World of Goo & Bombono DVD

2 applications were added to Linux Mint today.

The first one is the demo of a very popular game called World of Goo.

This is the demo version which lets you play the first “World” of levels in the game. It’s quite a lot for a demo and you’re guaranteed to get addicted. The full version of the game is about $20. I was very impressed with the quality of this game and with the fact that it was made available to Linux by its editors, so with their consent it’s now added to the pool of applications available to Linux Mint (repositories, portal, software manager).

The second one is an open source application called Bombono DVD.

I was contacted by the developer behind that project and I couldn’t see any reason why this software wasn’t already available in the Ubuntu repositories. So this got added as well and I hope to get your feedback on this.

Note: If you want to efficiently rate applications and help other users to find quality software, please use the Software Portal to do so:

To install these applications, refresh your cache (“apt update”) and install the packages “worldofgoodemo” and “bombono-dvd”. Alternatively, use the Update Manager to update the package “mintinstall-data” and then run the Software Manager.

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