Linux Mint 17.2 “Rafaela” MATE released!

The team is proud to announce the release of Linux Mint 17.2 “Rafaela” MATE.

Linux Mint 17.2 Rafaela MATE Edition

Linux Mint 17.2 is a long term support release which will be supported until 2019. It comes with updated software and brings refinements and many new features to make your desktop even more comfortable to use.

New features at a glance:

For a complete overview and to see screenshots of the new features, visit: “What’s new in Linux Mint 17.2 MATE“.

Important info:

To be aware of issues and read about explanations and possible solutions related to this release, visit: “Release Notes for Linux Mint 17.2 MATE

System requirements:

  • 512MB RAM (1GB recommended for a comfortable usage).
  • 9GB of disk space (20GB recommended).
  • Graphics card capable of 800×600 resolution (1024×768 recommended).
  • DVD drive or USB port.


  • The 64-bit ISO can boot with BIOS or UEFI.
  • The 32-bit ISO can only boot with BIOS.
  • The 64-bit ISO is recommend for all modern computers (Almost all computers sold in the last 10 years are equipped with 64-bit processors).

Upgrade instructions:

  • If you want to upgrade from Linux Mint 17.2 RC, simply launch the Update Manager and install any Level 1 update available.
  • If you want to upgrade from Linux Mint 17 or Linux Mint 17.1, please wait for a few days while we release a new version of the Update Manager to you. In the meantime, you do not need to download or to reinstall anything. We’ll make announcements next week when this is ready.

Download:Md5 sum:


HTTP Mirrors for the 32-bit DVD ISO:

HTTP Mirrors for the 64-bit DVD ISO:

Alternative downloads:

No-codecs images:

Distributors and magazines in Japan, USA and countries where distributing media codecs is problematic can use the “No Codecs” ISO images.  These images will be made available next week, for both the MATE and Cinnamon edition in 32-bit and 64-bit at the following address:

OEM images:

Manufacturers can pre-install Linux Mint on their computers using the OEM installation images. These images will be made available next week, for both the MATE and Cinnamon edition in 64-bit at the following address:


We look forward to receiving your feedback. Thank you for using Linux Mint and have a lot of fun with this new release!


  1. If it’s anything like as stable and fast as the Cinnamon version, it’ll be another great release from the Mint Dev team. Well done to all concerned and a big thank you. I’ll be playing with this one in Virtualbox, as I’ve already installed the Cinnamon version on all three of my systems, and they’re all working flawlessly. 🙂

  2. Hi clem
    does rafaela have mmcblk support so we can install on sd card?
    you know ubuntu u and v have mmcblk support but lts (trusty) missed it
    thanks in advance

    Edit by Clem: Hi Marco, I don’t think so. It’s a pity this wasn’t mentioned during the RC, we could have looked into adding it. I added this to the roadmap so it will be considered for the next release.

  3. Hello, marco. I installed Mint 17.1 via my SDCARD (via card reader) on my friend’s computer and it was completely fine. Also, Drivedroid works too.

  4. Gallardo

    It is NOT installation into HD via sdcard, it is installation INTO sdcard via usb, cd, dvd, …


  5. I’m sticking with Linux Mint 17 Mate for now. Why not? I’m happy with it, it’s rock solid, dependable and it rocks! I can’t imagine a better Linux desktop for novices/intermediate/advanced users than Linux Mint 17.x: for older machines I know of nothing to beat Linux Mint Mate.

    P.S., The newest update manager is great!


  6. Thanks to all the team of Linux Mint, you are focused increasingly more excellence, are the first system with more than 3000 points at Distro Watch. Congratulations with this new version!

  7. #12 @nyccow

    In a few days time the Mint team will push a new update manager which has a menu option to upgrade from 17 or 17.1. IIRC it’s under the “Edit” menu. Just a few days to wait!

  8. RE: Linux Mint 17.2 Mate LiveMedia on locked USB flash drive:

    Mint 17.2 Mate “Printers” tool in “Control Center” does not find my HP LaserJet 5000 printer on the parallel port. Mint 16 and previous versions find the printer just fine and allow me to configure it into the system. Being without a printer is not a good thing.

    Blessings in abundance, all the best, & ENJOY!
    Webtest (Art) in Carlisle, PA USA

  9. Hi folks,

    since 6 months dual boot Mint 17.x Mate/Windows 7. I only use Mint and love it. Windows 7 is installed just for convenience. I’m looking forward to the upgrade !

  10. 2 por qués:
    1- se congela en algunas ocasiones;
    2- no logro activar el moden para internet

    Fabio Isáziga

  11. So far so good…. Super smooth install.

    i7-Ivy Bridge
    8 gig ram
    128gig SSD
    MSI mobo

    Thanks for all the hard work!

  12. You all do an awesome job. MATE is so configurable many of my Linux friends are stunned by my desktop. 😉

    You made a similar 17.2 announcement several days ago, at which time I dl’d it. So, is this a different build or just another press release?

    thx for all you do,

    Edit by Clem: It was the RC (Release Candidate). This is the STABLE release. You’re not the only one to be confused by this and we’re currently considering renaming our RC releases “BETA”.

  13. HP Compaq Evo D510
    2.4 GHz single core PAE, 2 GB ram

    Linux Mint 17.2 MATE 32-bit works very well.

    The problem with LMDE2 MATE display looks like it might be an X.Org 1.16.4 vs X.Org: 1.15.1 display driver.

    Is there a way to try X.Org: 1.15.1 with LMDE2 MATE?

    ” …….1………2………3..
    LMDE2 MATE 32-bit
    Display slow even with compositing OFF
    Starts up with characters missing in icon labels
    and sometimes desktop icons missing
    Menus also missing characters
    Windows drag around very slowly and take much time to catch up to the cursor

    System: Host: evo Kernel: 3.16.0-4-586 i686 (32 bit gcc: 4.8.4)
    Desktop: MATE 1.10.0 (Gtk 3.14.5+4) Distro: LinuxMint 2 betsy
    Machine: System: Compaq product: Evo D510 SFF
    CPU: Single core Intel Pentium 4 (-UP-) cache: 512 KB
    flags: (pae sse sse2) bmips: 4784 clocked at 2392 MHz
    Graphics: Card: Intel 82845G/GL[Brookdale-G]/GE Integrated Graphics Device
    bus-ID: 00:02.0
    Display Server: X.Org 1.16.4 drivers: intel (unloaded: fbdev,vesa)
    Resolution: 1024×768@60.00hz
    GLX Renderer: Mesa DRI Intel 845G x86/MMX/SSE2
    GLX Version: 1.3 Mesa 10.3.2 Direct Rendering: Yes

    ” …….1………2………3………4………5………6….
    Linux Mint 17.2 MATE 32-bit
    Works great.
    Menus come up without distortion
    Windows drag around smoothly

    System: Host: evo Kernel: 3.16.0-38-generic i686 (32 bit, gcc: 4.8.2)
    Desktop: MATE 1.10.0 Distro: Linux Mint 17.2 Rafaela
    Machine: System: Compaq product: Evo D510 SFF
    CPU: Single core Intel Pentium 4 CPU (-UP-) cache: 512 KB
    flags: (pae sse sse2) bmips: 4783.89 clocked at 2391.947 MHz
    Graphics: Card: Intel 82845G/GL[Brookdale-G]/GE Integrated Graphics Device
    bus-ID: 00:02.0
    X.Org: 1.15.1 drivers: intel (unloaded: fbdev,vesa)
    Resolution: 1024×768@60.0hz
    GLX Renderer: Mesa DRI Intel 845G x86/MMX/SSE2
    GLX Version: 1.3 Mesa 10.1.3 Direct Rendering: Yes

    ” …….1………2………3..
    Linux Mint 17.1 Xfce 32-bit
    Works great.

    ” …….1………2………3..
    Xubuntu 15.04
    Works great.

    ” …….1………2………3..

  14. Great news!
    my cpu is Core Duo T2300E, is it non-PAE or PAE CUP? i want to try mint 17.2

    Edit by Clem: It’s definitely 32-bit.. whether it supports PAE or not.. I’m not sure. If it doesn’t, you might get lucky with the “Force PAE” option that is available in the live boot menu.

  15. Many thanks to Clem and team. Wonderful! Have been using Mint since Lisa and it just gets better and better. One major issue however… in the file manager, the folder names disappear in compact view. Very distressing… what can I do about this? This is serious, Mum! Anyhoo, thanks again. Love yr work.

  16. Nice work. When can we expect Linux Mint XFCE 17.2 edition? I am using 17, previously i have not upgraded my system from Qiana to Rebecca. In Linux Mint Update Manager’s Edit menu the “Upgrade to Linux Mint 17.1 Rebecca” text has disappeared. I think that thereafter it will be possible to upgrade only to the upcoming 17.2 XFCE release, is it true?

    Edit by Clem: Yes, the upgrade path 17->17.1 was closed and it will be replaced with 17->17.2 (and 17.1->17.2 in Rebecca).

  17. Buenos días, alguien me puede indicar por favor como subir Linux Mint Mate al LDAP? Lo hice con una configuración para Ubuntu y efectivamente logre subirlo, pero me muestra todos los usuarios que están creados en el LDAP. Muchas gracias.

  18. How do you edit the terminal preferences for default screen size and color? I notice that the terminal in LM17.2 does not have a menu bar and no apparent way to configure these options like before.

    Edit by Clem: Right-click -> Show menubar.

  19. The new cinnamon 2.6 does not work in 11 year old computers. The screen goes black after about 15 minutes. I had to install Linux-mint 17.2 Mate, and no more problem with screen black out.

  20. re #32 Dave, just right-click the Terminal body to select “Show Menubar”

    The silly eyecandy transparency can be shut off in Terminal’s preferences. For the silly window border pseudo-shadow you need to go Control Center > Window Preferences > General Panel and deselect the intuitively named “Enable software compositing window manager.”

    17.2 seem great otherwise. It’s just worrisome to see eyecandy added to Mate. That’s the wrong direction entirely and I hope those ‘decorators’ will go back to the Cinnamon project.

    Edit by Clem: “Silly” is quite subjective, but then so is look and feel I guess. IMO comfort consists in many different aspects, performance/responsiveness but also eye-candy. Compositing reduces the GL performance, improves the overal look and feel and allows Marco to support CSD windows (not that we like CSD windows… but we like working CSD windows better than broken CSD windows). Transparency isn’t just for eye-candy, it’s a valuable improvement to productivity.. I use a terminal all the time personally, often in full screen, and I very often need to see what happens behind it. The menubar change is arguable, it’s there so that the terminal doesn’t grab ALT and so that this modifier key is available to the commands and terminal applications you’re using (for instance in nano, Alt+R is used to Search/Replace).

  21. oh people, all who ask will there be xf or Kd, and when: read the blog entry at the head of this side. It’s all there.

  22. Sadly OpenOffice Writer installed with a strangely restrictive set of Fonts that excludes my favourites, Palatino and Helvetica, for which I have yet to find an effective work-around but may have to resort to a fresh install of 17.1 and try Upgrading from that.

    Edit by Clem: Aren’t these MS fonts? Maybe they’re part of ttf-mscorefonts-installer?

  23. Some useful improvements, but so far the result is not stable.

    I run an ASUS H5A99FX Pro R2.0 motherboard with AMD FX 8350 8-core processor, 32GB Corsair Dominator Platinum memory; a ASUS GEForce DC2 GTX670 graphics card and four HDDs. There are three monitors attached.

    Under Mint 17.1, using the “current” Nvidia drivers all worked well, in fact very well. But 17.2 brings a return to some GUI crashes, Firefox crashing a lot.

    So I have to say it is one step forward and two steps back so far.

    Edit by Clem: nvidia-331 is also available in 17.2. Try to run the Driver Manager and select 331 instead of the 346 drivers.

  24. Thanks mint developers for a good job. Im using Mate 17.2 Rafaela RC but soon i’ll upgrade to stable version.

  25. XBMC not work even on previous mate 17.1 how to fix it.

    Edit by Clem: It’s been renamed “kodi” and it’s available in this PPA “ppa:team-xbmc/ppa”, you can use the Software Sources tool to add the PPA and install it.

  26. @Wambura Vincent,

    Both the old XBMC, and the re-branded Kodi works fine in Linux Mint Mate, specifically MATE 17 and MATE 17.1 without any fixing; just follow the wiki for the LINUX xbmc/kodi, then use the update manager to keep it current if you want.

  27. Opening applications in 17.2 Mate seemed a bit sluggish compared to Mint 17 Mate on the same computer. This was true even with compositing turned off. To be fair, I conducted only a limited amount of testing before returning to Mint 17.


  28. On Mate version using Caja in compact view, if I click on Home folder in side pane then File System the folder names disappear! Also, disabling the shadow effect on open windows reveals that there is no dark line at bottom of window; the outline is only on the top and sides. Makes it look rather unlovely. Apart from that love my new, faster Mint experience. Thanks!

    Edit by Clem: Thanks, I can reproduce both issues.

  29. Clem – thank you for the reply at 37, but the simple answer was to take a Version 17.1 Writer document, saved as a MicroSoft Word 97/2000/XP/2003 document and Open it in Version 7.2’s Writer and then enter OK to its Options, LibreOffice Writer, Basic Fonts (Western) that was actually displaying the desired fonts, which after a ReStart gets remembered by Writer rather than the OS. So clearly it’s a new LibreOffice quirk.

  30. Hello,

    I’m using Linux Mint MATE since 5 years. Thank you very much for this wonderful work, it’s a so good GNU/Linux distribution.
    In the next version of the update manager, could you add an option to activate the automatic updates ? I don’t want anymore to manually update each week/day and a lot of people to whom I installed Linux Mint never click on the update icon.
    And in my wishlist, I’d like this modification in the sound applet :

    Edit by Clem: You can use cron to apt dist-upgrade for you. That way you never have to review updates, everything gets automatically updated behind your back and your computer is always fully up to date (until one day it no longer boots or something). The reason we don’t make it “trivial” for you to do this (i.e. via graphical tools) is because it’s dangerous. We want you to review updates and to be selective with them, and if you don’t have time or if you don’t want to do that, then it’s better you don’t apply updates at all rather than applying them all blindly. Now, it’s really arguable and many people disagree with us on this.. and that’s ok.. and for people who do, there’s cron+dist-upgrade.. so there are ways to make the computer do what you want, it just won’t be configurable easily/graphically because we don’t want to encourage novice users to do that.

  31. #48 @Clem

    Maybe you could add this option somewhere but with a massive disclaimer…
    Although I agree with your stance, and I do read the changelogs, I personally never have run into problems with updates via update manager.
    That’s not to say YMMV (since there are systems with problems installing Mint) but if an fresh install goes flawless then there’s a good chance updates won’t break it.
    I can imagine that kernel and propriety GPU-drivers shouldn’t be updated automagically tho’ !


  32. Guys I just want to tell you how much I LOVE YOU !!!

    Brilliant work! Piece of perfection :))) I’m so excited, you’ve made a perfect user experience and a super stable and good looking OS. It is so beautiful, the menu, the panel, Caja, EVERYTHING !

    Just deleted Windows 7 and I will never go back ! 🙂 Please don’t make radical changes like MS or Unity did..

    All the best !

  33. Mint-Team, thank you all for the work. I upgraded from 17.1 on an external SSD for various PCs (also EeePC 901) to 17.2 (Mate, 32bit).

    The only very minor issue: My GRUB menu still says, it’s 17.1 🙂
    But luckily everything else behaves like 17.2.

    No problem.
    Thanks again,

  34. First, I’ve been using Mint for many years, thank you for a wonderful product. I did the online upgrade from 17.1 to 17.2, and something has to be wrong. Performance really got bad. Shutting off the software compositing window manager went a long way to helping, but somehow Firefox is now a much bigger CPU hog than before the upgrade. Machine is a quad core i5 2.5GHz proc, should _not_ be this slow. Any thoughts?

  35. Clem and Mint Team – fantastic job!
    Thank you so much! It is a genuine pleasure using Linux Mint and I am recommending it to everyone.
    Warm regards to all!

  36. Update — and this may not be the right forum for that, and I apologize, but after working with it all day, what it looks like is the radeon driver isn’t initializing properly in Mint 17.2, and falls through to the fbdev driver. I’m not sure I follow why just yet, it’s not a kernel thing (went back to the Mint 17.1 kernel, which got /dev/dri/card0 back, but didn’t fix the problem), the Xorg bits all look like the same, sha1sums and all, but the radeon driver just refuses to load with a default config…

  37. Clem, I am running 17.1 MATE using Firefox 28.0 and Thunderbird 24.4. I would like to upgrade to 17.2 but wish to retain the older Firefox and Thunderbird versions. Can I do this by adding those to “Ignored Updates” under the Preferences tab of the new version of Update Manager before I run the 17.2 upgrade?

  38. Is this the proper place to report bugs?

    After updating 17.1 to 17.2 (Mate, of course) via the Update Manager, a few bugs came along for the ride…

    1) CompizConfig Settings Manager no longer functions (i.e. – not saving settings).

    2) The Biggie – On the first open application window after booting (or restarting X), the entire desktop “blinks”, or re-builds itself (one to as many as three times) when the window’s titlebar is left-clicked on – sometimes leaving Compiz shadow artifacts on edges of Screenlets and Wbar’s transparent desktop “areas”.

    3) There exists two menu entries for ‘Users and Groups’ under ‘Administration’ (i.e. – one too many).

    I’m bummed! Otherwise looks and functions great, though… thanks!


  39. Actually, about CompizConfig Settings Manager, I should have said above that it does not *affect* the settings – if I tick/un-tick the check boxes, those GUI window “ticks” DO save between boots, but no actual visible Compiz desktop changes occur.


  40. I just upgraded from Mint 17 Mate Quiana to 17.2, using mintupdate.

    It took only approx. 15 minutes and it works (apparently) flawless! Also some KDE apps work as before; my wallpaper as well as the window style are unchanged.
    Nice to see that windows have some neat shadow effect, now.

    You made a hell of a job! I remember that in the past, dist-upgrades were not recommended. Therefore this posting.

    My second donation (first was some years ago…) is underway.

  41. Keyring returned to chromium and I lost all passwords – very upsetting.

    In ./local/share/keyrings there are two files “login.keyring” and “user.keystore”. I cannot open these files. I wondered if either contain my passwords. Also I have that annoying “keyring” dialog box popping up again.

    Asside from this, the upgrade went very well. Thank you to all concerned.

  42. hello guys!
    everyone can help me?
    i try to install mint 17.2 on my pc, but.. why can’t boot?
    I installed with USB via S**du.
    I think it has to follow the installation instructions correctly.
    anyone, help me please…

  43. on the “what’s new” section, you mention that it is now easier to switch between video cards in an Optimus system. But one sentence says you need to logout to change, another sentence says just click the icon in the system tray… which is it?


  44. Clem I found a minor bug in the wireless Internet connection bar graph it only shows one bar and reports the connection at 15% all the time
    this is a cosmetic bug actual Internet speed is the same as before 70%
    Other than that Linuxmint 17.2 Mate Edition works great Great Job Linuxmint Team you have outdone yourselves yet again
    I,am Totally Impressed

  45. I use a KVM switch box to enable keyboard/video/mouse to be shared between two different machines. The HotKey sequence to switch between the two machines is NumLock+NumLock.
    This works fine with Mint 17.0 but not with 17.2.

    I upgraded the 17.0 kernel to that shipped with 17.2 to see if it was that but using the 3.16 kernel and 17.0 everything works, so I’m assuming it’s the new Mate desktop.

    I’ve restored my 17.0 system for the time being.

  46. Hi Comunity!

    I am proving the Live ISO of Linux Mint 17.2 in Cinnamon, in one portable computer of 64 bits with UEFI activated in Secure Boot. The mark of the Laptop is ASUS, i decided to update the UEFI/BIOS to the latest version and everything works perfect.

    Thank you team of Linux Mint, I’m very happy without systemd.

  47. Hello Clem,

    After upgrading to Linux Mint Mate 17., i have a double “Time and Date” & “Users and Groups” icon in my Control Center.
    How can i remove one off them?

    Best regards,


  48. An apparent bug in the new Mate 1.10…?

    Adding a second, auto-hiding Mate panel to the top of the screen, and after each re-boot – left-clicking on an open window’s title bar causes the entire desktop to “blink” – refreshing/re-drawing itself. Additional left-clicks can sometimes cause the same blink/re-draw (up to three times, it seems). After that, the rest of the session goes smoothly.

    Removing the additional top panel restores things to normal.

    Old HPDV5000 laptop with Intel integrated graphics (Mobile 945GM/GMS – i915 driver). Happens on both an updated Mint 17.1 -> 17.2 (via Update Manager) or a fresh install from DVD (good checksums).


  49. I use Mint, in part, to test and help set up old computers (mostly P4 era stuff) before donating them to charity. This new release of Mint/MATE is faster than a clean install of the old Windows XP! A completely modern OS that outpaces an OS that was already out when this hardware was new is pretty impressive!

  50. Got some Skype Problems since using Mint. Sometimes if I start a phone call my mic is disabled. If have to reselect manually, then quite the call and ring again. Any idea how to avoid this?

  51. After yesterday’s update, Firefox crashes constantly.(Linux Mint 17.2 Mate 32, Firefox 39.0). Until yesterday, everything was perfect.

  52. I have the same problem too on Linux Mint 17.2 with Cinnamon and Firefox 39.0. It crashes constantly and I think the problem is related to the last Firefox or Adobe-flashplugin update.
    Besides, Skype doesn’t work correctly, specially when I use the microphone.

    Best regards.

  53. @John #68:

    Re: Optimus switching. Clicking the system tray icon brings up a dialogue box allowing you to choose which graphics adapter to use. Any change does not take effect until after you logout and log back in — probably because it restarts the X server with a new configuration file.
    In order for this to work, you may need to have one of the NVIDIA drivers installed.

    Note that this is different behaviour than what you might have been accustomed to in previous releases, where you needed to use bumblebee. bumblebee turned off the NVIDIA adapter, ran using the Intel HD adapter (for cooler operation and longer battery life), and gave you the ability to run individual programs under the NVIDIA adapter. If you still want to work that way, you can still install bumblebee, and it will do its thing — but only when you are switched to the NVIDIA adapter. If you want to run the entire system on the NVIDIA adapter, don’t install bumblebee.

  54. Upgrade of 17.1 to 17.2 via Update Manager went smoothly. Thank you very much. Was able to figure out (by experiment — some hints in Desktop Appearances would help) how to get my previous desktop image back onto the desktop. My previous background color was included in the menu, so setting that was simple, but my previous theme (Mint-X- Neublue) wouldn’t load. I’ll have to research that when I have time.

    Best regards

    [Upgrade was from: Gigabyte 770T-USB3/AMD Phenom II X4 965 3.4 GHz/2GB x 2 + 4GB X 2 DDR3 1333/EVGA GeForce 9800 GT/Mint 17.1 MATE]

  55. Oh! and a request…

    In Ubuntu (going way back in my memory), when in Update Manager and Install Updates was actuated, the password block appeared with the cursor active for inputting the password. As far back as I can remember for Mint, the password block appears, but one has to click in the password window to get it to accept typing. Somehow my responses have been tuned to the previous approach and I start to type before realizing that I’m typing to null. It would be nice if the act of initiating an update also initiated the required next step — enabling typing the password.



  56. Buon Giorno a tutti, mi chiamo Maurizio vi scrivo in quanto vorrei dei suggerimenti da parte vostra; Perchè io vedo critto tante belle cose su questo tipo di sistema operativo.
    Però allo stesso tempo vedo anche che funziona solo con schede video Nvidia e GeForce , mentre nel mio PC ho Pentium Intel e Chipset Family.
    Per qui Io avendo tali caratteristiche , incorro in qualche problema visivo o no !
    Attendo una vostra risposta in merito ; Sinceri saluti da A.Maurizio

  57. Mi optiplex 170L trabaja de maravillas con Linux Mate 17.2.
    Tengo problemas solamente para que la impresora Canon iP1900 trabaje.
    El sistema hace la carga de lña impresora, pero dice que faltan filtros… y no funciona.

  58. Thanks for this newest version of Mint and Mate! Works great in VirtualBox (on both Windows and Mac hosts), dual monitor, no troubles. Very snappy performance and a nice upgrade for me — great desktop features not found in LXDE (was using LXDE before).

  59. Thank you for the Rafaela edition of Linux Mint. I’ve been using it as my daily driver since its release, and on my laptop Lenovo G510 it’s been rock solid, just as Rebecca was!

    I have a question though:

    Will there be a PAUSE button implemented in the File operations dialog (copy/move/delete) and will there be some kind of option to separate this process’? What I mean by separate is when I’m copying let say 50gb of data and in the mean time I want to delete something, the delete function always waits for the copy to finish or for my manual activation in the form of pressing play in the file operation dialog.

    These are just suggestions, because i found the pause button in addition to the play/start and stop button to be invaluable, just like its on Windows 8.1.

    Anyway thanks again for the amazing distro!

    Have a good one!

  60. Guys, thanks for this 17.2 update and Mint in general, which I use on my main business/home computer. Mate is my choice of WM becasse it is just the best for office productivity and business.

    Many other Linux desktops have gone the way of excessive eye candy – becoming tarted up toys in the process. Others have gone the Unity/Gnome 3 route, forcing your desktop to become a sort of giant mobile phone.

    For serious work, Mate is now the best in my view. And is part of the reason why Mint continues to be number 1 on Distrowatch. Therefore I am a bit uneasy that Mate has been invaded by eye candy, even in a small way. You can easily turn off the compositing, and I did so immediately. I just hope this doesn’t signify a shifting mindset within the Mate project. Don’t do it. Please. Rotating cubes and slithering shadows are great and all, but not in the middle of my accounts software. Leave that stuff to Cinnamon, so people have the choice.

    That small point said, tremendously well done to you guys. Again.

  61. I can’t wait to reload my machine with Raphaela, but over the years, I’ve learned that installing ANY distribution too soon after initial release can at best cause irritating glitches, or at worst severe issues that increase my bald spot’s real estate. That said, the Linux Mint 17.x series represents a radical new release system that’s been overdue for more than four years. Beginning with and LTS base, the stability is everything I’ve ever loved for reliability, while the point releases provide the latest versions of all my favorite software and guaranteed patching against virtually any vulnerabilities in record time. Sadly, I’m not used to this form of release system, so experience still compels me to wait a full month from release date before I install it. Man, it’s like Chinese water torture having to wait another two weeks, but a tech’s gotta do what a tech’s gotta do.

    At any rate, thanks so much, Clem and dev team for Raphaela, and you’ll always have my gratitude for switching to the LTS-only release system. You guys have set the bar so high, Canonical is hopelessly outclassed.

    To the other Mint users, I have a strongly urge donations to the project. Logic dictates Canonical cannot sustain the accelerated release system while its attention is diverted between Unity, Mir, Ubuntu for smart phones, and the recent issues involving the Ubuntu Concil and Kubuntu’s lead developer. We’ve already seen issues involving the STS releases, which have gotten worse with the accelerated schedule. Sooner or later, something will have to give, and when that happens, the Mint team may need additional resources in order to restructure our facorite distro into something more stand-alone. This concern, I’m sure, is somewhere in our minds, and to make things worse, it’s not the only one. Adobe has discontinued GNU/Linux support for the flash-plugin for Firefox while promising to provide security patches for the next five years. This has prompted Mozilla to block all flash code in the latest releases of Firefox. Donations to this and other open source projects will ensure that solutions to such inevitable dilemmas will always be available, be it from volunteer developers like Clem and his team, or through corporations who will then see a financial incentive to reconsider our chosen OS. Think about it fellow geeks. Getting paid to work a project like this isn’t a bad thing, and we all benefit. Ok… I’m putting my soap box away.

    Thanks again Mint Team, and God bless!

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