetheless to make it explicit and marked as manually installed.

  62. After the reboot lightdm was not started.
    From tty i had to manually invoke
    sudo systemctl enable lightdm
    after that all worked flawlessy.

    The problem raised both on my desktop pc and on my laptop.

    The same happened few days ago. I installed lightdm on a low resource pc with mint xfce edition (also to test the switching i knew will be happened very soon 🙂 ) and encountered the same problem.

  63. Slick!! Worked like a champ.
    For some (subjective?) reason my 900×1440, 75 Hz display seems clearer under LightDM.

    Anyway, thanks to the development team 😉

  64. Is there anyway I can check whether I am running BETA?

    uname -a gives

    Linux DESKTOP 4.8.0-56-generic #61~16.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Wed Jun 14 11:58:22 UTC 2017 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

  65. Thank’s for great new features. But one small inconvenience…Num lock comes on but turn off for login. 🙁

    I still love Mint 18.2!

  66. Félicitation à Clem et à toute l’équipe de Linux Mint.

    La mise à niveau s’est faite sans problème et le résultat est magnifique: lightdm donne une interface de connection plus simple et
    fonctionnelle. Les mises à jour du noyau, de systemd et autres se sont bien passées aussi.

    C’est peut-être l’enthousiasme mais il me semble que Mint Cinnamon est plus rapide et plus économe de CPU. Je me trompe? En tout cas je ne regrette pas d’utiliser Mint plutôt que toute autre distro Linux.

    Mint: que du bonheur! 🙂

  67. I also encountered the login problem (no login screen) after installing LightDM and removing MDM. This appears after cleaning up the system (using the Fix Mergelist problems and Purge residual configuration from within Update Manager/Software sources) OR AND using BleachBit (under user and root mode).

    The solution I found is to reconfigure the display manager (LightDM) at the end of the aforementioned cleanup procuderes by running: sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm

    If you are stuck with no login screen, just switch to a terminal login session (e.g. by pressing Alt+F2), login with your credentials and run the aforemention command.

  68. For those who can’t login anymore with lightdm and in response to

    I faced the same issue. You can try this:
    – Reboot your pc.
    – Press CTRL + ALT + F1 to switch to a console and login with your usual username and pass.
    – Delete file .Xsession and.xsession-errors using this command:
    rm .Xsession .xsession-errors
    – Reboot issuing this command:
    sudo reboot

    Problem solved.

  69. @ Robert

    During installation of Light DM when asked to select a default display manager, select LightDM

    Then use “TAB” for selected “OK”, press “ENTER”, reboot and uninstall MDM

  70. Hello,
    can someone explain me, why only the bluetooth and updater icons don’t get scaled after enabling HiDPI in settings->general?
    I thought it will be fixed in the update.
    Using Mint 18.2 @ Cinnamon at 3840×2160.

  71. In general I like the new version. But I do not understand why you switched to the less-easy to use LightDM. You can configure far less via GUI, e.g. auto login.
    Also, just besides: Why would I want to draw a grid??

  72. ..update and kernel panic….

    Edit by Clem: The update should not have any effect on the kernel you are running. Did you upgrade the kernel post-upgrade? If so, try to go back to the previous one using the boot menu’s advanced options.

  73. 18.2 is not good, …freezing, ..anfd this lightdm is bad joke. It is not possible setting of numlock “on” from start in login window

  74. @Bob (#72) I can confirm wrong version number:

    cat /etc/os-release
    NAME=”Linux Mint”
    VERSION=”18.1 (Sonya)”
    PRETTY_NAME=”Linux Mint 18.2″

  75. After upgrading from 18.1 xfce to 18.2 xfce, Whisker Menu > Properties > Commands > Switch Users has the value “mdmflexiserver”. Would this need to be changed now that LightDM is installed?

    Edit by Clem: Thanks, we’ll look into that.

  76. Thank you so much for this upgrade of a really great distribution. It solved by the way my only little problem of desktop icons disappearing at reboot.

  77. #79@Vitaly;
    To fix black screen you need to install amd64-microcode driver;
    System Settings>Administration>Drivers Manager;
    Install it and reboot your pc.

  78. If there is nothing wrong with 18.1 serena, just stay !

    I’m still in love with Serena 18.1 🙂 !
    So there is no NEED to switch to 18.2 I suppose.

    But congratulations with Sonya and all the hard work !

  79. @ Tom (29) Thanks for the suggestion. I upgraded to 18.2 without any problem and computer seems to be working just as well as before.

    BTW I am using Mate 32-bit version.

  80. @ESD(107)
    Fine to see everything worked out well for you! Sorry, was in the other 18.2-Theme(KDE) in mind 😉
    As you may know MATE is an Fork to the (older)GNOME2-Surface with slightly more Memory-Usage than XfCE but also more less Memory-Usage than KDE(5) 🙂

  81. LM18.2-MATE: Clearlook’s theme components are broken. Title bar is colorless and the Start menu has a black frame.

  82. I’ve been using ubuntu 16.04 lts when i saw this release, and switched immediately, and guys i like it so much. thanks for this release.

  83. Found a “fix” for the numlock problem published by Roger (porst #102) at

    He did:

    edit the usr/share/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d/90-slick-greeter.conf

    add this line :

    greeter-setup-script=/usr/bin/numlockx on

    Just did it, it works with no issues.

  84. Hey guys. Just had to leave a comment knowing it usually isn’t very balanced on the feedback anywhere. So this one is to balance it out, because I’d just like to congratulate you on another wonderful release of Mint. It’s all working fine for me and me and my family and friends still enjoy a very stable, conservative and most of all very elegant Mint that we can rely on for our daily work and personal life. Amazing feat guys. Really appreciate it. Much love from the Netherlands.

  85. Finally upgraded. Bluetooth doesn’t appear to be working. 🙁

    The whole reason I upgraded. The connection with the speaker goes on, goes off. These persistent problems with bluetooth are going to drive me back to KDE.

    And, YIKES!, I can no longer navigate PIX with my mouse scroll wheel! All the scroll wheel does is to enlarge or shrink the image? Is there a way to reassign the scroll wheel? For me, this is definitely not an improvement…

    Also, all the third party applets are “broken”?

    Edit by Clem: Did you upgrade the third party applets? Regarding Pix, you can zoom in-out with the mouse wheel, but you can also navigate to other pictures with the mouse wheel if you have the mouse cursor placed above the navigation pane. For bluetooth, I need more feedback… you don’t look like you found the cause of the issue. Is it hardware-kernel related (dmesg) or software related (blueberry)?

  86. I upgraded from 18.1 to 18.2 without major issue. (Installed lightDM,
    but not new Kernel). Thanks.

    The only new issue noted: on login, my desktop background image looks
    very overexposed (washing out the image). Re-setting the background
    image to itself does not work, you have to set it to a different image
    and then set it back again. This fixes the issue, until you logout …

    I tried the Mint-Y-dark theme again, and again it looks very bad when
    using firefox or thunderbird, so …

    Also, not new, but the media player is unusable in a Virtual-Box vm.
    (The main ‘viewing area’ obscures the menus, such that they can’t be
    seen at all!).

    Otherwise, looks good! Thanks.

  87. Clem, que penses tu de cette vidéo sur Mint 18.2 de Frederic Bezies :

    Edit by Clem: On suit 2 lignes de support de noyaux sous Ubuntu. Premierement la ligne LTS (“LTS” Ubuntu, pas “LTS” upstream… c’est avant-tout Ubuntu qui assure les mises a niveau, meme si celles-si sont backportees bien entendu a partir d’upstream). Cette ligne correspond a la serie de noyaux 4.4. Deuxiemement la ligne HWE (ici aussi c’est Ubuntu qui assure le maintien) qui correspond actuellement a la serie des noyaux 4.8. Peu importe l’etat upstream de 4.8 si Ubuntu s’engage a maintenir cette serie au niveau de la securite. Les inquietudes du youtuber sont fondees (bien qu’inutiles car vous pensez bien que la strategie a ete pensee a tous les niveaux, et surtout a celui d’Ubuntu) et la longevite du noyau 4.8 ne durera que quelques mois (9 mois dans Ubuntu pour etre exact). L’idee de HWE c’est de basculer d’une serie a l’autre jusqu’en 2021… donc 9 mois de 4.8, puis 9 mois sur une nouvelle serie et ainsi de suite, jusqu’a retomber sur la serie LTS de 18.04. Le support pour HWE a ete ajoute au gestionnaire de mises a jour, et vous remarquerez donc qu’au moment ou 16.04 HWE abandonne la 4.8 votre gestionnaire vous proposera alors un switch vers une nouvelle serie. Le dilemne de notre cote c’est a la fois d’assurer les mises a jour de securite (et donc de rester sur une serie supportee par Ubuntu) et de fournir un noyau assez recent pour faire face aux nouveaux composants (ce qui nous empeche a terme de rester sans bouger sur de la 4.4).

  88. Thank you this tremendous work of OpSys art!!! Making it possible to upgrade Mint as easy as the Big wigs, is quite an accomplishment!!! Well Done Mint Team!!!

  89. I love mint. But i must say, I’m not a newcomer to linux so I can handle the things I’m about criticize. As far as the update everything went fine. Great job.

    But why the departure from everything works out of the box. Thats how I got my start in mint. I just installed it and everything worked.

    But now I have to muck around to get codecs, have to muck around to re-enable samba. Small complaint I know but these are the reasons I got into linix mint in the first place.

    Wonderful distro but plz don’t lose site of the “every thing just works vision”. It’s what brings in novices. Mint 17.3 worked great out of the box but 18.x seems to take a step backwards in that approach. I only bring this up because I love mint so much.

  90. The update post says Sonya is using LightDM, and yet after the upgrade I have MDM version Sonya and no LightDM installed. What exactly is happening? Is it not changed on existing installations, or are you keeping MDM but changing its backend to LightDM or what?

  91. When I use an external wireless numeric keypad, the key appears to identify the chaos, for example, press 7, but the response is home. I use the computer is DELL Latitude-3450, wireless keyboard is Sunreed SK-051AG.

  92. In addition to my problem described in #67 above, whenever I try to shutdown or restart, I keep seeing that gnome-keyring-daemon is still running and am given the option to kill it. This never happened before in the Mint 17.x through 18.1. Why am I seeing this now in 18.2? More importantly, how do I fix it?

  93. Alright, I fixed #67. Open up the Home folder, go to Edit > Plugins. Look under the Extensions listing at the bottom, then disable “ChangeColorFolder+NemoPython”. I don’t know what that’s even for or if disabling it will cause other problems elsewhere in Nemo or Mint 18.2….. but this certainly makes navigating through files and folders MUCH snappier and responsive than before.

    But the problem in #113 (above) still remains. Help please? Thanks!

  94. Upgrade from 18.1 to 18.2 went fine, except for the severe problem that I lost my desktop. Relevant icons were in the Desktop folder, but would not display on the screen.

    Accordingly, this convinced me that a clean reinstallation is always the best way to go.

    I used Clonezilla to revert to 18.1. When 18.3 comes out I shall do a clean installation using a bootable CD.

  95. Well, I removed gnome-keyring, figuring I have nothing to loose since I could always reinstall it if needed. In a fresh install of Mint 18.2 Cinnamon, are there any key components that absolutely require gnome-keyring? Did I shoot myself in the foot?

  96. I upgrade my laptop from LinuxMint 18.1 to 18.2, but when reboot the laptop, I got the error: failed to load session cinnamon. What’s the problem here? Is there any solution for this issue? Thanks.

    Edit by Clem: Hi Alex, make sure cinnamon and mint-meta-cinnamon are installed.

  97. Why the lockscreen is so laggy on my NVdidia GTS 450? I use proprietary drivers. Cinnamon works fine and smooth but the lockscreen is a real hell.

  98. Wow, thanks! 3 machines converted. This was very quick on the heels of the ISO, very smooth and easy upgrade.

  99. Upgraded Linux Mint 18.1 to 18.2,everything is fine except rhythmbox is not showing in the sound applet.I removed banshee and installed rhythmbox in 18.1 and since then it’s not showing in applet.How to fix it?
    Thankyou for your nice work.

    Edit by Clem: If you’re using Xfce or MATE, make sure to also install rhythmbox-plugin-tray-icon. If you’re using Cinnamon make sure to install rhythmbox-plugins to get support for DBUS/MPRIS through the sound applet.

  100. @clearlooks: IIRC that theme (named simply Clearlooks) is GTK+2 only. As MATE is now GTK+3, you’ll need to install a similar theme for GTK+3. It’s called Clearlooks-Phenix, and the package is named clearlooks-phenix-theme.

    @PG: if the authors of 3rd party applets didn’t port them to GTK+3 and the GTK+3 version of mate-panel, they won’t load.

  101. @AhabGreybeard: about missing icons – by any chance, were they actually the launchers for some of your files/folders?

    Drawer icon… yes, it’s sometimes buggy indeed. This is really old code with some hacks, sometimes I’m surprised it still works 🙂

    You could see the same issues in Debian Stretch because it has GTK+3 build of MATE 1.16, while Mint 18.1 has GTK+2 build of it. Now with MATE 1.18 it’s GTK+3 only everywhere as GTK+2 code is gone.

  102. @ Clem

    Edit by Clem: Cette mise a jour est une mise a jour de fonctionalites. Elle n’a rien a voir avec les mises a jour de securite, ou de drivers, ou de noyaux. Ces dernieres etaient et continuent d’etre disponibles au sein du gestionnaire de mise a jour. Il est possible de desactiver l’invite pour les visiteurs dans lightdm-settings. J’aimerais savoir quels fichiers sont accessibles… l’acces a /home/* est normalement interdit aux visiteurs. Peut-etre faudrait-il ajouter apparmor?

    Merci pour les précisions concernant la mise-à-jour, j’étais déjà au courant.

    Gufw Firewall est activé sur mon système Apparmor me parait être une usine à gaz 🙂

    Il y a divers fichiers dans mon /home/philippe qui étaient accessibles depuis le profil d’invité. Je te laisse consulter ce post qui t’en dira plus long :

    Bonne continuation et merci pour votre travail 🙂

    Edit by Clem: Oui mais c’est apparmor qui restreint les droits de guest. Avec apparmor (et un reboot) normalement, guest ne peut pas voir les fichiers /home.

  103. Clem, thanks very much for your response to my July 3 comment. I followed your instructions to configure /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf, and the edit worked perfectly.

    I got the CPU temp, RSS Feed Reader, Places Center, and VBox Launcher applets to work by downloading them from: — and following the instructions to decompress in ~/.local/share/cinnamon/applets. All is now working well.

    I’m sorry that some here choose not to express appropriate gratitude for your hard work. Thanks once again to you and to the rest of the Mint team for your work on Planet Earth’s most popular distro!

  104. Smooth upgrade from 18.1 to 18.2 on my wife’s Lenovo S205 (64B, Mate, Kernel 4.10.0-46). No hickups, no surprises. And also here the pure GTK login manager just is fine. She doesn’t need lightDM and only spends five seconds or so for logging in ;-). Please keep that nice old no-nonsense GTK login GUI (with MDM) in 18.3 as well. Thanks again to you and the Mint team!

  105. Switched back to MDM. If I use Alt-F# it switches to a terminal. Also, it shows me an error message when I first try to login saying that there’s no X server.

  106. Hello,
    Update from 18.1 to 18.2 no problem with still mdm windows connection manager

    Following example on this blog,

    -Try to switch to lightdm (for guest session)work but no more local network access Win7 with smb (work with gigolo)

    -Try to return to mdm and delete lightdm package, still work but even same issue no local network access from nemo

    – Try fresh install of 18.2 same issue…

    Solution: clean all, return to fresh install of 18.1 and upgrade to 18.2 from update manager ok access to local network with 18.2 and mdm…

    Also when try the beta I have post an issue regarding lightdm and numloock but it’s still not present in the connection option windows of the final version 18.2…

    Thanks a lot for all your good work 🙂

  107. Updated 4 computers (T500, X220, X230, NUC5PPYH) from 18.1 to 18.2 without a single issue! And on top; 18.2 fixed my mousetrail-problem with 18/18.1 on the NUC!
    Updated to Lightdm too without any problems, just miss the autologin. But was able to fix that with the help from above.


    (small questions: searching for a video-editing-SW for Linux like Adobe Premiere Elements on Win.. any tips?)

  108. Went from 17.3 to 18 to 18.1 to 18.2 [xfce]

    All pretty flawless. The one minor glitch is that I now have to plug my speakers into the headphone jack on the front of this Dell desktop. I’m sure a fix will surface for that.

    Thx so much for all efforts. Best OS ever.

  109. 137.Roland : re a video editor : kdenlive is straightforward and solid.


    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kdenlive/kdenlive-stable
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install kdenlive

  110. I’m having no luck switching to LightDM, I’ve not once been able to actually login to *my* user account with it. I’ve been able to get to a Cinnamon desktop session both as a guest but not as myself… Guess I’ll stick with MDM until I have to reinstall.

  111. Upgrade went fine BUT … regretting it.

    Switched to LightDM – but the I can not log into my account. The session simply does not start. I get the login screen again. I can log into the Guest account though.

    Switched back to MDM – but when I log in the GUI is soooooo slooooow Did not use to be that way.
    Also the GUI is fast/responsive when using the guest account thrue LightDM.

    Helt to resolve this is much appreciated .

    Best regards

    Edit by Clem: After the login fails (with lightdm), check your ~/.xsession-errors for clues. You can also check /var/log/lightdm/lightdm.log.

  112. @Philippe:Thanks a lot for your help.
    Thanks to the solution 91. from Dionisios:
    sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm
    after removing MDM was successful.
    LM 18.2 Cinnamon 64, with Kernel 4.10.0-26 now runs as expected and I will explore the new introduced and updated features on my Esprimo Notebook! A big Thank you to the Development Team and all the helpful Linux Mint Community!

  113. Is it possible to bring back the old desktop grid, as in 18.1? Now icons have much more padding between them.

  114. Another question. Why the hell we recommend to install apparmor kernel module with LightDM? Any DM shouldn’t rather require such thing.

    Edit by Clem: It’s necessary to restrict guests’ rights.

  115. have loved Linux mint for so long, got me away from windows and back to enjoying, but codecs are no longer supporting my favorite browser opera, have tried every flash plugin and workarounds i can find but nothing works, I’m just a basic user can use command line as long as its the basics, opera seems to work well in other ubuntu based systems :- neon, budgie, mate ? so shouldn’t be so hard for mint, sorry first time Ive griped, this is the best distro out there by a mile, would appreciate if you could look into this,many thanks

  116. #44 Unstable boot up and sluggish video behaviour is not related to lightdm and mdm either. (dell vostro 1500 – i965 video card – Mint Mate 18.1 updated to 18.2). This happened when I removed kernel also removed i965 firmware module and 4.8.x kernel versions don’t install this module. I tried to install new 18.2 iso image with same result (sluggish video) I don’t know if I should install mesa drivers or recompile kernel. Finally I installed Mint 18.1 and updated to 18.2 without changing kernel version and everything went fine. Does anybody know the proper way to fix this issue?

    Edit by Clem: You can stick to 4.4, it’s LTS and it will continue to receive new kernel updates.

  117. I know that this isn’t related directly to the Sonya update, but I wanted to play with the latest, 4.10 kernel. However, when I download there doesn’t appear to be an efi.signed version installed into /boot. How can I find a signed version, or how can I tell which kernels come with a signed version?

  118. Bug in Linux Mint 18.2 MATE 64B: There is a bug in the display of the “Character Palette” 1.18.1 applet. I instlalled it in a panel at the top of the screen. Does the applet miss GTK2 😉 ?

    Once I select a letter, the section for the applet turns dark:

  119. Thanks @Michael Haubrich and @Clem. I have take your advice, backed up everything and upgraded with no grief. For the time being I upgraded directly from the update manager. But would go for a fresh install when I get some time.

  120. Hi! I’m on 18 Sarah Cinnamon and I wanna update to 18.2 KDE. How I must proceed? Update to 18.2 Cinnamon and then install PLASMA KDE or reinstall the entire distro?

  121. I’m posting this from a BrucesWay installation of MintSonyaMATE64 on a physically tiny USBkey to say Sorry for raining on the struggle to find suitable Upgrade ‘patches’ but ever since PC-DOS vs MS-DOS days I have found that it’s important to identify ‘WOT simply works’, build incrementally with true backups and install from clean sources ‘WOT work’.
    In that respect Sonya looks like the best LinuxMint ever produced, thanks to a lot of hard work by Clem&co so I thoroughly recommend visiting and picking the appropriate version to download and burn to disk with burning software ‘WOT works’ before invoking built-in integrity checks and Live session use.
    I suspect that a lot of the reported problems would then simply vanish.
    As to true backup software there have been some really awful versions that didn’t actually work as claimed. I have tried them all over the years but now stick to Live Clonezilla 2.4.2-32-i686-pae installed on an 8cm CD-R. As ever, the best of luck!

  122. After updating from 18.1, does not work “Viewing media after insertion”?
    Mate 18.2 after inserting the USB mounts the resource – shows the icon on the desktop – but does not automatically open the file browser.
    I have had and I have selected browsing in both the “File Management” settings and in the dconf org section on the mate and gnome desktop → media-handling.
    In the “Preferred Programs” section of the “File Manager” was purely so I selected Caja, and after logging out, still does not automatically open the window with the USB storage.
    Anything else I need to set?
    In 18.1 worked properly …
    The same situation applies to other media like DVDs …

  123. @133 Monsta: Yes, I have a pop-out side panel devoted to launchers for various commonly used folders. They all vanished.

    I suspect that the ‘internal database’ used by MATE to keep track of panel, launcher, icon and drawer identity/location, etc, is very complicated and full of patches on top of patches. It’s had problems for the past five years. Having said that, I can always fix things and it always settles down. I love MATE 🙂

  124. Hi update from Serena to Sonja smooth as silk.
    Everything seems to be working fine, EXCEPT VPN will not now connect. I have a suspicion it is to do with the kernel upgrade (4.4 to 4.8) as connection is fine when the 4.4 kernel used.

  125. @ Clem

    Edit by Clem: Oui mais c’est apparmor qui restreint les droits de guest. Avec apparmor (et un reboot) normalement, guest ne peut pas voir les fichiers /home.

    J’ai exécuté la commande : apt install slick-greeter lightdm lightdm-settings apparmor

    Donc apparmor est installé mais cela n’a pas suffit…

    J’ai corrigé les droits d’accès sur mes documents et le problème est réglé sauf que je ne m’explique pas qu’il y aie eu de tels changements.

    Si non pour la gestion des droits (onglet permissions des dossiers/fichiers) je préfère me concernant l’interface graphique avec les croix à mettre pour l’attribution des droits plutôt qu’un menu déroulant comme c’est devenu le standard actuel. J’ai une souris Logitech avec le défilement continu sur la roulette (pas de butée entre chaque changement de position) du coup si par malheur le pointeur de ma souris se trouve au mauvais endroit et que la roulette bouge même un petit peu sans que j’aie voulu que ce soit le cas, ça me change les droits… Mais mon problème ne provient pas de là car j’utilise l’ancienne interface avec mon profil perso qui a été vraisemblablement héritée des versions antérieures de Mint sur mon /home.

    Tout de bon.

  126. Well, I would like to know where I must add some options in lightdm config file. Must I edit /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf or /usr/share/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d/90-slick-greeter.conf ? I would like to disable the guest login and put a picture for my user.


  127. Dear Sirs, Old-Timer from the land of 8088 here… just now getting around to dipping my toes in the Opensource Ocean. Glad I chose Linux Mint for initiation! Now just regret not diving in sooner! Thanks! Question: I installed Cinnamon

  128. LMDE 2 has also received Cinnamon 3.4.3 but Mint Y is not in there. Is not compatible?

    Thank you!

    Edit by Clem: No, Mint-Y isn’t compatible with GTK 3.14.

  129. Dear Sirs, Old-Timer from the land of 8088 here… just now getting around to dipping my toes in the Opensource Ocean. Glad I chose Linux Mint for initiation! Now just reret not diving in sooner! Thanks! Question: I installed LM Cinnamon 18.1 on a Dell Latitude D620 and immediately had issues with crawling or freezing either side of Login. Forum Posts indicated similar known bugs with 18.1 & recommended MATE. Decided to try this (Upgrade with Update Manager to 18.2) first. All seems to have gone well and I am not yet having any of the issues of 18.1… BUT my “Welcome Screen” still says ‘Linux Mint 18.1 ‘Serena’ Cinnamon 32-bit”….? What’s happen(ed/ing)? Thanks in advance, WhenDoze10.

  130. hi Clem,

    This is Mintkatze. First let me also say thank you for your good work and I am on the Beta-Release with all current updates. Now I also wondered that I do not find the upgrade-path to the filnal release-version in the Update-Manager as I expected to after reading this blogpost.

    How to upgrade?? Just installing all updates??

    Greetz and keep up your so good work! Love LinuxMint!!

  131. Very nice update, thank you !
    A few notes on LightDM :
    – The option to remove guest sessions from the Login GUI doesn’t seem to work, I had to directly change the following line in the /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf :
    From “allow-guest=false” to “greeter-allow-guest=false”
    greeter-allow-guest works, the other doesn’t seem to do anything.
    – It would be nice to add an option in the GUI for numlock. Here is what should be added to the lightdm.conf file, assuming numlockx is installed :
    greeter-setup-script=/usr/bin/numlockx on

  132. @Mintkatze I think it has been said multiple times that the beta with all the updates IS the full 18.2. Look at the System Information module. It says 18.2, not beta 18.2.

  133. I have performed the upgrade from 18.1 to 18.2 but the grub list of configuration still has statements:
    * Linux Mint 18.1 ….
    Advanced options for Linux Mint 18.1
    * Linux Mint 18.1 Cinnamon 64-bit ….
    and etc for all of the entries.

    I can not find determine how to get 18.2 to show instead of 18.1

    I have performed numerous searches without finding a solution>

    Thank you in advance

  134. Upgrade 18.1 > 18.2 went fine. Thank you for great software.

    Didn’t try to update kernel or switch to LightDM yet. Have couple issues:
    1. Some of the new texts are in English but whole system is in Russian. New options and menu items in Update Manager. New Bluetooth window. On the other side I noticed some strange Russian translation. “Объём” (a volume of water for example) instead of “Громкость” (a level of sound); “Результат” (result) instead “Вывод” (output) in sound settings.
    2. Mint-X login theme shows backgrounds from Serena. I found /usr/share/mdm/html-themes/Mint-X/slideshow.conf and new backgrounds are not there. Added them manually and now login window is pretty again.

  135. I upgraded from 18.1 xfce to 18.2 xfce. Now Update Manager is showing me an update for cinnamon-nemo (“This update contains 1 package: libnemo-extension1”).

    Should I uninstall libnemo-extension1 completely using Synaptic?


  136. @BALLOON a.k.a. Fu-sen., #128.

    Actually, I moved from Mint 13 XFCE straight to Mint 18 Cinnamon just because I figured I have nothing to lose or gain since 13 was running into so many problems updating towards the end of 2016, even. I already tried Cinnamon from Mint 14, 15, and 16, but Cinnamon simply refused to display properly, no matter what I did to try to fix it. Then after a long hiatus, that’s how I wound up on 18.x. And to my pleasant surprise, it ran really smooth, considering I had so much crap added onto Mint 13 XFCE to make it look half-way decent. I mean, if I have to put in that much effort to make XFCE look good, I might as well just go all-out and get Cinnamon. 🙂

  137. I am experiencing a huge improvement in my system. Previously, up to 18.1, the more windows/tabs I had open, the sooner the system would slow down, up to the point that the mouse pointer would not even move – this had all the indications of a memory leak. At the same time, the disk would become more and more busy – presumably swap activity.

    Now, with the upgrade to 18.2, and kernel 4.10.0-26, there is no apparent slowdown and disk activity has become more regular. I am extremely happy.

    I downloaded a .efi.signed kernel from the Ubuntu servers, however the system is reporting invalid key as it boots up – but at least it boots and runs.

  138. EXCELLENT – Just upgraded my Elitebook 8470p from 18.1 (mate) and switched to LightDM with no problems. The guest sessions functionality was something I really needed. Thanks to all involved. More machines to do – but they’re all actively “serving” at the moment.

  139. I upgraded from 18.1 xfce to 18.2 xfce.

    In xfce Power Manager, the “Shutdown” action item is no longer available in the dropdown list for “When power button is pressed”.

  140. Major thanks to Clem and to the rest of the Mint developers and testers. I wanted to add that I experienced a behavior that I saw a month or so ago (for a brief moment in time), in that the Update Manager offered the 4.8 kernel series; although, I was still running the 4.4 series (with Mint 18.1). My kernel was upgraded from the 4.4 series to the 4.8 series and I did not intend to change kernel series, but, the newer 4.8 series was offered in the Update Manager, anyway, after I upgraded to 18.2 from 18.1. I may be confused as to the intended behavior, but, I wanted to relay what I experienced. Thanks, again!

  141. after upgrade to 18.2 my old Asus X5DIJ runs much more smoothly. Great thing! But I am experiencing now a (minor) problem with firefox. Checkboxes are reduced to nearly unvisible grey triangles. Internet search says it is a theme matter. Maybe someone can tell me how to get my checkboxes back. I am not so in this programming thing. With Chromium there are no problems.
    After switching to 18 or 18.1, I do not know anymore exactly, the preview of textfiles on the desktop dissappeared, what was a pitty for me. Now the individual resizing of desktop elements ist gone too… after rebooting to 18.2 I was at first a little shocked as I saw my by itselves orderly new arranged desktop. I had some pictures and files with individual Icon sizes on my desktop. Is there a way to get this functionality back in the context menue? No matter of life and death but it would be nice.
    I had one issue with a hanging WLAN-Adapter and one with an not anymore responding touchpad. That was unusual the years I am using Mint. Is there no recommendation for a stability focused Kernel as it was in Updatemanager until 18.1?
    Besides that I Love Mint and use it everywhere where I get the chance to install it!

  142. and I forgot: the windows networking says the list of shares can not be receives from the server. file or folder not found.
    connecting to a windows server share directly over IP-Address works. my other notebook with mint xfce has no problems.
    maybe someone has a suggestion! Thanks! 😉

  143. #171.

    @JMuller: The option to remove guest sessions from the Login GUI works for me.

    I put the “greeter-setup-script=/usr/bin/numlockx on” line in the lightdm.conf file and now it works. But It will be great if we could have an option in the login GUI, and have all the options of lightdm (Hiding the User List, Setting an Automatic Login or not) 😉

  144. @Clem: It will be great if you could give us more themes for Mint-Y like on Mint-X (Mint-Y-Aqua, Mint-Y-Blue, Mint-Y-Grey, Mint-Y-Red, …). Thanks.

    Note: Thanks to you and the Linux Mint Team for your work. 😉

  145. Thank you!

    The new Mint/Cinnemon version have the same issues when connecting a second monitor as the old version. The panel jumps to second monitor and sometimes icons and screenlets position also changes.
    To get the panel back to my laptop monitor (set as primary), I always have to restart Cinnemon.

  146. The mint upgrader always reset repository to and which are too slow for me, even if I have chosen a local synced mirror. That is very annoying. Any way to fix that?

  147. @Dupo, @3s5b4, try those (re-re-re-post); It is for Cinnamon 3.2 but works fine with 3.4.

    @howard reagan, I had the same thing with my multi-boot (18.1 entries still there). I ran “grub-customizer” and simply remove those entries. It should find your 18.2.

  148. I have been using Linux for about 3 years now and rarely use Windows anymore. I consider myself a newbie to Linux, but I have had a computer since 1985 and have built several of them over the years. This one I built the end of last year. So anything as far as installed hardware, I made sure it was Linux compatible.

    So for me the 18.2 update wasn’t a problem. I will make a suggestion to everyone out there. And I know Clem has said this before. Before you update anything major especially a kernel update…back up your system. I have been using a Linux program called “Systemback”. You can create Windows like restore points (sorry that’s what I did before I switched to Linux). The nice thing is you can store the information on a separate hard drive or USB drive etc (has to be a ext4 partition). If you can’t boot your system due to a change you made, just reinstall the Mint ISO, install Systemback and launch it, then select your restore point, and select Restore system. If you can boot up into Mint but are having problems with a change you made, just launch Systemback and restore the system. Your back to where you started!

    I mention this because of all the comments that say they are have a problem. I didn’t like LightDM. I created a restore point after the upgrade to 18.2 so instead of using the terminal and trying to figure out how to revert to MDM I simply restored the system. I switched to the 4.8.0-58 Kernel and so far so good.

    Moral to my long winded post…back up your system to an external source with what ever program you like. I’m sure there are many out there including the program included in Mint. Backing up your system will make your Linux experience much less stressful when you want to upgrade, tweak, or install programs that you find don’t play well with Mint or your system’s hardware.

  149. I upgraded to Sonja, and now my ui is gone. Nothing. Black screen. I don’t even get a f11 prompt upon boot. Wtf? HELP!

  150. I’ve just finished upgrading from LM 18.1 Cinnamon to 18.2 Cinnamon, and from kernel 4.4.0-53 to 4.10.0-26. Both upgrades went without the slightest difficulty.

    My system is now noticeably quicker, and I like the grid for my desktop.

    Many, many thanks once again to Clem and his crew for a superb distribution and a completely smooth upgrade.

  151. Hello! Can we get an answer to #126? I got along fine without any gnome-keyring messages at shutdown in 17.3. I want it to shut down when I tell it to and not bother me with these damned messages. Can we remove gnome-keyring without causing other problems or not? Other than that 18.2 is wonderful! Clean install, not an upgrade.

  152. 18.2 upgrade on a laptop.

    Cinnamon crashes about once or twice a day.

    Never used to happen on 18.1

    Laptop runs 24/7.

    I have also seen the password keyring hang on closedown too.

    All else ok so far.

  153. Since I upgraded to Mint 18.2 MATE, I have an invisible layer on my upper right corner, which I can’t klick, that means I can’t close fullscreen applications. I can’t open new tabs in firefox too. Help.

  154. Does anyone have experience with LM 18 on an Acer R11 (CB5-132T-C1LK)? I saw a reference to an Acer C720 in the comments, but that hardware is somewhat older. This model (hardware ID “cyan”) has an Intel Braswell processor. I downloaded LinuxMint 18.2 and put it on a USB drive; it runs quite nicely as a “live usb”, with the exception of audio.

  155. Thanks for the release, the upgrade worked smooth. The switch to LightDM gave me two issues:
    – When booting up I see the LightDM screen as usual but after 3-5 secs an error is displayed “…failed to Start x server…“ which vanishes another 2 secs later. After that everything is working as exspected and I can log in..
    – Alt-F4 works like Alt-ctrl-F4 which means it gives me the tty4 instead of closing the active window.
    “sudo kbd_mode -s” solves it until next reboot.

    Any idea? I had to move back to MDM which solved both problems.

  156. It’s a pleasure to follow up my previous report (#185) on my desktop by writing that I’ve now done the same pair of updates to my laptop, again with no problems whatsoever.

    For the record, my laptop is a 6-year-old Lenovo ThinkPad T420, and my desktop is a 1-year-old ZaReason Limbo 560.

  157. First of all thank you for the Linux Mint Kde 18.2 Edition to the Linxu Mint Team. I want to add some remarks to Upgrade issues from 18.1 to 18.2:

    1. I tried the upgrade from one version to another over different Edition of Linux Mint very often and I got always the some result: a strange system mix of new and old files with various malfunctions. It was a very hard work to solve the conflicts between different System file versions. For a novice it is an unsolvable problem, because nobody gives support and so that’s not the way to get the best system.

    2. For novice I Suggest the following steps:
    1. Backup your data (with the built-in backup tool)
    2. Install a fresh system
    3. Restore your data.

    You will get a friction-free system and it saves time.

    Linux Mint should be a user-friendly system, but the upgrade as it is destroys this vision. Windows offers here the better solution with its system-cleaning after upgrading and this is my wish for future releases of Linux Mint: please make the upgrade smarter for a clean and smooth system, because a command based system cleaning by users after upgrading prevents the spreading of this beautiful OS with its flexibility.

  158. @Goetz: re charpick applet – maybe it’s a theme issue? Try some other GTK+ theme.

    @a: confirmed, inserting USB drive doesn’t auto-open directory window anymore… need to check what might cause it.

    @AhabGreybeard: so this is a regression in MATE 1.18, it’s known, and we need to fix it. The report is at

  159. hi fellas ,before i procede i am a script kid but really passionate to know and learn . it is a long way for me and i am willing to travel that distance. so heres my hiccup: i recntly did a dual boot with windows 10 and linux mint world edition(chose the server”world”) and then during setup for LM18 (linux mint18) i chose the space segregation for the OS .all seemed to go smoothly even till the point i typed this mesg. that was where i opened terminal and tried installing and upgrading the OS . with “apt-get update. which was wrong .somehow i figured out the uograde after the terminal helped me with the commands,but even when i am trying to install the apps with software manager it gave me an error saying failed to install.not sure whats happening.just a hint .thats all .ty

  160. this was the error i got “upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.
    E: Could not get lock /var/cache/apt/archives/lock – open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)

    dont expect your time to walk me through .just a few hints.i want to google and find it.:)
    however help is most welcome .(grateful)

  161. I successfully upgraded many of my Mint installs. The only issue that I came across involved the nVidia card in my Optimus laptop. The previous nVidia icon has been replaced with a card unknown icon (red cross in white circle) and any attempt to change the settings fails.

  162. @Monsta
    I am very glad #590 is still considered important by you.
    Question: dragging files to the panel also fails, is that the same bug? should it be reported also. I did not see it being addressed separately, or mentioned in #590 or #605.
    thanks, Peter

  163. I’m still a Linux noob, but really impressed with the current state of linux, Linux mint 18.1. Installed it off a dvd and have been having fun. Installed the 18.2 Cinnamon update with no problems other than some packages just do not complete dependencies. BUT a little while ago, I attempted the LightDM switchover. Black Screen of Death.
    Stumbled onto the console and did a remove LightDM. autoclean. apt install mdm and after a reboot or two have it back where I started. “I hope”
    Love linux, but LightDM beware.

  164. Thanks to the Mint team for all the great work. Given that Debian came out a few weeks back, I was wondering if there was any status update on an LMDE version 3. I’m guessing that 18.2 took up a lot of time near the release of Debian 9 & that’s why we haven’t heard much on the LMDE front. Thanks for any info.

  165. @Peter E: I think it’s the same because the launcher points to URI (like file:///home/monsta/something) for both files and folders.

    @a: auto-opening bug is fixed now, we’ll release new 1.18.x version of Caja later.

  166. No comment after my ordeal with LightDM this afternoon? No answer? No suggestions? Comment didn’t even make it to the comment section?

  167. Upgraded to 18.2 Cinnamon on Dell Precision T3400 … Went well… had “gnome-keyring-daemon” on shutdown. Changed to lightdm with original instructions plus apparmor. That also went well and cleared up the “gnome-keyring-daemon” problem. And completely the Guest login. Only OS.
    No “gnome-keyring-daemon” on a HP Pavillion a1613 (quad boot)or a Dell Optiplex 7010 (dual boot). Installed lightdm with original instructions on the HP plus apparmor. Used the NEW lightdm instructions on the Optiplex. All seems to be OK. There is a Guest login on these with password required. Have not booted the T3400. Did that this morning. Will see if Guess with password “shows UP” later.

    Thanks a ton, Mostly NEWBEE that reads alot here. Enjoy LinuxMint. Grub update on dual & quad set version to 18.2

  168. Reference #196. Single OS on T3400 does show Guest login “password” So all are same.

    Forgot to add above all three systems upgraded from 18.1 to 18.2 via upgrade path. I did do a USB burn just for spare (and try to get friend to install LinuxMint on his computer). All three use same keyboard & mouse by using “solaar” and moving usb receiver (con only us one at a time … LOL …) with no problems.

    Again, thanks & keep up the good work. Mike

  169. @Gord Seifert (#186): That’s precisely what I did — removed gnome-keyring. After having uninstalled said package and rebooting, I didn’t run into any problems in the session after I had rebooted. Although I have to admit, this was a day or two ago, and I haven’t used my laptop with Linux Mint 18.2 since then (no time to really test 18.2 fully, I’m afraid; i’m just here to see if anybody else responded to my questions).

  170. Hi,

    Had a problem following upgrade and switching to lightDM with slick-greeter failing to load after purging MDM residual config. Managed to resolve it and on a second machine confirmed these instructions to switch from MDM to lightDM avoid the issue…

    apt install slick-greeter lightdm lightdm-settings apparmor
    Select LightDM as default when asked
    apt purge mdm
    sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm
    sudo reboot

  171. I’m a noob at Linux. At my residence I have a 400 foot split rail fence made of recycled power poles. I did it with a sledge hammer and steel wedges by hand to split and a power saw to cut to length. It was a lot of work. it does not compare in the least to the amount of time and work required to put together the software (Linux 18.2 Cinnamon). My escape from Microsoft.
    Thank you. Thank you.
    The small bugs are a minor inconvenience to bear to get away from annual subscriptions and software that tells YOU what to do.

  172. Is it possible to upgrade directly from 18.0 to 18.2 or is it necessary to go 18 > 18.1 > 18.2?

    The Update Manager only shows 18.1 as an upgrade option.

  173. I have had this problem with Gnome Keyring. Everything running OK then, following upgrade from 18.1, shut-down keeps hanging. After reading #126 i did the same and un-installed it. Problem went away. Having no idea what Gnome Keyring is I re-installed it because it had something to do with security (just in case) and problem has not returned. My laptop that upgraded from BETA 18.2 did not have this problem. Ubuntu Mate has displayed similar problem, but not with Gnome Keyring.

  174. Mise à jour facile et rapide depuis 18.1 Cinnamon vers 18.2. Merci à toute l’équipe pour ce boulot fantastique.

  175. Hi, I performed the upgrade on my girlfriend’s laptop without issues. Using latest kernel and lightdm without problem. However, Cinnamon notifies about an error when starting. Checked the logs, it seems it cannot find blueberry. I uninstalled it in 18.1 as BT wasn’t used and I put a script to rfkill block it on startup. But I can’t find how to disable blueberry from starting…. where is that option? Looked it up in autostart apps and nothing there…

  176. “Cinnamon has crashed, do you want to restart cinnamon?”
    thats what i have been experiencing of late in linuxmint 18.2 cinnamon. please i need help.

  177. All has gone well, on two very different machines (one an ancient rack server). That’s with Xfce. Switching to LightDM and the new Kernel worked fine.

    There have been annoying changes to other software, such as Opera, that happened a couple of weeks ago. Nothing to do with Mint 18.2, but you might see them hitting if you were waiting for this upgrade-path before you did upgrades.

    (It was Opera opening with a strange window size. Mostly solved by changing the general Menu > Settings > Window Manager > Advanced > Double-click Action option to Maximise.)

  178. @Clem. Can we please have clear instructions for making LightDM use autologin. There is a thread in the forum but it is somewhat confused.

  179. Is it possible to put a user image with slick-greeter or not ?

    Perhaps it could be available in Linux Mint 18.3 ?

  180. After using LinuxMint 18.2 for few days it has started giving gnome-keyring-daemon not responding error message at every shutdown or reboot. It worked fine earlier in 18.1 and 18.0. Other have also posted similar issue in the forum above, I am not sure if this will cause any serious issues later.

  181. Waited a week before posting as that seems like a good duration to see how things are going. Have to say I’m very pleased. Updated from 18.1 and zero probs. Ignored LightDM due to no autologin GUI, and downloaded/activated Kernel 4.10.0-26. The bluetooth fixes just prior to 18.2 carried over nicely as well. Not seeing any of the issues some others reporting. Dell E5450, I5, Intel Integrated GPU.

    Also seems there hasn’t been that many associated post-upgrade system updates, so unless there’s some frantic work going on behind the scenes that would indicate to me at least a very successful 18.2 transition.

    The more I use it, the more I get to appreciate LM, so big thanks to Clem and the team for all the great work and the underlying vision.

  182. Since upgrading from 18.1 MATE to 18.2 MATE the caja window does not automatically open to show contents when a USB stick is inserted. Apart from that, behaviour is as expected and it can be opened and viewed manually. I have checked settings and everything appears to be in order.

  183. === Character Palette ===
    Posting #191 (also reponding to #154) was right. Thank you, @Monsta

    My posting was #154 “Bug in Linux Mint 18.2 MATE 64B: There is a bug in the display of the “Character Palette” 1.18.1 applet. I instlalled it in a panel at the top of the screen”: That depends on the theme. With the two “Submarine” themes there is no trouble. Mint-Y-Dark and similar themes have another issue: The selection keay in the “Character Palette” applet are too broad (which is not good for long choice sets like “äöüÄÖÜߤ§£¥¢$€✓«»※·×±©®µ¹²³¼½¾”).

    === Caja ===
    Graphical unmount of external drive: You have to click twice on the little arrow besides the drive name. To me it’s not a bug, but a feature 😉

    Thanks again to the Mint-Team an all contributors.

  184. Jeff, comment #198: I upgraded a neglected laptop from 18 to 18.2 a few days ago. If I remember correctly, Upgrade Manager first showed only the 18.1 upgrade option. After I was at 18.1, it then showed me the option to upgrade to 18.2.

  185. I don’t understand the purpose of making autologin active so difficult. Terminal an tutorials for this?! Really?!

    Edit by Clem: It’s just something that isn’t implemented yet. We’ve already added a huge amount of functionality that was missing around the LightDM ecosystem. We’re not finished yet.

  186. Hi there!
    Thanks for your wonderful Linux Mint 18.2 – I’ve been using Mint for years now (on a Lenovo W530) and it has never let me down!
    Two short questions, though:
    * Would it be possible to close the Update Manager window by klicking Ctrl.+Q as it is possible with so many applications?
    * Why is it, that some applications can be closed like that and others cannot?
    J. Walesch

  187. Hi! I am using version 17.3, I am not so familiar with linux. How can I upgrade to the version 18.1 by command line?

  188. I have just updated to 18.2 Xfce, so far I really like it.
    Quick question though.

    In 18.1 it would say which kernel was recommended for security and which was recommended for stability, now nothing is mentioned…
    Can we have that back please?

  189. Further to my question (in 241)

    I meant to say that it is the update manager I am referring to, where you can view the kernels.

  190. Thanks Timoteo for the assist. I was hoping for a direct upgrade path but will probably end up doing the same as you.

  191. @Clem #238:

    With all due respect, and saying this as an enormous fan of Mint, perhaps you should have held off introducing LightDM until it was more of a finished product and did not result in a loss of functionality in comparison with MDM.

    This “temporary” loss of functionality was one that badly affected both GNOME 3 and KDE, to name but two prominent examples of software where design was revamped with reduced functionality and nary a consideration to the users. Mint should learn from these.

  192. Just upgraded and my bluetooth/wifi conflict issues have gone. I have been waiting for this.
    Thank you Mint Team.

  193. @Pedro #245 I agree with what you say. Today the login screen failed to load on boot. I removed lightdm and installed mdm and made it the default. It is now working perfectly. I hope the next version will use mdm again as default.

  194. Only one problem i have found. I have a mini 1010 computer that has a max display of 1200×600. When I bring up the update screen to choose policy I cannot resize the window to confirm my policy choice. Is there a way to fix this so that I can keep this computer updated? I have already tried to readjust the display size to no help. Hence why I ask here. Otherwise on my other systems it works great. Thanks much for the help.

  195. Amazing work, just gets better and better. Love the new Mint-y icons and other theme tweaks. Seems very stable and boot speed on my Dell XPS 13 is even quicker. Will report any bugs. Keep up the awesome work!

  196. @ki4dkx #248
    You can either scale down the height of the policy window.
    Or press and hold down the ALT key and then drag the window with your mouse.

  197. Instruction on how to autologin with LightDM in Linux Mint 18.2:

    Create a file `90-autologin.conf` with the following 3 lines in it:
    Where USERNAME is the output of the comand `whoami` in a terminal.
    Save this file in `/etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d/90-autologin.conf`

    That’s it!

  198. sorry for my bad english, my problem… I upgrade to sonya, but… try update and fail in: sonya InRelease
    hpps:// xenial-getdeb InRelease
    hpps:// xenial-getdeb Release

    and in terminal, I use sudo apt-get update, error in:

    W: El repositorio « xenial-getdeb Release» no tiene un fichero de Publicación.
    N: Los datos de un repositorio como este no se pueden autenticar y por tanto su uso es potencialmente peligroso.
    N: Vea la página de manual apt-secure(8) para los detalles sobre la creación de repositorios y la configuración de usuarios.
    E: Fallo al leer /var/lib/apt/lists/partial/security.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_xenial-security_InRelease – pkgAcqTransactionItem::TransactionState-stat (2: No such file or directory)
    E: Fallo al leer /var/lib/apt/lists/partial/security.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_xenial-security_main_binary-i386_Packages – pkgAcqTransactionItem::TransactionState-stat (2: No such file or directory)
    E: Fallo al leer /var/lib/apt/lists/partial/security.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_xenial-security_multiverse_binary-i386_Packages – pkgAcqTransactionItem::TransactionState-stat (2: No such file or directory)
    E: Fallo al leer /var/lib/apt/lists/partial/archive.canonical.com_ubuntu_dists_xenial_InRelease – pkgAcqTransactionItem::TransactionState-stat (2: No such file or directory)
    E: Fallo al leer /var/lib/apt/lists/partial/archive.canonical.com_ubuntu_dists_xenial_partner_binary-i386_Packages – pkgAcqTransactionItem::TransactionState-stat (2: No such file or directory)


  199. The upgrade went smoothly, all my desktop mess is here 🙂 Also updated the kernel to 4.8, and it seems to run quicker.
    I think you should try to find other shape for the folder icons on mint-y. I really love the square with circular corner of all the icons appart folder one. It’s gentle and elegant. I took also mint-y darker for the windows theme. It’s make wonderfull contrast. I love my desktop thx you Clement!

  200. Thank you for the upgrade Mint Team,

    On my own build desktop, the upgrade went smooth and well, even got my latest installed kernel up and running after the upgrade. On my HP laptop, it did not go well at all. No wi-fi, only wi-fi on running 18.2 from live session. After a new install still no wi-fi, and can’t get it to work properly either. Does anyone have the same issues?

  201. Rectification earlier comment!

    Dear Mint Team,
    It was my mistake, there is a bug in the newer kernel 4.10.26 that has wi-fi issues, so it has nothing to do with this OS. With the kernel that comes with Linux Mint 18.2. All is working well, and love the more stable and faster response of the cinnamon desktop.

  202. Merci pour cette nouvelle version, mais dommage pour les quelques régressions:
    – applets qui ne se chargent pas (megasync, claws mails, et surtout l’icone de mise à jour !??) en cinnamon.
    – plus de possibilités de mettre les icônes sur Xreader (celui de l’impression entre autres)!
    J’ai eu une perte des codecs vidéos lors de la maj.
    Sinon sympa le changement de couleurs lors de la double fenêtres sur Nemo.
    Merci la team Mint!

  203. well i messed up big time
    in post 123 rkmugen had the problem that i had with gnome keyring and i read as much as i could and could not find a solution xept his own that said he un installed gnome keyring and re installed it and that worked for him
    but at this point i have to assume that he did not restart after un installing before re installing becaseu i am totally locked out will not reboot stuck on mostly blank screen with old typewriter type font that says dam i think cinamon 18 or it could be sonya 18 but with 4 dots under that just seem to blink one by one over and over again and no boot
    can any one please tell me if i have any hope to recover what was on my hard drive

  204. @ki4dkx #248
    @Heedermann #249

    Update Manager does not fit on a larger screen (Resolution: 1366 x 768) with “Panel” window setting:
    When “Allow Cinnamon to scale panel text and icons according to the panel height” is set to ON
    “Panel height” is set to ‘Larger’ (completely to the right)

    The height of the “Update Manager” windows can not be reduced.

    Would be nice if windows would work correctly when screen shows larger elements (for accessibility).

    Thank you

  205. Hi. I’ve just upgraded from MATE 18.1 to MATE 18.2 and kernal 4.10.0-26.
    Backgrounds and Emblems is broken. The UI comes up but no patterns, colors or emblems are available.
    Thanks Mint Team.

  206. Just upgraded my 2 systems (custom-build desktop & Lenovo ThinkPad T510 laptop) to LM 18.2 Sonya & switched to LightDM on both. The laptop boots to the GUI flawlessly, but when I reboot the desktop computer, I suddenly now have to login to the Linux consloe screen & then initiate startx from the command line. What happened? How do I get startx to autorun in the boot process the way it did before?

  207. Added for clarification: I installed & enabled LightDM on both…again,
    the laptop boots shraight to the GUI, but the desktop makes me login thru a console screen & run startx from the command line to get the GUI.

  208. Just finished upgrading all 3. Mate Cinnamon and XFce and as usual a flawless process. Simply amazing using Mint for all these years with ZERO issues. Follow the instructions and don’t let your brain wander in the process. Great job People. Merci

  209. I can’t make light-locker work.
    I have installed light-locker and light-locker-settings, but default screensaver and lockscreen is still working. It looks like it’s connected to cinnamon-screensaver in some way, but I just can’t wrap my head around it.

  210. to whom it may concern:

    i never got a response to my situation with serena. it wont update. there are no refreshers, nothing. i don’t know what happened, but obviously i must have don something wrong. The last update was dated june 1st i believe. this is the message i get: E maformed line 2. in source list /etc/apt/sources.list.d/additional-repositories.list (type)
    E: the list of sources could not be read
    E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run ‘sudo dpkg –configure -a’ to correct the problem.
    i tried everything exactly as instructed and it still doesn’t work. i need those updates or what else can i do to fix this problem. reinstall it or what.

  211. Hi, today i update my system 18.1(kernel 4.4.83) to 18.2 – afrer that i can’t login in my computer.

    After then i type my password – i see dialog message – You session less then 10 seconds, if you don’t terminate session, itc may couse that exists problem in install or free disk space is empty. Try to login at one of sessions for protection of bugs, to identify how to fix this problem (~/.xsession-errors) initctl: cannot connect to upstart: filed to connect to socket /com/ubuntu/upstart : in connection denied mdm[1482] glib-critical: g_key_file_free assertion ‘key_file !-NULL’ filed

    i can login to command line as root – but not in gui

  212. Linux Mint XFCE is working fantastically on my 2009 iMac 24 inch. The machine is upgraded to the not supported officially, but otherwise unofficially supported maximum of 6 GB RAM. I am using the Vivaldi browser. The browser, by the way, makes a huge difference, because Firefox used to eat up all my RAM pretty quickly. I’ve been using Xubuntu before, but then installed Mint 18.0 first, then upgraded to 18.1 and now to 18.2 very smoothly.
    Great job to the developers involved!

  213. Upgraded in steps from cinnamon 18 to 18.1 to 18.2 & now find the option to resize my desktop icons is missing from the right click menu. Is there a way to get this back please?

  214. Still on July 16, in Mint 18 Mate, Update Manager shows only the option to Upgrade to Linux Mint 18.1 Serena. I have followed all steps indicated (refresh) and use the default sources Main:, Base: Shouldn’t I be able to go from 18 to 18.2?

  215. I just upgraded from 18.1 cinnamon to 18.2 cinnamon, including upgrading to the new kernel. Everything went perfectly. Thanks for the awesome work!

  216. I forgot to check that there was enough free space before running the update from 18.1 and Mint didn’t check it and warn me that I was low. I got a warning during the update and managed to deleted some old kernels. Something didn’t complete properly but as everything seems ok, I’m guessing that it’s not critical and may be updated later.

    The only problem I’ve had since, but which I’ve seen before so it isn’t new, is the behaviour of the show desktop applet. Sometimes it doesn’t work the way I expect. This might be Windows conditioning on my part, but I can’t make sense of it. I expect to be able to minimize all windows with a click and then to open a file on the desktop, view it, then toggle back to whatever I was doing. Sometimes I end up with the desktop obscuring windows that I want to have on top of it. If I’ve done something wrong it’s not obvious what.

    Those are the only issues I’ve had so far.

  217. I just upgraded from 18.1 cinnamon to 18.2 cinnamon, including upgrading to the new kernel. Everything went perfectly. Thanks for the awesome work!

  218. Cinnamon 3.4 is the first edition i know that crashed till now and i’m using it from the beginning. What i did: worked with an open folder with 30 files, xed and audacious were also open. The files were renamed with copy-paste and with audacious i’ve tried every file to see if it works. Ask if you need more details!

  219. Mint is so boring when it comes to upgrades.

    I upgraded my Mint 18.1 XFCE to 18.2 this weekend and nothing exciting happened. 🙂

    Fantastic work Clem and Mint team!!!!!!

  220. Had a slight problem upgrading from 18.1 to 18.2. Upgrade did not complete successfully and have errors:

    Errors were encountered while processing:
    E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)

    How should I proceed? I can boot just fine and otherwise seem to be running normally but consistently can reproduce error messages by running “sudo apt-get install -f”

  221. Anyone else seen this issue? I have 4 family members setup each with their own account, only I have a password as admin. The rest are users, so one logs in, does their thing and walks away and eventually screen saver activates. A while later someone else comes along and logs in as themselves, and eventually walks away and screen saver actives. First user is back, logs in and Cinnamon is in some kind of wacked out state. Other users sessions are now also wacked. 18.1 fine 18.2 I see the issue on upgrade and verified it again on a fresh install.
    wacked out = menu bar unresponsive, apps only randomly react to clicks, start bar kinda works – just enough to log out. Log as everyone is logged out, next user to log in is good again.
    MDM (fresh install had lightDM)

  222. Upgraded my brand new Mini Mintbox Pro to 18.2 and smiled … until I found that Cinnamon had crashed after several hours each day.
    Now I did a fresh install of 18.2 on Mini Mintbox Pro and after a couple of days Cinnamon again had crashed.

    Clem … I thought the mini mintbox pro was Linux Mint friendly? Sob sob wail …

  223. @283 Pierre,

    For those who have a drive, both Brasero and K3b seem very popular. Either easily available via the Software Manager.

  224. So, I want Upgrade Linux Mint 18.1 to 18.2, but I can’t find in Update Manager Menu how you see us in piture 1: Launch the System Upgrade by clicking on “Edit->Upgrade to Linux Mint 18.2 Sonya”.

    Why I have not this step?

  225. Just upgraded my older (2013) Toshiba Satellite C855 from Mint 18.1 to 18.2, as well as from MDM to LightDM. So far, it went absolutely smoothly and seamless. I am still using the 4.4.0-53 kernel, but other than that, no issues! Great job as usual team!

  226. LM18.2 Cinnamon.
    Please for Update Manager provide a way to purge the unused old kernels.
    After many kernel updates “update-initramfs” takes a lot of time, because it does the update for each kernel version.
    Today it is possible to remove only one kernel after the other and it takes forever.
    Before LM18.2 I used the following command line, but in LM18.2 does not work anymore.

    echo $(dpkg –list | grep linux-image | awk ‘{ print $2 }’ | sort -V | sed -n ‘/’`uname -r`’/q;p’) $(dpkg –list | grep linux-headers | awk ‘{ print $2 }’ | sort -V | sed -n ‘/'”$(uname -r | sed “s/\([0-9.-]*\)-\([^0-9]\+\)/\1/”)”‘/q;p’) | xargs sudo apt-get -y purge

    I will be very happy if you can consider this and my previous features request.
    Thank you.

  227. Had not tried Linux Mint for a while. Last time Wireless issues galore and gave up. This time thought everything was smooth on a Lenovo 110 Idealpad. Then again Bluetooth issues like some, cannot connect to my new headphones. Its always something with Linux, tried to blame my headphones but alas they connect perfectly to my Daughters Macbook and my HP Windows 10 desktop. Not all is lost, I give everyone a big plus for a well improved Mint 18. But still not there in my book compared to support in Windows. Not a tinkerer anymore, I just want stuff to work. Maybe give Mint a try a year from now to see how its going. My suggestion is stop with the mass quantities of Linux desktops and consolidate resources. Maybe development would catch up to Windows and Mac OS?

  228. Please include GNU Ring to the default Linux Mint installation.

    * Ring is a free and universal communication platform which preserves the users’ privacy and freedoms.
    * Ring is fully distributed, and depends on no central infrastructure or enterprise to work. Every Ring user is connected to his or her contacts via a fully distributed network.
    * Ring can be used to text, to call, to make video call more privately, securely, and reliably.

    * Ring est un logiciel de communication universel et libre, respectant les libertés et la vie privée des utilisateurs.
    * Ring est un système distribué et indépendant d’une infrastructure centralisée. Tout utilisateur Ring est connecté à ses pairs sur un réseau distribué.
    * Vous pouvez utiliser Ring pour envoyer des messages texte, ainsi que pour passer des appels audio et vidéo de façon plus confidentielle, sécurisée et fiable.

    Release of Ring 1.0 – « Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité »

    Sortie de Ring 1.0 – « Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité »

    Thank you

  229. @magni #286

    Please enable CTRL+Click, SHIFT+Click, CTRL+SpaceBar, SHIFT+KeyboardArrowDown to select multiple kernels too.

    Thank you

  230. Hello,

    after the last update the machine freezes after changing into the sleep modus. It has to be restarted every time.

    Best regards

  231. @jtsailingaway #261

    No, I never said that I reinstalled the gnome-keyring. I only said that if things went bad, I had the option to go back and re-install it. I never had to do so. In fact, i’m still using my laptop just fine without it. Although….. if I ever happen to install a new app that requires gnome-keyring, i’m pretty much screwed unless somebody else figures out what’s wrong with the thing. I could try to just uninstall it again, but that’s just a real, unnecessary hassle, imho.

  232. Hello,

    I’m using the Menu applet in MATE : Applications – Places – System.
    Some of the icons are in 2 or 3 menus. I removed all the redondant icons but then, they disappear from all the others menu too, and from the Control Center.
    It’s a very annoying bug because now, I can’t add them again 🙁

  233. Hi everybody, first a big thanks to the linux mint developers and the community. i would not wanna live without a mint. Last night i installed mint 18.2 sonya. Quite beautiful. Anyhow, could it be that their is an issue with VPNs? I cannot run any VPN now. Team Ivacy has tried for hours to get my VPN running, no luck! I have problems installing “libsstp-client0_1.0.9_amd64.deb”. Actually, i cannot get any VPN to work. OpenVPN, Ivacy, Bitmask. Nothing works on my machine. What a bummer! Nonetheless, it works fine on Mint 18. Anybode else having issues on 18. 2 sonya? Peace to all!

  234. This is the best that is 2 update the OS version instead of re-loading

    will u consider issuing a respin in between two distros version and do away with kernel updates that just accumulate, that would be redundant after UPGRADE option

    as usual LM is evolving 2 make Linux more and more user friendly – 2 make linux from geeks only to for all – which I started as promoter of Linux since 2k1 with caldara open linux guide and CD my 1st referance manual

    wishing LM all the best

  235. Does Caja in Mint Mate 18.2 implement the copy/pause/queue functionality that was introduced in June 2016?

    Really need this…

  236. Hi.
    From Ubuntu to Mint Cinnamon, the best schift.

    As an Ubuntu Unity former user, i like windows control buttons at the left side and Mint enable it. But in some administrative tasks its window buttons appears at the right side. How can i fix this issue?

    Best regards.

  237. I really would like to see the return of desktop icon resizing!

    I had a beautiful collage of a desktop with more important icons sized larger than others. Now my desktop looks like Windows Desktop! Ick!

  238. Using KDE version L.M. 18.2 – I tested the beta looks very promising.
    I sure hope that Thumbnails in dolphin for .ODF (libreOffice) finally.. at last… finally work. Its a deal breaker to not have those available.
    Like the system a lot but that is just inexcusable. They work in 17.3 flawlessly. Whats the problem, everything else is wonderful but no thumbs in the main file manager for Office files, to see what it is per file is just pathetic.
    Like Linux Mint and please fix the big one with me and I am sure millions of other potential users.

  239. @Michael Crock — I promise you there are not millions of users, potential or otherwise, for whom thumbnails for .odf files in dolphin are a deal-breaker, or are ‘the big one’. I have no idea why they’re not working, but it seems highly likely that it’s to do with updates to KDE/Dolphin, and not with something specific to Mint. ‘Inexcusable’ just makes your comment seem a bit laughable.

  240. Sir,
    We use Ubuntu OS. from last 2 years successfully. Now we successfully installed Linux Mint 18.2 in our lab. Its amazing experience.
    Thank u all of u.

  241. After upgrade from 18.1 to 18.2 I still have kernel 4.4.x – everything works OK.
    I tried 4.8.x and samba services doesn’t work:
    – I cannot print via Windows share printers (smb:// – CIFS trouble to connenct – or direct by linux server hosted same printer: local.ip:631/printers/printer_name – nothing happend).
    In printer settings (SMB share) cannot browse local network to find samba share – I saw the network name, but I cannot browse it to see the network printers – nonstop samba auth popup – there is no password on these share printers.
    – Network also not worked properly – cannot browse the local network.
    Back to the kernel 4.4.x – no problem with samba or local network…
    So I remove 4.8 🙂

  242. Hi,

    “Upgrade to Linux Mint 18.2 Sonya” not in Edit menu of Upgrade Manager. Only appears the option to upgrade to Linux Mint 18.1.
    Thank you very much.


    Antonio Astorga

  243. hey together

    I am on LinuxMint 18.2 since some weeks and I love it. Happy with it.
    But I thin, we will be able to push adobe-flashplugin out of distro soon, because adobe today pushed out News, that Flashplayer will die in 2020!!

    Yes, it’s happening. Look here:

    “Adobe is ending development and support for Flash in 2020”

    “Adobe announced today that it is ending support for and development of Flash in 2020. The company cited declining usage statistics (80 percent of Chrome users visited a site with Flash daily in 2014, as compared to 17 percent today) and a plethora of alternatives as the reason for the termination.”

    “Many different companies, including Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft and Mozilla, have also released announcements about this decision. It’s worth noting that many of these companies already have ended Flash support. Apple was one of the early contributors to Flash’s demise when, back in 2007, Apple first refused to support Flash on iOS. Adobe got pretty uppity about the decision in 2010, when they accused Apple of denying iPhone and iPad users “the full range of web content.””

    So this is good like it goes. So Clem: please care, that gnash and other alternatives will be working in 2020!! I would like to use alternatives.

  244. Here a furhter article-link about the end of flashplayer:

    or even here:

    “Flash loses final appeal: Adobe sentences its web tech to death”

    “The pioneering software paved the way for YouTube and countless games, but Adobe will kill Flash in 2020. Here’s what it means for you.”

    “The Flash Player has been there for you all along, inside your browser, making it possible for you to play online games, stream radio station music and watch YouTube videos. But after a two-decade run, Adobe is killing it off.”

    “Countless nails have been hammered in Flash’s coffin in recent years, most notably by Apple’s Steve Jobs and also by Adobe itself. Now, though, there’s a date for the funeral: Dec. 31, 2020.”

    “Flash has been a website workhorse — online gaming site Kongregate has more than 100,000 Flash games — but don’t fret over the demise of the pioneering software. It’s more appropriate to rejoice, since the software today is a security risk and major source of browser crashes.”

    “”I am glad Adobe is ending Flash’s life. It has honestly made the web a worse place for more than a decade,” said Creative Strategies analyst Ben Bajarin.”

    “Indeed, Adobe’s move is momentous enough that the biggest names in web tech — Apple, Google, Facebook, Mozilla and Microsoft — coordinated announcements to tell us what’s going on and to reassure us all that it’s going to be fine.”

    “Facebook, which hosts lots of Flash-based games, urged programmers to get with the program so ordinary folks don’t have to suffer through any of these problems. “While games built in Flash will run on Facebook until the end of 2020, we strongly advise developers to follow the timelines set by browsers,” Facebook said in a blog post.
    Countdown to 2020″

    “In three and a half years, Adobe will stop developing and distributing Flash, said Govind Balakrishnan, vice president of product development for Adobe’s Creative Cloud Ecosystem. Browser makers have been pushing hard to eject Flash, but Adobe couldn’t move any faster because web standards weren’t mature enough and Flash developers in education, gaming, streaming video and other industries need time to retool and rewrite their software, Balakrishnan said.”

    “”We feel the standards have arrived, and now is the right time to announce our intention to pull the plug,” Balakrishnan said.”

    “Flash’s downside”

    “But Flash came at a cost. The fact that it could run full-fledged programs exposed browsers to a large number of security vulnerabilities. It was responsible for a sizable percentage of browser crashes, too. It used battery power that became precious as we moved from plugged-in desktop computers to laptops and then phones.”

    “And importantly for Jobs’ decision to ban Flash from iPhones and iPads, it was born in the era of PCs with keyboards and mice, not phones with touch-screen controls.”

    So Clem, we will have to kick Flasplayer of LinuxMint in the next years and you should prepare our distro with alternatives.


  245. I don’t know if its’ bug or feature.
    LM 18.2 with newest 4.8 kernel (no 4.10), in update manager level 4 updates enabled as visible and update for kernel 4.10 is visible from despite fact no 4.10 kernel is installed.

  246. I used the upgrade feature for the first time last week, I was a little hesitant, but it worked flawlessly. My usual method is making a backup, burning an ISO to a USB drive and do a fresh install. It only took 15 minutes to upgrade and the system works perfectly. Linux Mint has been my daily driver on my new desktop and laptop for many years.

    Keep up the good work.

  247. Hi,

    did anyone install the scanner and printer ‘brother MFC-260-C’?
    Does it work?
    With Mint 18.1 I never got the scanner working.

  248. Clem a most interesting thing happenmed when I tried to upgrade to 18.2.
    first cinnamon kept crashing so I finally figured I would dpo a clean install
    Then I lost grub! it totally refused to boot on my lenovo w701.
    I finally figured out that somehow the dongle for my logitech mouse was the culprit. removed it during install and it went perfectly. replaced it after reinstall and it still works well and no problems with cinnamon crashing.

  249. I wanna say BIG Thanks to Mint team. I’m very much enjoining Linux Mint for 2 years now, likewise enjoining staying away from windows.

    Tried to upgrade today to 18.2, and found Onboard keyboard not working. Luckily, i’ve restored previous version with timeshift, because I really need Onboard.

    So, is there any chance that it will be fixed in 18.2?

    Or can I somehow made it to work, beside that not-so-recommended sudo (or what) thing? i’m complete noob, btw…

    sorry for my english… Thank you!

  250. Respected Sir,
    I have been using Linux for about 3 years. now we upgrade our computer lab to 18.2 Sonya. its great experience to work with Linux Mint. Thank u.

  251. A few week ago I use Universal Usb Installer to create a casper-rw persistent usb stick formatted ntfs, with Linux Mint Mate 18.1.
    Can I update this to 18.2 through the update manager and will it also update the iso file on the stick, or do I need to format and start over?

  252. Clem,

    Will my beta 18.2 auto update or do I have to do something special? The beta is running flawlessly with kernal 4.12.3 as well

    Please thank the team for a great job.



  253. @Hubert #313
    I have a Brother, different model, the Brother website has the packages and drivers you need, and pretty good instructions. I print with USB and Wifi, but only Scan with USB.

  254. Greetings from Australia !

    Here’s what I’m running:
    4.4.0-87-generic #110-Ubuntu SMP Tue Jul 18 12:55:35 UTC 2017 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
    Mint 18.2 KDE edition.

    The good: Upgraded Mint KDE from “Serena” to “Sonya” without a single glitch. Lovely !

    The bad: Now every day my system freezes up at random some time after boot. KDE loads up well, desktops et al, and then within a couple of minutes — boom, USB mouse stops responding, both USB and serial keyboards stop responding, so rebooting froma console is out of the question. After hitting the Reset button on my PC box, everything loads up happily (the only complaint being some orphaned inodes) and works without a glitch.

    The ugly: Neither “Sarah” nor “Serena” misbehaved like this. I installed the latest (availabe in “Drivers”) NVidia driver, was keeping my fingers crossed — still the same problem. I’m hoping I at least won’t corrupt my file system ? My /home is on a separate partition, the root partition has 42 Gb free space.

    Could anybody please help ? Any suggestion would be extremely welcome ! Should I try to install a new kernel ? Or experiment with the nouveau video drivers ?

  255. I’ll try upgrading from 18 to 18.1 to 18.2, but if this is always necessary it should be outlined in the blog post. If this shouldn’t be necessary, then what’s happening?

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