Linux Mint 14 “Nadia” released!

The team is proud to announce the release of Linux Mint 14 “Nadia”.

Linux Mint 14 Nadia

For the first time since Linux Mint 11, the development team was able to capitalize on upstream technology which works and fits its goals. After 6 months of incremental development, Linux Mint 14 features an impressive list of improvements, increased stability and a refined desktop experience. We’re very proud of MATE, Cinnamon, MDM and all the components used in this release, and we’re very excited to show you how they all fit together in Linux Mint 14.

New features at a glance:

For a complete overview and to see screenshots of the new features, visit: “What’s new in Linux Mint 14“.

Important info:

  • PAE required for 32-bit ISOs
  • Moonlight
  • mint4win
  • Desktop icons in Cinnamon
  • CD images
  • GnomePPP and local repository

Make sure to read the “Release Notes” to be aware of important info or known issues related to this release.

System requirements:

  • a 32-bit PAE-enabled x86 processor or a 64-bit x86 processor (Linux Mint 64-bit requires a 64-bit processor. Linux Mint 32-bit works on both PAE 32-bit processors and 64-bit processors).
  • 512 MB RAM (1GB recommended for a comfortable usage).
  • 5 GB of disk space
  • Graphics card capable of 800×600 resolution
  • CD/DVD drive or USB port

Upgrade instructions:

  • To upgrade from a previous version of Linux Mint follow these instructions.
  • To upgrade from the RC release, simply apply any level 1 and 2 updates (if any) available in the Update Manager.


Md5 sum:

  • MATE 32-bit: 9793c1e9c443241d156aace0446894dd
  • MATE 64-bit: 25277a6e655b638ae20e54249a6edf14
  • Cinnamon 32-bit: 2165308eaf7b14ae75369ffaaffafe07
  • Cinnamon 64-bit: 1b103578411b421cc012cddf3253e32c


HTTP Mirrors for the MATE 32-bit DVD ISO:

HTTP Mirrors for the MATE 64-bit DVD ISO:

HTTP Mirrors for the Cinnamon 32-bit DVD ISO:

HTTP Mirrors for the Cinnamon 64-bit DVD ISO:

Alternative downloads:

No-codecs images:

Distributors and magazines in Japan, USA and countries where distributing media codecs is problematic can use the “No Codecs” ISO images. These images are available for both the MATE and Cinnamon editions, in 32-bit and 64-bit at the following address:

OEM images:

Manufacturers can pre-install Linux Mint on their computers using the OEM installation images. These images will be made available next week, for both the MATE and Cinnamon edition in 64-bit at the following address:

700MB CD images:

Because of the size of the content, and the fact that a vast majority of systems nowadays can either boot from DVDs or from USB, Linux Mint no longer provides images which fit in 700MB CDs. It is however possible and easy to to modify ISO images. By removing packages such as Java, Mono, LibreOffice, Gimp..etc.. Linux Mint ISOs can be made to fit within 700MB. For instructions on how to remaster the Linux Mint ISOs, please read the following tutorial:


We look forward to receiving your feedback. Thank you for using Linux Mint and have a lot of fun with this new release!


  1. W00t!! Perfect timing for those of us in the States! Now I have something to look forward to while digesting my Thanksgiving turkey! I am certainly thankful for Clem and everybody who makes Linux Mint and every GNU/Linux project associated with it possible!

  2. Nice Job! I downloaded the cinnamon version, and installed it atm in a vm, later this week I will install it on my laptop :). For now, I am really pleased with cinnamon. Let’s hope it will be fast then also 🙂

  3. Big question now: Shall I wait for the improvements to eventually leak to the Maya install I currently use or shall I upgrade to Nadia? I don’t care much for the LTS: I don’t think this old netbook will live to see the end of support for Maya. Also, my distro hopping stopped when I realised I didn’t get as excited with most other distros as I do with anything Mint. So, this is one of the two times a year when I get that excitement back. Thoughts anyone?

    Also, I like both desktops but I want all the Cinnamon themes and when you install the DE on top of the MATE or the Xfce install, you get just the one. If I install using the Cinnamon iso and then I install MATE on top, am I missing something compared to the MATE iso?

    Thank you, Mint Team, for a distro that rivals any of the commercial ones (at least for the use I give it)!!

  4. I downloaded RC release today because I couldn’t wait… Now I see final is released. I don’t have to download it, right? Just update?

  5. Woohoo!! Downloading all four incarnations right now. Been using the release candidate, and it’s fabulous. Congrats to all the dev team on what’s still by far, my favourite distro. Well done everyone concerned. 🙂

    @ Clem:

    Someone asked this the other day, but I didn’t see anyone reply. Is my fully updated release candidate version (I use Cinnamon, but I’m also enquiring about Mate as well), the same as the final released version, or do I need to reinstall? I would appreciate clarification about that from anyone who knows, and is 100% certain.

    Thanks. 🙂

  6. Deploying a Linux Mint 14 MATE x64 to a user at work.
    Running on Dell Optiplex 7010 with quad core, 8 GiB RAM and SSD. Boot time from push-of-button to login screen: 12.5 seconds. Sweet 🙂
    Thank you Mint Team!

  7. I just switched to LM 14 (Cinnamon) when the RC came out. You guys have done an amazing job with LM14 and cinnamon, its very pleasant to use. Fast, stable, and good features.

  8. Awesome. Are the themes fixed? I upgraded the rc version and the themes stopped working. Meant to report it but got side tracked. Can’t wait to have a peek!

  9. Guys, linux kernel 3.5 in this release has the brightness control issue 🙁 in previous version there was a fix but now it’s not working..

  10. Once again as with the rc version of mint,I installed it and got nothing but a flashing cursor on startup.What gives?( I also have this issue with the new Ubuntu.)

  11. Mint 14 is working very well for me. When will UP 6 enter incoming? Looking forward to the Xfce release of Mint 14 and the separation of MATE and Cinnamon in LMDE (with the new ISOs), as well as LMDE Xfce.

  12. A LinuxMint fan ever since version 4 (Daryna) this sadly looks like a parting of the ways for me because it’s all got too complex and seems to be getting out of control despite a magnificent job by the team so far.
    All these declared limitations for different platforms, whilst the 32bit MATE DVD won’t even load on my E5400 desktop rig, simply shutting down whilst the 64bit version will inexplicably load.
    From ‘the words’ I guess that matters could be more dire for older rigs, so I probably won’t expend too much effort investigating further, especially as the latest free 32bit ZorinOS 6.1 is simply working on every rig that I try it on and is to remain a mainstream LTS.
    I am just hoping that Zorin6 retains the NVIDIA295 driver with its very useful OverScan Correction that enables a large screen Samsung SmartTV to be used for demonstrations or by visually-impaired folk.
    I see that LinuxMint-14 is dabbling with a whole series of later, experimental drivers so I hope that won’t ‘be catching’ for Zorin.
    However the very best of luck to the LinuxMint team and perhaps I’ll rejoin the happy throng for LinuxMint-15 ?

  13. Thanks, it looks great, and from what I have seen it is the best distribution by far.
    But I cant get Second Life to load, not in 32 or 64. Strange, I went back to Maya.

  14. How long does the xfce version generally take as I could easily wait for a week or two but if it really takes much longer I’d rather just manually install xfce over the newer version which still works fine but tends to creat confusing duplicate config programs and such.

  15. Linux Mint 14 Nadja works perfect on Dell server PowerEdge 1800 with Xeon 64-bit Processor and SCSI-disks.

    Many thanks for a perfect distro.

  16. Left Ubuntu when they screwed it up.. Love mint now.. Can still work with it.. Hope you all keep Mate going.. Thanks for the good work..

  17. So awesome man! I love this Release 😀 It’s make a rainy day in Germany to a Minty Green fascinating spectacle 😛

  18. it seems linux mint will force pae on users too, how sad. please linux mint let the user able pae don’t force it on us not everyone has a pae compatible pc. ubuntu has aready done this if all ubuntu based distro go pae only then i guess i will have to go back to windows.

  19. @david considering how long pae has been the standard and how rare cpu’s without it are becoming I don’t think it is strange to have it a requirment, at some point you just need too replace a pc, you could always stay on the older version, update your software and just keep the core older, you can still run exactly the same programs you could before so on that front not much has changed. Even if you compare it to windows you can also not be on the latest windows version as windows 8 also requires it so there is no real motivation there, you will be on a outdated version either way. You could even just hop distro’s to another distro that does support it.

  20. In addition to that some support breaks a lot faster, for example the 4xxx and below series of amd gpu’s don’t work with the closes source actually performing drivers on new distro’s because amd stopped making drivers for them and new drivers are needed for the latest linux kernels.

  21. @ 42.João Alexandre @ 30.panduwana

    Regarding the issues with Intel drivers, just use Xorg-edgers PPA. this will do the trick

  22. I have an AMD/ATI radeon HD 4350 videocard. Is there any plans to release an Linux Mint edition with legacy support? Something like Linux Mint 14 with kernel and xorg from ubuntu 12.04 lts? otherwise ill have to leave Linux for good.. 🙁

  23. The repos don’t seem to be working for me, might be a problem with you guys, I’m not sure maybe I’m doing something wrong. Anyone else having this problem? Anyway I’ll check later.

  24. Will the improvements to Cinnamon and Mate find their way to LM13, or will additional repos have to be put in?

    At any rate, I’m running Intel drivers so LM14 is out of the question. Besides, I intend to stay with the LTS.

  25. Does anyone know if this will finally install with UEFI correctly? The RC would have issues installing grub2 to /target/ and wouldn’t boot.

  26. Wow : ◾Intel drivers, poor performance and high CPU usage

    I really hope this is sorted out quickly. I think majority of users are probably running an Intel rig.

  27. If you have ATI HD4000 GPU or older you could still install the proprietary if you downgrade Xorg 1.13 to 1.11. The following packages will help you with this:

    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:makson96/fglrx
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get upgrade
    sudo apt-get install fglrx-legacy

    Note, however, this is not officially supported. So do it at your own risk.

  28. Looks like people are still reporting the flashing cursor bug I filed during the RC on launchpad. Why even bother with the RC? LOL. I think I’m officially moving on from Mint now. Too bad, because Mint 10 was almost perfect. It’s really strange that every version since that one has not been as good. I wonder how much Microsoft has paid the Canonical to screw up the whole Linux ecosystem.

  29. most distros that ubuntu based force pae, but don’t consider older hardware and why should upgrade my hardware if it gets the job done. windows 2000 doesn’t require pae. the only distro that doesn’t force pae is wattos along with arch based distros. but my point is pretty soon linux mint/ ubuntu will be do slow to run even with hardware that’s more up to spec i don’t understand why linux can’t be more like windows in a way instead of releasing a new version of ubuntu every 6 months why not a year or every 5 years and worry more about stability
    and performance so far with every new very of mint or ubuntu the os gets slower and slower more programs added and the kerel even more buddy then the last. i been using ubuntu since 2008 a.k.a 8.04 and that was alot faster then 12.04 of course ubuntu didn’t have unity by defualt.

  30. Still having issues installing with UEFI. Can’t install grub-efi to /target/. Same issue as with RC.

    Edit by Clem: Hi Ryan, try to update Ubiquity prior to the install (there’s a new version of it in the Mint repositories which might solve that issue for you).

  31. I’ve just installed Mint 14 Nadia Cinnamon 64Bit! Great work! Congrats!

    Some questions:
    – I can’t find anywhere the firewall / firewall settings that it was included on Mint 13 Maya Cinammon 64Bit. Is this missing by default now? Anyway installing it?

    – When Firefox 17.x and Chromium 23.x version will be availiable to install through the Software Manager?

    Thanks for the fatest all-around linux distro! 🙂

    Keep on the great work! 😉

  32. hola gracias por las constantes actualisaciones mi preferida son para la pc de casa el cinnamon x64 y para el netbook la vercion xfce x64 la espero con ancias un abraso y cunado cobre el mes siguiente les are una donacion se lo merecen saludos

  33. Those who complain about PAE apparently mistaken that requirement with NX requirement for Windows 8, which slashed operating system support for many CPUs which supported Windows 7 and would have enough computational power to support Windows 8. PAE feature was introduced in Pentium Pro back in 1995.

  34. I always suggest Linux Mint to newcomers (to Linux) and those users who are fed up with various issues (mostly security related) in Winblow. Personally, I have been using Mint more and more starting with 13-Maya, MATE. Although, I primarily live, work and play in Fedora/RedHat land… I find that Mint, although binary compatible and derived from Ubuntu seems to be MUCH more stable…or at least it has been on my hardware and in my experiences. Aside from that, I truly believe you all have taken the rights steps to make the experience as, not only pain free, but completely enjoyable for the newcomer. I have installed Mint on 2 machines that were not my own as favors for a coupe of computer-illiterate folks who just couldn’t avoid malware, some of the most vicious and abundant I had ever seen. It completely destroyed their OS’s, recovery partitions, MBR, the whole lot beyond the point of any recovery short of a full re-install. I configured their systems to automate as much of the admin as possible and even months down the line they are running without a hitch (or so they say)! I can’t wait to try out 14. You guys are awesome and this is a distro you deserve to be proud of. Mint = the real/best Ubuntu.

  35. clem

    do you intend to make a new iso for mint 13 lts? after 500 updates and a new edition of cinnamon will be a very good thing. i prefer a new install.

  36. nice and thanks for great releasa..

    any problems with usb keyboards ? won’t always recognize key presses like ctrl+t but luckily laptop keyboard works fine.

  37. Where should bugreports be placed? I have issues with my NVIDIA-card. Had no problems what so ever in LM13, but now in LM14 it seems to “favourise” my internal graphic-card over my external.

    Internal GPU: Intel HD Graphics 4000. (Intel i5 3570K 3.4GHz)
    External GPU: Asus NVIDIA GTX560Ti DirectCU II 1Gb

  38. Thank you Mint developers, you always listen to your userbase which makes you different from Gnome and Ubuntu developers. I am downloading it now.

  39. Congratulations on another stellar release! Like Osman above says, the big, big difference between Mint and *all the others* is the close attention they pay to their userbase. No-one else does this to the same degree. It’s no doubt difficult to manage, and can be treacherous for the devs, but the net result is that Linux mint is the best Linux distribution out there right now, and feels like we all have something to do with it on some level.

  40. #53 Andrei:
    “But why not LXDE?”

    I was sad to see the LXDE version go, but likely a friend got a small old but very capable computer and as he was a Xubuntu 8.04 user we installer mint 13 xfce 64bit.. It is brilliant!

    I always found xfce a bit ugly but with the Mint gtk theme, color scheme and maybe little Xfce 4.10 refinements I can’t pinpoint it’s well better than I thought (it gives it more justice than trying it for 30 seconds in a VM too)

    But LXDE, maybe it can come back later when it has changed for the better. I have to try Lubuntu 12.10, which uses pcmanfm 1.0.1 and has an improved theme (the two previous versions were ugly IMO), it would be a similar experience to Mint LXDE after replacing Chrome with Firefox.

    pcmanfm 1.1.0 was released recently, now lxpanel, the other LXDE component, if this one reaches 1.0 then I’m sure a LXDE edition could be at least considered 😛

  41. One thing, I am quite sure is that I won’t be downloading this Mint Nadia. Why?

    I have already have it as Raring+Cinnamon-1.6.7+nadia few days ago. What should I call “my” Mint Nadia? Mint 15?

  42. Congrats,

    Have already installed RC, now waiting for the updates. This is the best Cinnamon version and performance is top notch. Now i am no longer confused regarding which DE to use.

  43. Excellent,

    will wait a bit with the update though.

    Can I ask where to get the apt entries for an updgrad (not a fresh install) – sorry for this noob question.

  44. If you want to upgrade to Quantal and Cinnamon 1.6.7+nadia, you have to change the repos.

    sudo sed -i ‘s/precise/quantal/g’ /etc/apt/sources.list
    Then gksudo nautilus and go to /etc/apt and open the Mint repo list and then change the word maya to nadia, and after that do,

    sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade.

    And once, everything is over, reboot. If you won’t be able to connect to the internet, do
    sudo dhclient eth0

    You are now in Mint 14. Don’t worry about artwork, it’d get installed too.

    Good luck!

  45. Thanks Clem & Team for another excellent release. I’ve been using Linux Mint Nadia RC for a couple of weeks now and I love it. I’ll be sure to upgrade.

  46. Once again, the RC is much better then the actual release. I decided to install Mint after all this time and all the installer did is wipe out my Windows 8 install and then crash. Leaving me with no OS.

    I guess I could try installing the RC and see where that gets me. I just want to come back home to Mint and I can’t even do that.

  47. My point to david about windows 8 was merely pointing out you don’t have to be on the newest version all time time just like you don’t have to on windows as in both cases you couldn’t. There is really nothing that says I need to go to windows because my linux version doesn’t update, you can still update software you can still run everything you could before, you just can’t upgrade just like with windows.

  48. Thanks a lot to all of you that contributed to the development of Mint 14.

    I only recently started using Linux Mint 13 after coming from Windows. I am happy to be ‘part of something big’ and very glad I am no longer supporting Microsoft’s monopoly. Linux has made my HTPC more fun and some sort of a project that I can tweak and from which I can learn. Linux Mint gives way more satisfaction than Windows ever gave me!

  49. Congrats to the Mint Team.
    I’m a happy camper on LTS Mint 13 and will patiently wait for updates to come my way…Thanks Clem for that it gives real incentive to settle on a LTS release.

  50. Greetings LXDE fans. I too like LXDE, perhaps enough other fans will come together as a community (try organizing on the forums) and create a version with LXDE. An LXDE version seems to come up each and every release of Mint.

    Barring an ‘official’ effort, you can always install LXDE on your Mint machine.
    Good Luck

  51. Intel drivers, poor performance and high CPU usage

    i dont know but my ram usage with chrome + eclipse + skype = 1.1GB
    my cpu usage is CPU1(7%) CPU2(5%) CPU3(8%) CPU4(5%). Nothing POOR really. Intel i3 1st gen.

  52. What’s so different in Nadia from Maya?
    Reading the release notes, the differences are minor (slightly improved software manager, gedit 2.3 instead of 3…), and most of the new features in cinnamon are already available in Maya if you upgraded to the latest cinnamon available in Romeo. I guess I’ll stick to Maya for now and wait for cinnamon 1.6 to be “backported”. Especially since I have an Intel graphic card, like most people

  53. I can’t seem to get the installation to a USB flash drive (32GB) to work.

    Can’t get into LM Forum – forgot user name. Can’t re-register since my e-mail is already in use.

    So far Mint 14 Cinnamon 64 seems to work in the pre-install version.

    Had problems with Mint 13, so I never actually installed it.

  54. Dear Minty Freshness,

    Just wanted to drop in – I tested this and what a treat. Clem and Team – Thank you so very much for your efforts. Time and time again you show the linux world how to make and ship a really good Linux version that can fit the laptop/desktop world. I’m running the cinnamon variant and its simply very nice to see people ‘get’ what a nice desktop should be like. I accept its still perhaps early days and you probably have much to do yet – but its clear you really do get it.

    If your work continues as it has – I can see that you may well in fact end up being default desktop in Linux far and wide.

    Congrats on another very nice Mint (and kudos to related projects in that as well) release.


  55. I can’t seem to find the problem on the Intel Graphics Card poor performance and high cpu freq. So maybe why?. Im using Mint 14.

  56. Do i need to go back to linux mint 13 to avoid future conflicts? also what is better? 64bit or 32bit with 8gb ram support?.

  57. Notebook with Intel Graphics here…

    Impossible to start the live from USB, a black screen is all I get.
    It happens with all the versions (Mate 32bit and 64bit, Cinnamon 32bit and 64bit).
    If I connect an external monitor I can read this error message:
    [drm:intel_dp_complete_link_train] failed to train DP, aborting

    No problems with previous versions


  58. Clem,

    This is really sad that final ISO doesn’t install on UEFI based machines and throws error :

    UEFI. Can’t install grub-efi to /target/.

    I had already reported error in RC comments but no action was taken nor Fixed in final released ISO.

    Everyone may not have INTERNET connection, So installing in such cases is impossible.

    I know updating Ubiquity is a workaround but needs INTERNET with download of several hundred MB’s of data.

    CAN WE EXPECT another build of ISO with updated Ubiquity ?

    This is a sincere request of long term MINT USER and all UEFI based machine owners.

    Edit by Clem: No, there are issues in the later Ubiquity version we weren’t happy to ship with so we decided to stick to this one, despite the lack of LVM, encryption and secureBoot compatibility.

  59. Nice, but
    Message :
    Unable to mount ,,NAME OF PARTITION,,
    Adding read ACL for uid 1000 to `/media/luke’ failed: Operation not supported

    Core2duo,Lenovo T60

  60. Installed and running, no problems so far… and now I understand the excitement on the release announcement: little but meaningful details such as the splash screen animation (after all these editions), the Firefox icon (bye bye big eye), and many, many others… Thank you, Clem and all the dev team!

  61. great stuff, thank you, another very happy user here (also got my other half using GNU/Linux for the first time with Mint 14)! no problems with performance with Intel drivers here, either.

    thank you Mint devs!

  62. Posting this through the live session / installer of Linux Mint 14 32bit. Clem, the install text when you launch the installer says Linux Mint 13 and not 14.

  63. What else besides Cinnamon 1.6 can Maya/LTS users expect to be back ported? See, I’m in no hurry to upgrade. At least, that’s what I’m gonna keep telling myself. But that excuse had NEVER gotten me through the first weekend after a Mint release. The first lull or dull moment, I fold like lawn furniture, and I’d like to put up a some semblance of a fight this time! 🙂

  64. The fastest way to open the most used programs is just a single click on icon from Docky.

    Docky requires compositing in Mate and it doesn’t work (the same like in the Mint 13).
    How to add the program icons to Docky in Cinnamon? Drag and drop from menu does not work like it used to work. Is it incompatible with Cinnamon? Do you have any solution?

    What about proprietary graphic drivers?
    Is the development just going all around the changing windows environment. I’ve been using the Mint for about 7 years. Do we need to go backwards?

  65. aj@118

    A 32bit system will not address more than 4GB of system ram. If you have 4GB of ram, a 32bit OS will address about 3.8GB of ram give or take. You need a 64bit OS to address anything more. BUT, you will of course be presented with the typical drawbacks of the 64bit OS. Simply put, not ALL software that you might want to use is well supported on a 64bit OS. So depending on what your needs are, you may run into problems in that regard. It is very user specific.

    The beauty of a 32bit OS is that it will run flawlessly on 64bit hardware, other than the above stated limitations of system resources, and there is still WAY more software out that that is fully supported on the 32bit architecture, believe it or not. This is painted as a controversial subject. But there really is no controversy–it is mere fact. As time moves on, there are still more and more software projects that are conforming to the 64bit architecture, but again, that is still quite a long road. After all, there is a pretty good reason why Ubuntu and other distros still recommend the 32bit OS. Just a thought.

    That being said, simply pick what’s best for you, all things considered.

  66. @PB — I’ve been using a 64bit linux system for years (perhaps 4 or 5), and have never once encountered any software that is not “well supported”, even at the beginning of that period. Could you give an example of what you’re talking about? I’m a bit concerned now! cheers!

    (nb. the only drawback of 64 bit systems that I’m aware of is that more memory is consumed due to the way that memory is addresses. hence my VPSs run 32bit systems, since they have very limited system memory, but my desktop and laptop are, and have been, 64 bit all the way)

  67. I decided to give it another try. Installer did not crash this time. However, after install I have no sound. Had sound in live, but not after install.

    I have checked every thing. Basically, it’s telling me I don’t have any sound devices.

    I will try and install the drivers manually.

  68. @PB – In the case of Linux Mint 14(and Ubuntu 12.10) the 32-bit version is PAE enabled which means the 32-bit version of Linux Mint should see 8 GB of memory if it’s installed on a 64-bit system. However, if someone plans any serious, high end graphics, video or number crunching then the 64-bit versions of these types of applications on a true 64-bit GNU/Linux distro is recommended.

    Just sayin’. 🙂

  69. For those who can’t find the “Additional Drivers” app, it’s now located under a new tab in the “Software Sources” app (or via “Edit/Repositories” in MintUpdate and Synaptic).

  70. simon@125

    Please don’t draw an improper conclusion from what I said. What I said was not ALL software is supported on a 64bit Operating System. If your system is working fine for you, then you have nothing to worry about.

    I personally ran into Lexmark driver software that did not run on 64bit Linux operating systems. There are other things also. For example, if you manually install Libreoffice, you have two packages to choose from–one is for 32bit platforms and the other for 64bit. There is a reason for that. Some software developers provide one version that may work on both platforms, others have one version that only works on 32bit, others are like Libreoffice that offer both platforms. Point being, there is still more software supported on a 32bit platform than on 64bit.

    How long has HDTV been around? Are there still channels that don’t broadcast in HD? You bet there is.

    If you’re not running into a problem with the software that you need to use, then my comment doesn’t apply to you. As I mentioned, it is very user specific. But to be perfectly clear, the 32bit platform will be around for a long time, you can count on it. For now, there really is no reason to completely abandon 32bit despite what many bleeding edge techies would have us believe.

  71. @simon

    Just to add, what we’re talking about is operating system platforms, not hardware platforms. As you probably know, a 32bit OS and application software will run just fine on a 64bit hardware base, but not the other way around.

  72. just one word… PERFECT! if someday I stop playing games (just playing guild wars 2 and not a lot atm..) I will stay with linux mint 🙂 (I know you can run guild wars 2 from wine and it goes ok but it still closes quite often without any reason :p

    I will probably put the 32 edition on my laptop really ty

  73. I had to go back to Mint 13 because of a weird bug that keeps me from playing DotA2.
    I use the same drivers (NVIDIA 310.14), the same .wine folder, the same wine version and the same Steam folder.
    In Mint 14 it runs fine for about 10 minutes then the performance gets very bad for 1-2 minutes. Then it runs fine again for another 10 minutes and so on…
    No problems in Mint 13.

  74. Kirk M@127

    While I can’t disagree with your comment, I will say again that that is a pretty specific configuration, and somewhat of a departure from the normal 32bit architecture. I knew the PAE Kernel unlocked better multi-core performance but I did not know it also impacted memory addressing. I have no way of testing as I only have 4GB of memory which is way overkill for what I do.

  75. On another note, annoying tiny red rectangular blinking pixel grouping toward the bottom right section of my screen has stopped since I installed Nvidia driver. Was hoping to get away from having to do that, as the nouveau driver seems to work pretty well for my system–aside from that annoyance anyway. Annoying red blinking pixels are not a factor in LM13-Cinnamon, even without Nvidia installed. Go figure.

  76. I am running Mint 14 RC1.
    Will it become mint 14 official, by doing the updates?
    Or will it need to be reloaded to be the official version?

  77. Best release yet, switched from Linux Mint 13 KDE to Linux Mint 14 Cinnamon and haven’t looked back. Thanks Clem and everyone for a usable alternative to Ubuntu.

  78. Excellent !!!! Congratulations to the Linux Mint team have done a great job again, as in the previous version. Linux Mint 14 Mate has an amazing stability, and Linux Mint 14 Cinnamon increasingly visually getting better and better functioning well. I look craving many versions of KDE and XFCE. Congratulations and Greetings.-

  79. You guys did an awesome job with the MATE edition. I feel like I’m using my favorite distro again which was Linux Mint 11. Keep up the great work! That’s why you’re #1!

  80. Hi,

    excellent job! Could you please add 2 programms to future versions:
    – QGis
    – BlackBerry backups


  81. Awesome! I love Cinnamon!

    Just one little bug, not at all important.
    In the update manager<view<information or history of updates. If I try to resize the window it the window starts moving around.

  82. I had to go back to Mint 13 because of a weird bug that keeps me from
    playing DotA2.
    I use the same drivers (NVIDIA 310.14), the same .wine folder, the
    same wine version and the same Steam folder.
    In Mint 14 it runs fine for about 10 minutes then the performance gets
    very bad for 1-2 minutes. Then it runs fine again for another 10
    minutes and so on…
    No problems in Mint 13.

  83. ” Andrei Says:
    November 20th, 2012 at 4:13 pm

    But why not LXDE?”

    If you want LXDE and Cinnamon, you have two methods;
    1) Install Ubuntu mini.iso and install LXDE and add the Nadia repos to /etc/apt/sources.list and sudo apt-get update, and sudo apt-get install cinnamon,

    2) Install Lubuntu and add the Nadia repos to /etc/apt/sources.list and sudo apt-get update, and sudo apt-get install cinnamon,

    In both ways, you get Cinnamon-1.6.7 and you have your Mint 14 LXDE (or Lubuntu).

    You can do the same with Mate.
    If you want XFCE or KDE, install KDE and/or XFCE to your ubuntu based installation, and just add the Nadia repos to sources.list and install whatever there are in the Nadia Repos.

    You can find what you need here;

    Good day!

  84. Looks nice, but…..

    No NVidia graphicscard support?

    Looks like my videocard is not detected anymore. The video performence has dropped to a very low level. I can’t play any HD movies anymore. In LM13 this was not a problem.

    I hope this bug will solved soon.

  85. You guys (Linux MINT) have the ugliest wallpaper design.

    Please do something about it. It is so ugly that I truly believe it will influence some percentage of people to NOT install Mint.

    Btw, thanks for the update, I’m a Mint fan.

  86. So far really good release. I’ve experienced one strange behavior: I’ve added czech keyboard layout to default english layout a set Alt+Shift to toggle between these layouts, first shortcut didn’t seem to work, but after minute or 2 it got fixed somehow. Since then it works fine. All in all Thanks for Your hard work Clem and team!

  87. brilliant release .. currently running 64Bit cinnamon.
    – couple of small issues

    * Nemo issue (I think)
    – have tried to add a path to LibreOffice for additional templates
    .. however I put the additional path in, it changes the new entry to user home directory.

    * Evolution – all working fine apart from the calendar
    “error loading calendar : cannot open calendar: unexpected HTTP status code 405 returned (Method not allowed)
    – everything else is working in evolution fine.

    really love the stability of this new release, have found nothing else erratic, or puzzling.

    absolutely loving it !!

  88. ” xhsdf Says:
    November 22nd, 2012 at 2:04 am

    I had to go back to Mint 13 because of a weird bug that keeps me from
    playing DotA2.
    I use the same drivers (NVIDIA 310.14), the same .wine folder, the
    same wine version and the same Steam folder.
    In Mint 14 it runs fine for about 10 minutes then the performance gets
    very bad for 1-2 minutes. Then it runs fine again for another 10
    minutes and so on…
    No problems in Mint 13.”

    In Mint 13, you had Cinnamon 1.4-UP3, which was working very well all the time, but in Mint 14, you have Cinnamon 1.6.7+nadia, which is buggy.

    If you want your apps to work well again, change Mint Nadia repo to Maya repo, uninstall Cinnamon and reinstall, so you get 1.4 and all your problems would go away. Its said, if it doesn’t break, don’t change it. Mint 14 was just an unnecessary step, made just because Quantal came out. And, Quantal is in transit, until the next LTS release. So, you have bugs!

  89. “In Mint 13, you had Cinnamon 1.4-UP3, which was working very well all the time, but in Mint 14, you have Cinnamon 1.6.7+nadia, which is buggy.”
    I have Cinnamon 1.6.4 in Mint 13.
    But I don’t think this is Cinnamon related as it also happens in XFCE with Mint 14.

  90. I am sad to say but I will have to downgrade back from Mate 14 64b. Just too many issues (usb_modeswitch segfault, …). These are not some small things that may or may not be somewhat buggy.
    Also tried Cinnamon 14 and it was very fine but just the small detail that the cinnamon menu doesnt funcion the way it should (filter apps by category, etc).
    The developement and freshness is all cool but the key to usable OS is the stability and quality assurance.

    Mate team, good luck and thanks for giving the community your service!

  91. So first off let me say Cinnamon looks very nice. I’ve been a fan of Linux Mint for 5 years now ever since I started using Linux.

    However, what NIC’s are supported now? I have tried using this and past few releases on multiple PC’s (five different NICs) and none of them work right. I’d really hate to stop using Linux Mint but I am stuck on Katya which is no longer supported. (Tried the forums and bug report with no answer)
    Hope this can get fixed.

  92. Mint 14 is awesome, but it DOES NOT support SD card reader. I’ve a Gazelle Pro and the SD reader isn’t even recognized.

  93. cortexed@176

    What has been the nature of your problems with NICs? Are they partially working, or not working at all? Can you be a little more specific? I ask this because the network manager has had some real ups and downs over the past few releases. I’ve run into a couple myself, but there are some easy work-arounds, depending on what your problem is.

    It seems really strange that you’ve tried so many different ones, and none of them work acceptably. There may be something else in common with all of your attempts that you don’t realize–something like a bad LAN cable, which is not all that uncommon, can make you pull your hair out for no good reason. Just something to think about.

    Include a few more details, and we may be able to help.

  94. @cortexed

    You might also include some basic details about your network, assuming that you use a router, switch, or anything besides just a straight line to the modem.

    It really sounds like something terribly simple. In fact it could be even embarrassing. Believe me, I’ve had those problems.

  95. I’m having real issues with Nemo on LM14-x64-Cinnamon. Even on a fresh install OR after updates are applied.

    Keeps hanging on file transfer. Fails more times than it works.
    Also the icon sizes for list do not work correct, constantly having to manually set the zoom.

    Can’t do squat with a broken file manager. apart from manual copy, but using Samba, makes a manual copy more tricky.

    If you were not aware of these bugs, you are now.

  96. Hi all, great work. I have recently come to linux and then Mint (via ubuntu, Peppermint OS3 and some false starts) and am enjoying it.

    I did install mint 14 Cinnamon on a laptop that I use as a network resource on my small business network. I had problems configuring samba to allow access to USB drive shares (connected directly to the “serve”)from Windows 7 and XP pcs. After creating users, configuring shares and users and so forth, I was able to see the shares from windows, but encountered a permissions error whereby after supplying the correct credentials for the share, I was asked for the server credentials which were rejected. I beleive my installation and configuration was correct (after several hours I rolled back to Mint 13 and had no problems setting up the network).

    Not sure if anyone else has encountered such difficulties with Samba under 14, but thought it is worth mentioning. Happy to provide further info if needed.

    Loving my post windoze life – thanks guys!

  97. @Chdslv (currently post #101)

    This is all done in Virtualbox, so I don’t know about an actual install. With vanilla Mint 14 Mate 32-bit, after applying ‘apt-get update’ and ‘apt-get dist-upgrade’. Internet did not work (in Virtualbox). (I don’t see any other posts about it, so maybe it was a fluke.)

    Running “sudo dhclient eth0” did work to get internet back, but it gave a warning that there’s a better way. It suggested using “service smbd reload” or “reload smbd”.

    So maybe something happened to samba(?) after upgrading. That’s why the Mint Team does not recommend blindly doing updates/upgrades.

  98. Is UEFI Secure Boot secure boot supported on Nadia?
    I would like to think it does as Nadia is based on Ubuntu 12.10.

  99. hi people,

    The first view on LinuxMint on LinuxMint 14 is really good. But: I figured out several things, where I have a bit of trouble with:

    for example: the package ia32-libs. It is currently uninstallable (defective). If I click on it to install, then it says:

    needs: ia32-libs-multiarch
    damages: flashplugin-installer
    nspluginwrapper 1.4.4-0ubuntu2

    But the flashplugin-installer in Synaptics is already version

    But: I did not install this, because mint-flash is OK for me and works fine.

    What I want to do is: to install google-earth again and this thing needs ia32-libs as dependency. So this needs to be fixed up.

    Then as next, I would like to install the game vertris again as replacment for quadrapassel.
    But: vertris is not installable (defective; dependency-problem:
    the following dependencies are not satisfying:
    needs: neliballegro4.2
    needs: libc6 (>=2.7)
    The versions available are:
    libc6 2.15-0ubuntu20
    So these dependencies also need to be fixed up.

    Please guys: get this fixed because I would like to use these both things again.

    Thank you

  100. But what I love on LinuxMint 14 is the new Cinnamon-Desktop. This thing works so nicely for me with nemo. This is pleasing. And also the handling of the new Cinnamon is really nice.

    But please fix up these both things, I found out for you developers.

  101. For everyone with Nvidia-graphics here in the forum, who does not know where the installing for restricted graphics-drivers is:

    jockey-gtk is not installed by default. You need to install this first. Just open your Terminal and type in this:

    sudo apt-get install jockey-gtk

    let it run through and then you can install your graphics-drivers.

    Or the other chance is:
    open your Synaptics and look for these packages:


    Install these packages and close Synaptic and reboot your machines.

    Then after reboot, for a second, the nvidia-logo should flash up on your screen and flashes out again to boot into mintdm.

    Then I can confirm, that there is a bug in network-manager (for Users with an rt3090-WLAN-chip or also rt2860 WLAN-chip), so the WLAN might not work at first. But: there is an easy help:

    Open your Terminal and type in this:

    gksu gedit /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf

    In this text-document, there is an error. Look at this line:



    This line is wrong!! This line needs to be fixed so that it will look like this:


    Then save these changes and go back to the panel and retry to connect.

    If this fails, there is another trick, that might help.

    Again open your Terminal and type in this:

    gksu gedit /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf

    Then this document will open. There take a look, if this document contains the following line:

    blacklist rt2800pci

    This line should not be in there!! So if this line is in there, delete this line and save these changes! This line can also be the reason, why WLAN could not work. For me, these both tricks did it. Close these document and the containing folder and go back to the panel and retry to connect.

    Then after this, you need to do a complete first system-update and system-upgrade. So open your Terminal and type in this:

    sudo apt-get update (let it run through completely)

    then follows this command:

    sudo apt-get dist-upgrade (also let it run through completely)

    What should be installed after that:
    all OpenJDK-7 packages
    alacarte (which is also not installe by default)

    As next, you might want to upgrade your Firefox and Thunderbird. Therfore you need to activate the ppa-repository of the mozilla-team. You will find it on launchpad through useing the search-function. There enter: firefox-next and sear for this repository
    Then afterwards search for Thunderbird-next and also activate this ppa-repository.

    Then du a further complete system-update and system-upgrade.

    Then you are so far done.

    Then you might want to add several mini-apps to your panel. Therefore go here:

    There search for your favorite apps and follow the installation-instructions.

    That’s it.


  102. For everybody with this WLAN-Problem who has rt3090-WLAn-chip or even rt2860 WLAN-chip:

    you can find out, if this driver is blacklisted by opening your Terminal and typing in this:

    lsmod | grep rt

    Then the output should look something similar like this:

    andrea@andrea-CR500 ~ $ lsmod | grep rt
    parport_pc 32688 0
    rt2800pci 18528 0
    rt2800lib 58685 1 rt2800pci
    crc_ccitt 12667 1 rt2800lib
    rt2x00pci 14475 1 rt2800pci
    rt2x00lib 54891 3 rt2800pci,rt2800lib,rt2x00pci
    mac80211 539908 3 rt2800lib,rt2x00pci,rt2x00lib
    cfg80211 206566 2 rt2x00lib,mac80211
    eeprom_93cx6 13302 1 rt2800pci
    parport 46345 3 parport_pc,ppdev,lp
    andrea@andrea-CR500 ~ $

    Check, if the output contains these two lines:

    rt2800pci 18528 0
    rt2800lib 58685 1 rt2800pci

    If these both lines are not in there, then you can be sure, that this diver is blacklisted. Then do these steps, which I posted in my last posting.


  103. @Mintkatze – On restricted drivers, you’re giving the wrong advice. Jockey does not need to be installed as it was removed for a reason. Installing these drivers is now in the Software Sources app under the new “Additional Drivers” tab. One thing though. if you recall how Jockey had to scan for drivers before opening the app, Software Sources now has to do the same thing but it has no “Scanning hardware” (whatever it was called) box that pops up beforehand. This makes it look like clicking on “Software Sources” does nothing for several seconds when it’s actually scanning your hardware. Be patient and the app will open after scanning. Again, Jockey does not need to be installed. 🙂

  104. ” xhsdf Says:
    November 22nd, 2012 at 2:04 am

    I had to go back to Mint 13 because of a weird bug that keeps me from
    playing DotA2.
    I use the same drivers (NVIDIA 310.14), the same .wine folder, the
    same wine version and the same Steam folder.
    In Mint 14 it runs fine for about 10 minutes then the performance gets
    very bad for 1-2 minutes. Then it runs fine again for another 10
    minutes and so on…
    No problems in Mint 13.”

    There is no task consuming all resources, the graphics card isn’t too hot, nothing unusual in iotops…
    Happens in Cinnamon and XFCE. What could this be?

    RAM: 7.8 GiB
    Intel® Core™ i7-2670QM CPU @ 2.20GHz × 8
    GeForce GT 555M/PCIe/SSE2 (no Intel chip)
    OS: 64bit

  105. Kirk M@185

    I agree with you, and I will add that the very FIRST thing everybody should do is update there system completely. It will fix a lot of problems. You can use the terminal if you want and run “apt-get dist-upgrade” but clicking on the MintUpdate shield will launch the same process. This may eliminate many if not all other steps that Mintkatze posted first in comment 183. While those suggestions might still be in order, it’s best to let the distro fix itself by running the proper updates. Then you can see what shakes out and what still needs fixing.

    To emphasize what Kirk M is saying, and it’s been stated by other users, including myself–forget Jockey for graphics drivers installation. It’s toast. I believe Ubuntu scuttled the project, or is going to, or something like that. Instead, perform the much simpler process below:

    Go to “Software Sources” and select the “Additional Drivers” tab. You can find what you need right there.

    Hopefully this will make things a lot less complicated.

  106. Mint 14 can’t be configured to conect to lan.
    I use static ip.
    I configured the static ip but can’t navigate.
    Ping is responding.

  107. Thanks to the whole team for this release!
    I’m using MATE 64bit with 1st generation Intel i3 and with HD3000 graphics with compiz, without any issues or performance lacks. Nice job!

  108. Great piece of art.
    Fully functional.
    No faulty edges.
    I completely removed win8 pro for Linux Mint 14 cinnamon 64bit and happy as a child after 2 days. Everyth,ng works as supposed to with very nice additional feature surprizes.
    (Sony Vaio VPCF1 Notebook, 8 RAM, 512 SSD, 1920×1080 Display, i7)
    Thanks to the team and Clem for this happiness.

  109. PB
    Here is my post on the forums.
    My PC is plugged directly into the modem (modem has a switch). I am using the same PC and cable right now with Windows 7 and no problems. Used it on HP PC and an HP laptop (wireless on this one). It only randomly works. It will connect and then stop working. If I disable and re-enable the NIC (through Linux) then it works a few minutes then stops. I would absolutely and greatly appreciate any help getting this fixed. I love Linux Mint but it’s just not usable right not.
    Thanks (to anyone that can help)

  110. Clem and mint stuff: Great job. Nadia looks and feel awesome!

    I think that there is a bug with the latest cinnamon (Mint 14 – Nadia):
    I’ve created several new “custom keyboard shortcut” but non of them is working.
    It seems that there is a problem with creating new custom keyboard shortcut (The pre-defined shortcut works very well)
    It’s a bug or it’s happened only on my machine?

  111. That is puzzling. One of the other posters on that forum said something about no Realtek cards working at all, but that’s hogwash, because I have a Realtek card and it’s running fine, in fact don’t know that I’ve ever had a problem with a Realtek card myself.

    You don’t by chance have two cards installed do you? Is it just the onboard card, or do you have that one and a PCI card by chance? If you have two you could be having some conflicts. What does your network manager show as your configuration?

  112. I cant get my laptop to detect the CD in UEFI mode on my laptop
    secure boot is disabled and the cd is properly burned but it will not detect it. It detectis in Bios mode but not UEFI and I cannot install I really need help.

  113. “Zorro Says:
    November 22nd, 2012 at 12:04 pm

    @Chdslv (currently post #101)”

    If you have a working Mint 13, there is no need to worry about not being able to install Mint 14 or get it working. All you have to do is change the maya repo to nadia repo in your Mint 13 – sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list


    sudo apt-get update

    then open Synaptic and upgrade your Cinnamon.

    And, you’d have your new Cinnamon (1.6.7+nadia) with your 5 year LTS Mint 13 from Precise.

  114. Zorro,

    Do you need Quantal base, when you have a 5 year LTS base? If you like the very sure Precise base, then don’t upgrade to Quantal, as it is just a transit distro, just like Mint 14!

    Quantal and Raring are testing distros, until the next Ubuntu LTS, so Mint 14 and 15 would be transit ones too.

    If you want Win8 dual boot, you can have that too, by a simple trick using Ubuntu repos.

  115. Zorro,

    When you are upgrading your Cinnamon to 1.6.7+nadia, you might some whining from Synaptic (Apt), so you look at what it wants and install the next dependency, until you can install Cinnamon-1.6.7

    You will succeed!

    Take care!


  116. @jordi:

    There is no UEFI installation support in Linux Mint 14.

    Edit by Clem: UPDATE, we found the issue, it’s specific to Ubiquity in Mint 14 (i.e. it doesn’t affect Ubuntu). We’ll respin the 64-ISOs and make an announcement. For a rough ETA, this should take approximately a week.

  117. For those who have ATI Radeon 2000,3000,4000 Series here is a solution to get working driver in Linux Mint 14 (Ubuntu 12.10)

    I have Radeon 3450 and after installing Mint 14 inxi -G shows
    “GLX Renderer: Gallium 0.4 on llvmpipe”. After using this tutorial
    (i used 3rd-party repository created by Tomasz Makarewicz wich is tutorial above) and runing apt-get update && upgrade inxi -G shows
    “GLX Renderer: ATI Radeon HD 3450” and i have installed Catalyst Center.
    Also in Catalyst is working Tear Free mode with this drives.

  118. I was under the impression that the new win 8 laptops (which mine came with) all used UEFI and you could boot from cd or USB in order to get it to install was I wrong

  119. For everyone with Nvidia-graphics here in the forum, who does not know where the installing for restricted graphics-drivers is:

    jockey-gtk is not installed by default.

    for mint team: why?! for what?!

    is your intention to learn how to make things complicated and worse when everything could be easy and cler for everybody?

  120. “is your intention to learn how to make things complicated”

    How is “apt-get install nvidia-updates-current” complicated?

  121. @ 185 Kirk,

    thanks for your hint! I did not know that. But I looked that up after your posting and found it there. Thanks to you!! 🙂

  122. 198.

    for us not but we represent not all the was always installed so what’s the point now?! a lot of people don’t know what to do when something is not in the place they know. was changed? then say this and what to do. otherwise they are lost for linux in fact for no reason.
    i saw now what kirk wrote. why not in the release notes? is this complicated?! no!
    mintkatze didn’t know either. do you think that a beginner will know this thing?! no!
    so to do this thing wright it takes 5 min. why not?!

  123. Hi, i recently installed LM14 64 bit on my Dell vostro 1400. Everything is fine except i have to install my broadcom wireless driver after each reboot, because it doesn’t work otherwise. After reinstalling the driver, my wifi starts working again. Anybody having similar problem with their broadcom card???

  124. Ahmad @ 221: Type inxi -Gx in Terminal. If it says “GLX Renderer: Gallium 0.4 on llvmpipe,” close everything and log out of Cinnamon. Log back in. Check inxi -Gx to see if your regular graphics setup has replaced what was first listed. Don’t ask me how or why it works. I don’t know. It was a suggestion in the forum. I tried it and the same problem you describe was resolved for me. Good luck.

  125. @dd – I agree it should have been made more obvious but you’re taking your complaint to the wrong people. The removal of jockey in favor of the new “Additional drivers” tab and it’s underlying technology (“ubuntu-drivers-common” is one of the new packages) was developed by Ubuntu for 12.10, not Mint for Nadia. However, Ubuntu never mentioned this change in their “What’s new/Release notes” either from what I can tell. You’re complaint is quite valid but I’d direct the complaint to Ubuntu, not Mint.

  126. I tried Mint 14 on my Dell E6400 laptop, but rolled back due to constant issues with my Broadcom 4322 wireless card. I also noticed that some of my custom shortcuts no longer work, and no matter how I tweaked them I couldn’t get them working. Otherwise, the distribution looks very nice, and I really liked how notifications were saved.

  127. Has anyone already noticed this behaviour?

    After installing LM14 Cinnamon I can’t change the defaultfolders for some of my main applications.
    I can’t change the folder that Dropbox uses to sync my documents. Neither can I change the documents folder on LibreOffice or any folder in de paths setting of LibreOffice.
    If I try I can select it, but when I click on the OK-button in the folderselector the folder is set back to /home/.

    It happened on both Mate and Cinnamon and also happens with the live-CD. Now reverting back to LM13 :(((

  128. Hi there Clem and team,

    Amazing work you guys are doing, keep it up. From the way you are headed, I feel that you are doing a great job not going the way of either Gnome or Unity but concentrating on the desktop experience.



  129. Cinnamon 32bit
    Intel 945GME x86/MMX/SSE2 driver
    High CPU usage 90% to 100%, very slow, using llvmpipe.
    Tried Adelante tip log out and back in and it uses the Intel driver.
    CPU back to normal.
    Not sure yet what a restart will do, llvmpipe or Intel driver.
    Clem should we wait for a update or try to fix it ourself.

  130. “xhsdf Says:
    November 22nd, 2012 at 2:22 pm
    ” xhsdf Says:
    November 22nd, 2012 at 2:04 am

    I had to go back to Mint 13 because of a weird bug that keeps me from
    playing DotA2.
    I use the same drivers (NVIDIA 310.14), the same .wine folder, the
    same wine version and the same Steam folder.
    In Mint 14 it runs fine for about 10 minutes then the performance gets
    very bad for 1-2 minutes. Then it runs fine again for another 10
    minutes and so on…
    No problems in Mint 13.”

    There is no task consuming all resources, the graphics card isn’t too hot, nothing unusual in iotops…
    Happens in Cinnamon and XFCE. What could this be?

    RAM: 7.8 GiB
    Intel® Core™ i7-2670QM CPU @ 2.20GHz × 8
    GeForce GT 555M/PCIe/SSE2 (no Intel chip)
    OS: 64bit”
    I tried different versions of wine, different graphics driver versions and different DEs. Always with the same result. Am I the only one?

  131. Sempron 3000, 1gb ram, Nvidia 128kb graphix, Asrock K7Upgrade-600 mb…
    I’m having troubles with flash contents. I’ve read here and there hints about,aplied and… Flash is updated and installed. I have Chrome, Firefox and Opera. The only browser I can see movies is… OPERA and limited. Full screening crashes flash, no matter the chosen resolution. Hints?

  132. I just spent 2 hours getting LM14 installed on my 2TB Linux Drive. I had to install onto a 40gb drive because ubiquity didn’t ‘see’ my drive, then dd that drive to my 2tb and then use gparted to expand the main partition so I could use my 2TB.

  133. Thanks for this great work.

    I’m still waiting for the KDE version too.

    Is there some news then it will be released?


  134. Noobie here- I’m running 12. I read the “upgrade” instructions. Which university provides a course that will teach me to wade through that?

    Really, should upgrading be that complicated?

    Edit by Clem: No, it’s trivial. What’s complicated is to take the time to understand the risks involved.

  135. best dam wallpaper ever
    the one on the homepage

    i have it set as my wallpaper now
    i’m on Ubuntu though — i love unity

    With mint 14 — can i type in searches and have files/folders come up

    um … or things like that — like um um Unity
    if i type in T the first thing that is shown is terminal
    and it’s just great for quickly launching things

    if cinnamon could use the same / or similar search techniques
    like if i type cd – i get
    Sound juicer cd audio extractor
    Rhythm box <<<< why does this take like 20 – 30 seconds to load ?
    and two non relevant items
    "Start up disk creator"
    but still
    if i type in video
    Movie Player
    Record my desktop

    it's just that descriptive search that i love
    and also one more thing

    BIG icons
    – i really tried Cinnamon with icon only – and on the top of screen
    but even making the bar bigger didn't quite get it… idk what it is but it's not like unity sorry to compare so much
    but if the icons could be bigger on the panel and be spaced more i think i could really get used to Cinnamon
    and maybe an option to put it on the left haha

  136. actually forget the big icon part — i can have dock for that
    but the other things – the search – see what can be done to improve it some please!

  137. Got an error message at the end of the installation “Error removing initramfs-tools”, “subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1”. Then the booting stalled at the first splash screen.
    Oh, well, I guess I’ll stick to LM13 until LM15…

  138. 226 Adelante’s fix works for me too. Intel driver problem is resolved if I log of out of Cinnamon and back in. Problem recurs after reboot. Look forward to a permanent fix, Nadia is otherwise very nice.

  139. Correction

    Suggestion: Keep an active link to Mint 13, LTS versions are more attractive to newbies. Cheers!
    PS: Ubuntu is being very smart doing it.

  140. Thank you very much for Linux Mint 14 Cinnamon !!!

    I must say that I recommend using linux to many of my clients since most applications are in the cloud now… and thats how an organization with 50 users saves up to 5K$ on just OS licencing.

    Thanks !

    Doron, Israel.

  141. Congratulations for the new release! I got the LTS with the intention of using it until the end of support and save myself the time spent for upgrading, but it’s really tempting to do so…

  142. I’m a big fan of MATE. I didn’t like previous versions of Cinnamon, but I thought I’d give Mint 14 a try anyway. So far I like it. I like how it looks more like the MATE Mint Menu than other versions. Not sure I like the other 3 hot-corners. Is there a way to disable them? I see that Skype has problems with newer 64 bit versions of Linux. So, I setup my laptop with Mint 13 MATE 32 bit on one partition and Mint 14 Cinnamon 64 bit on another partition. Now I can try both MATE and Cinnamon side by side and still run Skype. It will be the best of both worlds.

  143. Problem with Live-USB and -DVD on my Notebook (HP 6820s)

    Live-DVD does not start, stuck on empty grey screen.

    Tried with both 32-Bit Versions on USB (unetbootin) and DVD:
    (No start with notebook, correct start with Desktop-PC)

    Never had a problem with previous Versions.
    (very satisfied, many thanks)

  144. I managed to upgrade to LM14. Love it, there isn’t a lot new stuff compared to LM13 but I did achieve the fastest boot time I ever saw on this computer. And I love the new keyboard shortcuts config window. And with the glass mint theme it’s not only the most practical but the most beautiful OS around.

    I think this deserves a new contribution 😉

  145. To All,

    Can anyone give me an explanation to my problem here? I’m trying to learn a little more about mounting partitions on startup, etc., and I have it mostly figured out. Actually the “disks” utility is quite nice and simple, I guess that’s the frontend for udisks.

    Anyway, I have an ntfs partition configured to mount at start up in my home folder. I decided to put the mount point there, as I figured it would be inaccessible to other standard users, or it should be. I set it to mount at startup so I would immediately have it available when I log in. Problem is, the partition and all it’s folders are available and editable by all other users. That’s a problem. I even went into “disks” again and set it to use additional authorizations. That works partially to the extent that if I log in as any other standard user, they will have to entire root password to access the device. However, if I have already logged in, and fail to unmount the partition upon logout, the partition is shown as mounted and all information editable to other standard users.

    As I mentioned, I am just now starting to dig into this, so I feel like it’s something really simple that I’m missing. This was also a problem in PYSDM which I didn’t really like to begin with. The “disks” tool seems much more streamlined which is nice. But this same behavior doesn’t seem right. Can anyone learn me a thing or two?

  146. PAE support

    People who are talking about PAE being an old feature are forgetting that Intel, in their wisdom, made one of the better laptop processors WITHOUT PAE support. The Mobile Pentium M processor that appears in many laptops that are less than 8 years old, including all IBM T4X Thinkpads, and Dell D series laptops which are still coming on the market as good, cheap, ex-corporate laptops for students and other people on limited budgets.

    I feel that a lot of Linux distros are abandoning one of the real benefits of Linux, that of re-using older hardware that is not suitable for patched Windows releases. When the recommended RAM is 1GB, why do you need PAE? If you need the RAM, you will buy a 64 bit machine.

  147. Great release!
    Running the Cinnamon 64-bit on my VAIO netbook.
    The open source graphics drivers are a lot more stable and reliable than the proprietary ones it seems now.
    Also using bluetooth to use my cellphone’s internet connection is working directly out of the box as well, very cool.

    I’m having some issues with the ON/OFF switches in the wireless controls though. If I turn off the wireless, I can not turn it on anymore, unless I use the command “rfkill unblock all”. When I turn on Mobile Broadband, the connection is made, but the switch still shows as OFF, and I am unable to disable the connection unless I completely turn my bluetooth off and back on. Also, when the mobile broadband over bluetooth becomes available, it shows the message “You are now offline” instead of something like “Mobile broadband connections are available”.

  148. I’m also unable to do any configuring of the mobile broadband connection. The “Network Settings” button from the taskbar does not show this at all, and is furthermore totally useless for configuring anything at all. The “Network Connections” window that’s opened from the menu does show a mobile broadband tab, but it does not list the connection that is available trough bluetooth.

  149. PB
    Thanks for responding. I have only the on board NIC when I had the problem. I did however end up putting another NIC (PCI) in the one of the PC’s to see if it would be any better.
    What information exactly are you looking for in my network manager?
    Thanks again.

  150. I downloaded the linuxmint 14, but I was unable to boot it from my hard disk of My HP Probook laptop after having installed it with the Microsoft Windows 7 Professional; however, I am able to boot it from the dvd disk drive, but it is very slow booting it.

    Please advise.

    Thank you, Jose Pereira

  151. cortexed

    I’m assuming the PCI NIC didn’t work either? Did you make sure to disable the on board NIC in your BIOS settings? If you installed the PCI card with the on board one still enabled, it can often cause a conflict.

    It’s not that you can’t have two NICs enabled, you just have to know what you’re doing. People will often use two NICs to set the PC up as a router.

    But for your purposes, you are best served disabling your on board NIC is you have a PCI card installed.

    Also, I was just interested to see if you were getting an IP address through DHCP or are you getting a static from your ISP? My guess is you are getting it through DHCP, which shouldn’t be a problem at all unless Mint doesn’t like your NIC. People don’t generally request a static from there ISP unless they are hosting a Cisco VPN, or for other more specific reasons. I guess I was just curious.

  152. Hi, thanks for this release but somehow I am getting problems besides the UEFI booting issue at 64bit systems. my wireless card BCM4313 isn’t recognized and my ethernet card atheros AR8132 isnt working as well 🙁 ethernet was working in LM13 though.. still looking for a fix.

  153. I have installed it in a virtual machine, just to see what it is. Yes, it looks good, yes it works, but I still wonder why Mint is bringing out a new version 6 months after releasing a 5-year supported LTS version? Is it just to keep up with Ubuntu? Why not skip one or 2 versions and just focus in trying to make the LTS version even better, more stable, faster, more secure?
    Why do there have to be new releases every 6 months?
    When, like what is happening now, people can’t wait to install Mint14, what is the use of having an LTS version? Just for those few who don’t rush into the latest version?
    I would suggest to work longer on a release, especially an LTS release to really have a great version, but I guess I am the only one. What a pitty.

  154. I’ve recently moved over to Linux and I’m using 12 LXDE. It’s great! Stable, light and I’ve gradually worked my way arounfdwhere everything lies and how it holds together.

    But what’s the point of these continual new versions that offer very little in real benefits – it’s just dragging the hardware down??? One of the reason to switch to Linux was the better and more efficient use of resources. I dislike the appearance of MATE and Cinnamon look in their present incarnations, and they are slower to use.

    Has it just become an exercise to ‘Keep Up with the Joneses?’ and make everyone think it must be better as it has a larger version number (a la Firefox)?

    Don’t change for the sake of it.

  155. I’m having problems with Mint 14 64-bit Cinnamon. I did get my Radeon 3000 Series to work, but that’s not like in Mint 13.
    – Time to time my screen flickers
    – When computer locks, my screen get totally screwed until unlocked it, then i get normal picture
    – HPLIP isn’t supported for Mint 14
    – i’m having some strange Traces when i want restart or shutdown computer – i see that is somehow connected with fglrx driver

    So i’m going back to Mint 13 Cinnamon and I’ll update Cinnamon to latest version so i can get new functionality.

    I read that a lot people have problems with 12.10 version and graphic drivers… until that fixed i’m on Mint 13 🙂

  156. For god’s sake, please change that MintX theme! When other operating systems are going great on graphics, why the hell LM is lacking there? One of my friend actually asked me if i am using a grayscale monitor looking at this theme! I have been waiting since LM10 for this theme to change. I was a happy user of LM until then! No doubt LM is a great operating system but if that doesn’t appeal to the user’s eyes, it makes no sense! The boring default desktop background, the pale and macish Nautilus screens, the extra small size icons on the tool bars etc..etc keep me 10 miles away from LM. I am fan of Clem and LM. Hope he listens and please change it atleast in the next edition!

  157. @225
    JKCH Says:
    November 23rd, 2012 at 9:34 am
    LM14 x64 display issues nVidia G96 FX770M on HP 8530w attempted to display dual screen on HDMI, reverted to LM13.


    I got it all fixed following the instructions from here:

    dns-fix = solved DNS issues when entered as root

    NVidia binary drivers installed ( no HDMI audio output on HP 8530w yet ) and running on Twinview.

  158. I love Linux Mint, but enough is enough. Still no Broadcom 43xx, and now you hid the add additional hardware. My lapper worked on Mint7 without those headaches. I am not pleased. Yes 7 versions of mint with broken wireless. Now with coiled cat cable in hand there is no additional driver app. F$%%$$$$$

  159. great job!! love linux-mint (still not perfect but on a good way)

    special thanks to the last release 14 – it extreamly improved performace on my offive-pc.

    PS:(soon I will install it on my parents PC 😉 )

  160. I have been using Linux Mint since LM 8, and LM 14 to me is the most impressive one! Really great! Really love it! Thanks to the team… And the name “Nadia”…uuuuuhhh is sooo lovely… 🙂

  161. Kirk

    You’re complaint is quite valid but I’d direct the complaint to Ubuntu, not Mint.

    no because the people here are using mint and not ubuntu. then if i know that i’ll tell to the people. in fact we speak here about a thing which could be done in 30 sec. with no effort.

  162. @ Mrfedex: Ya, it is quite irritating. Additional drivers is now relocated in the software sources. Run software sources, you will find the tab.

    or, you can do the install manually via following commands, ofcourse u need running internet for that;

    sudo apt-get install bcmwl-kernel-source

    also, there seems a bug which sometimes doesn’t load the driver on system start. To fix it run the following as root:

    sudo echo wl >> /etc/modules

  163. Hm, I have a notebook Asus k55a with UEFI, for the first time did not recognize the partition with win7. I can not install because I need to dualboot with win7 where I have to cut Cubase music

  164. Hm, I have a notebook Asus k55a with UEFI, Linux for the first time did not recognize the partition with win7. I can not install because I need to dualboot with win7 where I have to cut Cubase music

  165. I have been wanting to convert from Windows to Linux for a couple years now and have tried just about every beginner distro available and although some were very good, something always seemed to be missing and force me back to Windows 7. I have been using Mint 14 64-bit Cinnamon in a dual boot since its release and I have to say this is the one I have been waiting for. I have had no problems at all and have not even used Windows in over a week. Thank you Mint team!!! It’s very likely you have converted a Windows user to a very satisfied and exclusive Linux Mint user.

  166. Wow, what a revelation, after deciding that 32bit ZorinOS6.1 is currently the best choice for my workhorse desktop rigs.
    The 32bit Cinnamon version of LinuxMint-13 is proving more stable and almost as fast as 32bit ZorinOS6.1 when compared on a like with like basis installed on Lexar USBkeys, that then allows checkout on different rigs.
    The 32bit MATE version is a bit of a disaster by comparison, and although quite a lot of folk are reporting satisfactory operation, most folk seem happier with the Cinnamon version.
    Since the 32bit Cinnamon version doesn’t have access to CPU Speed monitoring and Control, nor to Hardware Monitoring it’s not suitable for my workhorse desktop rigs, whilst its non-LTS lack of NVIDIA-295 driver means that I can’t use it to drive my Samsung SmartTV, but it’s already serving as a very useful, transportable tool.

  167. Thanks for this amazing release! Apart from Ubuntu, you manage it to give even another bonus from release to release.

    If still possible, I would like to propose a wish for the KDE release which is to come up next:
    Please polish it a bit more (plasma theme, icon set, display manager theme). A good place to start off would be the Caledonia Pack. You could use this as a base and enhance it with the typical Linux Mint colors (as seen in the Cinnamon edition).
    That really would place Mint 14 KDE at the top of currently available KDE distributions.

  168. No uefi boot again – disappointing. This means that if a novice linux user tries to install Linux Mint 14 on his brand new uefi notebook he will certainly fail. I’ve been installing linux for 14 years but I’m still a user, not a hacker, and the only way I could get Mint 13 to boot on my uefi notebook was to install Ubuntu-Secure-Remix after Mint. This Ubuntu boots uefi AND detected my Mint 13 install. I’ll be skipping Mint 14 and waiting for Mint 15 (hopefully that will have uefi support).

  169. Been using Windows since version 3.1, but just two days using Mint Cinnamon and I’m ready to dump the dual boot safety net to Windows. I love this OS!

  170. This is my fav linux distro. Mint and it’s amazing features really makes it an advanced OS .. Cinnmamon is the best desktop environment ever released. Thanks a lot for developers.

  171. Firstly, thanks for the best OS since it’s inception 🙂

    Something that has happened in Nadia now on my Dell laptop is that sometimes Nadia boots up into the terminal window only. I would then ‘sudo reboot’ and it would restart the laptop and it would boot up into Cinnamon just fine. Sometimes I would restart Nadia and all would be fine for a couple of boots then then ever so often it would boot to the terminal ‘prompt’ only, asking for username and password.

    Any ideas, guys? If I am at this prompt, how do I ‘start’ the desktop in any case (it might be faster than constantly rebooting until the desktop decided to kick in!).

    I thought it might be that Nadia doesn’t always pick up the graphics card or maybe the ‘thing’ that makes Cinnamon detect something doesn’t work and then it does the second best thing it can, to boot to the terminal?

    As you might have guessed, I and quite Noob as Linux 🙂

  172. I managed to get linux mint grub-efi menu to appear however when I press enter to boot the live-cd it completely hangs and as far as i know there is no way around this.

  173. This is a very fine release. No more freezes like I experienced running Mate in release 13.

    Nice job of network scanner detection of the church’s Canon Pixma MX880. I installed the printer and the scanning just worked (simple scan)- I didn’t have to configure anything!

  174. PB
    I only had the PCI NIC in the PC because the onboard NIC wouldn’t work. (That’s also only on one out of 3 PC’s I tried)
    Yes I have DHCP coming from my router/modem.
    Any other suggestions?

  175. Hi Guys,

    Kudos for the great work. However I saw some problem with VLC Media Player while playing one of my 720p mp4 video. It was playing smooth in Mint 13 but with Mint 14, VLC distorting some portion of video. I thought it was my system problem (since it is bit old) but mplayer plays the same video clean. It may be VLC problem, just wanted to inform.


  176. @Adriaan, if you get booted into a tty, you might want to try
    Ctrl-Alt-F7 (or Ctrl-Alt-F8)
    to get to the DM (Display Manager, the graphical login manager). I know there was another LM version which had this intermittent issue (fixed).

    If the DM is not already running, the command is
    to start the X Window System.

  177. I’ve been stuck with Ubuntu for a couple of editions, as I really liked Gnome Shell and all that new stuff that seemed to make me alot more productive. Yet after some updates and a crash that followed I could no longer start X and so i turned back to Mint. I’d say it’s an excellent job, Clem. Really. Cinnamon is really impressive, and I can still use my habits left from Gnome Shell (active corner for task-switching). Of course, there are some issues, but I’m confident they’ll be sorted out. It’s just that it would be great to have some more configuration options, like limiting the number of workspaces and an easy toggle between them. But that’s nothing. Keep up the good work!

  178. cortexed@296

    Pardon me if you’ve already mentioned this, did you check to see if the Software Sources utilities suggested any additional drivers to install for your NIC? If your card has a particular Broadcom CPU, you might need a driver installed. Go to Software Sources, and selected the “Additional Drivers” tab and see if it gives you any information on network adapter drivers.

  179. how can you add programs to the default program list. i cant even find a way to search for other programs to open files.

  180. ¡Naaaah! Que alegría… entré a la web por aburrimiento y me encuentro con esta nueva distro. ¿Tan rápido sacaron otra?
    Algunas de las características las tengo ya incorporadas en “Maya”, como el nuevo Kernel y Cinnamon 1.6.
    Espero que hayan solucionado lo del plymouth… es algo que no me puedo bancar (ver la pantalla en negro hasta que inicie el sistema). Había intentado de todo. Gracias por el laburito que hacen por nosotros. Si pudiera les donaría, pero en este momento no puedo. Gracias.

  181. OH! This 14 is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I can’t believe the speed I’m getting out of this thing. Whatever you all are doing keep it up. … 14 is FANTASTIC!!!! … oh yeah, everything works on my Lenovo, don’t know what’s inside because it’s a work computer.

  182. 64 bit both version doa here on multiple systems. floppy does not mount. network connects but does not pass data. video at low resolution with overscan with crt and hdtv. sound winks in and out in tray. cinnemon freezes with empty windows. can not update to fix due to networking. going to pepermint mate 64.

  183. Hi Clem,

    I just downloaded and tried to install Linux-Mint 14.1 Cinnamon/Mate on my UEFI based laptop, unfortunately the live DVD isn’t booting in UEFI mode.

    Is this new iso has UEFI issue fixed ? Can we use it for installation on production machine ?

    Edit by Clem: Yes, 14.1 fixes the issue with grub-efi failing to install.

  184. I’ve discovered that Ubuntu Isos when burned and booted from DVD have the problem of Hanging like the Linux Mint 14 DVD… looks like ill have to stick to windows 8 untill this is fixed

  185. @jordi,

    I’ve seen same issues here also Linux Mint-14.1, liveDVD is not booting in UEFI mode, instead system seems to a lot lot lot slower than main release version.

    UEFI is still broken Linux Mint 14.1 ISO images.

    @Clem, please fix UEFI issues & test release once.

    Mint is my favourite distro since last 4 years.! 🙁

  186. Clem,

    I could install UEFI without any issues, only when I wrote the ISO image to USB via. ubuntu’s “usb-creator-gtk”, but bad part is the Metacity is broken and the borders are vanished, when I log into Cinnamon.

  187. Looks like I have run into stability issues with Nemo and Cinnamon 1.6. Nemo does not like having 2 windows open at the same time when copying and pasting from one folder into another in a different window. When I start doing this Nemo crashes and the desktop icons disappear. I have to either restart Nemo or restart X by going control/alt/backspace and log back in. I also run wallch on the desktop and don’t know if this is contributing to the issue. Wallch works smoothly on Mint 13 cinnamon but on 14 the wallpaper changes rather abruptly, no smooth transition from one image to the other. And I get no error messages or logs to look up, so I’m not sure where the issue is coming from. I have a Nvidia 9500GT video card with the current Nvidia drivers, so I know that is not an issue. May want to check into this. I have been using Mint since 9, but I will stick to Mint 13 cinnamon for now.
    Thanks in advance,

  188. After doing a complete install with Linux Mint 14 my system hangs on boot up. Works fine with Linux Mint 13. I even deleted the partition and did a fresh install and still hangs on boot up.

  189. Congratulations on an outstanding distro. Mint 13 KDE finally convinced me to move off Win7. Now just waiting for the KDE (4.9 😉 version before upgrading.

  190. When is Linux Mint 14 KDE coming out? I love Linux Mint but can’t stand either Mate or Cinnamon. I love KDE’s look and feel. Please respond soon.


  191. UEFI is a problem, while there is no possibility to get linux on this PC, it’s a matter of firmware, BIOS does not solve anything … I hope that over time will find feature

  192. Hola gracias, mi duda e pregunta es que al hacer un usb booteable sale la pantalla de inicio pero me pide pass y user no se cual poner recien comienso la instalacion me gustaria saber si me podrian ayudar ya que en el linuxmint 13 no me pedia pass ni user……


  193. many thanks for your work. I was extremely happy that mint 14 mate worked on eeepc 1025 flare series until this morning. even hdmi.
    However after this last update the system does not start anymore because of x-server not properly starting. also new 14.1 cannot be started. rgds ernst

  194. well maya was a complete fail for me. buggy and slow with lots of manual installs which were extremely complicated.
    went back to sweet lisa she so fine she sweet wine.
    perhaps we could keep lisa and re releeaase maya and nadia versions that actually work out of box. …the hurrier we go the behinder we get.

  195. Hi there,

    after updating from 13 to 14 i cant download pics via usb from my nikon p7000 . that bug wasnt existing before the update.
    after connecting the camera i can see all the pics as thumbs in caja. but transfering them to the pc fails!!!!
    what can i do to fix it????

    best wishes and thanks for mint

  196. Running a Compaq CQ5110F with a 2x AMD Athlon 7550 Dual-Core Processor and 2972660 kB total memory, I installed Linux Mint 14 Nadia this afternoon without a glitch from start to finish. I didn’t time the install, but it seemed to go faster than previous Mints or any other Linux distribution on this machine.

    I do note that Mint cannot recognize an external hard drive formatted with exfat. That’s no problem.

    Many thanks for all your hard work and for your fine results.

  197. Mint 14 and libreoffice

    I first want to congratulate the Mint Team !!! great releases but now I have some problems with a newly installed mint14 in combination with LibreOffice. I am a sysadmin at several SMEs and I moved them all from MS to linux (first ubuntu and now moint). Currently the mint13 is a painless environment and I have hardly any user with problems (great) but after I rolled out mint14 for a new user I got the following problem :

    When saving a doc file (MS office 2003) as a doc file, libreoffice crashes and the file without any updates goes into recovery mode … I installed mint14 from scratch and did not modify anything

    the odd thing with mint13 and libreoffice, there is no problem (save as works fine) with an upgraded mint14, there is no problem (save as works fine)

    this happed on acer one d522 machine and a no-name PC (amd based) both are running a 64 bit version of mint (virgin install)

    the other machines : – acer X1370 upgraded mint14 and – a dell 1520 (mint13 out of the box) do not show this proble

    Does it mean I have to hold off to install mint14 and go on with 13 ? Mint14 is snappier than 13 and it is supposed to be more stable ….

    if it is a bug I am happy to file it but the Ubuntu moderator deleted the entry while saying it is not Ubuntu but Mint therefore no support and Libreoffice says it is related to the OS and not of their concerns ….

    Philip Van Cleven

  198. Hi,

    can anybody tell me what´s about Linux Mint 14 with KDE?
    I found nothing official on the Mint webite, just a hint in the web for a KDE release somewhere in December?
    Can anyone confirm this?
    Many thanks in advance.

  199. Is it really safe to install Mint (or any other Linux distro) onto the same hard drive as an MS Windoze 7 installation? I used to have another computer onto which I could load a *NIX OS, but now I am down to a single system. So I wouldn’t want to hose what I’ve got.

  200. I’ve been experimenting enthsiastically with various distros, Mint, Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenSuse Puppy . .
    Mint 13 x64 cinnamon is working well, thanks and on another machine, the upgrade to Mint 14 x 64 mate was eventually achieved, but MY configuration was lost. With upgrades in future I’d like to be able to confidently preserve my desktop, Opera setup, my selection of software and their settings but I can’t successfully use the Backup and Restore program. Though going through the motions, the destination files are always empty, though the apps list does open. I suspect there is still some development going on and it would be useful to know if BU&R is functional. Can I backup to a partition on the same HDD and how (if relevant) must it be formatted, to a partition on a shared HDD or do I have to use an entirely separate media? RickinMaidenheadUK

  201. I downloaded the linuxment 14 and installed it on the hard drive of my laptop computer; however, I have not been able to boot because there was a statement that the boot procedure or iso crashed. What can I do to rectify this situation.

    Please help and advise.

    Thank you, Joe Pereira

  202. linux mint 13 cinnamont maya : perfetto , molto stabile ,non mi ha dato nessun problema. veramente bravi complimenti.Adesso provo mint 14 nadia.

  203. After installing mint14/mate, the system hangs for a few minutes with a message about waiting for the network manager to start (before getting to the log-in screen), and once logged in, in the panel, I can see a broken network connection even though I am connected and online, and the tooltip reports that the network manager is not running…

    No problem under mint13/xfce. I will admit not being a fan of Mate as I always used xfce, but I am curious about this oddity. Anyone else? I don’t plan on using this for too long, but I am quite puzzled.

    Thanks everyone.

  204. I’ve been using cinnamon for a while, but just because bluetooth wasn’t operational yet in mate… So with this release I switched right back to mate 🙂 It’s just more stable when using beamers, network printers, etc… And I love the Gnome 2 style 🙂

  205. I installed Linux Mint 14.1, my Desktop Background images are missing in the Cinnamon settings. What’s wrong????!

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