Monthly stats – October 2009

Donations & Sponsorships:

Many thanks to the following donors and sponsors for financially supporting Linux Mint:


  • $461, Einar Orn Eidsson (Iceland)
  • $182, Jonas K. (France)
  • $117, Gwa Cobbett (United Kingdom) –
  • $101, Kevin W. (USA)
  • $100, Philip C. Freytag aka “phil” (Canada)
  • $100, J.-Yves Lortie aka “amadeus128” (Canada)
  • $100, Charles P Poltrock aka “chuckpo” (USA)
  • $92, Dusan P. (Slovenia)
  • $75, Uwe T. (Germany)
  • $53, Mikael J. (Sweden)
  • $51, Suyog B. (Australia)
  • $50, John Mason aka “merc68k” (Canada)
  • $50, Edward Comer aka “celem” (USA)
  • $50, gazza (Australia)
  • $50, Campbell M (United Kingdom)
  • $50, G. Sheffield (USA)
  • $50, Ernest G. (USA)
  • $50, Enderle P. (USA)
  • $46, Anthony H. aka “anthony2010” (United Kingdom)
  • $46, Richard Cail (United Kingdom)
  • $38, Manuel F. (Portugal)
  • $38, Antonino T. (Italy)
  • $38, Michael Krusch aka “MAD” (Germany)
  • $30 (3rd donation), Marco R. (Italy)
  • $30 (2nd donation), Jonathan B H. (USA)
  • $30, Barrie M R. (Australia)
  • $30, Volker Schulz-von der G. (Germany)
  • $30, Francisco P. (USA)
  • $30, Josef K. (Czech Republic)
  • $30, Russ S. (USA)
  • $30, Abraham L. (USA) –
  • $30, Roberto P. (Italy)
  • $30, Jan de G. (Netherlands)
  • $30, Daniel W. (World) –
  • $30, Christ L. (Greece)
  • $28, Alison R. (United Kingdom)
  • $28, Philip Watson aka “Eraph” (United Kingdom) –
  • $28, Nadege Austin aka “nadglobtrotter” (France)
  • $28, Ruben Z. (Netherlands)
  • $25, Anthony S. (USA)
  • $25, Matthew Hancock aka “mwhancock” (USA)
  • $25, Martin Colville aka “colvillem” (Australia)
  • $25, Daniel B. (USA)
  • $25, Sheffoy F. (USA)
  • $25, Philip S. (United Kingdom)
  • $25, Stephen B. (USA)
  • $25, Keith Templeman aka “mansfields1964” (United Kingdom)
  • $25, Michael F. (USA)
  • $25, Donald D’A. (USA)
  • $25, Rod McLaren aka “Ambertone” (Australia) –
  • $23, Cong-Truc T. (France)
  • $23, Massimo Campanini aka “campamax” (Italy)
  • $20 (2nd donation), Blaine R. (USA)
  • $20, Worawit W. (Thailand)
  • $20, Michael H. (USA)
  • $20, Justin Johansson (Australia)
  • $20, Gerald E. (USA)
  • $20, Kazuhiko T. (Japan)
  • $20, William R. (USA)
  • $20, Victor W. (USA)
  • $20, Michael Nordmark (Sweden)
  • $20, Sammasati Enterprises (USA)
  • $20, Tomislav Pintaric (Canada)
  • $20, Ricardo Calimanis aka “ricardo.calimanis” (Brazil) –
  • $20, Mario Castro (Spain)
  • $20, Chris Jones (USA) –
  • $20, Juan Carlos C. (USA)
  • $20, Michael D.-M. (Canada)
  • $19, Olivier B. (France)
  • $18, Lee Sturman aka “Hammerlee” (United Kingdom)
  • $15 (2nd donation), Colin Casey (Canada)
  • $15, Dimitris C. (Greece)
  • $15, Joachim W. (Germany)
  • $15, Russell Aldrich aka “Russman” (USA) –
  • $15, Philip S. (USA)
  • $15, Greg Dawes aka “Greg-NZ” (New Zealand)
  • $15, Nikos K. (Greece)
  • $15, Royden L. (United Kingdom)
  • $15, Jason S. (Canada)
  • $15, Allen B. (USA)
  • $15, Mark C. aka “geekman” (USA)
  • $15, Paul E. (United Kingdom)
  • $14, Francisco C. C. (Spain)
  • $14, Charl P. (Netherlands)
  • $14, Nico W. (Austria)
  • $14, Justin Braime (United Kingdom)
  • $12, Pavel Gelnar aka “wil-m” (Czech Republic) –
  • $10 (2nd donation), Richard G. (USA)
  • $10, Shiva L. (India)
  • $10, Clocktower Arts Monthly (USA)
  • $10, Technadicts (USA)
  • $10, Damon Catling (Australia)
  • $10, Raimond L. (Lithuania)
  • $10, Tom Cordina aka “4Foot” (Canada)
  • $10, Suleyman B. (Turkey)
  • $10, Andrzej W. (USA)
  • $10, Senad S. (USA)
  • $10, Sedat C. (Turkey)
  • $10, Anthony G. (USA)
  • $10, Jeff Walker (USA)
  • $10, Christopher De R. (USA)
  • $10, (United Kingdom)
  • $10, jmkent aka “Burton” (USA)
  • $10, Ed W. (USA)
  • $10, Paul Thomas aka “liassic” (United Kingdom) –
  • $10, Ernest L. (USA)
  • $10, Anders B. (Norway)
  • $10, Travis T. (USA)
  • $10, Gavin F. (United Kingdom)
  • $10, MartinF aka “badwolf9” (Switzerland)
  • $10, Kevin B. (Canada)
  • $10, 室津 恵三 (Japan)
  • $10, Daniel C J. (United Kingdom)
  • $10, Priyantha T. (Norway)
  • $8, Dino G. (Italy)
  • $8, Lazaros S. (Greece)
  • $8, Kai P. (Germany)
  • $7, Dave G. (USA)
  • $7, Lukas M. (Czech Republic)
  • $7, Robert M. (United Kingdom)
  • $7, Kostas P. (Greece)
  • $5, Thomas C. (USA)
  • $5, Donna Fontenot aka “DonnaFontenot – DazzlinDonna” (USA) –
  • $5, Michael K. (USA)
  • $5, Aaron R. (USA)
  • $5, Jim H. (United Kingdom)
  • $5, George238 (Portugal)
  • $5, Chuck W. (USA)
  • $5, Jens Stenneken (Germany) –
  • $5, Freddy W. (USA)
  • $5, Richard K. (USA)
  • $5, Todd J. (USA)
  • $5, Salvatore D. (Italy)
  • $5, tvardy (Poland)
  • $5, Enrico Galli (Italy) –
  • $5, Matthew L. (USA)
  • $4, Patrik R. (Sweden)
  • $4, Kyle H. (USA)
  • $4, Romel S. (USA)
  • $3, Danny J. (United Kingdom)
  • $3, Diego C. (Italy)
  • $3, Remy van Elst (Netherlands) –
  • $2, Adam S. (USA)
  • $1, Rain Clark aka “Melon Bread” (USA) –
  • $1, Fredrik G. (Sweden)
  • $0.02, Samuel L. M. (Chile)


Money raised in October:

* Donations: $3828.02 (147 donors)
* Sponsors: $349.9 (39 sponsors)

User Stats:

Repartition of Linux Mint users across releases:

  • Linux Mint 7 Gloria: 81% (+3%)
  • Linux Mint 6 Felicia: 11% (-3%)
  • Linux Mint 5 Elyssa LTS: 5% (-1%)
  • Linux Mint 4.0 Daryna: 3% (-0%)

Web Stats:

  • Visits: 2,150,333 (+8%)
  • Pageviews: 3,655,481 (+7%)
  • Page impressions: 1,414,004
  • Search queries: 4,817,791
  • Forum users: 22,485
  • Forum posts: 193,513


  • Distrowatch (popularity ranking): 1328 (3rd)
  • Distrowatch (traffic share): 3.9% (2nd)
  • Alexa (website ranking): 25,039th


  • No releases this month.
  • The LXDE and Fluxbox editions of Linux Mint 7 were cancelled.
  • Clem is now working full time for the distribution.
  • mintCast released 2 episodes of their podcast:


  • October 2009 was the (8th consecutive) best month ever since the creation of Linux Mint.
  • The overall income is up 8%.
  • Our user base is the second largest in the desktop Linux market.
  • The community support has never been so big. 147 people gathered to send us more than $3,800! We also got a single donation of $461 from Einar Orn Eidsson (Iceland). This has never been so high.
  • In terms of events this was a very quiet month. We’ve been working hard on the new upcoming release though and there will be plenty of reasons for people to get excited about Linux Mint 8. November will be eventful and I hope this will please the community, especially after seeing how much it’s been supporting our project. Many thanks to all the donors and sponsors behing Linux Mint and congratulations to them, to us and to this project for another fantastic month.


  1. Mint is pure awesome, and I’m glad to hear things continue to go well. ^.^

    Looking forward to 8!

  2. I love Mint ever since my very first install (Gloria). Mint was perhaps the distribution which I have used the longest time ever.
    I am looking forward to Mint 8 KDE Community Edition.

  3. off topic do you think that google will track where you go and what you do and report to people i feel that they always track censor or ban something and i dont want a system that is going to log everything i do

    some people think they are the government software company and i am really kind of wondering now if you truely get a system or the system

  4. I have to agree with IsaoHK.

    I have used Ubuntu and Kubuntu for a while, but Mint 7 is my Distro of Choice. I have got my wife off MS and on to Linux finally after 3 years of trying and I rarely boot into Ubuntu or Kubuntu now. Mint 7 seems to work out of the box without much tweeking… If it does not, the forum helps me out all the time….

  5. A Linux Mint user.

    Donors and Sponsors: thank you very much from the botton of my heart.

    @ Einar Orn Eidsson (from Iceland) – Islândia

    Thanks a lot for your generous (Great!) donation. God Bless you.

  6. Mint is awesome, but out of curiosity, is there some place I can read the project budget report to see how the donated money is used?

  7. “Money raised in August” should also be corrected. It’s October.

    Many thanks to the donors and special thanks for the top donors. You are doing great. No wonder Clem and the team work so hard to get their job done so very well. Seeing so much good faith and willingness to support would make many developers feel great doing their job and also keep doing a good job. Thank you again and many thanks to the developers for all the work so far. Lots of people enjoy this free operating system and many more will follow. 🙂

    Although I haven’t donated so far, I plan to do so sometime soon – but I think I would rather sponsor the project for a while. It makes more sense to me as I’m a regular mint user. I cannot afford giving you the amount of money Einar Om Eidsson has been able to as i don’t even earn that much in a single month but I can spare some of my money monthly in the long term and hopefully others will be able to do the same. Linux Mint is going the right direction and I want to help. 🙂

  8. Elegance Linux!

    But i wonder what time Linux-mint 8 published?

    i know on November. Day what?

    thanks who answered me!

  9. what new tech is in 8 i love 7 its fast for my laptop i only use for information and socializing is there any exciting speed improvements like ext4 and tweeking of ui and codes or is it mostly security only based and just harder to boot with and i mean no offense by that i love mint i feel its the most classy

  10. If you can get a working version of Gnome-Do in 32-bit, and 64-bit that doesn’t chug for Mint 8, I will be a happy guy. Keep up the good work, Clem and team. 🙂

  11. Gnome-Do has fatal exception errors in the Karmic repositories for 32-Bit…I had to switch to Avant, which isn’t nearly as intuitive.

  12. With regard to fhein´ s (post 12) comment.
    That is how the money is used!!!
    Just out of curiosity, what makes you such a snoop?

  13. # fhein Says:
    November 4th, 2009 at 10:44 am

    Mint is awesome, but out of curiosity, is there some place I can read the project budget report to see how the donated money is used?

    No you can’t but I’ll tell you so listen to me:

    Mint DEVS usually use raised money to party all over the world, drink gallons of whisky, tequila and vodka (with energetic drinks) and spend nights with lot of girls.
    You may think “Umm, that’s too much, even for the lot of money they get”.
    Well, you must know the DEV Team have theire wives and sons working on asian massive factories building sneakers and the money they got of that work is used by theire husbands/fathers to keep partying all over the world – wives and kids all sleep in the same bed when the other is awake working.
    The devs also assist to Linux conferences if:
    1. by chance is there just any in the city they’re partying
    2. hangover let them assist.

    Hope I contributed to clarify you how the money is spend around this place.

  14. Love Mint 7 and waiting eagerly for 8! Also a distro like Mint made me WANT to donate! Its just Awesome! Keep up the good work!

  15. I am eager to try Linux Mint. I’ve used Ubuntu before, but never lasted long. I wish to be able to create or be part of an organization like Linux Mint, it is totally awesome what you guys do!

    Soon to be Linux Mint lover?

  16. What is the release date off Mint 8 ? Hope soon, the new ubuntu is very fast, unfortunately is the same ubuntu design that I don’t like.. Hehehe..

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