Server issues (solved)


The repositories are now working fine and everything is back to normal.

There simply were too many users for the bandwidth capacity of the server (and also for some of the mirrors). We removed the bandwidth limits on the server and everything worked as expected. We were using 75Mbps as opposed to the 20Mbps we are currently allowed. To face the demands associated with our growing user base we’re currently negotiating with our host to give our repositories more bandwidth. We’re also considering redundancy scenarios where we would have two repository servers sharing the load under the same sub-domain.

Original message:

We’re experiencing server issues with the Linux Mint repository at the moment.

While we’re investigating the problem, you can switch to one of our mirrors by launching the “Software Sources” tool.

  • From mintMenu: Menu->Administration->Software Sources
  • From the command line: sudo software-properties-gtk

Then simply click on “Download from Main Server”, select “Other”, and choose a mirror close to your geographical location.

Apologies for the inconvenience.