Linux Mint 13 OEM released!

The following OEM installation images are now available:

Reminder: OEM images are for computer vendors and manufacturers. They allow Linux Mint to be “pre-installed” on a machine which is then used by another person than the one who performed the installation. After an OEM installation, the computer is set in such a way that the next reboot features a small setup screen where the new user/customer has the ability to choose his/her username, password, keyboard layout and locale.


  1. Oooh, i get to write the first comment!

    Clement and the whole team, Linux Mint 13 looks extra-mintylicious!

  2. Agreed. Fantastic distribution. I convince on average about one friend a month to try to Mint, performing the installation for most, so I look forward to playing with this development.

  3. Yay … any indication when we will see the first Mint devices ?

    Edit by Clem: The mintBox should be available next week, stay tuned 🙂

  4. when ubuntu-based changes will be ported to lmde? I’m waiting especially for gnome shell 3.4, do you plan to insert it in UP5 or you’ll wait when it goes stable on debian?

  5. I was waiting for a Debian Full compatible Distribution (with many of the new software I need but not being Ubuntu -I don’t like it-). I started with Debian and I enjoy the stability, now I use this Mint release because mixes both things: stability and New Software with a pretty look.

    Please, keep the Debian compatible release in your plans.

  6. I’m still waiting for the KDE version of ’13. Please consider doing an OEM flavor for that too. (I’d like to use THAT for the Windoze machines I recycle on “freecycle”). I recently installed Mint 12 KDE on a spare computer and customized it with Cario-dock so it looks like Mac-OS. I lent that computer to my daughter to use after her windows machine became a ‘bot and refused to run. (We ordered her a new Macbook for college which may show up today). Based on how well Mint-12 KDE is working on a machine I set up at work I will probably upgrade my own personal desktop with Mint-13 KDE (it’s currently running Mint-9 LTS Gnome).

  7. wow oem will be brilliant when relatives ask me to build their computer and don’t mind what I put on there. it will save me the hassle of setting up users for them.

    unfortunately i don’t know any major companys that would use it.

    for mass production would it be possible to put the image on a network server and install from their; instead of wasting dvds.

  8. Will there ever be a UK (or at the very least, European) Linux Mint OEM? All those that I see are American.

  9. The OEM version is probably the most under appreciated but it’s probably the best way to spread awareness to users who never even knew about Mint. Good strategy if you can get agreements with large vendors!

  10. Despite my age and fragile health, my next non-guru challenge was going to be to ‘have a dabble’ with mintconstructor to achieve something very similar to help ‘spread the word’, but this will save me the hassle, so thank you very much.
    (There’s been ‘a lot of water under the bridge’ since the Celena debate about the right approach to take for Daryna, but you haven’t let me down yet, so thank you also for that.)

  11. The OEM version is very helpful, and I love LM13. LM13 is almost as good as LMDE. I am definitely going to fix people computers with the OEM version. I also will think about building custom computers with LM13. Thanks, Clem.

  12. Where/how can we get a list of the difference in the packages between the Regular and OEM versions? I tried playing with the oem-config on a regular install but it keeps breaking my system after I run it.

  13. I have been using Mint13 cinnamon for a week now and I must say its a great release – the best ever yet after Mint11… I just love it, once I finished setting it up my way I only can say! GREAT!! and CONGRATS!!!
    – my only problem so far is not able to use a decent program/way to remote desktop/control it and get the awesome cinnamon desktop (just the classic), I hope they fix that soon!! I am really missing that option. I found the only program that gets the Cinnamon desktop is the latest teamviewer, but its slow…


  14. In case it’s of further interest I have found that it’s possible to fit either version into one partition of a ’16GB’ or better yet, of a ’32GB’ USBkey that allows a second partition to then contain easily changed and even ‘read as WinDATA’ demonstration files etc, for use by the subsequently configured and added to ‘persistent’ OEM demo version.
    Invoking ‘sudo ubiquity’ in a Terminal then simply ignores those changes, thus invoking OEM USBkey standard installation, for subsequent Customer Preferences activation, all making it a very powerful ‘spread the word’ USBkey !
    Of course it all depends upon the target PC being able to boot from USB, so conventional Live and OEM DVDs should probably also be carried.

  15. Nice update,

    This one has better video than previous version, which didnt work with my motherboard. Now I am really happy. I will try to put Maya in my cash registers and see if the touch screen works out of the box…

    One improvement could be: For minitube it installs an old version, which cannot play youtube movies. So I need to do following lines. Probably unexperienced users cannot type following lines:

    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:tista/selene
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install selene-theme



  16. Очень понравился классический гном в Linux Mint 12. В Linux Mint 13 плохо работает менеджер сети (не раздает Интернет по WI-FI). В Ubuntu и Edubuntu менеджер сети работает хорошо. Cinnamon понравился, но после дополнительной установки gnome-shell. Будет ли Linux Mint создан на основе Edubuntu? У меня не работал Интернет в Virtualbox Linux mint 13. Я сначала тоже думал, что у меня проблема с Virtualbox. На самом деле, что-то с менеджером сети, так как он не раздает Интернет по WI-FI.

  17. It would be great to have a 32-BIT OEM version available.
    The 32-BIT processor hasn’t bin sold out and is still in use. Looking at the sockets of the mainboards.

  18. A very nice stable OS.
    Down to earth easy to use
    32 bit seems to work fine also.
    KEEP it simple



  19. @ Pascal: Socket 775 (Intel) and 754 (AMD) were the first with 64-bit cpu’s available (but those sockets also support a few 32-bit only cpu’s). Anything older than that is hardly sold anymore. You may not know it but most 2006 and later PC’s with windows 32-bit actually can run 64-bit OS fine. For older computers you indeed usually need 32-bit OS. For Intel-based laptops 64-bit support was a bit later, with the Core 2 series in 2007.

  20. What about automated installations, e.g. using preseed/kickstart. Are you planning to support that, too?

  21. Mint’s been good for quite a while, but this latest Maya 13 distribution should be a worldwide standard OS. It absolutely hits the nail right on the head: fast, rock solid, all the working admin tools, no showing-off at the expense of functionality, and EVERYTHING works.

    Love it love it love it… thank you so much to the Mint team.


  22. In response to those looking for a 32 bit version, there IS one in the download area.

    I also run a low powered machine and find the Debian xfce version very good for this.


  23. It would be great if PC manufacturers and enterprise customers had as many incentives as possible to have LM on their machines. Providing an OEM version of LM is a step in the right direction, but more is needed.

    Individual users would be less inclined to choose LM over Windows when purchasing a new computer. Even if the price were around 100 USD cheaper, for the small additional marginal cost, customers would tend to opt for the more familiar OS.

    Although LM is currently a desktop system, if there were a server edition, institutions that were buying a large number of client machines would save significant amounts of money by not having Windows loaded by default. The large cost savings, plus the advantages of coupling linux clients with a linux server would have considerable appeal to large organizations.

  24. @29

    The 32bit builds in the download area aren’t OEM, unless I’m missing something.

    I too would very much like to see a 32bit OEM build of Mint 13. There may not be too many 32bit PCs flying off the shelves anymore, but there are still plenty of P4s in circulation through both professional and hobbyist refurbishers (such as myself)!

  25. Lm13 Cinnamon 32 bits. If I write a great and important message in the browser – freezes …. Write a text or an estimate is calculated in Libreoffice – freezes ….
    You will make! Please!
    And the rest of LM13 love it! Thank you!

  26. payah, crossplatformui 2.3.1 untuk modem prolink pcm100 tidak bisa digunakan pada linux mint 13, padahal di linux mint 12 bisa!

  27. Up until just yesterday, I was running Win7 on this computer. I have had LM on different machines on and off for the last few years. Yesterday I decided to make the switch permanently over to LM13. Tried Cinnamon first. No joy. Seemed to run awful slow and sluggish on my PC so tried Mate. Mate flies on this machine. I don’t understand why the big difference but Mate is awesome. The PC runs faster now than ever. Internet is way faster compared to Win7 as well. Things are so much better now. Maybe someone can tell me why Mate worked so much better than Cinnamon? Of course both were the 64 bit versions. Here are some of the PC specs..
    Zotac ZBOX-AD02-U AMD Dual-Core Processor E-350 1.6GHZ, AMD M1 Chipset, 8Gb G.Skill DDR3, AMD Radeon HD 6310 Graphics w/HDMI/DVI, 7.1-Channel HD Audio, Gigabit Lan, Wireless 802.11n/g/b.
    It is a surprisingly awesome little machine and is perfect for everyday internet use. WAY better than the crappy old Acer Revo I had. These little AMD processors smoke the hell out of the Atom processors. Thanks for any info you can provide.

    Great job on LM as usual. Keep up the awesome work.

  28. What a great release..I’m a convert..officially retiring all my Win-x machines. Just one minor issue..power management on Asus P8z68-m pro..just wont come back after it suspends..

  29. Will Linux Mint and LMDE eventually be able to run GNOME or Cinnamon without a 3D driver as in Fedora?

  30. Hmmm….Ok,its nice,but I think I still prefer version 11. V11 resets nicely on my widescreen 21″ monitor and covers the whole screen.
    This version somehow will not do the same, and leaves 2 black bars on each side of the screen, no matter what resolution I select. If I choose one to fit the width,the height is all wrong, and vice versa, aargh!
    I`m using it under VMware v8,so wonder why all other virtual machines,including all Windows,Linux & Mac Snow Leopard versions,all adjust to fit the screen except this one. None of the resolutions given exactly fit my screen dimensions, anyone know of how to obtain different resolutions than those given,e.g 1920×1080?

  31. thanks, a useful release, but localization fails too often, especially 64-bit, don’t know why…

  32. Hi,

    once again, it looks like you are steadily building towards a revolution in the operating system world – great job all of you!

    Please, please, make a LXDE release as well, and please keep doing this with future releases as well.



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