We are proud to announce the release of Linux Mint 5 KDE Community Edition:


I would like to thank Jamie “Boo” Birse for maintaining this edition. Our last poll indicated that 11% of Linux Mint users were running KDE CE so I’m sure this will come as great news :) 

– If you previously downloaded RC1 you do not need to upgrade/reinstall.
– There won’t be any miniKDE ISO coming with this release.

Forum announcement: http://linuxmint.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=16871

Mint 5 editions:

  • XFCE CE (stable) will be released early next week.
  • Fluxbox CE (RC) will be released before next week-end.
  • KDE CE RC1 was close to being stable, both Boo and Exploder are happy to call it stable. There’s a tiny little glitch with xdg-user-dirs which I want to fix so technically the final ISO will be different but if you’re running KDE CE RC1 you don’t need to wait for the final release, you’re already running a stable system.
  • Work on the x64 edition is on hold for a few days.
  • There won’t be any time dedicated to the Debian Edition before Mint 6 is out.
  • There won’t be any time dedicated to an eventual Enterprise Edition before Mint 6 is out.
  • Main and Light (which will become “Universal” and come with language packs) will have a new revision to include the new Firefox, Flash 10 (when it’s stable), and the latest version of the mint tools (mintUpdate 3, mintInstall 5..etc). This “revision 2” might come after Mint 6 itself, it’s hard to say at this stage.

Mint 6 tools:

  • MintUpdate 3 is ready.
  • MintInstall 5 is ready.
  • OEM support is planned for mintAssistant but work hasn’t started on that yet.
  • An upgrade tool is planned and work on this should start very soon now.
  • There are no significant improvements planned for the other tools.
  • Improvements made for the tools in Mint 6 will make their way into the backport section of the Mint 5 repository.

Other than that:

… well we’ve got plenty of ideas, we’ll see how much we’ll do depending on how much time we’ve got 🙂

I know what you’re thinking.. third announcement about mintInstall in less than a week. Well, things go fast at the moment we’re getting good feedback and I’d like to finalize mintInstall so I can start working on something else (namely x64 and an upgrade tool).

Hopefully, this is the last mintInstall update until Linux Mint 6. Here are the improvements since mintInstall 5.1:

  • Under KDE, kdesu is used instead of gksu
  • The gksu/kdesu dialog now shows a simple “Please enter your password” message instead of a long and obscure command line (the message is localized of course).
  • Known categories (including all categories from the Software Portal) are now localized.

If you missed the previous announcements about mintInstall 5 you can read about them here:

MintInstall 5.2 is available in Romeo. If you don’t have Romeo enabled you can get the debs from here:

Let us know what you think, report any bug you may find and have a lot of fun with this brand new mintInstall.

To translate mintInstall into your own language, use this forum thread: http://www.linuxmint.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=16406