Mint 10 KDE approved for RC release

Both 32-bit and 64-bit ISO images were approved. The Linux Mint 10 KDE Edition, featuring KDE 4.6, will be publicly available this week as an RC release.


  1. I’m writing this on LM 10 KDE, and it is running smoothly, looking incredibly polished. What a great job! Congratulations!

  2. Great news and a fine job of overcoming the hurdles and setbacks of the last few months, those who bothered to read the past blog posts know that it hasn’t been easy for you folks at Mint this Winter season. And I’d disregard any snarky remarks about Kubuntu 11.04 being 2 months away. LM 10 KDE I believe will be the first major distro to officially release with KDE 4.6 as the default desktop and if I know Mint, it’ll be fine release.

    I’m downloading it now and have a test partition already with it’s name on it.

  3. Great news, thanks for letting us know. I’ve been watching the community site, so I knew it couldn’t be far off. I can’t wait to install it. 😀

    As for the Kubuntu remark, have you tried Kubuntu 10.10? I have and, as usual, it’s full of bugs, some of them pretty big. I’d rather wait for the Mint team to get theirs right than rush a release before it’s ready, like Canonical does.

  4. Can’t wait! Does iPod touch support work? I remember it worked great in mint kde 9 and kubuntu 10.04 but kubuntu 10.10 broke it.

  5. Great news. We’ve been looking out for this for long time. Appreciate all your hard work. Thank you to the whole team.

  6. Yay! It was a killing wait for this one :O
    Nobel-prizes for Boo & Clem!
    Hmm; no Mint4Win inside the ISO…what to do?

  7. These news really surprised me. When i first read that the original ISOs were going to be discarded, i though there would be another 3 months of waiting, so…


    I take back what i said, about Kubuntu 11.04 coming out earlier that KMint.

    KDE 4.6 has already proved to be the right choice. And was definitely worth the wait.
    And the small window between the anouncement and the anouncement of the ISOs, makes me wonder what goodies were developed in the other previous weeks…

  8. I’m going to wait until it goes gold….. but I’ve been using Mint 9 KDE as my alternate business system and can’t wait to see the difference KDE 4.6 makes!

  9. Congratulations to Mint team

    Thanks Boo and Clem =)

    I’m sure this edition will be my default desktop for months!

    Greetings from México

  10. Congratulations Boo! KDE 4.6.0 was worth the wait in my opinion. Please don’t bash kubuntu, their forum has many terrific people that go above and beyond to help resolve problems. We build off kubuntu packages and I have nothing but respect for them and their work.

    Again, congratulations on a fine release candidate.


  11. I hope people will quit bashing Ubuntu. Yes, their releases are not perfect. It’s mostly the complexity of both hardware and software. However, noone is gun-pointing anyone to upgrade the very next day when a new ISO hits the web. But those to take it, test it and work with the official developers are doing a great job. It’s how open source works – people get together and accomplish great things together.

    As I see it, Ubuntu has a tremendous role in the open source ecosystem. They are constantly pushing new software out the door, giving it a shot at growing up and mature with the help of a huge community. With all their flaws and overly debated decisions, we have to admit Ubuntu has helped GNU/Linux a lot.

    Of course, part of the many people testing and fixing stuff are our beloved Mint developers so thanks guys! You’re doing a great job and we love it! 🙂 Keep up the good work because we will support you all the way as much as we can.

  12. People who say Ubuntu is buggy, are those who install it on it’s RC release, or the very day it comes out and then trash it after a couple of days.
    Anyone who waits a month after a Ubuntu release and then installs all the updates can’t say Ubuntu is buggy.
    I still don’t like or use it, cause i think Mint is in fact superior. But i can’t say it’s buggy. Compared to Windows, it works like a charm, and that’s something considering it’s FREE.

  13. I’m looking forward to giving Mint 10 KDE a whirl on my test box. I settled back in to Mint 10 standard a few months ago after doing the merry-go-round again. Although I was never a big fan of GNOME, I committed to at least trying it out for 2 months, and I’m not sorry. Mint has a very understated professional look and feel, and I think Clem has done an amazing job. It’s come a long way since I first tried it 4 years ago. I’ve used Ubuntu 10 also. It’s very impressive and I found it to be extremely fast and stable, but for some reason it’s just not my cup of tea. For someone migrating from Windows, however, it’s an excellent alternative. It’s good to see the original spirit of free/open software live on. The work of rms has not been in vain!

  14. I am sure mint 10 kde stable will be the most awesome kde release thanks to kde 4.6!

    Well I am eagerly waiting to lay my hands on this rc and then on the stable one.

    Thank you Mint team!

  15. Thanks Clem and Boo, i am sure that once i install this LM 10 i will be a very happy man.

    From what i have been reading it looks like it is worth the wait.

  16. i was just seeing the kubuntu 11.04 features and some got my attention:

    – Phonon GStreamer backend
    – udisks/upower replaces hal

    will mint 10 KDE have these?

  17. I’d be more happier to use KDE version of LMDE in future because currently I,m very satisfied with LMDE Gnome amd64 and expect the same level of excellence in all Debian based releases by Linux Mint Team. I hope Clem is capable enough to deliver excellent releases in future. May God always be with him and grant him every success what he desires.

    My best wishes and thanks to all people working towards the betterment of Linux Mint. I also urge Linux Mint users to donate generously for this noble cause and inspire other people to try and use Linux Mint and feel the difference.

    I have personally installed Linux Mint’s various editions to at least 10 computers of my friends in dual boot with their existing Windows OS. They now understand the power of Linux Mint. One of my friend’s Memory Card used in his Digital Camera got infected by a deadly Windows virus which could not be accessed even after using many anti-viruses and ultimately it was Linux Mint which rescued the whole data contained in it. Since that incidence he voluntarily got Linux Mint installed in his PC in dual boot with windows and have started learning to use it to his advantage.

  18. Wooo Hoooo

    I am whole again !!!!
    Downloading and will test ofr the next week or so.

    Cheers Kendall, jaimie and clem.


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