Linux Mint 10: “Julia”

Written by Clem on Saturday, July 24th, 2010 @ 12:27 pm | Main Topics

Linux Mint 10, based on the upcoming Ubuntu 10.10 “Maverick Meerkat”, will be released in November this year under the codename “Julia”.

Origins: Gens Julia was one of the most ancient Patrician families at Ancient Rome, and the gens of the famous Gaius Julius Caesar.

73 Responses to “Linux Mint 10: “Julia””

  1. Ifontoc says:

    Wow…. Can’t wait for that – 4 months of waiting.

    Julia? Not a bad name for the perfect 10 version.

  2. FrAggLE says:

    i hope the problems with my nvidia are solved in this perfect 10 🙂
    Nice name anyway

  3. ulysses says:

    Why this? Mint 9 is top.

  4. yuda says:

    now I’m using Linux Mint 9.
    I am lucky to use this software .. lightweight, free, and many features which can be used in the old notebook .. I hope Linux Mint Julia could also friendly to the old notebook and still provide great features .. Bravo Linux mint…

  5. Rizzo says:

    I can’t wait for Mint 10, I’ve had some odd results with nvidia cards, mostly in the 6 series… hopefully Mint 10 won’t be a bother like Mint 9 was.

  6. Ace says:

    I’m looking forward Mint based on Debian one.
    Hope it will support hardware somehow better than Ubuntu. I need cool and cool laptop (hard and software), not a hot and cool laptop (also hard and software) ^^

  7. detechy says:

    Looking for gnome 3.0 that will come inside!

  8. Guy says:

    Good news but at present Isadora I will be sticking with throughout its LTS life as it is quite simply AWESOME 🙂

  9. KiSM says:

    gnome 3.0… hell yesssss

  10. Guy says:

    Any word on Mint 9 Debian please ?

  11. arun says:

    still linux mint 9 kde is not relesed.

  12. Albert says:

    Linux Mint 6 is the best.

  13. fox3x says:

    Will this release be KDE or GNOME ? Anyone know ? thx

  14. Wereh says:

    Thats great. Can’t wait for my dear julia

  15. keljaden says:

    gnome shell…it’s like KDE 4 all over again.

  16. Wichoso says:

    Plz release a debian based one!!!

  17. fox3x says:

    thx 4 the reply

  18. Brayl says:

    Nice. So ubuntu will be releasing by october? Are there any changelog for mint 10?

  19. nomadewolf says:

    I’m really looking forward to that Rolling Release Mint… That would be sweet!!!

  20. Shadowfire says:

    Looking forward to Gnome 3.0 and Debian release of Mint 10! Wait until they get a load of me!!!! (sez Mint 10)

  21. Jonathan B. Horen says:


    “gnome shell…it’s like KDE 4 all over again.”

    Would you please explain what you mean? I was a long-time, very happy user of KDE/3, and the move to KDE/4 was awful… so much so, that I eventually moved from LM 8 (KDE CE) to LM 8 Main Edition.

  22. Michael C. says:

    Personally I’ll probably be sticking with Isadora as it works fine for me, but I might give that a test run when it’s released via the live DVD. I won’t upgrade unless there’s a major improvement to Isadora which works just fine.

  23. John says:

    It’s nice to think of Mint 10 and the various enhancements this will likely bring – it’s only about 4 months away. And yet Mint 9 KDE is not released yet as stable, 2 months after the Gnome release. Does development of Mint 9 KDE seem worthwhile with Mint 10 out by the end of the year? Or is my sense of timliness off here?

  24. Joe H (JoeFootball) says:

    @Guy: The ISO Testing section of the Linux Mint Community website [ is a great way to monitor progress, as well as the Other Editions section of the Linux Mint Forums [].

  25. pazuzuthewise says:

    @Jonathan B. Horen
    “gnome shell…it’s like KDE 4 all over again.”

    Maybe he means it as implying a focus on eye-catching effects to attract people in the detriment of usability and/or performance. If it replaces the superb mintmenu, then I’ll pass.

  26. baffle-boy says:



    i just got used to mint 9 KDE. not to say that this isn’t AMAZING/AWESOME news. but… wow you guys sure don’t take any breaks! i’ll be waiting excitedly for whatever great new features this brings! (and not so excitedly for all of the new ubuntu bugs to come…)

  27. but Allen says:

    i like mint 9 ubuntu 10.04 i didn’t like the way it looks but it is a good OS i am looking forward to seeing mint 10 just to see what it will look like. i run mint9 on 3 of my pc 2 laptop and 1 desktop it is going to be interesting

  28. choupique says:

    Julia – a beautiful choice!

  29. Rovanion says:

    One tip for Julia is to bind up mintUpdate with apt-daemon just like the mintInstall and the update manager in Ubuntu 10.10.

    Also, take a look at this:

  30. Rovanion says:

    @keljaden You are simply spreading FUD, you have no place here. Be banished from Azeroth, go back to the twisting nether where you belong!

    There is no truth in the words he speaks, KDE 4 brought a whole new set of libraries that all KDE applications had to be ported to. There is no such issue in Gnome 3. It’s just a new desktop shell.

  31. Shaun Mallette says:

    Looking forward to it. Linux Mint is tops when it comes to Linux distros. Have been using since 4.0

  32. Maurício Camara says:

    I am still waiting for the Debian-based version. 😉

    Mint 9 is simply *awesome*. In my opinion, it is better than Ubuntu in many ways. I´ve tried both Gnome and LXDE version. I would not mind waiting for the Mint 10 version. But, to be true, a new Mint distro based only due to a (not-)another-Ubuntu-version would bring (maybe?) somehow less benefits to us compared to a new distro based on Debian Squeeze.

    Yes, we know. A Debian version development would bring you (or us) a LOT of work. A lot of HARD work, I might add. Otherwise, it could be faster, more reliable (more than the current Mint 9? Is it possible?) and even a surprising experience with Linux.

    Yes, I will wait for Julia. But hopefully I expect further news from “Lennia” 😀

    Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS to the team!! I encourage Julia on her way. No doubt about it. Oh, by the way, I quitted using Ubuntu. Nothing wrong with it; it´s because MINT RULEZ! 😀


    Mauricio Camara.

  33. Nuwan says:

    Sound is Not working in my Laptop HP COMPAQ CQ 62 111TU in Linux Mint..Anyone Know a Reason for This.. Pls Comment I Wish In Mint 10 will resolve my Problem..Waiting For That…

  34. sean says:

    Mint 9 is fantastic – not 100% perfect, but overall the best Mint yet, and far better than Ubuntu, Fedora, Suse, Sabayon, Mandriva, whatever. The semi-annual release cycle seems so quick, but I love it, and I can hardly wait for Julia!

    Now, the prospect of a Debian-based version is very intriguing. If early builds are promising, it might even be wise to consider beginning a complete transition to Debian as a starting point. I will quite happily continue to use a Ubunutu-based Mint, as it is fantastic, but switching to Debian appears to be the one big change that could still improve Mint that much more. I know, I know, it will be a ton of work and take a lot of time, but it could be worth it.

  35. Eric says:

    Shoot, just when I started getting familiar with Mint 9, you guys start developing a new release. I hope it is as fantastic as Isadora.

    Thanks for all your efforts. We really appreciate it.

  36. Neb says:

    I am exited. I tried Mint 9 and after a week got back to Mint 8…I can’t really say exactly why but there were a few things that didn’t quite play it right for me. So, I am hoping that Julia will do it for me.
    I agree with sean, it might be worth it to switch to Debian although I would also keep on the Ubuntu-based development.
    Well, that is my 2 cents…

  37. Guido Mezzalana says:


    My compliments to all people help to provide Mint 9! Excellent job!!!!

    I would like to express my thought, about the many Mint’s version.

    Is not better to put all efforts to solve any Mint 9 issue because Mint 9 will be fine until 2013 instead to work on Mint 10?

    Again, it’s just my opinion, I would prefer to be focus on more functional/reliable Mint 9 and before the Mint 9 support will come to an end, start on a new Mint Mint version.

    We have a variety of Mint version sub version such as KDE and XFCE, I believe is more then we need to enjoy this excellent O.P., the wonderful MINT 🙂

    Again, thanks to all Mint team! 🙂


    Guido Mezzalana

  38. Colin says:

    Fantastic OS. I’ve tried them all, Mint 9 is the best!

  39. Pateik Hodel says:

    can’t wait for it. but can use it only when intel graphics on netbooks ant nettops like acer aspire one 531h and asus eeebox 202b are supported. please implement a driver and let us not alone!

  40. jelly_eyed_jim says:

    Well, Ubuntu has become fairly buggy… especially in 10.04 (and of course those bugs follow to Mint). Lets hope the Ubuntu devolopers do a major bug fix. Until that that happens, a Debian based Mint sounds like a better system.

  41. Joylove says:

    Hope LM 10 Julia would sport an improved MintMenu that can be used on XFCE/LXDE/Fluxbox without relying on Gnome dependencies.

  42. keljaden says:

    @Jonathan B. Horen
    When KDE 4 first came out, nothing work, things crashed all the time. Everything before KDE 4.3 was horrific IMO.

    KDE 4 was hell at the beginning. I have tried running the shell on multiple distros and multiple machines and multiple architectures. It’s extremely buggy and crashes all the time on me…Just like KDE 4 did. You are reading far to into my statement…as for the Azeroth comment, I think you are confusing me with Kil’Jaeden, which is the demi god who created illidin and sent him forth to destroy those who betrayed him. Has nothing to do with Azeroth, perhaps your judgemental self is the one who does not belong in our community. =P

  43. keljaden says:

    I do hope all goes well. If the shell works as it should, I would be very pleased as it is an interesting work environment…and a vast visual improvement over what gnome currently presents.

  44. pp says:

    wonderfull, amazing. mint based on debian could be the best distro of history. good look julia

  45. loyalfan says:

    I too am much more interested in a Debian based version. IMO Mint 7 was the best release ever. I would guess that is because we inherited fewer bugs from Ubuntu. 8 & 9 I have just seen too many Ubuntu problems leaking through. I am so ready to get rid of that problem.

  46. Boris says:

    I hope will work well with all printers in the market, canon, epson etc…

  47. Wayne says:

    Some people apparently aren’t aware of the 6 month release cycle, but even so you aren’t required to upgrade to 10, 9 is the LTS (long time service) release so it will have bug fixes for awhile.

    As far the gnome 3 stuff (i.e. gnome-shell) from what I hear the shell is still optional, but I suppose Ubuntu could make that the default and therefore Mint as well, though Mint doesn’t always follow Ubuntu exactly.
    I see at times people are surprised either that the development is slow or constant, but they don’t realize who is involved, maybe we need a list somewhere of the developers for each version.

    Finally, I like the Julia name, makes me think of Julia Child and a good slogan for version 10 “Now were cooking!” lol

  48. nobodyin says:

    Linux Mint 9 KDE final version is now ready at the Irish mirror:


  49. Manu says:

    Hi dudes…
    Good to hear abt the new one in the box ‘JULIA’.
    LM9 so far is the best OS I hav come through…in all aspects.But perfection is all that matters.
    As the expectations are high on JULIA.make sure that the OS is better than LM9.not just releasing a mint for a new Ubuntu.Make it better and better my friends.Speed,beautiful,powered,stable and muscled by applications.I know u surely do.

  50. Verona007 says:

    nobodyin: Is this the REAL final version of LM9 KDE? And if it is, where are the release announcement? When will I see on the main page?

  51. tdockery97 says:

    Well, Mint 9 is super as the LTS, so I’ll just hang in there with it and let y’all use and get the bugs out of Gnome 3 before I switch to 10 or 11.

  52. andrew5859 says:


    Maybe the problem you’re having is due to your specific PC(s)…certain distro’s react differently to different machines…i.e what type of hw is on the inside, manufactor etc. Sometimes you have to do a little research on drivers to make things works, and if they don’t, you find a distro that does and move on. Right now I’m running LM9 main on my laptop, and LM9 KDE RC on a desktop in the other room…..I can also run KDE on my laptop…you just find what works and run with it….cheers

  53. nobodyin says:

    Verona007: that is the real deal. The Irish mirror is the main one for Mint. Also, you can see that it is now under “stable” instead of “testing”. The official announcement always lags behind the arrival.

  54. Lytton says:


    Thanks for that tip, I just went over there to grab the Fluxbox rc 🙂
    Dammit can’t wait to see how they implemented that this time 🙂

  55. Who_Me? says:

    First time Mint user (LM9) and couldn’t be more pleased (er… if only there was a driver for my Brother MFC5860CN it would be perfect!), so Julia will have to be truly awesome to make me switch, but I sure plan to give it a good look.

    Thanks for the great work, Mint team!

  56. gilson says:

    Thanks for all your efforts. We really appreciate it.

  57. Len says:

    What features will Gnome 3.0 have? I’m hoping for KDE style of desktop widgets.

  58. Daniel says:

    I want to test it!

  59. rhY says:

    I’m also looking forward to the Debian version that cuts ties with Ubuntu altogether. And I’m looking forward to all the updated packages!!

  60. MintUser says:

    Can wait for Julia released, i really like mint, so far i have problems with it. I hope Julia comes with KDE and 64 bit.

  61. audhithyan says:

    I can’t wait for four months.please ready it soon.I think there will be more features than isadora

  62. wyzwyk says:

    Linux Mint Julia sounds just fine and I look forward to its arrival four months from now. I’m sure Julia will be nice but what I really want to see is a rock stable Mint version based on Debian with a rolling release. That would be awesome. Continual Ubuntu related issues seem to be holding Mint back from reaching its full potential. From the replies to this post many others feel as I do about a Debian based release. Hopefully Clem will actively pursue bringing this idea to fruition sooner than later. Please move this project to the front burner. Furthermore, I would love to see a weekly post on how that project is coming along.

  63. Irishlight says:

    Isadora has been superb for me and it is as solid as a rock.
    Respect and sincere thanks to all the people who help make this stuff.
    I can’t see myself upgrading in a hurry because Isadora has everything I need in an operating system and I am very very pleased with it.
    Keep up the good work people.

  64. Clyde Machine says:

    No way! My girlfriend’s name is Julia, and I just got into Linux Mint earlier this month.

    IT’S A SIGN.

  65. Nick says:

    How many Gnome Shell haters here have actually tried using it? I love the Gnome shell. I’ve been using it for a year now with few problems.

    It’s definitely different, but it’s change for the better. It is the future of desktops. This is the first time that I have seen the Linux desktop innovate rather than simply replicate functionally of Windows and Mac OS.

    People who don’t like the Gnome shell have the option of not using it. The Gnome interface is still there and will likely be there forever. That’s the beauty of open source.

  66. Eric says:

    Oh man, my daughter called Julia….a beautiful name…

  67. Hendel says:

    Guys what about compiz fusion on gnome 3? Will it work? And what about: startupmanager and grub2? i can´t install an usplash 🙁

  68. Hendel says:

    PS:Julia is a baaaaad name because in my class some years before there was a girl named Julia. She was DUMB ASS, IGNORANT and Such an ASS I never seen before 😀

  69. jose m lopez says:

    am new to Linux and the learning curve for me is significant to say the
    least. However I’m running Mint with no problems,and for my needs it is
    just perfect. I am not into gaming, and I do not care for mp3 tunes
    including the “i” variety; since compressed music is not for me.

    One thing that I noticed in the Linux world in general , is the
    tendency by some to put down the work of others. We can be better than
    There are thousands of people contributing with their time and
    knowledge, so others can have their systems of their own choice to run
    as flawlessly as possible regardless of their location.
    This kind people is what make this world move on.
    Let’s focus on what we have. Mint is expanding fast for a reason, it is designed with simplicity in mind and it works.

    Regarding adding another base (Debian), this means allocating resources to redo all of the package work. You guys are fearless!!!!!.
    Julia is coming soon, wow !!! time goes fast!!!, Isadora is great I don’t miss anything.
    You guys are helping a lot of people in the most unsuspected places of this world to taste their flavor of Mint. This world is wonderful.

    “you are as good as you attitude are you that good?” someone

  70. Alan says:

    great OS puts Microsoft in the shadows, fast, user friendly, etc. Well done to all

  71. anton says:

    November? WAAAAAAH! That’s too long lol. (Well, actually only a month behind Ubuntu as it must be) but still, WAAAAAAH!
    Too bad Gnome3 got pushed back, any idea when and if Mint might be adopting it?

    @Alan: Indeed, I know I’ll never go back.

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