Linux Mint 15 “Olivia”

Linux Mint 15 will be named “Olivia” and should be available at the end of May 2013.

Olivia is pronounced oh-LIV-ee-ah. It is of Latin origin and the meaning of Olivia is “olive tree”. The olive tree is a symbol of fruitfulness, beauty, and dignity.

Linux Mint 15 “Olivia” will feature the following editions:

  • Cinnamon
  • MATE
  • KDE
  • Xfce


  1. Hi Clem, as always a question that may be a little too annoying (i hope not) but, all the changes you do in this version of Mint will be backported to Maya and Nadia? That will be great for us to hear

    Also (maybe as a kind-of inappropriate self-promotion, that i apologize in advance for it) maybe you want to check my website, i left a little tutorial more explained of how to deal with backports in Mint 13 to give you a little help to you guys (if you consider this as a bad thing feel free to delete it)

    Edit by Clem: Not in Nadia. In Maya, yes, although I can’t guarantee “all” features will be backported and there might be a delay involved (typically you’ll see Cinnamon 1.8 a month before Mint 15, and it’s likely to come in Maya after Olivia is released).

  2. Olivia it will be, for 15. I’m looking forward for Mint 17’s codename, this one won’t be easy 😀

    @[2]Santiago I not sure, Canonical plans to “jump forward” with newer kernel branch and new drivers (for Steam and all the whatnot) so maybe some software just won’t be backportable.

  3. Hi,

    You may call it even Onomonmonmonmonmonmonm, but please fix the Bluetooth issues with Mate editions. Thanks… 🙂

  4. As i am a big lover of all kinds of olives, thats really great. Linux Mint is about 2 years my favorite OS. Thank you for the great work!!!

  5. Nice! I love Linux Mint, it’s my favorite distribution and it only keeps getting better. I especially love Cinnamon, and for me it’s the best desktop interface out there.

    I was thinking of donating to Canonical for their excellent work on Ubuntu, but I’ll definitely donate to Mint whether I donate to Canonical/Ubuntu or not.

  6. @neo67
    Except it has to end with an “a”…
    So I suggest “Qadira”, “Qamra”, “Queena”, “Quella”, “Querida”, “Questa”, “Quinta”, “Quintessa”, “Quintina”, “Quirita”, “Quoba” or “Quorra”.
    But of course, we’re completely off-topic here!

  7. I thought the name would be Ophelia…

    Olivia is better. I liked the meaning, did not know that.
    Suggestions for the next name: Patricia or Priscilla.

  8. MAY !!!! Oh My Goodness , and also it reminds me a song of Bee Gees The First of May ,but for the Mint Oilivia it should be The End of May but I will wait for her
    Linux Mint 15 Oilivia Mate

  9. Will LMDE get new ISO images with Update Pack 6?

    “Yes, we’re planning to release LMDE Update Pack 6 in January 2013.”

    Is this still going to happen?

  10. Will Cinnamon/Muffin be getting unredirected fullscreen windows finally or are we to expect no real gaming in Cinnamon Mint 15 just as 14?

    Edit by Clem: Hi. We’re considering it at the moment, either disabling compositing on full screen windows or making it an option in the settings. Can you give us examples of games where this is an issue and let us know how to reproduce the problem? (the more examples the better).

  11. @poops, Clem I know one game at which Cinnamon causes tearing with Minecraft and Solar 2 on vsync on several NVidia driver versions 304.xx, 310.xx. this is located on to top of the screen with a resolution of 1920×1080 and a GTX 550 Ti. Running metacity –replace fixes this for me.

  12. Since I’m already waiting, have done a tremendous work in version 14, hopefully this new version 15, in particular Linux Mint KDE…. I find really excellent, not change it for anything !!!!

  13. @Lewdsquirrel
    I was just going to suggest Qadira for 17.

    As for 15, if I can get out of the box support for my logitech wireless headset (H760), I’ll be tickled. Out of the box support for my wireless usb network device left me giggling like a school girl. If I can get my headset working, Windows will be a thing of the past for me. Looking forward to Olivia in May/June!

  14. @Clem

    I have tried these on Mint 14 Cinnamon.

    Braid has tearing that runs up the screen while moving.
    Bit.Trip.Runner has slight tearing in the background when the game starts.
    Cave Stroy+ feels like its framerate is a little iffy/glitchy

    @Clem & @Freek

    Torchlight has tearing at the top of the game just like you are reporting for Minecraft. Not sure if it will help you but I was able to fix this by putting the following lines in “/etc/environment” –


  15. Mr Clem-sir,

    please allow me to install Linux Mint 15 with btrfs and cryptsetup-encryption while allowing me to define the partition layout directly in the installer.

  16. Hey Clem,

    Out of curiosity, I noticed in mint 14 while putting it onto my laptop, I had to do a few work arounds to get my wifi card working. Will the wifi be easier to set up?

  17. Why can releases not be named after famous people. Edison, Marconi, Columbus, Pasteur, etc.

    There are enough famous people such that you would never run out of names for each letter of the alphabet.

    You can include names by country.

    I would use scientists and inventors, or artists( Picasso, Rembrandt, or even Musicians (Beethoven, Mozart, DEebussy etc)

  18. This is a welcome news. At least I have an idea how long to wait ‘fore the fresh Mint goodness will be available.

    Once again, thank you for all your works Clem and the LM Team.

  19. Hi Clem,
    Any improvements in multiboot support for UEFI machines? I just got a new laptop with Windows 8, and I haven’t had much success in installing Nadya on it. I’d very much like to have both Windows 8 and Mint in that machine, with Secure Boot enabled and GPT partitions. Keep up the good work, I made a donation to Mint last month and I intend to do it again in the future. Cheers!

    Edit by Clem: Hi Roger. We used a version of the installer which doesn’t support secureBoot.. but we also left a version of the installer in the repositories which does. In other words, you can update the Ubiquity installer within the liveCD prior to launching the installation and this should give you support for secureBoot. We consider this BETA and we didn’t go for this newer installer for stability reasons, but it’s worth a try.

  20. @16 (Kyle Horatio Kosmo) and @36 (kaddy)

    Dear Clem,

    I have observed your (hard) work during these last years; I really must congratulate you and the Team. You have my respect. 🙂

    But, if I may be honest… my expectations are towards LMDE UP6.

    I know that the main Mint efforts go thru each Ubuntu release, and that is *very* important. After all, not “any” Linux distro goes all the way up to the 1st place at Distrowatch. 😉 (cheers!!!) Thru each release, several things are learned, improved and developed. And all of our comunnity get these benefits (for free, I must add).

    Otherwise, I must confess I *really* appreciated LMDE. Got some rough edges, as you said. We know. Well… I *liked* it. 🙂

    Any news concerning LMDE [UP6 perhaps?] would be appreciated.

    And, by the way… thank you again. Congratulations for you and the Team. I no further try other distros since I’ve got Mint. 😉

    Keep up the *remarkable* work. See ya!

    Edit by Clem: Thanks. Check the previous post (Monthly Stats – December 2012). We give news of LMDE and an overview of some of the new features developed for it.

  21. hi Clem, this is Mintkatze speaking….

    I am also looking forward to LinuxMint 15. But one request: could you please bring back empathy-accounts to system-settings or to Cinnamon-settings? It’s just a bit annoying to open the Terminal everytime and type in empathy-accounts to activate the accounts. This has some regression-potential and would make live easier.

    Please bring this back.

    And I am also looking forward to some new nice Wallpapers and another default Cinnamon-theme.


    Edit by Clem: We’re merging System Settings and Cinnamon Settings into one single Control Center which will provide all configuration tools and modules. Modules developed by GNOME under a generic name such as Online Accounts and not compatible with default applications we provide such as Thunderbird or Pidgin will not be present in it. Unless Empathy develops a modular and independent config tool, you won’t be able to see it in there. Now, the good news, is that we won’t be patching Gnome Control Center anymore (it’s being replaced in Mint 15), so if you run Shell and Gnome Control Center you’ll be able to access the empathy settings.

  22. As always, I look forward to new editions of Linux Mint. Please keep up the good work. And THANKS for this wonderful distribution.

  23. I’m using 14 KDE and think it’s the best version of Linux I have ever tried. As a matter of fact, it has taken me from being someone who just checks it out once in a while to being a user of it. I’m excited and can’t wait to see what is coming with Olivia.

  24. @Clem

    Hello and congratulations for you and your team members. Based on the info in the linux mint roadmap:
    R&D on “from scratch” package base and investigation on pros and cons of dpkg compared to other packaging systems (multi-version installation, static/dynamic support, snapshots, delta, update reversals etc..)

    Will LM15 replace dpkg?

    Edit by Clem: No no, absolutely not. We’ll be talking to Canonical about whether or not we need a commercial license to access their repositories and distribute their packages and what that means to us and whether it makes sense for us to recompile our own package base. But whatever happens we’re sticking to DPKG/APT, and this is just R&D and looking ahead at this stage, there are no changes planned so please don’t worry 🙂

  25. Mintkatze@40

    Hopefully Clem will note that, and put that back in. In the mean time, would it help to you to create a launcher in the menu? You might even add that to your startup programs.

    To add to menu, right-click on menu, and choose “Edit menu.”

    When the window pops up, select the desired location in far left pain, and then click “New Item” in far right pain. Type “empathy-accounts” in the command field, and click okay, and you’re done. You can also select a more suitable icon instead of the rocket launcher if you wish. Just make sure your icon is in a directory that’s available at boot, and it will stick.

    After that you can browse through the menu and find the new launcher, and add it to the panel by right-clicking, and choosing add to panel, or to desktop, wherever you wish.

    Hope that helps. Keep in mind that when you type your command into the new menu item dialog, you can make it a root operation by typing gksu before your command. Upon launching, it will require root password. This works with about any application that you can think of. I hope I’m not repeating things you already know, but again, hope it helps.

  26. @matys @30 @clem If it can be done (copyright, royalties, yadda yadda yadda, blah blah blah), as a big Fringe fan, I’d like to see wallpaper with Anna Torv (Olivia Dunham) — and “fully” dressed is fine. I think the scene with the sensory deprivation chamber would be ideal. It is certainly “Fringy” enough (used in the DVD/BluRay artwork), attractive, and is “green” enough to be Minty, too. Have John Noble (Walter Bishop) do a voiceover “Welcome to Linux Mint” startup sound to go with.

    Sounds like a relationship made in FringeMint heaven to me!

    Edit by Clem: Ok, let’s make one thing clear here. As beautiful as Olivia looks, she’s not making it to our wallpaper. I’m not sure what my wife would say.. but anyway, you’re welcome to do that yourself on your own personal computer 🙂

  27. Mint Cinnamon is my most favourite…Looking forward for Olivia…It’ll be better to get the Wine & Virtualbox, preinstalled.

  28. Does anyone know if I can run Linux Mint on android and chrome platforms ? it yes, then can you show us how ? and can they be dual boot with native platform’s OS . Thanks

  29. I came up with this copy rights and all rights reserved idea of peers to peers wifi public and private network months ago. I would like Lint Mint to implement it , for a percentage share of the company. It works like this, any platforms that can have this wifi P2P enable via apps or function turn on to allow devices and systems to communicate similar to NFC, but much wider reach of systems. For others OS such as Androids I will license the work I had done. This is a good offer I am making to Linux Mint for I am also the Tablet Inventor, and so, Mint can have many free hands to do things.

    Thank you , Khanh Q Dang , the Tablet Inventor and MP3 player and digital video also 🙂

    The details implementation I can tell you also, but to start, make sure the devices can be connect without internet and files can be transport back and forth

  30. Lets just say you have 2 devices or laptops on, and wifi p2p enabled, the 2 systems will automatically recognized each other via user given Aliases , then each system can have a reserved areas where they both can use and communicate with each other without going into each other other areas. Let us just say, I want to transfer a song from one device to another, all I have to do is to clik the file then point to the alias I want to send , and the file will go into the reserved memory area of the alias. This step can be fine tuning to reduce it to simple single operation further. There are many other features I will offer, But I am looking forward to work with Mint. 1st. Thank you, Khanh

  31. I work with an Oivia, she’s a pretty air head her sister also works where i work, she’s hotter but called Emily, will that be Mint 16? lol.

  32. Thank MINT for the wounderful distro. I love it.
    I like MINT so much better than UBUNTU.
    Looking forward to MINT 15.
    We shall not complain on small issues.
    Overall is fantastik product.

  33. Thank’s for releasing KDE versions !

    It’s a real pleasure for me to have an updated and so powerfull distro !

  34. Dear Clem,

    I want to thank you for creating the ´´Cinnamon´´ desktop environment, every time I boot my linux mint laptop its a joy to use. Every time I boot up my Windows 7 desktop its a nightmare to use. The only reason I still use W7 is because my video montage, sad to say that there is simple no good LNE on linux that matches Sony Vegas Pro. But I love linux mint Cinnamon, love it everyday I use it.

  35. I’m eagerly waiting for this distribution to come….Being an Indian and an admirer of Cinnamon Desktop Environment all I want to say is Linux Mint ZINDABAD….. 🙂

    Thanks to Linux Mint Team…..

  36. Bonjour Clément

    Je suis déjà très impressioné par Linux Mint 14 xfce que j’utilise uniquement sur clé USB et ça le fait bien…très bien meme, c’est pour ca que je suis “” etonné “”…mais très heureux d’avoir un OS fonctionnant sur clé USB….donc MEEEERCIIIIII beaucoup à toi et ton équipe….

    I hope that LINUX MINT 15 XFCE (OLIVIA) will also work on a USB key, with persitance like does LINUX MINT 14 xfce….(MINT 14 works fine from a USB key and that’s why I came to linux from window)

    Now..a bug in MINT 14 XFCE….(used on usb key) WHEN in GESTIONNAIRE de LOGICIELS…. all freezes when we attempt to write something in the search window for a search and to unfreeze it, we have to close it all and reclick open the GESTIONNAIRE de LOGICIELS not using the search function anymore, if we want it to work….but without this slight bug, ALL IS FUNCTIONNING…

    In fact…to make it clear..the search function in GESTIONNAIRE de LOGICIELS does not works and make all freeze when we use it.

    AND NOW for mint improvments :

    Why not add a PDF CREATOR simple to use…and this PDF viewer very light and also simple to use ….this would greatly help the use of MINT….

    I must admit that I am all new to linux mint…so I do not know yet all of it’s secrets….but…I must say, that I am longing to see an OS like mint that can work on all PC or MAC, without having to pass by BIOS setting to boot on my usb key….

    I mean, I would like a USB key with linux Mint on…that can be plugged live on any PC or Mac already running, without having to set the bios for the booting on the key….this would greatly put MINT n LINUX well ahead of all others OS….pc n mac….because this would give great freedom, in having just a usb key in a pocket when we travel around without our PC or portable mac…

    and what about a MINT working on a tactile tablett from a USB key ??? is it to complex to do yet ???

    So many questions…because I really like MINT 14 XFCE….it’s trully a great OS for linux newby like me….

    Thanks for all guys n girls, for your good works….

  37. Clem,

    It seems to me that there’s too much overlap between Mate and Xfce. It would seem to make more sense to drop one of them (probably Mate) and bring back LXDE (or use E17 instead) — that way your line would cover a wider range of hardware and users.



  38. Dear Clem,

    I have been using 14.1 for some time now, and I love it.

    I hope that Olivia will be even better (thinking eg. of those missing translating files).

  39. After Olivia, how about Palesa? It’s a popular name for girls in Africa. It’s means “the most beautiful flower”.

  40. Still using Maya KDE, and hope to install Olivia KDE asap !!!
    Sorry Nadia :/

    Hope for porting the mint menu to KDE. IMHO it is a little better than Kickoff!

  41. great news. please improve the performance of network manager ( consumes time at shutdown ) and software manager ( takes time to start ).

  42. Clem each version just keeps getting better and better!!
    my only issue is on my Acer laptops and their Broadcom wireless devices.
    They do not work out of the box and I am hoping this will be remedied in future versions please??
    thank you and your team for the phenomenal work you do!!

  43. I’m new to linux. I have downloaded just about every linux I can find from distrowatch. Not to sound like I’m bashing linux, but I really can’t see where it’s any good. Others than there’s no viruses for it. The programs I used in windows. worked very smooth in windows 7, and still does. I found a program that I installed in linux mint 14. And could not get this working rightly. To me everything works in windows 7. So what if I haft to format every 4 to 6 months. Just as long as it works right? When I find a linux that will just work. I’ll install it, and use it. until then.. I guess I’m stuck with windows 7.

  44. Clement:
    I like Mint, that I have used for a long time now.

    However, I do prefer Fedora/CentOS for Kernel/drivers work, because:

    a) It is more simple. (Ubuntu style kernel build is not good!)
    b) It is more up to date for S/W development packages.

    Could you, either have a Fedora derivative version of Mint?
    Or make Kernel work simple with Mint?

    Any intention to support razor-qt windows manager too? (Very clean)


  45. Oh dear! does this mean that I have to reinstall everything, yet again?
    why not a rolling os? I have tried LMDE, three or four times, and it will not updates.
    I installed ubuntu, was`nt paying attention, and it has taken over my cmos/bios now I cannot get my hard drives to function, looks like I`m going to have to buy another mobo. lucky I have three machines.
    Anyway linux mint is great, and I will be sticking with it.
    Will you be upgrading Calibre if not can you give me advice on how to do this.


  46. I am looking forward to seeing the refinements coming to Cinnamon in Mint 15. I have Mint 14 x64 Cinnamon installed on my desktop and Mint 14 x64 KDE installed on my laptop and am extremely happy with how well both these machines run.

    I am very impressed by how rapid Cinnamon has been developed and how light it is for being so full featured. Everything I have read so far about Cinnamon in Mint 15 sounds awesome. Cinnamon is very rapidly getting refined and easier to use.

    Cinnamon has brought back the excitement to Linux for me, the attention to detail and the way that Mint has gone it’s own way is great.

    Edit by Clem: Hi Don, thanks, nice to hear from you.


    Ok, so why now 4 editions?

    Concentrate in one edition, like MATE.

    And please, make Cinnamon look like old GNOME 2.

  48. Hellow,

    I will have used Linux Mint for a full year once Linux Mint 15 comes out. I hope you actualy make it stable compared to Linux Mint 14 which gives errors once you update or install KDE, Unity, or mate. Keep up the good work and I will love to see Mint NOT follow Ubuntu with its change to a rolling release cycle.

  49. Hi Clement, I am writing from Argentina.
    I congratulate you on the excellent work that you and your team of developers.
    LMDE is the best!
    I tried many distributions and none gave me everything that Mint gives me from the first minute until today.
    Thanks to your work with Mint I left Windows completely.
    I installed it on my laptop and my high performance computer and enjoy every moment using it. Also I recommend it to everyone I know with great enthusiasm.
    I use Linux Mint since version 12, but my heart is in the Debian Edition. I do not think there is anything that equals in every way, speed, stability, simplicity, robustness, everything.
    No thought aside based on Ubuntu and Mint Debian only?
    I also thank the attention you have to listen and respond to requests and suggestions from us users. I am proud that someone like you is leading the development of this wonderful system.
    I congratulate you and your team will also be where they are, on top of Linux distributions chosen, is what professionals like you deserve!
    Keep up the good work.
    I send the most friendly hug from Argentina.
    See you soon.

  50. Will LMDE get new ISO images with Update Pack 6?

    “Yes, we’re planning to release LMDE Update Pack 6 in January 2013.”

    A one-liner release date change would’ve been appreciated by all users…
    Well, perhaps in January 2014? We all cross our fingers, toes & balls! Bloody good job for not keeping us updated 🙁

    Edit by Clem:

  51. I am a Linux user for more about 20 years and have tried many Linux distro in my daily work. The last Linux distro I am using before I switch to Linux Mint was Ubuntu. I left Ubuntu when they used Unity as default user interface. When I found Linux Mint 13 I have try the Mate and Cinnamon version and finally I choose Cinnamon as my default and installed in my notebook. I glad that I found Mint Cinnamon and I really love it so much. As someone had share I have same excitement everytime when I boot to LinuxMint and it gave me all the Mac OSX feel like fast, simple, robust and easy to use. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the team members of Linux Mint, please keep up the good work. Thanks and Best Regards.

  52. To the Linux Mint team a big thank you for your efforts in making the best operating system which keeps getting better and better. I would to see fellow South Africans getting their hands on this OS. Thank you once again. unloca ICT solutions loves you. With God everything is possible! God bless you!

  53. I have been Linux Mint fan since version 2.2 code named Bianca. I still love this OS. But please make formating utility available just like in Linux Mint 12. You simply right-click and there you go – format pen drives (usb sticks). Why should it be pain doing such a small task like having to use Gparted. Please brother Clement! Thank you for your beautiful work, we appreciate it here in South Africa! Grace be with you.

  54. LordOfKnowledge@81,

    Why in the world would you insist that Clem focus his attention on fewer distributions, and then insist that he make two of them identical in appearance–namely Mate and Cinnamon?

    That makes absolutely no sense. Sorry, but I can’t think of a nicer way to put it.

  55. LordOfKnowledge@81

    You do realize that many Mint users are growing to like Cinnamon very much on it’s own merits–I being one of them? I also like Mate and find it very usable as well. Other versions are not doing anything for me personally, although they work well too. There are enough users to compel Clem to maintain 4 versions.

    I’ve said it a sickening many times, but it’s obvious that Clem is trying to make the greatest amount of people really happy with his current offerings, given the resources he has.

    If every single Mint user felt like you did oh “LordOfKnowledge,” then you might have a chance of getting your way. But I suppose we’re reduced to state the glaringly obvious yet one more time, in the fading hope that users like yourself will finally realize that you’re not the only Mint user on Earth.

  56. I have a 7 year old notebook that has an intel 82852/82855GM graphics chipset, but I’ve upgraded the RAM to its maximum of 2GB, and I have plenty of HDD space… will I still get hardware graphics acceleration with Mint 15? I’m using Mint 13 right now because I can’t get any acceleration with 14.

  57. Hi Clem!

    Hope I’ll see systemd on a Linux distribution one day…
    Thank you for thinking to it.
    For now, great thanks for the very good stability on Nadia.

  58. I dislike logging wizard of Linux Mint because of typing username and password every logging time. It would be better like ubuntu. 🙂

  59. I love teh LinuxMint Brand starting with LM6. The desktop wallpapers distinguished the OS significantly. Can LM 15 and future editions have their own default wallpaper. If I recall there were contest held to design great wallapers for LM..

  60. Доброго времени суток! Привет Вам, из далёкой России. Именно оттуда где по городам и весям бродят средь бела дня медведи!:)) Спасибо Вам за Linux Mint. Система мне нравится! Перешёл на неё из-за gnome 3 в Ubuntu! Удачи в Вашей работе!

  61. As a snow-capped user, I loved using Mint 13 on my old PC with dual boot option.
    As a user rather than a too techcy type, I very much appreciated the ease of installation and usability of Mint, a real credit to the developers and their philosophy. The software centre could be a little unstable/glitchy at times, but it pales to what I feel about Windows 8.
    I’m very disappointed.(What is windowish about it…I actually preferred 3.1 to this!)On my new Samsung notebook, I cannot boot up any installation discs and thus no mods can be made, So,am I looking forward to Mint 15 at the end of May, or just have to put up with Win8?
    Blessings upon you all.

  62. i have been using mint for a few years now
    i live in a senior mobile home park, several people here have “hand me down xp systems given by relatives so they can e-mail and picture swap. well they are old and in bad shape(computers) and have 5 conversions to mint 13 mate. all are happy and love it mate is the easiest for them to use ( including me)
    with our ages we hope that mint 13 will last a lifetime ;-DDD
    most of the systems are made out of “recycled” parts from dumpster diving. but mint 13 runs just fine
    so i say please keep a mate version around ( at least for 10 more years) ;-D some folks have to have a “cheat sheet” for doing things and mate makes it easy for me to type out ;-D
    now i am called “the cookie contractor” in the park as all stuff i fix is free and i support for a donation of cookies if they want to ;-D
    we all would like to donate, but fixed income it is hard to do, but think it is time i say
    THANK YOU from all of us I
    Hillsdale senior mobile home park

  63. Congratulations Clem on the continuing improvements!

    “Edit by Clem: We’re merging System Settings and Cinnamon Settings into one single Control Center which will provide all configuration tools and modules.”

    This is great! The more integrated such controls are, the more elegant the system becomes.

    I have no doubt that Mint will continue to rank at the top of Distrowatch.

    What do you do, though, if Shuttleworth and Co. abandon Ubuntu (in part because your team has made such a radically better product)? Is this one of the reasons you are working on LMDE? A contingency plan?

  64. Mint 14 KDE is so f***ing awesome!!!
    It’s not just staring at it, say “oh how beautiful” and re-using windows after a while. No, this is now my OS, and there is nothing that i miss! The look is GREAT, cant understand why ppl don’t like KDE. on a good machine i want a beautiful desktop, and here i go! can’t wait for mint 15!!!!!!!!

  65. LM is a Beautyfull and Strong Operating system, I hope that its will be more Beautyfull and also strong as what LINUX provide

  66. Cool, can’t wait to meet Olive!
    As mentioned previously, Mint 17 will probably be a ‘Quasar’ in the Linux community 😉

  67. Great job! Linux Mint the only distro I can stay with and use it day to day. I like cinnamon as its operates traditionally but also brings some fresh and modern ideas to the desktop at the same time.

  68. Olivia, can’t wait to meet her.
    Another suggestion for Mint 17 ‘Quasar’:
    an astronomical body of vast energy..bring it on!

  69. Started with Microsoft. Then it hit Apple. Now it’s coming to Mint. Avoid the rush to post new operating systems every few hours. It will make Mint integrity-challenged in the end, and just another “fad”. Focus on fewer versions with more bug fixes between each one.

  70. Clem

    Good work as always.

    I do wonder if the time is coming to leave Ubuntu behind, seems like you are (quite rightly) doing your research and keeping your options open.

  71. Can’t believe people still complain about there being no LXDE version…
    XFCE isn’t THAT different and like you can’t install LXDE ( If you want to )…
    My main concern is keep at least one version under 700MB for those of us without a DVD-Burner or “Boot from USB” option… Just for us dinosaurs with old hardware…

  72. For the next version I would suggest: Pāramitā. This is why:

    Pāramitā (Pāli; Sanskrit; Devanagari: पारमिता) or pāramī (Pāli) is “perfection” or “completeness.”[1] In Buddhism, the pāramitās refer to the perfection or culmination of certain virtues. In Buddhism, these virtues are cultivated as a way of purification, purifying karma and helping the aspirant to live an unobstructed life, while reaching the goal of enlightenment.

    Isn’t this what Linux wants, and so also LinuxMint?

  73. I expect Mint 15 to be an outstanding release, perhaps the best yet. Ubuntu 13.04, which this is built from, is is much faster and more stable than 12.10, even at this point in the development.

  74. Following up on DeMus’ comment, it’s worth pointing out that pāramitā, in the sense referred to, is always in the feminine in Buddhist Sanskrit, and Prajñāpāramitā (the perfection or completion of insight) is regularly construed as a female deity in later Indian and especially Tibetan Buddhism, so it is appropriate as a feminine name 🙂

  75. ce qui serait merveilleux c’est d’avoir lmde kde mais mintkde est quand
    meme la meilleure de toutes les linux que j’ai essayées :un grand merci
    à l’équipe et à Clem.

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