Fedora Remix “Lucky13” featuring mintMenu

Fedora 13 remix Lucky 13 featuring mintMenu

Fedora 13 remix "Lucky 13" featuring mintMenu

A few months ago, I talked about mintMenu being ported to Fedora. I was excited to see it happen. Using technologies such as Git and GitHub.com we can easily fork projects and keep track of the improvements and bug fixes done on each fork. Commits can be selectively applied and so the more our technologies are forked, the more momentum they get, the more communities provide feedback and ideas for them, and the faster they improve.

Fedora is a quality distribution, with a solid base and a great community and it’s nice to see our desktop innovations being ported to it. It’s something I was personally interested in doing but that doesn’t fit in the scope of our project. I was contacted by Valent Turkovic about a new Fedora 13 remix, “Lucky 13”, featuring mintMenu and I thought that deserved to be mentioned in the blog.

Link: http://fcoremix.wordpress.com/2010/05/25/lucky-13/


  1. By the way, MintMenu is also available in PCLinuxOS, I installed it on the Gnome edition 😉

  2. I’ve always had interest in Fedora, however I found it very hard to understand. The .rpm packaging software I found it to be difficult when it comes to me installing software. Also I didn’t found as much software as available in contrast to .deb

    I will try this Fedora 13 Remix, but knowing that their system still runs on .rpm which I do not understand, I will simply test it on a Virtual machine instead of installing it natively on another old machine I do not use.

  3. Wow…. I have been waiting on a Fedora/Mint remix. 🙂
    I just put it on my USB flash and it runs great!!

  4. Its all very encouraging I have been running it for around 2 hours now with no hiccups

    Is there any way Ubuntu can be DUMPED now and Mint 10 be entirely Fedora ?

    It is just what Mint deserves

  5. I used Fedora 4 way back and it worked really well, was working for their “extras” section to offer them my game. Since then I tried Fedora 5 and 6 and had to give up on it because it’s quality just went downhill and it became a bit too bloated for my taste. Maybe now their quality has improved, but I’ll stay with Mint because I like it’s stable Debian core and what it seems like almost religious commitment to quality, which is a good sign. Not sure if merging Fedora with Mint is a good idea though since Fedora is RedHat based and that could create some packaging issues no?

  6. very nice edition. I’m sorry, but I have to say, it will success Isadora on my Laptop. it’s very promising.

  7. That’s good new for other distro users!

    But please, never switch to Fedora or any RPM-based distro, APT is so much better and faster!

    I think basing Mint on Ubuntu is not really a problem to me. Ubuntu has really nice hardware support out of the box and also some interesting optimization that other distros don’t offer. Mint benefits from those. The most important is that Mint stays as independent as it can from the additions Canonical makes to their distro which, for the most of them, I don’t like or don’t care about.

    Mint works, really well, and I’m really impressed with the latest version (9). Why want to fix something that’s not broken?

  8. I guess I don’t quite get it. Are they talking about basing Mint on Fedora instead of Ubuntu? or just the factthat Fedora is adopting the Mint menu? l I would think that Mint would complety change if it was based on Fedora! Would’nt that require a complete re-write? I use Mint, Fedora and Ubuntu and they all have their advantages and disadvantages. The first Linux distro I ever used was Fedora 6. I was taking a college coarse “Fundamentals of Unix” I had some problems completing some assignments cause I could’nt figure out how to install emacs in Fedora, downloaded Ubuntu and was able to finish my assignments and have been hooked since.

  9. Nice to see this, Clem. You should be proud…Linux Mint is starting to influence a new breed of Linux Distro!

  10. Tried it.It is not my taste.After using Mint9, moving to Fedora is just like going backward to me. Sorry, it can’t beat Mint9, so I am with Mint.

  11. To clarify for those who have trouble with the printed word:

    This is not a Mint/Fedora distro, but a remix of fedora, that utilizes the MintMenu. Different thing entirely. Where, at any time did clem say that this was a Mint spinoff? Never.

  12. Dear Clem,
    Look at the panel, they provide Pin ability. I made an idea in community page but got only 7 votes about the ability to resize the empty space when we add or remove a new icon. The PC/OS and now this Fedora do that job. Could you take time to consider this idea too please? Because Mint shows only one panel, you should work on the panel a little bit more (beside the wonderful menu).

  13. Linux mint needs to stick with Ubuntu because both distros share packages that are compatible with one another and are Debian based. which is by far the most stable Linux desk top. switching to fedora will cause more problems. stick with Ubuntu Linux mint community.

  14. There were some kernel issues with their ISO…but all in all a pretty decent effort. Fedora has some advances with Plymouth that Ubuntu needs to take to heart.

  15. ok, tried it and it is very promising indeed (I didn’t need to download a driver for Nvidia and was able to play Open Arena, what I can not under Mint9 on this machine). In so far yes, it is promising, but it is again a distro that is patronizing the user (can’t get a root account), Good Heaven, it’s my machine, when I break it, it’s my fault. I know that, but go away with restrictions, had enough from M$. So I’m back with Isadora here on my Lappy.

  16. Could other Linux Distros utilize the mint menu? say for example

    Puppy Linux, Vector Linux, or even Slax Linux I think it would be cool if Puppy Linux could be easily installed on a hard drive.

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  18. This is not a Fedora Official Release at all and i Know that.
    I am in Brazil and so…
    I do really don’t like Fedora but i would like to give Valent’s Fedora Work Remix a try (perhaps a install) but i couldn’t do it. I simply gave up.
    1.4gb iso size
    I have downloaded this Fedora 13 Lucky13 Remix (3 times from isolinuxhr) and the iso md5sum didn’t match. One more chance (time)
    via torrent(Deluge) and the iso md5sum not matched again. Had to share
    more or less 400/500gb before getting the iso and went on seeding
    a bit more. Results: got 4 corrupted isos, wasting time and internet connection. Made a DVD from the torrent iso but could not boot the Live DVD.It never happened before to me. Next time i hope i will be lucky14. Thanks anyway.

  19. I think thats great that mint is getting the recognition it deserves.

    Though I would like to see a Linux distro that encompasses all of the best from all the other major distros out there with one kernel and source code for software company’s (Games) to be able to get behind instead of them having to try and configure it for a half dozen or so I think that is a goal currently beyond the scope and budget of evan Mint.

    If you can make something better without breaking it I’m all for that but as the old timers use to say if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. and mint definitely is not broke.

  20. Tried it, don’t bother. The nice Mint Menu was available as an option after install. The installation was pretty much straight Fedora w/ Gnome. I manually installed MINT menu. Wireless was not easy, so I scrapped it, back to MINT. Nice try. Fedora don’t provide the easy “non free” drivers. (so nothing works)

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