Quick update

Happy new year everybody. Things have been quiet lately with the holiday breaks so I just thought I would give you a quick update on what is going on.

Kendall and Boo are actively working on the Fluxbox and KDE editions.

With the help of the French community we’re working on a new Linux Mint Identity kit magazine for a dual release in France and in the USA. This magazine will cover the i386 and amd64 releases of Linux Mint 8.

Dan Lynch wrote an interesting review of Linux Mint 8 and I certainly intend to discuss it here on the blog, so stay tuned for that.

We’re getting close to adding the hardware module to the community website.

The User Guide for Helena was translated into French and Italian, you can grab it from your Firefox start page.

I haven’t forgotten about Mint 7 x64 users and I will publish an upgrade path to Mint 8 x64 as soon as possible.

I’ll also upgrade Firefox for Mint 7, Mint 6 and Mint 5 users as soon as possible.


  1. I hope they build in something truly analogous to Windows Readyboost technology for the next release of Linux Mint. I’d like to take full advantage of my Patriot Xporter XT Boost 8 GB USB drive on my slow 1 GB RAM PC. There are some web sites that explain how to add a swap partition to a USB drive for Ubuntu but that’s not the same as Readyboost and there isn’t much point to it if hot swap of the USB drive isn’t supported.

  2. Is the magazine a one time issue, or will it be something that is released on some sort of regular basis? Is it an actual print publication, or electronic? It sounds really interesting.

  3. Hi,

    Linux Mint Kde 8 “Helena will be the best Linux distro in town at least
    for the next 6 months of 20010 – PLUS + Debian Lenny /GNU/Linux.

    A gipsy girl has told me this secret and i want to share it with you.

  4. Thanks

    I have enjoy Mint since Mint 2 or 3.

    I’m looking forward to Mint 8 KDE version. Do you have a time frame on when it will be out?

    Thanks again

  5. I love LinuxMint ,I have a suggestion for the KDE developers of Mint

    that they should have a look at sidux and use their KDE mod they really

    make it beautiful and they should also get rid of the cashew on the

    top right.

  6. I had a great christmas, it all started after upgrading to linux 8 (later found it wasnt the upgrade that was a problem) my system just kept freezing for no apparent reason (when surfing/emailing/downloading). I then re installed mint8 same problem, then downgraded a new install mint7 same issue, upgraded to mint8 64 bit same issue, tried different hdd and memory on my laptop again all the same symptoms. freezing up for no apparent reason. then I decided to disable my wireless (havent had a problem for 2 years until recently) no lock ups, at last can look for a solution now (my wifes laptop has mint7 with no probs, so this rules out the router, actually 2 different routers) I checked her version of network manager with my copy through synaptic and they were different versions, mine being newer. I searched the internet for a couple of day looking for a solution and decided to install wicd, this program installed and uninstalled network manager and guess what no more freezing problems. SO THE NEW NETWORK MANAGER must have a bug in it. (I couldnt find any clues from log files) I am a happy vegimite now.

  7. A quarterly, no twice per year printed magazine with a Linux distro. Mad Mag had 45’s. Get it done… I would be happy to pay ~~$10 to $20 for it…

  8. Dear Clem,
    don’t keep it on paper only, why not full version on line + repo instead of paper? It can be with a fee for members, I don’t mind but buying paper copies it is such a hassle here.
    Best regards and Happy New Year.

    PS. I run Helena 8, easier on hardware than Ubuntu, very few problems, well done! I am waiting to the new version with anticipation…

  9. I am new user of Linux Mint infact new user of any linux and am totally hooked to it. Just want to say you guys have done such a wonderful job with Helena. Learning new things everyday. Thanks

  10. I came to know about Linux Mint while looking for a way of Installing Ubuntu where there is no reliable network connection, precisely for some students in Kenya. Those students don’t know about codecs. The first thing they want to do with their computers play their VCDs, which are very common there. This was possible with Linux Mint and so I went for it, instead of Ubuntu that would have required a fast internet connection. But I found no one else who knew about it in Nairobi. Ubuntu was known by some, I saw two Cyber-caf√©s using Ubuntu. Most machines in kenya are on XP, unlicensed and many times with problems virus transmitted with USBs. Seeing that I thought linux would be better there, and the best would be Linux Mint. But I don’t know how to make it known apart from praising my machine that it doesn’t suffer from virus attacks and when they ask me why I tell them about MINT.

  11. Every one here have a great 2010!! And Clem and others that work on Mint thanks for this great experience!(Mint OS).

  12. Great job I love the way Mint is trying to make Gnome look beautiful I have a suggestion ,in KDE also try to deviate from their standard look
    because Mint is so stable and KDE should use it as a show case,when is the KDE releasing? I can hardly wait… Happy 2010 every one.

  13. Hi, i’ve been searching for a good distro for my well used eeepc 701 4G for some time now. Tried alot of the main ones which all work well. I installed mint 8, as I really liked the look & feel of the desktop, etc.
    At first had some issues with being unable to close some windows, it was sort of freezing. So I removed some of the programs that I don’t need or rarely use & ‘Hey Presto’ its worked beautifully (even on the small screen) ever since. I fully recommend any eeepc 701 users to give Mint a try. Thanks team Mint & keep up the great work.

  14. My best of wishes to all Mint enthousiasts, users and builders for 2010.

    Hopefully the Mint 8 KDE version will offer a better MENU for this desktop, tmho its biggest obstacle still. It’s currently (KDE4) rather ‘chaotic’ and I prefer the fine Gnome Mint slab…!

    I also hope that ‘OpenDNS’ is given considerations! Using it offers some major advantages, particularly under ‘critical’ and ‘slow’ Internet situations (for instance: Spain, where various dynamically assigned IP-numbers still continue on Spamhouse and UCE-Protect databases – Nettools exposes this, but who runs it on a regular basis and understands resetting the router to acquire a new, unblocked IP?)

    Hopefully also to transfer ‘Open Office’ to the Updates cycle or even the Recommended Repo category after the primary installation of Mint 8 KDE. It is an install- and memory hog consuming too much space and not that many people use it anymore. A ‘ppt’ viewer might be necessary though. The latest KWord is an interesting program. Google Chrome and FireFox 3.5.8 need to be investigated very carefully before being incorporated in a LiveCD. Chrome 4.0.2xxx is still faster than FF 3.5.8 but lacks useful addons. My vote goes to FF for that reason, but it is a close call. The latest Thunderbird (3.01 Shredder) is a highly interesting proposition!

    I believe that -if as well done as Mint 8 Helena Gnome already- the KDE version indeed could be THE distro with great future perspectives for the first half of 2010!!
    Keep it going, Clem…

  15. I’m using Mint 8 and I’m very happy. No problem. Working fine.
    And the Mint and Ubuntu applications I need are working great too.
    I use ext 3 (multiboot system here with old ext 3 distro’s and
    Grub 1 overlay. Grub 2 not compatible with my system.) Listings on boot and exit are no problem for me.
    Thanks and I wish you all a great year!

  16. OMG Sir why are you giving updates? You guys are so nice that you work for free and spend your “Very Valuable” “Free” Time on developing Linux…

    We see this as a big favour….as we download your work for free….You owe no explanation to us,your users…

  17. Hi there minters,

    have downloaded and installed Helena 64bit, everything`s working fine at the moment, been surfing the web with my favorite browser Opera, have used this for years now, since I first paid for it in the eighties, I get it for free now though.
    Anyway Helena is great.


  18. Hi,
    I’m currently using Gloria XFCE and I’m very happy with it. What about the XFCE version of Helena?

  19. I just want to thank the Mint Devteam, as well as the community support for providing such an awesome alternative to the corporate operating systems. After switching my pc over to Mint a couple of months ago, my wife insisted last night that I switch over her computer (WinXP) to Mint, because she could use mine easier than hers, and that it doesn’t seem to crash. Kudos for the easy install, stable release, and great community. Keep up the good work!

  20. I was checking out the linuxlive8Mint and found a small problem
    I did a search on the internet for you tube/perpetuum jazzile and it works perfectly on xp but does not run smoothly on linuxmint8.0 I went back and tried it on xp smooth but jumpy and almost incoherant
    in linux mint8.0Is that a problem that will cease with full installation other than that no problems, although I did find problems getting the musicplayer to work untill I went to the sound menue an un muted them then it plsayed nicely, as you can probably tell I am interested in putting my xp to rest it even allows me to open articles I have written on strokes in open office 3.0 which was a big bonus also I have a small problem gretting my hp 2330 printer to function but I am still working wit that problen and figure that I will solve that problem soon, any replies would be appreciated,Hazen Meek

  21. Nice to hear you have not forgoten us LM7 x64 users! Eagerly waiting for the upgrade path. Thank you

  22. Keep it up folks…. I have convinced 3 of my friends to try out Linux Mint and they love it, at this rate it will be the top of the line OS in the future… ( although it already is one of the most popular distros around for its user friendliness)

    May the power of the Kernel protect you Clem…. lol

  23. I have a great experience with Mint 8 as well. I have reinstalled using ext 3 as well. Had to revert to grub legacy to get Windows XP back up and running. Have a great New Year everyone!

  24. I can’t wait for the Fluxbox edition to be released, it’s going to be awesome. When have the Linux Mint developers let us down…? ūüôā

  25. Oh yeah, I am wishing to update from Mint 7 x86_64 to Mint 8 x86_64 since it had been released!

  26. I am very upset with linux mint! It has issues in playing streaming media, audio or video!!!!!!

  27. Hey, there is a massive problem of webcams beeing inverted (ie on laptops). I still cant figure out how to fix that problem. I hope you create some tool that allows easy turning up and down of webcam image….

    thanx a lot to all developers !!

    love ūüôā

  28. Uh, just because that whack job (Aka Dan Lynch) likes the default Linux Mint desktop doesn’t mean everyone does. If they did, they’d all be using Ubuntu or some other default gnome-using distro.

    I personally love the way mint’s laid out. That’s what drew me to mint in the first place; usage of Gnome over KDE but at the same time keeping the windows’esk tool bar at the bottom, programs launcher tidy and to the left.

    A LOT of people like that.

    My 2c.

  29. Hi
    Maybe anyone has got any news about new Mint with Fluxbox? Is there any date, when it could probably appear? It was bad news, that there is no Flux-Gloria version. Still waiting:)

  30. Clem: If any help is needed on the magazine I would be interested in volunteering. Check my website — small niche market magazines is what I’ve been doing for years now.

    I’m new to Linux, and glad someone steered me to Mint! I was all set to use another distro, but Mint looked so much better that I’m going to stick with it. I see no advantage to “distro hopping”, and every advantage to a distro designed to work for most users right “out of the box”. I don’t much understand the “if it’s not open source I won’t use it” crowd. Maybe a new users perspective would be good for a few articles. Too many Linux developers are ingrained in the Linux philosophy and have a hard time understanding new users (you don’t seem to have that problem!). There’s also the fact that people who really know the system tend to have a hard time understanding new users to which it is totally foreign. I’ve experienced that as well as been on the giving end. It’s sometimes hard to see how something so simple to us (any of us!) can be difficult to someone else.

    Samuel needs a few live CDs sent to Kenya! Then he can make copies and spread them around. Might not be much in the way of support coming back, but certainly would benefit the Kenyans.

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